Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers


It’s the most powerful position in American politics—and arguably, the world. But behind the oath to preserve, protect and defend, lie dark secrets posed to leave some legacies in disgrace. Uncover the most damning details surrounding history’s most high-profile leaders in the Spotify Original from Parcast, Very Presidential with Ashley Flowers. Every Tuesday through the 2020 election, host Ashley Flowers shines a light on the darker side of the American presidency… From torrid love affairs and contemptible corruption to shocking cover-ups and even murder, she’ll expose the personal and professional controversies you may never knew existed.

Teddy Roosevelt: The Bull Moose President
1 views 4 days ago

The youngest president to ever take office was full of tough-guy machismo, and famous for his vigor. Where’d he pour all that energy? Breaking up his brother’s marriage, getting off the grid for wild excursions, and trophy hunting to his heart’s content.

Andrew Jackson: The Firebrand
1 views 11 days ago

He rang in his presidency with a legendary kick-off party that ended with free-for-all punch bowls on the White House lawn. But really, the celebration marked the beginning of an absolutely disastrous two terms. Violence, racism and chauvinism were in Jackson’s blood—from deadly duels to Native American massacres to the demonic death march he directed across the country.   To view this episode’s full list of sources, please visit

Thomas Jefferson: The Hypocrite
4 views 18 days ago

He promised his dying wife he would never remarry, then turned around and forced 14-year-old Sally Hemings—whose family he enslaved—to be his concubine. Slavery, a murder conspiracy, his own personal Burn Book… Thomas Jefferson may have been a Founding Father, but he was as dirty as they get. To view this episode’s full list of sources, please visit

Warren G. Harding: The Erotic Poet
24 views 25 days ago

Seemingly every politician has dalliances they (try to) keep in the dark, but Warren G. Harding took his affairs to another level—writing wildly steamy letters, meeting in coat closets, even once getting caught by New York City’s Vice Squad in a hotel room with a young fangirl. And while he was busy getting busy, his administration was running a full-blown criminal empire… That is, until the president mysteriously dropped dead.  To view this episode’s full list of sources, please visit

Woodrow Wilson: The Polarizing One
22 views about 1 month ago

Was Woodrow Wilson even really president while he was president? After using hush money to help get elected to a second term, his health became so fragile that someone else was rumored to be calling all the shots… and some consider her to be the first woman to ever hold the highest office. To view this episode’s full list of sources, please visit