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Slash the shit. Good morning.


Good afternoon. Good evening Showman's. It's another episode of your mom's house podcast. We're so happy to be back here with you Inside Studio.


Jeanne brought to you by Wrangler.


Oh so what a what a weekend. What a whirlwind again. No, we, uh, we, we had our we had guests and I know that's forbidden. It's a political issue. They were thrown at us. They were tested for the Roan's.


They're negs and we're exhausted.


It's really from having people over and like we didn't have to do much for them. It's just. No, I think it's the emotional expenditure. Yeah. That happens when you have guests.


Like I remember, I've never been more suicidal, homicidal or depressed as when the holidays when all the people came to town.


I just wanted them all to leave, you know, and it's not like I was, you know, morning, noon and night being like, here's the itinerary.


It was just the emotional exhaustion of being like my cousin, my siblings, my parents, my you know, it's like every day. You all right? Do you have something to do? And then people start to go, like, what are we going to eat next? I don't know. Aren't you a grown up? What are you going what do you want to eat?


Like, it took so much out of it. Well, and I don't know if this is just me, but I. I have a hard time answering people's dumb questions when I'm trying to take care of my kids.


Like I focus so hard on, like, making sure like, oh, I'm watching the two year old and then I'll be like, so, Christina, are you what are you exercising? What are you in? I'm like, I don't know. I can't do both. I can't do two things at once. Do you know what I'm saying? It's just me out to answer dumb questions.


Of course I know. And then I don't like competition.


You start getting asked like Rapid Fire where the spoons in the program drawer. Which drawer over there.


Which where's the garbage. Oh, that makes me crazy when they don't just look for it themselves. Like where's the ice shelf. Where's ice. Normally.


Yeah, the ice is in our cabinet above the above the pots and pans. Where are the cups. Well where do you think there's only a few places they can be located.


It is. It's exhausting. It is. And I so look forward to the visits because the it's fun. This will be fun. And also I forgot how I missed I mean, I think this gives us a little bit of that socializing, but socializing as somebody who was never very social. Yeah. It is kind of fun to socialize again, like to talk to somebody face to face.


It was exciting. Yeah. But I can't say maybe our exhaustion is also from the excitement of just having maybe that's it. To interaction, get a little adrenaline rush from it.


It goes away and you're like, oh my God, I've never slept so hard. By the way, neither either day my cousin texted me, she slept eleven hours. Everybody was exhausted. Yeah, we all exhausted.


And then in preparation for their coming, uh, you ordered 57 chrysanths from the local bakery. Oh.


So I had heard through a friend that there's an amazing bakery or near our near our house. And the guy my friend told me and I go, no, no. He goes, you haven't been he goes the croissants. But like, you got to go and this time in the morning to get one. So I'm like, all right, I'll try one. You went with me, I think the first I did, we took a pilgrimage, we walked down.


How good are those? I mean, they're really good. This guy, I'm afraid, can't say how good they are. I'm afraid to even really go down the rabbit hole and I know how bad I'm going to get.


Yeah, it was a real fat weekend. So he he also told me that he makes certain special croissants. But you got to call ahead. So I always get two big eyes when it comes to like food and people coming to town.


I always remember that time we ordered all those wild wings. Yeah. Was that in Alabama? It was.


How many wings did we order accidentally? I think around 100, literally.


Yeah. We like well so we can try all the different flavors and you're like but you got 15 flavors. I was like yeah. Like five for each. It's fine.


We were in our hotel room with just boxes and boxes and boxes of wings. It was great. Great.


So that's what happened though. So when I called I go, great, let me get five of this, five of this. And I forget I'm not talking about cookies, the croissants. So when I go to pick it up, it was the morning of the fourth. Um. He has them in a pizza box because it's an Italian restaurant and they just happened to make questions, right. So shows. But to me it looks like them just like jewelry.


I mean, he's just like. And then we're walking around and I realize I'm just walking out with a pizza box to walk home the morning. Yeah. Yeah, it's early in the morning. It's like 9:00.


And then people everywhere, you realize that it's alarming to people to see someone with a pizza box that early in the morning they're like, you're getting pizza right now. Yeah.


Strangers where their minds were blown. Yeah. The people were, like, pointing at me across the street and people were saying things that are like, Jesus, man, I started early pizza.


And one guy was like, Yes, that's what I'm talking about, man. Let me get a slice.


And I, I felt like explaining it to everybody. I was like, you don't understand. These are.


And then he would have to open the box to show was like, no, no, no, they're crazy. These are but they're all different.


And then people were like, oh, those look amazing. And then I would tell them the whole story. This is the Italian guy. And he learned to make Croissance and he makes them at his Italian place. But he also has other Italian food in there.


OK, that's a lot more information that I know is there. But really, you got so excited and we ate them all. There's no one left.


And then I just you know, I also wanted everybody to try every Chryson. I would slice it up and be like Ethisphere. I was like a like an Italian grandmother. You were German, German. But I think it was. Yeah. Yeah. It was cute, though.


Was really nice of you. I like seeing you getting excited about stuff because I, I feel in this quarantine you have to find the little things to get excited about. That's true. That's the majority of my life. There's so many there's stages of quarantine.


Well, let's let's talk about it, because I will say that Piers coming in last week was the happiest thing that's happened in a long time in my life. Yeah, he he brought me so much joy that I ruminated on his appearance for days. And I'm just excited that we have a dialogue.


I I've been a guest on a bunch of podcasts. I did a couple of Spanish podcasts. I did Stevo. And everybody has led with how about those balls in the air?


Everybody, you know, it just it brought so much joy to so many people. It's such a tough time. Yeah.


Just like what Wood did. Yeah. Piero's. Yeah.


So then you're like everyone's like, hey so you uh you, you brought the balls in the ass to other people's attention and the, the big black cock sitting on the edge of the bed. That's kind of your wheelhouse.


I mean like I think so. Sounds about right.


That's what I'm watching out for. But wait what are they contributing to this pending exact. Nothing, bro.


All right. Uh, you ready start the show. Yes, let's do it. Let's get right back to who is Randy don't bring in would love to go back into focus.


Well, we'll go to your phone calls with Tom. Well, go to your. Tommy. Yeah, yeah, but isn't that great?


I was just thinking, how many parts has our nanny heard? Oh yeah, we think like she's not listening.


She hears our friends. And I just had this fantasy of like when when we started working with her, when our kids were grown, I want to bring her in and be like, what's the worst thing you've heard us say?


And do many magnified so many barbs like you guys fucking all the time.


Any words that get you cancelled too much jet?


Think all the kids all the way day so that if you're listening, that fart that you heard was like on the Golf Channel, that was a guy teeing off and then ripping apart as far as the tee off, Mike picked it up and then you hear them talking about the Jesus man.


It's the Australian.


Uh, maybe the guy who said something that's there's nothing that feels better, though, you know, like an open air fart like that that somebody else can can also get a little whiff of. You're out there with your boys, you know, no tee off and you're like, Oh. Feel so good. I do love I do love an open heart like that where you just know you're alone or there's no there's nobody in earshot. There's nothing more liberating than a fart like that.


Oh, that one. So you can tell that that felt good. Yeah. And like, you know, it it had like some force behind it, but he didn't shit himself or anything.


It's just. Yeah, it's a win win. Tom, you're absolutely right. And I would say though, the timing is that he bent down and that's when the fart came out. Now, I normally would be a little nervous to do that because of Sharding. Yeah, but like you said, this man knows his body, you know.


Yeah, he knows his body. So, look, the oh, I guess we should bring up before we go through the stages of quarantine.


Um, today Nadaf just didn't show up. And what the hell, we don't have to file a missing persons report by law for 24 hours. Um, no one's been able to reach him. The text to be a phone call.


It's interesting that you bring up a missing persons.


Well, I'm just saying I'm not saying that yet. I'm just saying that he didn't answer phone calls, texts, emails. We didn't do a whatever, a safety check because we're not there yet. But, you know, he could be missing.


I don't know, maybe he's just sleeping in, you know, he never just sleeps. And we record this morning, it's only 10:00 a.m. right now. He could just have slept through his alarm. You know, there's no need to be worried just yet. No, I don't think so.


I think it's I think. You think he's dead in the in his. No, I wouldn't say he's dead. I'm just saying I think something's going on. Really?


Yeah. Like what? I don't know. You think he started doing drugs, maybe heroin, maybe he's hitchhiking, maybe you don't know what he's doing, is he taking over from Xolo or I'm sorry, better Nadav.


I have not heard from him. No, no.


OK, better than a dog. Is that his name for today? I think so.


Hmm. No, better not. Better not.


OK, out here. Um, gosh, I hope everything's all right. And so maybe was in the hospital. That's another that's another one we haven't done we haven't called the hospitals. You're supposed to do that. I think when you're when someone's missing, you call the jails. Oh, gosh. You call the hospitals.


I know he said he was into gambling. Do you think maybe he got his legs broken or something?


Gosh, I'm so sad. If that happened, if he if he owed a debt that he couldn't pay and somebody because he really loves money.


Gamblers love gambling. He loves gambling. Oh, maybe he. Yeah, yeah. I don't know. But I wonder what he's doing.


Maybe he's just sweating it out at the blackjack table somewhere his addiction took over. I know that they they have open some casinos. I saw the saddest photos of just people at slots with masks on and it's just like smoking.


Yeah. Smoking under the mask.


But oddly enough, I can see myself going that low in life when I used to smoke, like I think for me that was the lowest because you just know you're killing yourself. But I enjoyed it so much. It feels good.


Yeah, I miss it. I mean, I don't say I miss it, miss it. But I, I do feel like with, uh with um Mr. Thompson, with our alcohol.


It's a fun thing, you know. Yeah.


I liked smoking when I was drunk. That was probably my favorite beer and a cigarette. Oh fuck bitch. Yeah I like it. I liked it after a meal. That's true. But a good one.


I love I like to set the stage. That's the best one up. That was a great one.


Or even before. Before that was my favorite. I loved it when I was thinking. I loved it when I was nervous. I loved it.


I'd love to smoke a lot. Yeah. And now I just replaced the habit.


I just now I feel feelings a little bit more sucks. Right.


It sucks. Yeah I know. Quarantine. We're talking about our stages of quarantine.


Um, it's like stages of grief. I realized this. I mean we had the uh.


Let's see, there was the the fear stage of is the world ending. Well and.


Oh yeah. Yeah. I think everybody collected the shock of it all. But see, I went into hyperdrive. So like my stage is personally I can go through them is like fear and anxiety. I already had the toilet paper on back order, so I felt good about that. I went into anxious food prep. I was cooking non-stop and that's when I became quarantine whites with the throat.


You know how much people hate hearing. That's fine.


No, no, no, no, it's not fine. What should I do? I don't know. Why are you doing it, though? Because I had phlegm in there. But why? What's causing it? I don't know.


Coronavirus. What do you mean? I mean, you've done it a few times, I'm wondering if there's something causing it. No, OK, you're going to interrupt my stages of quarantine for for phlegm clearing.


It's worth I mean, it's like four or five times that we like and then that. So I'm just wondering if something's going on, that's all.


I don't know, OK.


I mean, I'm I think honestly, you know, I think it is the caffeine is an expectorant. It brings up the phlegm. Aha.


That's what I'm saying. There's that.


OK, so what did you do in the beginning of anxious and fear?


How did you respond when everybody was like it was an internal anxiety that that like I first it was just. An anxiety that I tried to quiet, so it was a low level hum, you know, right.


It was like things bad things are happening, ignore them.


And I do the opposite. I go to the world is ending. Everything's horrible. I need to get supplies. I need to I need to make the world as safe as I can. I'm going to prepare. I go I go into like Marine. Yeah. Because that's what I did. I was like, we're going to we're going to beat this. Yeah. I go crazy. Then what.


So you first you so you chose to ignore is what you're saying.


Kind of just choosing, not tuning out. It's not as bad as they're saying.


It is not. All right. Yeah. You did you diminish the danger then. It was just kind of nice to have this kind of time off the euphoria from like the I would say, the competitive world. Yeah, we're in a very competitive world. It was permission to not compete because it wasn't even possible to compete. Yeah.


Then no, but what behavior did that manifest in? Well, that was like it was sort of like I, I don't know what to do with myself. I would say is one stage of it, like what do I do with myself if I can't work out, stand up, what can I work? And then I found things to work in. So I put together a book proposal, you know, we were working on a development pitch. So it was like, put your energy into other creative things, podcasting.


So it was like that's finding places to work in because we snapped into action.


Actually, I remember when this first came down, we were like, we need to do a special why image broadcast. We need to broadcast from the bunker. Yeah. And we wanted to to immediately get on here and tell everybody, like it's going to be OK. Yeah, yeah, I remember that. And then I, I immediately went into cooking compulsively. Yes you did. I was cooking different recipes from people around the world that I was friends with and then that got into wig buying.


I immediately I stopped cooking and then I bought wigs on Amazon. I had a shopping phase of quarantine.


I think we are towards the beginning. In the beginning, I was I started to buy all type t shirts, pants, shoes, about a bunch of sneakers. And they they kept arriving at the house week after week. I was like, fuck am I doing? Like, why are they like what? You know? Then I realized that it was like a like a reaction. It wasn't like a necessity thing. It was like doing something well.


Plus like the package shows up so much later when you have everything shipped late, now you order something. Then a month later I'm like, oh sure, yeah.


You're like, oh, I'm no longer in that state of mind. This doesn't feel as good anymore.


Then I had a real like thing of exercise because I, um, I actually had a fear of getting super fat.


Yeah. Jean, I know that people have and I know people who have gained weight. I mean, it's like I don't want to be one of those people. So I got on a meal plan and a workout plan and I start I got really into it. Um, then this just the last weekend was terrible. Like the eating and drinking was it was a bad weekend. I'm saying, like for food, for food and booze. I just felt like I went crazy.




Because then I went in after the wigs, I went into compulsive eating like I was out of control and then compulsive drinking and eating on top of it. So then I was like, whoa, I'm fucking the points right now. And then I went into ETSI buying necklaces on Etsy and then I went into buying eighty sweaters on Etsy. Yeah. And then I reined in my eating and then I started exercising and eating better and then I would drink every night and then why aren't I losing weight.


You're like it was cool. Yeah. Yeah I'm such an idiot.


And so now like I'm doing everything right but I'm having these three glasses of wine. Yeah. I'm such a dope.


Yeah. And then now I'm like, I think I'm just tired. Like I'm tired of all this shit that I've been doing to not feel anxious. Right. I'm exhausted from being anxious. Same. I'm exhausted.


I'm so tired. Yeah. You know who's not tired. Do you remember this guy from a few weeks ago? Um, he had this, uh, thing about I certainly got.


Yeah. Something interesting in the military today because of that to white car. So Mousepad.


Yeah. This guy is amazing. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, this guy's great. What about him. Well he has a new video. Oh. Different topic. Oh.


I didn't realize this topic could exist on PRST.


Oh there you go. Fuck off. I'm getting comments on my videos saying I'm rushing this. I'm not. And that one I'm really actually Jewish. This is my Jewish kipa is a Jewish have were Jews. Put it on their heads.


I thought he was Russian. I thought he was Russian. Uh, he's just.


Yeah. He's going to actually see him. He's just talked. Right.


I don't know. I feel like he's also maybe not collecting something, which is that he could still be Russian. And a Russian Jew, oh, the people are saying, I'm Russian, I'm not I'm a Jew, like, I mean, you could be Russian. Sure. And Jewish, right? It's not like they're not exclusive. Sure.


It's like if somebody was like, I'm not Chinese, I'm Jewish. I just happened to I was born in Beijing. And you're like you're still a Chinese Jew, though.


So are you suggesting that he may be Russian born and unaware of I mean, I don't know if he's going to I hope he addresses maybe his country of origin.


This is my fucking Jewish that draws put it on themselves for prayer, OK?


So far, this is my fucking Jewish prayer book, Hebrew letters, my fucking Jewish prayer book has words in Hebrew and English.


Uh, I don't know if all the cursing is necessary to like I don't know why it has to be a fucking Jewish prayer book. And as opposed to this is my prayer and I don't need it.


You know who would really enjoy this, Nadav? I know, but he's a missing person. Nunatak. So you enjoying this because you two are Jewish?


I am. Yeah. I love this guy. I think it's really cool. Do you feel like that it's necessary to say that I'm not people are saying I'm Russian, but I'm not. I'm Jewish. Does that make sense?


I don't know if it makes sense because he's definitely Russian. Because he is, right? Yeah, definitely.


But it seems like he doesn't like that.


He doesn't like being he doesn't like identifying as Russian. It's almost like he's fluid identity.


You know, he has a weight of identity. Are you seeing that? He's trans trans national.


He's we just invented a new category of possible.


I just don't know why he so hates his mother tongue and an origin. Duties, he's transnational. Yeah, it is, isn't that a weird thing, though, when somebody goes, I'm not I'm not from my country of origin, I'm my religion and you're like, but that's the religion. You're still you know what I identify as something by the. Well, just by your country of origin. Right.


If anyone posts comments on my videos saying I'm Russian, there's some Russian that I don't care if you fucking subscribe to me or not, I'll fucking block your ass permanently, OK?


He's really not. Well, not you know what that this it brings up an interesting debate. Is that is his accent Russian or just retarded?


Because maybe he's just talked and he's got like a different accent and he's talked to. You know what I mean?


Is that a new game we can play Russian or retarded?


OK, so there's another one that's kind of cool that he had.


I paid thirteen dollars for this. They have no posters of Delta. Why? It's just these two fucking moto double dose of doctor for my mouth and my God he's so awkward and he eats.


So I realize that he just he enjoys the word fucking. Yeah. Because these are my fucking mousepad. Yeah. This is my fucking Jewish prayer book. Yeah. This is my fucking keepa for my fucking head and I'm not fucking Russian.


Wow. All right. Yeah. So he's just fired up. He's fired up the maybe like you said, the R word so. Well, one thing I forgot to mention is one of my my one of my ultimate my latest stages of quarantine. Yes. Is that I'm really in to chiropractic videos on, you know, and you've been watching these in secret.


I watched the one. Do you watch all the time? All the time. Like when you were in bed together? I watch them in bed. I watch them like to wind down, like get home. You know, when we get home today, I'm going to go downstairs, work out. And when I'm done, I might watch some of these for a while. So weird. Yeah, I got.


Yeah. Oh God. And it is I guess there's a people you know Asmar kind of I don't have that but it's like I enjoy the show. Yeah. Dr. Joseph Ciprian. I watch his stuff all the time. He's in, he's in South Carolina. Um yeah.


I just this is a compilation. Sometimes I watch a full adjustment. So they come in, they check you out.


Right. They they see how you're standing. Oh, the shoulders up right here. And they see obvious things and they lay you down. A lot of times this doctor and a lot of them will lay the feet next to each other and see that one is lower. Right side is two inches here. We're going to adjust your hips.


And I find it very relaxing. I find it very relaxing to I don't know what it's almost like you feel like it's happening to you.


And, yeah, you can identify with with the relief that the patient feels. Yeah.


And I also find it fascinating that these doctors, um, you know, so understand the mechanics and the anatomy of the body like this. One of the fascinating things is they go, oh, you know how like your shoulder right here is like this. It's actually because of something down here, like they know how it's all connected. I find it really interesting. What does it take to become a chiropractor?


Like, what do you have to do? Oh, wow. You really pulled that up quickly. Wow, that was fast.


Wow. Nooner Dove Jesus. Veteran enough. Yeah, I would say make that bigger. Is there any way you can like increase the cheese.


So you just Google that right now. Let's see.


Did you see Millennial new of is faster. Yeah. OK, so Jesus chiropractor's must earn a doctor of chiropractic degree and a state license. Doctorate programs typically take four years. Damn to complete require at least three years of undergraduate college education for admission.


Wow. Yeah. It's, um. It's pretty, it's impressive. Like I love that they see you walk in and they're like, oh, something's going on with.


Yeah. You see three. Yes.


And they just they you know just now. Yeah. Now watch them but they, they'll reach under you see they reach under the patient, they're like oh yeah, this is the tendon right here. And they just feel it immediately and then they work on adjusting that.


I don't know if I it the videos give me anxiety really. Well because I've you know, I've been a chiropractor and the whole time I'm like, oh my God, is this when I get paralyzed especially like that?


I mean, how do they practice this?


You know, what I would like to do is maybe take our staff and adjust all of them for free and just see what the results are.


And I've watched plenty of videos. I kind of know what I'm doing, like ten thousand hours of practice. Like, I definitely can crack your guys backs.


Um, I'm not so confident in my ankle work, but I do feel like that once thought I could I could really work wonders on your next and then we can get everybody free wheelchairs to.


I feel like I feel like up first we should have Potter so that if I make any mistakes I feel like he'll be the most forgiving, you know, like I'll get him a real cool chair, like the kind you can blow in to make it move.


And I'll get him one of those.


I'll get him one of those eye things where when he can look at the letter and then the computer will be like a C A that's talks to me.


Christopher Reeve's was he down to did he do that or he just did the I don't know, he was real, really messed up. But how do they practice their adjustment work? The kind of like do they literally take homeless volunteers or something?


I don't think that's what I like. But who volunteers? Homeless. You want to get your.


No, but it's like so maybe they have to be homeless. Homeless people are like Yoshi's of the world that are like, oh, right. Whatever you can. How much money my making. I think I just think there's a lot of supervision.


We on notice. But can you get paralyzed from a bad chiropractor. I'm sure you could. You could. Yeah. It's so risky.


Like especially you know which one I hate the most is when they do this one time they go OK, on the count of three, one, two. And then they do that.


So they do the next the other thing, the couple I was telling you and they're like, I like, OK, let me do it.


And I, I'm like, OK, you're. Just let it go. I've got you. I'm in control and then the person still like they're like, OK, you you've got to I've got your arm, OK, I've got it. And they're like, OK, what's your favorite thing to crack? What do you like seeing them do the most? I guess it's things that I want crack that I don't like it so.


And back. Yeah. Lower the lower one.


Um no like the mid back feels like the best and then I like, I like the ankle ones where they, they do this thing where they put kind of like their, their quads like their knees around your ankle, like just above your ankle.


Then they pull back with their hole and then the you can hear the ankle pop like that. Oh. Like it feels good.


Yeah. I was enjoying watching this woman clean her jar of jelly. She, she just wipe down the lip of the jar and that's fine. Yeah. I was like oh that feels really good inside. Yeah. I don't do stuff like that in my personal life but I appreciate it when I see it.


Do you want to get into a couple of these emails? I would love to. So, uh, about a week ago we asked the question that we were desperate for answers for, um, for yummy pussy.


Uh, and that is what's more tiring, getting pounded in the badge. Yeah. Or pound it in the butthole. I would.


Now, let's just to recap our positions here, I would guess getting pounded in the butthole because you're flinching and you might be anxious about what's happening.


I thought so too. Well, it just depends on, I guess, on the person.


So you ready for. Yes. Yeah. Hey, Mommy, Christina's points for y but stuff would be more tiring. Makes sense if you're someone like her. That's not into bad stuff. Not into it. But I'm not Christina.


She sees the prep as a chore.


I equate it to the excitement of getting ready for a junior high dance. Oh. Bracing and clenching would make you tired if you did.


If you did. But just relax. Like Tom says, anything is possible with lube Christina's Christina's vs contentment with. I've been there. I've done that is I'm in my I'm bored. Anal sex is like the excitement of running in the New York City Marathon and being fucked in the pussy is like running around track at the YMCA. Oh wow. I'm not as exhausted after because anal sex always gives me that narey since it's more of a special occasion due to the preparation required.


But if there's one thing I know about women and anal, it's that opinions vary wildly. Yeah. So I'd love to hear from the other genes, and that's from Abby. So Abby is saying that because she loves it up the butt. She doesn't find it exhausting and that would make perfect sense for her because she likes the prep, she likes the 20 times enema and yeah, and, uh, Dixon or Buddy, but different emotional problems. And that's fine.


That's her thing.


Uh, let's see. I'm currently watching Episode five five eight. And to answer your question on but fucking it's way more tiring. I'm an escort. Have been for years and can take a number of dicks on the daily and anal bookings are another level. It takes a lot out of you and I'm not exactly sure why, but I remember a day when I had a particularly heavy anal day and I was physically exhausted for a few days afterwards to the point where I haven't done anal since.


Wow. L l as a woman, I wasn't sure if it was a man or a woman. So she's an escort. So by Yeah. Profession. So she's getting it from both in the village and the rear. So she's a great one too.


Yeah but but then again, it kind of goes back to Abby's point where it's a thrill for Abby and therefore not exhausting.


Right. It's like when you're excited for the event. It's not it's not tiring.


Exactly exhilarating because you're every like when you like when the average would say person goes, oh, but I got to like give myself the enema. Abby's going, like, I get to give myself the enemy.


Yeah. I'm getting prepared for Christmas. Yeah. Different it is. Yeah.


Another email after hearing your question last week I talked to my wife since we but fuck a lot like once a week.


Her answers, her answer was blowjobs are the most tiring.


Wow. But fucking in vagina fucking are about the same. However, when I asked her to really make a call and she said vagina pounding is more tiring. Wow. The reason is because she only lets me put it in the butt when she's really excited about our sex in the vagina can get dull if I'm going longer than she wants sex to last. But that does not happen often. Hope this helps Sam.


OK, kind of goes back to the same point. If it's a thrill for you, why would it be exhausting? I'd much like Christmas.


I love the holidays. And so decorating the house and getting things ready is exhilarating for me.


Uh, I enjoy that process. We continue down these. I love to hear this stuff.


I love it. Um, hello, jeans. Recently watching the podcast, you asked if one gets exhausted from sex. I'm here to answer that question. It is no. I personally prefer anal over vaginal. The cleaning and preparation is not as exhausting as it seems. You just need good lube. Uber Lube is a personal favorite and a good partner. If you have a partner who knows what they're doing, you don't even need lube.


It's also possible to achieve orgasm through anal sex. P.S. Keep furthering it, Emily. P.S. If you have any more questions, feel free to call or email.


Oh, jeez. Oh no. We're all right, Emily. I'm sure the staff won't abuse that.


No, no, that's a few for but sex not being tiring, which I'm sure I'm shocked, frankly, that it's really impressive.


Um, let's see one more here. I hope my insight can be aired on the show. Anal doesn't physically tire me out, but emotionally it feels more aggressive and the orgasm is deeper, very emotional afterwards. Kind of like how talking kind of like how taking a difficult brown can drain you emotionally, but in reverse. I hope this makes sense and gives you a deeper perspective on the issue. Thanks for reading, Bethany.


You know, one way, now that I just had a flash of insight, Jean was like, why I'm not really interested in anal is because Brown is so yucky cockapoo.


Yuck, yuck, that to put it anywhere in a sexual context for me is just impossible.


You don't have to have the koka there. You can you can take it all the koka out.


Right. But then I began to to prep by taking all the Conca out. It still makes me feel like why am I taking why am I dealing with Koka for for fun sex. Look, I don't like the Koka involvement.


I understand. And I think more to the point of these ladies that do it's about what. Yeah. Yeah. You know. Yeah. No what do you love. What feels good.


And obviously, you know, like they said, if you love what you do for work, you don't work at the end of the day in your life.


If you don't like the weather today, wait until tomorrow, so different if you if a. if you guess if you like anal, then you should never not do it because it feels good.


That's the old saying. Yeah, yeah. You know, I like you one.


I love that guy. I mean, it's the best.


I'm trying to think, um, you know, Bert is disgusting. Yeah. And down to Bears', you guys have really uncovered a lot of his hygiene. He doesn't break his teeth until like midday.


And I tell you what's a what is crazy that I did not at all expect. And this is the truth. There was a number of people that were like, yeah, I also wait to brush my teeth.


That is insanity. That I mean, sanity.


And like some of them, you look at their profile picture and they look like a seemingly normal person. And their argument was they're like, well, who brushes their teeth before coffee? And they're like, I'm going to have breakfast. Why would I brush my teeth before breakfast? And you're like, so you wake up with morning mouth and you're like, it's going to kind of get my day started with a clean that up.


Yeah. The morning mouth tastes. The flavors of your breakfast, of course, tastes the flavors of your coffee and eating bacteria has grown.


Oh, that's why your mouth tastes like a dead dog's dick.


Yeah. Because you slept and that shit was just closed. And now. Hey, man, how about if you're if your whole thing is I don't want coffee and mint. I got a wild idea. How about you rinse your mouth with a little water after just wash it. Yeah. Yeah. You know, maybe count to ten and let it go away and then have coffee.


See if if old Nadol were here. Yeah. He probably would say I don't brush until I'm.


Yeah I am. Absolutely and fear to hear what his perspective you want to put money on it, rest in peace, no doubt if Nadav is still alive, yes, I'm willing to bet money that he does not bresch until like midday. Oh, so what do you think?


Let's put fifty dollars on it if I can.


What is this Buth do do you guys should be honest to be honest. Do you zolo new bastards.


Not if I brush in the first like ten minutes probably. Yeah. Yeah same.


And he's clean. Josh No way. Chris. Oh Chris for sure. Chris, I'll be honest with you, when I was younger, I definitely brushed midday, but I don't anymore because I grew up.


Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, that makes sense, of course, I cannot believe this is like this became even a discussion.


Well, I knew somebody and we've discussed this before on the show, but it still baffles me. They had a mother who wouldn't brush until the afternoon. I'm talking after lunch, after coffee, after everything. And they asked her why. And she was like, I don't like that minty taste of toothpaste. And they go, Well, there's many flavors. Yes. There's not only one flavor.


The government is your issue.


Yeah, there's vanilla. I mean, the vanilla chocolate flavored. There's a children's toothpaste bubble gum flavored.


There's a and there's like the neutral flavor ones, you know, arm and hammer. Yeah, that's crazy town.


You don't have to be like, well, I don't like mint. Great. Don't buy mint flavored toothpaste, but I'm stopping gross stuff because.


But I'm curious about how nasty Bert let his everything and everything.


Everything. Do you think his dick and balls just smell because he doesn't wear underwear and never wears underwear. So I got everything wet and funky.


And do you think he's like a thorough wiper like where he's like I got to make sure I, I got to make sure that paper is all white. Also, he just stuck.


He just started wiping with his hands what they're what he figured it out like a few weeks ago where he ran out of toilet paper.


And so we use his finger to wipe and then he goes, it's so like efficient. And then I just wash my hand afterwards like a fucking.


Yeah. You know, I hear they do that in the Middle East that they wipe with their hand.


That's why you serve with the what is it there's a saying they use. Right.


Right, right. But shake with your left hand because you wipe with your right. Yeah.


So it's not even true.


Uh we are in the Middle East they told me. Did I get the Treston email.


I have it mommy. Let me read it. Oh what is that. Wait, but let me just talk that from personal perspective. How nasty have you let yourself gotten and then gotten with a check. I remember one time that I missed that I was like right there, I remember what I missed out on sex one time was was but this was like this.


I mean, it's not exactly the same thing, but so there was this girl, I was a sophomore and we we had there's different housing like freshmen. We lived in dorms sophomore year. You can move to this these buildings that are like condo units almost. And they're in a put like in a plaza. And so across the plaza, this girl lived and I I met her and she was like kind of wild child, like, you know, I mean, you like those skanks.


You really was a skank. Oh, but she wasn't a nice girl. Well, some saying like you like sluts, you like girls that put out this shit out.


No, I mean, whatever she was, she was nice. She was kind of, um.


You could tell she was kind of a wild child a little bit, you know, so we we hung out and I think we went we had dinner and then. We're back and she goes, come, you know, come up to my place and I go over to her place and it's getting late, like it's late and we have we do have class tomorrow. We have, I think, tests or something. And I just feel I feel diarrhea.


Oh, I'm coming.


You know, my stomach and you can feel in your gut.


So this is a bad one. Yeah. And she's like getting comfortable in the bed. And I was like, I got a. You know, there could have been I could have been like, I'm going use your bathroom, but I was like, I don't know why. So instead of being like, I'm going to shit and come back, I got to grab something. I was just like, I'm going to go back to my place. I got a I got an early morning.


You know, this is only like the first time we went out. Yeah. Yeah. I was like, there'll be more opportunities. Yeah. So I went back and here's the thing.


I shit so loudly and so badly that it was it was a shared bathroom between oh it was like our bathroom, my roommate and I and it's a the bathroom is in the middle of the shower and the toilet and then there's another.


Two guys live on the other side, so you share that bathroom. They they they knocked on the door and they're like, what the fuck's going on in there? And I was like, what? And they're like, what is that? And I was like, I'm taking they're like, that's coming out here. They thought like something had broken in the bathroom. And then I looked down. It was just all black and it was not.


Yeah, it was. It was what was it, black? I don't know. It's dried blood.


Well, maybe it was blood, but it was it was so but here's the thing. It was so intense. Yeah. It was like that girl was describing like it was so intense. Yeah. That I felt emotional afterwards. Yeah I know.


And I was like because I was thinking of do I go now.


I try to go back to her but no way. No, no. I was like this is way too crazy. And I also don't know if there's a second wave coming. So yeah, I had to take a shower and I was like, oh my God, it was.


And the sex was right there. I mean, it was waiting. And then now here's the thing. So. It never came to fruition with that girl. Oh, then like a year later, not even maybe nine months later, I was back in that area early for the next year of school.


And she and she was at a party and she'd already had a kid. Oh, she got pregnant, but between that time, yeah, yeah.


Could have been your baby and another girl who I, uh, this is not a gross thing, but another girl that I was, like, making out with and blah, blah, blah, and didn't like. I didn't go like I was, you know, she's like, I don't know. And I was like, all right, fine. She went to a different school, and the next time I asked about her, which was a while later, they're like, Oh, she's had a baby.


And I was thinking about those, like I would have ruined my life.


You dude, life ruined her. Yeah, I would have been like 18, 19. Yeah, it's easy to do.


Oh, my God. Yeah. You know, one time in college my freshman year, I took dieters. Have you ever taken that?


Mm hmm. Do you know what it does make you go Kakha. Yeah. And I didn't know that. I just thought like, oh it's a diuretic. It'll make you pee or something. And I drank it all day. It was a Friday night. And we walked from our from the campus to our friend's house, which was like a 15 minute walk in San Francisco. Yeah. And then, um, we're drinking beers, drinking beers.


And then I was like, fuck, I have to really shit. And it was like a party and everybody was there and, you know, it was one of those doors that was kind of loose, you know, like anybody could still walk in. And I shit so violently violent shit like dieters t makes you violent shit.


And I was like, fuck, I can't like I so embarrassed all like these guys were there and I looked really cute that night and stuff like I just took a big shit like how am I supposed to hide this?


What did you do? Well, that's the thing. I was afraid I wouldn't make it home for the walk home, you know, so I had a few more rounds of diarrhea at this house. I would just go drop heat and then, like, walk around and pretend to be OK. Yeah. And then and then I eventually walked home when I felt like the waves had passed. But it was brutal. I was afraid I would flood their toilet.


I flooded toilets at parties before to shiting. Yeah, it's devastating.


It's a really neat story.


You got it. So, um, can I read Tristan's e-mail? Yeah, sure. What's it about get to this. Uh, this is funny. So I'm on my team and I can relate. When you talk about finally coming to the revelation that you can buy two chargers, we only had one phone charging or can install a mini fridge in your bathroom. My wife and I came to a similar game changing revelation.


Hold on to your cups and cue up the cat eating kibble. My wife and I do not share our sheets. We each have our own sheet blanket in bed and never have to worry about fighting for bedding in the middle of the night, keeping our jeans high and tight, I mean. Hmm, what do you fuckin feel about that?


What do you mean? I mean, don't you think that's like one step before divorce town? No, it's just it's so unorthodox to me. It just is more it more stands out to me as just strange because I'm like, what are we talking about?


Like, how do you have other separate sheets?


Oh, they might have two twin beds they string together. It's strange to me, I don't think of divorce.


I just think like, oh, I've just never heard of that, you know, I know I've never heard of people having to separate blankies. No. But I do feel like that. Then it hinders your intimacy because then I can't reach over and be like, I can touch you and stuff.


You know, I like that. Yeah. I don't mind stealing your blankies. No, I know. I know. You don't even sleep on you sleep on top of them. No.


I have the blanket over me. Oh you like it. Nice and cold. I'm like a coolroom with a blanket over me.


Yeah that feels good.


But anyways I thought that was an interesting idea. And if you don't love your spouse. Sure. Go ahead and do that trick. If you don't mind being divorced.


It is, it's, it's very easy to sleep in separate rooms to Trystan. Separate beds that really bothered you, huh? Well, it's just, you know, practical but not romantical. It's definitely not romantic, but I don't know. Speaking to do you mind if I bring up Dirty Dancing for a minute here? Oh, go right ahead. Well, I watch Dirty Dancing for the first time since I was a little girl, and it's such a fucking dumb movie and seen in 20 years.


Well, the premises, baby, this nice Jewish girl, they go to a camp or whatever. The family. Yeah. And she hooks up with, like, the dancer gigolo right under her nice daddy's nose.


I am a fucking Jew. Yeah. And the whole movie is her just rubbing it in her sweet dad's face that she's like the town whore. Yeah. I don't, I don't like that, that I think I don't like any like that.


I mean if she's lucky enough to have this great family and she's like, I love Johnny Daddy and Daddy, he's a dancer. And just because he's not like you, it's like, well, no, you misled your dad. There's also a thing where Johnny they thought he dad thought that Johnny knocks up one of the dancers, but he misleads him to think that's the case.


You want to sing Johnny doesn't stand up for himself and say, I didn't knock up that girl. Yeah. So the dad doesn't like Johnny. Why doesn't he speak up for himself?


I don't fucking know. It it bothers me the whole time. Yeah. I hate that fucking movie. I hate it. You just watched it. Yeah. I really it upset me the whole time. I'm just furious that someone has a nice family and they're just being conscious about it, you know. Hmmm, I would kill for a sweet family like that who didn't torture me. Yeah, it would have been nicer. Yeah. Yeah. Just to I know it's it's always like that, though, that the, um, the person with the nice family setting goes, fuck this.


You know what's wrong with you guys. I don't know. I don't know why that happened. Um, this is kind of interesting, this video.


I haven't seen it, but the topic, um, here, I'll just show it to you.


Absolutely. We all have different sexual romantic obligations. I am demi and poly sexual. Poppins is probably sexual in the opposite direction and that I am not sure I like women. And Poppins definitely doesn't like men.


Have you seen this to my brain just exploded. Dawn, is this sexual and not sure about if or who they like romantically Vicas arrogates Red doesn't know but yet but it's pretty sure that when she goes up she's going to like girls.


So this individual has multiple personalities.


So they're listing off not just the personalities but the preferences and the other gender preferences and the identities of these different personalities.


Can you Google sensitive identity disorder solo dissociative identity disorder? He just Googled it already, I was really fast, Jesus. Yeah, it's a rare condition in which two or more distinct identities or personality states are present and ultimately take control of an individual.


Well, uh, yeah, this person's got a lot going on. A lot. Elizabeth is bisexual.


Rylan is a baby.


Oh, pigeon is pansexual. We are all different. Wow, that's a lot to take on. That's a lot. That is really quite a lot. Yeah, yeah. Um, pretty impressive. Pretty interesting.


You know, that video didn't make sense until you said she's got multiple personalities and they I'm sorry. They have multiple personalities. And I'm like, OK, that makes sense. You're just crazy that that's the clarifying. Sure.


And there's a lot of personalities. I mean, they listed at least 10 names at least.


And I didn't understand those different sexualities. They listed a few I'd never heard of.


Pretty exciting stuff. Sure. Congratulations to you and everybody that lives inside of you.


Um, also, Dennis, huge update from.


Tommy, just like I just said, Demi sexual and Zolo brought it up. Yeah, you mean better than a dove? Oh, my God. That is a sexual orientation where people only experience sexual attraction to folks that they have close emotional connections with. In other words, demi sexual people only experience sexual attraction after an emotional bond has been formed. I feel like that is so lame. Oh, that's me.


Oh, really? Well, I've never had like a one night stand. I haven't.


I have I need to have an emotional connection with somebody before I can let them put their partner inside of feel like a demi sexual just means female.


Yeah I think so. Should wait but there's no such thing anymore. Well you know, I mean like I don't think I mean, I bet you that's way more rare with men or the like. I just don't feel sexual. I agree.


I feel like demi sexuality is like chicks. Yeah. Stupid fucking shit.


Chicks are dumb. Yes.


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Mom quip the good habits company.


So our boy Tommy John's like that has the same crew over.


Um you ready for the update.


My God. I love him. Yeah. Oh I hope he's OK. Let's see how it is.


I just want to say that the reason why I'm wearing this fucking yellow fucking weird thing is my ass is going to be doing community service for the state of Utah. I got a DUI, baby.


Yeah. Yeah. Most people don't celebrate that like that. That's exciting. Congrats, Tony. Always.


I just want to say, if you guys see me up on the freeway picking up trash and all this bullshit, feel free to honk your horn. You know, feel free to say, hey, Tony Jones, ladies man out the window and all the way back. Yeah, me finish that one for you, Tony.


Who looks like Tony. He didn't take his own advice. Take over. That's right. Well, you got a DUI.


It's kind of silly, but I appreciate that he shouldn't drink and drive. He'll do it is bad. But he's furthering his PSA message.


He's showing us how bad it is now, which is great. It's great.


Tommy John's I missed him and I'm glad to see he looks better. The last time he was a little strung out on something.


Who knows what it was and now he's back. Um, yeah. He's doing much better now. Also, this is one of the funniest fucking things I've ever seen.


Obviously were huge, huge advocates of of Robert Paul champagnes and my bill and tried out, and he has gone to great lengths to share his home address with the world.


OK, he's told everybody many, many times what it is. Check it out.


And because of that, you can type in up his address in Google. And a lot of people have left reviews for his address.


Dopehead, like I didn't know this had happened.


I discovered this accidentally. You type in his address. Twenty three. Ninety five. And this is about his address.


It's just I'm looking for at least in the Keys. Anyone home here now. Hey guys, I'm a local guy to provide you with all the tips to improve your Google Maps experience. If you like to try it out, try it out, try apartment to see.


That's if you type in twenty three.


Ninety five Blackner houses noticed a big uptick in the gang XCOM presence. Not that I'm complaining. Also Bertus people getting like five star reviews to that address.


Uh, my neighbor kept bringing shady looking people around, posting them on the internet. The the amenities are nice though. It's just like so many. What is this says?


OK, um, anyways, there's tons and tons of because these aren't actually the ones that I sent him.


I'm not surprised that, um, that uh. Oh, Nadaf didn't do that correctly. Says failure. Yeah. This is not even the ones that um.


Oh that's upsetting. Yeah.


Uh, well now I want to find him so we can berate him for his failure as a producer. Yeah.


I think newbies are literally none of the ones. Oh well New Nidaa would never let that happen.


Yeah. I don't know what like he literally picked. Not so weird, maybe Zolo could Google 20 395 Waggner houses, apartments, you see there it is.


And then there's there's reviews. There you go.


That's what I sent them. Four point nine stars. Right.


And then you can read reviews. Oh, God. So fucking easy to do. See, these are the reviews.


Very good place to try new things out. Robert was warm and friendly at the end of our first night stay, at least like we were presented to us with Robert's full blessing to stay as long as we would like.


And you scroll down. Nikki, that's mostly what you got to know, but Robert, so much more keep going down. Amazing, fresh, warm drinks. I was homeless for a bit, got locked up since I got out of jail.


Robert gave me a release and the key hits the all reviews. And scroll, scroll. Oh, my God. I mean, this is what I'm talking about, this is so great. Dude, do you realize on Google look, Robert Paul champagne, that's his house. Like he's got right. PIN drop or whatever the fuck.


It was a nice apartment, but the dude refuses to put pants on. Other than that, I couldn't complain. My favorite one is here from Ryan. I was told if I wanted to move in I could move in. Not sure what I was missing, but I was only met with expecting looks weird vibe. And you keep going.


And this. Yeah. Now how he put this in the folder when I was I sent him this so yeah. I wish he were here and still alive just so I could verbally berate Nadav for. Have we tried calling him.


Oh. Called LAPD. OK. Yeah. This is amazing, you guys keep up the good will see new note of how that was fucked up, like this is what I sent them and then this is what I got.


Yeah, it's fucking disaster. Just the worst, um. Here's the other thing I wanted to sent you. Oh, our buddy, the fucking the best our boy.


Imagine a pig with kids.


Norm got a new tattoo. You're kidding. Do you know this? No.


Oh, side of the head, I can't see what it is, it's a it's a dog eating a chicken close, a pig eating a chicken, eating a rooster.


What's another word for a rooster? I know a cock. You got it. Pigs eating cock. Wow.


Pretty cool, huh? That is really cool. New face tattoos. The eyebrows are those ladybugs.


Oh, oh, we got his eyebrows tattooed on and then are those ladybugs? I can't tell. Can you see what they're in between his eyes, like at the the inner edge here? I think they're little pig snouts. A little pig.


So adorable. Very good. No, I'm looking good. I like the tattoos. Actually, I like the eyebrows. Yeah, looks good. We'll touch up there on the oggi tat, and that's, I'm sure, the same guy that we spoke with did that. Oh, so happy. Great. Yeah, that's really great, man. Good for him. He's enjoying his retirement. Yes. And he's been doing a face the face up. Uh, so you can see him as a woman.


Oh, he looks lovely. Yeah. Yeah. Good job, Norm. Sissy pig. Norman Summerton. Well, he actually that faceup thing really looks. Yeah. Effective on him. Yeah. I didn't know that the on his stomach. Some of that discoloration is from cigarette burns. Oh I did not notice that either. Yeah. It's pretty cool.


Yeah. Congrats on all that man. Wow. Transformation's. Yeah. He's really going full throttle, you know.


Yeah he really is. He's not living half a life full life.


He really does it. Hard core. Uh, by the way, you know that closing song that people flipped for Bart Simpson did it with where he put the song together. They made a music video with, um, with Mr. Clavicles.


What? And the video. I'm sure they posted it.


They should have posted on Twitter because that's where it can can live. But I'll just give you a little taste of it here.


Um, it's it's unbelievable the video they cost because rape is quite sick. Baby, look at this. We could show so far to show this fucking horse. Yeah, OK. Yes, fuck me. Fuck you.


I got that part of you that guys like my face. Thanks, Captain. Glad I checked with my four year old single. I want to fuck. That's what they've obviously come jumpman straight out of my fucking bag, man. Fucking fuck it up, man. This man dismantle this fucking goddamn stick, man.


Hello. Hey, what's up? Yo, Josh, do this. Pop champagne. Pop champagne. Yeah. Mm mm. Noodleman. Oh.


And continue to drop in. Yeah. Pretty much what your tits. Smokin, stroking my tits. They're a real man. I could take that could good. Whatever brings you joy you know.


Shut the fuck up man. I fucked up fucking old man. You pissed at me. What a place where you can make sure you want to shit at my chest and took me to shit watch motherfucker looking and get nuts. But can you sense what it looked like. How big is your dick. And I come single kibbie.


Come on, come on. Come on, come on. And come on. Oh, my God. Fantastic. Thanks for all the come.


What a great duo.


So that's far. Simpson and Mr. Clavicles. Wow, the perfect song and video, if you guys want to see it in full. Like I said, we should. We'll try to provide the link to where they've posted it on social media because I'm sure YouTube would not be fond of it.


I liked the the gentleman in the white costume. Yeah, I like my favorite one. Yeah.


Well, how would you describe his clothing was like a cowboy and then he had a veil on his dog. Yeah, it was super long. I did cover a bit. Yeah.


The Purple Dick cover was there pretty long too. Yeah. So long. Yeah. I think that's all real meat in there.


No I think there's a little extra clothing there you know. Yeah. Attachments. Little extra meat covering. Yeah. But you know there's still some meat in there, there's still meat but it can't be that semi hard all the time.


Right. Like you have to stay so my erect. Yeah. You have to be blessed as they say. Hashtag.


Hey I was at the I was getting a Botox injected into my face and my surgeon plastic surgeon was saying that they can put fat now on men's penises to make it fuller. Oh I'll do that. Really. Sure. When. Oh I can make an appointment for you. Oh yeah. I'll do it tomorrow. Great. Make the call. I'll call her up.


By the way, we can't go without before we break here without pointing out that I feel like we really opened people's eyes when we had Peerson here. Oh, my people have absolutely flipped about him putting his balls in his ass and talking to us about it. And, um, yeah.


So somebody said, uh oh, hey, Tom and Christine, I was intrigued by your balls in the ass. Clip aside, I decided to give it a shot. Despite having a pretty good hang, I was unable to stretch them far enough back for insertion. I did, however, press them into my tain't rather firmly at times. And not surprisingly, it hurt if you can get your balls in your ass. What else are you putting up there?


Dave in Toronto. Well, Pierce has put a lot of things up there.


He has. And you and I were talking about Pierce a lot. Yeah. After we met him. And one of the things I was it was so funny because I go we were talking about my car and I go, it's interesting that he could put his dick in his butt, but not at the same time as his balls. Those go to either side. And you were you were like, yeah, duh. Would you think? Yeah, of course.


Like you are like that was the stupidest thing I'd ever fucking said. And I'm like, yeah, but you don't know what he can stuff in there because he gets butt fucked with his balls. His own by the way. Yeah.


So that's the thing that I have not stopped telling people who have asked me about him and they're like, you know, oh my God, you met them. And I was like, yeah. Do you realize that he's put his balls in his ass and then been fucked with his balls?


And I see people's faces just kind of go like. Like, they don't know even how to react, like I don't know when it ever floated this idea to me before. No, I've never thought of it. But then you you were almost angry with me at the suggestion that he couldn't do both his balls and his dick. Yeah.


I mean, it's not it's completely possible.


And I, I throw the challenge to you, Piers, if you can get your balls and your dick in there, maybe, I mean, that's a pretty he'd have to put the nuts in first and then comes the dick.


OK, well you heard the challenge and I said, are you mad. Me.


I feel like you're you just said like, hey, Michael Jordan, I don't think you can drop 50 this game. What's up?


Piers is going to be like, oh, you know, think I put my dick my balls in.


OK, that's all I need to hear. I just need to hear somebody doubt me.


Well, he did start the butthole challenge. Why can't he start the balls in your asshole challenge? Like how many guys out there can do it? Pierce can do not.


A very good point. We'll take a quick break. We'll be right back.


And we're back with everybody's favorite comedian friend, Street Walker lover, everyone's friend, everyone's friend, now the sweetest guy we've ever met in our whole entire life.


Josh Potter.


That's so nice. What a nice intro. It's been a minute. I have some very pressing.


Why image news. You do? Oh, yeah. And I mean, I also have news about Nadaf, too, actually. Oh, what's that? Well, I called the LAPD. I was in the lobby. I heard you guys talking and I didn't know he was missing. You know, I haven't seen him in a while myself, so that I just I made a report and they said they'll you know, they'll look you know, I described him and I was like, wellness check.


That's what it's called. Right? Right. Check on him. I was like, you know, he's red haired. He's bigger Jewish fella. Mm hmm. Will be. Can you be on the lookout, you know, because I haven't seen him in weeks. Oh, cool. So weeks. Yeah.


I mean, I haven't I haven't seen you guys in weeks either, but you know, so I didn't know where he was. So I made a report. But also more pressing I think for the wired world is this just dropped hours ago, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that we might be banning ticktock in the United States. What? Yes, I'm sorry. I knew I was going to devastate you. We what are you talking about?


Because they're spying on us. The Chinese are spying on us and collecting data. Yeah.


I mean, this is what happens when you fuck with Daddy Trump's rallies.


Yeah. This is the consequence of a you know, you have the you you fuck with his Israelis.


You don't get your dances anymore.


Well, oh, what the fuck.


Can you imagine if ticktock, the greatest source of information and entertainment that has ever come into our laps becomes banned in the United States.


Who's the real Chinese here? That's what I want to know. Yeah. God, well, it's really devastating the pretzel, because this is my direct pipeline to Cycos.


Usually you have to wait for them to upload a video to YouTube and then if they can do that, this is like direct access to really troubled.


Did you put in that?


Oh, Molen. When I plug the video, I did. Why? I mean, studios, I did a tutorial video. So you think you can talk and I walk you through my methods of curating so you two can curate a feed as pure and as wonderful as mine through this video. Right. If we get to keep the app, I mean, jeez, I'm devastated.


It's pretty. They're scared that China has your information. Are you scared that China has your mean? They've got a video of a guy shoving nuts up his butt? Yeah, it's the information they got. That's what I'm worried. I mean, are we going to delete all the apps that they stole our information on? You know what I mean? Like, yeah. You know, maps. Yeah. And like things like that. My banking app.


But yeah. So that's tough. That's really sad. Yeah. But that's what happens. You know, maybe India, India banned. Tick tock. They banned it. Looks like it. They have some of the greatest your some of your best stocks are from India.


What am I going to do. The wedding video with the information. India's government banned nearly 60 Chinese mobile apps, including Ticktock, citing national security concerns after a deadly clash between their militaries this month. Well, India has vowed to retaliate. It lags far behind China and military and economic power, leaving it with few options. But Chinese telecommunications and social networking companies have long eyed India's giant market and its enormous potential. About 50 percent of India's one point three billion citizens are online Chinese apps.


We're stealing and surreptitiously transmitting users data in an unauthorized manner to servers which have locations outside India.


Yeah, it's on its way, on its way to say goodbye. You've got to find a new app.


Where am I going to do I? Let's move on to something more uplifting, uplifting. Try some anti-Semitism and a starcrossed.


Yeah, I thought. Have you seen Deshawn Jackson, you know, a lot of athletes are doing activism right now. It's a time for that know being in quarantine, that's their stages of quarantine. And so Deshawn Jackson has decided to share.


Explain the listener who? Deshawn Jackson. He's a wide receiver who has reunited with the Philadelphia Eagles. He started his career there and now he's back on the team, coming back for one last go around. And, you know, he's been on a lot of they're they're very well performed teams.


I mean, he was on the team in 2013 when it's a real nice headline.


Yeah, it's a great. I mean, I can't see it, but I'm sure it's it states what I'm about to tell you. Yeah. Well, yeah, he was posting a lot of quotes from Louis Farrakhan, who is noted anti-Semite and homophobic person leader of the Islamic nation. And people were like, hey, that's a lot of those quotes seem anti-Semitic there. And he was like, listen, I don't have any hate for anyone. And then he was like, how can I really hammer home that I don't have any hate for Jewish people?


So you say thought I'm a quote Hitler.


Oh, so that's the way that he doubled down. Yeah. He thought he would quote Hitler. And this is what the quote was. It turns out it turns out Hitler didn't even see it coming. But but the quote was. But he thought Hitler said it.


But yeah, he attributed to Hitler. That was what he assumed said it. And the quote is, the Jews will blackmail America. They will extort America. Their plan for world domination won't work if the Negroes know who they are. Adolf Hitler. Oh. Huh.


So that was how he was. And he was like, no, I love. Yeah, check me. OK, yeah. So that's like I just like to picture him at home in like how can I prove I like Jewish people. I'm a cool Hitler.


Let's see, let's see how those Jersey sales are doing.


But this is what's happening now. People are retroactively canceling Riley Cooper. I remember that because in twenty thirteen, another receiver for the Eagles, Riley Cooper, who looks like his name sounds like a fucking American flag off a Chevy.


He had a tied one on your head a little bit. A Kenny Chesney concert.


Yeah. So, yeah. Then he called a security guard N-word and he said on every N-word here.


Oh yeah, yeah, yeah I remember that. Oh wow. And was twenty thirteen. Right.


And now people are like, you're racist if you cut Deshawn Jackson for being racist. Oh right. Because you didn't cut Riley Cooper for being racist. So you're actually racist if you cut Deshaun Jackson for being racist.


I think it's important to note that didn't Riley Cooper go to University of Florida. He was on that Tebow team. Yes. With Aaron Hernandez.


And and I only point that out because the Gators behave this way.


I mean, that's full of menaces. Let's be fair. Yeah, they're all out of pocket.


I mean, they're in and oh, my God, they murdered a few people who there was other criminals on that team that I can't even fucking think of right now. Yeah. Yeah, it was pretty bad.


But they got that ring. Yeah, they got a couple. Yeah.


But in the sports front, I thought this was applicable because one of my favorite baseball bloggers wrote a blog entitled Look at this fat fucking piece of shit. Pablo Sandoval, Jared Carrabba's wrote this blog. Really? And it's because this picture leaked. You have the picture there, that picture that I noted for you, I so Beezus and his you know, the Sandoval is a veteran.


Big biz always had issues with weight. But I mean, that is a that looks like he's got like triplets in there.


Yeah, he's been fat for a long time. And I mean, I've given you some other photos as evidence weight that doesn't seem fair, that you could be called an athlete and look like that.


Right. Well, that's my question to you as we have Tom here, who is a product of positive fat shaming by Jared Carrabba's, the man who wrote this blog is starting to people are clutching their pearls saying, like, How dare you, fat shame, big panda. That's his name, Big Panda. But this man has actually the reason he didn't sign with the San Francisco Giants when he had his contract up the first time around, he won three rings or three World Series with them.


Yeah, he went to the all star game twice. They wanted to resign him, but they wanted to put a fat clause in his contract. You can't gain X amount of weight. And he was like, I'm never going to be able to do that. So he went to the Red Sox who didn't put a fat clause in, and then he got super fat.


I mean, I have another picture.


Oh, yeah. I mean, so he's had these weight issues for quite some time. But hey, I say God bless him.


He's made so much fuckin money as a fat piece of shit, like, you know what I'm saying? Like. In this regard, but there's another story in that blog that he would fill his Gatorade bottles with Coca-Cola and then cramp up a few innings in and have to come out. And so it makes me ask you the question, can Bert play professional baseball?


Well, here's the thing. Bert claims that of all the sports and and and, you know, activities that he is a master in which he claims to be a master in men. Right.


That baseball is his shit. That's what he's like.


That's what he's doing. If this guy can fucking do it, why can't. Bert. Yeah. I don't know what position is he plays a little bit of he's one of those like utility guys.


He plays first base and third base mostly isn't first base like the low lazy position. Well, you have to get that stretch goal. You got to get that stretch going.


You've got to pay attention. So obviously, that's the first place that a runner is going. Right. And that's often where the play is going. Right. So you have to kind of be on the ball there. Third base, I feel like is the lazy is he a decent hitter? This guy?


I mean, he was I mean, he's been enough to fuckin warrant a couple of contracts here and there. You know, he actually looks like Burt in this photo.


That's what I'm saying, because it has that lay that might be thinner than him. Yeah, that's true. Burt has that hard right.


All and and this is that same thing that round hard like I've been, you know, and he drinks Coca-Cola during the game like, oh, my God, Burt could do that for sure.


And not Kool-Aid cola. They would let him drink. He would drink all the Kool-Aid. He'd never cramp up. He look at this. He drank full sugar Kool-Aid or like at least he he said he drinks the low calorie Kool-Aid.


Can you pull that up low calorie Kool-Aid and let me know, like, what the that's got to be.


He has the package all like how many calories is a gallon of of low sugar Kool-Aid.


It's got to be crazy because Kool-Aid there it is the I think that's the one right there. The low calorie mix. That's what he drinks. Um, I don't know what the the actual. Like nutritional information is on that, but that's what he loves, he drinks the low calorie I don't even know they still made Kool-Aid. I didn't either. I hadn't heard somebody say Kool-Aid.


I thought it was like one of those things Michelle Obama got rid of. She was like, everyone eats carrots now.


Kool-Aid is there are a Tahitian treat. Remember that? I don't like that one. OK, if you're a poor you. There it is.


It's it's low calorie, right? Five calories per serving. Well, what's a serving? Like half a cup. But he's doing.


Yeah, yeah I know he's doing a gallon but but I want OK does that say there. Yeah.


Can you make that bigger by chance. I don't know what that says. OK, so maybe he's not so bad. Uh the sodium is going to add up because that's per serving in a serving is probably what, eight ounces. Hacket says one gram.


Right. There's no way he's doing half a packet though. He's doing a full gallon real big.


I'm pointing out all that vitamin C right there.


Yeah, six six milligrams. If this fella is put in Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola is way crazy.


That's what I'm saying. That's crazy. Yeah.


I mean, there aren't there are a few other jobs where they make you watch your weight like I know flight attendants can't get now. That's old school.


Oh is that right? That's old school in the fifties. Why did you eat breakfast the fuck out of here. Well, they didn't let you get on a plane like that. That was more would measure your waist. But there still must be a utilitarian purpose for checking weight of these flight attendants because it's like, yeah, you can't have a fucking house on their way in more than the drink cart.


Well, I've seen some big flight attendants bigger, but they stopped really they stopped shaming them for being like not pencil thin and hot, but they were like, now it's like if you're four hundred pounds, they got to be like, listen, no. Yeah, you can't be four hundred. We have to clear out six rows because yeah, we have a shift.


So I've seen some real dogs though. I mean I've seen like I have seen, I've seen a couple, you know, two bills and sureshot.


Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.


But in the sixties that was not not like it was compounded though.


It was like also for the planes purposes, also for beauty.


Read this Tom Worth see a woman five feet five inches tall, for example, who's twenty, twenty four years old, can weigh up to one hundred and thirty three pounds um for twenty five, twenty nine hundred and thirty six. A four year old flight attendant may weigh up to a hundred forty five pounds and a ten minute flight attendant over sixty five, maybe up to one fifty eight. That's from nineteen ninety one. Those were the flight attendant. I would be too fat for to be a flight.


So would I.


Oh that's wild. Yeah. Twenty, twenty.


Well because it's no longer nineteen sixty five. Too bad they must have. Yes. You wait. It said yeah. That's of course because I mean what's on that dropdown.


People ask thing you know um you got to be sashaying up and down. Well that's the thing because when I was can you go back when I was pregnant and I had a really hard time, just roll down that first thing.


They're walking through the aisles just to go to the bathroom.


Like when you're bigger, you literally just hit everybody.


Could you imagine I did have a plumper one one time that every time she passed me, my elbow was like, yeah, I'd be like, I've had that in Jesus every time.


Yeah, I've had that. OK, read this was sassy. You know, it's the same thing. It's just saying, OK, wait longer specific numbers. But now there's no longer a thing. Of course your weight must be proportional as your height. Yeah. There's, there's no rules anymore.




They can't like if you really want to push it a peg if you want to it that would be an interesting experiment to see if we how, how big of a person we can get through the system.


I wonder what year it changed because it had to been I'm guessing like no because they used to like measure their waists.


Yeah. Oh of course. You have to fit through the aisle. Yeah.


I mean and also, you know, were they still the weight of the plane and they still do.


It is in some of the international. Yes, you can get on in countries and you get on like Cathay Pacific and you're like whoa.


Everybody is like Yeah.


Dialed I mean and I flew. What's it called. What's the at Qantas. Yeah that's it looks like the 60s. Yeah. They have those having. Yeah. And they were fully like the uniform was perfect, the big smiles and they, there was no dogs. Yeah. They had times galore.


But isn't that nice. Airline. Sorry. I don't know what the problem is like. I want to look even as a woman I want to look at attractive kind. Everybody wants to look nice people serving me. I don't want angry fat pigs. No. And the same goes for models like on the Internet. When I do my online shopping, they have models that look as bad as me and I don't like it. I don't want to see a chunky 44 year old mom.


You know what I do? I say skinny pretty girl that I'm pretending to be in my books.


Some animal. They had become a model. This fat fucking it was it was like she had like a beard and and and she was like, I don't know. She was six different genders and she was the new like really. Yeah.


Probably Gucci or something. Something like that. I don't know what it is. But it was. It was. Very upsetting, it made me go like I never want to buy that again, you know, what I do with the diversity came into play for the airlines is I wish there were more cool black guys as flight attendants.


There's a few. I've had a few. Yeah. Like real cool black guys.


Just be like I would never be scared on a plane again. Like if we're in turbulence, like guys like I'll be like, all right, sweet. OK, we're safe. A cool black. Yeah. Yeah. He's very composed.


Composed and I like gay male ones too. A lot. Oh yeah. Well they're just. Oh they're abound. Yeah. Oh. Oh interesting. Oh we just had our lights flicker. Is that the ghost of Nadaf. Oh shit.


Haunting us. Is he going to haunt us here. He's like I hear you guys. Fat shaming is from beyond the grave.


I am a fucking Jew.


That's I did have one last story, the saving, because I thought I wanted to talk to you about it so much. I don't know if you noticed you love Jada and Will Smith. Yes. They've allowed someone else into their lives. If you haven't seen. I heard about this. Yeah. Jada and Will have allowed Jada to sleep with a gentleman named Auguste. Is it Al-Saleem? Wait a minute. Is this real or is.


This is real. This is real. Not a legit. This is the man who's come out to speak about it and Will is on board. Will is like he approved of August. Sleeping with his wife. I don't know if he was there. I mean, they're all there. Yeah, he is no slouch. He's a young buck.


Wow. This guy. So, like what, Tom, do you think? You could open your heart and your arms, I mean, God, he must be just she her pussy must be just made of.


Imagine, if you will, what's our donuts, doughnuts, doughnuts with jelly and why. I think about who she's locked down.


She had to pack. She said, Will Smith, she's got this young guy. I mean, it must be just like violins playing in there or something. Wow.


Well, you know, sure, she has had some dicks. Yeah. Some real storytellers. What's to say. And this anything else. Does it say that he does he says he had an interview. Yeah, he said he got Will's blessing. Wow. Well, it's been rumored that they do have an open relationship. That's a SHOWBIZ rumor. But this guy is saying he got the blessing. So Will Smith is out saying, no, they haven't decided, though.


They have not. It's not computed, OK. This is this has been. Wow.


Which guy do you think Will Smith got the fuck guesses?


Do you have an answer? I don't know. There's been some I threw the question out there on Twitter.


People came back with a few answers, a few theories. You have got to find a lady.


There's more speculation on the other side. But, hey, who knows? You know, and I am wondering if we'll watch. And who is August?


Yes, he's a musician. I found out, OK. Learned about it. Now he's going over to the house getting jiggy with. Well, that's what I was going to ask you.


You're in a marriage. You Kristina just asked you imagine like you're watching your Netflix. Yeah. And dude comes downstairs is like, what's up, doc?


She's sleeping. And then you guys just watch Netflix together.


What you got on there? And then you just like post up next to you, like, are you cool with that? Yeah, that's. What will it be like. He's like when I get up he's like, Emily, bring me a drink. Yeah. Yeah. What you got in the refrigerator. Yeah.


Well, this family is certainly they're always open about everything. Yeah. Like Willow came out didn't she. How old is this guy.


What's what's his age.


It looks when he said twenty seven she's in her 50s so he's just hanging out again thinking back lately out there on a different thing. Really. Yeah. That's strange right. Yeah. Wow. But the cameras and shit aren't on that ship. Gosh, I don't think that's pretty cool, man. Well.


All right, I mean, I the truth is, maybe we'll have to watch, though, that's that's true.


Yeah, that's what I mean. That's whatever gets you going. Sometimes people put their balls in their ass. Sometimes people invite, you know, young guys, young dudes to fuck their wives.


But Will Smith is such a high profile movie star, there is no way that he's, like, allegedly 100 percent faithful, you know what I'm saying? Like, he's had so many ladies thrown at him. Yeah, it's not that I'm sure they've had to have an arrangement.


Some would say maybe he's even bored with the ladies. You're really.


Wow. You're really in on this. Oh, no. I just needed something to spice it up, but really bored.


You think he's been real bored both ways. So, wait, he's very famous. You were you were famously you were really not doing well with quarantine. Yeah. And the lack of then you've got to do standup a few weeks ago. Yeah. And then it shut down again. Everyone that was doing standup, it was fine. It wasn't it wasn't as good as I realized coming out of that. I need to do it every day. You know, I needed to be back.


Yeah, that was just a tease.


Just a taste.


I know it's like doing what you're doing and it was actually more depressing. Like I didn't. Yeah, it actually probably saved me because I didn't leave my hotel room once other than to do the shows. So that probably was good for social distance reasons. And how is like we went over our quarantine stages. Yeah. Are yours. I've accepted it now. I feel like this is my life. I just do shoulder hair porn and teacups and I play video games for money.


So that's what I you know, it's a new life. It's what I am, you know, if comedy comes back great. But I can live like this, you know, I did it. My room is clean.


It is so clean. Is your TV off of your bed? It is actually. Oh wow. I miss her. I mean, yeah.


Would you be willing to share a photograph of your new of course. Room? Well, I would love to see it. I'd like everybody would like to see the new arrangement.


Yeah. OK, I tv I put on the bed to play games still sometimes. Yeah. It's a habit thing. Yeah it's fine.


I kind of like it to be honest, but it's probably easier for you to see know. I mean think about that. Well it's probably never thought of that. It is far away when it's a yes.


Yeah. I never did either until just now.


But I feel closer to you because I picked up new glasses this week. Yeah. How did you get a new script. Yep. I have to do that eventually. I just talked to somebody about that. I'm noticing lights in the distance are getting blurrier. I'm like, oh boy, it's time. Oh, boy, we got to upgrade. You want my doc? All right. Is he good? Can you do the heavy duty shit? Oh, yeah.


All right. Good. Yeah. To him. Yeah. We need to add a couple pains.


I want to I you know what I want to do? I want to do a post zoom interview with him where I'm like, what was it like having someone like Josh in there? Or he was like real.


Well, he's juiced up. He's like, man, we don't see this. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Once every couple of years.


This is the kind of shit you hear about in medical school you dream about.


Yeah, I'm just excited thinking about which twenty seven year old I'll get to bang. We kind of moved on from that a while. I'm just dreaming. You know, I came down, I came down to I like Ryan Gosling. He's too old, he's too old and I like Luke Wilson. They're both so old.


For my age, you've got to do like Timothy Shambhala or whatever, like I don't even know Timothy Shambhala. I like Justin Bieber before all the tattoos. Yeah, OK.


I just love to two young twenty seven. It's like if your lover I just love the idea of Tom being on the couch. It comes on. He's like power rather than walls for you should be.


I should be out you know. That's the conversation or the back of the couch. What's up dog. Yeah.


Yeah, just watching some dark and then he's like oh football. But also replay high school. Jesus.


Yeah, that's all I found in the news and everything else is, uh, you know. Yeah. Pretty shitty.


Um, um. I'm glad you're glad you're doing well man. Thank you. OK, yeah. Me too. Yeah. No it's for now. We're deep in it. I mean who knows when we're going to come out. So this is what it is baby. Let's rock, let's do it.


All right. You guys want to take a quick break before our guest comes? Yeah, let's do it. Get this episode of your mom's house is also brought to you by Express VPN.


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Check out and we are back with one of our all time favorites.


You know him well from his show here on our very own YouTube channel. You know him from television and radio.


He is Dr. Andrew Tyronne, Reginald Frederick Pensky from from New Hampshire today.


After day after dark after dark with the dark. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


And Tom, it's filling in a little bit here and there. Every time we do have a good time, Tom destroys the shit out of me.


We had a recent episode that I believe at this point the audience would have seen where you saw some very, very disturbing and upsetting things.


I'm glad that they have seen it by now because Tom destroyed me. I believe you.


He came home ear to ear smile. I'm sure he did. I said I was there with Dr. Drew. He goes, I horrified him. He was going to throw up, that is.


Yes, that is. That this horrified isn't quite as strong. I had an actual, like, excitement yesterday, no, after getting home. Yes, after we recorded our episode, recorded our episodes.


And I was thinking about because you saw a lot of really disgusting things, the odd and then I go, you know, I feel like I've reached a ceiling with that.


So what it did was it opened up a portal into a new lane that I'm going to be introducing you to all soon, because what it did was, oh, my God, it's sort of challenged me. It's like someone shoved me. What are you going to do about it?


Literally is like I feel like I'm like some sort of Navy seal that just this huge training session is this and you've seen it all.


Now it's on.


Now we're going to really challenge you are a practicing doctor. People don't realize that. But you have a practice. Yeah. Oh, no, I'm a workaholic. So and so. I've seen everything. And have you seen fists in butts and Virginia?


You and I enjoyed that a little bit. I mean, we watch that and we are enjoying it together. No, we saw a double fisting together.


She and I saw that too. And oh, you did the double. That is where Christianity almost lost it.


I didn't like that one. No, but you lost your cookies almost when Robert Paul Champagne did.


Yeah, that was pretty white. Makes me vomit. Yeah. But then Tom thought that's not enough. That is not enough.


Yeah. Because I feel like the one that really, really got to. Yes.


It was the corn on the cob we forgot about. But you primed me with the rocks though I think.


Yeah. So wait which one's the rock. Says a lady made a chocolate to a dog you had and they were really hard and I was like, wait, wait, wait, listen, listen, listen and look a few times.


Yeah. And he was right.


It sounded like right. He asked for a trashcan at one point. Yeah, you did. Yes. Right. Oh no, no. It was serious.


What threw you over the threshold that the corn the corn was a shock to my system. So for those of you you haven't seen the clip or heard the clip, this woman makes a brown.


Well, no, no. It's way better than that. There's multiple first sorry, guys. She gives her so right. So right.


At this point, I went to I said to Tom, I go, do you remember that dinner we had?


We all sat down to two couples and we talked about this after dark show we were going to do. And Tom leaned across, said, you know, this is really what you want to do.


I had no fucking idea he was talking about there was the matrix, the red pill. You know, I did not know.


But our last episode, he and I, that's when I understood what it was going on. Yeah. So that's where it started. I don't like this part. I don't like it. No, that's just the beginning. And I didn't like that either. And by the way, he had prime me, didn't even know where they went.


And then we go, that's not OK. That's not OK. We said that we made that point and but but already there's something about the quality of her stool that is really bothersome to me.


Yeah. The extra dagoberto. Yeah. Yeah.


I didn't see this part last time, you know. Neither did I. Neither did I.


And you tapping out. Right. Where is the white fact this is the. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's the sound I've never made before. But what do you think that chocolate's real then.


If it looks I'm worried about nobody, maybe it's not real. I don't care if it's the whole it lands. OK, so let's see because we didn't talk about on this show.


What's the danger of putting Brown in your meow. You don't want Brown in your mouth. No, not in your mouth. That's that you.


I'd rather go in the mouth than the male. And why can't I mean, from a medical standpoint, why medically, why can't it go in? The meow does not like, oh my God, look at this.


That's Norman is a lady. He just got the lady face that fantastic. Wait, why can't it come?


Because the Bible does not like E coli and other bacteria. Sure. And what they've been vaginitis. Vaginitis, it's treatable. It's treatable.


It will destroy you. But I mean, you could get pelvic inflammatory disease, which is the location where it gets up into the tubes. And then that's really serious. That's serious. You'd be in the hospital.


But yeah, the quality is fine. You said the quality of her stool.


I'm ready to believe that they shove chocolate up her ass or something. And they had her do this. Yeah. Because it was very, very dark. Very chocolate. Yeah.


It does look chocolate and almost better, but maybe it's delicious. Here's the thing.


Maybe instead of being chocolate, just lots of blood is in there. It could be. Yes. It's an active GI bleed we're looking at.


Yeah. What is it. Black stool's me like. Still means there's been blood bleeding from the upper GI tract. This is what Tom's alluding to here. Yeah. And it turns black as it moves through and then as it comes out you got real problems here.


You got something bleeding upstream.


This it's funny though for me that gives me something to focus on. Yeah. I'm not thinking about the corner. Oh right. That's good. Yeah. It's like literally like being an ambulance driver or something and things aren't good. You're like, OK, I can fix this, I can fix that.


I'm going to I'm going to find some stuff to get you next time though. Is the portal I'm opening a new portal. Can you give me give me a hint just so I can maybe work out to myself, do the exercise, the muscles I need?


Well, I don't want to give too much away, but it's a combination of what you're seeing now, white and brown, white and brown. And then my least favorite things together then to go in the mouth has elements of violence and severe personal injuries.


Oh my God, I look at them. Ladies and gentlemen, Tom Segura.


Good job. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, my gosh. You're going to you're going to like it.


You're gonna like the way you look. And really, it's all this whole experience here at your mom's house has been like boiling a frog.


It came in. I was I came to your house. You play such nice people. Yeah. And you showed me a bunch of dead people originally.


Yeah, I did. Yeah. Well, the people that to me looked like they were dying.


Oh yeah. That would have ended up dead. And this ensued and but I thought.


Interesting reaction. I guess I'm missing something. Let me go back and see what's going on. Maybe I maybe I was intrigued.


Let's say I trache came back, saw more dead people. Yeah. And then the mentally ill and people with a.. Agnosia started drifting. And you know what that is? No, Nojin.


Nanotechnology is a biological it's it's a biological event that causes you to neglect neurobiologists. You don't see things you should see like like, you know, how you're being perceived on take or choices.


You mean you it's it's a relative of Duni. Look better. Nordoff, hold it up right away.


It's essentially what they're going to pull up is a.. Agnos As it pertains to stroke life, you get a stroke on the right side of your brain.


You don't realize the left side of your body out. You just don't you just don't notice it.


In fact, you don't even notice the left side of the world. Stop it.


Like you see clocks. If you ever have you write a clock, you'll jam it all on the left side. On the right side, rather. Oh, wow. Yeah, in the left side just doesn't exist. And a exposure. It's also a relative of denial. Think about how drug addicts think they're they can't see what's happened.


People, addicts, agnosia don't have the choice to see what they do. Right.


It's a biological that's not willfully neglect. Nikolaenko well, and Dunning Kruger is more cognitive, by the way.


Every time I mean, we've talked about it at length. Yeah. I feel like it's so under appreciated.


I know that. And so, so prevalent, so prevalent today. It's like unbelievable. And I think. Yes. And I think a big part of it is that technology allows people to believe as they leave and communicate and share thoughts, feel as though they know everything. And so I've mentioned this many times.


I've told you this, that my peers have begun putting a plaque up in their offices that says, do not confuse your Google search with my medical training. That's hilarious and necessary. And that and it should be signed.


Dunninger Yeah, because because that's the definition of that. I love that.


And I feel like that's, um, it gets a little aggro, but it's needed for those people.


And yet somehow people understand experiential learning when it comes to skills. Yeah, they understand. Oh you can't read about riding a bike and then know how to ride a bike. So I can't read about surgical procedures and know how to do surgery. Right.


But they assume that cognitive skills can be learned by just reading about it.


I know. And people will read a paragraph. Yeah. Here's what we should do. Yeah, well, that's what's scary.


And we're going back to the medieval period into this. This is you're right. This is I like the transition cause before the printing press, we had an oral tradition and now people are getting their information, thankfully, from podcast.


But you hear so many people went back to the oral tradition. Yes, I heard. I'm sure.


I'm sure back pre Thomas Aquinas, the topic was much like the topics here at your mom's house.


Oh, but eating popcorn usually was the oral tradition. There were men then. Let's be fair. So so there probably went something like this. It's just the church had to get involved.


Well, one of our friends is a good friend, is a pediatrician. I know. And yeah.


And we we talk a lot about like Joe, how how you know, is it with so many, especially because, you know, it's different when you have one thing as a patient comes to see you. One thing as a parent brings you their child. Yes. And and how many times do you have parents who are you know, here's what I believe we're looking at solution. And then and as a pediatrician in that part of town, she practices we well, the pediatrician, this one came in.


We talk about you have to navigate that so much more delicately that and I think the pediatricians are very skilled at looking at the patient as the mother child unit. So that's the totality of the patient.


And I used I used to advocate for similar model. When we talked about adolescence, right, because adolescence, the parent still was involved, but we had to separate them and have meetings with each of them and have them getting back together again. Right. Because it's that intermediate stage and then adulthood. The parents.


Sorry, but that does have to be so unnerving when, like I mean, even I can even tell you when my my dad was sick like a year ago and I would be in the hospital visiting.


And my sister, who was really an advocate for him, though, would sometimes say to, you know, a doctor in a in in a like in a high level hospital, don't like don't use that to pay for that. That's bothering him.


And the guy would be like and I would see him and be like I was just like quickly be like now you can talk about it. But I'm assuming they're like, you know, we deal with this shit all the time.


All the time. Yeah.


Well, now, you know, we were talking before we came in here about some of the stuff in the press as it pertains to the pandemic. Now the press is telling us how to practice medicine.


Yeah, the politicians, we can't even talk honestly about what we do in the public because everyone's got an opinion. He it's really something.


Well, and they're not reporting the positive things that are happening in covid right now.


If you don't mind, can you just say a positive things that are happening that that we've had a little uptick and it's concerning and we did take care of and be cautious, but it's mostly affecting young people, which is a milder form of the illness. And it's sort of a horrible flu then that can go very bad. Like we all know about Nick Cordeiro, they can go really bad. But for the most part, my profession now knows kind of how to handle this thing and how to treat it in such a way that we keep them out of the hospital.


And if they go in the hospital, we can keep them out of the ICU. And if they get into the ICU, we can keep them from dying. That's generally the trend right now with the treatments we have and things like hydroxy chloroquine and zinc is that through myson and REM disappear and dexamethasone, all these things and how we use the ventilators and who gets on all these marks a difference, an outcome from March to now?


Yes, we're doing a really good job.


So we've learned to manage the illness a bit.


And if the if the some of the hydroxy chloroquine data for early use with zinc is coming in, it's starting to look like if it's true, if that data is accurate, it has to be reproduced many times.


So please don't tell me what am I to believe one minute it's this woman. Is that because that's how science works? You have to.


Yeah, you have to reproduce it many times before it became my magic. Yeah. And you do it once and that shows you the right.


We may be able to turn it into the flu for you, for young people particularly. And how good do these vaccines look? Everyone's talking crazy good. I want to get on the I want to be a human subject. Oh so does that Yoshie. I want to get out faster the better. Yeah, I think I think, you know, she just did like a clinical trial.


You just said. Yeah. Where did you put it. Like in the eyes. And he was like, that's the I was good. I want to do it for the vaccine if you do so that is that's. Oh, my God.


A science news. Why aren't you afraid? Because the biotechnology is there.


It's there. It's there. When anyone out of Oxford.


You mean multiple, multiple ones I've read about look really clean and good. I want I want the MRI, the RNA vaccine. That to me looks the most interesting. And that and I want to contribute to the advancement of this new technology that really looks so great.


Do Bill and Melinda Gates want to kill your population? Well, they want to put a chip in when they put the vaccine in because what's happened so we can you can see that a tick tock. Do you follow the conspiracy's? I can't I don't make me crazy. I can't do it. They're like the gates are trying to murder the population can't.


Well, and it all started with back in Africa. Would you try to help with malaria? And they're like you just trying to kill black people. And I know that was the conspiracy. You know, seriously, they're like the gates are just trying to murder.


Well, it's literally one of the local kings started advocating that. Really? Yeah. It's a go watch the documentary, Bill Gates, you see the whole thing. But but innervate. I want the vaccine, I want it now. I don't want to be on a phase one or phase two trial, right. That's when you find out their their safety and efficacy and stuff. I'm not asking for that. I'm asking to be in the phase three.


Let's do it now. But you said they're close to phase three right there in phase three and they're going to have this thing out in the fall. Also, we said November. Now, the sector is so great.




Now going back to church, high praise Allah, praise everybody. So I heard today there's a case of the bubonic plague in China. They found one.


Yeah. This I find it fascinating that this becomes headline news because have I not been saying that the plague is coming in Southern California? The homeless population not heard me say this. Yes. OK, here's why I say this. Yes, the plague is had made it to humans in Mongolia. It's here in Southern California.


It's here in squirrels and feral cats and raccoons. And it just a matter of time, the plague experts tell me before it jumps into humans, most likely homeless. They're out there with the stuff that transmits it. They're out there in the with the animals. And once it gets in, it's going to just just explode all through.


Yeah. And what happens when you get the plague? There's different versions of it.


There's pneumonic plague and which just causes the pneumonia. That's bubonic plague where you get buboes, which are essentially or giant lymph nodes that come to the surface and open up and pus out in your skin.


Nice things like it is like is there a treatment for that one? All of them. But if you get small but if it gets ahead, it's something like like covid. If it gets away from you, you're just screwed. Yeah. And so everybody around here gets advanced. You're the last outbreak was in Los Angeles, a bubonic in the 1920s.


Great. And everybody who was in contact with this one guy, I think it was in Chinatown, remember. Right. Everybody died within like four days.


Is there no vaccine for this, for the bubonic plague? We haven't. It's a bacterial pestis.


Yeah. Now, what happens? Um, what if the homeless population and we just kind of let it run its course and then I would say I would say, ladies and gentlemen, Tom Segura.


And then when it starts getting into like people in homes, we go, all right, here's all the medicine. And then he's got to solve two problems at the same time.


You know, it's interesting. It occurs to me that people are I I stood back. I'm really upset about the homeless problem. And I know because it's not just my patients. I know exactly how to treat these people. Yeah.


And I no one will listen to me or at least the leaders who are seem delusional won't listen. There are plenty of other people who will, but not in leadership positions. I thought, oh my God, that's so people are like trying to get me to run for office now. Yes. Like mayor of us and things like that. Right. And I thought, God, that is probably the only way I could change this is really do this.


And then I thought, oh, I'm on your mom's house. That was fuck the whole thing.


Oh, and not only that, no way that after corncob and this conversation I had, I could even contemplate a political run.


If they don't tell you something, though, takes care of it. If you were to run for office, think about what would happen with our viewership and downloads.


You spy. So you want to get I mean. Well, this in a way becomes my grab them by the pussy moment. Yes. Yes. He was able to go ahead and do his thing.


I'll be honest.


Dr. Drew showed me his penis and he made me give it kisses.


And it would be. And you were eleven at the time. I was small and his pee got bigger. But you're certainly not going to run for office after your wife appeared on.


Well, that was that was I thought that was what put the nails. You see that whole episode. I heard about it. About it. I was afraid to watch.


You know, before we get to that, if we have some things that you have that, um, you gave us a lot of, um, insight on Fed smoker. Oh, yeah. I don't know if you have any recipes just to refresh anyone's memory if they don't know how.


I got to ask you ever see my videos? What is it when I say after the red comes the white? You ever heard me say that before? I think it's because the blood of Jesus brothers after the red comes the white. There it is again.


He's really big on red white chariots. Yeah. White cars. And he calls them that chariot.


You know something about it. Every time I film the I see a red chariot and then a white one comes after that in college. Is that really weird or what is it quinson. Oh two of the most common colors. That's what I was thinking. But it's really weird. I won't go into it. It isn't that way every time. Sometimes it does pop up blue, red, white and blue, but it's usually red, white, black.


So I had a patient emphatic, no surprise, who bite your tongue when you talk about fads. Go ahead.


This is and I say that with peace and love and peace and love, uh, that, uh, he thought every time he got gas, this one car would go by with a particular license plate. Oh. Uh, and one day that car drove in on the to.


Get some gas after him and beat the shit out, the guy that drove up, who just had gas and I just got to get out of the car to get gas and my meth addict patient who delusional he was seeing patterns where there were none, uh, use that as a reason to.


Is that something that some of the patterns. Oh, yes.


Routine seeing the pattern. Yes.


It's part of the meth meth thing, but they're not going to get, are they, to people that be around me. Do you think they're going to need to. Well, you see that canister, Main Street there. See how big it is. Looks like it's pulley spray. It sets on Agnel. I think it's just a name. But a lot of you realize it's a messy one. One that's the one. You have his car we've ever seen.


We do. And I have studied his car. So it was it was somebody else. And I we took a good look at it. Let's go back and freeze.


That stuff's gone off in my hands before you had that stuff in your pants and get your balls, my pants. But when you wash it off, it trickles down. Oh, God, it's horrible, man. I set my car once and it went off and the only thing I had was a brand new bottle of tomato juice. I got the freaking lid off of my balls and that's amazing. Is that crazy?


Much like a skunk, like you had the guts to look at that car. So let me bring you a little primer on cocaine and meth. Yeah. Uh, meth addicts are preoccupied with law enforcement.


They go to them all the time. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cocaine addicts run away from them. Yeah. Why does why do meth and meth disorganization taking things apart, hoarding.


That's all meth. So wait, what would you see people on the street where their bikes are dismantled all over the place.


That's bad. And why why do you think the appeal to go to law enforcement? Because they feel they feel nervous and they feel upset and insecure. It's like a strobe lights going off in their life all the time. And the law enforcement, they don't have paranoia about them. They're good for whatever reason. The biology of it doesn't focus on people in uniforms while with cocaine. The preoccupation is specifically and only people in uniforms.


Oh, wow. To get away from them. Get away from them. They're coming. They're coming. They're quiet. And you see them.


They actually hallucinate them, too. What does meth do to the brain destroys it. It's really not good.


It's just lights it all up. It puts it on well. It lights up several regions that are, you know, and sure. The mood and energy and things like that and affect and and the problem is it caused something called excitable.


Uh uh, what's the word I'm looking for Exide of toxicity, where the pushing of the neurotransmitters out of the cell eventually create free radicals within the cell has something to do with how the vesicles are. The way I works is it pushes the chemical out and then a repackages and pulls it up and then pushes it back out again. It's doing this all the time. Cocaine is really good at doing that. It blocks the uptake. So stuff stays out in the in the cleft for a while.


Meth is specifically just doing this and so the vesicles don't reform normally. And when they try, the cell tries to bring the neurochemical back into the cell, it sort of breaks loose from the vessel. It's not supposed to be free on the cytoplasm. It turns into a free radical and kills the cell.


And that's why they look like shit. I mean, it's destroying a lot of cells and stuff. But I mean, but but this is sort of tap into your body. We're looking at it right here. What does that what does that white topt.


Yeah, I know.


It's so if we want to be like a police, it's just exactly like a policeman's car. Yeah. I mean, it's a Crown Vic has the. The metal background, what's that white thing? Is that a seat is a blanket, a Navajo blanket over it, just off of that with a skull on it.


It's got a lot of skulls. Yeah, he likes skulls. Oh, my God. Fufu. But here's why.


And the reason I brought this up was actually not even for this video. It was to show you apparently somebody is sort of saw that smoke as a nemesis. And we found that person. He made videos by kind of calling called out, OK, what's up?


Garbled. Oh, so you're having some problems in Rifle, Colorado and Durango. Where to go? Rifle. Keep up the good work.


Hayton It is harassment on officer. I hope you get charged for every cop and every video you have for harassing each and every person because it is harassment. Joyo de Glassmaker Peterson. Oh by the way, I love the way you change all the fucking YouTube channels, you fucking pussy.


Yeah, he's got a little bit to go to matter at a similar type and yeah, they probably party together.


It looks like an actor who is he reminds me of. I know. Could have been handsome, right. Yeah. Yeah. Looks like he's straight out of a Western or something. Yes. Yeah. He just took off the gear.


He's just relaxing in the trailer. Yeah. A long day wearing the fucking boots.


But my theory is he and Connel used to party together. I didn't know his name until this minute. You're freaking me out, Donald. Eugene Peterson.


How did you find out when he when it was first rumored that he passed everybody like we learned his name then? Yeah. Yeah. Because O'Connel well, I think it's actually more makes more sense in line with the meth thing than this guy saying he's being a pussy. You know, he had like 20 YouTube channels so he would upload them to different channels.


So that's much the way he would like dismantle an organ recording its YouTube channel.


Yeah. Oh yeah. I'm glad I don't do math.


Yeah. Oh, my. By the way, it's really hard to stop. They really, really miss that. They don't feel they can they feel like they stop existing without it once they get strung out on it. And um and they're dying hand over fist right now of mouth. Really. Yeah.


It's not even clear what's happening really are their deaths are there are drugs.


You can transition them out of meth with like really, uh, cold turkey. I mean, you're going to have to do stuff to help with them.


How do you feel about somebody going from like say, let's say, a hardcore drug to just being like, hey, I just want to smoke? I smoke weed all day? Is that better than doing it's bad or. Yeah. So you tell them to do that then. In some cases. Yeah. Yeah.


And I don't you know, I don't, I don't do drugs. If you're going to be on drugs, why do we say it's different to be on cannabis than to be on Suboxone or to be on methadone if cannabis does it and you're stable for a while. All right. Stay cannabis. Yeah, it's good right now. The problem is doesn't really start wasn't very long. Yeah. And it usually. But I had a patient. Right. A heroin addict who was mega sick with peripheral vascular disease and breast cancer and that had a million medical problems.


And she maintained on cannabis and I was like, great, if you're not, she's not going to live very long either. And so it's like, let's let's just stay with that. Perfect.


Is there kind of a version of this with Jodi as though, like he used to do heroin and then cocaine? He really. Oh, yeah. And cocaine. That dude was like major cocaine and. Right. Uh, right. Yeah. I mean, he was doing like eight ball a fucking day. And I got to say something.


I never met him. Oh really. Yeah. That is hard to. Oh this is crazy. Grogan's the other one. You got to get me involved. Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah. You've never ok.


But he was like, Julie was like you know over four hundred pounds.


You said he was just like you know smoking a pack and a half doing that. He sounds like this is an interesting OK. It's an interesting, I mean he's got all types of craziness.


There's all, there's all I was thinking about this morning is different flavors of alcoholism and flavors of addiction. They were it's not one thing, you know.


Right. But now, like with Joey's, you know, he's very public with them, not revealing any secrets is that he you know, he goes heavy on the edibles. Yeah. But I've always viewed it as like, yeah. I mean, that's better than eating on a I'm going to bet because that what feels like that feels like to me like a super trauma dude with PTSD and stuff.


He's just registry's and everything. Try to feel better. Food, cigarettes, everything. Bye bye bye bye.


And somebody treated him or he got better in some way and now the cannabis is holding him. Yeah. So good. But it's good.


That's what I thought. Yeah. Yeah.


Because he can handle insane levels of I mean he gets fucked up on them but I'm saying like his threshold is way higher than anybody else's and it happens.


Yeah. For all our sakes we need to avoid crowds any way we can right now.


But what if you need to go to the post office. Well that's what is for. Hello. You can print postage on demand and skip. Those lines and crowds at the post office posts. Take it from the top. I'm sorry. It's OK, right? OK, I hear that. I'm out of my mind, OK? For all our sakes, we need to avoid crowds right now. And that is why I use I have an account.


I do it from my own house. I print postage using my own printer at home. They give you a digital scale. I save money on postage. And guess what? Now even has U.P.S.. That's right, U.P.S. It's so simple. You just print it out. You let them know the mail carrier comes, picks it up and it is the absolute best. We've been using for years. They are such a great service. Um, send your stuff anywhere in the world.


You can print your postage 24/7, any letter, any package, any classi mail, anywhere, any time.


And right now my listeners get a special offer that includes a four week trial plus free postage and the digital scale without any long term commitment. Just go to, click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in mom. That's Enter Mom. Stay safe. My friends like way.


Now, have you ever seen oh this. I really lucked out because my next boyfriend was Drew and then we just and we had sex on the first date. OK, thank you.


So like you don't even ask that. She has to come right out with it as well. Christine.


Definitely learning that you have sex on the first date. Really? Yes. I mean, can you be a gentleman and take what?


Take your mind. And they were in their 20s when they met. Twenty four. Twenty three. They were puppies.


This is from where my mom's at my exclusive interview. I like the way she's coming to my aid. This is good. Let's try to off of this. I'm sure to increase the blow. You start to increase the impact that Christina is coming to tell you.


My interview with Susan was very enlightening. Yes. We're going to find out what you know.


First of all, has the feedback been fantastic? She's fantastic. Not in love with her. People like her.


OK, good in love with her. She's beautiful. As you can see. She's charming. She's very warm and caring. Yeah. You can tell there's a lot of love between you two, but you guys are also passionate, passionate kind of Crowleys to give a shit about that all the time.


Is that right? Remember, he used to go. He's a passionate, passionate man, passionate, passionate.


How do you maintain your passion after all these years?


It's a really interesting question, right? I mean, it's still there for we had a little we had a couple of downturns when I had another thought.


Before I get into this, I can't think of it. Uh, we had a couple of downturns. One was having children, which everybody goes into with our sex life. Next is shit menopause at a fairly young age and thankfully got to proper hormone replacement therapy for that. That changed everything quickly because she had, you know, heavy duty fertility treatment and that affected her libido from then on. Really. And then you add children to that bah bah bah bah bah nightmare.


Yeah. And so she went to somebody who really knew how to handle that. And man, that was we were all back.


Well, let's just start from the beginning. You were kind of horny. Just looked.


Well, so what was there at the beginning is still there to answer your question, and so isn't that extraordinary? Yes.


And so I sort of think you're aware. I mean, when you talk to people have been together, you guys been together almost 30 years or something.


Twenty three. Almost 40 years. Almost 40 years. Crazy, right?


Yeah, that's insane, right? Yes. But it's whatever that was stayed home. Which is pretty good. Right.


So when I when people go, what's the magic, what's the secret. First thing I tell them is make sure you are really, really, really into that person, whatever that means to you, make sure that there's like an intense not not too intense because it's intensity sometimes gets confused for love. Make sure there's an attraction where you where you can sort of like alcoholism. Like today. I'm as attractive as I was yesterday and a thousand yesterdays and I assume tomorrow will be just the same.




I mean, there's nothing changing that each day. It's the same. I feel the same. Yeah. And if you feel like if I could wake up every day feeling like that's that's something that could be sustaining, it will. That makes sense, does it help? How dare you? Oh, I know is going to tell you I broadcast it with Laura Sullivan for a long time and she was like she we were at dinner with them and her and her boyfriend.


And she goes, I wanted to find all this stuff out about you and Susan. And she just told me before I ask any questions. And so here we go. So this is what I'm imagining.


Do you think that this helps you maintain your relationship on a roller coaster? Leon, Krischer was on here, Leon, and she said that she believes a quarterly blow job will will cut the mustard.


What are you what are you doing? I saw this that I can compare and contrast. Um, probably. I mean, two or three, maybe four times a week.


I like Christina's legacy, his reaction. What, the three, four times she said two or three to begin with.


And maybe that's our low end. That's our low end. You get two to three, sometimes four times we blowjobs starters.


Wow. They don't have a two and a four year old, by the way. Right. That was not happening then, trust me. Yeah. So, so bad for us.


Can we can we change the name of your show to Dr. Drew for that call if you do the intro phone. Jesus Christ, guys, fucking you you don't have any.


I mean, how old are you? I'm sweating. Sixty one.


You're sixty one. Sixty one. Yeah. You have nothing wrong with the issues at all. Neuropathy.


Yeah. I can't afford to. I mean because I know if you, if you, if you want to see me go from Elliptic into a hard gig. I just spoke something it.


Oh yeah. For sure. Yeah. Do you. So I mean is that normal for a sixty one year old man for you. Uh yeah. Some of your extra veera.


I mean have you always been so highly charged up.


You're charged up and you're fired up. I'm not like Ronnie.


No. Right. We're talking here. That's a Stern Show reference. Yes. Uh, but I mean Ronnie.


Seventy nine know I sit in admiration of him. But here's the deal man. But here's the deal, man. Yeah, man.


That Dr. Drew is a quiet simmering.


Yes. Yes. I would never I would never guess that either.


Yes. You're getting you're getting that sloppy top four times a week. I mean, that's impressive, bro.


That is that's a that's it. That she admitted to for was a little bit of exaggeration.


OK, but three but still two is in there. Three sometimes.


Wow. And I would never know you're so put together you never, never get this is part of being put together. Right. Give off sex. But I'm saying I work with you.


You've never given up boundaries and boundaries.


And by the way, I'm my she is depleted by my one good eye and also two to three times a week.


If you getting two to three times a week, I think that's actually kind of good for a political campaign.


If you do run for office, you know, cradle status. There you go. Like Dr. Drew for mayor, I'm busting nuts all week long, something like that.


That should be the slogan, the campaign slogan, two to three days a week. Yeah. For everyone just like that. Yeah. That you include people like that, that from all just writing it down. I mean what if it was that Dr. Drew for mayor.


Everybody can get some and then and then it shows like some forever. What. Yeah. Yeah. For everyone then. Yeah. And then it just shows your hard hard.


Not since nineteen eighty three. That's do that is impressive. Sometimes it is.


And may I say to that Susan came wearing a very low cut dress and no bra and she's got those beautiful big naturals. They're natural. Yeah.


Sir I can't believe that is a famous you tell the famous story about a friend of ours who uh somebody called her and said, you know, I want to get my my boobs done. Who, uh, who do you recommend for surgeon? She goes, you know, the ones I admire the most are going to find out who did Susan Pinsky's.


Yeah, it's true. My friend called her. It was Simone Bienne, vintage calls. And Susan's like, God did what?


Wow. Funny how good for her now charged up. Yeah. I mean, and I think actually what this appearance in this message really tells people is put the burden on the wife.


Some it's on her. She's the one. Some. Yeah. I mean, yeah.


Just take care of you. It's like completely like almost every wife. Stop it. Stop it. Don't you eyeball what. I'm talking to our audience. I'm saying we're just hurting. I maintain the bears libidinal.


All I'm saying is that how do you know maybe the separate part.


They're two, sometimes four times a week. Here's what I like to do with your kids. So here's the deal. It put put a contract into the future. Yeah. Thank you. Also college. Once this happens, I told you you could bust nuts all day.


Oh, she's nervous about children. I see. Yeah. Yeah, that'll. Yeah. Take care of that.


Um, and another. I like the. Views the pictures of astonishment Christine. Yeah, I could not. I mean, it's like finding out that your awesome history teacher is like, really fox dude.


Like I was blown. What was going through your head? I mean, your eyes are lit. I was like, this bitch cares for peace.


Actually, actually, it's a great analogy because what happens is when somebody who you look at, as you know, more established, educated, haven't you've destroyed me enough know here you have to get every aspect of my life.


Is there none of this is true that because you know how when you're a kid, you want my kids now to come in here and talk.


So I am. Yes. Yes. Oh, yes. Yes, I do.


But, you know, when you're a kid and you see your teacher. Yeah. You get the super. Yes, you're like that. You have another life. Like you have a complete life. It feels a bit like that.


Like your Dr. Drew, you're smart, you're articulate, you teach us things and then to know that you're just like bustin nuts all over all, we think it's exciting.


And I'm just thinking it's not really bustin nuts because I don't produce fluidity.


That's right. That's right. Prostate cancer, prostate cancer prostatectomy.


But that's why she's given now fucking four days a week.


Do you still have orgasms? Yeah, that's great. Did you remember do you remember your orgasm this time you started but sexing at 50.


It's not Drew's thing. It's not. It was your thing. It worked out in my direction, but I have to try it. We were on a cruise and you got to try it again and again. We were on a cruise and they got eight or eight H1N1 like the next day, you know, was always telling me about it. Yeah. You think? Yeah, I think so too.


I could tell. Did you people say, yeah. So hold on. You guys started having anal at fifty.


Yeah. That was after she got hormone therapy. Right. So there was things were on that so it worked out that direction. I've got to remember that.


Yeah. I mean that's pretty amazing to start a new sexual practice like that so late in life.


I mean that kids were out. That's the key.


The kids were out and you were like, I'm ready to show me what you're doing, Drew.


She blames you for the anal. Uh oh, no, sorry. She I think she said it worked out her direction.


OK, I think part of this part of this, though, that I can't remember is being ignored. We haven't just touched on it yet. It did not look like the corn lady, though, I assure you. But I think part of it is that you have always maintained physical weight lifting. And because you see guys in their 60s that look like absolute diet and there's no way that we were kids, a six year old look like, oh, Jesus.




But you know what's interesting is that Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate is like my age. Yes.


She's like in her 40s. Yeah. Like she was a proper woman. I'm still wearing tiger sweatshirt.


Yes. Like that. We have a problem where we don't want to grow up. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Dr. Drew for mayor. Oh, my God.


You did anal at 50. Now, is this a practice that you've kept in the rotation? It's in the rotation. Wow. Jesus Christ.


How often are we. Minds blown. Is it a quarterly angel or is it? I can't I'm not sure I can. It's not on the calendar. Right? Maybe we'd all like to.


Let's round it up like four times a year, more or less for God.


It's really impressive. Well, no, he's got the stamina. Standby, standby. We're going to be fair. The press attacked me, gave me little more stamina. Really? Yeah, a little more strangely. Really?


Yeah, that's impressive. Yeah, it's good. So those you're worried about. Get your prostate out. Stop it.


Is everything's OK. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Fuck more. And you can put it in people's butts.


You can get four neighbors a week, do you think it's more exhausting for Susan to get vaginalis or but pounded by you?


Oh, right. You have to bring them back and ask you.


Oh, yeah. I'm to because we're having a debate here as to which is more exhausting, anal or vaginal, what's more exhausting?


What do you think is.


I've never experienced it, so it's hard for me to know what you noticed. Like from when? What do you mean by exhausting, by the way?


Like when you're like, let's say you go to town but you pound and then you the next time you go to but town and you pound, do you think it's more tiring for her.


Yeah. To get butt pounded or slammed seems about the same really.


Oh wow. Well she saw the resilience way she is best, but I don't like what's going on in my life.


I knew this was going to be bad, but I didn't know how bad for young people to see.


Checking his tags, he's fully, fully checked his associations exactly what it is, it's exactly what it is. Tom gets me there. Yesterday, I went into a goddamn fugue state. I did.


OK, listen, I think this is beautiful, Drew. We're celebrating you and your wife Nogami, because so many will. That's the other thing.


That's the other good news is I just I'm not interested in anyone else, which is I believe you is that's why you don't pick up a sexual violence. You're cool as fuck.


I'm just not interested. I'm interested in. Yeah, yeah. And your wife. I got to save my Chey. Yeah. For your wife. Wow. Man do we have any other embarrassing clips. No, that was it. That was from that. Yeah.


I'm just glad to know that she was well received by the Thames House crowd.


And I have to say that it's so it's I love couples who love each other and that's our big thing. We've always enjoyed each other's company. That's true.


I know we and we like sort of refound it.


When our kids went for college, you were like, oh, she's we both spent time together and this fucking covid destroyed what was supposed to be a summer of travel and things.


We were going to do stuff. Now, that's a good question. So now that you and Susan have been cooped up in the house for covid, does it increase it? Well, is it increase? And have you tried and he really hasn't. No, it hasn't, because I've been depressed and sad and it just made things not as good.


It has been like we were just talking about the stages of our own emotions during court.


Like if it's like you go through the stages of grief, you know, so like we went through like like shopping a lot on shopping.


One of the stages. Yeah. It was like it was like a form of coping. You trying to feel better. Yeah. Right. Then there was like the heavy exercise phase and there's like then you go like I'm eating and drinking too much.




All all happened the person phase then the then the over existential crisis stage, then you go, you know, I mean like it's just feels like bit I had like politically upset or socially upset and concerned and worried and that's been really fun.


Maybe you should get back to fucking because I feel like. Yeah, I know that. Yeah I know. Why don't you make a movie.


Yeah. Do you know how well that would sell? Why do we just give the fans only site to recover? Oh, I agree. I say fans, Dr. Drew, on the fans.


Are you serious? First, you're just like, I'm going to the grocery store, I'm doing this. And then all of a sudden you're like, I'm like, crank one out real quick.


That's what you'll see. A huge uptick in your subscriptions.


It's a new world through all that stuff I Rapke has exposed me to and said, you don't have to. I understand it now. He was he led the way. Oh, quick question before you do we need to we need to put up the tour.


I think it's time for the tour. The tour. The tour of our. Oh yes. Yes, yes.


By the way, I thought of a slogan for Dr. Mayer, Dr. Drew underneath doctor's fuck too nice.


I like Dr.. I was thinking to use that brain for good, if only.


Yep. Trust me, but I was thinking it better. The shirt should be anal starts at fifty.


Oh, I like that better. He starts at fifty. Yeah. Well that's a t shirt. That's, that's a shirt.


It's already in development at fifty.


We started the design work last week right after this interview and it starts at fifty. It's pretty good.


It's so medical question just to get off, is it possible to put your dick and your balls in your own asshole?


Because we saw the gentleman could do his ball.


Yeah, why not? Like, the dick could have gone there as well by the by the hole. He had some real hang and.


Yeah. Situation there. I was sort of surprised he hadn't tried that. Actually he has uh.


So what he he's he hasn't tried it all at once. He's tried the penis, he's said the tip of it in there and he's had both balls in there. I know that. And he's had both balls in there and then someone else's dick in there. And then he sat there and put his dick in someone else.


Yeah, of course, Tom, Tom, Tom and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how the pain was.


Yeah, yeah.


That's the general issue of smashing balls, not being tolerable.


Yes. And then you have to look at the episode to say, oh, yeah, yeah, OK, pretty good. We spent quite a bit of time on it. Yeah.


Now you're what you had. Did you tell him about your cream of wheat.


Yeah. So here's a deal. I haven't had cream of wheat since childhood. And why such a huge fan. I just stopped eating it. I was on a low carb diet.


So there you are, low carb diet now. Yeah. OK, yeah. Low carb, no carb, more or less. No car. OK, anyways, do the day. I had two hard boiled eggs and I really got a hankering for cream of wheat. OK, so I eat my two hard boiled eggs and a little while later had a bowl of cream of wheat.


OK, raging diarrhea. Oh nothing much like a scientist like you are. I wanted to replicate the results to see if it was a one time thing, an anomaly, if you will. I replicated the thing, same diarrhea, same.


And I did the same exact thing in the morning, too. Hard boiled eggs took a break. Cream of wheat. How many days between the claim of cream of wheat experiment? Oh gosh. I think a week or like a week. Yeah. Isn't that fascinating?


People I've heard people report diarrhea from heavy sugar loads.


Oh that's what he gets. Did I get. Yeah. Uh, it makes sense to me if that's, that would probably not happen to me. I do too well with sugars but but I'm guessing there must be an intermediate stage where people could just get it from carbohydrates, from starches.


Could it be like just a food sensitivity to that food?


Is it fibrous? Is it because of the high fibre that went along when you said you do too well with sugar?


What does that mean? Meaning my I eat sugar, my bowels don't. Oh, OK. Nothing ever happens with that fact. So it's interesting. I wonder what's up dude.


This is called a wheat commercial. Simply I don't eat many carbs. My favorite to oh I love so hot. It feels so good when it goes down. It really feels like curl up nutritious and delicious to eat before it gets cold.


Oh this is cute. Oh my God. Oh I like this one. This is when corn used to be fun, when there was always comedy involved.


Yeah. This is light. I like strange music and comedy porn commercials. Uh some cream of wheat has now to change their box so they changed it.


Um I don't think so. How do you not drop that cream away. Oh there you go. Lay down. Oh did you have toast with the gravy.


I did not. I felt that was too cabi. That's kind of a nice commercial though. Thank you for sharing. You're welcome. Yeah. Yeah. Do you see a bus hit a guy on a bike.


Does it matter.


Does it matter. What want that you should go my friend to call it Jamie's website.


Uh Instagram. You probably find something to enjoy there. She's she's a. Autopsy pathologist. Oh, really, it is interested in all kinds of things, I would love that in it's Nicole Underscore and Gemmy, it's Instagram, OK, and Angoulême and I saw one of hers yesterday where I just picked up ahead on the street and I thought Tom would love this.


What I picked up ahead. Yeah, damn, I like this. I follow a guy on tick tock who cuts open bodies.


You've got to go you got to go to the restricted. See others restricted ones there. Yeah. Got you've got to go to those. Yeah. And you got to click on him.


He Whoa. Oh that's not bad call.


That's nothing. Uh go down, go to the shorts. So some good ones. What's on the lip there. That yellow fungus. He's looking at the sensitive sensitive contents. Oh that looks like a living a long or a liver.


It might be um that could be a covid long frankly.


Oh that's what they start to look like. Uh, anything else anyway. Sugar. That's good stuff there.


You guys will find OK, you'll really find guys relieving himself right there. He's relieving himself. That guy is just pissed on the ground. Oh my God. He just pissed on the officer. I don't believe this. He just pissed on the ground.


Why is that? So you don't know the guy's got a prostate problem.


You guys believe this? Oh, thank you. God, that guy right there, he just you can see the pike. You God, you can see the puddle right underneath. That's pissed, folks. That's what hydraulic oil. That's piss.


OK, nerd. OK, thank you. Silva. That man just urinated. This is on the pavement down there. I just witnessed it and got it on video. I can point him out.


He's a sort of go down there version of the truck. I'm going. It is right. Yeah.


It makes me wonder if this guy's on meth. If I were that cop, I'd go, let me look in your car, sir. Yes. See, it's against the law. So stop for a second. Thank you.


Cops cops have to deal with this stuff all the time. And so they develop a sense of what's going on. The cop will go, oh, well, let's just go over your car, see what's going on.


Yeah. Looking for a meth pipe. Sure. Yeah.


Do you want to point the guy out from here? I'll point the guy out here. I'm sorry. I'm just this is this is unbelievable.


He's so he's so worked up over it like and what's weird to me, first I thought it was OK. I mean, New York er Long Island riots where this happens, but it kind of looks like New England a little bit. And I'm like, well OK, but now they're in the woods. Who gives a shit. Even more so strange.


So what. He's about to cry. I don't want any confrontation. I just wanted to show you this. He had, he had the he's the big tall, bald guy and he has little English accent.


There he is.


He's walking right now. Walking. What the fuck. He's never seen a guy take a walk. He just bent down to get that tool. That's the guy.


Just want you to. So we avoid confrontation. Oh, hey, I'm out of here. Don't want. I know. Oh, look at this minute. Oh, my God.


Look at this. Minka. Oh, my God. That's up.


Oh, is that distractibility on LSD or something. No, no, no. That's bad. That's bad. It's like I look fat smokers talking to a cop. Hey man, I was going to ask you this. Red and white, red or white, you see red, white. It's like they just get distracted.


But do you see how you were standing right there able to show me on the cam this guy is going to get arrested? This fucking thing?


That's what's going to happen. He just says, I don't know how to work this thing. I just came to the back of the truck, zoom in on the piss and I'm out of here. OK, what are the chances I'm not going to talk or we're not going to go through? OK, look at that. You've got no choice.


I'm not I'm not discreet. Thank you. God.


Mirror page the other, as I've always taught you could be just media.


You can mean I tell you something that always strikes me in some of these videos. Yeah. Like when we see somebody like yelling some shit. Yeah. And then they drive and I'm always like that dude drives. That guy's in a car. Oh.


Well the good news is you'll see him at a police chase later today. Yeah. Those are the same guys. So and there's a lot of things that we like. Sometimes it's like this, sometimes it's things like parking lot confrontations and yeah. People and then then they get in their car and drive away and you fuck that person's on the road. Yeah, it's really nutty. Yes. They don't have to give you a on.


Sorry. You got to interview like a cop some day. Yeah. Like I hope for officers to do the stuff that they have to deal with. This is commonplace most of the law.


Yeah that's true because nobody wants to talk.


Oh get in the mouth again. I've seen this before. Oh boy. The wolves are into it now. So now with my dog tries to do this. I know where it's coming from. Yeah. Just let him do it.


No, I don't. But I know where it's coming from. I got it. I know what he's up to.


This is God.


This is an attractive group of Russian. No, this is in Norway. You guys open your mouth, you idiot. Before the dog bites your nose off. Fuck that, he's growling, we're scared.


Yes, we should be. His face is about to get torn with just the slightest proof. And you can't do that.


You can't, like, react in front of them. It's growl fuck. Yeah. I don't want this experience. I don't want to do.


Is this some sort of Wolf and Haueter. Yeah. You have to pay for all the Bonchek chick up into the wall. Yes.


You fuck all that.


By the way, the wolves need this not right. And they're also attractive now.


It's like people fucking. Do you see the mousepad guy. Yes. You did see him. Yes. Do you. What do you think's up with that. Like he's he's the guy who's got this mousepad.


Well we were worried about you, so I certainly got something interesting in the mail today. We'll stop. We're trying to figure out what that accent is.


Well, here's the thing. It's very interesting that you bring that up because he put out another video. No accent. No, he put it with the same accent, very, very upset that people were commenting that he's Russian, he's Czech.


He doesn't he doesn't think he's Jewish.


He just says, I'm Jewish. He's like, I'm not Russian. I'm Andrew.


And he said, he'll block anybody that says Russian in the country. Israel doesn't identify as that. He just says that he is he's really, really upset about it.


I'm I'm pissed the fuck off. I'm getting comments on my videos saying I'm Russian this much and that when I'm really actually Jewish, this is my Jewish kipa is Jewish for Jews. Put it on their heads. This is my fucking Jewish prayerbook Hebrew letters. My fucking Jewish prayer book has words in Hebrew and English, but he clearly has what I'm sure his Mirrabooka is very happy with the previous video about the mousepads.




Uh, if anyone posts comments on my videos saying I'm Russian this I'm Russian, that I don't care if you fucking subscribe to me or not, I'll fucking block your ass permanently.


Well, all questions about the pre-existing conditions or answer, which is what we talked about at great length.


Yeah. Yeah. Uh oh yes. What's there. Uh, tick tock, tick tick tock, tick, tick tock tick. I like that.


That's a diagnostic category not locked and ready to rock.


I mean there is an artistic quality, right. Yeah.


And there's a uh maybe maybe some cognitive stuff there. Well it's interesting to make that to say like I'm not Russian, I'm I'm Jewish, as if those are also.


Those are exclusive, right? Yeah. Yeah, he's wrong. But that and why would upset him is sort of fascinating. Yeah.


But uh oh by the way, uh, can you pull up the, uh, method site. He's not understand.


So again, he doesn't. Yeah. He doesn't understand the social sort of distinction. Real quick I wanted to bring so that people's attention, a lot of people were amazed at how fast the, uh, the two bears had sold out, as were we. It has been reordered. It's a partnership with New Era and Minor League Baseball.


So it takes a minute. Really. Yeah.


So we will have those back in August, I'm told. Um, there's a new thick boy had, uh, ten mg Tom. There's Scrum Master Tees. If you have earned them, you can wear them. Please. You can't.


I'm not wearing grandmasters and looks forward to scrum master.


What does a scrum scrum master has the mouth open. The tongue out certified scrum master.


It means that you eat the booty. No, she's not a scrum master. OK, so I'll have to have one have to query her whether I should wear the Scorpions material about her. Thank you, guys.


Scrummy, we have to say, but I will look forward to soon. Yes.


Angel starts at 50 and starts at 60. It's Bridgit Clock with Charles on it.


Todt locked and ready to rock is very popular. If you're a big talk fan, there's the William H. Like the official William H. Gear has the logo on it in all denim and in black and white and in female cuts. As we've been asked for, many people ask for the female cut.


I want more products for my show. Yeah, we can do it. Come on now. There's the mommies. French journalist. Oh, yeah. Also male and female.


There's new mascot, pig mask. If you're going to leave the room.


We actually asked my streaming audience what they'd want from a mask and they kind of said, doctor, after dark, like in a like a like along the jawline. Oh, they're interested in like a small kind of like a subtle. Yeah. Like shout out. I like that. Uh, you got it right.


We get we should talk about that real quick. So the churro remember the one that I had we had to petition Charro that brought out immediately. You had to go to her.


I had to, I had to give her an iPad pro to release the merch, but it was worth it.


It's sold out in twenty four hours and people did enjoy it stocked.


So you can get that the do you work here in the dumpster missing person. Did you know that we filed a report with LAPD and then there's also the Christina plea where my mom's at Tumblr and of course the Couzens Safe Home if you're sick or whatever you think, problems because I'm so far behind.


If I've got just the four stroke stuff. Yeah, yeah.


There's a lot of about well, this was like the store, as you knew it was, uh, was kind of revamped. So it wasn't really like high quality stuff. So there's some really good stuff I need. You know, we were at dinner Friday night, uh, and, uh, these servers wanted to know all about you guys. Wow. Oh, really? Yeah.


And I didn't have any women's gear on. Next time I need to represent.


Yeah. We got we got you. Or just you sell it. Right.


They absolutely merch method dotcom slash Tom Sega.


Um could you sell with Susan now. You can sell drugs or without you guys.


Are you saying can we do a mold of your penis. Also that in the store.


That would be fun. Got so many dudes would buy that. And ladies ladies love Dr. Drew.


I think that's a lie. We're not going to cross. OK, I mean, could you just, like, take the idea home and talk about it?


Well, as you boil the frog, my suspicion is you'll get what you want because it's slowly drawn to your layer. Yeah.


And whatever evil intentions you have, let us know in the comments if you want that, Dr. Drew catcalls or how about my wife. Yeah. Yeah, well that too. Yes. I mean, that's willing or useful. The badge sleeve.


Yeah. You can empty it out. Feels like the real thing. That's great. Susan Light. Susan light.


I love it man.


It's always have her back on your pod and let's see where this goes. Are you kid.


All you've done is sort of set this you sort of you sort of messed up the topsoil. Yeah. Yeah.


Now you got to go in. That was an appetizer. Yeah. My mom's actually and now we're going to go and I'm wondering as you boil her as the frog, where where it goes.




Where you she's just the beginning when Dr. Drew for mayor come up with your booty.


Yeah. I love that guy. Yeah that's right.


I still have fifty, I have multiple cool guys now I want to go visit. Yeah. That's where we could find some of these guys. Yeah. Man, he's one of the cool guys. Like we don't know what we need to know where some of these people reside.


Let's see. Yeah I know. I'd like to see them in their natural habitat. It's quite fast. I would like that too.


It's like really like I'm a zoologist or something.


Symbologist is a good word. Yeah. Yes. And AAPC experience still stays with me. Yeah.


For a year like a year already it was raining and it was pre winter. Now it's maybe a little bit was last fall.


It was I remember it was cold when you went to visit rainy and you're wearing it but it was definitely way pre covid. Yeah.


We got to show the tour because I found the tour on my phone the other day. I thought, oh people, what's up with that?


People will want to see this.


Yeah, we've got to realize there's parts of it. At the time he was angry, was really upset. We didn't want to upset him, you know, but now that he has only fansite. It's on. It's on. I think so it'll all funnel into that. So it's pretty cool. It's a really it's a really eye opening. I wear his costumes.


I put on some of his costume. You do do you've seen this? You haven't looked at it a long time.


Oh, that's right. That's right. We try try it out. I thought you been at home before you and. Get down to it. Oh, that's a whole other that's what Christina might put into come in and then you won't have some psychotropic or something like that. What's his what's his evil guy's name? The one that's a devil worshippers of something.


Layer after layer. Recreate this officer. Come up. Is that to where he puts on the police hat. Oh my God. And he blows the whistle just like officer come. That's the funniest.


Like it's the best officer comes up here of the come up.


Does anybody actually go to his house do you think? Ever. I asked him a couple of times and he said, well, you know, this is interesting, the different guys and I don't think so restive anymore.


I don't I don't think anybody shows up.


But you and I are going to go to Persay with him. We are. Yeah. And then we're going to watch his performance in Coney Island when the cops fuck.


Yeah, I we got to do this before. I was I'd like to see that, but I said I was going to go visit him.


I did one of my deadly serious I'll tell you this to one of my dreams of covid being over is actually going back to New York just to be like it's over. This is a great city. Let's celebrate in New York, celebrate with our P.S..


I love. Great idea. I love it. We should do it. Yeah, let's fly.


Let's fly together meant let's do it. Let's get on JetBlue and go to New York.


I like the Mets, but to you have to apply for those single units, their single pod I like. Um, don't forget, if you get a cough, please leave the room.


It's very important to manage your coughs and listen to Dr. Drew after dark. Watch it every week here on the Your Mom's House podcast, YouTube channel.


Um, you'll see Dr. Drew and mostly Christina with him. It's a great show. Yes. You guys cover a lot of I love the you know, just the way you go. It's why we love having you on here. Like just getting explanations of things. You're so articulate. You're so informed.


Christina told me the truth, what, a couple weeks ago, what she had when she was saying, how do you feel? You're looking at shit, corn eating and all these years of training, all these these are these years of helping people. And here you are looking at corn.


How do you feel about that? There it is.


Yeah, that's their true motive. What do you think? You think we your be there?


We just you know, we do genuinely enjoy your life. I enjoy you guys, too. You're so wonderful. Thank you. I hope you don't think we're just trying to, you know.


No, we love not just trying to, but you are actually doing things. I mean, I love to see you stunned, upset, hurt.


That's I know that's OK. But that's what people like. They like it. And you did it this last week on my part. So well done. Well done. It was I knew he would feel like really like mission accomplished after.


I bet you didn't go home and eat spaghetti.


I did not know. I didn't eat at all.


I couldn't eat for a few hours. Yeah.


My stomach was upset. That feels good to me. Yeah. Yeah. There could come a time if there's a portal opened up of worse things where the trash can we'll get used.


Yeah. Oh I didn't think that was possible. You gave me a goal.


I can't wait for her if you want more me, Dr. Dotcom to be an atom of their atom. I do a podcast every day. People always like why don't you guys are work together. We be doing a podcast last ten years together.


Thank you for listening. Yeah. And I do a stream every day too on all the platforms, YouTube, whatever you are working on, just, just really kind of it's kind of answering questions and covid updating and stuff like that. So because people are so scared, so confused and they should be given the way stuff is being reported. So I sort of make it more clinical the way we see it as physicians.


Well, just know we don't torture people we don't really love.


I understand and I feel love you. If we didn't if we were indifferent, there would be no that would be a difference from you guys would really break my heart. No, of course it please text me your kids numbers so I can come on the show and talk about. You would love to do that. Okay.


All right, Dr. Drew, everybody, thanks for watching. We'll see you next week.


Oh, OK. So this is truly a conversation. Oh, sure. Well. All right. OK, so this is truly a conversation about back. Well. But. Oh. OK.