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I've had high blood pressure, prediabetic, leaky gut, immune disorder. I'm in horrible shape. I heard there's this guy named Gary, and I heard he can do some incredible stuff. I found out about you on a Thursday. I got you on the phone on a Friday. On Monday, I was sitting in you all. I'm 66. Gaining muscle is not supposed to be happening.


I recently joined this journey with you about seven.


Months ago. The best seven months.


Welcome back to The ultimate human podcast. I'm your host, Gary Breca, human biologist, where we go down the road of everything anti-aging, longevity, bio optimization, and everything in between. Today is an extraordinarily special day for me, not only because I'm being joined by my wife on set today, but because we have a very special guest, someone I'm proud to call a friend. He is an entrepreneur, a New York Times bestselling author, an Emmy award-winning TV producer. He's got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He is a philanthropist, a comedian, a game show host, a talk show host. He runs his own radio show. He's arguably the most powerful voice in media, and he is a Christian man and an all-around just great dude. I am super happy to welcome the one and only Mr. Steve Harvey to the.


Ultimate Human Podcast. I love all that stuff you said.


I was like, the whole podcast is just the introduction.


I'm just waiting on the one and only. That's all I got. Somebody got mad at me one time. They said, man, how you got the audacity to call yourself the one and only? I said, well, you know another one? Yeah. I mean, IThat's not an arrogant statement. Everybody's one of one.


Well, you are definitely one of one. We've had an amazing journey together. I think a lot of people are familiar with your story, your struggles, and younger in life, meaning that nothing was handed to you. Your career really took off late in life in your late 30s. But I'm not sure that so many people are aware of your health journey, the amount of time, effort, energy that you put into your health and your body. I recently joined this journey with you about seven months ago, and it's been one heck of a journey.


The best seven months.


Thank you.


Because the rest of it, man, it was tough because I think maybe on my radio show I might have said it to some people, but I had a lot of problems I discovered last November, December. I was out of the country, and I just wasn't feeling myself, man. I told my wife, and we went to a doctor in a hospital and saw a doctor in a hospital at Cleveland. There's a Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi.


I did not.


Know that. I went over there because I grew up used to work across the street from Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland. So I felt comfortable. It's top notch facility over there. I went to the hospital and I found out a series of things that I had that was wrong and I didn't know, man. I wasn't sleeping well at night. I had severe sleep apnea. I did the overnight test at the hospital. I spent the night in the hospital, took the sleep apnea test, found out I scored a 29, which is extremely high, severe sleep apnea. I ended up discovering I had high blood pressure. I was prediabetic. I had leaky gut. I had Sjorgensen or something like that, immune disorder. I didn't know what that was. And I had something else. I had... That's a lot.


Well, that was a lot. That was almost as much as your.


Podcast introduction. I was really sitting there, man, I was feeling as bad as I've ever felt. I work a lot, so I'm like a machine. I know how to just do my work. But on my lunch break, I had to lay down. As soon as work is over, I was done. I was exhausted the whole day. I was taking five-hour energy shots. I was doing two of them a day. Oh, that's terrible. Just to try to get myself through it. And nothing was working until seven months ago.


What were their solutions for you? If you don't mind me asking.


You don't have to get all the details. Well, like most people, they do what they do. So, sadly, not too many people focus on the cure. It's more about treatment than anything. Bandaid approach. They gave me some high blood medication. They gave me a CPAC machine. I started sleeping on a CPAC machine. I hated it. It was just horrible.


I never liked it. Strapped to your face. The one that seals around.


Your nose. Come on, man, you got to turn around. I tried all kinds just to win your nostril. Then the kind that just went your face, they end up with the mask on. I tried everything, man. I was sleeping on CPAC machine. I was taking high blood pressure medication. I had been trying to fix this leaky gut for quite some time and thought I was doing it because I had been taking some supplements for a couple of years. That was it, but it was just medication. My vitamin D was low. I couldn't seem to get it up. My red blood count was low. I couldn't raise the red blood in my body. I was just a walking mess, man, and I couldn't lose weight. I was trying everything, man. I was watching the calorie count. I got a shelf, I got a trainer, I got an infrared sauna. I got everything I could think of, man, to try to make it work. And nothing. I mean, man, nothing was working, man.


Yeah, I actually remember the phone call from you March of this year. I forget exactly how you came to us, but I remember the phone call because I got off the phone call and I was talking to Saysh. I said, Man, this guy is on a mission. I can tell that he's committed and he's had it. Because we talked, you said, Listen, man, I'll fly anywhere in the country that you are. And you want me to come to Miami, I'll be there in.


48 hours. I'll tell you, I found out about you on a Thursday. I got you on the phone on a Friday. On Monday I was sitting in your office.


That's right. And how did you find out about us?


Actually, a young lady that works with my wife as a personal trainer from Australia, she's very astute. She's always on YouTube. She's the most medical person I've ever met. And so she's like a sponge for information. I was sitting in the kitchen one day talking to her, and she said, Mr. Harvey, you just look like you're over it. And I said, I am. She said, You look so dejected. I said, Look, I'm doing the workouts. I'm eating the food. I'm counting calories. I'm doing all this here. I ain't losing nothing, man. I'm not losing anything. And it's frustrating. She said, I've been online. This guy named Gary, Gary Bracken, is wonderful.


Is that your Australian accent? It sound like.


It's England. You sound like it's England, but that's all I know how to do. That was a good job. And she said, I've left him an email, but I left another guy that bought this company called 10X Grant Cardone. And I said, Grant Cardone? What do you mean you left him an email? I'm waiting for him to return to call? I said, Well, I know Grant. I've done this 10X conference. And so I picked up the phone. I called Grant. He picked the phone and said, Hey, Steve, what's going on? I said, Man, listen, here's the deal. I'm in horrible shape. I heard there's this guy that you've worked with named Gary, and I heard he can do some incredible stuff. This young lady showed me a video. I look, man, I'll go do all of this. He said, Man, this is great. You're going to love it. I'll tell you what to do. He said, Wait a minute. Let me put you in contact with him. And then that's how I reached out to That's right.


Yeah, I remember he put us both on the phone. You were down there 48 hours later, and we started this journey. And a lot of people that are listening have probably walked in those very same shoes. They've reached that point of frustration where they're doing the diet, they're doing the exercising. They just don't feel right. They're on medication. I looked back, I was telling you at lunch today, I looked back at where we started in March and where we are today. And it is astounding to me the different human being that is showing up today versus what showed up in my unit in March. It is just-.


But not just physical appearance. Yeah, everybody.


Sees what's going on in the outside. You look great. You're thinner. I know that your- Your stylist is not happy with us because you've taken in all your suits.


Oh, no, he's very happy.


I was going to say that's.




Security. He thinks the skinnier you are, the better your life will be.


He's having fun.


Yeah, he's a supermodel. He's got a whole other... I'm sitting over here going, partner?


You're getting some glares off camera right now.


Oh, this dude right here. But that's his world. He likes fashion. So he's excited, but he's mad at me because I don't want to get the suits taken in as tight as he wants. Right. That's the battle.


They like that European look, that snug look. But you got.


To show it off too. But when you have that American gut for a while, you don't really focus on wearing really tight clothes unless they just look tight. That's what was happening.


I was telling you earlier that the leading risk factor for cardiovascular disease is something called metabolic syndrome. We know the cardiovascular disease is a leading killer in the world. When you have metabolic syndrome, it's when you have any two of the five things that you just mentioned, and that's high triglycerides, high blood fat, elevated insulin, your hyperinsulinemic, elevated blood sugar, abdominal obesity, and high blood pressure, and also the low, healthy cholesterol, HDL cholesterol. And when I looked back at the labs in March, you had five of five of those things.


I had all of them.


All of them.


I was in trouble, man.


Yeah, you were.


And today, last month, you had none. You had zero. You were.


0 for 5.


I don't know if you remember this, but that day I told you, please take a before picture because you're going to have an after photo.


You told me. I got them.


You got them? We're not going to.


Roll that up.


That might be one of the best.


Before ever. I might roll this off on the B-roll of the podcast here.


I just think that was just six months. I mean, we're.


Only in month seven. When you've tried everything, and I'm a disciplined person, if I make up my mind to do something, I can get it done.


I have.


Noticed that. Absolutely. If I tell you I'm going to do it- You were committed. -you pretty much know. You told me, you said, Hey, man, give me 70 days. Just give me 70 days. Look, man, come on, 70? Okay, cool. To fix the rest of my life? I got 70 days. Look, I lost weight before doing COVID. I went on this special program, lose 21 pounds in 21 days. And I did it. I actually lost 25 pounds in 21 days. I followed it to the T. You intermittent fast. You stop eating at eight, you eat again at twelve. They send your food in the bag to your house. It was during COVID, so I couldn't go anywhere. Tv was shut off. So I wait... I was sitting on this bag, and at 12:00 I could eat, but I could only eat 1,000 calories a day.




Yourself. And you weigh yourself everyday sage. I was sitting on that stage, getting on that scale, everyday weighing myself, and boom, the weight was dropping off. But when I stepped on my in-body machine, which tells you how much body fat you have, water, muscle tone, tissue, you all lost this weight, man. And on the 21st day, I couldn't wait to get off this program, but I had lost this weight. But I had lost so much muscle tone. I was under 100 pounds of muscle. A third of the weight that I had lost was my muscle. And muscle is your currency as.


You get older.


Your metabolic currency. And so I did it. So when you said, give me 70 days, when people hear that, Hey, man, just do this for 21 days. Give up sugar. You can. You can. And you put me on a paleo diet, but you reduced all these sub. I was taking 32 pills a day. But here's where it started. I had already already done a gene test. I just had never done anything with it.


Yeah, you were not supplementing for deficiency.


You said I need a gene test, but I didn't know it. But in my medical records, I had it. Then you did my blood work all this on that Monday-Thursday. Right. You said, Thursday, I will have everything you need.




Everybody, you did not lie.


What's astounding is we went in that period of time from the body fat percentage in the 30s to now.




18.6. 18.6..






Awesome. What?


How much muscle did you lose, Steve?


Zero. How much did.


You gain, Steve? Gain 1.2 pounds of muscle. Yeah, this.


Is amazing, because most of the time, a third of that weight loss is lean muscle mass.


We don't lose any.


Lean muscle mass.


I'm 66. Gaining muscle is not supposed to be happening. It's not easy. But you took my gene work and you looked at my genes and you were telling me stuff about me that I don't know how you knew because I didn't give you medical reports. You just took blood work and looked at the genes. And you said, This is what's wrong. This is what's wrong. This is what you have. This is what you have. I don't know what, whoa. You started supplementing, what do you call a gene deficiency?


Yeah, for deficiency. Just the raw materials. Most people are supplementing just for the sake of supplementing. But we started supplementing for specific deficiency in your body. It was almost every other week I was talking to you and you were like, Man, I am sleeping so much better. I got so much more energy at the office. I'm not dragging ass during the day. I dropped the five-hour energy.


You took me.


Off of that.


Oh, because those are terrible for you. Per your genes, you can't have the main ingredient, which is called cyanocobalamin, which is a cyanide-based B12. And that was messing you up more than you realized.


Oh, man. I'm taking two a date because I'm on family feud. I'm on radio. I got a judge show. I'm just trying to stay functional because I got to be sharp. And it gave me that joke.


But then it would make.


You crash. But man, I was hurting.


I remember I said, I know the only thing getting you through the day is your own stubborn willpower.


Because I'm just a... Look, I've got a lot of dogs in me now. That I do have. There is a dog that resides in me, and I use him all the time. But what you did was you educated me on myself and my body because I didn't know. The main thing you taught me that I really learned was you said there is no one fix for everybody. That is true. You take this pill that will cure your this, this, this, and this. No, man, everybody. You could take this type of vitamin D and it'll do you nothing. I've been taking vitamin D pills, and my vitamin D was like a what? A 19?


Yeah, a 19. It was half the lowest end of the range.


What's it now?


69. I looked at 96.


Thank you, Amelia.


That's why we have her. We got.


People off camera. I didn't even know she.


Was in here. I didn't see her behind the.


Couch there either. 69, 96.


Triglycerides were elevated. They're normal now. Insulin was in the prediabetic range. Insulin resistance, they call that, that's normal now. Your three-month average of your blood sugar was prediabetic. It's in the low end of normal now. Your healthy cholesterol is elevated. Your lethal cholesterol is down. The blood pressure last time we took it had normalized. Clearly, the abdominal obesity is going away. You went from five of five to zero of five. I think the message for people listening to this podcast is given your schedule and your lifestyle and your travel and the amount of demands that you have, you had to, number one, make the time, number two, make the commitment to it. And what I want people to know is how hard was it, and now how likely are you to go back?


Well, here's the deal. You talk about my commitment, but the two most important things you have, everybody has, the two most important things is your health and your time.


If you.


Out of either one of those, you're in a world of trouble. That's true. You're out of time, you're gone. You're out of health. Even if you're here, you're sick. What is this? So you got to prioritize, right? And look, it requires a discipline. Look, you're not going to change without discipline. You can't be successful without discipline. Most successful people understand that. But most people who go to school and graduate from high school, you have to be disciplined to get a degree. You have to be disciplined to get up and go to the post office every day. You got to be disciplined to get up and carry mail every day. You got to be disciplined to be a United Auto Worker all day. These are disciplined people. I was all in that. I worked in the automobile industry. You have to be disciplined to wake up and take care of your family. So we all have it in us. It's just the commitment that you want to make, but it's an important commitment. Come on, man. You got to do something to fix yourself. Because if I had five of those markers, and I knew none of this before, if I had five of those markers, two, you're in trouble.


You're at risk. I had all five of them. I'm pretty much just getting ready to just check it in. And that goes against everything I want because I want to live a long time. Hell, I just got this money. I'm trying to-.


You got.




Ways to say it, too. Yeah, I got to start thinking.


Of some stuff. Exactly. What are some things that, on this health journey, what are some things in your life that the health journey has enabled you to do? What is this journey been like impacting your career, your family, your relationships?


First of all, my energy is completely different. Totally turned around. My sleep has completely turned. I've never been a big sleeper. I just don't believe in it. But I've never been a big sleeper. But I had sleep apnea, which helped me not be a big sleeper because I was waking up, not breathing two, three times a night. My wife would go, Sometimes, Steve, when you're snowing, you stop snowing and you just cut off.




Gasping. It's scary. And then you wake up and you go...


And now she's not sleeping because she's worrying about you.


Yeah, because she's watching me. So because of this, I no longer sleep. I'm off CPAC. I don't sleep with that. I no longer take high blood medication. I'm rested. I'm sharper. My mental focus has come back. Just look, man, to be able to walk around... I still dress like a fat boy because I've trained myself over the years to blouse my shirt a certain way, you know what I mean? I still know all the tricks. My style is always good. Mr. Hur, you don't have to do that anymore. Exactly. Put on your shirt and tuck it in. I wouldn't tuck my shirt in because I don't want it protruding. It's just created a freedom for me and a level of... That's the vain part of it. But the feeling that I have on the inside is what... I'm going to tell you the biggest thing, and I know this would throw a lot of.


People off. Hey, guys. I think the most important website you may ever go to is theultimatehuman. Com. That's theultimatehuman. Com, because on this website, we can directly interact with one another. You can give me suggestions for podcast guests and topics that you'd like to see me cover. You can ask me any question that you'd like. More importantly, you can sign up for my entirely free newsletter. It comes out every single week. I write this so I can get the information to the masses on how to live a healthier, happier, longer, chemical-free life. You can also sign up for a pre-order of my book. And if you'd like to take the genetic test that I talk about all the time, it's available there too. And lastly, you can even see all of the products that I use in my daily life for a chemical-free, healthy living style. A lot of people ask me, What do you use in your daily life, Gary? What do you brush your teeth with and clean your countertops with? Well, it's all there if you'd like to see it. And you can, again, ask me any question that you'd like and get.


My free newsletter.


Theultimatehuman. Com, I promise you that information will help change the trajectory of.




Life. And now back to The ultimate human podcast.


Because when you talk about sugar, sugar is really a killer. That processed.


Sugar- The root of all evil.


-is horrible out here, man. And it's got a lot of people sicker than they have to be. I can truly say after 70 days of this program, I had cured something that I didn't think I would ever be able to shake. And that was my love of sweets. I mean, look, man, I was a sweet boy. I was a junkie. Pie, cake.


Ice cream. What would you go to?






Ice cream? Oh, boy. I still love it.


But I found- You need to think about it every meal.


Man, I got to have it. Dessert, cake, pie, peach, cobla. Peach, cobblas. It's amazing. But I found out some things about my body when you gave me that gene test. With the diet you put me on, I don't even call it a diet because I could eat any meat I wanted to. Beef, fish, chicken, turkey.


Contrary to popular belief, your blood labs improved eating meat, fish, chicken. Now you eat clean meat.


Only eat clean meat. Yeah, it's got to be clean. If it's not grass-fed, if it's not from an Amish farm or if it's not from these farms in Georgia where they have grass-fed, and I bomb right there. The chef goes there and gets there. I eat all organic vegetables. Amazing. Itry to only eat single-ingredient food. Fish has one ingredient in it. Fish. Fish. I really.


Don't need to do much more than that.


That is true.


I read the back of those-.


The back of those-.


-put some lemon.


On it, you're good to go. -impossible burgers sometimes like 31.


Different ingredients. And so once I did that and I gave my body a chance to be able to process the stuff because when you put stuff in your body that it can't process, what does it do with it? Well, it stores it because it can't process it. You all taught me a whole different way. So I went on pretty much paleo. Now I gave up dairy because I had this leaky gut. And when you got leaky gut, you can't have dairy. So I got off dairy. You took me off beans and wheat. I couldn't have any flour, stuff like that. I couldn't have anything that was fortified or enriched.


Wow, come on now.


I'm so proud.


Of you. Let me tell you something.




So good.


You can bring a little tear to my eye.


Listen, man, these are words that sound delicious. Yeah. Fortified. You go, wow. That's true. And rich. And rich. Yeah. I want to be rich. Yeah. I want to be rich. And you go, it's enriched. It's fortified.


That's what.


They do. This is dope, man. Yeah, it is dope.


It's good marketing.


It's good advertising. And it's perfectly wrong for you. And once I learned that my body cannot produce, what is it? Folic acid? Folic acid. My body cannot produce that.


I mean, it.




Process it.


Now, why am I putting it in here? And if you flip that label over and it says, folic acid, you need to put that thing down. This is the magic. See, the single ingredient food really helped me because I can't read that good. No way. So if you turn the label over and you can't pronounce the word, you probably don't need to eat it.


Yeah, that is so true.


Because if you can't say fish, you probably don't need to eat none.


No damn. Your health journey began before we met, and you're a co-founder of a product I'm a huge fan of called Elevate You. Talk to me a little bit about the inspiration behind that product and what your mission is with that product, because I know that put a lot of effort.


Into that. Hey, man, I did. Because the one thing I knew that greens were good for you. I knew that. Now, I'm not a vegan by any stretch of the imagination. I tried that once. That was like an experiment out of hell. I just struggle with being a vegan. This is not Slamming vegan because more power to you, but that just ain't me. I just kept trying to figure out what God had gave me these tea for if I'm just any mashed these vegetables up in the top of my mouth. So I just knew I had to have greens. But I was taking greens, but just some days I just couldn't gag it down. I was just trying. But I don't know. Listen to me, man. I know kale is good for you.




Want it every day. But you ever tried to just eat a kale salad? It's tough. I mean, man, you really got to... You probably almost got to get on all fours to do it. Like you got to be a god. You got to be a guard. You got to be an animal. You can kill. I knew it was good for you. I was juicing it, right? I was buying bunches of it. I'm making kale, spinach, broccoli, celery. I knew because it could get down to the cellular level and help you out. But I said, man, can anybody make this thing taste good? I just happened to throw that out one day on the radio. I got a call from somebody that works for me named Kris Stale. She introduced me to the scientist named John Lyons from Harvard. And I sat down with him and he said, Tell me what you're trying to do. I said, Hey, man, I want something that's good, good for you. Has to have all the right stuff in it. But I want it to taste good. But I want it to have all the essential greens in it that you take.


And he said, All right, let's taste. So it took about a year and a half. He sent me some stuff to taste. I was going, Listen to me. I know you're a scientist, but I told you this got to taste good.




Is this? This doesn't taste good. This is real close to guerilla urine. Right. This right here.


I imagine this is how guerilla urine would taste.


I've never.


Actually had that.


I haven't.


Had none either, but I would imagine that's what it's been tasting. So he laughed a little bit, and we kept trying. They finally came up with it. And we came out with this Vitality Daily Greens that you take on a daily basis. And it just started going like gangbangers. And a lot of people started taking it. It increases your digestion, makes it better, increases your metabolism. It helps get rid of brain fog. It's just a really good product, man. I started taking it, man, I started feeling better, but I needed some more. Because you can feel better, but you can feel good without losing weight. And it wasn't a cure for high blood pressure. It wasn't a cure for sleep apnea, but I just started feeling better. And so then we just developed the product. We got it out on elevateyou. Com. It started doing gang-bangers. Then Walmart came along said, hey, we've heard about this. Let's put it in stores. We went online and in stores, and then we created some special stick packs for Walmart, and it.


Took off. And so how long has this been in? Because this is only 2022 that.


You launched, right? No, it came out 2023.




2023. Oh, wow. It came out this year.


Fantastic. So the idea was incepted in 2022, but you hit the shelves this year.


It's selling that well in Walmart on Walmart.


Com. And it makes sense because I think people are... Not everybody can afford these types of foods and doing a daily juice of spinach and kale and all broccoli and everything. And people don't really have the time for it, or they get into it for a little while and then it just fades away.


That's with the crazy part, because if you want to really blend the juices, you got to get a juicer and everything. It does take a certain amount of time, so I simplified it and deal with.


The stick packs. And it gets expensive, too, so to be able to just compact it and take it to go. Yeah.


So now that you're on this health journey, talk about your morning routine. What does an average day for Steve Harvey look like?


You want what I do? This is a big one.


The last time you actually shared some of this with me, it took me to my knees.


Now, this is- What are you talking about? When I met Jerry and Sage, they introduced me to the 10X Health Protocol. And that right there has been the game-changer for me. So here's my routine in the morning. Let me walk you through it. First thing, I wake up and I take my amino drink that helps me when I work out to burn the fat instead of my muscle. So I keep my muscle. I drink my amino drink. Then I take my three supplement pills first thing in the morning, a peptide and a couple of pills. I take three pills in the morning with my water, and I take my under-tongue little pill that I take in the morning that dissolves under your tongue. That's the first thing. Then we go- Oh, yeah, here it comes. -to a wonderful, beautiful dog place. I go downstairs-.


Dark, dark place.


-and I cold plunge. I've been on this program now total 200 days. Today was my... Amelia, today was number 160. 100.


You've only missed ten days.


One-hundred-and-ninety. I missed, I didn't tell her a couple of times. We don't have to tell her. I think my number is really like 180.


That's not bad.


181.75 because I've traveled, missed some travel days, got to a hotel, didn't get it set up in time, lost a part or something like that. But here's the deal. I wake up in the morning, I have a permanent cold plunge pool in my house. I go downstairs. The science is the water has to be minimum 58 degrees. And then you can go as low as 50. There is no science that says you need to do it any colder. People do it for ego. You can do it, but there's just no science that says it works better. Your protocol says to get in this water minimum three minutes, maximum six. I am here to tell you if you get in the water, first thing in the morning at 50 degrees, it is more than a notion. Just say, no, look, man, you ain't just... I'm telling.


You- I remember when you called me, you said, I walked up to it nine times today. Nine times.


I called Gary. I said, Gary, I can't climb in this thing, man. You did. Because the hardest time to get in is the second time. Because you know what's fitting to happen. Because you know what's happening. The first time I got in, it was just like diving into a pool of death. The second time, why would I knowingly kill myself? And so it's a challenge to get in that water, man. Mind over matter. I don't want to make people think, Oh, you just go down there and get in so wonderfully refreshing. No.


It sucks every time.


And after almost 180 of these, I'm telling you the part I have not mastered. And I even talked to you about this today. And how many have you done?


Probably thousands. Yeah, thousands probably.


He's super recommended.


I'm like 180, right? Yeah. Imagine.


This, man. By the way, it never gets easier.


No, bro. It doesn't.


I've asked you- It sucks every time. Why?


Because putting my feet in it don't bother me. It's luring your groin? You can call it. Let's just call it the groin. It's luring your lower extremities, and they hit that water. They're not happy. And oh, my goodness.




Boys are not happy. Not happy. And they run too warm. So you're sitting there and everything, and you hyperventilate and all the way up to here. Then you get your shoulders in it and you sit there from 3-6 minutes. I keep my underwear on when I do it because I cannot deal with looking down there.


And not seeing anything?


After. And I have a vagina. That's not just uncomfortable. I'm not.


Yeah, they have definitely run two- Oh, give me.


I love.




Pastures. I have a special love for that. But I don't want warm myself. Buddy, I mean, but I got to tell you, man, that cold plunge has been a game-changer for me. It is. And I have a discipline about it now where I have to get it done. But it's more than a notion, man. It's not easy to do. I'm not going to tell people that. People say, do you recommend it? No, I don't, because I don't think the average person is going to do it. Because you tell people that I don't like cold water. Okay, who does? And you taught me something. This is why.


Aging is the aggressive pursuit of comfort. You know, most people would pursue comfort much more aggressively than they pursue.


Okay, what did you tell me? The water temperature at your house can get as cold as what?


Probably in the '60s.


In the '60s. Are you talking about in Colorado?


No, not...


You're all in Miami.


Oh, in Miami.


70s? 70s. Your water. So when you take a cold shower, cut on all cold water, that water is about 70 degrees. That's not what we're talking about here. I cut this puppy down at least to 58 to 50. That's a 20 degree temperature change. That's a huge jump. And most people say they don't like it. But when you do it, your favorite phrase is it becomes your drug of choice. Yes, I totally know. That's your favorite phrase. Yes. I'll give you an example. The other day I didn't get in it in the morning. I did my radio show. I came back home and I was telling Amelia, I said, Man, I'm just lethargic today. I don't feel like doing nothing. And I went in it and I started lifting weights in my gym, trying to give myself a little energy, and I got a workout in. Then I said, you know what? I looked over to the cold plunge, and I got on in it. I went and I got in it, and I suffered getting in. Once I got out, man, it brightened my whole day.


This is what I try to tell people. Look, if you don't have the money to spend on a cold plunge, start by all means with cold showers, because one of the things that people are going to pick apart on this podcast is they're going to say, I don't have the money to do what Steve did. And you do because you're taking a shower every day and you have some other equipment. And every time we talk about a piece of equipment, I try to tell people ways that they can get similar or nearly the same advantage for free, exposing their skin to sunlight, learning how to do breath work, taking a cold shower versus getting in a cold plunge. And then when the time affords itself and you can buy a piece of equipment like that, then by all means, get one.


But hey, man, look, I got buddies that do this right here. They run a bathtub full of cold water, and every night on the way from work, they grab a bag or two of ice.


That's all you need.


And they drop it in there. They switch it around until it melts. And they got a temperature gun that you can get at Home Depot or Lowe's, and you aim it at the water. And if you want a little bit colder, just drop a little bit more ice in there and switch around. When they get that water down to 56, they jump in. Okay, well, who wants to go get two bags of ice every day? Okay, well, who wants to live longer? It's a real simple choice, man.


That's how we started. He was driving me crazy, actually. He kept coming in with the bags of ice. Then he realized, maybe if I bought it, would you bought an.


Ice machine. I put an ice.


Machine in our house. Like a commercial-sized ice machine in the house. I bought you.


A barbed.


Ice machine. So then he'd just scoop it out of there. And then that's when the research started for the.


Ice plunge. I got a buddy that he took an old deep freezer.


I've seen that too. People at Costco. I'm always worried that I'm going to get electrocuted. I guess you could unplug right before you get in there. But yeah, I think you can get those things for like 4 or 500 bucks, right?


Yeah. He don't have a plug on it. I didn't tell you how he got this. He just used it deep freezing. He picked it up on somebody's corner, and he fills it with cold water. But the insulation keeps it cold. You can drop the.


Top and keep it cold.


And that's what it does. So here's my routine. I get up every morning. I cold plunge. I start the cold plunge. Every morning I cold plunge. It takes six minutes because I do the full six. It has been a great benefit to me because like you taught me, nothing burns calories like cold water subversion. So true. And so I get through with that. And then I do my oxygen bag. The 10X oxygen bag is about eight feet tall. I put my mask on, I get on my bike on my treadmill, and it takes me about 15 minutes of breathing 95 % oxygen. Percentand oxygen. I finish that, and then I go lay in the light bed to light bed therapy. Now, like you say, if you don't have the money for that, there are alternative. There are light panels you can buy that are way less expensive. You can do that.


You can go out in the morning and expose your skin to first light, the first 45 minutes of the.


Day- On the ground.


-costs you zero. On the ground.


It costs you nothing. So there's ways to do it, right? But for me, because I've been very fortunate, I'm able to buy these things because I don't have the time to do a lot of stuff. So once I do that, finish the light bed, then I go to work. I go to do radio, and then I go to the set to do family few, to judge show, whatever. I have a PMF mat that I sleep on that you ordered for me. I sleep on that 30 minutes at night, 30 minutes when I wake up. You don't even know it. You don't feel a thing. You just hit the button and go to bed. I set my alarm clock while I wake up and have my morning meditation. I hit the button, I lay there and meditate. I get up. That's my day.


That's the routine. Now, I have to give your wife some credit because when we first met you, you had something that she.


Had the light bed. She had the lightbed. -had the.


Lightbed already. For the last two years. Our version of the light bed, and you didn't want to get in it.


Because you didn't understand the benefits of it.


He didn't understand the benefits.


Of it. Why I'm getting in here?




What does it do? It's just light.




But I love that she tried at least to get you on board.


For it. She was way ahead. My girl really knows that, and she bought this stuff. She had a couple of them. She had an oxygen bag, too, but it was an outdated version. We lost.


Parts to it. I was actually surprised. Marjorie was pretty far down the road in terms of her understanding of biohacking and bio optimization. When I was talking about labs, she was right there with me the whole time. She had a red light therapy bed. She had the oxygen, the multistep oxygen bag.


They had a sauna bed, too.


Am I wrong on that one? They had a sauna bed in there, too. They had a sauna.


But I love that she was so excited when we first met, and she knew all of these things already, and it was great. She got to nerd out.


With Gary. Because I validated everything she had been telling me. Yes, exactly. Because I wouldn't even get in the light bed. What is that? For old people? She said, Steve, you're 66.


Hey, guys, if you've been watching the ultimate human podcast for any length of time, you know that one thing I do not do is push products. I do not just let any advertiser into this space because I believe that the products that appear on the ultimate human podcast should be things that I use every day in my life to improve my own physiology. One of them is something called the Echo Go Plus. The Echo Go Plus is a hydrogen water generator that you can take on the go. You essentially take the top off of this bottle, you pour bottled water in this, and repeatedly it will make high part per million hydrogen water. You press this little button, you'll see these bubbles going up in the water. That's hydrogen being created in the water. There are all kinds of peer reviewed, published clinical studies on the benefits of hydrogen water, including reduced inflammation, ablation, better absorption of your supplements, better absorption of your foods, better balance of the stomach acid, and it feeds an entire class of bacteria in your gut. Hydrogen water, in my opinion, is the most beneficial water that you can drink, and now you can take it wherever you go.


You can go to echo. E-c-h-o-h-2-o. Com. That's echo. E-c-h-o-h-2-o. Com. Enter the code ULTIMAT 10 for a discount. Echo. H2o. Enter the code, ultimate 10 for a discount. Echo. H-2-o. Enter the code, ultimate 10 for a discount. And now back to the ultimate human podcast.


Now, you're on this health journey. Things have massively changed for you. You have your core businesses, and you have your labors of love. I know one of your labors of love is your ranch. I know that you've been able to combine your ranch with your philanthropic work, the Marjorie and Steve Harvey Foundation. Tell me a little bit about the foundation and what the mission is and the direction that.


That's going. The foundation, the Steven Margerie Harvey Foundation is about the uplift and edification of young people. We deal with young people from the ages of 13 to 18. Her Girls Program is quite different. It's open to all. It's open to anybody. It doesn't matter about your financial background, it doesn't matter where you're from, doesn't matter about you. If you have a single-parent home or married couples, she just brings girls together. Her philosophy is, if I take a young lady who's underprivileged and put her around a lady that's privileged, I'm going to get me two things accomplished here. I'm going to let this young lady see that there is a better life, and then I'm going to let this privileged person see you don't understand how well you have it.






That. I love.


That, too. Maybe you should learn how to reach back and drag somebody to where you are.


Instead of pushing these people apart, maybe bring them together. I think her country could use so much more of that.


I love that concept. That is her philosophy. My philosophy with the boys are a little bit different. When I buried my father when I was 43, man, when I was leaving his funeral, while actually at the funeral, and I was sitting there looking at my favorite person up there in that casket.


I said, Man, what in the world would I have done without this dude right here? It's no way I would be who I turned out to be without this dude. When I got on the plane and left his funeral, I kept thinking about that. I said, Man, what do little boys do that ain't got no daddy? That's got to be rough. So these single mothers out here that's got these boys and they're trying to turn them into men, how they're accomplishing this? Because I know how daunting of a task that was. So after that, I said, know what? I had a ranch in Dallas. I said, man, I'm going to start bringing boys out there from single-parent homes, headed up by women from 13 to 18 from underprivileged backgrounds, and I'm going to help shape them. I love that. That's how it started. I love them. Yeah. And that's how the whole thing is done.


So you bring.


Them to the ranch? I fly me and drive them in, bus or me and whatever I got to do. I don't only bring them, I bring a guardian with them. Oh, really? They have to have a guardian. A mother, a grandmother, aunt, somebody. Because I have programming for the parent, just like I have programming from the boys.


And this takes place on the ranch?


Everything takes place on the ranch. I got a new ranch outside of Atlanta here down in Barnesville, Georgia. I actually bought the Chick-fil-Ae Ranch. Chick-fil-ae had this ranch called the Rock Ranch. I actually purchased that from them. It was amazing how God really works. My momma used to always say, When you ask God for something, remember, God gives you exceedingly and over all you think or ask. She said, That's an important scripture, Steve. I was asking God for a ranch close here to Atlanta so I could drive within an hour, hour and a half, and I wanted 300 acres because I had 100 something before. I said, I want 300 acres, man, that's huge, and I get it. Right. God got his hands on it and he said, Okay, I'm going to get you a ranch. That's an hour, 15 from your house, and I'm going to give you 1,600 acres. That's incredible. That's what we ended up getting. We took the ranch, and I sold it to my foundation. I leased it to my foundation for one dollar. Awesome. Because my foundation couldn't afford something like this. If I had spent that money on that ranch, people would have been, I donated $30.


I ain't donating for you to buy no farm. Exactly. Marjorie and I bought it ourselves.




And then we donated or give it to our foundation for a dollar. Right now, the goal is to build it out with dormitories, a Stem center, a theater, fishing lodge, a gymnasium. And we want to sleep 300 boys or girls.




At a time. All at one time. But right now, what we have to do is, because I can't afford to do all of that right now, is we put up huge tents. We have a huge tent that sleeps 200.




And then we bring in some other... We bring in those VIP toilets and we bring in those VIP showers. Or you can go in the bathroom and close the door and use the bathroom and have wash facilities, and then you can go take a real shower. It's not like porta-potty's or nothing like that out on the construction site. You actually flush, have running water, all like that. We set them up and we keep them down there for the week. We feed them, we close them, we house them, and we teach them, and we train them. You give us your boy for a week and we'llturn, we'll give you back a much better young person. Really? I love that. And it works, man. It works.


What's the application process like? Do you.


Have a team? It goes through the foundation website, stevenmarjorieharvey. Org, and you just apply. Everybody knows on the radio show I say we're now taking applications for it. And what happens is we get thousands. How about that? We get thousands of requests, but we only got room for 200 right now. 200, 300 right now. But when I get these dormitories and facilities built. Right now, I'm looking for a builder who can come in and maybe do some prefabricated houses for me. Or I was waiting on the United States Army who promised me to help me. If they could let me have some of those refurbished houses that they have on base for boot camp, I could put it up. But building brick and mortar right now is a little bit expensive for us, and we're having a tough time putting that together. But we're going to get it done.


I love that. And these are weeklong programs at a time. And it doesn't cost the family anything?


No, they don't have to fly. They don't have to pay for food. They don't pay for clothes. I clothe them, I feed them, everything for the week. And once I get this place built, I'll be able to do more than one week a year. Wow. All those remote camps that I do right now, I'll be able to bring them in because I have the housing already taken.


Care of. So if somebody wanted to make a donation or participate in the ranch, how would they do that?


Is there a website? Stevenmarjarvyfoundation.






A million.


Yeah, try both of them..


Org. Stevenmarjoryharveyfoundation. Org.


There you go. Somebody out there.


Going to help us. Somebody will.


I think the most important thing, man, is I need somebody who has an honest way that we could put up some affordable housing to house these kids. If not, I got to keep pitching this tent. But it's hard, man.


We were on our way up here to do podcast with you, and we were talking about some fun things that we thought we'd like to do on the podcast. Since you've been the host of Family Feud for so long, we thought we'd actually turn you into a contestant.


Oh, God.


On the family food.


Can I tell you something?




I'm a great host.


You're not good at the answers?


I'm not really a good Family Food player. The thing with me is, I don't know what the answers are going to be. I wait on you to say something that I know ain't up there.


That's what.


They pay me for. That's what.


You all got. We think, Mike, if you get three out of five a good cheat day, a nice cigar. I want you to envision what you would be munching on.


Pizza. Pizza. I'm telling you right now.


He haven't had that in seven months, I know that. Gordon, get ready, baby.


Gordon, get ready. I'm finna nail this three out of five.


A little keto crust, paleo crust.


I don't want no paleo crust.


No, you want the real thing. The first one I know you're going to get because we've already talked about it.


We'll start with the E-spoi. Easy, guys.


Okay. Name something you never get used to in your protocol. That's an easy one.


Oh, the cold.


Plunge pool.


That's a survey.


There's nothing you can do, folks. I recommend doing it, but prepare yourself.


Yes, because you never get.


Used to it. Hey, man, Steven A. Smith, he called me after he did the first one. I know. He told me what you said. He said it was a near-death experience.


The same thing. He talks, he's like, Gary, you have no idea how much I hate the cold. I am not getting in that thing. I was like, You can do it. I remember he called you and you were like, Turn that temperature down and get all the way into.


Your shoulders. Man, I got it like 70. No, no, no. It don't work until you get to 58. No, I'm going to try the 60. Waste your time, man. We're frat brothers, so I get on it. Come on, man. What's up? Yeah. You're fixing to do this here?


He called me back. He said, Steve, you gave me a tongue-lashing, and so I'm going to do it. A lot.


Of competition between.


Every morning. He's circled for six minutes, too, now.


Oh, yeah. Then he said, Yeah, I'm going to try to do three. Hey, man, six. What are you talking.


Don't wimp out.


That's what you call a good friend right there. Exactly. That's what you call a good friend. That's funny. All right, we got a second question prepared here.


Next question. What is the ingredient in American bread and pasta that you should avoid?


It is called F-O-L-I-C. You cannot eat that baby. Folic acid. F-o-l-i-c. You cannot eat it. Can't get it. Pizza, here I come. Two for five. I need three out of five. I'm going to nail it all and get some ice cream, too.


Two for five.


All right, don't push it.


Now we're going to take a wild left turn. We're going to take a wild left turn here.




We're going to bring you out to the ranch. Okay. To the lake. Okay. What is the best lure to catch a bass on?


A bass? Yes. A best lure?


What is the best lure? Lure.


It depends on water temperature. It depends on the color. It depends on the current. It depends on where you're at, depends on the depth of the water. But plastic soft lures are the absolute best. You can't miss with a worm. A plastic worm is it.


First answer. Plastic worm. I can't miss it.


Come on. That's bass, baby. That's bass. That's bass. Plastic worm is the number one lure you can't miss.




Worm. And what do you do? Jig it along the bottom?


Well, you bounce a little bit different. If I know it's covered out now, I raise it up a little bit. Let it come up and fall. Yeah. I try to double-jerk sometimes, make it post. Anything to attract them. Make sure it's got a little swirly tail. I like it with a little swirl tail on it.


Is this something that you'll teach the kids, boys.


And girls? Oh, yeah, they all fish. Everybody fishes. They all fish. A lot of them are fishing for the very first time. Most kids catch fish for the first time. We got big gangster dude. Get excited. Get a fish. Oh, I can't put my finger in my what? Yeah. Oh, yeah. You've been fighting all week down here. You've been threatening. Come on, man. So it's.


A big fight. And they don't like to grab that slimy fish with their.


Bare hands. No, I'm just going to go across.


Or the worms, too. Hooking a worm for the first time is intimidating.




Dad used to... We used to go camping out in Colorado, and he would make us tie our own flies and we'd go fly fishing. And then he would get so mad at me because he taught me how to try like an Elk hair, Katus, and a wooly bugger, and all these different types of flies may fly.


See, I got to come to you all spot.


In Colorado.


It's so nice. It's so gorgeous. Because I've never fly fished.


Oh, yeah. There's a sage rod you can use. Sage rod is very famous.


Would they name it.


After you? Of course, because I am the ultimate sister woman.


They have sagebrush.


Yes, there's a lot of sage. My parents were hippies.


I know people that burn sage.


Yes, because it gets out the bad energy from the room. They're weird.




Weird? Or you could just marry one.


There you go.


I just married it. Good luck all the time.


Start you real fine.


He's a smart man.


All right, baby. We've got two more.


Okay, so let's see. If exercising on an empty stomach, what should you drink to preserve your muscle.


Amino acids. Wow. Dude, he's killing it. Amino acids. Four out of four. Get that.


Pizza ready.


Come on, baby. All right, now one more.


One more. Okay, if I get five out of five, let me see.


Five out of five might be a Cuban cigar, a.


Cognac, and a pizza. No, if I get five out of five, my stylist, Ellie, has to cold plunge.


Oh, I like this. I like where this is going.


I like this. Ellie, if I get five out of five because he did it one time. Okay. How long did he last?


I have the video. How long did he do?


Well, he was at a health club, and they give you 15 minutes to cold plunge. Okay. His entire 15 minutes was standing on the edge of the plunge pool looking at the water. His whole 15 was that. The whole 15. You can hear people in the background going, Get in the water. Get in the water. Then finally, he got in. He did what the number one thing you told him not to do because he saw somebody do it. He got in, he lowered himself down. He was in there. He was holding it. He got on glasses because everything's a look. He was right there. He was holding himself, kept his nipples out the water, and he thought he had it. Then he said, I'm going for it. He dropped down, he held his nose, and he completely went underwater. Yeah, that's a lot. He took his ball head and dipped it in that 50 degree water.


How long did he last?


He got up. He was standing there, and he started doing the breathing. I had to get deliberate breaths. Box breath. All this I'mtelling you was a total of exactly 51 seconds. There's a lot of drama there. 51 seconds. He got out and he said, I will never, ever. Because every day at work, I had the cold plunge report. Because I go to family few and I go, man, I did this cold plunge today, man. It was crazy. It was such a... And him and the mic apart. It's, Mr. Harvey, come on. You're going to talk about this every day. It's no big deal. Okay? Okay. So now... So if I get five out of five. Five out of five. Ellie, you have to cover- Three minutes. We'll walk you through it.


Gary will walk you through the breathing.


Three minutes. Okay.


Three minutes.




Minutes. That's good. All right. When smoking a cigar, what needs to be taken after?


Liquid minerals. I have to take these minerals. It's called metal something. It removes metals from your system. You put it under your tongue. Two dropers. I don't know the proper name, but it's a brown bottle. I have eight of them. As a matter of fact, I have some right over there in my cigar seat.


Survey says you're going in the.


Cold cold. Metal Clins. Metal Clins, baby.


Ellie, you won, man. Congratulations. The Caramel crew is going to follow you after.


The podcast. Congratulations, baby. Metal Clins.


Oh, God, I love it. I have another good question here. Okay. Since we've got chef in the room, how has chef changed your foods, your diet, how you're eating, how you.


Feel about? Well, first of all, I'm on what's considered paleo. But what my chef does is he knows how to make everything taste really good by using extra herbs or vegetables.


Love it.


They don't care nothing for you and all like that. He keeps that nice and low. But he uses a lot of herbs and ments and different concoctions that I've never had before. Like, he'll make his own pepper sauce. Like, he'll go and harvest peppers down at the farm and the ranch, and he'll make a hot sauce for you. Or he'll put it in a glaze and make a aromelade for you. He's just found a way to make eating interesting so it doesn't get boring for you. He gives me four options every meal for what you want to do, and then he'll prepare it. I've been very fortunate in that because the number one thing for me is flavor. If I don't like what I'm eating, I'm not going to stay on your program. I'm just not going to do it. That was my problem before because I couldn't get away from sugar, man. I was really addicted to sugar, and it was causing a lot of problems for me that I wasn't aware of until I met you.




I heard sugar ain't good for you, but it tastes so damn good, right? But there's ways to get that without it. And if you can give your program 70 days, you can change a person's life and outlook because it don't take 70 days to break a habit. But I'm not addicted to sugar like I used to be.


Well, and you're eating whole foods. I mean, meat, fish, chicken, eggs, avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts.


I'll tell you what happens, man. When you get used to doing it the right way, I don't snack like I used to. Like, man, if I watch a football game, I'm eating all day. I'm pretty much, really, for the most part, I do pretty much my three meals. Sometimes I don't even get that third meal because I do like a protein shake or something. But I like a lot of fruit. Fruit is my snack when I have it.


And this is something that's hard for people to grasp, because when they start on a journey, and the idea behind this podcast wasn't to get people on our program, per se, but it was to inspire them to, number one, get some data on their body, find out if you have metabolic syndrome, talk to your doctor about that. Number two, realize that once you made this change, it's actually easy to stay because you don't want to.


Go back. I can't go back, man. Yeah. I cannot. It's no way, man.


You can find a way to still enjoy yourself. But I had to make a choice, man. Nothing tastes as good as I want to look.


Nothing. What did Dana say? Nothing. He was quoting an actress, and he said something like, Nothing tastes better.


Than being skinny. He wants than being skinny.




Nothing tastes better than being skinny. You know, man, it's a real thing, man, when you get control of that tongue, man. When you get control of that tongue, man, when you're not a slave to your tongue anymore, it can change your life, man, for the better. I think the thing that I'm most appreciative about is just that I'm not hooked on that sugar like I was because that sugar is taking people out of here, man.


Well, and a big cancer feeds on sugar. And then Alzheimer's and diabetes is type three diabetes. Alzheimer's and dementia is type three diabetes, and it's all sugar related. Our country has such a sugar problem. Gary and I tried to go to Disney World two years ago with my nieces and my daughter.


Oh, my God.


It drove me crazy. He couldn't do it. We bought a.


Two-day pass-he left the second day. I said, Dave, I'm going to say something. I'm literally going to walk up to a random family and intervene.


It was too hard for him. He wanted to advise everybody.




Wanted to take. Do you know how many calories that funnel cake is? Because I saw grandma in a motorized wheelchair and with a big two-liter soda, and she's in the motorized wheelchair. And then mom, her daughter, you could tell, was next to her, and she was so big, God bless her soul, she had a fanny pack on because she couldn't put her hands in her pocket. And then there was like a 13, 12, 13-year-old kid, just big as a house. And he had a funnel cake, which is just deep fried white flour with 10X sugar on it, and a 64-ounce Big Gulk soda. Which is.




Abuse. Just like five sodas. So five sodas, deep fried flour in canola oil with 10X sugar. And you can see where you're going, right? I mean, that's your future. And Itell.


You, though.


He couldn't.


Do it, Steve. I had to leave before I walked into a family and intervene.


I paid for the ticket. We're going to the Magic Kingdom.


I'm like, Babe, I can't do it. I got to say something. No.


It was either he was going to say or stuff that was inappropriate or just stay home. Or just go home. Yeah, just go home.


I made him stay home. You know, man, I hate to be the guy that's like, now this is what I'm doing. Everybody needs to join on board. So I try to find, on my radio show, ways to say it. We talk on my radio show about health because I could elevate you product, but I try to find ways to break it to people where it's not like I'm preaching. Right. You know what I mean? Because nobody wants to be preaching.


Or judging. Yeah, we don't want to judge.


We just want you to feel better. I like sugar. Like, look, man, I found rebel ice cream. I found keto ice cream. There's options. I get it. I can do it. But now I don't need it like I used to. Like I said, chef had to make me a berry crisp or something every damn day. Now, he'll make one as a suggestion to me because I hardly ever asked for it anymore. So the biggest thing for me, man, was getting unhooked on sugar.


Yes. It's a big addiction. It's right up there with nicotine, alcohol. People don't realize that a lot of the same receptors that are sweet receptors, especially on the back of the tongue, are also triggering dopamine. So most of us don't just like sugar, we're addicted to sugar. And a lot of the chemical sugar industry, sugar substitute industry is actually not just designed to taste sweet, but it's designed to ding the dopamine receptor. It's actually designed to give us a chemical reward.


Bro, when I was on the road homeless and I lived in my car and I was trying to drive to a gig that was a long way away. My go-to thing was to stop and get a Coca-Cola and a MoonPie. And, brother, you eat a MoonPie and drink a Coca-Cola? You can get to Georgia from damn near anywhere. Let me tell you.


Something, buddy.


Moonpie and a Coca-Cola. You eat a moon pie and a Coca-Cola. You're on. Yeah, I'm on my way. Hey, guys.


As you know, I do not push products on my podcast or my social media unless I use them in my everyday life. This is one of those products. Most of us have a very difficult time meeting our protein needs, and certain protein sources like whey protein and others can be as little as 20 % absorbable. This is 99 % absorbable, and it has all of the essential amino acids that the body needs to build lean muscle, to recover, to improve our exercise performance, and most importantly, to repair after we have intense exercise. So this is called Perfect Amino by Body Health. It's like I said, 99 % absorbable. It only has two calories. Eventually, the caloric intake has virtually no caloric intake. It will not break a fast. It tastes amazing. You mix it in water. I take this literally every single morning. If you're working out in a fasted state, you have to take a full spectrum amino acid prior to your workout to preserve your lean muscle and make sure that you're recovering properly. And again, it will not break your fast. So the caloric impact is virtually zero. You get all of the full spectrum amino acids.


It tastes wonderful. I use it every single day. You can go to bodyhealth. Com/ultimate. That's bodyhealth. Com. Om/ultimate and look for the perfect aminos. They actually come in capsules if you're on the go, or it becomes in several flavors that they make in a powder, which I love. It's flavored with natural means of flavoring, so there's no artificial sweeteners in here. So this is one of my absolute favorite products. Give it a try. If you're working out at all, you need a full spectrum amino acid. Go to bodyhealth. Com/ultimate. That's bodyhealth. Com/ultimate. I love their lab tested products. You can actually see the absorption rate for all their products. They've got great electrolyte protein combinations. My favorite is the perfect aminos, bodyhealth.




And now back to The ultimate human podcast.


That is.


Cocaine for her. Man, I'm telling you, man, I would just be like... And then two hours later, boom, I'm on the side of the road, man.


I'm just sleeping.


Isn't that funny? You didn't even realize it back then that it was that sugar spike and that sugar crash.


But you know, man, I started figuring out something that was wrong because I used to drink tropicana orange juice every morning, and after I drink it, I would get sleepy every morning. And then finally I said, man, how am I feeling groggy right after breakfast like this? And I just stopped drinking that high sugar, orange juice, and I stopped getting sleepy. I was putting myself into a diabetic coma every morning. I was just going, let me just go and drink a cup of coma and get on out of here. I did that myself every day to the where- I don't think that's normal. They think it's healthy. I won't even drink orange juice, even if it's fresh. I'm just scared of it.


Because you know what it does your body now. Well, and you've got such a clean system now, too. Everything is.


Going to be affected. It takes more blood to digest these refined carbohydrates. You think about it. The amount of blood in your system is fixed, so it can't be here and here at the same time.




Only so much in here, right? You decide where you want it to be. Do you want it to be up here, driving cognitive function and energy and focus and concentration? Or do you want to be down here digesting high glycemic foods?


Hey, Gary, do me a favor. Could you tell my chef that I'm having pizza today?


He's having pizza today.


I don't even know if he has the.


Ingredients for it. He's going to have pizza standing next to the coal plunge. Watch in Ellie. Watching Elliot. I'm excited about that. -freezed to death for.


Three minutes.


Congratulations, Elliot. Three minutes, man.


I knew you could do what he wanted.


In fact, from the time you just found out till now, you would already be out of the cold plunge.


Let me tell you something. This kid over here, this is a really good guy. I love him. Ellie's a good guy. He's like in phenomenal shape. He's in phenomenal. He don't need to do cold plunge. He don't need to do none of this.


That is true. I saw a six-pet.


A cold plunge is for me.


Well, I feel bad because he didn't even get to be a part. He was volunteered. He didn't actually volunteer.


But he wanted to.


I mean, I didn't really hear him say, Steve, if you get that question, I'll get in a cold punch. Oh, I heard him. Oh, you did? Okay. Well, you're sitting.


Closer to him. Yeah, you couldn't hardly.


Hear it. No, I couldn't.


I heard him say, Pick me. He's a volunteer.


I went, Huh? The look on his face, he's off-camera. He doesn't have the look of a volunteer. You know what I'm saying?


Well, see, volunteers don't always look like they want to. That's true.


It's almost a painful, I really didn't volunteer lookup.


I never volunteered to get my ass wood, but a couple of people just took it upon themselves. I was there, and I had a certain look. I had just made several statements. That's when I first learned not to talk too much. I made a couple of statements.


I listened to a podcast you were on the other day, and you were describing himself barking at somebody through a fence, calling somebody out through a fence. He said, and he said he didn't realize that this guy at some point that he was antagonizing, who actually, according to the story, warned you to stop, had worked his way out around the fence and come up behind you.


He was behind me.


Oh, no. Apparently, he pressed his face.


Into the fence. To that chain-link fence? Oh, Al. Where my lips was now on the basketball court. Through the fence. There was nothing in this hole except my lips, and he was matching my head in that wire.


I can just see you just running.


Your mouth. Man, I was talking so much trash. Where did he go? I can't go, Where is he? Where did he go? Where did he go? Yeah, you shot me. I can't believe you kept a clue. That's when I first started learning about talking trash. You got to know when to pull back. Read the room. I was reading the room, but when I noticed he wasn't there, I should have noticed that the room was empty. You probably need to turn around. It was too late.


It's always the guy that's really calm and polite and tells you to stop. That's the one you got to worry about when he's like, Hey, Steve, I'm not going to let you say that to me again. That's when you just goes, Okay.


That's how my dad was. I had all the girls laughing. Oh, I bet. And he said, Hey, my man, I had enough, okay? You had enough. You don't tell me when enough is enough. I decide when enough is enough. Then I said something else to him. He said, All right, my man, I told you now. Oh, he told me. What I'm supposed to do? I'm scared. When I looked back, I didn't see. I kept on.


And yeah, he got me. That may be the whole point of this podcast to know when to hold them and no one to fold them. Steve, I can't even tell you how much I appreciate having you on the show. You're an inspiration to so many people on so many levels. Just your story, your journey. I hope that your health journey inspiredthere are some people because there are people listening to this podcast right now that are suffering from metabolic syndrome and do not even know that they have it.


And that was me.


And you had five of five.


I didn't even know what it was.


Most people don't.


And now you've got zero of five in seven months, and every single person listening to this podcast can go on that journey. Simple changes, little changes that they can make in their life to entirely change the trajectory of their lives.


If you can get to Miami and go see this man directly, if you're one of those fortunate people, I strongly suggest that you do that because you have nothing more important than your health. Nothing at all. It's been.


Great, man. It's been great. I end the podcast every time by asking every guest this same last question, and that is, what does it mean to you to be an ultimate human?


Well, it has now given me the ability and the confidence to think that, well, you know what, man? I can actually do some things that can actually prolong my life as long as God be willing. It's really in God's hands, but I need to do all I can to assist him. And becoming a member of the Superhuman Protocol has allowed me to have a toolbox that I can reach in to get energy. When I want to get energy or boost, I can go cold plunge. Look, man, if I want to get my breathing work done, I can hook up my oxygen bag or go up there and do my breathing exercise. My breathing exercises, man. It's just so many things I can how to keep my blood pressure right without getting excitable. I just got a toolbox, man. And it's because of the stuff I learned from you. I've learned a lot of don'ts, and knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do. Yes, sir. And if I just stay away from a lot of the don'ts, that'll fix a lot of the do's up automatically. That's what I learned the most, man.


I thank you, brother.




You, my friend. Thank you. And Sage, thank you. Thank you. We love coming here. You got.


A really fly wife, man. I do. I really do. I'm blessed in so many ways, and that's one of my biggest right there.


You do, too.


We love Marjorie. Oh, Marjorie is like gas for me, man.




I leave this podcast, I'm on the way to go find her.


And as always, that's just science.