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And this is a prepaid call from an inmate at the Indiana State Prison. What's up, Clyde? How are you doing? Hello, Mr. A. What's up? I'm fine today. Imagine this. You're at the beach with your family and your phone rings. And it's a cannibalistic serial killer who claims to have murdered dozens of people and put her out of pieces.


And this is a normal day in my life. I've interviewed hundreds of serial killers, mass murderers and teen killers. And these killers tell me things they tell nobody else.


I just pulled my pocket knife, cadaverous neck, and started for blood. Are you remorseful for your crimes? Hell, no.


Remorse is for suckers. When was the first time you killed somebody?


16 Was your dad involved in some of these crimes with you?


Yes, my name is Phil Charmeuse and I'm a serial killer profiler, true crime writer and homicide police trainer. How many murders you're responsible for? 30 to 40. 1752. I know I killed 33. I connect with the killers, and, yes, we do become pretty close. That's what it takes to get them to open up to you. You and I are friends.


Yes, we are. Yes, but you're my only friend.


Once I get them talking, we can solve cold cases, get confessions and bring closure to hurting families. I found your sister's killer.


I want to see him face to face at. And most importantly, we can find out how to stop these monsters before they kill again. This is where the bodies are buried.


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