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So most hope.


Have a good one, guys.


Ready for the news, ready to get serious and break down what's going on in this upcoming election. This is the podcast for you. We will break down all the issues and we're going to go over congressional candidates. We're going to go over what's going on district by district across the nation. This will be a 16 hour episode.


And we're going to start with limited water pressure and what's happening in Orange County. Oh, my goodness.


I've heard about this, Tom. And so many people are having miserable showers because you're ruined. It's not fair. It is not fair. It's not fair.


You can vote. Jeff Hardy is saying that he'll increase water pressure by forty gallons per minute.


Meanwhile, is Harper says enough, we're wasting water and there's just nothing we can do and keep wasting water. This is the episode is going to be mostly like this.


Well, we decided to stop offending people and be more inclusive.


So I myself would like to welcome all of our non able bodied and Latin X and Kleenex, Latin X ah, I'm sorry.


Uh, LGBTQ ay ay intersectional and asexual. Uh, Black Lives Matter. Black, trans lives matter. Black queer lives. Gay lives. Um, who else. My forgetting non binary lives. Lesbian lives, it's a lot of. Shoot. Oh, my forgetting I don't know everybody. You're welcome. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being here. It has come to our attention that the last few episodes have been horrific for some people to stomach the visuals.


And certainly the audio has people saying, hey, what the H.


Well, I think you can say, heck, Tom, the heck is going on. Um, there's been sounds that people say they've never heard before. It's upsetting, apparently, to eat while listening to this show.


What? Yeah, well, that's a new thing. And no one's ever said that before. Message heard. We heard you. We hear you acknowledge you.


And we're going to try to get you back. So get ready for the cleanest episode of your mom's house ever. Let's get the show started. Heck, yeah.


Tom, look at him go. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I guess. I don't know. Yeah. Who is Randy don't bring in when bomb in Afghanistan? Well, welcome to your mom's house with Tom Seguro. And Christina. Tom, Tom. And that's a really funny video. Yeah, have a really funny joke I thought I'd share with the listeners. What's that? What do gay horses eat? What? Hey. Is that clean? Yeah, exactly, that's a good, clean joke.


I don't want us to get flagged. No, I want to be a good girl.


Yeah, I mean, was that offensive still? Well, I mean. Oh, what did the LGBTQ, I.A what do LGBTQ horses eat. What. Hey.


Oh I you got actually make the hay longer and.


OK, um, so there's our first clip is that everybody's good right now, everyone's all right. I got more. You know, you should look at it, OK? OK, baby laughing.


What could be more wholesome than a baby laughing. It's the best, it's the best. Yeah, I love a baby. Laughing And the funny thing is when you have kids, you realize that there's there's things that you'll never you never expect them to laugh at, like a ball on this. And they go into hysterical laughter. That's right. Oh, and then the next day you do. And they're like, what are you doing that for that stupid.


All all right, buddy. Like I thought I made you laugh.


Well, let's not pass judgment on babies, Tom. Okay, sure. That sounds a little baby negative. We're just saying that babies are. So they change. They're very mercurial. Yeah. Yeah, that's true. But they're still God's angels and they're very pro baby on this show.


No, we're 100 percent pro ball babies. It's right of all genders and sizes. But just listening to them laugh, it's like.


Yeah. We hope you like the new your mom's house. Hope everybody likes it for every everybody. And if you're like, hey, I hope this is are you setting us up for a big misdirect within then, like, you know, now a donkey is going to shit on a lady's chest or something.


No one in this panda. Easy. I love pandas. You know, what's freaky about them is it kind of looks like he's wearing a mask like I like the eyes look kind of human, you know, I thought you'd be like, hey, man, take that off your head.


Yeah. Oh, shit.


I didn't realize their teeth were that big meaning or that, but they could bite right through your arm like. Yeah, I mean, I feel like that pandas like, oh, you think it's fucking cute that I'm here. Wait a minute.


That sounds hostile against pandas. Does that you're implying that he's aggressive. You don't know that. You don't know this particular panda. Not all pandas are aggressive. Tom, are you against pandas?


Is that we were trying to say, no, I'm not against pandas. I was saying that like. You know, maybe this panda, A. Panda, you know, I'm eating a meeting and you think he's a oh gosh, cute guy, and then he's like the fucking Chinese keep me in here. You know, they led me to you for a week, but they're going to take me back and make me go to work. Well, no.


I thought they always they always don't they live there in China, are they native to China? Sure, our panda's native to China. This would be a Google search. Yeah, let me just confirm it quick, and we sure we want this to happen. How long is this going to fucking take? Giant pandas and bears are native to China, got it like exactly what I said, though. Yep, confirmed. But so when I said it, it wasn't crazy.


I was actually correct. Right? Mm hmm. It's good to almost good to have you back.


So last week, almost last week, you you weren't here. And it was great. It was one of our best episodes ever. Yeah.


Nunatak did a really good better and better and better Nadas is what we called Zolo is just as a joke. Oh.


So, um, the pandas.


OK, so let me.


So I would love to get the story because what I remember was we did two bears and you're like, I'm gonna need some time off. And I was like, OK. And then when we did your mom's house, you just weren't there. But then you also didn't call and nobody could find you for three days.


Oh, I thought. I thought we talked. I thought the talk that we had on two bears was the talk and you're like, are you serious? Take whatever time you need. And I thought that was the. You don't think it's weird, though, that like I did say, take whatever time you need. That's true. So I'm not calling you out on that. But you don't think it's weird that. That the day the first day you decided to take off you you just you didn't call or it was the day we tape your mom's house.


Yeah, we kind of needed you here. That didn't cross your mind. I mean, it did.


But another thing that crossed my mind was Tom signing off on my. Personal time off, so I thought he said, take it whenever you want, and so I was like, Yeah, but usually there would be like someone start that tomorrow, you know, which I did. Yeah. They give notice, though, you got to tell us explicitly. OK, so what did you do? Where did you go for three days? Yeah, why couldn't you even answer your phone?


When I was doing the thing that helps me recharge the most. OK, and it started there. It started with a drive, a drive into nature, OK?


And then I made a detour and I went to Morongo Casino. Mm hmm. And then I was there for.


For a couple days straight, how was that? I want to say it was recharging, but I lost a lot of money. Really? Yeah, I didn't go well, like, I used to gamble a lot.


And then I kind of took a break because it was getting away from me, getting away from my favorite phrase, soft language phrase and that. And so then I was like, oh, let's like do stuff that used to make me happy.


And then I remembered how gambling didn't make me happy. But then once you get into it, it's kind of hard to.


Get out of it.


Until, like I notice, a lot of people coughing around in the casino, so I kind of bounced out, but then I have some degenerate gambling friends that directed me to some poker rooms and stuff, like I was pretty much awake for a few days, most of the time that you haven't seen me since.


And you feel recharged?


No, no. I'm saying I planned it wrong. Oh, I like if anything, I came back at a deficit from when you last saw.


I was great and a lot. A lot of money is now gone. Oh, good. So you got into stocks, too. That's a kind of gambling. That's fun. You're doing day trading stuff. Oh, yeah. How's that going? Not well. Not well at all.


Did you what's your strategy? What's your what's your strategy for. It's not very good because I'm not a big reader. I don't like reading. Oh boy. So what I do is I go on the Internet where degenerate gamblers have also found the stock market. Mm hmm. And then I see posts on what they say to buy. And you just do that. And then I flip a coin on whether or not I should do it or not.


And I think I flipped wrong every time so far. OK, and then there was the UFC 251 that came up. Bet wrong on that. On every single fight. Yeah, on every fight.


Yeah. Maybe you're not good at that, you know. But boy is it fun. It's fun. You, you get like adrenaline rush out of it. Yeah.


Like there's a feeling you get right before you think you're about to win. Mm hmm. Which is what I do it for. And then what's the feeling right before you think you're going to win.


It's like all. Like that? Mm hmm. And so I had that and then whoever I bet on got knocked out.


Yeah, that sounds good. Sounds like a good use of time. I like it. I mean, yeah, I don't know if I could get an advance. And unlike a couple of paychecks coming up, but I definitely owe people I just don't want anyone showing up here.


I feel like guys don't want. You need some up, Updyke. What's up, dog? What's up with you, dog? I see I missed this.


That was fun, though. Yeah, I was into that. I sure did. Yeah, I deserve that one better. Nadav was great and better than the dog, although, yes, they're going to keep calling them that now.


They're back and so do he googled so fast he doesn't feel like we wanted to see something. Boom it was up. Yeah.


I just confirmed that pandas are from our native to China.


Yeah, but that took so long. Better than a dog could do that way fast. I was like five Mississippi stops. Well, speaking of you being back and us having to deal with that, we also have the clip from the security cameras we had that pulled off when you told Zolo, a.k.a. in a dive, that you deleted the episode of your mom's house.


You want to watch it?


Yeah, I'd love to relive that nightmare with you guys. There we go. It is it to be the biggest mortgage company, YouTube channel, because you can emerge from the process of coming up. You believe your own version because it is the yelling at the dog. I'm just going to come back. I don't think I've done anything.


Well, I like to you said I don't think I've done anything that's stupid. But I also find it curious that you're laughing. Yes. Humorous that you did. What's so funny?


I mean, it's not funny. You lost a bunch of downloader views.


No. Yeah, I agree. It's not funny that you're laughing. Well, I mean, I laugh, I laugh a lot and second clip. Look, twice before you hit a button, this is delete forever, you know, he's joking about it.


I really feel like I like you. Yeah, it's like I guess I hate like it ruins my day and I get the numbers. What? I don't even know if I've done something stupid. Hmm, I said, I don't even know if I've done something stupid like that, yeah, that too. I just feel like you're it's still too late. I wanted to see anguish and I can. Do you hear how better than a dog reacts? Well, I mean, that's I like better.


And I think what you guys are registering as, like cheerful, jovial laughter is actually very intense. Nervous laughter. Like, that's that's you guys don't hear fear in those. Chuckles I look at you smiling.


Look, Tom, big smile. Does that make you angry again? It makes me angry again.


It's a defense mechanism, guys. It's not it's not real. I'm not happy that I have that.


That's the dumbest thing I've ever done. Very good. Thanks. That girl, the a girl signing to her postal worker.


Oh, that's so sweet. Sweet is. Such a sweet thing, so is the good news movement. Yeah. Are you getting mad? And that's why you I'm done talking. I think we need to reissue another form of punishment for Neda, because now after seeing that video, I'm angry again. And I don't feel as though you're you haven't repented enough and you took off and he goes to the Challenger or whatever, Manchego fucking casino.


You want to feel better? Yeah. It's a bear using no. I know that's silly, that's a silly. How funny, huh? You know what, Tom? What if this were America's Funniest Home Videos? Yeah, we'd be like this. Bear thinks he's a ninja. Yeah. What's the caption?


The stupe. The bad joke on that one.


Yeah, no, it's some version of that for sure. Um, ninja later buddies or whatever. Yeah. And I think for unioned of.


Are you still talking to him? I would like you to wear a dunce cap and I want to have Zolo I'm sorry, I better not make you a dunce cap and you're going to have to wear it for the next episode. All right. You like that one? Sure. Fine, um, OK, so. This oh, this one's kind of sweet here, watch this. OK, so I have some neighbors that have, like, never talked to before, but they have a slip and slide in the backyard right now.


You know, the kids are playing and I'm just going to go out there and ask if I can play with them.


And I'm all I can. I play. Oh, yeah.


How sweet. I know. Let's find someone to the best. You are really nice, and I thought it was funny and I made friends with all of them. I like it feels good, does it do you feel better? Yeah, this is like now I get it. Some of the people are like, hey, why do you have that lady putting the corner on her ass, shitting in person, eating it?


And there's stuff like this out there that's so true. We could play clips like this from now on.


Yeah, this could be like our exclusive lane. Just fun, like light clips.


You feel good that make you smile. Like, what's wrong with that? Why can't that be the show? I know, right? Always playing such devastating, horrific things. I mean, why can't this plane.


Yeah, I'm trying. I just. The darkness inside me is percolating now, really? Mm hmm. You want to see the dark side of the force? I see a silly prank. That would be fun to do. Sure. Check this out. This is the, uh. See the prank? Yeah. All right. Let's shoot the guy in the box. Frank, I do not think it is, but I to my kids.


So basically, it's a guy and he's he disguised it. So it looks like he's carrying a man in a box, but it's really just him. And it's fun and it's light.


And it's funny, you know, why can you laugh at that? I don't know. I don't feel funny. Do you miss doing comedy? Yeah. You know, one of my favorite comedians is this guy.


Chris Rock is a first level great comedian. I am better than Chris Rock. Chris Rock cannot is nowhere near as funny as I am the best comedian in the world.


Chris Rock, you you're nowhere near my level of comedy. First of all, without even seeing some of your stuff, sir, I would say I like your confidence. My confidence is real big in comedy.


It is. You got to believe in yourself.


And he doesn't have teeth and he doesn't care. Well, you know what he's got?


He's got a couple of William H checkboxes has got the under the wood framing friend up.


You got mold on the ceiling, which you don't always get and every clip. That's true. I do. I prefer a Moldea ceiling.


Can I just tell you he's disgusting and he's got food on his shirt. If I had never pursued comedy, I think I would kind of be like this guy.


Yeah. Like if I just had stayed working at Granger, it's a good job. I'd be making video be like, I'm better than Chris Rock.


I'm funny.


I make all guys laugh in the warehouse every day.


I don't even think this guy goes to a job at the warehouse with me.


What I think Mr. Fred Willard passed away today at age of 86. Oh, yeah. I just saw the breaking news on that breaking. All right.


Oh, that's the whole clip. And that's it. He does have a beard like yours. I know it. Well, you know, those were done looks like pretty far apart. But he has a cool I like that he goes to the same area to film.


Yeah. They're separate, but that's like we're going to shoot. Let's go to the consistency and it's good to be backlit. One thing you want is light behind behind you that blows you out.


Yeah, I wish he would have, um, like the Chris Rock statement's a bold statement, you know. Yeah. Most like comedy kind of soars.


But this put him as like Chris Rock is like a top three of all. Sure. Sure. Yeah. But I mean, I would have been like and here's a clip of my office and said, well, I want to see you.


Let's hear a joke. Does he have something to sample? Because he can't just say I'm better and then not have anything to back it up, OK? There's no standard. I was willing to give him a shot because I. I like his cockiness. I like the arrogance.


Yeah. I was kind of fun. It is kind of fun anyways.


Can can can we please talk about the red table talk. Oh yeah. This is a few weeks ago. Oh mgi. So the the the Smiths, the Jada Pinkett Smith's have been doing this red tape talk show for, for a while.


Who first of all you should know if you don't know if you're a listener or viewer, there's always been rumors. I mean you've probably heard some of them if you haven't. I'm saying there's always been rumors about, um, about the Smiths.


Right. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and their relationships. Yeah. There's always been like people saying that, you know, they have open relationship and I don't know all this stuff. Anyways, she's been doing the show with sometimes her mother, her children, Gammie with her mom, Gammy and her kids and Willo.


And they talk about like it's life and philosophy.


I can tell you that it's so embarrassing because, well, Willow will say things that are just so like like a 20 year old talking and you're so embarrassed for them. Yeah. And as a mom, I would be like, dude, shut the fuck up. Trust me, I'm going to protect you here. You do not want this stuff out in the world, right? Because she came out as a she was like, I can I would have a boyfriend and a girlfriend.


And you're like, I can say that to me, you know, but so red table talk is it's a favorite of mine for sure. Yeah. And Will doesn't always join, but he joined on this.


Well this is one on one and I guess I don't know if it just if uh if the August guy he came out, he came out.


So this came out and and he said that I had a relationship with Jada and that Will gave his blessing.


He gave his blessing. So that opened up a bunch of questions like what does that mean? Like, do they have an open marriage or do they swing like what is going on?


And so they sat down around the red table and she explained her relationship with this gentleman Augusts. Right. He's a lot younger.


We don't want to play it for you because you get copy written flagged. But just know all you have to do is, you know, type that in, uh, Jada Pinkett Smith, get the small guys table talk.


But the one of the my favorite parts of this conversation is she makes reference to she goes, you know, we had we were going through this thing. We were done with each other. We were done. And they're both acknowledging it. And she goes, and then I got into this entanglement with August and then she repeated it.


And then thankfully, because everybody watching like entanglement, he goes entanglement.


You mean relationship is like, yeah, but it's like it's that thing that people do when they've done something and they don't want to say, you know, they say the word because you're less accountable.


Like if you don't say that, it's like, you know, I, I, I went into this place and I got myself into a situation.


Well what happened. Yeah. Well I robbed it.


Yeah. Yeah. That's what I'll say. I pulled a gun on him like you got into a situation. I mean you just say I robbed the place.


Well yeah they do say or people let go, you know, I was hangnails girl. One thing led to another and now she's pregnant like that. Not one thing led to another. You know, it exactly went shit.


I know. But the Handelman you watch this, you watch the two of you pull back up fucking better than a dog when I take it down. Look at this still. So this is this is the poor Wildsmith looks broken, right?


He's looking down at the table. He's like, fuck, I can't believe my wife is talking about banging another.


Yeah. Why would you have to share so embarrassing and keep this at home and no one, keep it on.


Number two, the language of both of them use.


Yeah, it's like she'll be like it was an entanglement that I had to learn and grow from. And then we everybody grew as the togetherness and the couple through and you're like, bitch, what are you this is so listen, I'm on I love therapy. I'm a huge proponent of getting into it.


But also, like, there's a level of bullshit like this is the ultimate let's just call it what happened.


So he dumps her. Will Smith and Jada break up. They're married. They're married. But I'm saying five years ago he dumped her.


Well, you dump her. They were like she they both say that. They were you know, they were done with each other like they were done, they're done. OK, so then she hooks up with this young hottie, they bang and then he probably is like, I'm over it, you know, or she's over whatever. I don't know how to split up.


And that's what happened. Like you felt you felt unattractive. You felt like your husband kicked you to the curb.


This thing just seems humiliating. Like you can tell that they're both like, let's be grown up and talk about it. Oh, my gosh. It feels like it's humiliating for both, but that the humiliation doesn't register as much for her because she's such a malignant narcissist.


But he he you can tell it's like, oh, I'm trying to be cool about that. But you can see in his face broken. Yeah. He's like he's like, why are we talking about this?


I feel like if this has happened in your marriage, like shut up. Don't exactly. Why are you embarrassing your husband and bringing out your private tears.


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Oh like it's terrible to watch. It is terrible though. It was hard to watch but the entanglement was the best. The entanglement just such you know it reminds me of this actually reminds me of it's like you know, talking about like super famous people are super weird. Yeah. And like when Garth and Trish do their videos and you're like, this is so phony. You know what it is, is that Jada and Will are better shit talkers. It's the same level of bullshit that the way that they dress it up makes it seem more accessible.


And you're like, oh, maybe this is the same bullshit. It's the same phoniness. It's just they know how to do the dance in a better way. You know, it's there's there's more artistry to their bullshit, like they're a little more sophisticated with length. And then like again and then I feel empowered by what the fuck are you talking about?


Like, you're just saying nonsense. Yeah. You broke up in your marriage for a minute and you fucked the hot young guy.


I learned the growth because the stars aligned and I felt the shift, the shift in my spirit.


I'm like, huh? You got some young homie, some guy fucking.


Who's Greg told you? Yeah. Good for you. Joliet Bullet.


You're back and half you like.


I have another die hard in decades. Yeah. And then you got back with your husband and then you felt bad about. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And with the hot young guy and the fucking story.


Such bullshit. There's no personal growth, it's just the level of job. It's just come on, you're fucked up.


You've got the faggot king, you've got like Stona because this is a concrete program. You've got thirty seconds to excuse me all about faggots for black country cooking without mentioning the word black country was. In the area, as I say, we are very famous for filing some papers and in this particular area of the country, that's one the forgotten piece of Yorkshire pudding is to Yorkshire.


And we're very proud of the traditional black country food of like it's a place, I guess, in peace as created by the king.


Precisely that.


Oh, wonderful, wonderful things. And that's one. I'm going to have a little taste of it, if I may look really good. Manufacturing. He's always, of course, wears a silver tie, a neatly double breasted blazer, stuff like that.


And I have to say that those kids don't look very appetizing. They don't they look like turds in a ball.


I don't like it. I would not eat them.


So I get some peas. You know, it feels very childish.


But what we learn from our last episode is a lot of UK listeners were like, yeah, the standard here men.


But I never knew that these are very common. We have them everywhere. They're a staple of our society.


Are they just sausages?


Uh, no.


Haggerty's This one's kind of funny king, I think, chopping up gay people and putting, you know. What are you talking about? Jesus, I understand.


What do you not understand? It's food. Just kidding.


Gosh, I hope they don't serve retarded sausages made of retarded people. Tator, they're retired.


I'm just saying, half-Eaten, thanks so much for our Holcim episode.


But how much how long do we go? Over 30 minutes. Oh well, God damn it. In the sink.


You won't believe this is about 11 plates of half eaten faggots haven't been too successful this morning doing the simple task to spooning delicious mushy peas onto a plate. Very simple plate with a wonderful facultative. I can imagine you come through a really hard day's work and find a room smelling of lovely hot fagots.


OK, what is this from? I mean, I see this BBC this aired on BBC.


What is it like a cooking show or something. Who is this guy. Oh yeah.


You know, they're just, you know, it's like one of those. This is like a 20/20 type of deal.


I mean, is it really something like that?


Yeah, it's like it's like a new show and they're doing a segment where it's like, let's see, the biggest F word manufacturer F word.


That's the biggest manufacturer. Something like that is like the they they make some of their most favorite right there in the town of Kucher Cockerill or whatever.


And they're making it literally is. It's like Yorkshire.


Yeah. Yeah. They're the kings of it. Yeah. Wow. That's great.


Lovely hot fagots. OK, well that's enough.


That's very juvenile and that's enough. So that was fun. Oh my God. I was really good. Oh.


So we almost got our bike stolen. I got to tell you, this was one of the strangest things. You know, we have a couple of cruisers and a few months ago we got E bikes, which I cannot endorse enough. There's so fun. Yeah.


So changed our lives. Yeah. It's so fucking lazy like that. Way to ride a bike. Yeah. Yeah.


You ride a bike but then you have to try and it's really fun and it's, it's great for like that that mile two mile bike thing.


You want to be like you, you need to get something done instead of getting in the car, you know, if it's like not that far, they're fantastic. So anyway, we had probably one of the seats and then the cruisers are olders. We we call this dude from like a mobile bike company to Lake, which was the second guy.


The first guy. And this is amazing. The first guy I found on Yelp and I called him, he goes, great, text me the picture of the bike and what's wrong. I do. He goes, he goes all right, I'll come by tomorrow. I go, what time? He goes, Oh, let me get back to you. I got to look at my schedule. I go, Great day goes by, weekend goes by.


I don't hear from him. I text him again, Hey man, when do you think you can look at my bikes? Oh yeah. I got to look at my schedule to get back to you again. Never get back to me.


So I find the crazy guy this the whole bike fixing industry is kind of tick tock, you know what I mean. Yeah.


So OK, so we find this other guy on Yelp, finally the guy on Yelp and I come I was out, I come home and he's sitting up there and, you know, he's got his mask on and he's just real thin dude, like, like slight build, like almost feel like you're something else going on.


He's like Motty.


So he's like he's like, hey man. Yeah.


So these over here and he starts really talking in circles about like what these bikes need. And I was like OK. And he's like seems like you're sweaty. Yeah. He's like this right here. You got. Yeah.


How long ago how many miles you think are on this bike. And I was like one hundred and I don't know he's like yeah it's like right around eighty. You want to kind of break them and you have kind of the rotation done some of the things kind of get up and you got to move these things. I see that you need a little brake adjustment on this one here. You guys do all this thing here, the alignment kind of off on this one.


He's like, really? And I was like, OK, OK, man. Yeah.


And I'm like, well, he started talking to me first when I was with the two kids alone. And he's like, yeah, I get where the bike let me get down there. OK, all right. So what you got to do with this one. And I was like, I got to go. I got two babies inside. Let me take care of my husband will be here in a minute. I couldn't even handle the guy.


He he tired me and he starts telling me all this stuff. Right. And he's loading and he's taking the bikes out of our garage and he's putting them like on this truck.


And I go, so what's going to be done? He gives me that long ass speech like running in circles. And I was like, OK, I go, how much is it? Like, normally, man, you know?


And he starts saying, no. And he's like, but for you, I'll do it for this. He's like cutting it down. I'm like, OK. And then as I'm talking to him, I go like, this guy's going to steal these bikes.


And and I just was like, you know what? I'm just going to let them steal. I didn't want to deal with him.


I was like about to be like, I don't fucking trust you. He's like, you know, I need a deposit. And I was like, I'm going to pay this guy to steal my bikes right now.


So I gave him cash and I was like, have fun with my bikes and my money because I'm not getting this back.


Yeah. And I just I actually accepted it. I was like, oh, this would be just the day that I paid a guy to steal our bikes.


You've had a sense that he needed them more than we did. Yeah, I don't know. And he was just like a problem. I could be like, this guy is such a problem.


I don't want to deal with him. I know. And then I go next to mine.


Well, when can I get him back? And he's like, you know, he's like unsure. And I go, I go. I try to ride that one, like, every day or, you know, close to it. So how how soon can I get it back? And he goes, I mean, I get you. That went back on Sunday.


Is that cool? And I was like, OK, sure. So then Sunday comes around and it's Sunday afternoon. And I realized, oh, I haven't heard from them. So I call them no answer. And then I text them no answer. And I was like, oh yeah, I was right. I paid that guy to steal our bikes.


And then Monday, nothing. Tuesday I go, Hey man, what's he answers the phone. He's like, Hello? I go, hey. He's like, who is this? And I go, Tom.


He goes, Tom, the good cigarette. And he goes, Where do I know you from? I don't know if I can Netflix. You know me from my house. Tell me.


You have four of my bikes and he goes for live. I tell them and he's like, all right, right. I go, you were going to bring it on Sunday, my bike. And he goes, I had something happen, man.


And I go, OK, so can I still have my bikes back? He goes, Yeah, I could probably I think I got to get the one part for the thing.


What do you want yours back like today I go how about all four. Because I got to get that part. I go, could I have it tomorrow? And he goes, yeah, I think I could do that. I go, Can you answer texts though? So I don't have to like wonder. He's like, somebody should have texted you. I go, yeah, you you're the one I interact with you fucking tweaker.


Yeah. Such if I could mean I hope we get our bikes back. So what do you think. Do you think we're going to get our bikes back.


I'm about 50/50. About 50/50. I don't know. He's got good Yelp reviews.


I mean, the guy's weird man. It is. Hey, I'm telling you, everybody in the bike world is kind of a lunatic. Remember where we got the bikes from there? We heard that guy was weird as fuck to bike. People are just weird. I know.


Just weird. He I was thinking I wanted to do that. Do you want to do that? What is that? Oh, but I wanted to bring up your cool breakfast idea we were eating. Yeah, we like to go we have breakfast outdoors in this place near our house. And Tom and I here's a deal. I know that Tom wants to look at hot girls, OK? And hey on.


OK, so I don't want to be delusional, I know that you want to look at lady, so I like to do this thing where I go, oh my God, look at look at that big camel. Totally.


You can tell she's like, look at that girl's puss, puss, Jesus. All right.


It was very meaty because a lot of these girls walk around, but she's like, look, look. And I'm like I mean, I kind of see it. You mean to stare at her box? She's like, yeah, OK.


Because this one girl, these girls wear these Lululemon yoga pants and it makes their vaginas look very meaty. And I was like, well, you probably would want to look anyways this way. I give you permission to get a good gander at her meaty pussy. And, you know, I don't you don't get in trouble for looking. You don't have to pretend like you're not right. Yeah, I like it.


And then we decided we could take it to another level just to give me, like, you know, I'm I'm in a monogamous relationship, but just to give, like, a little flavor, you know, a little like like a little spark of fun where it's like kind of flirting, but it's harmless.


And so what I do is I see one of these girls. Right. And I see them while I'm eating, so. I'll eat and then I'll be like, hey.


You know, to eat this breakfast, my dick's all hard from looking at you over here and I just see how they react, you know, and it's like it's something you can do to you can do it and you can do it and it gets women appreciate it from what I've seen. And it's also it's probably.


I'll get you laid.


Oh, definitely. Yeah. And you don't have to say it like, you know what to do.


What I did, you could be like you could be you can go.


I was about to take this last bite, but your tits are so big I decided to wait a second, you know.


Yeah. Well it's nice ladies like like to hear when they look good. And I would take it as a compliment. And you could you could go like. Hey. You know, I was wondering what your pussy looks like, but now I can see it with those pants on, so I have to wonder. No more. No more. Yeah.


And they'll be like, oh, my God. Like, it's it's a good way to, like, start a conversation with someone.


Yeah. And I think, you know, where it would really work is like Hooters. Oh yeah.


Because they're kind of inviting you to go to Hooters and be like, you know, I was going to get the wings from over here.


My dick's all stiff.


We just thought, wouldn't that be the coolest way to talk to ladies? It is the coolest.


It was like, no question you would score so many bitches.


You're just waiting to if you're not doing that, you're just not getting laid.


Yeah, because you're going to play the numbers. Somebody is going to be like, wow, thanks. Yeah.


They're going to be like, no, are you really hard?


And then you can go like once you reach down there and find out once you reach down into your mouth. Yeah. Yeah.


Because I was thinking what would be the coolest thing you could say to something like coolest thing. Yeah, it was a bunch of cool things we just covered.


Like if I was your waitress.


Yeah. And you'd be like, oh hey, I'm trying to, I'm trying to bring this dream. Your tits are spilling into it.


Yeah. Yeah, I think that's neat. Thanks, sir. And when she goes, can I get you anything else you could be like, yeah, you could sit all the way down on my car because it's super hard ass there.


And I'm like, oh my God. Really my.


And I didn't know you were going to offer. And then you're like, yeah, thank you.


It's listen, if if you feel like you're getting laid enough, then don't try it. OK, yeah. Uh yeah.


Yeah. Meti puss. Yeah. Yeah. It's just true though because as a as an older couple like we are now, you know, people, people look so much better than us that I think it's important to acknowledge when you see like. Yeah. Better looking people, you're like, oh my God. I would tell them, yeah, that's a really good idea to take action.


You go, hey, I tell you something, my pussy's all sloppy looking.


I tell you something, I'm I I'm a lot older than you, but I was thinking that I don't think you'll fuck me, but I'm not sure.


Will you like that? I'm not sure. I know my wife and I are trying to we're having a debate. We were debating, but she doesn't think you'll fuck me. But I said that you would.


Will you like that and get into an entanglement yet?


Yeah, you want to try to get my jizz entangled in your cube hairs?


And then just see how it goes. All right, just just things you can try or you can just not say anything to anybody.


Do you think Top Dog is stupid? What do you think Top Dog would think about? You're getting checks method, I don't know, he's got a way with the ladies to. You want to ask him always. All right, I'll ask him. Oh, and then. We can get him on that one. Oh, yeah. I see we bet your mom's watching or doing bridge. The a bridge time. Might be too early for president. Hello.


Hey, Dad. Hey, buddy, how you doing? Good. How's it going, man? So sweet. I'll just join another day and covid-19 Avenir. Yeah, it's great. Well, let me guess, what's mom doing?


Sandbridge. Hey, um, um, so I was wondering, we were trying to give advice to these younger guys, you know, about like talking to women. And so one of the things I told them is like, if you're like at an outdoor patio place, you're eating, you see a girl across the place, like, why not try something like, hey, you know, I'm trying to eat my lunch here, but my dick's all hard from looking at you.


You know, I'm not sure that would be the great opening line I would use. First of all, he could probably see it from across the street anyway. OK, yeah, I would I would try something smoother.


Well, what would you try and say? Are those straps strong enough to keep your boobs up like that?


Might that might work.


And I like or does the underwire in your bra set off the metal detectors in the airport?


Well, that's a mouthful. Well, you know, there's definitely a mouthful right there. Hmm.


Yeah, those are some of the guys guys say to themselves or they sit back down, the other guy they look at and they go, you've got to be shitting me. Yeah, yeah. That's what they say.


What do you think? Women if women knew what we really said about them. Yeah. How do you think that plays?


I mean, I think some of them know, um but I think some of them would be horrified and they would either accept it or they would just. Yeah. They would just live in horror and fear.


I think I think they'd be horrified if they knew if they knew we wanted to hit them in the head with a hammer, tie them up, put them in the trunk, bury them in the desert. Yeah. They would be really effective. Yeah, I mean, oh, my God, you know, and then when you're on the elevator in this drop dead gorgeous woman gets out, you know, she's got legs up to her, you know, her shoulders, and everybody pretends like they don't even notice.


Yeah, I know. I know.


Hey, by the way, I wanted to get you some of Doug. So what are some up dog? What's up, doc? Not much. What's up with you, doc? Oh, it's like a fourth grade job.


Was played at least maybe six or not, I'm not sure which one. And I know. All right, look. Oh, by the way.


Well, I guess I guess I can't really ask you that because you live with that buddy. Oh, we were playing this we were going to talk about this scenario about whether we would rather spend a week with mom or a week with my Aunt Blanca. Like, if you had to be, like, holed up with one and then which, you know, like, I guess that's an easy one for me.


Malia up a week with an iPad.


Well, we were saying that it's you we were talking before, that it's either do you want to kill yourself or someone else?


So we all wait a whole week. Oh, my. Oh, my.


We should break that down. All right. I love you. I'll call you later, OK? OK.


Wow. I can't believe he critiqued the uptalk joke as being fourth or fifth grade humor.


That was such a relief that he got to do that.


How was the best moment? Yeah, that was so much fun. Yeah. Um, so here's the scenario we were talking about.


So my mom. Yes, my mom does.


If we spend a week with her, we're likes to do what she likes to provoke.


Right. She likes to start. She's a professional shit mixer. Yeah. That's that's so, so something. And why do you do that.


Why she wants to infuriate you. Yeah. She likes to poke until you're like. And then what I realized took me like thirty eight years to realize if you just go like oh I'll ignore that person. Like I would ignore somebody like walking down the street yelling thing. Right. Like a homeless person.


Yeah. Yeah. If I ignore her then she's like oh she's deflated. Yeah. Yeah she has no ammunition. She's like You didn't take the bait. Yeah. But a week with her she would get you, she would get you in a week.


But here's what you do. Here's what I do with your mom when they visit is I physically disengage. When I sense that she's looking for the fight, I physically go to another room and then some other sucker walks in and takes her bait. Yeah. So as long as I just keep moving around, there's always another sucker willing to listen. That's true.


But if it's just I mean, this if this scenario, it's just you out of there, I would just get her drunk. Yeah, drunk. How drunk is Godfried or wine for breakfast.


I had a drink with her and candy but my aunt what she can do is just break you fucking down in this slow deliberation. Like remember I told you about like when I was we were going to move and she was like, why are you moving? How far away does it have furniture yet? What will you do with the furniture here? You cut the grass yourself. Will you bring someone else to do it? Well, how are you doing?


You live in the place. Who will move it? Will you move? Some will help people come help you. And it's like the questions and the questions and the questions. It's death by a thousand paper and you start to go like, oh no.


I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know anything.


And that's like in five minutes, you know, one time I made the mistake. I was very hungry and I baked spaghetti squash for myself. And you cut it in half and then you take a fork and you rake the squash.


Right now, she had never seen it before and it was blowing her fucking mind apart. Yeah.


Hi. Do you do this? Yeah, I show me what these these vegetable, how do you do that?


And I was like, I I'm going with my, like, opinions on everything. I mean, like, everything.


So then, like, you're making eggs and she's like, are you using olive oil? Or you're like, yeah, she's like, do you know that there is a study that says if you cook olive oil, that it's not good for you and you're like, I don't. I'm just using it. I don't care if I die, like I mean, like and then like, you put some salt. Yeah. You know, that there's sodium that you can find if you have more than one hundred and eighty milligrams of sodium and you're like, I don't care, I don't care.


I don't mind it.


Are you putting ice in the did you know that if you put too much ice in there that can change your metabolism. I'm already paranoid so.


Yeah. So our scenario basically was if we were either and then we decided that it just means do you want to kill yourself or someone else because Blanca will drive you to suicide because you're like, there's no way out.


Everything's closing in on me. The walls are coming. Yeah.


There's no way out of this. And my mom would drive you to homicide because you'd kill her. Yeah. Yeah. So it's like, what are you more comfortable with?


How do your uncle and your dad stay married to this? They're just checked out. They're checked out in different ways. You know, like the stuff that the stuff that makes myself and my two sisters want to kill me, I go like that and scream at my mom, my dad just like, hmm. And you're like, how are you? Like, because he's not paying attention. Yeah, he's not listening. He's not letting it get to him.


And I think it's like natural.


You're just like, how are you not a one time I, I was with him. I go, have you never beaten Mom?


And he was like, what's that?


And I was like, how have you never, like, just fucking put her through a window?


And he's just like, well, you know, maybe you got it.


Yeah. Like it's own. And I'm like I we all want to fucking kill her. How do you not want to kill her. And he's like, yeah, you know.


Well interestingly enough, I saw Britney Furlan posting a tech talk today of her and Tommy Lee, and it was she goes, In order for a marriage to work, one of you has to be crazy and one of you has to be boring, boring and crazy. Go well together. That's interesting. And I think that's what we have with your uncle and Topdog boring, I'm saying. Yeah. Like the that show once and the women are just out of their fucking minds.


Out of their minds, maybe in their mind maybe they're entertained by.


Yeah, no, that's another element of it. It's like. Yeah, you know. Sure. It's like there with these people who they're like, you know, there's something about them, something about them.


Intrigues them, excites them.


You know, it's so true because you always see good guys with like controlling bitches or psychopaths, psychos.


What's so weird to me, I'm crazy. I'm I'm different, but I don't hurt you and stuff, right? No, no.


Thank you to everybody. By the way, supporting the store. Yeah.


There's so many new designs and you've let us know there's those new tuba's ones. They all sold out and they were all reordered.


So thank you for doing that. I have my new boy mom. Sure.


The boy mom's shirt and the boy with tank top. Yeah. That thick boy hat at the moment is sold out, but we're reordering and everybody asking about the two bears hat. I was told it's coming in August. That's a partnership with Newera Minor League Baseball. So it takes a little more of a process. But there's ten milligram time scrub master.


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That shirt was on fire. So anyways, it's all there. We thank you very much for supporting us. Well, the store is Merch Method Dotcom slash Tom Sagara. I think we're going to take a quick break now.


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And we're back our guests, you know, from the hit HBO series I'm Fucking Italian also have a podcast called Pajama Pants.


Put your hands together Rob. I learned. Jamie Lynn Sigler, thank you so much for coming.


Thank you for having me. Thank you, guys. I'm very excited that you're here. I love you guys.


It's so bizarre because I know we know your actors and stuff, but I'm like Matt on it. Yes, I know.


I bet it would be. But it's weird. I can understand it being weird for some people that have never met us to see us together. But Rob and I were talking recently, like, I don't even think about Sopranos when I'm with him ever, really.


I mean, if certain conversations come up. But, like, he doesn't remind me, like he's a completely separate thing to me.


Do you guys do you do the thing now? Like because we were about to get into it before when we started, I was like, I just say that like but, you know, I think about how all all of us and anybody who moves out here, you know, you go on auditions for things and you're just whatever it's a commercial to show something. You know, most things you don't get, some things you do. And you're like, OK.


And then when something like it's not like that, it got on the air. But when it becomes like iconic, like years later, people still talk about it like I mean, you know, there's a devoted cult like I mean, it's so celebrated.


I've watched it multiple times. Yeah. Isn't it like does it do you sit back and you go, holy shit. Like this is like this is an amazing thing that I got to be a part of. Not not until later, not like I was I did. Joey Diaz podcast, I was telling him, like on Thursday, I would be in the park with my friend drinking 40s, like smoking blunts. And then on Friday, I'd be on a plane with the cast to the Emmys, go like Emmys, red carpet, win the Emmy, be on stage, fly back one day.


And then Monday night I'd be back at the park drinking 40s and smoke. And now I'm like, what the fuck? Like, that's so crazy.


But at the time I didn't miss a beat did I mean, especially because it's so different to be a famous adult versus a famous kid. Right. Like I remember I remember being in school being like, wouldn't it be crazy to be like a singer in school? Like when you write, I mean, like like so like it was if you're 16 and you're famous, like kids flip out like they're your peers and they're like, you're fucking on.


It was different for us because kids didn't know about subprime. They didn't watch. And they were also too. We were we were filming in New York. And so it was it felt like if we would come, like Rob said to L.A. for like the award shows and stuff was when it would almost feel like, oh, this is this is something because it was such an isolated experience, it felt like on the set. I don't think it season three and four, like when it really started to feel much bigger, it just felt like more like an amazing job that we love to do.


And we were still getting to come back and do it. But it didn't. I I think, like Rob didn't get treated any differently by my friends or anything because it didn't mean anything to them. Right.


And plus, when you're in it, you don't really realize the phenomena of it. Right. Like, you're just you're just doing it. And then someone is like, this thing is huge. And you're like, what? But we would we would come to like kids awards in L.A. and I felt like an outcast there. I would be like outside smoking a cigarette and kids would have like frosted tips and like and you're like, what the fuck is like?


It just felt so. And me and her would just that's how we got extremely close because we were always like the kids and, you know, like we always stayed together. And it was it was when we would come out here, there was something up like we're like, what's going on?


It was different. I mean, but you guys grew up around a very adult show.


I'm sure the harshest show it has to have affected you somehow. Right.


Seeing all that, you know, it was pretty much like all my memories of of filming are like are of laughter and fun and silliness, even on the heaviest days. Because, you know, still to this day, some of our Robin Knight's closest friends are were members of the crew. Like it was just such a true family.


And I think, like through the whole time, it just felt like such a great ride. And now I'm thirty nine years old and I'm watching it for the very first time. That's amazing.


And I'm like, holy shit. Like I was part of like that.


It felt good and so great. Are you right now I'm in the episode Ten CS, I'm at Pine Barrens Season three, which I know I'm excited for because I do remember a little bit of that episode when Tony Sirico and Michael are stuck in the snowy woods chasing the Russian accent.


That was good. That was wow. Yeah, it's all good.


And you've watched or never. Oh, no interest.


Or so we would at the premieres, they would have us sit down and watch the first episode of the first two. And that's all I've ever seen. And you're not interested in watching it at all? No. And I was at my friend's house when the finale happened and they set up like a screen, like an outdoor screen for everyone to watch and like ten minutes before, like, this just isn't it's not working. You can't see. So I was sitting inside and everybody came inside and put on inside.


So I went outside to, like, avoid it. And I just like smoke to join with my friends.


At that point, though, is everybody, like, bothering me? Are they all asking you a million questions?


My friends like people. It depends. Like if you went to, like, a mall in Jersey. It's over. It's over. Yeah.


Like if you go to like a pizza, like a pizza place or like something, it's great.


But then you could go like I remember when the show was big, I went down to Florida and there was nothing like it was, you know. Yeah, I was down there for a whole week and no one said a word.


Wow, that's interesting. Really.


East Coast, we like Italian, New York.


But then out here it was out here. It was big, too. And I know, like I would I tell you all his stories there's so far I watch Diaz all about you.


But like I told you about being like so he is like a dead ringer for big pussy. Big pussy. Yeah.


And at the time, because when I met him, I was like this other guy from the like I thought he was. Yeah. And he was like dog.


And he said that he's like, he's like people just would buy me meals and since Joey didn't feel like correcting them, he would just eat those.


Of course. Yeah. Maybe like I love you and Sopranos. He'd be like, appreciate it. And he's going to eat is his beautiful.


I've had it happen all these years being polite and like. Oh yeah. Making Vinny seem nice. There's nothing wrong.


Oh he was like posing for pictures everywhere. Yeah I've had that, I've had that same thing happen to me where somebody asked me for an autograph. And I gave it to them and then they looked at it and made a face and they thought I was Michael J. Fox. Yeah, I swear. And I was like, oh, and it was so awkward. And they were like, wrinkled up the thing and just threw it away.


Hilarious. I was like, oh, I had it in Montreal at the comedy festival where I had I hadn't had a special out yet. And these guys were like, dude. And I was like, What's up girl?


I can't believe you're here. And I was like, Yeah. And I was like, the fuck's going on?


And then I realized after it, because I ran into Dan Harmon, like the creator right of community and people were like flipping out.


I was like, oh, like we're both fat and bearded. All right. Yeah. Like, that's what happened. Everybody was like, you're here. And I was like, Yeah, I'm here, what the fuck you talking? And they asked me to sign it and be like, No, you're dreaming.


Yeah, yeah. It's a weird thing. That's so why do you know that I'm here?


What's it going to ask you? Oh, I have to ask this for that. The final forever, obviously. Most important. Yeah. What happens at the end. Oh yeah.


Explain the ending guys. You know, we weren't even filming that on the same day, like when they were inside the restaurant was a completely other day than when I shot my stuff. Yes.


I remember being pulled up when something OK when something like when that show and the finale obviously was like it was like front page news. Right.


When the series and people are still talking. Yeah.


And they and they have like crazy fucking theories on the ending. I assume, as you know, obviously major characters of the show. Do you get a explaining of like nothing?


They don't go they give you like five different because I don't have to say to tell people you're shaking your head no. To. Oh, no, no.


But I heard that they gave you guys five different versions of the the final I think they printed out five different versions by the end we were getting and also by the end we weren't even getting full scripts anymore. You were only getting the pages you were in. That's it. Like I think do you remember like the last season or so you would only get your script pages sent to you and it was like your watermark with your name in like a nut, because people were picking up sides, I think in the garbage cans near like Silver Cup where we filmed and stuff.


So it got it got more locked down like, you know, serious protective of the stories.


I guess I've heard of people like buying jackets like goodwill or something, and they reached in the pocket and they find sides to The Sopranos because we would just all like you'd be reading your sides right before the camera went on.


They'd be OK, ready. And you would just like quickly put it in like the wardrobe jacket and then wardrobe takes takes a jacket just to look like it's eighty degrees outside and it's really forty. So you're like trying to stay warm and everything. You hand off your jacket and I've heard of people finding scripts in pockets.


What if I did one of my so one of my friends. I haven't seen this guy in years now David Oliver. We did an acting class together out here years ago and he was an actor from New York.


And he was like he had done a few episodes of Sopranos in restaurants and like he was like, you know, whatever. And then in the restaurant, right? Yeah.


With everybody, he goes he goes, dude, they're fucking eating all this. Oh, yeah.


Oh yeah.


Well he goes he's like like Tony and you know, the crew, he's like it's like plate after plate, he's like take after take and they're fucking just eating.


Even the only one that had it had the right idea. And she didn't teach me until way later in the show and I wish she taught me sooner was Eddie. She would put a piece of gum in her mouth and just keep moving her fork back and forth. So she always had something in her mouth to chew, but she never ate. Wow.


That was like just how you get distracted by this very, like, deliberate way that Gandolfini would play with food.


Like, it's so true to do this thing with his fork where he would like he would like move out.


But like it was it was almost like mesmerizing in a way where I would be the other. What's he doing?


Like, who eats like this? Yeah. You know, because but he was still eat it, but it was like a way that he would like play with the food and my friend that he was like, he's like bro, we like there's like six takes and they're like, let's do it again. And they would bring out fucking meatballs and these guys would eat them all.


Yeah. And the worst is sometimes we'd get you'd be like, OK, your call time is three thirty in the morning and you'd be there at. Yeah, I'm not complaining, I'm just saying what was going on, you know, your tie and everything, you know, like OK, in the scene you're eating dinner. It's Chinese food, it's like four thirty in the morning and you know, you're like there's no Chinese restaurants open. So this is cool.


And if it's on Monday, you're like, this is who knows when this is from.


I have a similar story. I did a Domino's commercial in 2000. I did Pizza Hut.


We're like, oh yeah, I got I got food poisoning from the commercial.


Yes, from the commercial. Why don't I remember? This is the commercial where this I actually thought of this part of the joke. So I had that joke about little people years ago before I was mature.


And and in this commercial, it was a it was like it was like a football pizza collaboration thing for ESPN. Dominoes, and they're like, read this part, I remember. Yeah, and then I'm talking to the director and he's like, you know, I was like in these various scenes and then like, there's all this pizza.


Later on, I realized this piece has been out for like I was right. And they're like, eat it. And then and then they'll just spit it into this cup, you know, and like so I'm just all the time. But then he's like, oh, he's like, we got these little people.


I don't know what should we do with them? I was like, I don't know. I mean, they're just actors, right? And he's like, why do we put something on their head, you know, like salsa or something?


And I was like, it's a good idea. So they they did it.


And then I don't know if it aired that way, but then, yeah, these guys walk around with, like, cups on their heads. That's a great idea. Yeah.


But the bro with the whole. Yeah. Yeah. I got so sick like that. So how about when you asked Burt which of the seven dwarves he relates to and he started naming dwarfs that he knows. Yeah.


What I really like Bradwell. Yeah. He was like yeah. Yeah.


Oh oh.


He's like I heard what seven dwarves do you do you know what.


Yes. That's hilarious. We man you said we can name seven. I'm like we already know their name. Oh God.


He's the greatest. Yeah. Yeah.


Um oh what the fuck is Gobbo Ghoul. My type of meat. Correct. Like a like a sandwich. Like a porky. Like a pig on the dog on.


Let's see what Nadaf thinks because that's how you say it.


Well, you know, it's Koppa Cola but they say Gabbar gool. There you go. Like Dobros and I'm not Italian. Yeah. We're not the only ones that are not Italian. You know, I'm Irish. Irish. And what are you.


You mean Greek? Worst Jew from Long Island? That's right. Yeah. Well, Tom hates the Italian community.


Oh, well, where is it clear that we're not Cuban?


What are you, my mom's Peruvian dad's American mutt of like French and Spanish and some Irish blood?


Yeah, because you look exactly like my dad. So the first time you spoke fluent Spanish, it blew me away.


You know, I have a family in that cantina. Yeah.


I sent you guys an email like two years ago. You did? Yeah. And I was like, you are my dad. Like I said, you look exactly like my I think it was called doppelganger. I think it's called Doppelganger. And I and I and that's why I titled the email. And you I sent the picture. You look I showed you the picture of me, the photo.


I could send it to put it out. But yeah, I guess it's crazy how much you look like my.


That's so weird. And what what are your dad from. My dad. My dad's Irish. Irish and your mother. My mom is like Irish German cheese.


Are you familiar with the pejorative term for homosexuals that is also widely used in the UK for food.


I did the sausages. Yeah. It's just pulled up the very email. Oh yeah. You got it. Yeah. There's my dad. Oh my God.


Get closer to his face because he had a good picture of his face.


I threw like 87 techno beat there numbers, and then you sent him the one I will say I put like 80 album sales references in that email.


Really? Yeah. You should. You should do is. Oh, I can't read that for I put glasses on. I still can't your main mommy and Mr. Main Mommy. I like that.


I like I was minding my business sitting home here now when I heard Todd bring up how people always send in pictures of their friends who look like it's true. It's nuts nonstop. Right. Why don't you said the person in this particular picture looked more like James Gandolfini and the so-called water champ? This almost made my mind go completely off the rails. My name is Robert Iler. I played Adriaan Soprano. Is the reason why this is so bizarre, because I have been a fan for years, always been saying how my real father looks exactly like t I dare you guys to take 20 to 30.


Look at this picture and tell me they couldn't be brothers. Congrats on the new studio. You wanted to move in and you moved in. Oh, what more can I say. Oh the hours and hours of amazing entertainment.


Thanks James. B Well P.S. I tried hand writing this letter, but when you have 15, how you say ceiling.


Yes, it's too hard to keep the paper from flying around the room now. I'm saying I mean, fill me in on time. That's awesome, dude.


Wow. All right. So good. And there's you. There you are my sister.


So face some kind of game.


I think it's college. And I want to say I want to give you a lot of credit. Thank you for saying that. I want to give Mahdavi no credit for bringing my dad.


I stop to be. How came that was.


Yeah, you know what he's saying. Why don't you find it? Two years ago that's what I was. Yeah, that would have been nice.


Emelda get noted, I wasn't good at Googling back then. Yeah, that's right.


I forgot to tell me about this. You've got like Stona because this is a cookery program. You've got thirty seconds to explain to me all about it's all about cooking without mentioning the word black country.


Was the guy was the guy on the right. Looks like he should be at a final table of a poker tournament in like nineteen.


You know, definitely what he looks like. He looks like he has a record. Yeah, he's a bracelet's on at the World Series of Poker. Yeah.


There's like a UK criminal look, you know. Yeah. Like a Guy Ritchie would be like you're in like that kind. Yeah.


It's the giving the the place are very famous for. I forget some face in this particular area of the black country.


That's one the I some things like Yorkshire but it is to Yorkshire and we're very proud of the traditional black country food of like it's a place even though we recognize it's like I'm still have a childish like yeah it feels good.


Yeah. It's so much fun what you guys were raised. Where though. Where were you. Manhattan my whole life.


You two. Long Island. Oh wow. OK, yeah. Wow. Yeah.


So we, we weren't taken out of school like when the show started I was still going to my public school on Long Island and we would get tutored on the set. And then to be honest, once I got into college, I got into NYU the end of my junior year, and I still had a whole other year of filming, like I would just lie in school all the time and just be like, I have to go film because I got in college.


Oh, smart. How long?


Because I have like I'm trying to remember back to like when did the show first aired. What year. Ninety nine. Ninety nine. But we shot the pilot in ninety seven and then a whole year later we actually started the show like the second album was a whole year. Full year. Yeah. How soon.


Because this I have no reference for. How soon was it obvious that this was a huge hit. Was it right away.


I feel like. Right. Yeah. Really. Yeah I think right when they gave us the second season pick up pretty quickly after it started airing, I think when the critical acclaim as I remember them having like a conversation of them not even knowing how to market the show because what I'm really like not didn't notice before was how funny it is.


And I remember them talking like this is kind of like a dark comedy. And I remember being like, no, this is a drama. But as I'm watching it, I'm like, this is more funny than anything else. There's a lot of fun. I didn't really get a lot of fun.


Oh, there's this great. Is it to Meadow or to AJ? He gives the speech. It's sacred. This is the best where you thought we played it on this show late on the show and years ago.


Yeah, it's where I was when we first aired. It's he's telling you. He's telling you. You have a lot to live for. It goes you got a lot of things going for you. Well, for one thing, you're white. And these days that means something.


That's what he ends with, all these lights. He's like, look, you're smart. But look, you know, let's face it, you're white. That means a lot these days.


Yeah, it means a lot these days. I know. It's Jesus said yeah.


And then the other racist thing was so funny.


When you start your day in the black guy, I just watched that whole thing. Charcoal briquette. I remember I remember Jim like when he would finish off being like, oh fuck. Like this is so fucked up. Like he was apologizing to the actor like you really was like yeah.


Because he was just like this is really fucking. Up thing to say, but then the crew would laugh like Nadav. That is hilarious. Yeah, the writing, the writers just like amazing. Well, and especially if you have inappropriate parents, which my parents, my dad probably high five Gandolfini at that speech, you know, doesn't mean you agree with them.


They're just fucked up. Yeah.




Everybody a generation completely like the like the crazy like my one of my friends. Cuban. Yeah, that was insane. And he would say wild shit that I would be like like so excited to hear him say Yeah.


The quality of sausages. Yeah. He would call me sausages just like he's like you come to pick up my daughter and just something I was like Yep. You know, like say crazy shit like that.


But it was always I don't know if it's not your dad.


You're right. This is hilarious. And then if it is your dad, you're like, oh my God. Oh yeah.


The craziest thing my dad ever did to me, he told me I left my socks by the toilet and I was like, no. I was like, no, I didn't. I would never take my socks off in the bed. He's like, You left your socks by the toilet. You don't go fucking pick them up right now. So, my God. So I go in and I'm looking around the toilet and I don't see socks, but there's a turd like this big in the toilet, like coming out.


And I come outside and he's just looking at me like he's like, yeah, those eyes. Oh yeah. I think I was like seven seven.


Yeah, yeah. That's a good dad move. Yeah. Yeah. And he was just let me know like I take bigger shots than you and I always will. Yeah. Yeah.


He was kind of flexing on you. I got to tell you, your dad and me not only looked take similar.


Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I had to, I might still do that to you.


Um OK.


So I always have to ask people stupid questions because like it's what I think about when I watch shows and remember when Meadow was like yeah. Just like a girl.


And then like one time you came back from like a cycle and you were super hot and everybody was like Moto's ha. Like everybody was talking about.


When you blossomed into ladyhood, did you feel it back then? Were you awkward? Were you like, oh my God, everyone knows I'm a woman now?


No, I just I feel like I remember a couple of like when they started, like Christina, really, it was like a big deal. Let me not glaze over. Thank you.


But I think I remember like when they started dressing me less like tank tops over Ts and butterfly lips and stuff and like more womanly. I think I remember like some of the older gentleman in the like crew and like the set, like the actors kind of being like, oh OK.


So was like you guys are at lunch and then one of the crew guys, it's like eating and he's like, oh he does lunch but it's like pretty good from here.


I know that kind of happens. I don't remember that specifically, but I would say that that maybe didn't happen very, very fast.


That is what I noticed is like one season you are like this little girl. And then you came back and Medo had changed like.


Well yeah. And then I was like having boyfriends and losing my virginity and things like that. So yes.


Yes that was abrupt. I was not ready, did not prepare you.


I'm going to do read through and it was like everybody from the cast would come even if you weren't working that day. Everyone just showed up and you walked in the same entrance so the autograph guys would figure that out and they'd be like, OK, we can get all these dudes on one day and they just be waiting.


Autograph deals are so weird. Oh, very strange. Oh, weird.


I'm getting like, sorry, you know, just thinking about them. But they're great. They, they, they were waiting outside and they always had me signs and some of them were cool. You know, you say what's up to like Yeah. How are you Bova. And the guy has me sign it and I look and it's me and Jamie and her boob is out and we're at the red carpet of like this Golden Globe Awards or so this was like when we it was an Emmy's.


Hello. This is when I didn't realize you ask for someone to, like, do your hair and makeup. So still where I was like, I put like braids in my hair wet the night before. So I had like a kinky way.


I brought my dad with me to the Emmys. I was like, so excited. And someone for the first time gave me a dress like the first two Emmys. I went to Bloomingdale's and bought laundry by Shelly Segal dresses.


OK, so now I have like this like Cynthia Rowley leather dress. And I was like super stoked.


And my nipp are you looking for it like it's my full nipple without the whole time portion Google. It's Google and I hope he finds it. Not that no I got my shit together by then, but what's crazy was I always looked at Jamie as my sister and like a little like I never look at her in a sexual way ever.


And when he showed it to me, I was so uncomfortable and like weirded out. And I know about to see Jamie. So I walk up and I go to Jamie and I'm like, oh, my God, how do I. This I'm like and I think this is when you said, like, she blossomed into a woman, I think this is when it happened because I said to her, one of those fucking guys downstairs had a picture of you and you had me sign it and your tit was out.


And she was like, oh, did it look good?


And I was like, and that was the first time I ever thought of be like some kind of like, whoa.


Well, I mean, that's my next thought. I mean, that sucks. But yeah, it's good. It's out there. Yes. That's the right, by the way.


But I felt the pressure and I think why I noticed so much is because I know how awkward adolescence is a private and then to be on this huge show or so many eyeballs are on you and you're you're transitioning into being a lady.


It's like, oh, well, I went through, like a lot of changes and the first couple of years and weight fluctuation.


And I that's it was what was it.


And I got like I wouldn't remember, like being on a radio show and people would call in and like, ask me how much weight I gained, like, oh my goodness, as a 17 year old girl, like, very really fucked me up.


And I remember that that point I kind of put my blinders on and was like, I'm just going to like, focus on my experience on this show and I'm not going to pay attention to what else is out there because I can't emotionally handle it like I was. I was not strong enough. I mean, a big fan. Would you eat today? Exactly.


And the thing is that I'm not like nobody nobody ever cared what, of course, came back different sizes every season. No one said anything. It's just like, how are you? You great. Cool. What is your size now? Great crew of guys. They probably were fifteen pounds more every season.


Yeah, it was great for my confidence with trying to get laid elsewhere because all the oh Jamie's on the cover of a gym and she's insecure.


Well you know it's got to because I was, I was 200 pounds when the show started really. I was one huge fan. I was like 60 pounds on the Atkins diet. So I was super insecure. You when you started on the show because you were kid. Well, yeah, but that is not normal for a twelve year old boys to go.


I was a shoot up.


Oh, well, it happened like in a like my grandmother passed away and I just started eating everything, you know, and then all of a sudden but once I was on TV, I kind of realized, OK, if I lose this weight, we could start you know, I started noticing girls and this and I was like, let's let's do so. I did the Atkins diet for three months, lost sixty pounds and then just.


Wow. Yeah, that's incredible. Yeah. Yeah. And I was like, oh, I could eat burgers and hotdogs every day.


Yeah. The autograph guys, they'll be like sometimes first of all sometimes they wait at airports.


Yeah. In the um so like I have a gig and what in Denver I'm walking by baggage claim and they're like hey man, what's up. And I'm like hey what's up. And there's like four guys.


I'm like, what are you guys doing here? Yeah. Well, we figured you were coming to Denver for your show tonight. So we're we're here just waiting for you, like.


Huh. And then they're like, will you sign something? And you're like, OK. And so you sign and then they go, all right.




And then they pull out like eighteen and you're like, you mean sign all those guys, do you mind? And then you're like, I guess not man.


Such a weird subject and even of even worth anything anymore. I can't imagine you have a sign.


White pieces of paper. Yeah.


Like when they were out of pictures, when they were like authentication stuff. Right. So it's like oh yeah. Piece of paper. And so they can authenticate what you're. But then the other one this guy goes, I guess the top's made baseball cards and then they had like some comedians on it. So this guy goes well you saying, like, I got your card, make sure. And then he pulls out one of those things. And that was he had thirty six of them because you mind signing all of them.


And I was like, come on man.


Thirty six for your private, but you're not going to sell these for more. No one's the fucking Topps card.


Like I don't know, it's just it's a straight and that's the thing. Like they went all the way to that airport to ask you how do they feel when someone's like, nope.


And just keeps walking and you're like, oh man, I came all the like. I parked the car in the parking.


I tell you that I waited, just waited for flights from L.A. to come in or so I was like the airports at the hospital. I would never I would never stand in the airport.


Yeah, but I want to be there like, oh no, I can't like every day. Yeah, of course. Yeah I know. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I just, I don't want to leave that legacy around.


No I've never been a dick to one of those guys, but I was kind of a dick to one the last when we went to the twenty year anniversary because this guy's like, hey, can I get an autograph? And of course I'm like, yeah of course. Like, you know, whatever.


And then he like two seconds later. No, he elbows me to get to Jamie. I'm like this fucking dude just. And we were leaving so me and Jamie shared a car. We get in the same car, we're driving off and then like the dude runs up to the car at the light and was trying to get more while we're at. And I was like, don't fucking open that. Like, I was I was pissed, you know?


But normally it's like they're just good for you. Yeah. Yeah. I was like, don't fucking open that window, Jamie. Like, I have to. And she just opened in this, I was like this piece of shit because he was so like, hey man, can you, can you. Oh I'm such a such a bit. And then as soon as like that, as soon as the cap went back on the marker he just gave me a look at it.


Yeah. Yeah. That really made me feel worth watching. I haven't seen this yet. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.


It's all right, Jamie. Is this what you do at home, Jamie, with your husband?


You're after the kids go to bed for sure.


This is super fucking cool. So that's it? No, not at all. We had to use imagination. I hope that's a set and not his house.


I think that is his house. Me too. This is terrible.


Did you see his dad stands at first. The guys are so fucking weird, imagine that gets you all oh, the craziest part is it's like my if you spiders and that's my straight up night.


Oh I thought you meant Michael Imperioli from Goodfellas.


You know, I'm going to watch the TV. Wow, that's great. I thought Tony was a gangster.


Oh, well, that's a mannequin in the corner because it's a practice.


Well, allow Jesus Christ was crazy, too. It's like they're like, oh, he's just like a jerk off.


Yeah. Yeah. Like, where does the gratification he's peaking right now. Yeah. Yeah. Right now he's got this view.


He should be. It's kind a good feeling. So we highlight cool guys on our show. This is obviously king of the Cool Guys Club, but he's not Gissing Honor.


He's not even ejaculating.


This is just what gets him gangster. Yeah. This guy is in her darkest, cold, cool guy. Dark cool guy.


Tom, have you ever thought of putting the Davinder here? Oh, yeah, that's not about it.


Well well now that you're here, we need a punishment for Nordoff. Oh, yeah. He fucked up.


So he didn't he just didn't show up for a few days. And he because he said he's like, all right, so we're doing a party. He's like, I think I need some time off to clear my head. And I was like, OK. But like, he was like bringing up the topic. And I was like, OK, we can talk about you take time off.


Yeah, he used that on air conversation as like the official. So the next he just didn't show up. He was like, yeah, we talked about it was like, no, we talked about it.


Now we follow up. Yeah. Yeah.


And then he went to casinos and he he's like down I don't know, like two grand or something and then oh no more OK.


Oh I thought, I thought he meant he was up for you know, he's like wow. And then he's like now I'm, you know, I cleared my head. I lost fucking I don't know how mean that's the.


So we were thinking of putting something like a dunce cap that says like don't delete or something like that because he deleted episode to.


But now I like this floor cage idea also a lot of work. Hey listen, if you're going to, you know, take time out, many kids time out. People are looking for work right now. Throw frame photo rotavirus. That's true. Yeah.


You can hire somebody, you use your you know, use it for good. That's true. You know what? I asked if I could do as a here's a there's a risk reward to it like everything in life.


Right. I've been really deep into watching chiropractic adjustment videos.


That guy like I, uh, there's Solar Tower, High Tower Soprano Mondrian.


I don't know all these different. They're like, I don't know, they're relaxing to me. So I'm like, hey, let me adjust your back. And then it'll either make you feel good or I could permanently hurt you. Yeah. So I feel like that's like a fair trade.


Like one of Nadav is your first patient.


Yeah. You're saying. Yeah. And he's someone's got to be. Exactly. Yeah. Kind of practice. Here's the thing.


I've watched a bunch of the videos. I kind of know how to do a lot of hours of schooling.


Pretty much. Pretty much. Pretty much. You're right. It's like the same thing my friend used to cut hair. And the way he learned was by doing it on like inmates and people at hospitals and stuff is like you're like an inmate.


Why don't we all are at this point? Here's the thing. And we can we could do it for content. It'll be content. What are you cut his hair while he's spinning down on the thing, really adjustment. You got to give me an adjustment so that all that the hair with the thinking of the practice, giving him a haircut, that's not a bad idea.


How about that? She gives you a haircut, I give you an adjustment and then we're even.


Well, what is your reluctance? He just does look, hair grows back no matter how about you fucks up.


I might never walk again.


If you do, you're not going to you don't like walking anyway. Yeah, well, no, no, no. I like movement. I like being able to get myself to the bathroom without anyone's help. I really enjoy that. OK, ok.


I'm not going to fucking paralyze you. But how do you know. Because because she's like it was hundred.


But first of all, I'm not going to hit you in the back with a hammer. I'm just going to just, you know, you hold the nail and hit the nail with the hammer.


Yeah. Yeah, right.


And then I'll, I'll, you know, loosen up the soft tissue and then I'll just give you some. Yeah. OK, breathe in through your nose, out through. Let your shoulders relax.


Know what I like this someone said like you practice on like inmates and stuff beforehand. Yeah. Practice on a couple inmates and if they are still able to like get rec time and get there like I was right then fine then I'll let you adjustment.


But they have to all survive and be able to walk out.


You mean to call prisons and be like a couple questions for you, Tom. They're not going to let them in. It's during covid. They're not going to.


I guess we'll just have to wait.


No, and they're not going to let me come into a it's a ridiculous thing to propose.


Well, I've lost two grand casino and I've had a bad haircut. You did the two grand to yourself, and that's way worse. Yeah. Losing two grand. The casino sucks.


It sucks a lot. How much did you lose?


And I don't want to assume anything, but I probably have more money than you, I would assume, especially after this last week.


How would you do this?


I mean, let's be honest. I'll say it's north of 10 oh, I was trying to feel good.


Oh, well, you trying to I was trying to chase the feeling I didn't catch it. What were you playing? A little bit of everything. OK, I got a proposal for you.


Wow. Yeah, I got to tell you. I know where you let me give you a full adjustment if I pay you.


Oh, now we're talking.


This is a language I understand very well and speak fluent. How much money are we talking.


But you should pay his rent or something, not just give him the cash because we'll just go blow it. That's true. And sterilized. He can't come in. Also breaking even is not a great it's not a great incentive for me. What?


Because, look, all I all I get to be after this is just not broke. Right. It's pretty good place to be. It is nice, it is nice to not have to show people that are shirtless. OK, thank you. I'm sure I'll pay you.


He must. Oh, what if he has to live with Josh Potter for a weekend? Oh, nobody's place is clean now, right.


You'll feel like he has to live with George Potter for a weekend. Well, do that shower was crazy.


Yeah. Like if they were set dressing that for like a prison scene, they'd be like, well, we can't like it's a little too, you know what I mean?


Like, you know, we have to show you. We haven't released it. The robber pulls champagne part to the tour.


Oh, I love that you're all on it. I haven't missed an episode in five years. I'd say, wow. Yeah. And I don't watch like half. So I watch until, like, the guy shits his balls out is on. Yeah. I watch on TV. That's like lady sings with your mom. Yeah. Yeah you're right.


It's not over until the guy shits as my mom did not like me telling her about that. I told her about it twice. She got really didn't appreciate it, didn't like it and I almost like it.


I don't do any social media so I love that like I don't know what's going on. Oh that's good. Yeah. And I never see any of these. Like I think you're a lot healthier mentally from not doing any.


So I'm a mess. But it helps you out. It helps. Yeah I think so.


I would pay you, by the way, just real quick to adjust you if there was if you allowed me to try to hurt you. Now it's like a different thing, OK, than like you're giving me what, six figure.


Like what, what, what amount of money.


What you pay still eminently hurt. I don't want to personally hurt you. I want to I just want to hurt me bad. No, I want to get a baton and like I'm like, OK, OK, we're getting married.


We don't know what to do with you practically.


I picture the ambulance driving away and Tom sitting on his couch like this, like sipping lemonade.


I want to hear him say, yeah, can we just do Nadaf short, listen to cups for like one episode.


It's up to him. All right. Listen to the big ones. Are the little ones. The big ones. Little ones are great example.


Can you do a nipple takeup? Uh, why is he getting to choose this and he's nodding. Why am I getting to choose what price due to abuse we should make a wheel and spin it?


That's what it is. All that talk with all the heads, OK? Yeah. What would you rather have answered?


Would you rather have a rib cracked, a knee like broken or one of your hands in a cast? Well, people that are looking for me from this last weekend want to do all three of those to me. Oh my God, it's getting darker by the moment. Wow. So which would you prefer? The question is, is it like you need some scratch? Is it going to be you or is it going to be the people I owe money to?


No, because if it's a people you owed money to Toms to do it to, it's going to be both.


Oh, OK. Or do you want to make 10 rib knees or hand?


And yeah, we got an idea, by the way, just for to for people to know how sweet Jamie is, like why she's sitting like that. When we used to go to the Emmy Awards, they would do a thing. It was like one of my favorite things about Jamie that shows how good of a person she is. They would do a thing like that in memorial, in memoriam or whatever. Yeah.


And they would show all the people who died. It would be people from like 1920 with like bowling hats on like you don't know who. Yeah. You know, like when lady with a bird on her head or like you're just like, oh OK.


And he turned over and Jamie's weeping.




Like in the five hours of makeup they put, they put the music and like the black and white montage.


And I just I don't know.


It gets me it's because you're such a good you're a good person. I'm like Jamie said on our podcast, she likes to find the good in people and celebrate it. And we have a third host on the podcast. And he said he likes to find the best. He feels he's the opposite.


And I was like, yeah, that's what I relate to. Yeah. I look right away for like and then, oh, this now uncomfortable.


I find your your it's like you don't one like all that around.


You need the balance. Yeah. Jamie with you, you know. Yeah.


Sometimes we get way out of line and she you know she I've let it happen. Yeah.


It's something pull plus you know, like we were talking about the other day, how much poop, how much food you have to eat to make a pound of poop. Oh wow. That's a good question. Yeah. And like what, what foods would you eat to make more is like should I if I wanted to produce the most pubis like rice like, like grilled chicken is probably not going to make us much.


You're right. I would say something fibrous. I would go with the cream of wheat for instance. Would it gives me diarrhea.


I don't know what. Oh it does. Yeah. I don't like it so I don't know what it does to me. Yeah.


It's spinach, spinach, fibrous, fibrous but so like but to make more brown.


Oh that's a really.


So you, you really opened my eyes the two of you like we had, we read a lot of emails like that, people write in and someone had a very nice email saying he was a fan and had a crush on me, I guess from the time I blossomed and inspired him to buy a masterbation sleeve and I never knew.


I know. No. Wow, wow. So they got to tell me for about 30 minutes all about masturbation sleep.


You've never heard of that one?


I didn't know like a pocket vagina said, you know, I find it ironic because we Wikipedia you and your father in law is Lenny Dykstra over it?


I mean, it's wild. How are you? A lot like how are you?


I don't know where she is right now. I know we don't we just for the he's not speaking to my husband at the past two years. But when I first started dating Couteur, my husband, I met Lenny and then he went to jail like two days later, two days later. And he thought he was showing up for, like, he's like the funniest dude.


I remember real sports. No, it was it was very tragic what happened to my husband and his family. But there was a lot of forgiveness. And when I had our first son, he got out of jail and spent a lot of time with us. And he was completely sober and obviously coming out of a year and a half of being in jail and, you know, and coming and living in a halfway house. And then he stayed with us for a while.


He was awesome. I've seen the really amazing parts of Lenny that I understand why, like my husband loves him and his kids love him and celebrate him. He's really smart. But at the same time, I think there's like that darkness of him that when the book came out and like the whole nail's persona and everybody talking about all that, again, you get caught up in it. And I, I watched him unravel and it's been sad. But, you know, I think it's best I don't I mean, I yeah, every once in a while, like, my husband will pull up a Twitter video that he's posting or whatever, and I don't know.


You're confused.


Yeah, he'll be doing it. Oh, that's good. Yeah.


Yeah. We both love Stern. Yeah he's. Oh yeah. He gets crazy.


We've heard, we've heard it all week. So you've heard it. Husband is nothing like him. My husband is.


I really like his mother who's like from Mississippi Southern Sweet. My, my youngest son looks like Lenny Howe.


Isn't that crazy. I mean like wouldn't it be neat if they could have relationship and had no idea and they have no idea. My dad who's kind of out of the picture and the older boy looks just like him and I'm like, man, it will be it will be so cool if you just if you gave a fuck, you know.




Like a person and like, yeah, I don't know. I keep holding out hoping that there's something that. Will happen because he has, like my oldest son is so freakishly athletically gifted from like a very young age, like in Little League, the dads would come up and be like, I loved Bo's swing. And he was like five.


He's and it would be really cool.


I mean, my husband played professional baseball, too. Yeah.


And also with that name, everyone is going to be like, yeah. Oh, it's genetic. Oh yeah. Well, playing in minor league, my husband is in the minor leagues, our entire relationship only up until two years ago. And so like I, I've sat in all the games and all the towns and all the places and like no one got heckled more than my husband said, oh I bet terrible stuff.


People say crazy, crazy shit. So your wife to that too. I wish they were saying that, to be honest.


Rosemeadow, are you are you are you from a like an acting family. No, not at all. At all. No. Wow. That's so where did your parents put you into this stuff when you were kids?


No, I mean, I, I, my brothers and I used to make home movies growing up, but I was I expressed interest in musical theater at a very young age. I loved singing and dancing. And so growing up in Long Island, I performed like a.. 800 times at every Y or community theater, like it was my that my goal was Broadway. And when I would audition for film and television when I was young, it was they always wanted you in a box.


Right. You were either like all-American, Latina, you know, African-American. And they never fit in a box because I'm all these different things that nobody could ever chew. So I never thought I had a career on camera.


And when Sopranos came along, I thought it was musical because there was no information on it. There was no.


Oh, you thought soprano. Oh, right. You're like, I would love to sing you pretty much.


Yeah, pretty much.


Yeah. I was just walking down the street and with my dad and some dude came over, I was like, hey, he should be in commercials. And I started auditioning, booked a bunch of commercials and I ain't got Sopranos. Watkis.


Yeah. And you were twelve. Did they care like did uh yeah. Chase in them care that you like. You're not a guinea greaseball or they just were like it's fine. No they didn't care at all.


They just I think it was like in the audition you had to say fuck. And I was the only twelve year old who was like this fucking shit, like a you know, like I just like what.


But like all the other kids, like, like he's fucking like, you know, like really trying to hit those just like are we fucking done here, you know, like the rest of the world were like that's the guy.


And I think my Long Island accent was so on and like, you know, you're auditioning all these, like, young kid actors, the New York City that, you know, did not speak like me. So I definitely had that guys were authentic.


Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. For sure. And were trashy enough to be on.


And there was an ease about the two of you that Tony Soprano and Edie Falco could be your parents and that that was your dysfunctional.


Yeah, whatever, mom, you know, it was so they when they were eight, when we had this scene where they told us they were splitting up, it was it's one of my more like visceral memories I have of filming where we're all in the kitchen. Like I remember genuinely feeling like I was in that story, in that situation and so sad to, like, see the two of them because, I mean, at that point we've been filming for six or seven years, like, for them to be like we're going to I think we're going to separate.


I remember just like I'd never been like method before, I really felt like what my character was feeling necessarily. And it was it was pretty strong because they they we love them like that. And they it felt very familial, you know. Right.


I know you've been asked a million times, but tell us because I got to know, what was it like working with Gandolfini? The best. The best. The best. Yeah, he was the kindest. I mean, especially watching the show now and just seeing the work he did. Like we knew how hard he worked. I mean, he worked harder than anyone. And to create that character, he was so different than Tony Soprano. Yeah.


No matter what anybody would want, like, that's not Jim at all. And he got to know the amount of work that he put in and then to also then think about the amount of work he put in like and kind of care about us. I went we both went through fucked up shit, but like, my personal life was an absolute mess the entire duration of what was going on. I mean, I got married, I got divorced, I got diagnosed with M.S., like a lot of different things, that he was one of the only few that, like, knew about.


And he or even if I wasn't telling anybody because that was kind of my M.O. for a while, he would bring it out in me and like, check up. I mean, like, he did not have to do that at all. And he was like that for everybody. And, you know, I think that I almost feel oddly like closer to him than ever, like watching it again, because it's just my appreciation of him has even grown, I guess, you know.


Yeah. He couldn't have been better. Yeah, I'm. Just insane, like everything, like with our relationship, everything he did was just perfect, like we were in the kitchen one time and on the show and talking about like I had never seen a play because, you know, because everybody's such an actor on the show. And I'm like, I'm just waiting for this to be done so I can go take Percocet some time.


And so he's like, you've never seen a play in your whole life. And I'm like, no. And he's like, all right, I'll you're we're going to play the next day. He hits me up. He's a great Friday night. We're going to see, like, Rainmaker or something with Woody Harrelson and both. And we both sit down in the chair and he reaches in his pocket and he pulls out like an asthma pump and he like does his asthma thing.


And I reach into my pocket and I just pull down my pump.


I was like, yeah, you know, I remember, like, exactly sitting right there. And then we just sat there and, like, watch a play.


And then we went to eat after. But he was just you really there was one time where he called us into his trailer, like in the middle of the day.


And these people don't realize how much shit he had to do. Like when you talk about how hard it was, it's like he's in every scene. So let's say he's working 16 or 18 hours a day.


As soon as he's done, he has to learn all the shit right. So when are you supposed to go on a log?


Yeah. So they give you a turnaround of, say, six hours, seven hours, eight hours, whatever. And then he has, you know, nine pages of dialogue to learn in that time and not just learn the words, but figure out, you know, he was super. And so he called us into his trailer and he just handed us all a check, like a huge check.


We he he we didn't we're never going to see residuals of the show. And he would. And so he divided up a big sum of money amongst all of us. Why? It's all like the like everyone got, I don't know, twenty five.


Thirty five thousand dollars, something like, wow, that's really kind of to duty children like I remember not I mean I saw it Selma not recently but a couple of years ago.


I mean you saw it in person. But I guess you know, because you're not there for every scene. Obviously it was some intense scene between him and what was spidered Michael Imperioli skills.


And it was like an intense thing. And then they cut and like Chase and Michael were like, Jesus Christ. Like you got so intense. And then he got frustrated.


But it was like all this behind the scenes stuff, like he was frustrated that he was questioning so much of the, you know, like like the the motivation and things like that. It was you could see him and David Chase were going back and forth on it. That kind of fascinated me that like it wasn't just somebody being like, here's the lines. I say it. He was like he was like, why would I say this? That does.


And there was it wasn't like an HBO behind the scenes camera. It seemed like it was like a more like, you know, someone like holding one down. Right. You know, I mean, where they were just capturing an authentic, real moment.


Yeah. And there was like and it was a very intense thing where you're like, oh, there's somebody who really is invested in this character in this work. Oh, yeah.


I saw. So I go, you know, go, go. I would be sore after some of our scenes, like because you would you would have to choke me or like throw me up against a wall or something and you do it thirty seven times in three hours, you know, and I'd be like black and blue over here.


And also because on the first take you would do it like and it's OK. You could do it.


You could because I knew what he wanted to do, which is just like there was one scene where he had to like, take me from the bed and he fucked you up.


Yeah, there were some. And he would like there was a time where he threw me into the closet and like everything fell and like it was crazy, but.


Yeah. And I would tell him, like, it's OK, you know, like any. Are you sure. Like and as soon as they said cut back on. I'm so sorry. You OK. Like you are, you need water. You need anything. I'd be like no it's fine, let's go again.


Like let's you know while we're he was just, I just that's mean I did that and I did that. Like this indie movie still hasn't come out. One thing about indie movies like we made that right. Yeah. So and I got to be I got to be in a fight scene. Right. And I was so excited. And there's a stunt coordinator walk me through it.


And the actor goes, he goes, I go.


The actor weighs a hundred pounds less than me. So and I'm supposed to like, show me because you can really shove me. And I was like, OK. And so we do a take and it's I do it like half. Yeah. I told you to shove me like really shove me. And I was like, OK, no. So we're in a we're in a bathroom.


And I really shoved him through a door and the door broke off the hinges.


But yeah. You got all that anger out there. Yeah.


But then like so I kind of got to talking to the like why the fuck do you shut them so hard.


I was like, he just like everyone's here. You just had to shove them and they're like, can't. He broke the door. Now we got to put the fucking door back. I was like, All right, man.


So then there's like a follow up scene where he's on the ground and like, we're covered in blood and they're like, you're you're punching them, but you're holding you're holding him with the fist, like on the shirt here and you're punching him like this.


Of course, he's not like. But he goes. You know, like really like like with this hand kind of throw my head back, but he's he's leaning up against the off the floor. Yeah.


And I'm supposed to pretend to hit him, obviously, like this when I go to pretend he throws his head back on a cement floor and and it's loud and it's like like, you know, that your head's not supposed to make that noise.


So I panic because I was like, oh, right. And he's like, why are you stopping?


Like like keep doing it? And I was like. Meanwhile, everybody's like the don't ask, don't stop, stop.


So he yells at us for stopping. He's like, now my fucking head hurts and we don't have this. So I was like, all right. And they end up taking him to the hospital.


The hospital. Yeah. Because of what happened, I think he's dead.


Oh no, he's OK. It's fine. Who cares?


We were playing the shoving game yesterday on our walk and you didn't want to shove me too hard. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, we've never played that. I mean, I've definitely. I've definitely. Oh when I. I'm Jaque postpartum I. Me too. Me too.


But I would never tell you the same to a friend.


I don't know, like sleep deprivation hormones. Like breast milk. Yeah. Like that trifecta makes me a goddamn devil I swear. And I, I, I, I learned that I have a mean right hook.


Oh. And I learned that I can shove my husband off balance.


Really. You hit while while holding a baby. Did you. What did he do.


Yeah. Um you're lucky he's nothing like his father.


Yeah. No. Oh my God. Imagine. No I don't. It was some fight where see I have this thing where I'm like, just stop talking to me. Just leave me alone. And he can't. And he kept coming back and I was like, dude, you've got to give me a fuck. I'm really mad right now. And like I need like if I could I will go in a room and lock it, like, leave me alone, let me.


And he just couldn't and he just couldn't.


And I just I love this in the face. I'm fired up to the side of his wall. Got me excited. And like, I was so mad that I'm telling the story. It's it was it was an ultimate love for me. But I it's I, I don't know. Postpartum is a problem. You do crazy things, man.


Pretty much. Yeah. That was it. That's all I had.


And black theme with these videos. Two times of women are superior.


Oh, yeah.


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That's t h are ivy market dot com slash y image to start your risk free membership and get up to twenty dollars towards your first order. Thrive market dotcom slash Y and H.


By the way, on a lighter note, when I so I moved here, I moved here to Scriptura, I moved here to start our podcast in August or whatever. Oh. And September like almost right away. It was like two weeks. I'm walking around Wholefoods and I don't give a fuck about meeting celebrities.


You hear about pumping it like to have not it doesn't even like slip. Yeah. It doesn't even do like a blip of like, you know, so whatever. I turn the aisle with my card and it's hard rock. Nick is standing in the fucking aisle.


I was blown away like I just, I just took my car and pushed it into the side. I was like, I could have had the whole, like, no zigzag.


Yeah, he's a real it's like a guy on the show who they play videos of he but it's right there driving. I don't know if you can see this. Can I tell you I didn't even believe he shopped at Whole Foods. Yeah, he does. He actually he owns like thirty five percent of the company. Right. It's five Amazon packages a day. Yes. Quarantine. It's way up. Yeah. I really appreciate the craftsmanship on his beard.


Yes, he does. To the lip. Yeah, I'll tell you about it.


You know, what I love is like you think nice teeth with see videos. You think like, oh, because we like this video, we also like this video. But it's so different when you show videos like one of my favorites is Take Grooviest Me.


Oh yeah. Tommy John Hop of the Top. But then one of my other favorites is. Yeah. Yeah. And you hate him. I don't want it.


So it did you see or you haven't seen because that that was it comes out tomorrow. We have a Tommy Johns update.


He's like he's probably my secret. Yeah. Breakups are hard is it. Take Groover.


He's like I'll give it to you right now.


Oh I live, I live for this guy. So I want to break up some more wurm. This weird thing is my ass is going to be doing community to woo you.




I just want to say, if you guys see me up on the freeway picking up you to honk your horn, you know, feel free to say, hey, Tony Jones, ladies man out the window.


And there we part of him.


And I like where you're going with this, Rob, because you're right, I think different movies, I think because he's just like dumb and harmless.


But the IAEA guy, he's going make it crack.


Yeah. He's like, oh, my God, don't smell your pussy and I want to lick you. And I'm like, that's too far.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. And that guy is the best you me to make you cry. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


He's really, really sweet to his mom. This is what he like. Yeah. And like loves his sister. Yeah. He's just kind of a dope. Yeah. He's a dope. Yeah.


The III guy borders on rapee you know they're like yeah. So you know hold me down.


But there's anybody who like you know, you guys have talked about this but the wait when you start a video with we are out of here, something crazy like yeah.


That was his like instead of Jamie instead of Halo, he'd be like, we are part of him.


And then he would start his like rant. That's like saying, yep, out of here, I got to go. Yeah. And then starting a video. Yeah. I thought you had to leave, sit down for a date. He's like, I got to go. Go. Oh you do a really good time.


You did a great impression. That's really. Well are you, do you remember this dude. Because we have an update.


I'll give you the back. I usually show you the history.


Yeah. And I certainly got. Oh yeah. Something interesting in the middle today. The most dolto White Castle mousepad.


Yeah, it's a custom mousepad. He's really excited about it. What's interesting about this mousepad. Yeah, I can now Kraków, the mouse was crawling all over her body.


He's a nice guy. OK, I'm embarrassed cause is his me ok. Her tits. Oh fantastic. So you get it.


He really needs to work on his sound quality.


The sound quality. Well that's terrible but you don't want them to improve it. To me that's the mark of a cool guy. We have certain criteria. What makes you want to fix the lighting.


Know what's really interesting about this guy is he put out a video after this one where he was really pushing back on the fact that people were calling him Russian and because his accent sounds Russian. Yes. Which is why I think people said you're Russian.


And then he made the distinction. He's like, I'm not Russian, I'm Jewish, which I'm like, you can be both.


Yeah, I'm with you on this. You can be both. You could actually be Jewish and from a number of places.


Yes, correct. Nobody would be like, hey, that doesn't count. Yeah, but so he made a video about that.


I'm pissed the fuck was getting comments on my videos saying I'm rushing this, I'm not in that one. I'm really actually Jewish. This is my Jewish kipa. There's a Jewish head where Jews put it on their heads.


Yeah, OK. You're still with them. Yeah. Yeah, I and he has more evidence. Being Jewish is my.


Jewish verbal Hebrew letters, my fucking Jewish prayer book has words in Hebrew and English still with them, I feel like my mom speaks exactly like him.


Yes. Good information. Yes. Yeah.


But his mom, if anyone, this is a post comments on my videos saying I'm Russian, this Russian that I don't care if you fucking subscribe to me or not, I'll fucking block your ass permanently.


I got to say, usually when people are this strange, their walls are bare. I'm surprised he has so much going on.


Dude, you know, another excellent observation. It's like, wait, you usually you're just like, oh, that wall is as vacant as this person.


Right? There would be like a hole in my head.


Like he might not be the only one that lives there. Oh, yeah, that's a good point.


But however, if you'll notice the kind of weird placement of pictures, right? Yeah.


And I'm really liking the 90s boom box in the game and what's.


Well, I mean, maybe connected to a printer, which is a stick of deodorant, takes it off the car.


But we have an update. We haven't even seen this new video.


So that mirror, it definitely does. He definitely is only up to here when he stands up. I have a feeling there's no cologne on that shelf.


OK, here we go with the new stuff. Here we go. I haven't seen it yet.


I create a new YouTube channel titled America Brohm of Ministries. All my videos that are related to religion will go to that channel you see has a lot of for dummies in the back.


It's like he's got a lot of freedom. How to put on a yamaka for dummies or they're like chicken soup for the soul.


Yeah. Wait, he's a whole religious channel. He's trained well.


We found this on a real upload archive channel. I think. I think these videos are long gone and all that's left are remnants of these artifacts.


Well, I love that he is like I'm really into NEFE.


We see we are now on the verge of Baraka Hovland. Look, my dear son, come on. A kind of duff. Yeah.


What does he have to prove.


Yeah, I don't I think. Why is he needed to prove it so hard.


You know what I've learned when you're trying to build a fan base, trying to divert them somewhere else and like he's really, you know, he should stick to the one panel and stick to what we're really my term Patriot poster.


I paid dollars for it on Dotcom. Hey, now you know where that photograph.


All right, I was buying it and he said Dotcom. So we know where somebody makes somebody who looks just like him, was holding that picture outside of an event.


So he actually but he's literally he's got here's what makes me come.


Also, I'll read the Torah for you. It's so good, right? Yeah. Maybe he doesn't want to keep them together. I get it.


It's something you know what? Yeah. I'm still thinking about the woman that's in that guy's living room right now.


Like I keep a part of my brain is like women are so nice. I forgot. I forgot. Oh, yeah. I'm still worried about looking at terror. Patrick, you think I'm going to think about that? Yeah. How she do.


Who's that? That's the saying.


She was a really famous porn star in, like, the nineties.


Very pretty. She is. She married the guy from Oz, the show, Oz Evans. And then they split up though. Yeah. And he went with little loopier I remember a little bit, but I don't know, a little loop.


Yeah, I'm a pussy.


Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. My pussy is like yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Damn. I didn't know that Vidana you know, and I love the show too because none of my friends will watch 90 day fiancee before them loves happily ever after right now is fucking killing it.


But she won't, she won't help me out. And you got Jamie.


Jamie. Hey you guys can back me up here, OK? I have two little boys, right. Like my i, i, I don't have a lot of time. I bet you we've got to prioritize.


I'm a heavy I'm, I, I'm heavily invested. This is years in the making of the housewives so and there's now there's multiple housewives always on at a time.


So wait when the kids go down and you guys have that, that moment I'm either watching Sopranos or a house like I don't have time.


No, Sopranos is important. You and I have maybe two hours after they go to bed before I just passed. I agree. I agree.


But there was nobody who I know who noticed what you guys notice, which is the guy who with the bulging eyes, who is crazy, like Indian AustChina. The reason why he was so crazy is because his eyes weren't just bulging. He was also squinting at the same time. So he was like this. But then like this. I actually think that is a. Great idea. So he would it was sure I could not turn away, I would rewind it.


Yeah, because what I think happened was people were like, dude, your eyes are fucking bulging out of your head. And he realized that I was like, I know what I'm going to do. I'm on this TV show, Esquenet. I'm going to try and I'm going to. I think you're right.


Yeah, I might I might have spent three months alone. Can you pull on to pull them up literally alone.


Yeah. From 90 minutes before the 90 days typing and typing eyes.


I see. What now?


There's like a whole thing they're doing, like the core ones. Yeah.


I get those crazy eyes on the right, but when he looks to the side, it's really look, look, keep going down.


There was one before you opened up the the other one is there.


Yeah. Right there. He's holding so he's trying to squint that way.


Yeah. Right there on that one. So let's listen to see him. Right.


So Rob's argument is that his friends have been like, well somebody was probably like, hey man, your eyes freak everybody the fuck out. Yeah, yeah, yeah. The casting people were like, oh, no, they love that.


You know, what is the devastating health reason why his eyes. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I want to know but don't ruin this for me. I'm sorry.


Dying to see. This is what Rob said. Now I'll start crying because I can't laugh anymore. Ash has a condition. Oh ok.


OK. What's the freaking condition. Yeah.


Hit that hit that mine. We all know something people need to stop teasing about. Does it say what. Can you read it there for us.


The mind body coach says what's this say.


Hyperactive thyroid. So that's what doctor said. That's right. It makes your eyes like that. Yeah.


He said the first time that's him, he goes, it's either psychosis. Oh. Or it's a hyper thyroid.


As Dr. Drew was our first guest on YouTube, I think.


Oh, yeah. You sound so good. So nice. Scrumming, before we before anybody who's watching this, too, has a thyroid thing going on. That makes sense.


But you're right, though, is that I think he learned how crazy he looks on camera. And he probably saw himself and was like, oh, I got it.


I want them to release footage of that entire, like, seminar he did.


Oh, my God. When that van was God, I watched the footage ever seen.


And I heard that there's there was leaked footage of Lorna and David and they they took it down like full footage of one day David. Right. That's his name. Yes. And that he bullied her around and was actually a bit of a prick to her and stuff. Well, you know, Jamie, get on it. Yeah. Yeah. Come on, Jane.


Like every podcast we going.


I just I watched what I did when you said you did. I mean, I know who cultivars Koti, OK?


But that's a previous season and that's. No, no, no, that's right. Now that's a new one. I know you want happily, happily ever after.


Right. You're so good. I want her to watch a different one.


The the season that just ended of ninety four. Yeah. Before the ninety days. OK, I figured and with that right. And yes. And I mean that's a home run. That one's like that. Really good.


So are our other co-hosts. Kasim had big Ed do a cameo for me. It's up on our Instagram if you before I left.


So I actually have never seen you laugh that hard ever. I laughed. So I think it's Pajama Pants podcast. He's so sweet. I don't have my own that. You got me one from Big Ed.


I got you one for you. And I got the smoking lady that was with Ousman.


What was her name. The Blonde. Oh baby.


Love him one.


And she's like I told her to say that Tom needs to stop smoking and drinking and she's like, Tom, you got to stop smoking, blah blah blah.


She mocked it. What about Michael?


You know, and she brings her a cake and.


Oh, my. It's just it's the best show. It's so good.


OK. Oh my God. Is it. Yeah. Let's see it. Oh my God.


Listen, Robert, I understand you have had sex in two years. Whether it was a while for me to invite you, man is is to just just be yourself. Man, it's OK to have sex with a girl and making love with some dude making love is way better. So I would hold that against hold down until I can find the perfect one. And I suggest you do. You guys, thanks so much for doing my best for you, Robert.


Thanks for being a fan. I'm your fan as well. And let's chat about doing a podcast, OK? Let you guys take care.


Oh my God. Is that my future guys?


He he comes sliding into frame and almost falls down. Yeah, yeah. I got to say I think it was eighty bucks. He put everything into it.


Yeah. It's worth every penny. He did a really good one for me too.


And you know he, he wasn't, he says on the show he's pursuing love. Obviously it's his first relationship in twenty eight years.


Yeah. He hadn't busted in twenty years and all the. It was backed up on his shoulders. Clearly, it's got to go somewhere. I have to go somewhere. I haven't seen this car break in at a Wells Fargo in choice for view. Man, explain to us that it wasn't this safe that he was after. It was the bank's microwave. You did it for a hot pocket. Yes. Oh, you broke into a bank for a hot, hot, hot pot.


Oh, he just wanted to use it. Is it worth it?


Hell, yes. Yes.


Work in the studio. By the way, I agree. Gooder than a. By the way, I wish like every arrest had this just like a camera crew and someone like was it worth it.


And they're like manono or they're like fuck.


Yeah it was well it did on Live PD and they took it away like Petey was fucking. I never watched that he is homeless.


And the police say that the burglar alarm went off around three 30 this morning. The alarm company called police and said that they were watching the suspect inside the break room, hiding and cooking something in the.


He really did or he really did.


I believe they told us at officers that he ate too. Hot Pockets left him parched. He is now in police custody.


The worst part is I burned my lip.


You got to follow up, find the rest of the story, OK? Sure.


And where is Chowilla? They give him a drink. He was part nice high in sodium.


Those who do that is, man, if I were homeless and hungry, I break into places that you don't break into. Something with less security, though. That's a good point.


Yeah, that's true. You're looking at a bank robbery.


How do you like feel? There's definitely a microwave in that Wells Fargo right now. Right?


There's a fucking microwave at Home Depot. That's where you need it. Yeah, right. You're not facing federal charges, correct. So. Yeah.


So true, you guys. And if this guy could get into the Wells Fargo, how bad is the security at Wells Fargo? Um, is this stockpiling thing?


Something is the thing is he punched the safe code into the microwave is the time.


Yes. OK, all right. Jamie. Yeah, I'm told this might offend me. Maybe.


I don't know. You're a sweet lady. I haven't seen yet either. You're a better person. I can I can. I can pass.


The world does experience a stockpiling frenzy of toilet tissue, cleaning products, hand sanitizers with supermarkets and stores selling out.


I have found a free and untapped method that is to stockpile semen like every piece of fresh produce.


The sooner you consume it, the better the nutritional and health benefits will be shared. And semen as close to production as possible is when you are going to get the most benefits from it.


However, if you are looking to have this at a later time, you can start in the fridge for twenty four hours for a long time. Suitable storage. I would recommend freezing it in ice cube trays.


Huh. What does this have to do with the nutritional value? Why does she have a website.


What does she tell you. She is, she's going to get through it OK.


It's like thirty six law firms even places its viscosity and texture. It's no longer white and thick that becomes watery and clear. As long as you store it safely, it is safe for consumption.


No, thanks. I'm saying is there is no dairy producing this.


This is suitable for vegans. Oh, that's true. Each portion of semen, a teaspoon at a time contains over 200 vitamins and minerals. No, it doesn't help to boost the body's natural immunity. Let's ask Dr. Drew, which is very active.


It's been full three years like this.


I think that we can all stockpiled at time, especially during quarantine. I would recommend either seeking your partner or a male associate.


Oh, shit. Oh, all semen, no matter what shape the man is in, is of same nutritional value.


I think that's the Dr. Drew question. I think that's a really good point. Yeah, I'm not offended. I'm just telling you that you see this.


Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. Oh no. Oh no. Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. Is he in the tree? Oh, he's still hanging. That's great. That's great.


You know what? I always wanted to show Jamie, but I didn't know what the fuck to type in to find it. Yeah. Is that guy who's speaking in the back of the bar. And you can understand a word he says.


I wouldn't know what to type in mumbling guy on YouTube or like mumbling drunk and just nothing shows up and he you know where I could be that everything.


Yeah. The Irish pub. Remember that guy is that old dairy dairy search for master of accents. There might be a phone.


Oh, you know what clip I sent you from the show, Jamie?


Remember, the kid was like 15 years old and he's like, this is what Dick was a good teacher because my son has.


Yeah, it's almost seven like still can't quite do like ls it ours and we watch it. And so he set me like, is this going to be Bo when he's not my favorite.


That really hit it. It goes, oh you know what, video made me laugh harder than anybody on here ever which was the guy whistling Happy Birthday or whatever he did with that for Tom birthday.


That was I was eighteen. Doug Baladi always sends me that shit, man.


I was in pain, happy. So like freaky man.


It's like what is the real of is looking to because it means a prayer. Because in the last two years. Yes, English they speak English.


And I think I just missed opportunity when it burnt down. You missed it, by the way. We have to be now literally we look, this is just the biggest challenge we have. We have to be. And how come.


But you realize that you're growing on his face.


Yeah, it's always been from the outside.


It looks like one of the seven dwarves we were interested, the one that relates to. Oh, here we go to see in The Princess Bride. Oh, yeah.


I'll by the way, I feel like this is right up your alley. Turn your ear on. OK, what does he say? We're hearing clarity because we've been a by very special character.


I hear he's a local legend and his name is Charlotte Scott. How are you? All right. Yeah, we're hearing cloudy today.


Nice to meet you. Are you from Killarney? I'm. I'm I'm. I'm growing corn and bread. Hi.


What do you think? Makes it a great town. Oh yeah. Yeah, I'm honored to do that. Yeah. Lots of tourists around. I'm out. It's great. Isn't it. Great you're going. Oh.


What's your favorite thing about Jimmy Carter. I'm a busy man. He can't forget it. Yes. Player.


Good player. Tell me if you think this is a good idea or not. We're going to go with the Javi Jarvis. Yeah, good idea. You know why Trevor Noah.


Yeah. You know, your father, the way you do what you do is you get I'll sing this video.


Yeah. And then for your children, you said this is what what alcohol will do.


Yeah. A lot of shirts on, huh.


Yeah. He somehow has like it enough to get together in the morning to put a collared shirt under a sweater. That's not an easy thing to do.


So it's uncomfortable.


It's like imagine him asking his wife like where's my sweater?


Look, he has a wife or he did maybe, you know, but are no, nobody loves this guy Gordon Jackson.


OK, I moved around a lot. I mean, you know, you get the you got like three good teeth on top.


You can get through a lot. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Wait, you're saying you only need three tops.


I'm saying if you have any, if you have three tops the first of all you get an apple going, you can, you can do a lot of things you don't need. You need a couple of bottoms.


I would say one or two. I would spread them out more like these together and these apart will get you through a lot. You need molars. Yeah. You do need molars. Mm. Do you think he doesn't have a wife. There's no woman that looks out.


I think he did at one point. Yeah. This is one of your nobody.


Nobody loves you anymore. You need a wife to clean.


Everyone in that bar loves them. Yeah that's true. I just don't know if a guy who never had a wife would have so many shirts like the collared shirt on my sweater.


He owns like, you know, a woman was like, come on, put a fucking collared shirt on for once in your life. And then he started to like he just say, couldn't stop. Yeah.


Yeah, he's actually from. Oh, that's alcohol. Oh, that was two year old baby. That was bad. Not at all.


I don't like it not into that. But do you think that man has a speech impediment on top of just a thick regional accent? Is that.


No, he's a regional accent and severe alcoholism. Yes.


I think, like, I'm not brain damage, but like only the first consonants of every word. You know what?


He has to have a wife. They say that he's like a national treasure. They're right. They're like people come from all around to see like they went there to talk to him. Sure.


How could he not? He's the only famous guy in that bar. Yeah. Yeah.


So what you can understand, he's I mean, he definitely has limited motor skills and stuff like that, you know.


Yeah. But enough to get by. I'd love to see him at like twenty eight but I've got you. It doesn't look that much. He's from Connecticut by the way.


The road crew is right.


This is on Wikipedia. Uh, the song When You Close Your Eyes by Night Ranger and the music video scenes of the band performing a housewife is married to a chimpanzee reportedly played in the video by and that came out in nineteen eighty four.


Oh wow. Yeah. I don't know how that got there. I don't know somebody sent me that and they're like is that, you know, so bizarre. It's a random one.


Is that, what does that say. Hmm. You have to answer questions to play that. No, it's just some survey survey thing. So is there a chimp in there. What have we had a joke about you playing a chimp in a, I don't know, night ranger video? I don't know. I didn't see the chimp, but we just missed the chimp. This is bizarre. Mm hmm. Well, I'll tell you right now, this is 100 percent true.


That was me in the media. When you close your four years old, killed it, man.


It's crazy because if you think if it was somebody playing a joke, they would have picked a more popular song. Yeah. Yeah, well. What is the squirrel guy? Oh, that's a that's a super weird one, really.


So we go to your top. There's no, like, Dick Balls and Jamie's. Do you like talk? Can I tell you?


I think. This show hit a whole new level when your docs came, came, and I must say, when Tom didn't like it, at first I was I was I was like, if this doesn't continue, I'm going to be so hurt.


And then the fact that I kept coming, it's so my favorite is the people favorite new.


No. Yeah. No one gives a shit about them and they're like, yeah, listen, everybody, if you don't stop doing this and it's like no one gives a fear in the back room of like there's like eight computer towers and they're just so like it's like, no, what's three people. I love it. Yeah.


Like you're going to comment and you haters are going to hate you. Like he gives a fuck about you through it. Just reading these comments, not saying anything. It's like, Jamie, are you ready to get in on this, Jamie, on your levels of fame, like, you know, hey.


Or getting creepy noises. You sound not Italian, but I'm Irish, OK? And that's fine.


I got to start looking for me to do you get a lot of flack for not being Italian, both of you?


I the I know there was a big to do. Just still assume that you are still shot like people that like I feel like my manager very recently was like, OK, you know, I tell you, I was like, no, dude.


I also feel like growing up in New York, it's like I remember I had a friend for six years and someone is like, you know, he's black and was like, oh, really?


Like I just says, oh, yeah, I went to public school for, like, my whole life.


And you're never thinking like, yeah, there were forty kids in my class, you know, I was like Asian, black, Hispanic. There's like I didn't like meet people and black. White is he like you just kind of Manhattan's also like uniquely like L.A. actually.


I mean not legally but is segregated. Right. Like you, you, it's segregated in ways where people live in different parts of town and everybody gets in there like you're also separated from humanity. Yeah. I mean so but like in New York, when you especially if you're rasor, I think when you visit New York, you're like, oh, you're walking shoulder to shoulder with everybody getting subways together.


You're like you you can't like, be like, I don't want to be around people and like, get by in New York.


Well, it's like people if you're in New York and you're taking like the public bus, you could be a millionaire. We're here. You're like homeless.


That's true. Yeah. The subway to subway.


So efficient and effective and it goes everywhere. Yeah. It's like, you know, if you don't want to deal with the bullshit of, like, cabs or whatever. Yeah. Just get on the subway and you'll see other hedge fund guys sitting next to you on a subway.


And I grew up super poor and I was like a half a block away from super rich people. Yeah. Yeah. Like, there's no and then you're going to school and you don't. I remember a girl, parents or someone's parents wouldn't let them sleep over at, like, my birthday when we're having a sleepover because they were like, oh, where he lives is a little too, you know, like and I feel like I lived in, like, income, housing.


And they were like, I don't they don't want my daughter, their daughter going there. And I remember her telling me why. And I was like, wow. And she's a kid. You're poor. I was like, what? Like and I remember going back to my mom being like, we're poor because the built like income, housing buildings are. No, we had a two bedroom, you know, we had a studio for a while, but then we moved into a two bedroom.


So you're like, I live in New York City. I have a bunch of room, like things are, you know.


Yeah. What part of the city is that? So I grew up on 90 second and second.


OK, yeah. Is it you're twenty three. Ninety five. The Wagner loves that apartment you see. Yeah. It's not that far away.


I could walk to Robert Paul's.


Wow. Yeah. Well let's give you a few talks real quick before we wrap up here and a reminder to check out pajama pants. You want to jump in to the podcast world with these to a lot of fun here.


Thank you, sir. You're so it was cool. Yeah, it's very cool watching you guys have as much fun and I've gotten a big part of it.


Well, thanks, but I was like, I got to move out to fucking L.A. to start because I wanted to do with Jamie and his fucking element, like being on the podcast.


Like I just I love it's almost like most of the shows is just me sitting there, like watching how happy he is.


So happy. Like to see that.


That's awesome. Yeah. You guys have good chemistry. Yeah. It's important to do. It's really good if you're ever going to get by the way, face tattoos.


This guy's got a good place where to get them off.


You don't know where to get a thing to say this morning. Vote for Trump, vote for Trump, stay away from voting Democrat candidates go and condemn the world wars and what it is. Right. Part of the problem in this United States is the Democrats. Second of all, promote Jesus hard. You can't make sure everybody here is his word, no matter who they are or where they from, even though they may call you a racist. And if you wait, I'll give you a high five because Southern boys.


Mm hmm. Oh, yeah. Dixie Rocks the World Stars and bars. Yeah. Can I say some place. Oh yeah.


As a former or current addict, I guess you're always an addict, right? I think. He might have fallen off the wagon. Oh, really? Because in his past videos, they were all like very positive and he was like more subdued. Yeah. And he was kind of like he wanted to go. Yeah, he wanted. And his eyes look a little like you remember, you want you to feel bad for so dialed in. Do you think you really are.


He's like, you know, he's like this was a mistake. You guys shouldn't make mistakes. And he wasn't, he wasn't trying to divide you.


He was just and now all of a sudden, this is a whole new he was taking like some pregnant pauses there, I think, just for his brain to catch up to himself.


But he was like he was like he really, really like has been like, I've made mistakes and everybody deserves a second chance.


Right? Yeah. You sound like the same.


Or maybe he got the bad news. Like, listen, it's just not coming off.


I think, you know, so like, this is the best we can do to break.


Yes. So it was much darker. We like really cool. It was a full dorky.


So he's a big Juggalo, you know, uh, insane clown posse fan. And so he had they were makeup, but, you know, they had it for a minute and then he was like, I've made some mistakes.


So he's been going through the removal process. He did a lot of math in his defense. It was not a sober decision, obviously high on math.


And there's videos of him with, like the little swimmer goggles on. And it's like this is like zapping his face. Yeah. It's like, oh, this is only my first time, I think, to be fair.


Like, you have to be fair and balanced. Like you should send this to like the Trump camp, like as a possible endorsement, you know.


Yeah. Maybe he'll retweeted it.


Yeah, that's true. He is if he didn't have the tattoo, he definitely would. But the tattoo is looking lighter. So he has been going for his treatments because initially it was very dark.


It was yeah. I would I would add to the listeners that it's got a way to go.


Yeah. There's we're not in the clear yet. No JBI for Jesus is his handle and I wonder what his dumb ass tattoo is.


Oh I think we're seeing it. Yeah. You know what? I didn't even put that in the category of like everything else on his body, but. Yeah. Yeah. So I can't believe I just said that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I was just there's no such thing as race. It's all a human race. There's no race is going to one place and that is heaven.


Uh, well, I love y'all. I'm praying for y'all. Keep your eyes focused on him. I think you're right. I think he might.


Yeah, he's he's doing Korona. Probably gotta tell you something. I am proud of being American. I am proud to be living in a small town where I don't have to worry about everything gone wrong. But everybody treads on this town. I'ma put my boot right up your ass.


So July 4th really brought out the patriotic talks. Yeah, that's what we're going through now. Could you imagine letting him know he was on a podcast and that he was one of the clear speakers on said podcast Hillbilly Rick three.


I just can't believe there was this guy that he's like, oh, I need I need it. I need to download this app called Tick Tock and post like this doesn't feel like the demo.


Like, I'm very no, dude, I think Joe Rogan has that hat. I think you're right.


But I know what you're saying, Jimmy. It's like how does this person have the wherewithal to know what? Tecktonik Yeah. Like most people, Moms' don't fucking even know the Apple. And then to be able to figure out how to make it tick tock and then post the tick tock. Yeah, it's pretty versity level shit.


I only know what it is to you.


Most adults don't know it. Hillbilly Rick.


Hillbilly Rick three because hillbilly. Oh yeah.


And a dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance cat. I mean kitty cat and I don't dance and I don't remember that old one. I remember that.


I think it's again what she looks like a wardrobe lady, you know, she looks like our little and then like the wardrobe ladies weird shit becomes her identity, you know.




And they're like, you know what kind of weird shit we can see when we open this door today in this trailer. It's going to be. Yeah, yeah. Today she's dressed like a cat.


I don't open the door too wide because, you know, like, I just want the here's the thing. I think if you take wardrobe lady and you celebrate this, she'll do it more. You know, you got it. You got to create a monster.


Yeah. You got to see Jamie. You look for the great things in people and you celebrate that. You do.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. We can do both of our favorite things with this one lady. You know what happened. You keep going to set you'd be like fucking wardrobe march. Jamie keeps encouraging her fucking.


Yeah. Because you're nice to her and I see your value. What makes you feel good. And I'm going to support it.


Yeah. I'm like look at this thing bad. She's doing the fucking thing again. She paid the eyebrows again.


Oh by the way came to me my oh if you let me know he puts his phone number up on the ticktock.


That's she. Like, I think you auditioned for American Idol, it's like the equivalent of the hair flip the girl, what would you find? Well, you say his value. Well, yeah, I think Stasch, because he can grow some good facial hair. He's not really leaving a lot to the mystery. He's like the half face shine seductive. Yeah, I'm.


This is a really hard one for me to get anything out. I got it. But I don't like this segment.


I kind of want you to be on here to balance the books of like find the positive Jamie Lynn and you find what's good about these perverts.


I like the scumbags. I thank you for blurring the phone number because. Yeah.


Oh, yeah. I can't believe you posted it. Yeah. Wow. Oh, wow. Well, he's not really with it. I don't he's a bit talk to any of them are.


No, no, no fucking Christians.


Yeah. Coming all my motherfucking thing and telling me and judging me how God don't like fucking cussing. Well let me tell you something motherfucker.


Me and me and probably white men told us what words we could say. You put together letters and said what we could say and what we can't say. Fuck you, God, don't give a motherfucking care that what the fuck comes out my face. But I guarantee you he gives a fuck about you killing his black people. Oh, oh, oh, bitch.


Choking out these people give me an o bleaching his people.


Fuck you God. Don't give a fuck about my language.


Bitch, she about available for home school. I love her. What inspires you the most about her? I like her smoker's cough and I mean, it was me was that it was very it wasn't a deliberate it was spontaneous.


It was real. Yeah. I can't as an actor, you guys know how hard that is to make authentic on character study.


I watch that on a loop for a while. Yeah. I feel like I'm ready for it. It's a real person. That's a real person. Person. Yeah.


Yeah. How do you feel Rob. Do you like are you identifying with her.


It's just you know, I'm just looking at your pajama pants.


What's your what's, what's wrong with my head right now is like she just used to say this to three people. Now it's like a half a million. Yeah. Yeah. You know, and then like it's just so crazy, you know.


Yeah, yeah.


People are going to hit up and Julia, six, eight, three, like she put this out being like twenty people might see this and now it's like no million have now.


And like there's some fucking poor kid who's like, oh my grandma with her, you know, she's so crafty.


She made her own hat. OK, there you go. With the positive. Yeah, right. And I like that clock behind her. Me too.


I think that's kind of got a lot of wall art that's finding the positive that she's got a nice clock. Yeah, she's she's a guy from somewhere else away from being a 90 day fiance to you. Oh, yeah.


He she could go with a Nigerian rapper. Oh sure. Easily. And that she shows up.


She's fucking three and to seventy five.


Yeah he's twenty seven.


Like we make fun of baby girl Lisa all the time when the friends they're clowning or something like that and their first hello.


All the guy remembers is back sweat because she was on the plane for fucking twenty four hours.


She can get pregnant. Yeah. Yeah. She's like oh that's my egg. And they're like that's a oh yeah.


That one with that one. As soon as she got off the plane the friends were like, yo, she's so big.


Yeah. Yeah sure. Her stomach like oh yeah, her stomach is very fat and very old. Very old. And he's like I'm rich and famous and he lives in a one bedroom with three other dudes. It's really crazy.


And then his mother doesn't speak English.


She speaks, you know, whatever a local dialect or whatever in Nigeria. And then they're like translating. And the mother's like she's so old and she is not attractive and she's fat and she can't bear children.


He's like she says that she wants us to come back, like, you know, and they go and buy her the goat.


Yeah, that that was great. Did you notice the baby girl, Lisa is just put out.


So this woman, she's clearly a can don't kind of person.


Right? You know, you're saying, like, I did so much work, I flew all the way to Africa and I bought this Pepsi and then we had to go buy you a go.


Like everything puts her out right of these people.


It just like I did work so hard to. Now, is that going to happen?


Like I'm done taking the labels off these Pepsi, you know how they make them remove it.


Yeah, yeah. Fucking fed up with. But you know what, there is some of her stuff that I don't really buy that she's that angry. Were with Angela, the one who's with Michael.


Which ones. You know Angela. The big one who's with Michael, who's in Africa. This is a new thing.


Different since they've been on multiple seasons. Oh, Google, Angela, he's he gets caught getting a blowjob from a girl dick sucking, cheating man.


You'll you'll know Angela for sure. But she doesn't do anything, Lisa. It's really not that much work, but to some people know her. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. She's I mean, that's what I was thinking. Right.


I buy every moment of her anger, everything where Lisa, I just like I think she's a complainer. Yeah. And it's just a little like whatever. And sometimes I see she's like smiling. Was this why are these two still together?


Oh yeah. Big time. Big time. And she just bought a house with her six grandchildren to move him into. You have to start 90 fiancee happily ever after. It's still it's midseason.


I know we started this and I think it was too depressing. Oh, no, no.


We were like she's been on Maury twice.


And so I think, you know, there's just like a casting pool. Yeah. These young people that are just she's a she's in Louisiana, right.


She's like, oh, she works with children, right? Yeah. Yeah. But this is where she is, though. You remember rubbishy from Louisiana. And I can't. It's somewhere in the south. Yeah, yeah, yeah. What is it.


I remember that I saw a thing with Georgia, maybe it's Georgia. Maybe where she was talking about she's like, I want to get married here.


And they're like, what's your. Oh yeah. And then I don't know. The guy was like, I mean, this would probably be like, I don't know, like eight thousand dollars.


She's like, oh well how about a little lower budget? And he's like, well, you know, it's the facility and the food. And he's like, what, what do you want to spend. She was like fifteen hundred.


And he's like, yeah, oh yeah, yeah. She's like walking over a bridge like really nice get married right here and he's like yeah. Yeah. Maybe a garage. Yeah. These old fat bitches. Oh this guy. Oh God.


Oh this is a recording deal picture.


Oh hi. My name's Kim. I'm single and have a look to have a party.


There you go. Oh wow. What do you love. What did you love to. Wow.


Well this one I really like this one I resonated with on so many levels. The vulnerability guy.


Yeah. He's shirtless, he's vulnerable, clean shaven, clean. He uses the manscape, yeah, he works out, but he doesn't know that he's on the video right setting and.


What are these things in those, like, stockings? And I was like, oh, that's like Gray used stockings.


He's like, I love Robin Banks.


This is. Yeah, this one's amazing. I love that he stares for a while. Oh, yeah.


I can't look away your smile. This is a recording. Yeah, I know this picture. Hi, my name's Tim. He's so loaded. You have love to have it.


He's got he's got the nipple placement of a really cheap breast implant.


Oh, that's so much like they're they're they're way over here looking inside there. Yeah. And you don't have to put your first draft up like as many times as you wanted.


You could say, yeah, he's probably busy, infinite, you know, a lot going on.


Yeah. Fair.


He's a writer, producer, director. Yeah. I've got a lot of things going on.


I'm running. I know I've lost a lot of followers but you know what, I speak what's on my heart and what's true. Yeah. Once we took God out of the schools to God, out of the courtrooms, to God, out of work, to God, out of everything. And we lost a lot.


Mm hmm. God said he would cause a pandemic. And that's what he's done. Oh, did he call you? Now I'm going to tell you straight up, we need to keep our eyes focused and start opening the Bibles. Start supporting the police department. Mm hmm. Start supporting our president because Trump has done more than for the U.S. than any president here lately. Have you been lately? And we need to quit supporting these stupid racist groups. It's quite the message, do you think he's going to run for prez, this guy, what he's doing?


He might. He might.


There are a lot of Juggalos he'd keep. He could he could definitely be like mayor.


Maybe not the president, but I think a councilman. A superintendent.


Yeah. He might have to get some of them to move to the same town, though, you know. Right. Right. Probably. Well, they they they might be there. I would guess there were a bunch of them there. Hmm. What's the positive, Jamie Lynn, what do you see?


This is a this is a rough one. Yeah.


He looks like he has a clean shirt on the shower. He's definitely sobered up a pulled over. I like his message. I like his hat too. That's a great point.


He didn't do this while driving. Damn, Jamie, you're so good. I know you're a nice lady.


That's it. There you go. There you go. To Guy. That's a lot. A clean shirt is everything, isn't it? Yeah, it's only me. Today I'm going to be showing one of the most beautiful aspects of white culture. Oh, our feet look like this. And I think that's unique and beautiful. Yeah, I didn't really understand this one, baby.


I think it's like a baby. I think this is Edward Norton's audition tape for American history. The way I think she was. I thought she was serious at first.


And then I think it's a joke. No, no. So there has been a backlash on the topic of white power. People saying like, oh, white is beautiful. So this is one of the lanes of the white car, the way the white people.


This is a white power person? I think so, yeah.


There's a few white power talks that I've been to seeing unusual foot to endorse for the community and a tent.


Um, a dog food next. Yeah, that's a can of something. What? Well, I'm not seeing that at all, but blue can in the top right corner.


But I mean, am I missing? Isn't that just a filthy baby? That's a baby foot. But it's filthy baby.


Oh, it's a baby foot foot. No, that leg look the size of the foot.


Yeah, there's no that's like a full ankle. That's like a baby. Cute little baby.


Are you sure this is not a joke? Today, I'm going to be showing one of the most beautiful aspects of white culture. Our feet look like this, and I think that's unique and beautiful counter culture.


I'm not sure what the joke is. I don't know if it's deeply troubling. I know. That's why I like it. It's a good talk. It's a solid fucking talk. Fuck.


Are we going to lose take soon? I don't think. Speak it. Don't like Voldemort if you don't say it out loud. Hurt Jamie. Yes. Yes. The dog might have to do some on the street stuff to find it's going to go find talks.


There's a lot of them out there with Korona going, yeah. The good thing about talk is a pipe with if any of fans want to come by.


I bet that I've read more it than you have. I bet that I know more about the life of Levay than you do. I bet I've studied the history of the Church of Satan and it's early.


So there's also a Church of Satan thing on ticktock going around right now. And there's a lot of stuff of like, no, I'm I'm a die church of Satan. No, you're not. So she's trying to show you that she's diehard.


You know what this looks like. Have you ever been to, like, a traveling carnival? And it's like for 25 cents you could go to 12 and are like all these weird looks just absolutely right with the head on the human head on it. It's just like mirrors and whatnot. You will pay a quarter and walk through like she has. It's like, oh, only half an upper body or something crazy is going.


This is what people do when they come to America here and the people in America. Yeah, that's what ticktock is all about. And we get that one because they just hop on tick.


Holy shit. That's it. That's our talk folder. That's it. But for me, this was too much fun. You guys. I saw you guys comes back.


He's come back. If you ever guys I know you guys are busy. If you ever want to call pajama pants with love. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I'd love to.


I'm on it. I'm in it. Let's go. Brouse dream come true.


So Jova Pants and the YouTube channel. Pajama pants. Yeah. Pants Pajama Pants podcast you go. Shouldn't be too hard to find. So funny. Rob you guys.


Thank you. So you guys are awesome. See you guys next week.


Bye bye. Good morning.


Julia, it's me, Joe. Let's go full throttle everything you see behind me. I built everything from Square Ridge, from the Cherelle floors, the lighting, plumbing, doors, windows. I'm home here now. This may be your home, your now I found.


So this all may be going on now, 27 here now, so maybe now I can get this done, maybe not now. Hi, Mommy. Thanks, Jeanne. You better keep an empty plane. Here's the deal, man. You and me soaking up at Inari. My dental update cannot wait. Meet me at Lillie's at Stay United. They'll be right because I got news on Beug. Too high and too tight. I've been living life like a cool guy.


I got a bad, bad, bad bye. You beg for that double time. You ain't you ain't buying Shangai vocal fry. Did you just read my fucking life? And this shit is peak time. I'm glad and hard to argue hardbody to boy Ghazanfar my might you wanna fight. Don't get too fat like mommy bark about Fitzmartin take you home with her. If you are a thug just show me how those big tits are like for fun. You ain't do well you go and lose a dog day afternoon.


Krystal's races too. So if you're doing good, your water check your life. You don't want to much now this way mommy. Your mama in the book and staying home here now it's so maybe not now I tell get ya now how. Hey you get a job here.


Your face sarcosuchus soufflé. I guess it's just like the gays called top dog for that pup by the way. Hey Tom, would you marry your mom. You in trouble making love. Just Belorussian up chef and lick the scrumming. Come on. I got mushy. You got big slop. It got big hangers. Big black ass reason I'm pissed. And a mommy team. I'm straight snitches. Cool stuff. Lots of neat stuff. Don't call me to to put some respect for my name.


Porgie will come and see. Yeah. I take bad news from choma sugar plum. Former product went down to the mouth to save my sister turned into a telescope. So buy me two lovely gentlemen. Ten or twelve Benadryl untether rand if you want to move the movie with the flu Ebola free rent. I'm a dirty bitch. I'm addicted to my duct tape. I'm reconnecting with hard rock NRP Sandpile Bobby Christian Carindale come around that bad mouth is on.


Keep our healthy Brownstown our up at the end. Try it out with a map. This is your mom's house. And now it's me, now I can go back, it can be gone now, my family right now, I got to protect my mom. You know, the. Remote control. Exactly what I did coming out of my remote control with David. Dr..