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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. Hey, hey, greetings to you. Music lovers, thrill seekers and conversationalists all across the fruited plain. Here we are. And we had another busy broadcast week.


Let's go away from us Southern Command in sunny south Florida. It's open line Friday, right on Friday around US Open on Friday. You get to ask whatever you want to ask. You got to comment on whatever you want to comment on. We're not screening the program as tightly as we normally do Monday through Thursday. Telephone number again, eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two. And if you want to send an email rush and EIB net dot U.S., it is not good news for the National Football League.


The ratings are in for last night's season opener and it is not good. Ladies and gentlemen, it is startling to realize, by the way, you have audio, sound bite number 14 standing by, if you would, Mister Broadcast Engineer. It is startling to realize it. Just 19 years ago, ladies and gentlemen, 19 years ago, do you realize that many of these antifa types in the Black Lives Matter types and all of these raconteur's that are out destroying things in Democrat runs that you realize many of them are not even born 19 years ago?


And do you realize that of those who were born, they were young, they were infants? I mean, it is startling, 19 years ago. You realize we were in or we were in admiration. Of the great courage and the great sacrifice. Of policemen and women, firemen, firewomen, the first responders, we were in all of them. Charities were created like a tunnel to towers, all kinds of efforts were made to honor these people who ran into the buildings.


At the World Trade Center. They did everything they could, they sacrificed their lives, they gave up everything in order to save one life if they could. And today, 19 years later, we are blasted hourly by the hate, sponsored by the left, sponsored by the Democratic Party. That's where the home of this stuff is in the political sense. We are blasted hourly minute by minute with hatred for the police. In just 19 years. We have all of these blue cities and blue states cutting funding for the police who 19 years ago.


We're among the most respected and admired people. In all of our population. Who would have thought just a few years ago that you would have players? In the National Football League, protesting the American flag and the national anthem on the anniversary of 9/11. It's an example, folks, of how quickly the left has taken over, how quickly they have politicized so many institutions and in the process, they're ruining everything. They're not making everything better. They're not improving anything.


They are not adding to the class, the dignity, the quality, everything. They are literally destroying what they corrupt and politicize. And they don't even that many of these people can't even remember what was happening 19 years ago, they weren't even born.


Or they were too young, listen to Rudy Giuliani, this is this morning on the Fox Business Network's Morning with Maria Maria Bartiromo, and she got Rudy A.. Mr. Mayor and she said, Mr. Mayor, how have things changed since 9/11, 2001?


I don't remember anybody taking a knee back in 2001 ever. I don't remember people burning flags. I don't remember people saying hateful things about America, how horrible we are, how horrible our founders are. We've got a whole movement, hate America movement going on that we come up against today. We even have two different ceremonies because the other group is not reading the names. They're playing a recording to prerecorded. To me, that's disgraceful. Prerecorded reading of the names.


Come on, Stephen. Still a rant. When he was at home sleeping, he ran in to save people. Now his children have grown up without a father. We have to remember it, too, if it's not over. This isn't Pearl Harbor. It isn't Appomattox. These people still want to come here and kill us. And we're defunding the police department that protects the number one Islamic terrorist target in the world. New York City.


Exactly right. It's not over now. There's Rudy 19 years ago. Don't remember anybody taking a knee in 2001. But I think, folks, it is a very powerful way to keep things in perspective and to remember that just 19 years ago. This entire country was celebrating policemen and policewomen, the first responders, the firemen. And by the way, from here on out, when I say policeman, I mean all genders and firemen, all genders, I just want to conserve as much time as I can.


You know who I'm talking about.


We were in all of them. The great courage, the sacrifice, the sacrifice that they made, they're not among the highest paid people in our country, folks, they're not even close, not even close to being the highest paid.


Now they are routinely targeted. They're said to be legitimate targets. For violence. Under bogus false charges that their industry policing targets a certain segment of the population for murder, and we have a bunch of college aged white Americans who've bought this, who believe this. So in less than 20 years, we have gone from. Total admiration total, by the way, at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom and at the stand up for Betsy Ross operation and everything to do with this program, we still hold the police in or we still have the utmost respect and admiration for the courage and the work and the sacrifice of law enforcement, including the United States military.


We have not wavered. We have not succumbed to any of this conventional wisdom, public peer pressure to join in the condemnation of these people. Last night, the fans in Kansas City for the opener between the Chiefs and the Texans booed and everybody there said they didn't understand why. JJ Watt. Defensive end for the Texans understand why people were booing, I can't believe he doesn't understand why people were booing or we were doing, he said, was a message of unity.


No, that's that's that's not I can't believe you guys don't. But maybe I need to readjust my thinking.


Maybe I need to acknowledge that they may not get it. They may not know why all this is good depending on their sources for news.


Depending on how and who and what it is that informs them on a daily basis. We'll have more on that. As the program unfolds, look at this here, folks, The Atlantic magazine editor, well, what was this guy's name? Jeffrey Goldberg. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Certainly you see this. Atlantic editor admits story about Trump disparaging fallen soldiers could be wrong. You know, it's it's in the political insider, but the editor is admitting it.


He confessed. Jeffrey Goldberg confessed the central claim in his magazine's hit piece could very well be false. This is after he said, hey, our reporting has only just begun.


I'm telling you, there isn't a shred of this about Trump. That's true, James. It none of it is. And falling prey to it, falling for it is is is very dangerous. I'm going to have an entire monologue on this coming up.


I can squeeze it in. I've got so much I want to squeeze in here today.


I mean, it is just. Could have told you I did tell you the first chance I had to get behind this microphone after I came back to tell you that this story of Trump and the soldiers dead and buried in cemeteries, being jokers and losers, I told you it was bogus. Four anonymous sources. Everybody who was there admitted Trump never said it, and this guy is doubling down. It's like every other allegation, folks, every allegation that has been made against Donald Trump the last four years has been a lie.


There hasn't been a shred of evidence for any of it and there hasn't been a shred of truth. And I I mentioned yesterday, what must it be like to work at CNN? Every day you get up and you have a new lie, you have a new charge, you have a new allegation every day or every week as though there was nothing the day before. But there is every day, every week, there's a new one. And whatever happened yesterday, the day before, is conveniently forgotten, but every day CNN has to get up and realize every day is a failure because their objective has been to get rid of Trump.


They have wanted Trump removed from office. However, whenever ASEP and they have failed, now, their objective is to have him defeated in the election coming up in November.


And so their efforts continue, but. Their record and The New York Times and MSNBC, their record is failure after failure, after failure, what must it be like to work their. And what what kind of talent does it take, what kind of training does it take to get excited over a lie every week? Because they know this stuff is bogus, they know what they're reporting is not true, there hasn't been a single one of these allegations from colluding with Russia to this Ukraine stuff, the impeachment, PEACHMENT, all that, none of it, not a shred of it has been true.


And yet they get up and they dutifully report this new allegation, whatever it is, the one book that, you know, whatever is going to be next, they report as though it is the essence of truth. And none of it is.


And they act like nothing happened the day before, that is a very important part of this. Because, folks, my contention is, like I said yesterday, the American people are near their absorption level on this, you can't do this for four years and have not a single one of them pay off. Trumpet better be you realize the question people now asking this Trump guy. Look at everything he's gotten away with, they haven't been able to catch up.


Look at all the things they know he did, but they can't catch him. That's what people are being forced to reckon with all these allegations. Is Trump really this brilliant, a criminal mastermind to be able to get away with all of these things that the media is damn certain he did. Is he really that good, he's really that smart, he's that much smarter than the media, he's smarter than The New York Times, he's smarter than the Department of Justice, he's smarter than me.


He can out maneuver all these people. People are going to start asking if they're not already. Is is even one of these allegations true? Because if they are this guy, Trump is the most brilliant criminal mastermind we have ever had in our country, not just president, but ever. The American people are not fools and they're not idiots, and after four years of this. There are some questions which become rather obvious, it's kind of like the Democrats for a while gave up.


Accusing Republicans of wanting to cut Social Security from senior citizens. You know why? Because the cuts never happened. Seasoned citizens never lost their Social Security, so after a while a Democrat, you know what, we're going to start we got to stop accusing him of it because it's not happening and we're not looking good.


Well, we're probably at that point here. Or getting their. And Trump, for his part, he doesn't act like anybody who's guilty of anything, he's having the time of his life at a rally last night in Michigan.


Folks, the things that happened, the things that happened, that rally last night that prove the bond that Donald Trump has with his supporters, with his voters, there isn't there isn't a politician in this country. Who has the kind of bond that Donald Trump has last night, his rally, which was another five star rally, was interrupted. When thousands and thousands of people began to shout, We love you. We love you. Trump was taken aback.


He told the crowd, you may not want to do that, you're going to make me cry, and that may not be good for my image.


He was joking. He was being humble, he has humility in spades, but his critics don't see it. They think I'm nuts when I say he has it, but he is. Loaded with humidity and it was on full display at his rally in Michigan. Yesterday, last night, so. Goldberg Jeffrey Goldberg admits that his four anonymous off the record sources may not have been correct and that the visit that Trump was supposed to make the cemetery, maybe it was called off because of the weather.


They originally said Trump had lied about that. No weather is not going to stop Donald Trump from going anywhere. It may have been the weather.


You know what's ironic about this, who would have thought? That a book intended to be a hit job. Is the book that provided Trump the cover to refute this allegation? I'm talking about the John Bolton book. John Bolton does a hit piece book, and yet his book ends up being the exculpatory evidence that Trump never called any buried soldiers.


Losers and jokers know Trump always gets some measure of karma from those who are trying to destroy him. It's kind of amazing. Like George Washington, George Bush was six feet tall. George Washington rode a white horse, it's not as though he was invisible. And he was never shot, they never hit him in the Revolutionary War, NFL ratings for last night's opener down double digits. Details are coming up. Grab audio, somebody. Number two, here it is.


Last night, this was in Freeland, Michigan, during the presidents rally. And here it is. This is the bond that Donald Trump and I have told you about this month from the first rally.


I recognized it. I recognize this was a special candidate, a special campaign. When I saw this because I had been there, I had done it myself, I had done the Rush to Excellence tour I had seen.


Rallies like this, I had seen connections, bonds between audience and performer, host, whatever, I knew that Trump had a special connection with the people who supported him and who were going to vote for him.


And here he is last night in Freeland, Michigan, during his rally.


Where do these people come from? But we were all set to go in. They heard we were going in. We informed them were going in, and they sent their police to do it. And we never even had to go in. But we can solve those problems in a matter of literally minutes. Thank you. Don't say that, Obstructer. That wouldn't be good for my image. You don't want to see me cry, I'll start to cry.


Sincerity, Donald Trump exuding sincerity, Donald Trump exuding humility. Last night, that chant that came out of nowhere. When he was talking about was the destruction taking place in Democrat cities like Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis. So where do these people come from, the antifa types of Black Lives Matter, all that we're work where they come from. They heard we were going in, meaning they heard federal troops were coming, we informed them were going in, they sent their police to do it.


We never had to go in. The local police did the job that we can solve these problems in a matter of minutes. And that's when the crowd wanted to show their appreciation. And that's what they are doing, and you other politicians, you want to see appreciation, you want appreciation, watch Donald Trump, he is appreciated by the people that vote for him.


Mr. Sterling, I want to see if you've heard this. Screening a call, but put them on hold. Have you heard that it has been discovered that the Mueller team, all of his 15 to 20 investigators, wiped their cell phone? You heard. All right. Now, stop and think of this for a moment, folks. The Mueller team. Oh, I had a story from yesterday that I didn't get to. And it's it's it's it's Biden esque.


It is a story that focuses on Mueller's testimony when he was called up before some House committee and how out of it he was, how apparent it was that he didn't know what was in his own report. You obviously didn't write the report, the Mueller report, part of his investigation, so people began to question, well, then who who did run this investigation? Everybody assumed it was Andrew Weissman who was his number one aide. But some people no, maybe not, but we're not sure.


The point is that just like people are now questioning the mental acuity of Joe Biden, people are beginning and were.


To ask serious questions about about Robert Mueller and who actually did the work, because it's obvious he didn't. He was a figurehead. In his I'll tell you about Muehler in his you have to go back too far in his prime. He was a thug. He was a thug for whatever side of any issue he was on, he proudly, happily let innocent people run away in jail for years. Until they would tell him what he wanted to hear, not the truth, but what he needed to hear, he couldn't in Massachusetts, in Boston, he let people rot in jail for years that he knew were innocent.


The guy's a thug, but during the period of time of the Mueller investigation, they just he wasn't all there. Like Plug's is not all there now. Anyway, the news today is that the investigators, many of them lawyers, all of them pro Hillary on the Mueller team, intentionally wiped their cell phones.


He raised them. Now, why would they do that? Well, my friends, it's called obstruction of justice. It is to make sure that anybody investigating their work will not find any evidence of that work on their phones and would not find any emails. They won't find any text messages to and from whomever. And they will not find any documents that contain any kind of evidence, exculpatory or condemning. They won't find it because they wiped their phones. Lawyers erased.


Their phones, and this is not an allegation, this actually happened with Trump. None of it is anything but allegations, there is no evidence for anything they charged or accused Donald Trump of doing or saying. So now we've got anonymous sources claiming that Donald Trump called soldiers losers and suckers and now that's been withdrawn. I've maybe my sources are wrong, says Mr. Goldberg. And now we've got these Trump Mueller investigators wiping their cell phone. You try this, you try erasing your cell phone.


When the FBI wants to find out what's on it, you try to see what happens to you. Stunning, ladies and gentlemen, if anything can be gleaned from social media this morning, it is that the NFL, the National Football League, is in real trouble.


Fans are livid, they're. Season ticket holders and again, this is social media. Remember, I am one of the most dubious people in the world on this stuff. My sources here are people who hang around on social media and are telling me what they've seen. I have not ventured to Twitter, I have not ventured into Facebook, I've not actually I'm going to tell you, I have not seen this myself. But I have I trust the people telling me what they are seeing and it apparently is not good.


Fans are livid, season ticket holders vowing never to go back to a game and never to watch it on TV. So I said a question. Wait a minute.


Why would season ticket holders be mad? Are they mad because they're not allowed to go to the games, is it? Is it? This is one of my thought processes. You season ticket holders all over the league, people in every city where there's a team, you get season ticket holders, but only two stadiums are going to have fans and them in week one. One was last night. Kansas City, Jacksonville on Sunday will be the other one later in the season.


Other stadiums are going to open. But week one, I think it's just these two. And since know I was thinking, OK, since they let 16000 fans into airhead last night, maybe season ticket holders around the league are upset they're not being let in. I said, is that what it is? I was told no. They are mad over the protests, the whatever the efforts here to acknowledge police brutality. Well, why they knew that was going to happen.


Are there really people that didn't think what happened last night was going to happen, that there was going to be some kind of ceremonial acknowledgement that the cops suck? I mean, that's what the NFL wants people to believe. That's that's how the NFL wants to be seen. Oh, yes, it is. Folks don't don't want the NFL allowed this to happen last night. It means they wanted it to happen. They the NFL is misreading its audience.


Like I have never seen anybody misread its audience and they have misread and misunderstood their audience since this all began, since the first Kaepernick taking a knee began. They have failed to understand. And I think I'll tell you, I think there is a contingent in the NFL that knows.


Who a large segment of a fan base, isn't it embarrasses them? Oh, don't doubt me on this. Don't doubt me. On Guaran Damn to you, it's a New York liberals in the NFL front office who wish that the fan base was made up of people live and die in the Hamptons and all that. But the fact that they're in Tennessee and Mississippi, Alabama.


And if they like the movie, dueling banjos just embarrasses the hell out of them. A lot of NFL fans go bowling that embarrasses the heck out of them. So I think there is a segment of the NFL executive council that does understand who the audience is, but at the same token, there's a lot of it don't. And I think it's true throughout the marketing departments of several major American corporations, I really believe. That the NFL is like Pepsi or Coke or you pick a corporation, they literally believe that Twitter is America.


So if Twitter is upset. At the cops in corporate America, things we got to show we're upset at the cops. The NFL clearly wants people to believe that it's not high on cops right now, the NFL, because they allowed a protest. Or they allowed a ceremony that is oriented and rooted in. Dissatisfaction with the cops, they allowed it to happen. So how are people supposed to conclude otherwise? Ratings for last night's opener are down double digits and according to social media.


Fans expressing their thoughts on this are incensed about the memorial service last night for. Criminals, that's how it's being characterized. Here's a story, this deadline, dotcom NFL season kick off ratings drop from the 20 opener as Kansas City thrashes Houston at covid-19 socially distanced stadium. With the coronavirus pandemic still raging across the fruited plain, this year's NFL season opener was a was as different as night and day in many ways from the one hundredth season kick off in twenty nineteen for one thing.


And it goes on and talks about the game and how the chiefs won and so forth.


In early numbers, the primetime NBC game scored a five point two among adults, 18 to 49, sixteen point four million viewers between eight and 11. Now those numbers.


Will be adjusted upward later, but right now that is a 16 percent drop over the season opener last year. 16 percent drop. Now, you think it's because there's no fans in the stands, do you think it's why do you think it is? We're talking we're not talking about people not going to the stadium, only 16000 were allowed in the stadium. We're talking about people watching on TV. The easiest thing in the world to do is to go into your living room, your media room, wherever, and turn on the TV.


Fans did not do it. Fans in Kansas City booed during the field ceremony where both teams locked arms in the middle of the field now during the national anthems and yes, there were two, there was the national anthem. And then there's something called the black national anthem. The visiting Houston Texans stayed in the locker room for both anthems. They were not on the field when they came out of the locker room after both anthem anthems and played. They got together in the middle of a field with their chiefs buddies and they linked arms in a show of unity.


A show of unity against what against. Against America, unity, against police brutality, it was perceived as unity against America.


I don't think they I don't think that's what it is. Folks, I think what the fans were booing, they're not booing unity, not that because that's not what was on display last night. OK, so you got a bunch of players linking arms and saying we are sponsoring and we're promoting unity.


No, you're not. Not one thing that happened last night is going to make a smidgens bit of difference. In social justice, in cultural behavior, there's not one thing that happened last night. There's no signage.


In the end zone, like end racism now or black lives matter forever, none of that is going to make one significant change at all.


And this is what the fans know. The fans are booing the politicization of sports and the fans are booing the support of a Marxist political organization called Black Lives Matter. The fans know who BLM is, even if the players want to try to act like they don't. This is not hard to understand, it isn't hard to figure out. I'll tell you what, you know, only one player kneeled during the anthem, it was a Chiefs player's last name is Okafor.


And I'll tell you, I think the decision by the players not to kneel. During the national anthem was an acknowledgement that Colin Kaepernick was kneeling for reasons far beyond police brutality, and they didn't want to be associated with that. I think at least the players understand I think they understand that Kaepernick is not just protesting police, he's protesting America, the flag and all of that, and they didn't want to be part of that. The national anthems got nothing to do with police, nothing to do with local police, national police, nothing to do with police at all.


The fans in Kansas City, Mr. what you claim not to understand why the booing was good, because you guys. Appeared to be behind and supportive of a communist Marxist organization called Black Lives Matter, which is not a civil rights group. It's not a fairness between the racist group. It's not an equality group. It is a Marxist communist organization that's got everybody fooled, amazingly, somehow, since they're very open and honest about who they are and what they support.


OK, let's get started on the phones. It's open line Friday. Always trying to get phone calls in in the first busy broadcast hour. And we'll go to Grand Rapids, Michigan, to do that. Hello, Dan. Great to have you, sir.


Hi, Kyra. I wanted to take your call, megadeals and hope for a speedy recovery, sir.


Thank you very much. I appreciate it.


I think you're beginning to see that. That the fans represent veterans and patriots in this country and the players for the major leagues as well as the leagues themselves are playing for the sponsors.


What do you mean beginning to see? I have seen this for what it is since the day it started.


I just want to reinforce your idea, because that's why we're gone. That's why we're canceling those season tickets. That's why we're canceling those subscriptions. Disgust us to take a political stance we don't agree on. Yeah, it's it's.


But you know what? It's amazing to me. It is amazing to me how how I got to be very careful how I express this, because we're not talking about stupidity.


We're not talking about stupid people and yet be at the NFL or be it. Take your take. Any American corporation which which full fledged gets behind something like climate change, which is a political movement that. Is hidden behind a supposed scientific certainty, it isn't manmade, global warming is not scientific certainty, it cannot be proven, nor has it ever been. Now the climate. Of this planet is constantly changing, whether or not man is response was bogus, but they want man to be responsible for it because they want to control your behavior if they convince you that your lifestyle choices are the reason why all these fires are firing up out in the left coast.


Why? What can they tell you? They can tell you to stop anything they want you to do that they say is causing the fires and you have to go along with it. If you accept this and it's absolute bunk, you have nothing to do with these fires. You know who's responsible for the fires? California and Washington state and Oregon politicians who have not allowed all these dead trees to be cleared out of their. These forests are nothing but kindling.


And if you would go in and clear these forests out, you wouldn't have fires anywhere near this intense. But we can't touch the forest. No, no, no, that that would be missing. No, no, we can't we can't do that. Yes, we can. And we should.


It's like. The energy crisis in California, this is one of the most ridiculous, most unnecessary things that's happening in America today. There ought be not a single customer should ever have to be without electricity anywhere in the state of California. And yet mayors in California are sending out tweets to people which are saying time to unplug appliances, you're not using time to turn your thermostat up to 70 or 80 degrees.


Time to make sure that you're not using appliances you're not. This is absurd. And it's all because they've gotten rid of fossil fuels and replaced it with stuff that cannot meet the demands.


Even minimalist demands on energy that the population of California needs. I got an e-mail rush when you please finish your NFL thoughts and corporate marketing, because I just know they were going to be brilliant and I want everybody to hear it. And yes, I will.


I'll make it a point to conclude my brilliant point when we get back after this little short break here at the top of the hour. Hey, it's Buck Sexton.


Here we are in the height of an election season that will determine the future of the country. Who are you going to listen to? Who can you trust? Join me in the freedom hunt, the one place where you know you'll get the straight story from a conservative perspective. Joe Biden, somebody who's been a machine politician in the Democrat Party from Delaware for longer than I've been alive. And nobody thought he was impressive. No one thought he had great leadership until about five minutes ago.


They're trying to fool you. They're trying to pull off a con, a fraud against America. And Joe Biden is the con man in chief. The biggest names and the heaviest hitters in politics, trust me.


So we've done a lot. But can we have some great support for your viewpoint is very important to make very, very important. This how we got to know each other.


Buck Sexton, formerly of the CIA. It's great to be back on the Buck Sexton show.


I Heart Radio is number one for podcast, and it's easy to see why. Listen to Buck Sexton show on the I Heart radio app or wherever you get your podcast.


And we're going to ask. The White House has announced that Bahrain is joining the United Arab Emirates and signing on to the peace deal with Israel. So this is going to be yet another Nobel Peace Prize nomination. For President Trump, Bahrain joining the UAE, signing onto the peace deal with Israel, more from a Southern Command in sunny south Florida.


It's open line Friday right on Tel 802 eight two two eight eight two. If you want to be on program, the email address. Rushville, I've got us. OK, let me finish this thought on on marketing and the NFL, because it's something that has I've mentioned it before, but it still stuns me.


Marketing people supposedly are among the smartest people in any corporation.


Marketing is where you devise. The plans that separate people from their money in purchasing your product or your service, you make them Eger, you make them want to spend their money on your product or service.


And so you would think that those people, marketing experts, which will consist of advertising experts as well, would really have ways, would really have systems in place to identify what's important to people and what isn't.


And I have been stunned at during the entire lifespan of the man made climate change politicization effort. That corporations have attempted to make customers believe that they are all green, that they're clean energy, that they're supporting renewables, even they don't do any of this, they just do it on the packaging of the product or they maybe will have some promotional items they give away at point of sale or what have you.


And so they attempt to show their relevance and and their their ability to relate. Out to people by supporting things they believe the customers support. So let's take this now to the NFL and it is clear, it's been clear for years. That a vast majority of fans of the NFL want no part of the politicization of the game, whether that means kneeling during the anthem, whether it means players linking arms during the pregame and supposedly engaging in the unity. The fans of the National Football League want nothing to do with politics in their game, the actual playing of the game when the game is played on Sunday, they want it to be about football.


They don't want it to be. About a personal profile of Colin Kaepernick and every pregame show every Sunday, they don't care. They want football played, they want to watch greatness transpire before their eyes, they want their teams to win, they want their fantasy teams to excel. They don't care. About the politicization, they actively oppose it. How hard is this to understand and yet. National Football League teams themselves forget the sponsors for a moment. National Football League teams themselves don't seem to understand this.


Or if they do understand it, they have decided that it's worth the risk because they've got a problem. Their players. Our 75 percent African-American and without the players, there is no National Football League. And so they've got to keep the players happy and if the players think. That politicizing the game is something that has to happen or else they're not going to play and the owners are kind of caught between a rock and a hard place. So they have to make it look like they support what the players support and they have to do it, but hopefully in a way that's going to be as least damaging to their business as possible.


But I don't even see that taking place. I, I just I literally amazed. That the people in charge of understanding who. The fan base is who is the audience, the people in charge of understanding. Who it is that loves the NFL and watches it every Sunday and Thursday and Sunday night and Monday night, it's not hard to find out who those people are. It's not hard to find out. Those people want no part of the politicization of the game.


It's obvious they don't consider the anthem to be politics, they consider it patriotic, they don't consider the military during ceremonies, pregame political, they consider it patriotic. It would be very easy for people that run the NFL to conclude that their fans love America. And that their fans don't mind America being honored, in fact, they like America being honored before every game. What's the NFL doing the exact opposite. The NFL is making it look like they think that most fans do not want any show of support for America.


In fact, what we have to do is show opposition to America. Yeah, that's a ticket. That's how we'll shore up the fan base. That's what the fan base wants. That's what Twitter wants. Twitter wants. And the fan base want America exposed as a racist, bigoted nation. And so the NFL is apparently willing to.


Promote the I mean, it is senseless. It is their job to understand who the fans are. It's their job to understand who it is that's responsible for all of those billions and billions of dollars pouring in. Yeah, the players are responsible because they're the ones that are performing great feats on the field that people are willing to pay to watch. Yes, yes, I get that. But it's still. The fans that are doing the partying with the money, everybody else is being paid.


The fans are not being paid. They are the payee. The fans are the ones spending the money that that that that enables all of that wealth to be transferred to everybody associated in one way or another with the NFL. And the people who are responsible for the creation of that wealth are the ones that are being ticked off, targeted for being ticked. It's stunning to me. This is not top level marketing, if you ask me, and it's not top level.


Advertising, it is exactly what happens when the left and liberalism comes in and takes over anything, they immediately politicize it. They turn it into a political weapon that they then put in their arsenal and they use it. To bludgeon people, to force liberalism on people because it's never a choice most people would make on their own. And the fans understand this. Mr. J.J. Watt and others who are writing, there's somebody who is. Yes, here it is.


So. What about a plea for unity makes somebody uncomfortable, that's not what makes people uncomfortable. There was no plea for unity last night. That's what you wanted people to think was going on. But that's not what was going on. The players don't need the players already are unified. This was this is so easy to understand the fans. The fan base simply objects to the game, they love being politicized, that's all. And when you're going to have players link arms for the purpose of unity to wipe out racism, sexism and bigotry in America where you have politicized your game and the fans.


Don't. Wasnt that. You know, it used to be, ladies and gentlemen, that the media, the media was the only business where the customer was wrong. You've heard the old adage, Brian, a customer is always right. You run a business, you run the service, a customer calls and complains customers. Right, no matter what. That's how you deal with a customer complaint. Well, if you call the media, you call a newspaper, call a TV network news network, then you guys are so biased they can't want you anymore.


What do they tell you? You're stupid. You're not smart enough to understand how we do what we do. We don't even care. We don't care if you watch our news, if you're too stupid to them, what we're doing and screw you. In the media, the customer is always wrong, that's becoming true now in the NFL. The customer doesn't know what he's doing. These fans are booing what they're saying and they're immediately wrong. There are many wrong because they are too stupid to understand what they're watching.


They're watching unity. Yes, they're watching the players come together. Fans just don't get it. That's not brilliant marketing. I'm sorry, folks.


It's not how you build the base. Of customers, of fans, of voters, whatever. And I am flabbergasted watching all this transpire. Because marketing people are supposed to be experts at understanding to whom they are marketing the product. It's why I suggest that there may be some people. And the upper tiers of the NFL who are a little disappointed at who their fans are, there may be some people in the upper tier of the NFL executive suite that wish their fan base was a little more sophisticated, a little bit more college educated, a little bit more whatever.


Don't doubt me on this. So that's that's my take on the marketing, I don't think this is hard to understand at all, and they're making it look like. That it's impossible for them to get it. The fans are not protesting unity, the fans are not protesting ending racism. The fans are not protesting because they're protesting the introduction. Of politics into the game, they are protesting the fact that the game they love is demanding of them, that they think a certain way, that they support certain things when that's not why.


They watch the National Football League. And yet now it's all because the lefties come in and they have, by virtue of taking over the NFL, they have corrupted it. I have a picture here last night of Trump's rally in Freelon, Michigan. It's such a contrast. With the controversies that are befalling the NFL. What? Oh, yeah, I can fix the NFL in one week. Damn straight, if you don't let me I need I need access to the players, which I may not be granted, but, yeah, I think I could I could certainly improve circumstances.


Now, it's so clear where the mistakes have been made.


And, you know, I'll even Grant I'll do the I'll grant the mistakes are well-intentioned. I'll even go so far as to say that. But I think it's just stunning that all these people involved had no idea what the fans are booing in Kansas City last night or why there's all this negativism on Twitter social media about it. Anyway, at Trump's rally, there are tens of thousands of people there. And the people who were there say it was one of the most uplifting things that's happened to them in the past year.


In a number of years, they felt part of something. They felt part of a team. They felt part of a unity. The people that attended Trump rally in Michigan last night and other rallies all say that they felt a part of something special for the period of time the rally was going on. They loved getting to know the other people that were there. They loved finding out who else thinks. As they do, they loved being part of the actual rally itself, that Trump himself is uplifting and inspirational.


But it was more than it's it's being part of it. As opposed to being isolated or feeling isolated as opposed to feeling alone. Or wondering, you know, asking because everybody wants to be part of something larger than themselves.


Particularly mature people who know. That there are things larger than themselves you want to be part of organizations like this and you want to you want to matter, and this is what people who attend a Trump rally end up saying, that they all they have a almost a an inner glow.


Of happiness. And relevance. Because they're part of something that they know is good and decent. So here is this picture, and I have not seen it to you, Brian, so don't it's not it. Thousands of people inside and outside the hangar where Trump's rally was last night. And Trump tweets the picture and he tweets this. A vote for Republicans is a vote for safe communities. A vote for Republicans is a vote for great jobs and a limitless future for all Americans, instead of letting Washington change us, despite all that we have been through, we are changing Washington.


I love that line because it is so true. And that's the line that his daughter Ivanka popularized during her introduction of Trump at his acceptance speech at the South Lawn of the White House during the week of the Republican convention. That is that's it in a nutshell, most people go to Washington and it changes them and you've seen it. How many times you voted for candidates are promising do X, Y and Z and you believe them, and then they get the town and all of a sudden they don't implement anything they promised.


I mean, they don't even get close because Washington changes them. Look at Donald Trump, he got to Washington and he has implemented more than he promised.


He's implemented all of his promises and then some. And he is changing Washington, and that is what they can't stand. They literally can't. The swamp, the establishment, the deep state they can't stand, Trump is succeeding in changing their domain. Let's take a quick time out.


Open line. Friday resumes right after this. It's open line Friday. Rush Ball executing a signed host. Hostilities flawlessly, as is always the case. That would be zero mistakes. We go back to the phones. To Atlanta, this is Jerry. Thank you, sir, for waiting your up. Hi. Hey. It was great to hear your voice. Thank you, sir. Yes. I read some of your thoughts on my observation as to why we're seeing politics now in all sports, why police have gone from heroes to being bad guys.


And the observation is this. I think the left realized a long time ago that people are much more affected and influenced by culture than they are by politics. And you see everything they've taken over from all forms of media. They've taken over the schools, they've taken over now technology. And now they largely have their eyes set on sports. And these are all, as you think about it, things that the people involved with every day versus politics. They maybe follow once every four years, once every two years or in a midterm cycle, etc.


. What are your thoughts?


Well, I think that that's largely true. It has been said that culture is downstream from politics, which translated means what you just said. It means that cultural influences are more immediate than political influences are. And so if you take over cultural institutions like music and movies and books, which the left has done, they've taken over education many, many moons ago. Little Elizabeth Warren, Indian lingo.


Go there if you take over, like you said, sports, if you grab hold of sports and acculturated your way, but you reach a point where at some point you're going to be pushback to it. Where all of a sudden people can wait a minute. I don't want that to be politicized because whether you're talking about culture or politics, no matter how you get there, at the end of the day, you're still politicizing something. And look at look at what's happening here with the NFL.


You you could you could make the case here that they were attempting. To. Use the NFL and the NBA, Major League Baseball culturally to advance their political objectives. Point is, they have to politicize it, though, in addition to however, they try to influence the culturally when they do that, there's now big time pushback against it.


People do not want the politicization. Say that three times would be very difficult for a non trained specialist politicization, three times a I'll say it three times with no mistakes.


It's hard to do to engage in the politicization. Of the National Football League is risky because you can't just do it culturally alone as they are demonstrating. The Capponi thing, they tried to do it culturally, there's another reason, though, that goes along with yours for why this is happening, and I've explained it before, but I'll remind everybody if it would come back to the breaking of the bottom as we roll on.


Be right back. Meeting and surpassing all audience expectations on a daily basis. Rush Limbaugh executing a sign host duties flawlessly with zero mistakes. Look this, the mayor of Portland, 10 wheeler. Now, we just had news and then we were yesterday. Important news. And that news was two thirds of the people of Portland disapprove of Ted Wheeler. I'll tell you, if you were not here yesterday, let me tell you why that's important. We have been manipulated into believing that Ted Wheeler, the mayor of Portland, is universally loved and adored by the people of Portland.


We have been led to believe that the people of Portland support the destruction of private property there because they support Ted Wheeler and Ted Wheeler is doing nothing to stop it. Ted Weaver's doing nothing to stop the destruction of private property, the murder and mayhem of Portland citizens. And we're told that people support the mayor. So the people of Portland must support all of this. And it's led us to believe that, oh, my God, this is horrible.


The left has truly taken over the city of Portland, a bunch of Marxist Leninists actually have taken over and they support all this. What turns out they don't. It turns out two thirds of the city of Portland disapprove of the mayor. We're being lied to what it's not just we're being lied to, we're being manipulated by a very tiny minority. That without the media making it look bigger than it is, it would be a joke. So Ted Weaver is not universally supported.


He's not universally loved, it's not even close to thirds disapprove of what he's doing. Now, after one hundred five nights of rioting. The mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, has a solution, he has ordered the police to stop using tear gas. You know, he got tear gassed himself when he tried to cozy up to the protesters and the rioters. He's a groupie. He wanted to be seen as one of these people. He got tear gassed for his trouble.


But ordering the cops to stop using tear gas might actually stop the rioting, quote unquote, because under new guidelines, the Portland police were only allowed to use tear gas after they declared a riot. So the if they didn't declare a riot, they couldn't use tear gas. Now, they won't have any reason to declare a riot, because even if they do, they can't use tear gas. Police will have no other way to defend themselves from the thugs except physical violence.


The Oregon State Police. Have announced they probably will not be able to help the Portland police because banning tear gas puts them in an untenable position. So this when you read the headline, Portland Mayor Ted Weaver orders police to stop using tear gas. Well, that's a positive. That's a good thing. But no, it's not.


It is really a circuitous way. That stands in the way of the Portland police declaring riots they will have no reason to declare a riot because they can't use tear gas anyway, had, in other words, to use tear gas.


They had to claim that there was a riot going on.


So now there is no incentive for any of these riots in Portland to stop. Even though two thirds of the people of Portland apparently disapprove of the job of the mayor. Now, I want before we get back to the phones, I want to expand on something that I briefly touched on as the program began, was unfolding before your very eyes. I spoke at some length yesterday on this program about how every day.


It's a new scandal involving President Trump every day or maybe every week, but it's. It's mind blowing how often it happens. Every day, it seems we wake up and there's a new something, there is a new scandal that's just been discovered to. A new Trump scandal that we just learned about, such as calling dead soldiers buried in cemeteries, suckers and losers, except now the guy who wrote that story has withdrawn it has acknowledged it. Maybe his sources were wrong.


Well, you haven't heard that. Or The Atlantic editor is admitting the story about Trump disparaging falling soldiers could be wrong. It's not. Could be.


It was. It is wrong. My point is, though, every day there's a new one of these. And they happened almost in a vacuum, as though. The previous one is gone, dead and buried, whatever we were told yesterday, we've forgotten there's something new. I yesterday put it in the context of what must it be like to work at CNN, you launch one of these things every day or every week, and none of them work.


Not a single one of them. Works, if the objective is to get rid of Trump, they are not working. And yet they just keep coming. Every day, it seems there's a new one, certainly every week there is a new one and crucially important to this, as each new allegation surfaces, it happens.


In a vacuum, they try to make it look like it's happening in a vacuum, as though nothing happened yesterday. In other words, the Woodward book follows the Atlantic story. The Atlantic story. Yeah, he trump out there and he he said dead soldiers. He does not respect for him. They're losers and suckers. OK, and then that doesn't work. It looks like it might work for the first couple of days, and then here comes the exculpatory evidence and it begins to fade.


So time for the next one and the next one is No Woodward book. So when the Woodward book pops. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Trump admitted that he didn't want to cause a panic. Trump admitted that he downplayed the horrible nature of covid-19 because you want to create a panic. Wait, wait, wait. What happened in Atlantic story? Oh, nothing to see there. No, no, no. What do you mean nothing to see there?


You sponsored a lie. You brought forth a lie. You've done nothing but lie. The mainstream media, the Democrat Party, has mounted one lie after another, one allegation after another, and nothing ever comes of any of them.


And yet every week there's a new one. As though. What happened yesterday didn't happen, so now the Atlantic story watch forgotten it like it never happened, because now we're under the Woodward book and something's going to come along and replace the Woodward book. And the Woodward book will be forgotten about. The Woodward book is not going to work, the Woodward book, whatever it is, is not going to get rid of Donald Trump. And I think we're reaching a point here where people not only are worn out by all this, I think people are getting wise to it.


My good friends, none of it ever amounts to anything in terms of its purpose, the purpose for all of these allegations is what the purpose is to force Trump to resign or to force people in his administration to tell him he's got to leave because he's losing all support. The purpose is to maybe have him charged with an actual crime and he'd be frog marched out of the White House on his way to jail, whatever.


Whatever the method of getting rid of Trump is, it isn't working and it hasn't worked in four years. Now, the immediate objective is to get Trump defeated in the election in November, but I think that is also bombing out on them. We're being lied to on a daily basis, we are being manipulated by a minority that without the media would be invisible. This minority is literally so small. That if the media were not sponsoring them, we wouldn't see them.


Now, as you know, psychologically, this stuff works. A lot of people on our side think that we are outnumbered. And the truth is, not only are we not outnumbered, they're not even close to outnumbering us, despite how you feel, despite how it might look.


And I'm talking specifically about the Marxist radical leftist, not the usual liberal Democrats that we know are out there. I'm talking about the Antipas and the Black Lives Matter.


They are nowhere near a majority in this country. They are a tiny minority. And we're being told by CNN. And The New York Times every day. That the country has now made the move to Marxism. It's just it's done, it's just a matter of codifying it, the upcoming election. That's right.


We love the mayor of Portland. We support what's going on in Seattle. We support these radical leftist mayors in Michigan, Minnesota. You wait, you'll see Biden's going to win in a landslide. You people have done. It's finished. It's over.


Except it's not. California. What? What a series of lessons to be learned in all of these fires. They have screwed up. Deforestation, they have screwed up the timber situation and the energy debacle in California is breathtaking to behold. Yeah, you have mayors. In California town sending out tweets telling people time to unplug your toaster if you're not using it, turn off the power, raise the thermostat. You know, folks, we in Florida, we never have brownouts.


We never have rolling blackouts. The only time we lose power in Florida is when maybe a hurricane or a windstorm goes through. It's so rare. And. We have tropical heat here. California's heat comes and goes, we never get tweets from our mayor saying time to unplug the toaster. Time to unplug the vacuum cleaner, time to not use the washer and dryer, we don't get those things and we never have the power disconnected. We're able to run our air conditioners and they do run nine months a year 24/7.


Without a brownout, why is this, do you think, ladies and gentlemen, why? Why is California. Facing all of these fires and all of these rolling blackouts, it's because of who has been running the state in terms of energy. Californians voted to get rid of fossil fuel produced energy. They've got. Nothing but wind and solar. It's not enough if the clouds are covering the sun, there is no solar, the wind is blowing, there isn't any wind energy.


They've gotten rid of fossil fuels because it's destroying the planet. Yeah, oil and natural gas is destroying the planet, climate change and so. The strange thing isn't California citizens voted for this because they bought the lies. There is no need for a single California citizen to be without power, no matter what the temperature outside is and no matter for how long.


There's no need for it, there's no reason for the fires being this intense in this big if they would simply let. Clear cutting of dead timber take place, then these fires wouldn't last nearly as long as they do, nor would they be as intense.


But the environmentalist wackos will not let any of this happen.


The environmentalist left is in the process of destroying California and it's right in front of your face if you want to witness an open line Friday, Rush Limbaugh and the E i b network. I am a household name in all four corners of the world. Here's Jacob in Dire, Indiana. Great to have you, Jacob.


Hello. Hey, Rush, thanks for having me. Long time Congress, our long time listener, first time caller. The thing I was calling about was I was watching the president's rally last night on YouTube. I got a chance to watch the whole thing. And just listening to him talk has really just reminded me how much he's done for this country. He's kept us safe. He's gotten our economy back from a terrible, terrible low in March and April.


But the thing thing about it is you can contrast that to these local officials that these governors, these mayors, you know, most of them are Democrats. Some of them like in Indiana here we got like a RINO governor still keeping us shut down to some extent. And it's really I just I just wish more more of these local officials could take Presidents Trump, lead President Trump's lead and just make our country safer and more economically prosperous.


Yeah, you know, this is an interesting observation that you've made. Why isn't more of what Trump is doing? I have a word for it. I maybe overuse it. Infectious wire, more local officials not.


Following in Trump's footsteps in terms of dealing with problems and solving them and so forth, I think there's so much fear out there. I, I really this is another thing. And Trump's another feather in Trump's cap about how fearless he is.


He's not stopped by the traditional forces that succeed in stopping most other politicians from doing what their instincts tell them to do. You wouldn't believe how many politicians are afraid of being called racist, for example, or afraid of being called a bigot or just just being criticized, period, by the media.


And so they just don't even want to broach it. They don't even want to go there. It's another illustration of how unique and and special Trump is. And it does give rise to questions when he is not going to be president forever. At some point, he's going to vanish the political scene. Who is going to replace him, if anybody is speaking of which, there's another aspect of this in terms of the public and the idea that every day or every week there's something new Trump supposedly has done something just been discovered.


Trump's been president for four years. And I just discovered, for example, that he called dead soldiers losers and jokes and just discovered it. Right. And then that bombs out there every week. It seems for four years there has been a new one of these allegations. At some point, do you think the American people begin to ask themselves, how does Trump get away with all this?


Let's say they believe all these charges. Let's say there are people that believe every single allegation. Trump colluded with Russia. He stole the election. He finagled with Ukraine should have been impeached, whatever it is.


There are people who have to ask themselves, how does Trump outsmart these people for four years? Is Trump the greatest criminal mastermind we've ever elected? They must be asking because seriously, how does he get away with all that? I think all this adds up.


To an increasing number of people not believing it, folks, I think they're wearing everybody out.


The absorption level, I believe, is close to being reached.


We have it on audio sound bite. The Los Angeles health executive says the schools will reopen after the election.


She expects Biden to win, of course.


Details on that and much more straight ahead right now after we after we aired sound bite number seven, I want you to stand by for a number 15.


We're going to go in order after I got that money from the Southern Command in sunny south Florida. It's open line Friday, right, folks? Lots still to do. Lots still to squeeze in there. Time is tight, but we're going to manage. It's the EIB Network and Rush Limbaugh wrapping up yet another exciting and busy broadcast week behind this golden EIB microphone. Our telephone number, if you want to be on the program, is eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two.


Email address will Rush WBO EIB. Net dot U.S.. So let's see here, the Los Angeles County health director is a woman by the name of Barbara Forever.


And she got caught, it was an open mic moment. She has said that it's not realistic to open the schools now. No, no, no, we can't open the schools now. That would be very, very unrealistic. No, no, no, no.


We are going to open the schools after the election. You see, the phony part of science has tied the reopening of schools to an election, not to a vaccine, not to treatments, not to infection rates, but to the election in Los Angeles County. Every aspect of the education of our children has been politicized. Meaning education is dead in the public schools. It means that indoctrination is now the name of the game, pupils, students, nothing more than pawns for Democrat games.


So education, journalism, comedy, sports, they have all been cheap and they have all been diminished. They have all been perverted now.


So here is the tape, here's Dr. Barbara Forever on a conference call with school administrators and medical professionals, we don't realistically anticipate that we would be moving to either here to or to the opening a case in 12 schools, at least during at least until after the election. It seems the more realistic approach to this would be to think that we're going to be where we are now until we get after until the we are done with the election. Now, what's it got to do with anything?


There will be we'll be moving to either tier two or two, reopening K-12 schools, at least at least until after the election. Seems to us a more realistic approach to this would be to think that we're going to be where we are now until till we get after two.


We feel we're done with the election, really going to reopen the schools after the. Oh, yeah. We can't do it before the election. That would help. Trump will do it after the election. And especially especially if Biden wins. However, there's a problem I want to share with you some headlines and I just took from the Drudge page today. Because there are people. There are people who think that covid-19 is once again declining numbers of infections, declining, number of deaths declining.


OK, here's some headlines, pandemic about to enter its most treacherous phase, questionmark. Oh, yeah, you got people out there thinking it hadn't even gotten anywhere near as bad as it's going to get, you wait until fall and winter hits and you wait till people have to go back and stay inside most of the day. Oh, you have no idea how bad it's going to be. It's going to be worse than it's been ever. That's what that story is next.


Headline Centers for Disease Control, people with virus twice as likely to have eaten at a restaurant right when they're trying to open an inside dining in New York comes a story. From the CDC, people with the virus are twice as likely to have eaten at a restaurant.


I mean, my old buddy Sal Schocken, Amila, hoping to be able to open up Patsy's and all of his fellow restaurant tours. For twenty five to 40 percent inside dining capacity and here comes a story from the CDC, no less. That people who have covid-19 twice as likely to have eaten that. That's like saying people involved in automobile accidents yesterday have eaten carrots in the past 30 days. It's just you want more, here's more hospitals, nursing homes failed to separate patients putting others at risk.


Oh, yeah.


Did you know that when you go to the hospital, they're not even trying to keep you separate from the covid-19 patient? No, they're putting you right in the same place, same part of the hospital. You can easily get affected just because the hospitals are not separating people. There's more France records, 9800 new cases, the highest daily total yet. Spiking in Eastern Europe, the virus, Hungary drafts war plan. And the pace that the resistance, Dr.


Fauci warns the U.S. needs to hunker down for fall and winter. It's not going to be easy. So here we are. The L.A. health executive thinking we're going to open schools after the election, maybe in November. That we're going to start showing ourselves over the hump and a number of cases, no doubt that's going to be on the way down, not so fast, not so fast. It's going to be worse than the ever. Are the headlines that you can easily find throughout the drive by media, the.


You had some contradicting or contradictory stories again. Here is a story from The Washington Examiner, the headline, Trump Has the momentum as Biden looks rattled. And it's true if you if you watch the Trump rally last night. If you watch that rally, you would have no doubt where the momentum is, there is no way that Donald Trump is on the losing side, not watching that. That's not the behavior of a loser. It is not it's not a rally conducted by somebody who thinks he's going to lose.


It was incredible. It was a wonderful rally. It was something that everybody there was grateful to be a part of. And it's the same damn thing as four years ago, there is no way Biden can do one of these, just as there was no way Hillary Clinton could do one of these.


Hillary Clinton couldn't draw flies, Joe Biden doesn't even try the biggest crowd for a Joe Biden appearance is five, and those are members of the media sitting in circles six feet or 12 feet apart from each other. It's comical when you see when, you know, Joe Biden is doing a press conference or whatever, five members of the media and do you know what? Do you know what else, folks, Joe Biden's answers to media questions are on the teleprompter.


He's actually seen telling people running his teleprompter to speed it up because the answer is displaying too slow. So his spokesman was on special report with Brent Bayer last night. And Bradberry asked the spokesman, the spokesman would not say. If Biden is using a teleprompter in Q&A, he would not go there. It was kind of funny to to watch because the spokesman was combative. The spokesman was contentious and Brent Bear was not being contentious at all. Brent Bear had had had no animus for this guy whatsoever.


He simply was asking a question about Biden and whether or not he is reading answers. On the teleprompter and the spokesman would not say. Point is, Biden could not do one of these rallies and there is no such momentum with the momentum that Biden has a simply because there is a D next to his name. OK, now we've I'm going to backtrack. We have talked about the. Game in Kansas City last night and the booing on the part of fans.


And we have shared with you that the defensive and the defensive lineman extraordinaire from the Houston Texans, J.J. Watson, he didn't understand it. He didn't understand why the fans were booing. It didn't make any sense. Well, let's grab audio sound bite number, let's see that number 16, this is CBS This Morning today. And they played a clip of the fans booing player protest in Kansas City last night. We got Gayle King.


Anthony Mason and Tony, the couple who are all commenting on this and here it is, it's so painful to see people booing when the players are saying we want to support racial injustice.


They're unified together on the field. This is the team you're rooting for.


They're sending you a message and you're booing if I don't get it, especially when you see what has been happening in this country for the last couple of really four years, but certainly in these last couple of months, that's just so painful to see that anybody would be against people speaking out that they want racial justice and racial equality.


I don't understand and call it scattered boos, but it was certainly loud enough to hear. I heard it. Yeah, that reduced crowd, Tony. Yeah, the reduced crowd.


I don't understand it. Well, I heard it reduced crowd, but I just it's so painful to see people booing when the players are saying we want to support racial injustice. No, no, you don't want to support racial injustice. You want to support racial justice and get that right. And they're unified there on the field. Yes, they're unified, it's a team you're rooting for isn't booing you folks. Do you believe these people are this obtuse?


You're do you think you think Gayle King really does not understand why those fans in Kansas City are booing? Well, I know they don't listen to us, but for crying out loud, we've got a caller in Kansas City make sure this guy hangs on, because up next, we've got we've got noise. We got we got sound of of the booing. It's sound bite number 15. This is the Kansas City Arrowhead Stadium. P.A. announcer Introducing both teams moments of young.


Ladies and gentlemen, please join us in a moment of silence dedicated to the ongoing fight for equality in our country.


Is that not great? Is that Matthew, is that the guy says thank you? So here's the P.A., Ladies and gentlemen, please join us in a moment of silence dedicated to the ongoing fight for equality in our country and our fans let loose. Know anything but a moment of silence and then as the fans are about to end the booing, the announcer says, thank you.


Ladies and gentlemen, please join us in a moment of silence dedicated to the ongoing fight for equality in our food. So you think that booing equality. That's what Gayle King and Gayle King. Oh, yeah. This is bad. They're booing.


No, they're not. They're not booing equality quality, they're not booing that, that. It's kind of ephemeral thing anyway, equality, it's not even possible in the sense that these people are talking about it.


Gail, I know at one time you used Gayle King, she's Oprah's BFF, and at one time she used to really like this program. She said so and that was her mistake. She went public with how much she enjoyed this program and never to be heard from her lips again, the words Rush and Limbaugh.


Anyway, Gail, I know you're still out there. They're not booing equality. They're not booing justice. No, they're booing the fact that the P.A. announcer is taking over the game and politicizing. They came there to watch a football game, Gail. They didn't come there to be lectured or preached to. They didn't come there to be blamed. I mean, who is the who is the target of this? So the players are linking arms for unity and justice.


It must be the fans who need the message. Right. The fans are tired of being blamed for all this. Who else is the target for this, if not the fans here, Bob, in Kansas City Chiefs fan. We got him on the phone. Great to have you with us, sir. How are you doing? It's an honor to talk to you. Yeah, I was watching the game last night. Chiefs fan moved to Kansas City area when I was five years old.


That was the year they won Super Bowl four. So for them to win the Super Bowl last year and get to share that with my son, who's 30 years old, we're we're fanatical Chiefs fans and just just love it. I'm watching last night going into it, knowing that I'm kind of cringing with all the stuff that's been going on. And I see all of this stuff. I see the black national anthem and the national anthem with the gal with George played on her shirt and all this and these signs in the end zone and racism.


It's really just an extension of the media. It's an extension of the university's it's extension of Twitter and big tech. Just saying you're a racist in racism because you're a racist in America.


You see, I told you folks here's a fan and he thinks that he is the target. They're out there talking unity and they're talking social justice. To who? Why are the players linking arms they supposedly get it, so why are they linking arms in what must be the fans? There's got to be a target for this, and here's ol Bob, long time Chiefs fan thinking he's the target, that they think he's the racist, he's the bigot, he's the guy that doesn't get it.


Him and his fellow Chiefs fans, so they got to have the ceremony, they got to have this whatever it is, so Bob can stop being a racist or Bob can figure out what a bigot he is so he can stop being that going forward.


We'll be back. Hey, folks. Defending our freedoms and explaining how they came to me in the first place says one college that makes makes it their mission to do just that. You would be amazed at the number of colleges, universities that have let that slide when they go by the wayside defending founding freedoms and how they came to be in the first place. You know, the concept of American liberty and freedom, freedom does not have a one size fits all definition.


And freedom in the context of American freedom and American liberty is so unique. It's the first time in human history that the concept of human freedom was put above governments and government freedom. In other words, the United States of America is the first time government was subordinate to the people. It's never happened before, and that is crucial in understanding the concept of American freedom and American liberty. And this is one of the many ways that Hillsdale College excels in teaching it.


It is an everyday focus for the faculty there and the administration has been for a long time. They do this in a number of ways, online video courses, monthly publication now received by more than five million Americans. It's an impressive track record. What Hillsdale has accomplished in this regard, freedom is no small thing, it's not insignificant. And in any way. And they don't let it become insignificant at Hillsdale, the monthly publication Speech Digest called him Prima's.


It's a Latin word that means in the first place, the Primus publication includes a transcript of a speech recently given by a stellar individual that you wouldn't find anywhere else. It's free, no strings attached, Hillsdale. Many supporters make it possible. If you want to see what you can access at no charge. Just go to the website Rush for Hillsdale dot com, you can sign up and take all of the online courses that are taught, same courses that are taught on campus.


Ten lectures in each series, 40 minute lectures, no test, no and no grade, but free for as many as you want to take. And the publication, whatever Hillsdale is making available, you'll find it at Rush for Hillsdale Dotcom.


There is a survey out today. Eighty six percent of people think everybody else's news sources are biased. But they believe their own news source, which means if you watch CNN, you believe them. It's one of the most when if you when you see the survey, it's really misleading because it leads you to believe that eighty six percent of the American people think all media is biased to the point that it's worthless. But that's not what it says because it says later on, if you read deep, that people trust the news source they like.


So they don't think Fox is biased. If they watch Fox, they don't think CNN is biased if they watch CNN.


Take a brief break and be right back, no open line Friday, Rush Limbaugh, great to have you with us. Back to the phones. Dennis in Joplin. Great to have you, sir. Glad you waited. Hello.


Thanks for taking my call. And the best to you, sir. Thank you very much. I appreciate that.


In regards to the game last night, Kansas City Chiefs during the national anthem and I'm happy to see but most everybody was respectful. You did have one individual, Mr. Okafor took a knee with his fist in the air during the national anthem. That's his right. I don't approve of it, but that's my belief. But that's his right to do so. Now, that being said, they played the national anthem last evening. They also played what they're describing as the black national anthem.


Now, my question would be, how crazy was it the left have went and the first to say racist to somebody if during the black national anthem, if a non African-American took a knee and held their fists in the air, sir. That's the question. Well, except it didn't happen. It did not happen. I'm saying if it did, how quick with the left have been to to to class somebody as racist or or to just the media would go nuts?


OK, so you mean if during the playing of the alleged black national anthem, if Mr. Okafor had continued attacking and raised his fist, that the media would not have excoriated him for it, the media would have applauded him for it. What do you think they would have done?


They would have applauded him for that, possibly. But I'm saying if a non African-American player would have taken a knee during that supposed black national anthem, the media would have went nuts. More than likely, yes, because that would have represented the white person still not getting it.


But even though we do not know, there was no explanation as to what Mr. Okafor was, what was he protesting? What was his demonstration? What was he using that platform for?


Oh, I don't want to sit here and speculate what Mr. Aquifer's objective was, but if it was to get on TV, it worked. Yes, sir.


But that's really all I had to comment on. And I appreciate the fact that you take my call and you're more than welcome.


I'm a great teacher. I know Joplin is big chiefs chief country out there. You know, one of the one of the Twitter memes of last night, Andy Reid, the head coach of the Chiefs, he wore a. Once that he wore a face mask and plastic mask instead of instead of a shield, no plastic shield instead of a mask, and it kept fogging up on him. You know, as he as he exhaled. The plastic shield fogged up on him and saw the joke today, was it this guy, Andy Reid is such a great coach and he was he was embarrassing everybody.


He coached his team to a win, not even being able to see the field. He was asked about it after the game. Coach Reid said, the hell with this, I'm not doing this anymore. This is a mistake. This is business that does not work. And I got to come up with a different way. Just just just wear a mask. Coach, you don't need to put on that plastic shield and so forth. But at any rate, the thing now to watch.


Is to see how many players in last night's game get infected, if any of them do. Because none of the players are wearing masks while they were playing. And as you know, there's all kinds of contact in football. There is body contact, there's verbal contact, there's saliva contact the projectiles often known as spit. There's all kinds of stuff going on down there, the potential exchange of bodily fluids.


Not, not. Well, it might have happened in a hotel room the night before, but no guests are not allowed in the hotels now.


The the travel restrictions for four traveling parties in the NFL this season are really, really strict. They're not allowed visitors. They're not allowed to leave the hotel the night before games go out and have dinner at once. They check in the hotel. They are there until they leave the next day for the game. They are not allowed contact with anybody outside the traveling party, you know. Yeah, they can do that. The teams can. Yeah, they can do that.


I'm I'm a I'm a big logistics guy. And this kind of stuff fascinates me as to how, because that's really what they the danger here is that the players. They get tested every day, that's that's the new rule in the NFL, every every player gets tested every day. That's right, yeah, you can tell a player that no guests will be permitted in his room. Yes, but you can't tell a player that he will not kneel for the national anthem.


Not snidely is goading me here. I know how this works, because when this first came up, when this whole when Kaepernick first did what he did, I had a simple question. Kaepernick is what is an employee, he's an employee at the time of the San Francisco 49ers. So. Everywhere I've worked, the boss has been able to tell me what I can and can't do based on company policy. And as you people know well, some of you may not I have been fired seven or eight times in my broadcast career, only one of those times was it for what would be called insubordination.


The other times were like the station was sold and the new owner was going to change format to Chinese opera. And since I didn't know anything about Chinese opera, we all got fired.


I got I got fired once for for using the word, therefore too many times. I got fired for Olisa, fired for playing under my thumb by the Rolling Stones, too frequently violating the programming format. But the point is. That wherever you work. However big or small a company, there's a boss and they can tell you what you can and can't do. And so when Kaepernick first took the knee, my question was, why can't the coach simply tell him to stop it?


Or why can't the owner of the team simply tell him to stop it? Why can't the general manager of the team simply tell him to stop it? And we were told that they can't. We were told the coach wouldn't dare the coach doesn't have control. These are grown men. These are grown men, the coaches and. But wait, you can you can tell a grown man that he can't have a visitor in his hotel room the night before the game.


But you can't tell the player that he can't or shouldn't kneel because your company doesn't believe in it. And that's what they tell us. So, yeah, you're right, all of these restrictions, no visitors the night before the game, no leaving the hotel the night before the game, you can't do anything that would incur or increase the risk of you contracting the virus. So once you get on the plane, they test you, you're negative, you get on the plane, everybody else, you arrive wherever you're going.


You go to the hotel and you are locked there until the team buses leave for the stadium the next day for the game. And the same thing leaving when the game is over. You are put on a bus, you're taken to the airport, you're put on the plane and you fly home. No, and the traveling parties are greatly reduced, the numbers, the you know, the NFL would stun you.


I think the average NFL traveling party is 150 to 200 people, is only fifty three players. And you throw the coaches in the video crew any number, it's a big, big bunch of people, I think traveling parties are now limited to 120 max.


I may be I may be incorrect about the number, but no, that actually is a good point. There are all kinds of things these players cannot do by virtue of club edict. But when it comes to kneeling and protesting the flag, protesting the military, apparently there is nobody at any team that can tell any player not to do it.


You know the best thing to a family reunion next best thing is a is a way of staying in touch with family members and finding ways to share the good memories. If you don't do a reunion and let's face it, a lot of people don't do reunions. A lot of families have each other. At least you got a couple people in there hugging each other. You don't do reunions, but you can still pull it off by transferring data from family members, information, pictures, videos, stuff that families have not seen in decades because the media to watch them no longer exist, like Betamax or VHS or Super eight film or what have you.


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And man, some of these old memories that you've got, you've forgotten them, that they even exist and you won't be able to remember that you'll see them again and you can't see them until they're digitized. And maybe some of you thought about doing this yourself, but you really don't have the equipment, it's really expensive to get the best equipment to copy things and maintain the original quality. For example, Legacy Box has done this now for 850000 families, and they can do it for your family as well.


It just takes a couple of weeks. You start by getting hold of legacy box and tell them that you want them to send you a legacy box, it's specially made, it's shielded so that whatever you put in, it will not be damaged. Once that arrives at your home, you will load it up with all the old media that you've got VHS or made a max cassette, Super eight film slide, slide projector pictures, whatever you've got, and send it back to them and then they start the digitization process.


It's one of the best things that you can do for your family, for yourself, a gift that will be meaningful for years to come because you haven't seen this stuff in how many decades? How many years? Legacy box dot com slash rushes the website. And that will get you 50 percent off if you use it today, that's legacy box dotcom Rush, Mocksville, New Jersey. This is it's great to have you, sir. Hello.


High rise. Thank you for all you're doing. And prayers from our family and Ukrainians for Trump. I've been escaping from Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Canada ended up in New Jersey. And it terribly disturbs me what is going on here, meaning the communist activity or efforts of taking over. And I have really worked for Bezos and Zuckerberg and Cuban and all the corporate honchos that are supporting BLM and all the riots and disturbances that are happening really through the way the communists are taking over.


First thing, they'll tax you. You can pay the taxes, they take your property, nationalize it, OK? You end up with nothing. Next thing is they start. The efforts, you know, to we've seen in Czechoslovakia would have happened.


Here's the problem. Here's what the problem is in a nutshell, communism. You know, the truth of it, you know that it brutalizes, you know that it is inhumane, you know that it is insufferable. But the people today who are being targeted in this country, it has been romanticized. Let me say what communism is to the people today who support it. It's freedom. It's equality, it's utopia. It's sameness. It's nobody's laughed at.


It's nobody's made fun of. There's no competition. Nobody loses. Nobody's ever embarrassed. Nobody is scapegoating. This is the way communism is taught, it's the way that it has been well romanticized, that's the way college students today. Have been exposed to it. Because all you need to do is look at Cuba, look at Venezuela. All you need to do is look anywhere where there has been or is socialism and communism and there is nothing to recommend it, and yet so many American college students seem.


To want it. And the reason is they're not told that Venezuela is an example of socialism or communism. They're not told that Cuba is an example or if they are, they're lied about it. They're told that the best health care system in the world is in Cuba. And as an added bonus, that it is free. But I'm telling you, Uri, communism truthfully is not taught, socialism honestly is not taught. It you may have thought that I was trying to be funny.


I'm not it literally is presented to college students as utopia, ultimate fairness. Nobody loses. Everybody has what everybody else has mean. He has the same. Nobody has any more than anybody else. Nobody has ever laughed at. That's a big one. There is no competition. There are no losers. That's another big one.


It's another lie that they used to rope young kids in, so is the nobody's ever laughed at, nobody has ever made fun of. Oh, man, that's for me, that's what I want, and that's how they get advocates and that's how they get believer's. Proving that communists do one thing consistently, and that is why.


All it is, is a gigantic lie. Well, that's it, folks, the end of yet another sterling and exciting and busy broadcast week here at the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. And we're looking forward to yet another full week next week. I will take the weekend here. We'll recoup. We will rev up.


We'll pay attention to what happens between now and Monday. Be ready to go. See you then.


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