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When we talk about presidential conduct, we usually mean dignity and leadership, the Gettysburg Address, the call to arms after Pearl Harbor.


We don't usually talk about, say, the time Andrew Jackson threw such a huge rager at the White House that he almost got crushed by the mosh pit and had to climb out the window to escape or the time the FBI director reportedly blackmailed Gerald Ford with a tape of him getting a BJ from a German spy, or even the time JFK showed up to an international summit high on means and threatened to start a nuclear war. But maybe we should talk about all of that.


I'm Ashleigh Flowers and I'm a new show, very presidential.


I'm going to be looking at 15 of our most badly behaved presidents in history to shine a light on what was really going on in the White House.


It's a lot wilder than anything you learned in history class.


And the scariest part is it's all true. Join me on August 11th for the first two episodes where I'll look at the secret lives, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. After that, a new episode on another unruly commander in chief will be released every Tuesday until November 10th. Very presidential is a Spotify original from podcast, and you can find it for free on Spotify.