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I've seen that video seven hundred times because I masturbated to it 20 hundred times. She goes, you know, I used to fucking right. And I was like, no, can you attest? Does he do all of that coconut oil and everything? And she goes, Yeah, every time, oh, my God, I'm going to die right now. He does not come until you come. Wow. I thought I was obsessed before, and now I'm going to, like, be stalking him outside his house.


Hi, guys, I'm Ben, and welcome to another episode of to try to be crazy today, my guess is I think you may have heard of her before. She is known as Sophia Franklin, and we just had her podcast. Hi, guys. I'm Sophia Franklin and you have a new podcast. What is it called?


Sophia with an F? Because I'm so creative. Yeah.


So you guys definitely have to check out both of the episodes. They're both out today. And we just did her podcast. And actually, as we were ending her podcast, she I don't know if we should just dive in because I've so many questions, but she mentioned something about her doing reverse cowgirl. And then she was like, that's for another time. So what about reverse cowgirl? So first of all, a reverse cowgirl, I can't do it, and I have a sex podcast, but like the amount of energy and you have to be fit to be able to do that position A and B, I just realized as I've gotten older, there's so many positions that look hot on porn and then doing them.


It's not fucking fun. Reverse cowgirl for me. That's not getting me off or it's not fun for me personally.


Yeah. We were talking about in your podcast how I said like I used to be more of a pick me girl where I would watch porn and I would figure out, like the positions, how to look sexy to the guy when I'm doing them. And so it was never it was me so focused on like trying to like sucking my stomach or putting on my ass. So it was never me getting to come. And none of the guys I dated seem to like that either.


But yeah, being on top in general, I feel like it's I can only do it for like two minutes before I'm like exhausted. Me too.


But I have I will say I have came from sex in two positions, missionary and then me being on top and like, that's it. Those are the only two.


How do you come from being on top? I rub my clit like on their pelvic bone. How have you come during sex or have you never know?


I just like I just invite in all my vibrators. OK, so with a toy. Yeah. But I wish like I wish I knew.


I feel like I have talked to her before that I feel like it's ruined when you masturbate too much. I use vibrators too much. It can ruin sex in general for you. Like because the sensation like I can only now orgasm from a vibrator versus like a finger or my like.


Yeah, OK.


So that's very interesting to me because I just part of me does believe that and part of me does it. Is it, is it just when you're using it like like consistently. Constantly. Do you know what I'm saying, because I use a vibrator and I can still come? Well, I just don't understand.


OK, so you're just rubbing yourself on the guy's pelvic. So in my brain, I'm just thinking of all the wetness in the loop, just like there has to be a shit ton or else it hurts.


I've also heard that men have pubic hair. It makes it easier to the sensation on the clit. Yeah. So I have come that way and then I've come missionary, but I get the toy thing coming from sex is so fucking hard. How do you come missionary. I mean it's like it's I've never told this story. It was the first orgasm I ever had during sex. I think I was. Oh, my gosh. Twenty two, I was probably like twenty two, I only came from oral and fingering and stuff like that and I was fucking this older guy.


I've had him on my podcast. Sorry, guys, I just took a sip of water and it was our third round. This guy could just go, go, go, go, and it was our third round. And I wasn't even thinking that that would happen because I've never experienced it. He was on top of me missionary. And then I felt like it was about to happen. And then it fucking happened. And I was shook like I was laying there.


And he was like, Are you OK? And I was like, oh, I am more than OK.


Like, he was like, Are you OK? I've never seen a woman orgasm before.


You have a seizure. What is that. But I but I was shocked.


Men are so lost when they see a woman come. Are you OK? I called the doctor. What's happening there, like, wait, your vagina tensed up and like your whole body shook, like either you're having a seizure, it's like, no, it's a fucking orgasm, thank you. But it was it was like a magical moment.


Was it from inside your then?


So this is what it was. And you can look this up. It's called the cat position. All it stands for coital alignment technique. I'm a sex educator, by the way. Just kidding. I'm not at all. But I looked it up right after because I was so shocked. And the girl is obviously on her back. The guy is on top of you, but he's more up on your body.


That being said, yeah, I'm looking at images on Google. Just type it into Wikipedia explains the whole thing.


So it's like you're clear is still being rubbed against his pelvic bone and your legs are down.


You're not lifting your legs up. What? You're not putting your legs up. Your legs are laying down in flat out.


And he's not doing the in and out. He's rubbing up and down. Same with when I came from being on top, I wasn't like bouncing up and down like cheerleader. I was rubbing, you know, scooting in a chair.


Wow. Oh, my God. I want to try that. And you should. But I mean it it came out of nowhere. It really did. I thought I would never. Got up and down. Everything was moving. Yeah, I like you guys, I'm showing our images on Google from the the the cat position, the cat position, and no one talks about it.


Well, you did ever heard someone talk about that?


No, I've never even talked about it on my own show. So.


OK, so that OK, that's really cool. But anyway, I didn't fully get to introduce Sofia. So Sophia hug after Internet personality who rose to fame as a blogger from barstool sports and is a cause of the massive successful podcast called Her Daddy, Everyone that fell in love with her daddy. It's probably the oggi number one number one best podcast out there when it was a duo. Yes, definitely through shade without meaning to throw shade.


And no, I think it's still doing well, kind of. But like it's known for having these two fun girls who talk about their sex experiences. I mean, it blew up like no gas was as big as call her daddy, except maybe Joe Rogan's podcast. Yeah, well, I feel like a whole new year, too, and I thought it was really cool. So you can even call her daddy then. You guys had a breakup, so you started your own and it's Sophea with an app and then, yeah, you took your talents solo and in October you launched your new podcast and you cover everything from sex, dating and relationships.


And obviously I just went on your podcast. So you have amazing guests.


What a fucking intro. You just like a bio. Yes. Thank you so much for that. And I'm so excited to be on your podcast. Yeah, I'm excited for you to come on.


I feel like. Yeah. People always asking for us to collab. Always, always, always.


So I like needed to happen. So thank you. I'm excited. So Zofia people it's cornin so it's like people can really leave their house. I feel like some people aren't dating apps just trying to talk to somebody. So what do you think the biggest dos and don'ts are on dating apps.


Oh. I mean, for many of her women, because it's very different. Interesting, what are the don'ts for men don't take too many selfies. I mean, the fishing picture, the picture where they're holding the fish, which is like half the men on dating apps, you don't know.


You don't want to go on Tinder right now, and I will literally do a bet with you, you will see at least 10 men holding a fishing pole or a fish that they just caught.


I got banned from Tinder.


So I guess why I'll tell you in your forecast. OK, good. OK, perfect. Oh, my God. I'm fucking I feel like you would have to do some really wild shit. Yeah. Did you have too many fishing pictures?


Yeah. Close. I'm excited. The don'ts for men I the fishing picture. No one. I've seen that so much on every fucking app. We don't care if you caught a fish and we don't care how big the fish was. The selfies. This is going to sound fucked up, but I have to be brutally honest. Don't post a bunch of pictures with your guy friends that are way hotter than you think.


You always post pictures with your friends. They're uglier than you. One hundred percent, actually, just because you just look better and you don't and you don't want the girl to be looking and she's kind of like thinks she's into you and then she sees your best friend and he's a ten and then it just makes you look like you're a five, even if you're a nine, especially if they start with the group photo and then you're just like, you see the cutest one and then they continue group photo.


So you're like, oh, that guy's my dude. And then the last picture is finally the guy who you match with and he's the uglier friend. Then you're like, oh, shit.


Oh my God. The order of the photos especially. Yes. I mean, I could go on for an hour. I'm going to keep going.


Yeah. What else? Too many shirtless pictures. Yeah, I don't know if you've been on the dating app, right. That's to be on and the amount of dudes with the shirtless pics and stuff, because there's a lot of models on there. I don't want I don't want to do the guy that's been a and I maybe it's just getting older. It's just not as important to me.


A guy has a six pack name I like. I'm OK with a dad body to 100 percent. Yeah.


I think it's like it's like Big Dick, nice abs. That's the guy you want to fuck. And then you have like a story to tell you now your grandkids never mind to tell your friends I like the guy you marry.


It's like he has a boyfriend, Dick, and he has maybe a dad. Bob, he has a great job. He has a four one K like that's a guy you never heard of.


Boyfriend Dick and I are obsessed. Did you come up with that? I don't think you came up with that. I've been saying it forever. It's like there's the the sex stick and then there's the boyfriend Dick. Boyfriend Dick is the guy you marry, right.


Like it might be on a little bit on the smaller side, like, but who cares. You're just smaller.


But he makes you happy because you hold your knife and he has four one K and he wants to have kids with you and he's not going to go see you and you're not getting infections from fucking him every single night on like a big day because you're going to get yeast infections and UTIs because you're going to go dry there. And he's hoping.


Yeah. So I feel like the shirtless pics. Yes. I'm not into the music. Second, I hear a guy's an actor model. I'm not dead at all.


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OK, maybe you saw me. Does this. I don't know. I think I don't know what he's going through and it sucks. But he wrote it's a question he told me to ask you. Would you ever have sex with someone while a cock watched? See, you see Kay, watch. Oh, cuckolding, is that what want? That means you're watching your partner have sex.


That's usually when your partner is watching you fuck someone and it's usually your fucking a guy in your boyfriends watching you fuck him. That sounds hot in theory, but would you ever do that? That's a tough one, I dated a guy who was super into this, and I never actually did it. I mean, I did stuff that was like we did like threesomes and stuff. But you know what? I don't know that I'm looking for a guy that is going to be my forever person, hopefully.


I mean, marriage, I only think should last like seven and 10 years. I'm a little bit of a skeptic. Yeah, yes, exactly. Because I'm only going 80 years older.


But I wouldn't do it just because I think I don't want my husband to have memories of me liking another dude. Yeah. Younger and like a fun relationship. Yeah, yeah. Guys are like, oh I would like three hundred girls and girls are like oh one time I, I let a guy buy me dinner and he's like, you know what, you can't make up a whole sorry but yeah. Guys they're like why was he buying you dinner.


Because he was expecting sex which makes you a slut. So you're a slut by. Yeah it's like a guys expect you, they want you to be a virgin, but they also want you to be super good in bed and like know how to suck that. But you better never accept anyone else's dick. Don't much porn. You better not masturbate because you should only want to have sex with me like masturbate. I said having all but be clean down there.


But bleach I mean it depends on the guy.


I feel like guys that I've been dating are more progressive, so I'm totally kidding. Obviously I think most guys are progressive now, like where we are in life. Like first of all lie about how many of them live like a thing as you should. I feel like I should. I feel like I want to live, but sometimes I feel like I date friends. So then I'm like, oh, oh. And they, you know, yeah.


It's is like you can't really hide it. Right.


But you just shouldn't be judged on your number and it shouldn't really be a topic of conversation. I agree, but I like it when I like when a guy that I'm dating like even my future husband, like I like the fact that he's been around like I actually like it. Like it turns me on. Do you still like it? No, I like it. I mean, you know, like if used to be a fuck boy, sometimes, like that makes it more difficult for me to trust him in the relationship.


But yes, I don't want a guy who has no idea what he's doing. I want a guy that's actually experience like want the guy to already have, like his gangbangs is threesomes, foursomes, whatever it is like. I don't care what you did actually like I actually want to know about it because it turns me on. So they want it out of your system and now you're OK with just eating me out every single night for the rest of our life and not husband material.


He got out of his system and he. Yes, in ten years because he so like his job and getting well, getting me out every night for eight years. And that's how he dies.


Yes. You can't even move his jail point just was so sexy. Not visual. Yeah. I totally agree though. OK, ok. Would you rather date a tall guy with no money or short guy who's loaded.


I just I have to be honest short with money and it's it's honestly more so that I just can't date someone that has no ambition whatsoever and is OK with being broke.


I agree. Like I need a guy that's like really Paul Chavez job, because I'm really passionate about I'm passionate about everything I do from my job to the men that I'm doing, like I'm passionate like you just to be like even when I talk to somebody like me talking to you, I'm passionate. Very extremely.


Yes. So I would say short guy, bank account. And I was raised by a single mom. And when you say, oh, it's so sweet. Yeah. And you know, the men she has dated or married since then, my mom was always the breadwinner, which is great. But I've seen it kind of be an issue sometimes as well there. You guys have to be on the same level at least. I think so.


Exactly. Yeah. That's why it has to be more than looks. But like I love this, though, as we're getting older, like all these jokes, the guys thought that they should Banquo feel insecure about like having like if you don't have a big dick, girl's not going to fuck you. If you're not if you're not over six to like I'm not even noticing you. And now they're finding out it's actually not true. Like we I love a guy that's sure I don't care.


But for girls that are older, I feel like when I was younger, it was all about, like, hot, you know, that was the only thing I cared about. Yeah, mature. Some girls mature. Yeah.


Now you're just like, OK, I want a man that has the same goals as me and like for me, like I never go for guys based on looks like it's more about like their personality, how we click and then if they have the same drive as me.


Yeah. Yeah. One hundred percent. So you would agree with that. You would say short guy.


Yeah. My dad is one inch shorter than my mom. OK. So you're that's what you're into, as I do like, what's my dad? I don't know if I'm into like men just like my dad. I feel like that's like a completely different type of daddy issues.


Yes, but. No, you can admit it, just say. I don't say it. No, I understand.


So you agree with me, though, the short guy bank account.


Yeah, like Bhanot. But I hate the whole stigma with, like, all your golddigger. Like, I'm sorry because I want to guys have a job and have a car. I'm a gold digger. OK, go off.


I know it's like it's so. And even if you did a guy that is five to 10 years older, gold digger, it's like even if you make your own money, you're still a gold digger.


Yes, exactly. It's like, please get the fuck out. Yeah.


I like I am looking for a man that's older than me, like I think five to 10, 12 years. I don't care. Like, I like that. And it because I can finally feel like a little like I feel like a lot of times I want to be the baby and then sometimes I date guys who are younger than me. So then I feel like I'm their mother.


So now I do want older man I, I've only dated older so you can act up. Yes. I can sometimes be like I want to do this and then I guess you oh my God, it's our daddy issues like we kind of want a little bit of a daddy. We do. Oh I don't want to get. We kind of do, if you really think about it, because I'm the same way, I'm like, I need someone to babysit me, not the other way around.


Yeah, I think that's what deeply I've always yearned for. And I just never admitted that, I guess, until right now.


Oh, my God. Wow. OK, that is what I'm looking for. My dad.


I have never admitted it publicly, but I guess here we are, both of us. But yeah, I agree. I want to date someone a little bit older.


Yeah. What are your thoughts on fucking on a first date when a hundred percent. Fine. You think, OK, what are the pros and cons of fucking on a first date.


So I think the. You know, I mean, I understand the reason why girls wouldn't want to because I teach girls not to do it. You do? Time like I wanted to hear a different opinion. OK, we're about to have a different opinion.


So the I've had two very serious relationships that started from not a one night stand, but the second day we thought, OK, let's do the second date. So, OK, we're strictly talking about one night stands. Excuse me.


One of my boyfriends was a one night stand and I did four years. Twenty one, twenty two. OK, what? Twenty one, twenty two. No one's looking to get married, so I feel like when you're younger and you fuck on the first day, are you fucked from a one night stand and that's your boyfriend? That's because guys have no problem with commitment when they're young, because they're like, it's not I'm not marrying the girl when you're older.


If you haven't noticed. That's why men are the scared, more scared of commitment. Because then when you're older, if you have commitment, a boyfriend that can lead to marriage.


And that's what, guys, only I'm more like if you notice, it's harder to commit when you're older with men than it is I this and this is we should all like a reoccurring segment because I completely disagree with that.


That's so crazy. I like one hundred percent. I think that men, as they get older, are then starting to like kind of look for that and they're kind of like looking for the girl that they'll like, settle down with. And when they're younger they're like, I want to fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, until I have to like be in that headspace to get married, etc.. That's always how I've thought about it. But I see I do see what you're saying.


I see what you're saying to and like, I love the fact that we have different opinions because that is one thing that, like, I told girls that if you do want to fuck on a first day, like, that's your prerogative. I don't agree with it because I just don't feel like everyone deserves your body and your energy and all that. And it actually is an exchange of energy when, like a man enters you, he's putting his energy inside of you.


So if he's a bad person or you don't really know him that well, you're literally allowing him to give you his energy and then he takes away your energy. So, like, I don't fully love that. I feel like that's why you should figure out first. And plus, like some of us like me, I get to see.


And I think that's something to point out because what have you, just as a woman, you feel like fucking should you not fuck because. Yeah, you should fuck.


I think it depends what you're looking for. But I think when you're older, I guess again, I guess it depends because for me I can get I can get blurry in my brain after fucking a guy. So then I won't be able to get any more my head if he's right for me, because I'm just trying to figure out how it can be his girlfriend now because he was inside of me for three seconds and then ejaculate if he needs you, come.


If you made me come like that said, I'm in love, I'm like that.


But if there is no orgasm like you, you could be saved. You could pull you out of it. I'm saved. I've been saved so far because luckily none of them ever make me come the first time.


So I'm safe.


They're OK that I agree with. I've never come on a first hook up sex wise. Yes, I have before it by oral. But I mean, back to your question. I think that women I kind of do believe in playing the game. You know, the game. We all know what it is to get the guy to like you and like you want to seem like you are not super available or accessible, blah, blah, blah. But I also think there's a lot of power in being a woman and being like, I want to fuck it's our first date, but that's what I feel like doing.


So let's do it. And, you know, we'll go from there. And I think, you know, instead of being in your head about how do I get this guy to respect me and blah, blah, blah, fuck him. You have sex with him, like, do it. But that's the thing. So when I've talked about my podcast on my dommage bootcamp, which I've changed the name now to bad bootcamp, is that it's not even about getting the guy to respect you like.


So if I'm not fucking on a first date, it's not because I'm like, oh, he won't respect me.


I don't give a fuck. What do you think? Because you you're going to get like a connection. Yeah, I'm respecting myself enough that I don't even know if you deserve my body. Like, oh, you took me out for one meal. You think I'm going to suck your dick like I don't know you like that. Like I need to see that you want to. And this is this is what when I talk about it's for older women who are looking to settle down.


So like, I'm still trying to figure out if you're like a good match for me. And I don't need to to get all confused because you have a really nice deck and you're going to make me like, I don't need that. Like, I don't even know if you deserve my body yet. So I'm respecting myself to say no because I need to get to know you first. Yeah, I can see both ways.


One hundred percent. So you're you saying that you're against it is more so there is a transfer of energy. Sex is just intimate by nature. People can pretend that it's not. Yeah. Yeah. Oh my gosh. Excuse me. And that can just fuck with a girl's head. Yes, and then imagine you fucked the guy, you guys did not discuss boundaries, anything, and then suddenly you see him adding new girls and saying, I don't care how much you enjoyed the sex, you're a human being is going to make you feel like shit.


If you notice something, you're like, why am I not the only girl in your head? Well, that's because of you. I, like you guys, didn't discuss anything. So as much as you want to act like you were just having fun, like it's still going to feel like shit if he doesn't call you a day or two later versus if you never fuck them. If he didn't call you a day or two later in your brain, you know, oh, we weren't even a match.


But if you fuck them is going to be in your ego, but you're going to be like, well, I don't even like him, but why? When he called me, I just fucked them, though.


OK, so when do you think it's appropriate to fuck him? Like when he's made a clear commitment?


I think it doesn't matter when you guys decide to have sex. Look, I don't have like a rule of like wait two months, three, three months. It's not about that. I think I think as you get older, those questions you don't want to discuss of like what? What are we going to do? Where are we? Because you're supposed to play hard to get I think it's important you can still play hard to get and still be open about the fact you're looking for something serious is just like I just don't know if it's with you, but I am trying to figure it out.


So I think when the guy tells you everything you want to hear and shows that you also with his actions, then like, yeah, oh, see where you're not going to be fucking anyone else. Like Yeah. Like or he's already in love with you then. Yeah.


Then you give him your Petunia Futuna. I guess my only you know, disagreement with that. I think it's good that we disagree is I think whether it's on the first day or it's on the tenth date and you know, he was just waiting to like get inside that pussy. And on the tenth day, he disappears. Yeah, it's the same shit, you know. Exactly. That's why I don't tell the girls to wait, like, two months, three months.


It's not about that has to do with the communication. Like, you have to actually get wood you can't do on a first. It's like you have to give it. Yeah.


And obviously first date is different if you guys have been best friends forever. And then you finally like my sister and her boyfriend, her husband so stupid. She has two kids with they fucked on the first date, but they were best friends for five years, so they got it. So they had the friendship. They had that they had the emotional connection. Right. Like but if they didn't have the emotional like he was a player before her. So you love with the girl, he would kind of get over her.


That's sometimes how guys our guys are hunters, like as much as they are. I don't want to play games all that like a guy we kind of already got kind of and yeah, women can get whatever they want to. It just depends what you're looking for. You can fuck on a first date, but you should hold off, you should try to hold off if you're looking for something serious with that person.


I disagree, but I completely see your point of view. I do. I think it's good to disagree. No, I love the word disagreeing because, like, I think it's good because there's probably a lot of listeners out there that disagree with me or they feel like it makes them feel shame if they didn't do what I told them to do. And I don't want them to feel shame because, again, like there's people you think differently and it works for you or maybe Franni and girls like me who do get emotionally attached and it gets blurry in their head.


So for me, I prefer to not like I need to have a clear mind.


Yes. And I and I totally got that, too. I do. Well, we just did like a whole fucking session right there.


I love that feeling of like. Sex and all that stuff. One thing call her daddy is super popular for that, you guys invented it and I recently got a Glock, but that's a gun to protect myself in my house. But you guys have something called the Glock Glock nine thousand. Oh, can you can you elaborate? What is that?


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So the Glock nine thousand. It is a blow job. It is, you know, Deep Throat, super sloppy, super aggressive. Two hands can't combination. It's pretty much a super aggressive, sloppy blowjob. And it really was not created by either of us. It was created by M. Hunter, who now his name is Ghost Writer. If you guys go listen to my new podcast, you'll hear all about him. I do an episode with him.


He's really the one that came up with that.


Right. So I was just trying to be nice and give you guys credit. You're like, I know you guys are inspired enough to do that. No, I know what I'm saying. But I knew you had the ghostwriter. I just didn't want to be rude, but gone. Oh, so that was really him.


And, you know, if you think about it, it wasn't anything revolutionary to do a sloppy blowjob. It was the marketing behind it that made it so huge because it became huge. Yeah. In, uh, from personal experience, I actually like kind of recently I was giving a blowjob and I was doing the glug glug, you know, and you're like as you were doing it, you're like, I just want you to know I didn't invent this.


Like, I just want you to know I didn't invent this. Seems like it's OK. Just keep sucking my dick.


And I mean, I'm like I want to be completely honest while I'm down here, he's like, get the fuck out. Actually, he would never tell me to get out. He'd be like, let me finish and then leave. I was doing that. And this guy said, we can you stop? Like, can you stop doing, like, what you're doing? Can you, like, relax? Because I was going like hard and sloppy and whatever, and he wanted me to do the complete opposite.


And it was just very interesting to me, like it really depends on the guy, you know what I mean? Not one blowjob is for everybody did that.


Hurt my feelings, like if I give her like I need the guy like I actually recently did give her at the time of sex, I'm like, so I suck dick the other day. I don't. But there is gift.


And one thing that bothers me the most and I talked about with Francesca is that I, I hate when you're just like I like love getting here and good job. Like is just I need to know I'm doing amazing. Like you're doing amazing sweetie. Like so I'm like giving him head and I he's even like moaning or really anything and then I can't even tell if I'm doing a job like I hate one guy. Hate what if someone was like stop, I'll be like I'm leaving.


Oh, you would know everything in my head, I would just be really I know I did. I was like, wait, what the fuck? But then, you know, I was like adult enough to understand, like, one blowjob is not going to work for everybody. Yeah, we were known for, you know, the glug glug. And then I try it on a guy and he's like, please, if I can stop it, I'm like, and you're like, oh, you don't you don't understand.


Let me play you this episode. It's it's like, you know, the caller that let me play, it's called the Glock Glock nine thousand. You're going to love it. Look, let me play it here. And he's like, please stop me.


I'm like, I did this. He's like, everyone knows you didn't. I'm like, No, I did. OK, yeah, so wanted literally the opposite, but not aggressive, not sloppy like. Every guy is different. What does that even mean to you two hands? What if his dick is not big enough? Then you just do like fingers or use your one hand.


Maybe you are doing two hands and it was like bigger than his own dick.


And it's like, no, I don't think that was it. I think it was just like that. Porn performance thing that we were talking about, one is ruining regular sex. I'm not going to lie.


I'm like choking and like slobbering. And he's like, OK, bitch, please.


What is the kind of small, you know, because maybe you're choking on a small penis. He was like, we both know you're lying.


Similar twin girls are like, oh, my God, it's so big. Do not say that.


And it's not big because he knows he it just like it. You're just you're pointing it out like just don't talk about the size.


I agree. OK, so like. I guess the Glock Glock nine thousand, great, so you didn't come up with whatever, but but then do you have advice then for guys on how to give how to eat pussy?


Oh, my God. I could go on for an hour. Tips for men on how to eat pussy. Yes, I have seven hundred. So I'm trying to think of, like, where to start. The most important thing is. Do not spread her legs and start eating her pussy. She needs foreplay. She needs you to you know what I personally love and I like a lot of girls do, is him playing with your vagina over your underwear.


I love that love. It's like this teasing thing. And I swear to God, the longer you tease her without actually, like, tongue on the action, that's when she's going to have an orgasm. Way easier like this.


That is my favorite thing, actually, when a guy teases me with that actually, like starting to go there. Exactly. And I and I think a lot of women need that. So that would be tip number one. Don't go straight for the cliff again with your mouth. Go around it. B, we are going to go around it because they can't figure out where the hell right you like by the whole lot.


Luckily for me, every actually know, you know, what's you know, what's interesting is I've had guys that are really good and they're touching my clit, but I want them to go farther below the clit. Did I make any sense in the middle between your hole and your clit?


Kind of like I want the whole area to be stimulated. Yeah. And they're more focused on the top and I want it below. Yeah. That does make it sound like is this big. I like to travel around, but I mean those are like two major things. I also think starting. Even with your tongue soft, slow, and then ramping it up. Yes, I mean, do I mean to keep going like the finger action, did you did you watch the video, Sanjay Alvarez?


I mean, I've seen that video seven hundred times because I masturbated to it 20 hundred times as I have it. No, that video was hot. Did you think it was hot?


It was so hot that I scream, recorded it before anyone takes it down so I can have it on my phone and save it, that I send it to you. And I sent to a producer and he literally did not even realize why I sent it to him. And he was just like, you send a regular text. I was like, well, I'm going to talk him in the pockets so. So you can have it.


So why was it hot? Can you tell me why you found it hot?


It was a music video did come off as a sex tape. It was a full on sexy music video. No, there's like the mean girl background song and then the the coconut oil. And I showed it to my roommate, Francheska. And I'm like, Franki, watch this video. She goes, Yes, I've seen it. He showed it to me. And I was like, OK, like, that's crazy. And she goes, you know, I used to fucking right.


And I was like, no. And I was like, can you attest? Does he do all of that in general? Oh, my God, I'm going to die right now. And she goes, Oh no, he fucks just like that. Oh, that coconut oil and everything. And she goes, Yeah, every time.


Did she say it was good? Yeah, she says like he does not he he he does not come until you come. I love guys like that. I do, too. Wow. I thought I was obsessed before, and now I'm going to, like, be stalking him outside his house.


Yeah, I've met with them before. And Ryan, he's like kicked me out before because he loves Russian girls. And I was like, the guys like are such small dark energy. I didn't care for him. I take it back.


Right. What a beautiful penis he has. Holy shit. Yeah. My favorite scene is when he's eating the girl out, fingering her at the same time and like looks sideways at the camera.


And I, I know exactly what you're talking about because I watch this so many times that a little bit like I saw the image in my brain right now. And I love them when the camera goes on, like on his face and his mouth, just like literally on the what is that's what it is. Oh my God, we're both sweating. We're both like big cigars.


And I go pee. Yeah, it's going to take me 30 seconds. Hey, guys, we're doing amazing.


I think we're doing great. Hey, guys, it's Violeta with the V again taking over for Sophia.


Let's talk about something we haven't talked about. Oh, you guys, I have been thinking of bleaching my asshole. And I know what you're thinking. Why no one's looking that asshole. I know. But it's for me, like, I think as long as you do things for you, that's all that matters. Yeah. I haven't been able to Mousehole, because I was doing research. Is it safe to bleach your asshole?


Not really, actually. And it goes away after a couple of months. It's almost not worth it, but I have decided that to do it. So yesterday I bought the cream and it's coming in a few days. And not only you. One hundred.


You missed out what I was talking about. Oh, my God. I was about. Did you take over? Yeah, I talked to bleaching my asshole. So you missed out? No, but I'm thinking about it. So that's what I'm talking about. Oh if your bleach your asshole.


I have not. I want you so badly, I was in New York and I was calling all of these like waxing places and like spies and they all pretty much hung up on me and I could not find a place that does it.


I literally did the same thing and people thought I was pranking them and not because they were like, you want to please you? I was like, no, you bleached my asshole for me. I'm like, man, I'm this guy trying to be funny. And I was like, thank you. Like, bleed your assholes. I think, should we start a place now? Because apparently the places were calling, they sell the creams.


I didn't realize why they were so confused. They sell the creams and you put on yourself because I was like, no, I don't want to do it myself. Can you come and do it for me? And oh, you OK? It's a cream. I thought be like literally like put bleach on it.


Like you're getting your hair dyed. The hairstyle is apparently there is bleaching. You do it yourself or there's asshole like lasering. But after seeing the Jay Alvarez like sexy video, music video like that was such a perfect opportunity, I was just like, OK, that's what inspired me. Yes.


But it's like, OK, so they're buying like bleach cream yesterday. But then I found out that you have to put it on in the morning, then at night and then you have to scrub your butthole like really well before you put it on. It's like I don't know if I have the emotional capacity to go through all that emotional capacity. For how long do you like how long does it take for you to actually get bleached for like a few weeks and then it only lasts for a few months and then you have to redo it.


And there's like a lot of negative effects to.


So, like, not worth it. Yeah, I still have it, so I'm thinking of doing it, but it's just like, OK, I'm sorry, you guys like whoever's the next guy I'm sorry. You just going to have to be OK with licking my brown butthole because you can go through like hot air.


You have a brown one also is a bleaching it pink or what. The bug is making it lighter, pink or lighter. Yeah. OK, question aside from my brown butthole, one other way is the best way to kill a boner. I think the brown belt holds the key. Obviously, any mention of you telling the guy you like him in any way, shape or form, this is actually going to be an interesting one, calling him daddy.


And I know the girls have heard the opposite, and I guys think that's the hardest thing. I was having a conversation with my guy friends the other day and they said if they're fucking a girl and it's like one of the first few times they've hooked up and the girl is screaming, Oh, my God, Daddy, yes, daddy. The entire time he was like, kills my boner. I hate it. The more, you know, the dog called him Daddy.


No, no, I got it.


So no. Oh, wow. OK, so don't tell him you love him and are married like, you know, try to take it slow. Yes. Literally wait till marriage. Don't even tell him you like him and then don't call him daddy. Yes, that's my advice. I love that. And or my brown butthole or the brown Bellshill. Like try to keep the whole leg under wraps.


Don't show him my.


Stop right there. I'm here to spice up your life before I continue this podcast, and I'm here to tell you about what a huge fan I am of Wolmar play. It's one of my favorite sponsors, as you know. I love masturbating. I love sex toys. I talk about all the stuff all the time. One of their favorite products of mine is their coconut love oil. Actually, as you know, I've talked about this before. I just genuinely believe the lube is life changing, whether it's with a partner or by yourself.


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OK, so have you ever dealt with a guy that has a fetish like a foot fetish? I mean, I don't know too much about it.


I did dated a guy briefly that was into it and he just wanted he loves sucking on my toes a and he did ask for a blowjob and I did do it for, I don't know, thirty seconds. And then I just I couldn't do anymore. I seriously I feel like a monkey like with my feet together doing this. I actually never heard of a job until recently. These guys are trying to brag to me about some girls that they've been with.


They've given them a blowjob. And I was like in my head, I'm just like it just sounds like you don't have a great like I was like, what? I don't get it.


And then I Googled Oosting. Right. That's just seems exhausting. How do you even figure out, like, how to put like to keep your feet there? I don't know. I mean, how many days you got of men asking for pictures of your feet? A lot. A lot. I don't really get it either. But, I mean, I'm not I'm not shaming it, but I don't understand the allure. Have you ever do you know anyone that's ever sold for pics or any of that stuff?


I do know a girl who made an only fans just for her fee. Does she have an amazing feat? They were very cute. I have.


Really. Because because I was like I was curious what the economics of like how much you can sell each thing. Like, I have really ugly fee. Like I have, like, struggling toes, like they all separated from each other. They all don't speak to each other. They're in a fight like that. Follow each other on Instagram. They one of none of them touch. So I was like, would I close with someone, want to pay more for my to see a picture of my feet or less.


Oh, because they're like a little fucked up ugly. Yeah. I mean I know that the a lot of times they don't necessarily want clean manicure. I've had guys be like I want them to be disgusting, dirty, like you haven't showered type of thing. So maybe your feet would fucking kill it on olefins. Well it doesn't work out for me daddy issues. Maybe that is what I'm going to do.


Maybe I will tell you get together. What did you do to be a lesbian fun feat? Yeah.


And together you can follow your socks and like, use shoes. Yeah. Is that I mean, yes, I had a guy ask for the shoes specifically and I almost Viniar offer only five hundred dollars.


That's a lot. I mean they were forever twenty one flats that were like seventeen dollars.


That's a lot. You didn't do it though.


She's like well I mean like she actually did waving her hair. I swear I did not do it.


But I now know I don't need five hundred dollars to sell shoes, but I eventually, I don't know what to see. Now I'm thinking my only fans four feet. It's like you may not be perfect, but neither are my feet.


So, you know, like on your body girls and also on your feet, I think. I don't know, I don't know what type of feet they look for, honestly, but I kind of want to bring on, like, an expert.


Yeah. Yeah. I'm actually going I think I'm going to bring on this girl, my channel, that that does that. She's a dominant dominatrix and she also picks and socks and shoes and stuff.


Oh my God. That would be amazing. I was really cool. Good for her. OK, so moving on weight. Here's my feet but. They don't look that battery up, although they look amazing on my mind. The only issue is the pinky toe. Let me see it.


I don't even know there's like a toenail on there. He I barely have a toenail on my foot. Your feet look nice. Yeah. OK, I apologize, we're good now.


OK, so moving on from Jay and all that stuff, I do talk to you about friendship, break ups, OK, more painful relationship breakup or a friendship breakup? Oh, uh. You know, I I have only had one friendship break up in my entire life, that was the one that was very, very public. That was the one for my old show, call her daddy, which, by the way, listen to Sophia enough. It's way better.


That's the only one I've ever experienced. And I think it was so different than a common friendship breakup. So I want to say a relationship breakup, if I'm going to be completely honest, just because I don't really know how a friendship breakup really feels and what part of the reason why is I realized later that this person was never my friend. Yeah, but isn't that what makes it so painful? No, I think it makes it more painful if you and someone else, the love was real and the connection was real, and then you had to break up for whatever reason.


When I found out none of that was real and it was all in my head, it was more like self reflection, like, why did you allow that to happen? You know what I mean? I feel like an idiot. Yeah, yeah. That must have been hard. That is actually really interesting because I did like a whole episode on Friendship Break breakup's like forever ago. I may do it again again. But I was writing about how like friends or breakups can actually be more painful because no one discusses it or really normalizes it.


Unlike a couple of breakups, because you see it on TV. There is love songs about it and for heartbreak, but for friendship break ups like there's no songs about it normally.


So then you're supposed to just go through it and then to just get over it.


And it's supposed to just feel like a normal thing.


Like, yeah, exactly, because there's no sexual intimacy between you and your friend. Normally it doesn't make sense for you to have like supposedly like this whole heartbreak and all that, you know, with the man or your partner, a woman like you shared like love, you were into men all. Then I got to get over it with a friend. It's kind of like you almost feel embarrassed because you didn't discuss boundaries. The breakup happened and it got weird.


And then like no one because no one else actually breaks up. It's not like we shouldn't be together anymore with a friend. Right.


And also and you know what? You're bringing up such a good point. I think that even in friendships. You're kind of supposed to pretend like I feel like a lot of times people in friendships, they never want to announce, I love you, you are my best and closest friend. Like, it's an awkward thing for some reason.


Exactly. Because you haven't discussed boundaries. You haven't discussed because a lot of times also friendships happen with the break called break ups is because boundaries were never discussed. So then like let's say I'm calling you every day, I need your advice. But my friendship with you means that I talk to you every couple of days because I'm busy with other shit. But you were expecting me to call you every day or like you and Alex, you had expectations like she want to fuck you over.


And she didn't know that I was like part of the friendship contract just getting. But you know what I mean? I think that was like a I think I was, you know, completely just used as a vessel to get famous. Well, and it sounds like I'm giving myself like so much, you know, not Clowe, but like. That's exactly what it was, she saw me, she thought I was funny. She thought we had good chemistry and I confuse that with a friendship.


And it was really just a business ploy on her end.


Yeah, no, I don't like whatever you're saying. First of all, like, everyone is entitled to their truth. Everyone has their own truth. So there's no really such thing as somebody being wrong. So obviously she had her truth and you had your truth. And then the day like a friendship break breakup, like any type of breakup we're parting ways is still painful. And I think for both sides and I think the part that was so public does suck.


And I think it's also unfortunate that, like the way you're talking about so casually, I almost kind of feel bad for you a little because you because it's like it feels like you have no choice but to make it so casual and then you have no choice but to be like, oh, I don't mean to sound like this because it's blah blah. To me, it just sounds like, fuck, did you like you?


This person needs to deal with their emotions. Like that is painful. Like that is a big deal that you somebody that was your friend that you loved and then you realized that person didn't actually give a fuck about me. That is actually very painful. That sucks.


Yeah, it does. And I mean, that's a really good point that you bring up that I'm being so casual about it. I think that. Maybe I'm just still angry and I haven't hit the point where it makes me sad, you know, because they can go in different stages, but I think. I mean, I guess I think that would be what it is, I think I think so. I think it's like, again, because we have normalized the whole friendship ups and all that stuff because it's more normal with a couple break ups, it's kind of in your brain.


You're forced to kind of continue to move on. And plus it's our inner child. So the minute we get her, we protect ourselves. So whatever. Like, for me, the minute someone hurts me, I will completely just shut down and they will just stop existing in my world. And it takes me forever to finally deal with my own emotions because it's like my inner child is protected. I'm trying to protect my inner child by doing something that's a little toxic without realizing instead of like owning up to my emotions, like, fuck, that was so painful because you don't want to it's hard to understand why a friend can hurt you so much.


It's it's understandable when, like, my partner and I didn't work out because they did this, this and this, it was expected that they would treat me this way and they didn't. And I'm disappointed. I'm hurt. But with a friend, you're like, wait, what just happened?


Yeah, yeah. You know, I I'm trying to, you know, be respectful. I think that for me, I thought about it so much. I talk to my therapist for months and months and months about it. And I just realized that there are certain people that are a certain way and. I'm not making sense because I don't want to say the word, because obviously, like I have no right to, you know, give someone a title or a label.


But I just think, you know, if you come to the conclusion that someone is a bad person, it's easier to get over it that way. And sometimes breakups are not that. And sometimes the friend was a good person and sometimes, you know, your boyfriend was a good person in this instance. I don't I don't think so. And that's why just my personal opinion. But I think that kind of made it easier for me to just. Move on.


I mean, not move on because I we moved on. I get what you're saying. I a while back, I, I was experiencing a French breakup.


It was obviously way more on the DL than you are going through. And I can't even imagine. But I was really hurt by something that happened because the person that like I went for bat for, like the bat for and I wanted the best for me. I found out there were kind of trashing me behind my back about something that was really important to me. And then when I called them out and I said, I think it's best for now if we take up space like they even went even more crazy on me.


And they were like, one day I'm going to come after you and I'm going to call you out because I was so scared that I was going to call them out for what they did. And I was like, Do I still love you? Like, I would never do that to you. Like, I'm like, this is between us. Like, I'm like, I'm being honest with you. Like I'm hurting right now that we have to part ways like this really hurt me.


How do you not understand that? And instead, the person was so defensive and they were like, yeah, girl.


And nobody gave a fuck about you right now, like enough something like that, because they were upset that was their way of reacting and that like my heart. And then I just completely shut down and I just never brought it up again. And then like a month or two later, I would sometimes look over their stuff and I would miss them. And my friends had to be like, we stop. You have this now because they seem like they weren't doing so well mentally.


And I and I just feel like her only hurt people, hurt people. So that's why when they were so mean to me, like I knew I'm like they they have to be struggling inside. But my friends were like, B, you have to stop trying to save everyone like this person for you. And you're sitting there trying to figure out how to come back and help them.


Like sometimes there's just you know, there's people that make mistakes and then there are just people that inherently are not good people. I really believe that. But I totally get what you're saying about, you know, you see stuff and you miss them, like because they've had bad but a badge. Your question, I've only had one friendship break up, so I would want to say a relationship break up. But I don't think, you know, I've had enough experiences to know.


Have you had, like, multiple friendship break ups?


I mean, I am a very confrontational person. I think for me, it's always been more painful to relationship break up, but that's because I have daddy issues my whole life and you do too. So my whole life, I always yearn for that. I always thought, like, your friends come and go and that one love you have with your partner, like that's the person that's going to love you and take care of you. And then every time they would leave, I would be heartbroken because I'm like abandonment issues.




But now that I've grown older and I start to appreciate my friendships more, my friendships mean the world to me, like I like there's been some moments last year and this year that I would not have survived without my friends and like people that I care about. And I've talked about in another podcast and one of my other episodes, I think my soul episodes about like you spent so much time thinking that, like, people don't love you until one day you're like, wait, everyone is trying to love me.


Like, I'm just not accepting that love because I'm like, so busy searching from that one partner and everyone else is loving me so much. I just I don't know what it feels like. And that's why I don't even understand that they're loving me. Right. Yes. That completely makes sense for you because, I mean, we've romanticized the man and the woman, and that's the only that's the epitome of love. It's not necessarily it's really, really not.


No. You need your family and you need like you need your friend. Like you. Yeah. I'm so independent that I'm just like, oh, I'm just on my own. And then the love of my life will come in. But it's like, no, you need your friends. They're going to help you survive so many bad moments. And like that, that is love. Like I love my close friends right now, like I would do anything for and I can finally understand what, like real love is with my friends.




You know what? I feel the same way. I think a lot of that comes with getting older and the people you just friends have a different meaning and they hold a different way. I think as you get older.


Yeah, you need them. You need friends. And I think that once you get that love from other people, from your friends and family and from yourself, I think you that's when you stop searching for it from the other man and then you stop romanticizing him and your situation. And then it's easier to really see them for who they are versus being like, oh, that person can save me. So now I don't look for anyone to save me because like, I've saved myself and with my friends help.


It's all right. Yeah, it's a friends and it's you doing it by yourself at first. And then the friends in the family like are they help make that happen. I totally agree.


So do you see then yourself you ever forgiving Alex? Are you and Alex ever starting a fresh start or like. No.


Mm. I mean, I've never been asked that question. I don't know. I don't know. I'm not sure.


Mike, would you ever want to sit down and have a conversation with her and explain to her what how something made you feel?


I don't think so. I think, you know, with a with every other relationship I have, whether it's friendship or whether it was a romantic relationship, I could I think this specific one, I just wouldn't see a need. To be honest. Well, honestly, to me, the way you're talking, even though you're talking very stern, it sounds like. It sounds to me like it really hurt you and it's OK to admit that and and I think sometimes it's OK to not forgive people if they really are you.


And I think also in my know, I think but I think I've forgiven. I just there's we never have to talk again. No. I mean.


Yeah, no, exactly. And I think sometimes it's good for things like this to happen because it helps you then grow and understand, like, in my opinion, hopefully, Alex, what she can take away from it is that like she if she did care about your friendship and knowing that you will never you will never you never want to explore that friendship again. Like hopefully for her it will help her grow as a person to know that to the next person.


She won't be able to do that because knowing that you will never, like, go back to her because of it. Like, I think that's good. Like, I remember a lot. I like long time ago when I was younger, I said really fucked up things with this guy that I was dating. And I remember and again, I'm comparing our relationship to our friendship, but read the fucking same thing in my opinion. So this guy that was dating, we're about to end it.


And I said, like, fucked up things because I was just being my drunk person when I was younger. I would just say mean things. And I said some hurtful things. And he literally said no one has ever spoken to me like that. Don't ever speak to me again. The next day he changed his number. He tweeted saying, How can I block somebody on this new phone? Like, it was so embarrassing to me. And then for two years, every time I saw him anywhere he would see me, he would turn around, walk the other way.


And it made me feel like the worst person in the world every single time I had to be around him. But you know what? It taught me a lesson. I mean, like he taught me that I can never do that again and to, like, look inward. Yeah, exactly. Do you do you think there are just some people that don't even have the capacity to feel bad? I think so.


I think, you know, and if anything, I feel sorry for those people. And I think that's the easiest way to let go of someone to hurt you, is that instead of putting them on this, like, pedestal, like they're so evil and all that, you're just like, wow, you are so empty inside and you will never you will never get to experience real love because you have no idea how to love other people like they are for you.


So I want to continue to grow as a person. So for me, I took that experience and I learned from it. Do I think everyone's like that in life where they were like, oh, let me see what I did wrong? No, but I feel sorry for those people because I'll never get to experience like real love, real happiness, real friendships. It's up.


Yeah, I totally agree. I totally agree with that. I'm so passionate when I talk, I'm like, it's like it's amazing, I love it, we're like we're we're both I mean, as I say, all over the place, we're not we're just like we could just talk for seven hours straight.


I know. I still love that. And I feel like we're really bond over this. Like, thank you for sharing everything that you just did about even if you think you were holding back like a good feeling, emotions.


And so, like, thank you for sharing all that worse.


Yeah, I it's still very new and I'm still figuring out how to navigate it. So but thank you. Thank you for being sensitive about it.


Was is there anything that you feel like I didn't ask. You know, I think that was amazing.


I think we should collab again when I think we should. One hundred percent again. OK, so where can people find you?


It's so few of us like doing my podcast. And my last name is Franklyn with a Y, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, hopefully soon and everywhere you can listen to podcasts, you'll find a few of the NAF.


OK, sounds good. So thank you so much for coming on my podcast. Don't forget to also listen to Subfields episode. I am on it today as well and we talk about a bunch of other shit on there too and let us know like Damanhur. If you have any questions, let us know if you enjoy this collab and if you want us to do it again.


Thank you so much guys. Thanks for coming on. Bye bye bye.