What Now? with Trevor Noah

Hear Trevor Noah in a way you’ve never heard him before. “What Now? with Trevor Noah” is a show wherein each episode Trevor will go deep with a special guest, including entertainers, CEOs, actors, athletes, and thought leaders. These are the kind of conversations that happen behind the scenes, full of radical candor, authentic back-and-forths, and honest reactions, with Trevor bringing to bear his classic, effortlessly playful and equally probing style. Produced by Spotify Studios in partnership with Day Zero Productions, Fulwell 73, and Audacy's Pineapple Street Studios.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson [VIDEO]

What Now? with Trevor Noah

  • 6 months ago
  • 01:02:28

In the series premiere episode, Trevor is joined by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson — "The People's Champion" in the wrestling world, one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood, and a bonafide Girl Dad. Trevor and Dwayne get real — discussing everything from Dwayne's troubled youth and his lifelong struggles with depression, to Dwayne listening, understanding and responding to public feedback surrounding the launch of his fund following the Maui fires and whether he'd ever consider running for President of the United States. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

INTRODUCING “What Now? with Trevor Noah” Coming November 9

What Now? with Trevor Noah

  • 7 months ago
  • 01:04

What is Trevor Noah up to Now? Well, he’s back with a new podcast. Join Trevor and special guests for authentic, candid and necessarily messy conversations. This show is all about conversations without limits. Trevor and his guests will be real and vulnerable. They might even say the wrong thing. And once that happens there’s only one question left to ask: What Now? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices