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That's interesting because my dad says if you want to get to know somebody, get them drunk. Hey, guys, I'm Bob, thanks and welcome to another episode of to try to be crazy with me on every Thursday. Today, my super fund special guests are Brandon and Jay.


We got to redo that. It's not Brandon. There's no nothing in it is Brennan. I said Brennan. It's my accent. Oh, shit. Now I feel better.


Yeah, you are making fun of immigrants. Know. We got I got to leave the studio.


I'm so sorry that English is not my first language.


Got my grandma. I came here legally and I stand for them. I stand for you. Say my grandma came here legally. Yes.


OK, so I got this intro. OK, can I get in trouble? No.


I also came here legally so you're good. But it's funny though, when the first time Trump got elected, I got so many damps from so many guys being like, hey, I'll marry you so you don't have to get deported. And I was like, why? I'm not I'm I don't think I'm getting the point. I'm legal. What are you talking about?


Funny. That's so funny. I've never actually been called that at all. Like illegal. But my grandma has locked up, you know, because I love my grandma so much. Yeah. All right. So let's restart.


So, Brandon, Brandon, Brandon, Brandon, sorry for mispronounces.


I was going to say I mind saying you're wrong, says Brett.


Like Brett, like Brett, Brandon, then Brandon and Brandon Brandon.


Well, this is why we'll never date.


This is like Raisin Bran. You're calling me like Raisin Bran. No, because immigrants can't always pronounce every word in English. We have different language. That's true. That's true.


Yeah. OK, I'm a coffee bean. So we have Brandon and Jake Closer. Thank you. I'm today they basically have a super cool podcast called SUS. It's where you share your scarers.


So I was sharing some scary stories on their podcast. Now they're back online. They'll share some scary stories and also talk about I mean, I was going to say they'll talk about why they're single. It's kind of obvious why ran in a single, but we'll figure out why his brother is single.


I'm not single. All right. He's a girl named Kira, long term relationship. So maybe I'll take advice from you. I like I'm working on it here, guys. I just want oh, I want to hear someone say my name right. But it's OK.


So Brennan is an Aries. His brother Jake is an Aquarius. And that's all you need to know. Thank you so much for coming on.


Thank you, everyone, as they come, Jake. Jake used to be a photographer, but now he's more than a social media game.


Yeah. And I actually shoot all his videos on YouTube. Yeah. Brandyn, just forget I'm going to just go with it.


This is called Just Say B B B is a very popular YouTube where he has over three point six million subscribers, two point seven million Tick-Tock followers, one point three million Instagram followers and 750 fifty five thousand Twitter followers.


And he dated my friend Kiara a few years ago.


So I hope you're doing well.


She's doing great without you. Yeah. Yeah, I'm OK. That's what we wanted, you know. That's good. Yeah.


Although areas and areas are very compatible, but it still didn't work out. So it is what it is.


Does having a YouTube channel get you late or just having followers in general? Would you say it helps you get laid off?


I mean, I guess I'm single. I can answer this. You're not really single, so. But I would say not. I mean, I don't know. I kind of just would think I would probably get laid normally without much. I don't know. So it's like I don't use it to get me late if you ask the question. But do you get like three point six million? You want to get me laid. It's not what I'm like.


But I mean, no, I don't really look, I mean, I kind of look at my dad as a more of like, you know, I'm the one that's got to send the DM, you know, because then I'm choosing I don't just I go through my dad's like that. Yeah.


I think the more followers you have and if you're I mean, a girl, I think you have a better shot of getting a reply if you have more followers than they do. And if you're reaching out to a girl that has like two million on Instagram and you have like 100K, you're not going to be the odds are you're not going to get a reply.


I a play like that. I only will like message like because I know that's how it works. Like these girls get messages from like NFL players and football players like these girls with millions of followers, like they're not going to go after me. I that's you know what I mean?


I yeah, I get messages. My person only has six hundred thousand and I always get DM's from athletes. But like eventually you just get tired of having sex with all of them and then you want to go back to school.


But you know, you're like, OK, I guess I'll see what you do versus you never know.


Tonight I'm feeling like a switch strimmer, you know, switch it up and you know, I'll take one for the team.


Everyone choose their Sean, the DMV like one time a guy who did not have any followers and was not verified shot his shot in my dreams. And I recognize him because we have common friends and we did it for a little bit and I regret it.


So never doing that again. Never do that again. So, you know, I worked.


No, no. Yeah. From my from my experience, I've just realized that, you know, people like you and me are kind of just like they're not like people trying to date me. They're just like my fans or something, you know what I mean?


So but you probably also have younger fans. Yeah. So I don't really have, like, a lot of older girls. Maybe maybe there's a couple. Yeah.


So then do you guys, I mean how long have you been with Jake. How long, how long have you been with care for two years now.


Oh. OK, but like, how did you hear me? Was it like in the dorms? Kind of. Yeah, I actually saw on Bumble and I thought my followers on Instagram would have a better chance. So I like them on Instagram. So I guess that answers your question.


Kind of, yeah. She replied. Does she have a lot of followers? No, she has like 20 k got it. Yeah.


She's like a microphone so I'm totally getting. We're like talking about followers right now. Everyone's going to like, unsubscribe. And I thought guys like what a shallow conversation.


It's about their personality that really catches me. You know, I finally know even though I feel like you're being sarcastic. Oh, OK. Well, I can't feel like I agree. I feel like eventually like I tell all the women to listen to my podcast, like you need eventually you need more than just your looks like your looks may get them in the door, but it's your personality. Everything else is going to get you to stay in the house, quote unquote.


Most definitely.


I agree. Yeah, I talked to some I've talked to a lot of girls that are really beautiful girls, but they just have no, like, such a boring, dull personality that I'm just like, it's not even worth it. Yeah.


So like, what do you look for in a girl? And I look I look for girls. I have like the same, you know, I that I do like same color eyes green. I'm saying no, not like the same person personality in a way. Like I'm very spiritual. I like to, you know, meditate. I like to be like one with Earth and such like that. So I feel like they need to have a serious like love for that as well.


They love to hike and stuff, you know, because I don't want someone that's just like the party other time, like, yeah, once in a while I do like to go out to a party, but I'm not that person that's there every single every single Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night, you know. So I feel like they have to have that. And I also like girls with really nice smiles if we have to go personal about it.


You know, I feel like you're flirting with me and I'm like, I don't know how to take this.


Oh, I definitely was not just explaining why do you have to do how do you feel about. So you say you like girls are like, what are your thoughts?


And girls that hike and cry, hey, I'll give you that shoulder to cry on.


Like I like to go hiking, but I don't like to do with other people because I like to go hiking tikrai I like to hike to go by myself. Do you cry. I don't, I don't cry.


You like sits for like thirty minutes just watching The View and just look at the birds and just catch.


You will think I'm kidding when I say I can cry and I'm not because I it's hard or is it just sad. No it's like it's I always like to hike when I'm finally feel like all my emotions of building up and then if I'm feeling OK, I'm in a bad place or whatever, I go hiking and to see how beautiful this world is and to see all these views and the quiet and the birds and the mountains, I get so appreciative of everything.


I start crying because of that.


Wow, that's beautiful. No, that doesn't happen to me. That's really nice.


I kind of wish it did. I feel like it would be a go to release.


It's such a good release like Lily just screaming and no one's around like oh yeah. Oh does we are people out though. Oh for sure.


If I was hiking I heard like someone crying and I kind of I don't know if I go help or if I'd run the other way, I would just be going about I'm not even going to ask, I'm just going to start running the other way too.


Yeah. That's usually people I just like OK. And they just go really fast. Yeah. You're like on Runyon where every week I trying. Yeah.


So like what's the craziest thing you've ever seen to grow both of you before. You had a girlfriend.


I have said I've since I sent some funny. Oh he sounds really funny ones. I'm not good at it. I literally have said like, like I've dressed my dog up because I have a really cute dog and I put him on costumes and stuff sometimes and he's got like this nice Burberry shirt, you know, and I really made like a Post-it stack and he's like a model dog, like he'll just literally stand there and let you do anything and put some sunglasses on him and everything and a sign that was just like, hey, what's up?


Like, literally written on a piece of paper. And I took a picture of him in front of the sign and an automatic reply because he's a cute dog bone. But then you send that to a bunch of girls.


No, not a bunch. I'll never use the same one twice because I cannot really take a screenshot getting out. He says he says that to me too. I always do fresh messages.


Really? So you really putting thought into everything you said? Yes, because I saw this this thing one time and it was like, hey, boys, be prepared for whatever message you send. Make sure it looks good as a screenshot too, because it's a truth. Girls screen shot your messages, so mine's got to be funny. So at least when they're posting it, I can laugh too in the comments, you know.


Oh, wow. No, I just assumed, like, a lot of times people just like send the same dance like everyone know. That's funny.


It's a tough I, I got caught up like that in. Yeah. In like high school, ninth, 10th grade. All the girls are talking to be like yeah. He said this to me, I would like to say to the same girls and then I was doing like Facebook. I feel like you just messaged. Yeah. Can't do that.


No more time. Wow. So click with it. So you're just like, OK, it's Sunday, my dog. We have four hours to take a bunch of pictures to be like seventy and.


No, no, it's not like that. It's not like that at all. It's like you see that pretty girl and you want to send that. Then you think of it in that moment it doesn't. You know what I mean? It's like I'm going to do this, I'll be funny or there's not. I'm going to, you know, like one time I wanted to do them like a tic tac dancer. So I sent a video of me dancing and I said top that she said went back to her top.


That's how the conversation started. So you really creative.


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How often, then, does somebody catch your eye, you finally deem them like this happened often or not really since covid, because I'm sorry, I'm a little nervous to go meet up with anyone.


I mean, I do my podcast, but I like everyone's access, but I don't really go and meet up with random people because, like, I don't know where they've been. So, yeah, the closest thing I got to was hugging you today and I was so nervous doing a hug when I didn't have a mask on. Yeah.


Yeah, that's crazy. Are you going to get tested after this? I might have to. Yeah, you should.


What do you think is more attractive with a girl like do you like when a girl hits on you or do you prefer to pursue the girl.


Hmm. I mean, it really depends on the situation. And half and half. Yeah. Because I have definitely had the experience where a girl will hit on me, like I usually over Deanne's or something. She'll hit me up and it's like really forward into kind of a scare me a little bit like if she just talked about wanting to come over and have sex with me right away. So it's like, yeah, I don't I don't even want to deal her back, you know.


So if a girl offers her partner too fast to you, you get you know, if this is anything uncomfortable, I think, you know, it's just like I'm not I'm here for for a long time. Not a short time, you know, is that the saying goes, no, I'm not a long time.


So but, you know, I just like I don't know, I'm just not too into the too crazy right away kind of thing, you know?


No, I like that's the reason I'm asking is because, like, literally on my podcast, as I try to encourage girls a lot of the time for the man to pursue them a little more than they're pursuing them, especially in the beginning. So it is really interesting for me when I have men on my pockets to kind of see their perspective and their thoughts, what it is with women, especially because, you know, then finally we can know if I'm correct or not, right?


No, I definitely agree with that. I think I do like when a girl flirts back, though, like, don't get me wrong. I'm just saying don't go head to the wall type of flirting back where it's just like, you know what I mean. Like just like offering sex right away.


That's all you have to offer. Right. That's a turn off right back. Like be flirty. That's awesome. Love that.


But it's like, you know, got it. So don't offer sex like on the table too fast. Like it's not kill you, it's a turn off for you.


I definitely think that's like me, something like a turn off because I feel like I don't know if you're into a girl, but if you don't want that. But if someone's really sexual, that's fine. That's their choice. Like let them be whatever.


You know, I'm asking what turns you on, what turns you on. Just want to clarify.


You know, I've got crazy people to take things the wrong way. Now you're looking. We're looking. You're you're looking for a marriage.


I mean, I just think, you know, dating is so, so stupid. You know, you got a date if you're going to marry that person. If not, what's the point of dating them just for a little bit of heartbreak?


Yeah, I agree. So why did I work out with you and you and my friend Kiara?


Well, that was years ago. This was years ago. I just think, you know, we weren't we weren't the right meshing point, you know. Yeah.


Although areas Arizona's areas is very compatible, we're also very feierstein. So we kind of buttheads, you know, because we're both thylacine's.


I feel like a lot of times I say that I feel like the only the only other Zodiac sign that can handle an Erisman is another Arie's woman, maybe not always also like you, also compatible with the Liow.


You're also compatible with the Libra Gemini.


I looked a Gemini and you can also be compatible with a Scorpio, but I'm always OK. So with Aquarius, though, you're really compatible. Don't your girlfriend as well tell you are compatible with.


Oh, you're perfect soul mate. Signed is a Leo.


She is a Leo. Oh wow. I was right. Yeah. And you've been together for three years. Two years to get close enough. Yeah. My work your. I said it. My work.


Oh God. Look maybe who knows. We. How old are you guys. I'm twenty seven.


I'm twenty five. Twenty. And you're ready looking for marriage. No, no.


I mean you know now you never know. I'm, I'm a slow down type of guy, you know.


Yeah. OK, so like aside from DM's like what do you guys find a successful way to win a woman's heart.


Like OK, like you dumped her, she responded to your dream and now you're trying to talk to her like, what's your next move?


I got a better question for you. Sorry to change, but I have seriously, I've been wondering, OK, and this is if you're driving and you see like a really pretty girl, like outside of the car, like she's walking, I know you can't scream at her and say, like, hey, what's up? Like, what's the best way to approach that? Like, do I have to crash her car crash into her? And just like, oh, my God.




What's the best car? What's going on? Her car. Sure. She ends up in the hospital then. You know, that takes care of her. Right. How is the best thing. What's the best method for that.


She wakes up from a coma after three years and you've been sitting there and you're like, I've been taking care of you the whole time until she finds out that you had reasons that should be a movie, actually is that is now.


But really, what do you do in that situation? I what would you like?


Because I'm so I'd never know what to do and I sometimes see this happening.


I think it's a very, very few girls would be done with this. I do know one of my girlfriends when we were younger away her guy, her boyfriend, and at the time that they were together for like years picked her up was they were both driving and they both, like trying to, like, flirt while they were driving.


But that's very rare. Usually for me. I'm so busy crying in the car. They're like, I can't. I'm just sad songs.


And like, I don't need someone to kill my vibe. I like my. I mean, you know, like I'm busy crying, but for like other people, I think if you're really trying to hit on a girl, I don't know if, like, maybe pulling the car over to talk to them. They're walking. It's super creepy. I don't know. Or like maybe you park the car and then you get out of the car to talk.


But I don't know.


Then she takes a pepper spray and it's no winning. And I think the best part of me making a tick tock of her and saying, hey, tick tock, find me this girl and then hope she just that's actually romantic in the old, like, days of days now.


Yeah. So that's so I guess. Do that, do that.


And so you have to just give someone like a cloud for them to notice you. It's the same old days.


I mean that's like what Justin Bieber did with like some of those girls over the years, posting them up on his page. Remember that? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Those girls were, like, famous enough. Yeah.


Who was skeptical of Scarlett Woofy? Cindy said Scarlett.


Who else am I missing out on? Those who got payments in the attacks, I guess do that take a picture of them while they're like taking their sovereignty.


There's no reason that I'm sorry I had to know that answer. Why did something happen to you? It just always happens. Like sometimes I'm driving and I say I really like a really pretty attractive girl. I want to say something, but I don't know if I like pulling over. Just seems extreme, you know, so and it's like you can't even ask for directions because everyone has a phone. They can look up the direction. It's like, what do you mean there's nothing to do.


Yeah, I for sure I've tried like the Heyworth Melrose.


Oh you're on Melrose like. Yeah, yeah. Something like that too. I just felt so dumb. It's just so scary.


I feel like that's happened to before people start asking me something in the car like I'm deaf in my left ear.


So then it's really loud.


So she's like trying to hit me like hey here's where's Melrose? I'm like, why? Look, we're like, I'm sorry. What. Huh? You just being an ass, really. I'm just like, no, I'm deaf. Just traveling through the window up.


Rolling up. Oh yeah. That's good. Oh that's so funny. She's so quirky.


So I'm just OK. So what is then aside from pulling up on the middle of the street or crashing your car into a girl's car to like get her attention? What's another successful way to pursue a woman on your end?


Oh, man, I don't know.


I almost forget all the pre covid days if I could. I used to do it like it's such a blur now.


But, I mean, I guess the best thing I would ever do would be like full on, just like having the best night for yourself, like one hundred percent have fun. And girls are attracted to that on their own. Like you don't even have to go and pick them up because they start coming to you. If you're in a club and you're dancing with your boys and you're having a great time and that energy is flowing, girls come to you.


I swear to God it's crazy. Maybe it has to do with, like, all my friends being good looking and stuff, but they still come.


Yeah, so.


So I think I think just be yourself and have fun and then it'll come. That's what I see. That's what I hope for it now.


So you're saying the girls then come to you. Yeah, it's crazy. Oh, you prefer them.


I mean, I think that's like the not like what happened. That's what happens like in clubs and stuff. But like if I have to approach a girl, I just I'm a little nervous, so I don't really do that. Yeah.


Sometimes it's awkward.


Like if they're like at dinner, you can't you can't do it if you know how to group more than two like it just it's too many people like you need they need to be by themselves and girls are never alone to like go up and say something always with their friend. Like you have to have a friend for their friend to like, just distract them just to talk to one. He knows you don't have to like conversation, but it's very complicated being a guy.


I think I'm just so like forward that it throws me off. But I can see like also like I have to give credit for men in general because men, women don't realize they literally have to get used to getting rejected all the time. And we don't realize that we get rejected so much less. That's why I like a one time a girl gets rejected. She's crying about it. Three weeks men have to get adjusted and used to the fact that they're like, OK, if I'm at a bar, I'm going to hit on like seven different girls and six of them are going to reject me.


Right. Because, like, you just say, hey, what's up? She's like, no, thank you. And it's like, oh, I do feel bad about that.


And I do I, I do want to give you guys credit for still, you know, getting up every day and saying today I'm going to hit on fifty girls and maybe one of them say yes.


I mean there's some guys that do that. But I'm really I don't hit on girls in person or whatever. It's just mainly like if the f the vibes they're like at a club and we are out of range is you.


What's your like then. She approaches. You guys dance. You guys have a good night. Now you're like, oh to take her out.


What's your like go to like first date or like how do you make your romantic for her.


Your romantic person.


Yeah for sure. No I like to do something fun but like that allows us to kind of just still be able to talk to each other like we can go. Like recently we started at then as my family, but I know it'd be a cute date idea would be like going playing tennis, like we would literally like the classic tennis courts. You ran a twelve bucks. You go in there and you can play a couple of games of tennis, like, that's so much fun and you don't have to be talking 24/7.


So it's good. You can kind of just bicker each other across the courts and it doesn't have to be full convos. But then you can sit down and have a combo. So like that or mini golfing or something like that gets you to be active still.


So it sounds like you're very active personnel. Are you competitive? Yeah, like I won't let her win, I mean, I'm not going to win, but oh yeah, because everything you're saying in my head, I'm just like howzat fun because, like, I want to win like I'm in there. Yeah. That's why it's fun.


Yeah. I feel like that's better than like just being at dinner, like awkwardly not talking our time or like or trying to invite her over for Netflix and chill or she already knows like what's going to happen. Like what is going to happen. I don't know, like it's a preconceived like she has this preconceived idea because of the name Netflix and Chill, that that's what's going to happen. And like it just ruins everything. That's why I like to get out of the house.


And then maybe if you're lucky and she gets to come back, she gets you know, that's where she gets me my dog.


But if she doesn't and she doesn't and then I don't have.


Yeah, I feel like a lot of girls hit you up about your dog too. Like they, they my dog is my biggest wingman. Yeah. They're literally like, hey, look, can I come over to your dog and you're like, whoa, like let's go to dinner first. Yeah. He's like my son. I don't introduce girls to him.


Well, OK, so not to get into signs, but like Herries are very outgoing and Zodiac signs are like literally you're saying I could go to dates instantly. Makes sense because Erisman need adventurous women. Yeah. So you just and they're competitive. So everything you're describing is very on the nose with Zodiac signs. But what do I know. I'm not really into Zodiac signs like. I don't know, I'm just assuming.


What about you. What's your go to like first date. I see. I feel like I'm always in Aquarius, I'm always in a relationship. I haven't ever been out of one.


But it's crazy actually. He needs to be free to do. I don't know.


Is this the intervention for you to break up with your girlfriend, Kira? Just kidding. Don't do it. Yeah, it's all covered up so we can go to Vegas or something.


Oh, I don't know. I feel like I'm very adventurous as well. Like I do like night camping and like do all these crazy things. And I feel like it's always like really fun are going on like a little road trip, day trip to Santa Barbara. Oh, that's so super close. Our drive, like go do some winetasting, you know.


Oh, that's all really romantic. What's the craziest thing you guys have ever done for a girl like my my girlfriend?


Now, she used to live in San Diego and I never even met her. We were just like darting back and forth. We face down a couple of times and I drove all the way. Well, we met halfway, so we met like in Newport Beach. We each drove like an hour and a half.


Doctor, I was like before I told my I got off work filming with him and I was like, yeah, I'm gonna go drive. And he's like, you're going to have all the way over far. I've never even met her.


I would never drive more than fifteen minutes. That's my thing, because I realize there are so there are so many and it worked out so.


So you're so you're also usually turned off if a girl sleeps with you right away. Yeah.


Because I feel like you need to like work for it a little bit more. You know, that's very interesting coming from a man. Go on.


I feel like some I mean if you're interested in the girl and you're not just you just don't want the sex part. I feel like if you just maybe get a kiss, then you're going back. OK, I want a little bit more. And to take her out again, I mean, take her out and tell you, I don't know, you can get to know her. Morning. Like have sex.


No, I agree with you. That's good. Yeah. I feel like if you get everything in the first night, you're kind of just like what? I mean, not necessarily what else is there, but like, you know, I guess.


All right, I'm kidding. No, but that's what I've been trying to tell girls. Like, it's not it's even just about the sex. It's like even like I've learned now that even giving my all of my personality to so or going on the first day, I feel like my biggest issue is I have like one drink to loosen up with my nerves. And then I am such a talker because I'm nervous and I just I spill too much and like I'm a verbal slut or whatever it's called, like I say, too much.


And I feel like even with the verbal stuff, you have to, like, keep some element of mystery. Yeah. Until like the second date, I've even been told that, like, sometimes in the first day people should time their first date and to make sure it doesn't go over like an hour, an hour and a half, like you have to end it in order like maybe an hour then in order for it to go to the next day.


I don't know if that's the case or not. Like I need to do more research to confirm that. To be honest, I'm really into researching everything to better understand what I like.


What you're saying about the fact I like you, like to work for it, and I appreciate you saying that because I literally just recently talked about on one of my solo episodes, dumb, dumb bitch boot camp.


But then you new girlfriend, you guys were communicating, getting to know each other for a while before you had your first date. Yeah, correct. How long was that for?


Maybe maybe a month. Yeah. So technically, yeah, that's a long time. Like that is a long time especially in L.A..


Yeah that's really I mean she was long distance so she was in for the first year and a half. She was only in San Diego. So I like drive back and forth and hang out with her as we were dating. So. And now does she live in L.A.?


Yeah, you just moved in like she got her own place like two months ago now. So she moved to L.A. for, you know, I mean, she models.


So she moved out for modeling. But of course, I'm the bonus.


So sorry. You guys are so cute. You guys have a fight. We don't. We, like, bicker about little things, but we don't fight.


Do you have any advice for couples? I do fire.


Like, how do you how do you do you feel like what do you think has been helping you guys to not get into these big fights?


Well, I think are distance definitely helped in the beginning. Yeah, it's weird because I wasn't so like every single day I had to, like, go see her and go spend time with her and like take away from my own life and my own, like, stuff that I'm working on. And now that she lives here, I see her like every day. But I don't know, I. I think we just kind of have like our two different lives, like our lives kind of don't cross anything like I do photography, she models, but like, I don't take pictures of her, not that I'm not attracted to her.


I just we don't like to cross those two things.


So you're saying you guys have your own life and then you come together then of the night to have your lives together. And that's kind of what keeps you guys in a healthy, good, not too codependent relationship. Yeah, I think so. I love that.


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How would you guys describe dating in L.A.?


I think this guy dating in L.A. is basically like do everything that a boyfriend and girlfriend would do except no title of boyfriend and girlfriend. Why is that in L.A.? I don't know. I don't know. I think I think people just are always like I'm distinctively knowing that they just want the next best thing. I feel like someone that's better and I feel like someone, especially in L.A., there's always going to be that person that's better, that's wealthier, that that looks better, has a better job.


Like there's always that person, no matter how big you are, there's always gonna be someone bigger. And I think that, like, for some reason, people are always kind of attracted to that rather than like that one person and building with that one person, you know, they're attracted to so many different things and people.


Are you talking about the women in general about men and women? Like, you know, they're just like, oh, there's something else.


That's why I feel like people like cheat and stuff so often out here. And there's just so much so much of like the same thing, like girls that look the same in guys who look the same. It's just yeah. There's a lot, you know, that does suck.


If you guys ever cheated before, never cheated. Have you ever been cheated on? I don't know if it's for sure. So I can't really say why.


What were you thinking? Why did you think you were just because I don't know if I like my friend was just like because it was like a friend of a friend who said something I never knew the person that actually said something. It was always that person said to my friend and I just like, you know, I didn't know if I can really trust that friend wholeheartedly or if he was just like trying to get at me. So I just I mean, maybe it happened.


Maybe then I'm not going to, like, say I was cheated on you.


Yeah, that's pretty crazy. So you guys have both. I've never cheated. You never cheat on. No. We keep that same energy that we put out, you know, I think cheating so stupid. Yeah. I think I would rather break up with the person and then do it right. I agree.


I understand. Like, people cheat, cheated, definitely has nothing to do with their partner.


And like I said, a lotta people has to do with themselves and not loving themselves well enough for like like my ex boyfriend used to cheat on me all the time and like, I don't hold a grudge against him for it.


But I do understand that he and like sometimes he would also try to tell me that he cheated on me as a prank to see how to react. And I feel like now looking back, he like he needed to be loved and needs so much attention. And I, I don't feel bad in a way the like. I just think we're so not compatible now that way, where unfortunately, I guess I couldn't give him the love that he was looking for or the attention that he needed because he to the point that he was cheating on me and then trying to prank me, they shit on me just as you have to react.


And my reaction, because in front of people just be like, oh, OK, I have to think about that. Like, I had to process. And instead he would just probably wanted me to be like dramatic so he can see how much I love him. I loved him.


I mean, I thought like me being with them, my love, it is what it is like I, I think people cheat for like a lot of different reasons.


Yeah. I think, I think everyone also has like their own way of like, like their own love. So like I feel like for that guy it was like, you know, language and you know, maybe you didn't get the language right.


Yeah. And him, you know, I agree. And it's always hard, like when you get cheated on to not blame yourself for it. I feel like even the current language that I'm talking about, I'm trying to see it from his perspectives. In a weird way, I'm blaming myself, even though I know it's not my fault, because, again, he could have just. Broken up with me, and that's why I think people should do instead of cheating on the other person, because it does scar you for like a lot of years.


Yeah, for sure. What would you guys say? How do you guys show love to somebody?


I don't know. I mean, I'd never really like I'm not a gift giver. I'm not I'm not a gift giver at all, really. But I'm because I've never really been with someone long enough to have to give them gifts. That's my issue. I've never really I've been in, like, two relationships. So it's like I would never like young kind of like 18, 19. So I don't really like. Yeah. Much about it. I'd rather go like on a trip than give a gift.


OK, so the five languages of love are words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch. Hmm. So you guys say it's not a gift. So how else would you show love is there then. Do you tell them they're beautiful or do you do you do something for them? Like I'll pick up your car for you today? Or is it you just, like, love to touch them when you love to be around them?


Or is the quality time like what is it?


I think telling them because I feel like that's for me, like when someone would like language, you know, the way they tell tell you they love you, I think that's the most meaningful to me. So I feel like I would try to reciprocate that to someone else. Yeah, I think it's touch for me. I'm always like all over my girlfriend.


Because you want that back. Yeah, I always if she's very like a firm, it grabs me when I walk into the house and jumps on me like I like that a lot.


That's really interesting. And I think that's what I want you. You don't like it. I don't get it. Am I not good enough?


That's why I was like, oh, that's really interesting. I think I think that explains a lot. A lot of times people show others love the way they want to receive it and then they get upset when they don't get it.


And they don't realize that, like the other, your partner is love.


Love language may be different, but that's actually interesting that you just said, like Brenin, that you said that you love like you love to give words of information to your partner because you want to receive it back.


Well, your partner may not know that. I mean, I understand.


And I think that's the biggest issue. It comes to relationships is like being able to communicate that to each other so that you both understand, like this is what you like and this is what they like. But I feel like so much times people do want to have me especially don't want to have that conversation so that we just never really figure it out. And that's why you end up bumping heads and make relationships, not work.


Yeah, and beginning of relationships and friendships a lot of the time. The biggest miscommunication, that people don't discuss their boundaries and they don't discuss their expectations. And because of that is usually what ends up being the demise of the friendships or the relationships.


It's really important, but I don't know my language of love. Like I love to receive gifts. I feel like gifts in the beginning, not gifts like of a house like flowers or something like that makes me feel really wanted. And I love that stuff. And I feel like every guy that I've dated recently, they'll buy me like flowers and things like dynamic's. I love like that fall like fake flattery. But then when I really like somebody, I feel like the way I return is with words of affirmation.


Like I just like love telling her everything I love about them and I just like, love touching them. It's like if I'm obsessed with something like because I have to have the physical attraction, it's hard for me. Sometimes I can date somebody and I just like if I'm not touching them, that tells me that, like, I definitely don't want to see them naked.


I, you know, interesting. So I guess you guys. Yeah. I mean, I guess you got to just like kind of try them all out. Right. And figure it out if you're not willing to have the conversation.


But I guess I also love the words of affirmation back like I love them and somebody like makes me feel beautiful by, like telling me how sexy I look tonight because I feel like is a woman. I put a lot of effort for myself in general, like I want to always feel like beautiful. And I it is hard sometimes.


And my friend Kyra who your ex like we've talked about her and I have someone that way. So like sometimes we've talked about if she is that it's some guy who like doesn't give you those compliments. Like if that's your love language, it's really hard to even and a guy like that to get past.


Oh for sure. Yeah. Yeah.


But I think you have to communicate. So if you just have them to tell somebody like instead of being like why don't you ever why don't you ever tell me I'm beautiful.


That's not the way because that's already a negative in the brain and the person is going to reject it.


We have to be like, I love it when you when you last night he told me how hot I was. I was just like, should we fuck?


And the minute you say, like, that's really smart, it's like a way to like it's it's a dog training trick in a way. We're like, let's say like I'm some girl told me one time, though, like she wanted this one guy to constantly ask her how she was doing or talk about her day. So one time he did that and she sent him a nude, which I'm not saying this is really extreme, like she said.


How great would that be? How are you today?


But then he got so used to it subconsciously without realizing that he started like ask about her date because he was expecting a new back. At one point, she even stopped sending him nudes. We got so used to like checking in with her that they literally start to like date because of it.


But doesn't that make you kind of feel like, oh, this guy only wants to do anything for nudes and he's only talking me for needs?


For me? Yes. I want to, like, be sending nudes like strangers and stuff. But I actually like I love sending sometimes nudes, the guys that I date. But it's also like not actual nudes. It's more like artsy, like it's never full knew. Like I've never seen a picture of like my private down there for my petunia. Like that's never been a thing. It's more like someone's my boobs are like just looking sexy right now in the bathtub.


I don't know. Do girls do that though.


Like do they have good. Where they send. Like these crazy videos that they're about to send to a guy are like, what is that like? What do you mean? Like, do girls have group chats where they send nudes of themselves that they're about to send other guys to get approval?


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yes, yeah.


It's like the craziest thing that goes on in these texts. Is it like just news or is it like full on? Here's my video for only fans. Is this good enough?


No. Like a lot of times, like if you know, like, let's say you're not dating anyone right now, but you want to just appreciate your own body, you'll send it to your girlfriends. You girlfriends always hype you up like I've seen you to my friends, like we joke around. So, like, sometimes it's like I'm about to see my friends and I'm getting in the shower. So I'll just done like a nude as a joke to my friends and then they send them back.


That's crazy. Yeah, we don't do that.


Last time I did that to you, you got all freaked out and was like I was like, good morning bro.


It was saying, hi, I'm not doing this already.


What are some red flags you see in women that you guys try to avoid?


You got one. What the hell. That's Target is only think of it for Target is have people chewing.


Oh yeah. We discuss this like people. OK, a big thing for me. We talked about this a couple of days ago. That's why I brought it up. Like if I'm at dinner with a girl, like I just me are just hanging out first time and she chews like crazy, nasty, like whatever she's eating like, doesn't she, with her mouth lobes. I won't try to like, fix things at that point. It just over because it's the first time, like I'm just like I'm not going to like try to teach a girl how to cheat if she doesn't want to.


By now, she's 20 something years old and it's not really worth my time. So that's a big thing. But I have really sensitive hearing ever since I was a baby. Like the doctor is like I forgot what the name of it is, but they diagnosed me something about years that, like everything's amplified in a way. It's like when someone chews, it's like so loud in this and like it nerve's me to my bone, like, I can't control it.


I think it might be like just OCD or something, but yeah, I'm like that too to listen to myself chewing.


OK, so that's a turnoff. Yeah. So what about a red flag. Like a red flag would be like let's say a girl tries to fuck you in the arms or a red flag would be like a girl keeps asking you to post pictures of her and she can get followers.


Yeah. What's a red flag.


A red flag is automatically like when she's asked you like, oh, why don't you follow me back? Like, you know what I mean? It's like I don't know you that well. Like maybe I will eventually. But don't ask me to follow you, you know, like that's like especially like when you meet a girl out one time and you're talking about over DBMS or something and then she's just like the next I'm going to hang out like I mean, why don't you follow back?


I don't follow back my friends like my best friends, like I follow like 100 people, like I just met you. So I think that's a red flag for me because I'm just like, wow. Yeah. What is my follow going to do for you?


Yeah, I do think it's where people do that to me to ask what advice you guys have for men, for my male listeners they need because I feel like sometimes I focus too much on the females and I do want to help out the guys who do. Listen, thank you so much. I can't believe you're part of the five 10 percent of the men that's forecast.


But what advice do you guys have with men with confidence, like feeling confident about themselves and to talk to a girl?


I think, you know, I think not everyone starts off with, like a full level of confidence.


Like, I think, you know, it's OK not to be 100 percent confident. And I think you just you have to really be OK with just, you know, the rejection and being cool and being able to get through that rejection to really, really feel like go forward with the approach. Like you have to know like you have to expect the worst, but hope for the best literally every single time. So it's like you have to be good with rejection and know that it's coming and it's going to happen.


And, you know, I feel like that's where you start to build your confidence. It's like once it stops happening because now you're getting smoother and you're getting better at approaching. I feel like if you have your expectation lower than what the goal is, anything that happens above that amplifies like your confidence within yourself.


Definitely. Yeah. Yeah. I would definitely say don't ever go out with the idea of like, oh, I'm going to flirt with these girls. I'm going to flirt with girls, take a girl home and take a girl home. And I never should be like that. I should always just be like, go out, have fun. Then I would have some good energy with my homies and have a great time. And then whatever happens, happens.


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Yeah, I feel like girls are the most complicated beings ever.


Like you have to like what do you consider playing a game? Like, what a I don't know, like girls to just be like all like I'm like in your business info like they want and they want your attention and stuff. And then like if you don't give them minor bits in that that time period, they get fully turned off and they don't want you anymore. And now you have to do the same thing back to them like it's so dumb.


Also playing games by suddenly becoming an interest to make them more interested if you feel like the girls not that into you.


Well, if like you knew she was at one point and then like maybe you stopped hitting her up as you have to, like, now, why did you stop hitting her up as much?


I mean, coronaviruses, you don't want to go ask her how hard fucking covid is going, like the same story every single day. Right.


So you are then losing it just. Yeah, OK, so it's not so you get so you aren't really playing games. When you pulled back you were literally then you actually lost interest and then she lost interest and suddenly you like her more again.


So that's something that happens on both sides. Got it.


Do you believe in playing games like if you go on a first date with a girl like you, try not to hit her up for like a day or two like it used to be?


Those I think girls do that more than guys. Like, they won't text like they to. Yeah, they'll see the text and they'll like, wait an hour to respond.


I'll just like respond. I'll respond unless I'm doing something. Yeah. Yeah.


Do you is a turn on or turn off.


If after first successful date the girl hits you up first I get straight on. It's turned on for sure. That's good. Yeah. Great news.


Why is it turned on. Because you're like I'm a fucker or turn on like oh that's we're going to date. I think she's interested in you. I think it's good. I like to know that people like who you are, you know what I mean? So I just didn't know that she wants a second date me and she likes you as a person or is at least comfortable with going on a second date with you. And I think that's cool.


Like she likes you, you know. Yeah. I think like nothing is like the movies, like the date doesn't end and you're like, hey, so can I take you out tomorrow walking up to the dorm like you want to come up for some coffee.


Yeah, like that doesn't happen. So I think like the text has to happen.


That happens to me. Really.


Yeah. I've never seen that. It's always like standing outside of high and being like, all right, so where you guys going, where's the after party.


You know, it's like they walk me to my door when they pick me up from the day they're my daughters, they walk me to the car. They already have flowers in their hands. They open the car door.


They hit me on the day. How old are the guys you're dating? They either younger than me, like in their mid 20s, or they've been older than me and they're like mid thirties. It doesn't matter because I make very sure now that I let them know ahead of time of my expectations or what I'm looking for in a man. And I always say, like, I love, like romance and like I need the person to, like, plan the dates and like, make it fun.


Like, I also love, like what you guys are talking about, which is like, you know, just being spontaneous and just playing tennis and things like that. But on the first day, like when they're taking me out, like I expect them to pick me up. And one time a guy was just like, really? You what, you expect me to pick you up like I live in Venice? And I was like, dude, that's totally fine.


Like there's going to be there's so many. Like, you are handsome, you have a great job. There's going to be so many other women. They're going to be down with you to meet up somewhere else. I'm not one of those women and that's OK that we want different things, but I'm letting you know up front of what I'm looking for. So if you can pick me up because it's a little too far for you, then I don't think you're the right man for me.


I know you're worried. Yeah, definitely. What if, like, that guy was? It's your first time meeting each other. I'm just trying to play the devils. This guy was our first time. Yeah.


So what if he was, like, a little nervous about, you know, maybe you don't look the same that you do online and we FaceTime? Well, I always play some of them for the first time. They have beauty filters now and stuff on actual phones.


So that's Instagram, Instagram.


But like what if he was just like maybe that's his way of like if things don't go good, you guys can just go our separate ways.


No, I get that. And I feel like after a while I started talking about with my mom when I was like, damn, now I'm like I feel like sometimes I feel stuck now when I go on these dates because they picked me up and I feel like stuff like I have to be there. So that part is the truth. So maybe, maybe those dates have to do more with someone that you already kind of know. Yeah, but I do have expectations now.


Like, I feel like when I finally start saying my expectations of what I'm looking for. So to my surprise, men who I thought I thought men saw being romantic, but to my surprise, all these men were very romantic. I mean, the way they were planned, their dates, I mean, some of the dates were very similar. And I was like, you guys like reading from the same book?


But they were like literally playing it out like one guy, like they'd like this whole, like, took me to a private beach and like had a whole picnic, like he bottled the food, had a whole picnic. And then afterwards we had dinner afterwards, like and then also took me home and it was like really romantic. So like I that makes me feel like, oh, they really appreciate me. And that's what's going to make me then want to go out with them again or hit them up myself like first.


I don't care. Like for me, like once I'm into somebody like that's that's all I see. And I'm so into them and I have to work on that though like you asked us, this question is I want to turn it back.


I'm sorry. Did you end up like sleeping with that guy, like on the first time? Because it was so he met all your needs and stuff now like took you on this romantic date. No, because I'm not going to. Well, I don't even really kiss guys on the first day, which is like so opposite of my actual daddy issues page, like I don't but like, I kissed him on the first date. So that means I was already as extreme as it gets because like I was so like like overwhelmed by the romance and everything, which is just so perfect and cute.


And like when we're driving back, he was driving like this like car. That's a convertible. That's a stick. So you wanted to hold my hand, but he couldn't. So he was like, put your hand on the on the.


So let me see your hand on it.


And so like sounds so lame. Like in the moment it was like having such an amazing night. Like I was like I got sucked into it and like I kissed them on the first day, which was like pretty extreme for me to do because normally I don't do that.


So but no, like I wouldn't just because we had an amazing first like he in my opinion, the man did the bare minimum of being a man and treated with respect. So know that he deserved my pussy because of that now does not mean like you. It's OK. It's like it's wrong if you give it up really fast. No, it's not wrong. But I'm just saying, like, again, like and I've talked about it before, my dumb bitch boot camp has nothing to do with a man with a man respect's.


You're not allowed to do with you respecting yourself like he did show me. I saw a little part of him on the first day, but I still don't know who he is. So like, why would I give him up? Like my body, my energy, my more, my time, all of that to him on a first date because he gave me flowers, didn't work out like did you guys like work?


We did not work out. We got to know each other a little more and we ended up not being compatible back then when I was going out with guys, I think my standards were a little lower. So even though I wanted more of like the romantic stuff, I was still choosing men who didn't really have their shit together. And sometimes it feels like I'm their mother. And like I realize now that, like, OK, I want a perfect first date.


Great. But I also want to like a man in a way that I feel like is on my level because it's really hard. Sometimes I feel like in the past I was dating men, that I constantly felt like I had to dim my light to make them feel good about themselves. And it didn't matter how many times were the information I gave them. I told them how amazing they are because they didn't feel like that about themselves.


So I couldn't help them with that. And then I had to kind of like not talk about what I'm doing with my work or like be as confident with myself because I don't want to outshine them. And I think in every relationship that you're in, like you shouldn't feel like you should want to be with somebody that you guys are encouraging each other to be the best versions of yourselves.


Yeah, definitely. Do you think that because you went on a second date, like was that guy second date better than the first date I went? Did it go downhill from there? Like, I'm curious, do they have to keep, like, going crazier and crazier?


No, not for me. Like the first date, I feel like just like just sets the mood, but no, like our second date. I forget what it was, but it was like romantic in a way. Yeah. Because he took me somewhere in Malibu, but it wasn't it wasn't like in that way because we already were so like crazy about each other and because sometimes I feel like I'm going really fast. I'm just like move in. I get crazy about each other.


It's been one day, one day. And I'm like, I know that's so like I get like in my head and then I won't show it.


Like guys always think I'm so uninterested in them. But really I'm like trying to work into my brain.


I'm just like so fucking hot, like, oh my God.


Like I just think about the guy so much like he just will have no idea.


Yeah, that's crazy. That is really crazy. I know. I feel like that goes with the with the games girls play like just tell them that he's feeling his vibe like that's it, you know, that's all it takes. Instead of the guy trying to guess how you're feeling after a first date, you go on a first date.


It was amazing. OK, you try to pursue this girl for a while. She finally says, yes, you guys go on a first date, you and she kissed you. It was amazing. And then she's just like, I'm just so fucking crazy about you. Oh, my God. Like, what should we do? Should we go out again? Like, when are we going out again? Like, do you want to be my parents?


And you would be like, oh, that's such a turn on.


Now that's a little but maybe not like maybe just like, hey, like a really good time with you. I'd like to do that again sometime. Like that's all you have to say.


But I'm saying I'm sending them just a guy. He's so fucking hot. So you're you're still telling me to change my words.


Oh, maybe tell him I had a great time, sir. You know, I would love to or say you're really hot. Like, I think I'd be complimented if a guy just randomly told me you're really hot.


I'm like, oh, cool things to feel good about myself that it's we like I feel like I do think it's important to like I think as much like sometimes I like get so stuck with needing the compliments from a man I forget to do it back.


But like I think you're right. And that's what guys we feel down. We get nothing, you know, this is the boys we need to stick together. That's why every time I see a boys thing on on on Tic-Tac, I always say yes. Can I leave him a crown, Mark? Because those boys have to stick together.


Yeah. And I believe that, like, you know, as much as I do all these pep talks for women to respect themselves and all that, like when you do find a good man, like I and like I've heard like some podcasts that they make jokes about calling like your guy, your king, whatever. Like, no, like that is your king. And he sure feels so good about himself. Like not only is he so lucky they got to have you, but like, you're so fucking lucky you get to have him.


And like, I do believe in that point of view, like you should look at him like you're so amazing, because then if you're just going to put him down, why are you guys even together?


Right. So, yeah, true. Your man like a king once he pursued you. And as long as he continues to show you why why he thinks you're amazing, then you need to reciprocate. And and when. Already dating and you have to show them that you think he's looking like you have to compliment him, all of that stuff given blowjobs to like it's important. Yes, it is. Yeah, she wants to. Yes, of course.


So what advice do you guys have? Like, if if you can leave me with anything for the women, what advice do you have for women on finding the right guy? I say I actually have good advice.


I would say just go for it. Go for it, because guys don't really get approached often. And when you do get approached, it's kind of a big deal. Even if you think the guy is out of your league, like it's still like a really crazy feeling for guys because guys don't get approached really at all. And I know, like, people like to pretend that they're like, oh, yeah, they do. They do get approached sometimes.


Yeah, it happens, but not very often. So if you approach a guy who's maybe like I'm just going to use like numbers just to explain things. Right. You find a guy who's like a seven and you normally go for fives, like go if you approach them, like I guarantee you he's going to give you the time of day. And if not, like, at least you take a couple punches and you get stronger. OK, yeah, I like that.


What about you? I think that I lost my train of thought because you're so inspiring.


Give me a second.


Give me some good advice for women on finding the right guy. I love that. Like approaching them. Yeah. Like I think like I love a man pursuing you, but I'm talking about like pursuing up to the first date and pursuing after the first day. Like, if you if you see a guy and you think he's hot, like men love confidence.


Oh for sure. I've hit on guys before like I've said and guys the times before and then we date after that. Yeah. But just allow him to pursue. After you slid in this year, I was just going to say like be patient.


There's so many like fish in the sea and you don't have to like just fall in love with the first guy or every guy you see.


So because definitely like you get lost and sometimes you think you're like with the perfect girl and it turns out you're not. And then you kind of like there's so many different people out there.


Everyone has like their perfect match and you'll find it eventually got to OK, so be patient and not rush into anything in your brain that that's your person. Like, keep dating them to figure out the person I like.


All that definitely sounds like what I'm Aquarius the same. Right. So guys, tell me more about your yourself.


Well, I guess on Suh's also known as Cher. You're scared. We like to talk to people, interview them, but we don't want to know just their normal stories. We want them to share their scariest moments ever. So we like to hear about the scariest adventures, whether it be in paranormal, suspicious stories or near death. We want to hear it all and we want to know, like, what scares you.


So that's what our podcast is about. It's every Wednesday. Check it out. Spotify, Apple Music. You know the deal. Yes. We're part of the podcast. One Family.


Yeah, we are. We what what scares you? What keeps you up at night?


I think, you know, I was going to say dying alone, but after, you know, this conversation, I don't really think so anymore. I'm cool to die alone. Oh. Superstation me if you want to die alone.


Yeah. Just seems like a lot of work on a lot of work to get a girlfriend. And honestly we all die and we are casket's are for one person anyways.


They might as well just chill in it.


Well I guess if I can inspire one person not to die alone, I don't have like a lot of fears that keep me up at night and we've had a lot of stuff that scares. Yeah, we've we've had scary experiences.


Can you tell me just one that's like not too long. Which one. Which ones with fellow. Obviously a scary one. OK, I got one. So remember in Louisiana, always a place called the Plantation Myrtle Plantation. OK, so we stayed at this place called Myrtle Plantation. It was in old like from like 1920 or something where the slaves used to work on this land and it was owned by like a guy and he had a bunch of slaves and stuff.


Basically we had this quarter it was like literally downstairs in an upstairs and it was just us, like we were on the whole corner of the plantation. We we book the night because it's an and you can stay there and we got a suite. It was like three hundred dollars. And basically there's this mirror in this room. Right. It's downstairs mirror. And they said it's called the murder mirror. That's what the name of this mirror is called.


And supposedly if you go down there and you just flash like pictures, there's sometimes people that pop up in this mirror, like with Flash, you know, I didn't believe this. And we went down there. We're like we're testing the theory expected debunking stuff before we do it for our YouTube channel. We would go down there like every thirty minutes and just like no lights on. Just take photos, flash, flash.


Keep going everywhere. Everywhere. And then we ended up getting this photo that I truly believe is a woman like of the murder mirror. She looks like she's like peeking in through the mirror on the other side, like inside the mirror.


And you can see her leave as the frames go because I took like three pictures that were like similar. And you can see when she's there, slowly fade, gone. And now the mirror is just there and there's no one.


She's like, I'm having brunch. What the fuck do you exactly what's going on? Pretty much. And that was like a scary night for us because this was also our time at this plantation, this and the front desk. The lady showed us all the different like pictures that people have submitted, like they know this place is haunted. They like and I don't think there's any way to fake this. We tried to recreate it later. We couldn't retake the picture of the girl.


Like we truly believe everything happened there was legit.


Like, do you guys think that if you let's say this was a scam movie, if you keep if you keep toying with it because you're not supposed to f around with. Things like this, because you're waking those people from the other life like you are supposed to do. So do you feel like the reason she had her hands, like on the mirror? It wasn't a peek. She was actually if you kept flat, if you kept, like, clicking the flash, she would have came out of the mirror.


So, like, every time you click the flash, it's actually helping these girls go back into, like, our real life. So, like, she was like so close to finally getting outside of the mirror to the real to our life. But then you stop flashing. And so she went back. Wow. I never thought I'd think about it like that.


But I do know she's going to come and you sleep tonight. Yeah.


I mean, she was like the wife of like a man who was shot in the head in that same room that we were in. So that's who the ghost would be.


And I mean, wow, it was crazy because the night we went, it was like there's thunderstorms. We weren't used to any of this, I'm sure. Yeah, there was only one. It was creaking every step.


There was only one other couple, like staying in the hotel the whole place. We heard door slam. We pretty sure we caught something like looking in a window, like from the room that we stayed. Yeah. Like it was just super size, everything that was happening here. But that's what we did.


We slept with our clothes on and we had our webcam rolling all night long. So if we had to catch something, we were able to run. Yeah. After in the morning.


That's so scary. I feel like I like like to go to sleep by watching scary movies and I watch people thought I was weird, but then I read that actually people things I'd like to watch scary movies because it's the only time that you like, you're watching and you're like, oh, this isn't real. So the only time that you can, like, enjoy somebody else is quote unquote anxiety or whatever, then think of your own and actually helps you.


So that's why I can watch scary movies before I go to bed, even though I live alone. But like I can't imagine, like I don't like I've never messed around with a Ouija board because I just even like even a Halloween. When you go to those places and they have one as a joke, I won't even touch it.


I have one in the trunk of my car. I know it's not like for some reason I don't mess with it.


Like, I just don't think it's funny. I won't even touch it, like, I won't even try. And I'm not a person scared of anything like that. I don't fuck with like a normal I go stuff because I don't want to wake somebody up that's going till I get mad at me for doing that.


I do believe there are some people who didn't make it to the afterlife and they got stuck here because either they like I think they have unfinished business or they're angry or something. And I don't want to wake somebody up that's angry. Yeah.


Did you know that actually, like, when you drink alcohol and smoke and stuff like that, it actually sends your spirit away in Alexa and other bad spirits into you. That's why when you're drunk and someone goes, oh, you're not acting like yourself tonight, it's because you're not your soul is like your spirit is gone for the night.


That's interesting because my dad says if you want to get to know somebody, get them drunk. Oh, that's interesting. Yeah, I talked to a medium and a psychic intuition healer, and that's what she told us.


She said alcohol comes from the root word like alcohol whole, which was like from some random country or something. But that's where it comes from. And like, why do you think they call spirits? Like, you know, when you go with spirits and wine and stuff like that.


So interesting because there's the spirit say, well, I do I do believe in all that stuff because like I believe in also feng shui. And like I did all this research for my house before, like, I started to decorate it when I got it. And like, I believe like that's why I don't have mirrors in front of me, in front of my beds in any room because they say that feng shui or back in the old days, they say that when you go to sleep at night, your body leaves your your soul leaves your body.


And you don't want to have mirrors in front of your bed, because if you're if your soul actually sees itself in the mirror, may freak out and it may get lost and you may never have your soul back again. That's crazy.


Imagine just waking up and being a whole different person, just like dead inside. Right. That's scary. I know. I don't really think of that.


So I'm glad, you know, you're never going to put a mirror in front of my bed.


No, you shouldn't.


I really believe it's like bad luck. Unless, of course, like that mirror is like that mirror closet and it's like the the side of your bed. It's like not your fault. But then feng shui and the old it's Chinese believe that that you need to cover them here every night.


Yeah. I always hear Mirror. Mirror is like a portal also facing a mirror.


I used to think that that would make the room open up like there are certain areas in your house that you shouldn't do that because let's say if you do that in your living room, mirror to mirror, because you think it's opening up, what you're really doing is if you invite guests in and if any of them have that energy or whatever you end up there, bad energy stays there and it keeps bouncing from me to me. That's why I've been reading I don't know, I'm really into that stuff.


Yeah, that's just definitely to do some research on that. Yeah.


So that's that. Anyway, you guys, thank you so much for coming on my podcast, Jake and Brennan, thank you.


So make sure to catch their podcast on every Wednesday. They have really cool, scary stories with different guests, including my my episodes. So check mine out. And yeah, if you guys have any questions. Oh, I'm sorry. Where can people find you on social. So sorry.


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And every time so yeah. Check them out, make sure to disarm them on their podcast Instagram if you have any crazy, scary stories you want to share. And thanks so much for listening for another episode of to try to be crazy with me while events. And on every Thursday and I love you guys, I'll see you next week. I.