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We're back. Welcome to your mom's house podcast. She's Christina. I'm Tom. This is where we deliver the news to you.


I you wearing my mask, you wear yours. Oh, yeah. That was great. That was pretty great. We've seen a lot of shit this week.


Yeah, that was awesome. That was the first. I've heard these stories. I've seen videos.


I, I follow worldstar I know that people get upset but we actually got to experience it live and in person. That was cool. A lot of Karen Flav's time there was um so we'll get in while we get. Yeah.


I just wanted to point that out that I keep you safe, you know.


All right. So let's um gently entice me sexually first.


Oh yeah. I want to start this show right now, but my dick's a hard from looking at.


How are you doing?


I'm Tom. Hi. Hi. That's what I that's what I would encourage you to do if you're a listener, if you're single, if you're like, I don't know how to talk to women, try that. Mhm. Right.


That well eventually somebody is going to be really flattered by that. That's what I'm saying.


You might strike out but so Babe Ruth and then you had a bunch of home runs too but you've been enticing me sexually.


Yeah. Uh this morning I stood in front of you topless. Hmm.


And then you just wiggled your tongue around and uh I was like, no, but I also woke up and I had my sleep mask over my eyes. And you're like, Hey, babe. And I was like, hey, my dick's hard over here. Yeah. Once you once you, uh, it doesn't work with ladies.


But do you think it works when it does work with it? Don't tell them that it doesn't work. You got to tell them it does work with the right lady. You know how it works. With who? Pierce Paris and gay guys. Do you think that's how gay guys caught or their leg with dicks all hard? Probably. I mean, I guess what they got it right now.


They definitely have it right? That's how to do it. You guys know what I know? You guys are like, oh, yeah, this is a nice restaurant. Let's say you want to just run in the bathroom real quick, but fuck, yeah, I know.


How great is that for them.


And then straight people are like, let's pretend that you have interesting thoughts, you know, stupid bitch.


Wow. Yeah, that was severe.


How many. How many. My stupid thoughts. You've listen to my dumb thoughts for 15 years.


You must be ready to kill yourself a lot. Yeah.


We want to test aren't shrinking and and neat.


And then you make Medick not hard.


Yeah. Not harder. After you make it it gets harder than you do stuff too.


And then it gets not hard. How much I know now that I'm friends with Dr. Drew, I realize how much Dick touches are so vital to men's welcome.


Look how chill he is. I know he really has. Like I mean, I'm saying of everything you know about him, it doesn't matter what like you have to admit anybody has to be at this man's demeanor.


Oh, what you want in a human like when you see him, he's calm. You know, he's like you're like you're cool. Seems like he's centered. He's in a good place. Like, how do you get there? You suck his dick four times a week for stocks.


But here's the great debate in my and our world is are they full deck socks?


Are those are those warm up decks on the warm up ends at some point with a finish.


So I know, but in girl world, you can't call it a dick suck unless there's jizz in your mouth. Do you understand?


And this is like just it says it's an appetizer suck. So does it does it count as.


What do you mean it doesn't count. What do you mean it doesn't count? I just feel like she's getting credit. The wife is getting so much credit for for blowjobs as she should.


The four full beaches of FL Beach is the the disgustingness of look semen in your.


Here's what happens. She's getting credit extra credit. No, she's not. She's blowing him three to four times a week. Yeah. And. What starts with a B.J. ends at some point with an orgasm. So, like it's not like she's like warming him up and then being like, I got to go walk the dog. She's she's finishing.


Yes, but you're saying I can just put my mouth on it as a as an amuse bouche. Yeah. And then I finish and you'll count that as a dig site.


I mean, yeah. You don't have to like oh you don't have to go like fourth grade because I don't I don't want always to taste.


I understand. And you know, it's not good taste. No. No, I know sometimes I want to cover your eyes and it doesn't have to always go in your mouth.


All right, let's start there. This is a good mood. I'm in a good mood. Let's start the show. This is fun. Ready? Yeah.


And go try try to run everything on. I can run me over right down right there.


They oh always.


Randy, don't bring anyone to this. No. I want to focus. Well, welcome. Welcome to your mom's house with Tom Cipora. And Christina. Yeah, when did that start happening? Pretty recently. You know, life is hard and a lot of stress and there's a quarantine and I don't get to do stand up anymore, so I started drinking more, as have I.


Yeah, every night pretty much. And I started, you know, just kind of sipping on that. Um, I think it's kind of discreet. Looks cool. I think people see somebody with a flask and they're like, that's pretty cool. Like it's a guy. It's like when you see a guy smoking out of, like an old school pipe or a cigar, the guy's kind of sophisticated, you know.


So I've been doing it with my flask. And, um, yeah, I saw somebody. I was like, oh, that guy's got it together.


He's drinking out of a flask. And then I, I remembered one the high school, one of my friends dads used to walk around with the flask and he's dead now.


But he he would drink all the time. Yeah, he would drink at our high school football games out of his blue shirt.


I was like, oh, your dad's pretty cool.


And you know what's funny, though, is that real alcoholics, I mean, the ones that my dad used to play tennis with, the guys are really hard. Yeah.


Like when they would play tennis and drink, you know, really, really cool story about tennis, because we we played tennis for the first time in a long time. But go ahead. Go ahead.


And I'm saying that the real alcoholics that my dad would associate with, they don't even fuck with. No, I dunno, you just bring that sixer on the court, right?


Why would you bring it? Flask is like this to disagree.


What are you, a pussy? Yeah. Just come out with it. You're an alcoholic. It's fine. Yeah. Yeah. Oh. Why not make flasks that look like regular objects like wouldn't this be a better flask if they could camouflage it. So it just looks like a ball of water. Well yeah.


I mean people do that too. They put alcohol in Gatorade but they're just called poor.


But it's but it's yeah. It's a fucking cell phone case that's actually for booze.


That's good. But it is. God damn it. If you saw somebody. Can I use your phone. He I was.


Hey. Just started breaking out of his phone. Oh that's good. Oh that's perfect.


Yeah. There you go. That's if you're having to mask your alcohol in that. What level are you. That's where people are like.


You sure you're not drinking. I'm sure. I'm positive. Yeah. I just converted but not your binocular.


That's dedication. But also I like that people can search out their alcoholism like I'm a drunk, but I want everyone to know. So here's his flask and I got my initials monogrammed on there. It's pretty something. It's amazing how weird it is.


It's amazing what we can say about tennis that well. So, OK, so we we both grew up playing tennis.


Yes. A lot. I played tennis a lot when I was a kid. I'm kind of a pro. I love tennis.


I love and you know, it's one of those things I just got away from it. So we're trying to come up with activities. Our kid, our kids, but especially our older kid who was in school, can't go to school. There's no school anymore trying to come up with activities, you know, and tennis is a very low risk.


A low Congress opens like a ward.


And, you know, you're not like standing by someone. So we take him to get a lesson. One of my favorite parts about the first lesson is that the the first coach forgot. He forgot.


And then we contacted the guy and we were like, we're here. He's like, you know, I thought I had something today.


But he goes, I thought yesterday I thought I had something. Yeah. And I was going through my emails and I couldn't find it. Like you found this one. Yeah. We're going back and forth now. He's like, I want to make it up to you now. We're good. I'm done. So the second time he's played, the first time he was like, I'm sick or something like, OK, second time. Yeah. Like he didn't even have an excuse.


He's like, I thought, I want to make it up to you.


Yeah, you can by never contact me and lose my number. So Klown, we took him together.


It's adorable to watch a little four year old take a lesson and he loved it.


So we're like we're taking him again, but you just stand there on the court next to him. So we signed on your Dick Gephardt. Yeah. You know, these girls were these tennis skirts are so short. You're so short. Your dick is leaking for the whole country.


But I've never come so much. OK, so then we said, you know, we both used to play tennis.


Do you want to do it again? Yeah. And it's been years. So they said, yeah, we can give your son a lesson on this court and then you could take a lesson at the same time at the neighboring, better than sitting in fingering your coach the whole time.


Like this is great exercise play tennis. So anyways, we do it together.


We had to go and, you know, get a couple of racquets again. So we go to this is this is like our first well, first. Sorry, this is I'm telling you two things that what happened there.


And then I wanted also you told me the cool story about you getting to watch your dad play tennis, so. Well, when we go to to get our racket's, we get in line, yeah, and they're only letting you know one or two people in this small store at a time. So we're waiting outside. You know, it's just like new is just quarantine rules.


So just hang out. So we're standing outside and a lady walks up, an older woman.


I would say she's probably in her early 70s, late 60s, early 70s.


She's dumpy. Yeah. She was dumping from frumpy. And, you know, she goes, can I.


Would you mind? Are you in line for the tennis star? We're like, yeah, we're standing right in front of the doors of the store.


And she's like, do you mind if I, uh, just grab one thing that I'm like, sure.


She's this is the philosophy.


That's my favorite philosophy, is the philosophy of someone who's like I see that there's a line for something, but my needs, I think are lesser than your knee, even though I don't know you and what you're in line for. I assume I should just can I just go in front of you? Yeah.


So I go. Yeah. And also when they're that crazy and erm. Yeah. Yeah. Like Jesus I don't care if you say no then she'll stand behind you and talk to you.


That's that's right. So I was like, you know, I want that. Definitely. Go ahead. Well and what I noticed about her request is that it was it was Jerm concerned. Yeah.


It was one of those like, excuse me, can I just do you mind if I walk here? And I was like, I don't give. And she had a face shield on.


Yeah. One of those like one of the like a welding shield and then it was ah my face a mask on underneath it as well. So she had a mask and a shield.


OK. Yeah.


Like a dental doubled up. She was doubled up like that and she's like can I uh such a I could, would you mind if I went around.


I was like go ahead. It reminds me of years ago. I remember I was, I was moving, I was moving from somewhere. And you know, they always get you your cable company you get to on the equipment. Right. That's the big oh, you're moving.


You have to send us back your cable boxes and your remote control or worse, you or you can drop it off in person one. Can I do that? We're open eight of three and it's in downtown L.A.. Are you work for a living?


This is cool. Yeah, too bad. So I take my cable boxes in my remote to the place. It's like whatever place the cable box store. And I was like, hey, I want to return these. And the guy's like, yeah, you got, you know, wait there.


I'm dealing with this person. And then I was like, OK, and you just waiting. And, you know, he's like scanning, typing everything.


And I'm just like the poo poo poo poo. I mean, at least 15 minutes.


I've already standing there. I'm just like a lady comes in and she's like, I'm here to drop this stuff off.


And the guy's like, Yeah. Get in line. She was like, no, I'm just dropping it off, I'm like, I'm like, we're all dropping it off. Yeah. And she was like, Oh. And she just went up there and she's like, good for her, put the stuff that she's like, I got to go.


And I was like, good folk, but that's how the mail works.


If you were to mail it to them, it would just be here. You take it. And I'm not having a part of this. So why do you have to. I agree with her like.


Well, I mean, I just thought she was she was she was she was black and she was very overweight, OK?


And I feel like this is her life matter, Tom. Oh, I feel like fat black lives matter. But I also feel like she that nobody tells a fat black lady. No, no.


She's like, I'm doing this right now. You're like, OK. Yeah, like you're fat.


You're black, you're loud.


Go ahead. So everybody we all let her like I let her skip me, the guy stopped working with the person who he was working with him was like, I got to help this fat black leader.


And then she gave her stuff and he was like took care of her.


And then she was like, I'm done with this. And then she went out for her and then he went back to the lady he was working with. And then I was next again. She skipped all of us.


Yeah. And that was actually the beginning of Fat Black Lives Matter.


Yeah, she was fat. She was so big. But back to the story.


So we're waiting. So we're waiting in line. Oh, yeah. This is this is the best part. This is the great. So she's clearly virtue signalling. So she's got the mask and she does the child.


I'm dropping this off. Yeah.


No one cares sweetly so she will she hands like a racket. Yeah. She does her fucking nonsense and then she turns around and then when she's leaving is the best. Yeah. A man is walking up to the neighboring store. Yeah. OK, the neighboring store. That is not the time to store. So it's you know, it's ten, fifteen feet from us let's say fifteen feet.


And as she's walking she's leaving and she's going back to her car to leave. This man's walking up to the to the door and she goes, I'm safe for you.


Why aren't you protecting me?


Put your mask on. Tom and I immediately were like, yes.


And the guy's like he goes. I'm outside, you know, his mask was his mask was here, so all he has to do is go like this, like it has the rubber bands. He had it here and it's right here. All he's got to do is go like this and he goes, I'm standing outside. I'm about to walk in. And all I have to do is this. And he stays like calm, even though he's like he wants to be like, you stupid fucking bitch.


But he goes. I'm outside and I got to do is this and she was like, think about other people. And then she walks around like storms off to her car now, but he starts going, I'm I know about the immune system.


I have an immune disease. And he goes like he goes, I got very strong immune system.


She's walking away. And then I'm like, oh, it was so great. And then he, like, shakes his head like yells a couple more things and he just goes and drops it on his face.


Yeah. And I was like, man, he would he she would never have said that to him if it was a fat black lady.




But then but then as fate would have it, we were standing there and out of the asep, whatever that shit is, bowl store.


What is that called. The Assai cables. Yeah. The fuck. I don't know. I don't know who's eating this shit. It looks terrible. But out of that store came a fat black lady and she wasn't wearing a mask.


And I thought, what's going to happen?


Walk up to her because I would love to watch this go down.


Yeah, but do you think she's going to confront. Nope, she didn't. She did not. She saw. And she was like, oh, get in my car. And then she got in her car and she drove away. She didn't say shit to anybody else. Just thank God.


I actually when she got in the car, I realized that my mask was here.


I wasn't covered up. Oh. When she walked up, I could have done it to, you know, she didn't. That's interesting. I wonder why you didn't trigger that. Because I'm fat.


Like, I don't have all the bullets. But she was like, she gives it to people.


She goes, oh, yes, I won't talk to her. Virtue signalling was it was a real out of control because, you know, where does it end?


She goes, you know, I'm protecting you. My God, why don't you take care of me?


What a fucking psycho. Well, I was watching the talk and there was a person who psychologist. And he said, you know, these people that are so keyed up about wearing the masks, you can't convince them to do it because they're actually triggered by authority issues or being told what to do. It's not even about disease prevention. But anyways, you mentioned my dad playing tennis. So I have I was telling you about some awesome memories I have.


Yeah. Of, um, I mean, back in the day in the eighties, uh, my dad would take me to tennis courts with him and he would meet up with his homies. There was a guy, Tibor, uh, they're all shirtless.


Dr. Seuss, this big fat guy who would play tennis. And they were and some other guy and I was some straggler. And they would all they'd be alcoholics and they would get hammered and play tennis for hours, for hours.


And I was like a little kid and it was hot, whatever. And you would just sit there for hours, so fucking bored.


And this is before like that's good parenting right there. Yeah, good.


Not even like a toy or a buck. Just sit and watch us play tennis. Just sit and watch how old for drunk Hungarians play tennis.


I mean when I lived like eight, nine, ten.


Hey, I'm going to take you to the tennis courts.


Yeah, well, I'll drink and play tennis and you can watch and you watch me for four hours and I was so fucking bored and I would take the balls and like how checked out.


Like it's throw them around the court, the other court next to him. I would just like run around there. Would he be like, are you having fun.


No, I don't give a fuck. Like he was getting ribbed with his brose. It was crazy.


Honestly, it makes me happy.


Papa, can you hear me?


I got to get one of these nice flast this one SOPA. Let me help you. I know how to do that. I grew up doing this community. Oh, you got it, papa. Are you playing tennis with your drunk friends?


Yeah, but but the thing that always now is an adult surprises me is like when you get drunk, it's not the last thing you want to do is like exercise.


I went on a drunk walking the neighborhood with a friend of ours in the hood in our neighborhood.


And I was like, this is terrible. We're drinking and walking. And I'm like, I can't think of anything. I want to do less.


Yeah, you want to lay down. I want to lay down. Yeah, definitely. I want to play. I mean, I've played basketball high and that's fun. You did. Yeah. Yeah. You like that.


That's fun. You can if you have a good if you get a good high going you're like dialed in. Oh right. Focus. Yeah. You can get in the zone I think on, on a lot of sports probably. I bet a bunch of NBA players play high.


I bet a bunch do because we are really popular in the NBA. And once you've played back like if you're that good, I bet you some of them are like, oh yeah, let's fucking.


Yeah. Smoke in the arena.


Why is everyone afraid of fat black ladies. That's so true. I don't know. I think about it, uh.


Don't talk shit where you don't talk shit to fat black. No, because, you know, she's going to fucking rip you apart. No, like like verbally. I mean, I don't just mean physically.


I mean, you know, I know the sass is there. I know.


Um, all right. We have a huge, huge announcement before we get to any clips or anything else.


This is so big that I don't have, uh, a drop is worthy of playing. Oh, wow. To. To make it to get your attention, to do it justice, but it's it's fantastic news we are for the first time ever. Are you ready? I'm ready, bro. Huge news. We are doing your mom's house live virtual, live and uncensored.


It's not on YouTube. YouTube will not support what we want to do. There are no Blur's. You will see everything if you get a ticket to this live virtual event. It is August 14th at five p.m. Tickets are now available on location. Live dot com. Slash your mom's house. The link is in the description.


We will be blasting this on our social media. Twitter, Instagram, everywhere that you follow us will have links to this.


You'll see promos for it, August 14th at five p.m. Pacific, Pacific, 8:00 Eastern. It will it's internationally life. So that is the most exciting. Australia, wherever you are, you can get a ticket and watch this live.


We made sure that I said I mean. I go, I want to do it like the way we want to do the show, the viewer on the call were they were like, yeah, you can play whatever you want. And you're like, I don't think you understand what we play, though, right?


Yeah, because you made it very clear that we need to from this meeting, we need to know where the line is.


Yes. I was like, I want to know the lines. And they're like, oh, what kind of like can talk about whatever you want, we can show you mission. And then my agent called me afterwards and he goes, that was one of the best calls I've ever been on. And I go, Why? He goes, because they were like, Yeah, you can play what you want.


And then the DOF said, Well, I just want you to know that with the stuff that we play, I vomited twice in the last and I was like and he was very serious.


And he goes, I had to mute my phone because I was laughing.


I was like, that's how we know it's a good show. Yeah. Someone throws up.


Yeah, well. And it's fisting, it's double fisting and it's a lot of stuff, corncobs and assholes.


But this is all new clips, all new clips. The show will be the show. There are special guests to go. This is where it gets like more and more special. Two of the special guests are Charro and Topdog. So my parents are going to zoom in live.


We will not only talk to them, but show them clips which, you know, is going to go sideways.


And for you guys, I don't think the listeners have ever seen top dog. They never seem to have seen CHA. Also, from what I understand, we'll be able to interact with some listeners, too, right?


Yeah. Every now and then maybe we'll we'll call something out. We'll we'll we'll read a super Superfund comment and, you know, show it to everyone and yeah. We'll try and interact with the people that are in the chat.


Well anyway, so it's really exciting. This is like a whole new thing that it's brand new. The you know, this has only been done a few times and we're super excited. So please consider getting tickets and joining us on the live show, August 14th at five p.m. Pacific, 8:00 Eastern. It'll be really fun. The link will be in the description of this video. And like I said, you'll see us talking about it on social media for a minute.


That seems appropriate, uncensored is really exciting. It's very I'm excited about the World Wide Web doing things. I mean, usually when you and I do the live shows, it's only in specific. Yeah. You go down to Brazil or wherever. Yeah. Or like it's going to be special.


You could do, um, you know, like a live stream. But it's like what we do the the, the platforms don't allow it.


So this is a way that we can do everything we want to do.


Yeah. Really give you the show that we got. And I'm telling you this show is going to deliver.


So don't even doubt that this show is going to be amazing.


Yeah. I mean, we we run into creative differences with, you know, censorship stuff. Uh, for instance, our infamous faggot clip got taken out.


That's right. The U.S. flag, the BBC, the BBC flag, that clip, they they actually removed it.


So we couldn't we couldn't do anything with it all about. I guess so.


Right. So we were able to show the first one and then we had a follow up commercial and they flagged the follow up commercial. Gosh, you're going to hear all about the mushy peas and be right.


So we had to remove that from the episode. Yeah. So that's on the last episode. But we could still play all the drops from that clip. OK, faggot king.


OK. Oh my God. Yeah.


Crisis averted.


Totally crazy, but the wonderful facultative, so very exciting. Um, maybe we'll play that clip in its entirety. Right. That's a great idea. That's a great idea.


It's just it's so, you know, listen, we we are going to find ways to deliver the show the way God intended, the way genes and I intend to show it. And, you know, we're pioneers in this industry.


We don't answer to people and we just kind of we're inventing as we go along.


Yeah, it's very exciting. It's very exciting. Very exciting. Also, one last piece of business. There's a sale in the store.


If you go to merch method dotcom slash Tom Sagara, you get 20 percent off everything in the store from July twenty ninth through August 2nd. There's no promo code required. We just applied the sale to the store. So if you're buying anything from July 29th through August 2nd, anything the the new the summer to Bear's shirt, the, the gene tank top, the mommy's friend's shirt, the boy, my mom. I'm sure it'll all be twenty percent off for that time period.


Thank you. And we appreciate it. Now to get back to these clips, we were playing the first one. I didn't finish it. I just played the first clip. But the second clip of this Australian man flipping out on the car, it goes like he goes from here.


Oh, yeah. Oh, wow. Oh, my goodness.


Oh, well, that seem pretty serious.


Wow. What a dumb shit he thought he could punch out. You can really. Sure. Wow. If you can punch hard enough, you could break that. Seriously. Yeah. I mean you could also break his hand. Yeah.


I think in the latter a lot of bad things could happen. Right.


I mean he could break his hand, he could break the window, he could break the window and cut his wrist and arms up like, you know, could have done a whole bunch of different ones.


Do you think this is drugs or mental illness? I think it's meant I think he's having a mental break. Yeah. The pandemic or is this pre know, just maybe he had some, uh, you know, a bad fosters.


Bad Fosters. He's Australian. Oh yeah. My yeah. Good day. Maybe he was going. All right, so. We got a cool update. Are you ready for an update, Mom? Australians, you know, are our mousepad friend. How can I forget?


He's got some new stuff. Oh, fuck me. I feel so good. I received another post in the mail today, a banner poster. I am going to order another banner, a poster from Amazon. That's so cool. Anyways, I paid seven dollars for this poster. Good deal. What's good about this poster?


These poster you can see bayonetted his ass.


Yeah. Yeah, it's nice.


What's his saying? Not his ass. Oh my fucking god. He's so fucking yummy. I wouldn't mind tasting it. I feel like.


What's that. He's just stroking it. I don't feel like he just listens to any conversations on the philanthropy's, everything that he says, you know, because I have any. Yeah. Any talk to girls. Same thing that we talk to the girls. Exact thing. He's like your is so yummy.


I'm like, wow, how's that working for you. And he's like it works good.


Yeah, it's pretty good.


Bayonetted bailouts suck my dick any time she wants to give her permission. Cool.


That's very cool. Uh, through the last twenty one. No, no, no. This is the last post I ordered and not there. Being a poster was good about this being a poster. Oh my fucking God. Yo. Yes you can see that.


It's way, way.


By the way, I didn't realize that the advice I've been giving you guys, he's doing it, you know. Yeah.


There's just not another live person there. I'm a little troubled by something. I think it's better when he does this with porn stars than cartoon animation characters.


And because you can always see her tits, can't you get drawn? These are I think it's better to stay in the real world, but, you know.


Oh, and you can see they and that is what country is up.


Dude, I'm telling you, this works.


I mean, you got to talk to chicks like that.


They dig it, do they? And that makes me so fucking warn you before all this works.


I'm telling you this works. What is this new mumbling thing? He's I think he's getting worked up. He's good. Yeah. Sometimes when you dig, it's hard.


You make noise. What you got to add this to your repertoire. Like, I'm trying to eat the salad.


My dick's all my I am a fucking Jew. We know my cum is one hundred percent kosher. Oh yeah.


That I would recommend for any any of our Jewish listeners or viewers. You got to throw that in when you're talking to a woman because that's another life.


Is that like a joke in the Jewish community. Like my comment is kosher?


Well, I mean, most of the women that I hook up with, that's not really a deal breaker if it's kosher or not, because I don't you don't hear self hating Jews, by the way.


Do you know how much Tom loves that you're anti-Semitic? He's not.


Oh, that you just don't like your own tribe. I don't like my own tribe sometimes, too.


It's quite a difference between what?


Between what you said and what I enjoy. Oh, I just like when people, you know, are, like, warn you about their own people.


Yeah. Like my mother does the same thing. Oh yeah. Like if a guy even says two words in Spanish, she's like, what?


Are you OK? Why?


Because, like, they are sneaky. Yeah. Well, I'll tell you, the tennis guy, art kids, tennis coach, I go I want a coach for my husband.


Oh yeah. And he goes, oh I have this Hungarian girl. I go, nope, past.


And I tell you something pass. She can't pass.


I got I got to meet her at the same time. You did I way and man was your choice. Yeah. So onepoint it was so on point because not for me you like this girl was no fun, no fun and such an asshole actually such an asshole.


So like the guy we finished the lesson, he's like Oh here's a dick dipshit from Hungary. And you said you greeted her and something in Hungarian. Yeah. And then I said. A simple like a different thing, but like the thing that I know, she replied, like with like, you know, a 25 word thing and then like a straight face. And I was like, I don't actually speak. I, you know, a few words.


She was like, oh, I go, she's the Hungarian. And then she's like, you're from Hungary. Like like an inquisition. Like you're from Hungary. And she was like, no, my my parents are.


And she goes, Oh, so you're American. But like like an like an asshole.


Like it was an asshole. It was like, all right. She was like, yeah, yeah. I was born. And she was like, oh yeah. Yeah. So you're not like you're not really. And I was like, what the fuck. And then she was like, do you go there often? And you're like, I've been there just no.


And then she grew up. Do you have family there? I go. Yeah, my uncle. I have relatives. Yeah. What is this.


What is this fucking police that you. I've heard that too.


The last time that I like when you're not enough for someone. Yeah.


So I was, I was downtown.


I was getting I don't know, there was clothing for something and I walked into this, you know, one of these stores they have like all the fashion district there.


This guy starts speaking to me in Spanish and then a girl comes up who's also like a young girl. And she was like speaking. She was like, you speak Spanish? And I go, Yeah. And she goes, Oh, are you whatever? And I go, I'm half. And she goes, Oh, I'm pure. I was like, Yeah, yeah. She was like, I'm here. I'm like, you're pure. Like I've never heard somebody pure make that distinction that you're pure.


Hmm. And she was like, yeah. And then the funny thing is, though, that, like, she didn't speak great Spanish. I was like, you need you kind of work on your purity a little bit. Yeah. You stupid.


You don't have the one of the main components down. So how do you say bitch in espanol like Boota put the stupid part. Yeah.


I remember when Cesar Millan, I asked him what his favorite breed of dog was and he was like, I like all the dogs. Yeah. And I thought for a second like, oh am I right?


And my dog racist because I only like I love my Brussels griffon breed, but it's not to the exclusion of other dogs. Yeah, but he made me feel like a dog racist because he implied it was kind of racist to like a breed.


Yeah, I kind of I kind of got to side with you on that one. I'm kind of dog racist too. You are.


Yeah. I mean, I like Brussels, but I also like their cousins. I like pugs. I like I like Frenchy's like and I kind of feel like if you're not one of those breeds, you're not really good enough, you know, I mean, here's the thing.


You're not good enough to come into my house. You can be a retriever. You can be whatever you want. You can be a Yorkie.


Yeah, but stay outside. Stay inside, bitch. Don't come into my house. Don't freak out of my bowl. Don't try.


But he did bring up a point that pit bulls somehow it was racist. Right. Like he was saying that because they're linked to like a certain socioeconomic group or something, he was implying that people the pit bull was like a racist thing.


But I don't fucking know. Let me think about it again. I don't think that's what he said.


No, he did. Because they're associated with like Mexicans or something. There's not what it is when you don't know and you can't let me think about it.


I think it's getting worse. I don't know. You got to be a racist if you own one anyway. So no, because he said with Doberman's, there was a stigma against them as well.


Yeah, I don't know. I think there's stigma, that's for sure.


But I'm talking about who is welcome to be Pett by these hands. Oh I know.


God gave us two hands once each dog pug Frenchy's if you're not good by cute hands, which reminded me at this pure racial thing we were watching this Indian dating show, the dating show, a matchmaker show.


I it's fantastic. Love the show. You look up the name of it. Matchmaker. Yeah. It's an Indian matchmaking show. I forget what the name is. It's on Netflix. God damn it. I wish, I think I could be a matchmaker. That's what I want to be an Indian matchmaker. What it's called. It's so good.


It's fantastic because this world of Indian matchmaking has been kind of a secret thing to us in the West.


There's a huge there's a huge pushback against the show, like off with people being like Keres. Arranged marriages are you're it's a form of abuse.


Oh, stop the crying about that now. Yeah, but it's fascinating.


So it's so it's so fun. You know, first of all, everyone who is doing the show on this show at least is willingly doing it. They want to be matched. They're like, I want you to set me up.


And I think people we assume that you have to marry whoever is picked for you. And that's not the case. What it is, is the matchmaker finds perspective's a few guys or girls three or whatever. And you kind of you date them, you see if you like them and then you move forward. It's just imagine like a selecting process of someone that professionally does that.


It would be awesome. Yeah, I think I wish I could do it for my kids.


You give them you basically give them your criteria, you give them your checklist and you come up to me at least this little.


I'd like somebody from this kind of background, yeah, I want someone who is this type of personality, you know, you give them all the things you are important to you, and then she gives you the lady will give you at the maximum, I think, three choices, which is so cool. And then you just take you go out with one.


But but we're reminded me of the story. Is that woman, this wonderful girl, Nadia, who I'm just. Yeah. A dutiful and great energy.


Yeah, perfect. And she's Guyanese. Yes. As well as Indian. So her background is Indian, but she was from Guyana.


Right. So the Indian people that were that went to it was an English guy. Guyana was an English colony. And they brought Indian people, you know, to work there. Right. I don't know if it's a. To work there or I don't know I don't know the history thing, or maybe they were likely forced to work there, but this is a thing.


So this girl is Guyanese and she's like she is such an insecurity about how when she says that she's Indian, Indian people will be like, oh, you're Guyanese, though. Like you're not in there is a yes. She has to defend her Indian ethnicity. She's like, yeah, but like we went from India to another country, but we're still Indian. And she's found that some people go like, well, yeah, logically, yes. But that some people are like, oh, no, you're not Indian, though.


You're going.


And it's so it's you can see how it totally affects me. But I get it, too, because.


Well, there's the caste system in India. Right. So, like, if you're a Punjabi, you probably want to marry in Punjab where a lot of people do. Right. So you're culturally similar.


The show makes me want to go to India. I know, because I wanted to tell now why diarrhea? Oh, I'm afraid of Delhi Belly. It's a real thing.


I think I could get over that. I want to I, I think watching the show, though, is is on top of being like a fascinating dating show. It's kind of a secondly, like a commercial for India.


It's kind of rare because you see, like all the color I mean, the vibrant like clothing, the the way that they felt like the way they have wedding. I want to go to Indian wedding. Me too. It's really. Really. Yeah. Like it.


Just look at that. I mean, that's not some cracker shit. That's like a man.


But I understand the Guyanese Nordea. There she is. She's on the bottom right corner. She's so pretty. I understand her. She's on the left now on the right side there. I understand her thing because no, that's apana. She's terrible.


Apana is the worst the worst dog of human being.


But I understand because I mean, tiepin type in from this Indian matchmaking then. Nadia. Nadia.


Yeah, but Tommy and ADA, don't you get it that she wants culturally to have somebody similar. There she is Nadia. Because like imagine bringing her on the left there some fucking cracker ass. That's her. That's not. Yeah. Yeah. That one. Yeah.


Imagine bringing home some fucking cracker who doesn't know anything about your culture and he's like, what smells weird in here. Yeah. You what do you do that for. Like it's so annoying to have to explain yourself culture.


Yeah it's true. Over and over. And you have a foreign parent or two foreign parents. Yeah. Always like yeah.


This is just how they are men and you know and don't and don't be so and it's annoying to have to justify how you are in the time. It's exhausting. There's always something to do.


We're all busy with something. It's so annoying. You got ten places to do things at once. You don't know when you can make time. How are you going to get in the kitchen and get everything ready for the fact?


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Best feeds is a must play download breastfeeds. Re on the Apple App Store or Google Play, that's friends without the R best fans anyway. I love the show. I'm hooked, I'm hooked to I am so I cannot wait to watch more of it.


I really want to date someone who's trans. Would you date someone who's black? Would you date someone who's fat. Would you date someone who's disabled. Well if you said no, I'm sorry, but that's pretty discriminatory way.


But there was probably a time in my life when I said I wouldn't date of trans person, but since then I've thought critically about it and changed my mind. There are definitely trans people who you would never know were trans unless they told you because they pass for this and that might convince some of you. But I think arguing that you would only like a trans person if you didn't know they were trans is a poor argument. I think you could be attracted to any trans person, whether they pass or not.


Yeah, well, this person, I have to say, is fascinating to me on one level.


Yeah. What do you think?


And I'm thinking that I would fuck this person really.


But the Adam's apple, I would ask them to remove it. You would f this person. I don't know. I'm saying I'm attracted right now.


Oh, I think the main concern that people have in regards to dating a trans person is that they won't have the genitals that they expect because we associate penises with men and vaginas with women. Some people think they could never date a trans man with a vagina or a trans woman with a penis.


Oh, boy. And if you were to say that you're only attracted to people with vaginas or people with penises, it really feels like you're reducing people just to their genitals.


Drew, so far, I'm sorry, I'm hooked.


If you met someone who was extremely attractive, had a great personality, but didn't have the genitals that you wanted, you might be surprised to find that it isn't a deal breaker. As someone who is trans and gay, sometimes people ask me with a very accusatory tone, if I would date a girl with a penis, because there's a stereotype that trans lesbians are just predatory CIS men creeping on CIS women.


But the thing is, I absolutely could be attracted to a woman with a penis, but she sorry, she's trans and gay, so she she dates women. So she identifies as a trans lesbian woman. Is that right. That I get that right. I don't know.


Yes. Yes. I think, I think I follow that the train leaves the station.


You don't think she's pretty. And then another train leaves station B.. Uh, yeah. No, I think she's pretty. Yeah. I like her slender build. I wish I was skinny as her. I like her. She's gorgeous. Nice fit the hair. Super nice hair, great lips, great teeth. I think she's really pretty. Yeah. But I do personally. I like a penis and I think I would be you know she has one.


Well no but I'm just saying I also like masculinity attached to my penis and I think I would be a little bummed to have a woman with a penis. That's not what I'm into now just because the penis for you, because you're attracted to men.


But what she's saying is, what if you went out with a guy and he's a good looking guy and he's like, you know, has everything like that? Right. So then what happens is when you get naked, this guy who does everything you like sure has a vagina instead of a penis that.


But that would bother me because I don't want vagina. I want a piña. Yeah, but you're racist, I.


I didn't even realize how racist I am. Thank you, Tom. You're welcome. I'm dog racist and now I'm general racist. Yeah. Where are you? I'm a little upset that black people are lumped into this list, aren't you, to like. Right. Like, how did black people make this list, like trans ablest black. What are you.


I'm not into the scary dark people that are out there.


Like, I, I just but I don't I don't think the black people should be on the list. They're not. Why don't you contact her and let her know that. Yeah, it's not really. Yeah.


I mean I understand what she's trying to the point exhausted. Yeah. I'm so racist. Genital racist dog. Racist ablest. Would you date a girl. I don't think that would be a deal breaker to date someone. I mean, just let me eat you. You date me. I'm mentally handicapped.


Yeah, that's true. That is very true. Let me see this last clip here, because this is exciting. Maybe you're not attracted to fat people isn't innate. It's informed by a society that tells you that being fed is ideal. But again, if you find someone attractive and really enjoy spending time with them, there's no reason why their weight should be a factor, especially since we know that the relationship between weight and health is extremely complex and you really can't make any moral judgments on a person based on their weight.


You can.


You totally. Kincannon, you should. The lack of discipline. Yeah. Gosh, I mean, we're not talking about, you know, 20, 30 pounds overweight. That's what we are. That's right. I'm saying you're trying to tell me that if you see someone 200 pounds overweight, you're like you shouldn't make an assumption, right?


Because the person is four hundred and six pounds. You should be like, that's fucking normal. It's great healthy. It's healthy. Even now, you can't correlate poor health to being obese. Well, that's what those TV shows teach us, right. Is that it's it's not a moral issue.


They're just just fat, naturally. Yeah. Mm hmm.


Yeah. Wait, wait. That's pretty discriminatory. Hey, Tom.




Don't you argue, though, that someone who's black or how did black and obese and the same can feel like every black person does what we want?


Yeah. How would you date someone who's disabled?


Well, you know, all the crazy things. Disabled, trans, black.


Well, how does that make all the things that make your mind go?




Someone who doesn't have arms, someone who drinks through a straw.


Only someone who's black Jesus. But it doesn't make your dick hard, can't you? Can't you just argue that like a man's man with a vagina?


But but let's say, like, it just doesn't make your dick hard, you know? I mean, certain categories of stuff or certain things. Yeah. It's not a conscious thing.


It's a reptilian brain thing.


That's the part of it that she's not mentioning in this video about attraction and dating and all that. It's like she's saying like only like only like your logical mind going, hmmm, would I date someone in a wheelchair? And it's like, yeah, you can make that case. Sure. That, you know, you should be open to dating people, but ultimately as a guy. Your dick's got to get hard. Yeah, you know. Yeah, and your pussy's got to get on slop.


You got to get all wet and sloppy and like, it's not going to if it doesn't do it for you and no one will make you cry.




No amount of societal unconditionally can change that wiring with me to not want a vagina, like I just can't. Yeah.


I'm sorry. I'm trying to. That that makes women so let's say you walk up to a lady, I think I think let me eat you all the things in the world that makes me the least attractive.


I don't believe you. That's a stupid thing to say. You're turned on. Shut up.


That is the worst you could do to a woman is.


Oh, really? Oh, really? Yeah.


How come he gets all the fucking food or to be like when you're talking and this mix my big juicy butt.


Oh that's. Oh yeah. Sounds Yeah. The the mousepad guy I guess.


Oh uh yeah that's a lot Tom.


But wait a minute. Yeah. OK, let's say you meet like super hot chick. Yeah. And then her meow is in a meow and subpena. Right. Is that a deal breaker.


It feels like it is. It feels like it is um like I'm not going to be like well I guess I'll just blow this thing.


Like I'm definitely not going to be like that. I mean, I can tell you that's not how it would start.


I wouldn't be like this chick so hot and then, you know, take the panties off big dicks. Then I'm like, that's just it's not going to be that kind of adjustment, you know?


You know, because it's it's not that I don't want to be like I don't want to be racist or sexist dicks a lot.


But would it be called gender ist?


It's not even racist. Is there is there a gender phobe? Is that the word what's the new word for being trans phobic, I guess.


Yeah, that's transphobia. OK, yeah. Gosh, I guess we're so trans phobic.


But here's the thing. Here's the thing. I'm thinking I'm just trying to be honest here. I might be like, yeah, I don't know. You know, I really wasn't expecting this. Right. And then, yeah, you you're beautiful. I had a great time. Like this was a lot of fun. I thought we had great chemistry, but I'm a little like I don't know if I'm ready for that. And then she might be like, OK, um, can I suck yours?


And I'll be like, OK, like that.


Well, that was a fun day like it happened.


That's true. That would be fine. Yeah. I'd be like I went with this because like I'm not even worried about like oh that's so gay. Like I wouldn't even I wouldn't even care. Right. Because it's a similar thing.


The mechanics you if you had never done and you were on a date, like I said, with a you have no idea, I guess a beautiful woman. I had a great like you. You think you're with a woman the whole time and at the end you see a dick, right? Yeah. I don't think it's that outrageous for that man, the CIS man who's surprised to be like, hold on a second. I think it's a pretty natural reaction.


It's a natural reaction and it's false advertising.


The name of my favorite adult film series, False Advertising, one through twenty seven. We have twenty six of them.


So I used to put them in your suitcase. Yeah. So we, we got a box of TV, I want to say from Yosses Yoshie.


He gave me like a huge box of DVD years ago and it had like every genre of porno in there. He was like These are from Evil Angel.


And so he had a few false advertising and it was just, you know, trans women on the cover, like you see tits and and you see like a hard dick. It's called false advertising. It's such a good name.


She put the DVD in my carry on so that when, like, if I open my carry on, there's that.


And then that will happen to be a trip where I went internationally.


So they opened my my carry on and see like I can't leave my house without my friends.


For the best part, I can't leave the country. I have to bring this with me. It's like your toothbrush. Can I declare it on this form?


Jesus Christ man, I got to make a really quick I really make me happy for the next hour of the show, I got a peach, OK? I hydrate a lot. Just let it keep rolling.


Yeah, go ahead. You want anything while I'm gone? No, I make your day card. So how was your piece? We're back. And you, Pete?


I pushed hard my piecemealed a lot like coffee, so I'm going to have to hydrate.


By the way, I got this confirmed from a couple of doctors that I asked, whenever you go number one or number to pee or poop, you're supposed to push as hard as you can.


That is like doctor's orders.


I just confirmed, you know, I went to Cedars. I said, how should I pee? And they go, you should pee. Like it's a real emergency. You have to push it out. So that's just doctor's advice. Same thing for taking a shit. You should hold on to the both sides and just push with everything.


You've got doctor's orders.


I do push my urine out fast. I do. It's good for you. I don't like to know why.


Gross. You want to get it out. Yeah, I got shit to do man though if I can, um, at time. So we have a phone call we're about to make and this is with Derek.


You might remember we spoke to him a little while back as he is the tattoo artist who did the the design of pig on Naum Summerton head. Since then, Norm has had additional tattoos done. He had his eyebrows done and he has a pig eating a rooster, a.k.a. a cock on the side of his head. Derrick did all of these and we spoke to him when we first discovered or found Norm on our own. We're going to go ahead and give Derek a call now to get an update on Norm.


I like the music, too, down, down, down. Pit bulls racist. Hello, Derrick. Hey, hey, it's Tom and Christina. How are you doing, man? I'm great. How are you guys doing? We're doing great.


Thanks so much for giving us a little bit of your time here. I appreciate it. Thank you for calling me.


So sweet. Yeah, man. Um, so we wanted to get an update. I don't know that a lot of listeners know. This is certainly news to me, but from what I understand, I noticed that I don't see Norm on Twitter anymore.


And I was informed that he is going through a bit of a regular episode or so that that where he basically flogs himself for the BDM lifestyle.


Is that right? Yes, yes, he's decided to cut off anything related to BDM, OK? So it means any plant you go to church every day, it's going to church every day. Isn't that a form of BDM right there? That's true. That is a form.


I mean, I feel like it might raise some eyebrows when the in church when they see Norm with some of your work done to him. But, you know, I guess that's what they do. They take in all kinds.


So this is the kind of thing this happens regularly with Norm, where he will kind of go through these patterns of feeling extreme guilt for his deviant lifestyle, so to speak. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


I guess he's gone through this before. I've been talking I have been talking with him as much because he wants to exclude himself from the world. But his owner, Miss Talin, she's kind of thing for me that that he's got you just a few times over the years.


OK, so this is like a baby back. OK, yeah.


Now, one of the things we have is like we initially spoke to you when you had that incredible pig tattoo done on the front of his head. And then since then, I'm assuming you did the additional work to him. Yes, they did. Will you will you take us through what was done, what did what did you add? OK, so I added like woman eyebrows in the front of the eyebrows. I thought, like, kind of meeting each other in the center of the head there, a little pig snout.


Right. And and then on the side, the side of his head is drawing. I did. Of a pig sucking on a rooster. Right. A cock. Right. Yeah. Yeah. He's a cuckold. Right.


It's unbelievable, man, that I mean, your work is incredible. You're such a talented artist. It is. It's a it is pretty bold, though, to walk around with that on your I mean, once you have the pig thing, I'm sure everyone's like, well, all right, you're in. But that is that's pretty out there, right?


Yeah. So it is. We've gone to the pub and people have made comments.


Yeah, I would expect that. Yeah. But I didn't finish the one on the side of his head and he doesn't want any more tattoos ever again. So I guess how long has this been going on.


Yeah. What's the, what is like the routine like. Is this your first time since you've known him that he's in a withdrawal episode.


Not Sacto second time. Yeah, so when was the last time? I think when everything first started happening with social media attention, huh? Oh, he withdrew and he withdrew then. Yeah, you went with you went through for a few days, but this time was a little different. Like he stopped drinking. He doesn't want any tattoos. He wants nothing to do with PSM. Wow.


And then when it was the first time when it was just, you know, a few days, was he also going to church and doing that then also? Oh, no, it wasn't going to church, he just stopped going to the pub and stopped and just deleted the social media, right?


Yeah, that's when we thought we didn't know what had happened to him. Right. So that makes sense. That's when we were like, oh, where is he's gone?


But then he came in full force with with, you know, BDM stuff.


I mean, he was posting a lot and, you know, doing the cups and retweeting a lot of female dominant stuff, getting the additional tattoos. I mean, I thought he was like really leaning into the lifestyle. Yes, that's what I thought, too, but something happened where you just decided doesn't want to do it right now, but I've been in contact with Mr. Allen about it and she says it happens a lot, so you never know you might be back.


Do you think it's a shame? Thing is, it's like a shame reaction. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Yeah, totally. It's like, you know, people people do call him and, you know, harass them a lot. I actually start getting people harassing me. Oh, I'm from America. Oh, I'm from the states where you live.


And I said, yes, really weird, really weird stuff. So I actually asked to take my number off Twitter. Oh, man.


I'm sorry. I'm sorry that happened to you. Um, okay. Yeah.


I mean, that's part of like I guess, you know, getting exposure is there's always a few assholes out there. Um, yeah.


Does about me. If you don't want to be a dick, but you want to see Derek's extremely talented work, you can follow him on Instagram D I and y e r oh is that correct. That's right, yeah. Check him out, give them a follow, give them a like, uh, don't be an asshole. Look, just be nice. Um, yeah, yeah.


That's that's a please tell them if you if you do speak to Norm that, you know, we love them. We, uh, we we hope he's all right. You know, I don't want anything bad to happen to Norm and I hope he's back in the shop getting tats. And we're intech up soon, man. Yes. He is writing a book. Oh, yes. Oh, yes, I'm his life. Oh, what's it called?


Right, give me a sec. I'll tell you. Just give me one sec. Oh, I'm guessing here. Pig tells you about life.


My life in.


Yeah, pretty much. Like a pig, it's a pig bat, a pig's life. Mm hmm.


Members of a sexual deviant. Yes. Memoirs of a sexual deviant. I would read that over and over. I heard that before this. I'd heard that Norm was considering getting implants.


For what? Breast implants?


No, no, no, no. He wasn't. He was just wearing those cups to make himself of breath.


Oh, but I saw a, um, uh, a Twitter exchange in which somebody had had asked him, why don't you just get implants? And he was like, yeah, I'd love that. But they're expensive. He doesn't have the body. Yeah. Yeah. He just goes off and that's.


Well, you know, he's a very interesting and complex person. So it would make sense that he would go through these phases of shame and. Yeah, and that's probably all implicated.


It's complicated and there's layers, but it seems like it's also, um, like not unusual for somebody that would consider themself a sexual deviant to. Sure. You know, it's kind of like the natural run of emotions, right? You go deep, deep into the the thrill seeking stuff and then you feel tremendous shame about it.


I it seems like standing in line with BDM. Yeah. The shame, shame, guilt and then flogging flagellation.


But it's fascinating.


Yeah. Very well, especially for him at his age. And he's alone all the time. So he has a lot of time to think it all by himself and reflect. Yeah.


Well it's probably back to get some of that if he if he's back when he's back in and I hope it soon. I'd like to talk to him about implants.


You know, I think you should go fund me. Yeah. Raise maybe a donation. You know. Good idea.


Yeah. Just take it easy. Yeah. OK, I'd be proud of that.


I would love to help him if he's just like, you know, life, sex without tits and be like, maybe we can change that, you know.


Yeah. Maybe it's a great way to go. OK, let's do it. Right.


Dear Derrick, thanks for joining us on the call again. You're a great artist. Thanks for informing us. And send our best to Norm, please, if you speak to him.


OK, I will. I'll I'll tell him today. All right. Thanks, brother. Take care, man. Take your time. Bye bye. Bye. See, you were pig.


I'm really. I know, but I think it's part of that. That's like. Yeah, I really do.


This episode has also brought to you by As we slowly adjust to a new normal, we will still need to be smart about how we do business.


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Gosh, there's all kinds of things that can make you feel bad later. You know, ready for go for a walk.


Oh, boy. You know, I don't like it. Well, let me ask you this. Who would you rather go on a date with? Oh, boy. A trans man, sure, it was a vagina.


Yeah, or this this men trans man with a vagina all day, every day.


I would sixty-nine them, I would let their pussy juices just live on my face.


There you go. This is so beyond anything. I don't like this.


Which is helping her walk four steps. Just to go you yeah, stop it further, a little further, you go all right. Why do the camera. OK, that's good.


That's not like him at all.


And I bet if you lift up the skirt on the doll that there's OK you not to take it there.


We're just talking about walking now.


He's doing stuff with that. How do you know that? I've got to. It looks very paternal. He's just helping her walk. This is horse steps. I don't like it. I love this one more. I think that's it for that one.


But if you want, we could try and find more from this guy. I would like to find more. You got it, Mr. Trump.


I would really like to find everything from this guy. What do you not like first steps already? Uh, you know, go for a laugh. This guy has a job.


My guy goes to an office somewhere. Like somebody is watching this. They're like Greg. Me, get ahead of you. He reminds me of. A number of guys in North Carolina that I do, oh, it's a nice house. Um, you know, I remember last night we were watching our Indian matchmaking show and there's this one bachelor. I'm not going to give too much away, but he's pretty great on paper. The guy's like into cooking and making exotic drinks and he's a jeweler.


And this. And there's a little scene where he goes, and these are my efforts that I make for my my little gods, Krishna and Vishnu.


He's got a lot of like like indicators that you're like suplex here. Yeah, a couple of flags. I mean, it's cool that I like to cook. And he does like, really centric things with cooking. And then he, you know, he has like a really intense personal closet. If I can like a door pad alarm to open the door. Yeah.


And then you're like, OK, well, it's kind of it's you know, it's a lot. And then out of nowhere they, like, cut back to him. Episode three, he's like, here's my dolls.


Here's my doll dresses that I make. And you're right.


I want to lead with, I think pretty yaama. This is pretty on. Yeah. He, he's like this is where I make all these dresses.


Yeah. And ok well OK. So I would ask you what's the deal breaker. The guy making dresses for his dollies or the guy walking the toddler. Well this is ten times more terrifying.


I mean you can make an argument that that's real. I mean, it is artistry. You know that guy, he is he's like a dress maker. Yeah. Yeah. He's a talented guy.


He's designing jewelry and stuff like. Yeah, but this guy this guy's sick is problems. This guy is fucking terrifying.


I hope the FBI has a file on. Oh, they do.


You know, there's an FBI agent watching this and he's like, yes, we do know. There's Greg Kevin Ward who lives.


Yeah, we definitely let's go through his hard drive because I'm not too pleased with it.


This guy's a fuckin creeper today is actually beyond cool, you know, like there's cool and there's over the coolest guys.


Yeah, it's a lot, um, you want to see if we can top it was something I don't know, I think we have something pretty cool.


I don't think so.


All right. Brace yourself. Oh, yeah.


Whoo! Who? I'm the matchmaker. Yeah. Christina, would you rather go on a date with.




Would you rather that the dog walker, the dog walker or right before you come.


Yeah. I if I wanted. I have no problem swallowing. I'd stop for a minute and I put a big hickey on your inner thigh there and just suck on that and make it nice and red and let you remember me after I'm gone. Yeah, turnover and I would play with your cheeks, maybe even massage your little hole and make you feel just the only manner you just did.


You know, I like that. The only man.


Well, it's normal size. It's it's not it's not that that big. Well, the one the one thing the one thing that I'm going to tell you is that the first time it's is going to be quick with me because it's been a long time.


Yeah. I'll tell you, Tommy Lasorda has fallen apart. He does look like Tommy Losen.


You look at those kids, Los Dodgers don't have baseball. So, uh, OK, you come, you come.


Let me see. Let me see how much you count. Let me let me see all that. How much how how big a load I'm going to swallow. Well I need it. I need it right now.


Oh shit. I need it right now. OK. Can you see this? OK, give it to me now. Give it to me. Come on, Mark, stingy. Can you see it? Come on, Mark, don't stingy, uh, don't be stingy with your load.


I'm going to put this in your mouth, and you're going to have to suck it dry. You're going to just suck it dry, Mark. You got that beautiful mouth.


Oh, those headphones came off. Tom, yeah, would you rather oh, give it to me, Marc.


Yeah, yeah.


Oh I can feel it. Hmm. Oh, that's going to be good. Oh, that's gonna be good.


Oh. Oh. Oh, fuck.


What is wrong with you? You like this, this is what gets you right now. This will go. Look at his fuckin tits. I mean, could you imagine?


Yes, it's right here. All right, Tom.


Somebody put on it and I want it. You bet.


Coming up in May. Well, better believe I'm coming up in May. That's a bit of a belly.


A lot about you are terrific. I know. Where did he come? It's not like I can say where job where he came on the floor. I just. Just on the floor. Sure. Cool. Got a nice house like Tom.


Tom, would you rather. OK, listen, would you rather wait. No, I had it. Would you rather it going into this. You have to answer mine. Hold on. We know. I know. You have to answer the door. That's. He does.


No, no, no. Just he doesn't like women. Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. You still got to make a choice. Now, hold on.


Do I have to touch this person? I just want to put this in your mouth and I'm going to have to suck it dry. You can just suck it dry. That's what he's saying to you. Beautiful mouth. Yeah.


Do you want that or do you want to walk a dog? Don't show me the dog walker, don't you fucking should I take this guy any day of the dog walker. Oh this guy's so the dog walker is so troubled.


Come on, Mark, don't be stingy. Can someone please leupen Tom's name, someone Leupen, Tom, because would you rather, yeah, never masturbate again or the only time you masturbate is him coaching you. Oh my God. Come on, Tom.


Oh, because I'm on Tom. I think I really like him.


So I think that I might be like, hey, man, I'm ready to jerk off. You want to jump in to chat real quick? Jump in a chair. Yeah, what's that? I'm ready to go. You ready to go? He just put his things on. Yeah, you know, what I love is the dedication. Like the hands free. Yeah. Like, do they all do this where they have to get, like, the ear?


Yeah. Oh sure.


You can turn over and I would play with your cheeks, maybe even massage your little hole and make you feel just the only man in my life just did.


Can you please get me this, uh, as a like an MP for that I can put on my phone and send to people like you. I mean, like a video clip.


Why don't you just send the video? You don't want them to see what what he looks like. No, that's what I'm saying. I want this this video clip. Oh, OK. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


But, you know, even just on audio that he's not going to look good like you can if you just listen here. Let me try. Yeah. Just close your eyes and imagine what he looks.


Oh it's normal size. It's, it's not, it's not that that big. Yeah he's. Oh well the one, the one thing, the one thing that I'm going to tell you is that the first time it's it's going to be quick with me because it's been a long time. OK, you know who I picture.


I mean, part of it is that I saw him and kind of reminds me of the actor quake early. I kind of him.


But the actor who played Santa in Elf, the movie with, um. Yeah, I'm talking about who played you know, he played Santa Claus in the Will Ferrell Elf movie.


I know you're talking about. He looks like that guy. You're right. Yeah. He sounds like Wilford Brimley a little to me.


Um. Santa fucking worse than the Google Googling UCLA, USC is not Chavez.


Go to IMDB, let's see a U.S. Clough's IMDB closed that whole thing and go to IMDB. Find that shit, you fucking. It felt like. Good news, I found. Yes, you do. OK, what's his name?


Who plays Santa Santa Claus? Edward Asner. That's who it is. Sure, that's who it is. Ed, look. Yeah.


My God, it is. Look at him. Good job, Tommy.


Right, Tommy. Lasagna. Oh, my God. Do is that maybe that is that Asner right before you come here? Oh, my God, if I wanted I have no problem swallowing. I'd stop for a minute. And I put a big hickey on your inner thigh there and just suck on that, said actor Nice and red.


Let you remember me after I'm gone.


That's him. Oh, my God. I cannot wait to ruin so many people's day with that clip.


I'm going to say goodbye to everyone. That is terrible.


Yeah. Oh, that's so great.


OK. I wonder if it's better to send if you put like a bar over where it says this was uploaded. Yeah. I mean, so they don't know what it's like, you know, on the screen here.


Oh. So they can't tell that it's porn. Right. Right, right. Right. Yeah, sure. Yeah. You got it.


How did this. All right. This was just in the mailbox and the inbox.


Yeah. That's where all of our cool clips, it's we don't have to look hard to find these obscure stuff. It's the fans do the work for us.


Thank you so much. You guys made my day. Yeah. Thank you so much for the great show. Do you think your dad is like if he were a gay guy, this is how your dad would be top dog if he were like this?


I don't know.


Yeah, you might be like, you know. Yeah, yes. I see your balls. Yeah. How did he get the name? Top Dog was actually he won't remember this, but I remember it very clearly.


So he started calling me Big Dog in high school. Come on, big dog. Big dog. You know, I think. I think that was a that was definitely a nickname for a basketball player, I forget his name, big dog or top dog? Big dog Glenn Robinson.


Was it Glenn? Oh, here we go, Glenn. Big dog or something like that? I think it was. Yeah, yeah.


Alan Roberts Jr. so but he would call me Big Dog and then he came to visit me in college. Yeah. And one of my roommate, he was like, yeah, big dog. Big dog saying it to me, you know, like, let's go, big dog. And my one of my roommates goes, if he's big dog, what's your name? And he goes, I'm top dog.


He was trying to be like, he's number one.


Number one. Yeah. Oh, wow. I like that.


That's the first time I heard him explain that top dog and then that's stuck. And then you guys just started how this is college.


So 20 years ago. Yeah.


Yeah, that's what I remember. I mean, he called me Big Dog ten years before that. But Top Dog is that's the first time I remember that. Yeah.


Big dog and top dog. And then that's really cute. Yes. Cute. Yeah. And I'm little dog. Yeah. And our dog. Our little kids are tiny dogs. That's true. Um. Oh my God. Everybody, it's top dog. Yeah. She's playing bridge right now. Um, let's see if I can get him on the line. I don't know if I can. They're definitely home, that's for sure. That's the thing you forget during quarantine, you're like, oh yeah, you're always available, everyone's available.


There's no excuse to not text somebody back.


Biggie Smalls is not a lot your dad. I know. Enjoy this moment. Hello. Hey, Dad. Hey, buddy. How are you doing? Good. What are you doing, man?


Well, you know, I just got out of shower. Yeah. And I just I just. I didn't tell you, but I had like, a temple just below my asshole.


You didn't tell me that, though.


So when I went to the dermatologist the other day, you know, checking all my other stuff, she had it right below and slightly to the left. Yeah, I've had it for like I've had it for like three weeks. Okay.


So, you know, I mean, I'm in the office here and I got to, you know, basically I got to be examined. Okay. So it's not like, you know, a woman with a gynecologist exam, but anyway, she rolls me over and makes me scratch my cheeks and she goes down there and just it looks like a foul ingrown hair follicle, something like that. So. I have to put on this antibiotic cream twice a day.


And. The trouble with that is, is that you got to be able to, you know, play in a certain position, do it and how to with one hand, you have to put the cream. On the other hand, you have to kind of spread your cheeks, but you don't want to lose your balance. So it's it requires a certain, you know, skill set. I mean, does mom help you with that?


No, this I do this one on my own. I mean, you don't want her help.


Well, I know how she is about those kind of things. And, you know, I'm able to do.


I'm guessing. I'm guessing mom's not in. But play.


No, no, no back door action in this house.


No, no, no. Finger up the. But nothing like that. Right. None of that stuff. Yeah. Yeah. Let. What does she do right now.


She there now. She's playing bridge right now. That's every time. Hey what do you think you would be like if you were gay. You ever think about that like if you were gay. No. Do you think. I never, never thought about that. OK, there's a lot of things I thought about your life. Yeah, that's not one of them.


I just think you'd be such a baller like you would just have you know, you're a successful guy. You're retired. I mean, you take Cuba out of the equation. I think you just have any guy you want, you know? I mean. You know, it's just it's just the chapter that I've never visited. Yeah, yeah. We were we haven't discussed this yet, but we were both saying how we're both kind of fascinated by our own smells, you know?


Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, but there's certain great knows you have a great nose, yeah, you know what what what smell I'm most fascinated with on myself. What my balls like, if I scratch my balls and they smell, I keep smelling that finger a few times, but like armpit, it's just I'll just verify that it smells and then I don't go back.


I'm just like, oh, that smells. I got to, you know, shower, but I don't keep going back. But balls, I'll do that thumb on the crease of the crotch and then I'll be like that smells and then I'll go back and back up the smells and then I'll go back.


You know, I've noticed that when I was with the doctor the other day. Yeah. I mentioned to her that I occasionally get jackets because I have a big size. It's you know, you perspire. And so she she puts on a rubber gloves and lifts up my sack to check check my crotch. Yeah. And. And she said, well, you got to she said to use a hairdryer after you take a shower. Don't put it on put it on a regular and use that to dry off your crotch, because that's where a lot of people get jobs.


It's a lot of fun, just skin growing their so hair dryer size. OK, but what about I don't have enough.


Do you ever smell your nuts though, you know, I mean like is that a smell your family.


Oh yeah. I've done that before. I scratched, you know, scratch basically I smell everything when I touch something. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Everything OK. And yeah I've done I've done that back in the day.


You ever have a stinky lady. I was a stinky lady like you ever hook up with a lady who's not the best smelling. Oh, yeah. Shit. Yeah, there's nothing nothing that will give you a reason not to call again. Is that okay?


Yeah, yep, I remember one. I mean, she smelled like a dirty diaper. She was real stinky.


Yeah. Yeah, I mean, that is that is it. She was hairy, too, and I think the hair was trapping it a little bit, you know, she was like extra hairy. She was gnarly.


Well, that's always interesting about peoples nationalities. Yeah. And your body here. Yeah. You know, Italian women, Jewish women, Greeks tend to have Greeks or Greeks, you know, never it never was with an Armenian, but they. Yeah, yeah. They're the only people who have to shave three times a day. Yeah.


Yeah, it's very hairy. And then you get like this like the Asians whose, you know, they're like hairless.


It's great, you know, to worry about that.


Well, I never you know, all due respect to Asians, never went there.


OK, OK. Never, never went down that that path.


OK, did you have an Italian or a Greek or Jewish girl? Italian and Jewish groups, Italian Jewish groups. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we have a Greek guy that works here, he's pretty gross, so I get that. All right, well. What was the Jewish girl like? But she was pretty she was like my first girlfriend, really?


Oh, yeah, that's the way this girl had a deep cut. This guy had a dick up in the eighth grade. Wow. Nice, if you can imagine that. Yeah. I'd rather just imagine her later.


Well, you know, when that testosterone starts leaking into the body, eighth grade, ninth grade, it really doesn't make any difference what grade you're sure. Those days you're just looking. You're not you're not trolling for your.


Okay. Right. So I predicted back in the 60s, you know, it's all.


So that was your first girlfriend. But you were she was your girlfriend in like eighth or ninth grade. Well, I you know, I. Eighth grade, ninth grade, then when I was in college, we had a couple of times. Oh, how was that? How was the college date?


It was it was it was OK, you know, it was Barack when I got out of the Marine Corps, you know, we she came up to visit one weekend and they went down there to see her a couple of times, you know, where my parents were out of town one time when I was in college, she came over. I drove down to the house from Cincinnatians. She drove up from University of Kentucky. That was that was kind of a nice night.


Yeah. Yeah. I went out with a couple of Jewish girls and they gave they gave great sloppy top, you know. Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, and, you know, this scene was really kind of, you know, your first girlfriend, you always remember that.


That's true. That's true. How big were her tits by the time she was in college? Oh, they were they were moved down the alphabet quite a bit. OK.


And I mean, you know, I didn't know. I didn't know that with two letters together, what that mean in women's bras until, yeah, I checked them out on a personal attack.


Yeah, pretty big, huh?


Oh, yeah. And, you know, you needed underwear. And the other thing is wide straps up top kind of have wide straps.


Yeah. And you hear that there's a big push right now to accept the idea that Santa Claus is gay. Now, I saw the article saying that people were talking about how do we know that Santa Claus is white?


I've heard that before. But now there's a big push by a couple organizations that are saying since since we know that it's Make-Believe, why don't we just teach kids that Santa Claus is gay and that he does video chats with with adults and that he you know, he masturbates if you're good, that kind of thing.


That'll play really well in Kansas and Nebraska, I'm sure that will be a big sell seller in the Midwest right there.


Oh, look, I got to run.


I love you outside. So let's let's let's go listen to Santa and get one.


I love you. I cannot wait for August 14th. We're going to do a live video chat with you and mom for our first live streaming podcast. OK, I'm excited for it's going to be fun.


It was fun. Yeah. All right. I love you. I'll call you later. Bye bye. Bye bye.


Oh, my God. Whoever suggested that we call him. Thank you so much. Unlike my father, I have been with a few Asian women, and I got to tell you, yeah, I had a dream about one last night. You did? I had a dream about an Asian woman, and it was. Very sexual in nature. And there was, um, an element I only bring this up because of the. The talking about Norm and shame and everything.


Yes, yes, so my dream, I was with an Asian woman who I didn't recognize it wasn't Ali was it wasn't it wasn't Ali Wong.


We just face time with her a couple of nights ago. No, it was. I mean, it wasn't and it wasn't a familiar face. It was. It's not the Indian girl. It wasn't the Indian girl, although it was right after watching hours of the Indian matchmaking show. But if she wasn't Indian, I mean, Indian is Asian, but I meant like she's not from India. She was Asian. Like she could have been Chinese or Chinese or Korean or something, you know?


What did you think she was like? What what does your intuition tell you? What kind of Asian?


Uh, maybe, um, Chinese. Vietnamese, um, something like that kind of, um. But in the dream, um, I remember that I ejaculate all over her face and that I videotape it and that. Wow. I'm really happy about videotaping it.


Why are you happy about video. Like I don't know. What's the joy. She didn't seem happy. Was the joy shaming her.


I don't, I can't really tell. I was just like, you know, look at like I was I was enjoying looking through the camera and um. Yeah. And she was Asian and I was real happy. You enjoy it. I was I was really happy in the dream. What did you enjoy seeing your ejaculate on her?


I think so. Videoing that bit like that was the pride or things.


I mean, it's hard to like get into why I felt a certain way. I remember, like, the actual it's like reporting what I saw on the show.


Got to have your shrink analyze this one. Yeah. I dreamt that I was about to have sex with one of my ex boyfriends, and then he took his wiener out and he started, um, he put his partner in his own bill and he of a dream, and he started butt fucking himself with his own dick.


And there was brown everywhere, OK, diarrhea everywhere for everyone that was about to be like, what's wrong with Tom?


Please let your mind go to what's wrong with her, because I think that's a much more substance.


You think so? I think that's mixed in from the corn video from a few weeks back. And but he goes, do you want to have sex now? And I go, absolutely not. There's chocolate everywhere. You said that in the dream. Yeah. He goes, You ready?


He was that hot. And I was like, you know, you put Brown on your dick.


It's disgusting. Mark, don't be stingy.


Oh, I can feel it.


Oh, that's. Oh, man, my favorite episode of Quadros, I really feel good anyways.


I feel so good. I know you do I, I know you do. This really makes me so happy. I know.


You know, I love it when you're happy. I do. I love it. Yeah. Um, may I bring up my dental update please. Please hold on.


I need to know. Oh hold on a second. For fuck's sake.


Turn out. Been a while since the general update. And so here's what happened, our dentist retired on us. Yeah. And so I found somebody near our new house.


I'm not a proud of this.


Yeah, I thought it had been like maybe a year tops since my last cleaning. More, it's more. And I go into this new place, this new dentist, Asian guy, Chinese guy. Maybe that's why you're having dreams, because you told me you saw an Asian dentist. I was like, I'm coming over her face. Yeah.


Yeah. So anyways, I go in there and I'm I'm very proud of my brushing and flossing habits. And, you know, they give you the numbers of your gums.


Yeah, I'm hearing two, three, three, two, one, two, three, two, two, three.


And I'm like, what's up? I floss, bro. Like, I'm bragging. I'm real braggadocios. And then out of nowhere I hear. Five. Five, he gave me two fives, I was mortified now for those we don't know, the number system that's there greeting your gums when he goes and he checks and sits way up there, really, he never score can get up there.


You know how high I asked the other dentist that I went and yeah, we know. And he's like, oh, I've had 12. I go, what is that?


He goes, that's like the the tooth is coming through the gum line to do an extraction. Right then. Yeah.


Well he said that six is on his scale. Yeah. That's a high and that means.


Well yeah it's very inflamed. It's drug problems.


And I was mortified that I had two fives. Now in my defense it's because it's around my crowns. Mm hmm. The crowns, naturally it's harder to clean and floss around them and they irritate your gums. That's just natural. That's that's one of the problems of having crowns.


But I was very embarrassed. I was deeply ashamed. And then the hygienist was cleaning me and there was blood.


Wow. And I'm not proud of it.


And then she goes, do you floss? Do it fucking do I know. And here's the worst part. And then she goes, no, you're I heard your numbers were very good. And then she goes, show me how you floss.


You got that beautiful mouth. You show me how you floss.


And I was like, what is this, a fucking pop quiz? I go, why don't you just tell me how you floss? Because you you said, yeah, I go, I don't want don't give me the pop quiz. I was joking with you. Let me see you. I go you just show me what your racket is.


You're having a rough this is this has got to be rough on you.


I got a drink on. Oh, my God, anyways, what is it what is in there? It's vodka anyways. Yeah, this is how she taught me to floss. Now, I never learned it this way. This must be some new math. New math shit. She goes, you take it a little narrow space and then you go up under the gun. Are you ready? Not just once. That's what I've been doing. One one one one five times.


She goes, one, two, three, four, five. OK, next one.


Yeah, don't do that. I don't know who does anybody on this planet Earth.


I go out of your fucking mind and she's like, well, you night and then she gave me these soft picks to get around my crowns and she's like, just do that a lot and that'll help the massage your little hole.


Yeah. Anyways. Have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous? The five times is a lot. It's a it's a it's a lot. It's a lot. That's now I'm doing it five times and it's taking like ten minutes for me to get through my flossing routine. But I'll tell you what her I know her fucking name. I was like, what's your name? So when I come back in six months, I want you to do my cleaning.


Oh, I was going to say, you also want to show her the progress you've made in six months. That's what I'm saying, because I'm not a quitter.


Erica here. It'd be nice if you could set her to the back because I'm going to show her.


Yeah, I'll just say her first name. Patty. Hmm. I'm going to show Patty what's up in six months or. I know. And I'll be like, look, bitch, five times. And I use the soft pick. How you like me now? Yeah, proud of you. You know, I'm not I'm so mad at myself, I feel like it's a personal failure. Two fives, huh? Yeah, I mean, I get it, it's also part of it's just part of life and aging.


You know, we're all going to have scores that go down at some point, but the rest of them are good. Yeah. Yeah, sure. That's really good. You're not a bad man. Don't beat yourself.


I know yourself up my fucking money, son. Peter, fucking time is such a fucking shoot. You they come up for a fuck about is my living for pot shops.


All right.


Stop at Loch Ness but I'll fucking shoot you if I get my fucking money around just cause this guy does well I'll fucking find you that shit.


Is he acting just like this is actually real job.


That's the thing. I don't know because that's him in both clips as he and the other ones too. Mm hmm. I think he's just my son.


Whoa. You got two choices. You have a son or a fucking blow you away or you better, uh, an interesting way of holding that gun to his profession.


I've never seen someone hold the rifle overhand.


Now, Tom, are you sexually attracted him? No, but it's because of your own societal norms. Yeah, that's true. Society telling you that obesity's not attractive.


Yeah, I know. That's so fucked up of me. Not for sale, but this guy's a nightmare to be around.


Do you think he's just our worded? Is he? Tick, tock, tick. He's not just British and he's just British. And tick tock. He could be fully docked.


Yeah. Yeah. He's got I think he strikes me as having, you know, some type of brain damage.


Yeah. What makes you say that? Just all of it. Uh, everything the way that the decision to make these videos he does like fire alarm, fire guns.


Give me your fucking money.


Yeah, right. Like is he reenacting things that he's seen in videos.


It seems like it, but I feel like there should be laws like for somebody that owns guns to the choice to hold the rifle overhand really bothers.


Well, actually, I think that this actually might be a case for that is not our worded.


Isn't there laws that our words can't buy guns, but they can borrow guns from their Harward had friends that have them on our word worded. I don't know.


It's, um, HUF. Yeah, that's that's a lot.


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Try their sample packet, drink l m and T dotcom slash mom or by searching l m n t on


That was a really nice clip, though. Thank you for showing. Yeah, thank you. You're welcome.


I have thanks.


I've got something to show you that I'm real excited about. All right.


OK, I want to know, you know, how much I love. How do you get a job here. Fuckface fed smoker.


I'm feathering in heaven every day. Yeah. And every time you think he's gone, you reminded what an impact he left like Steve Jobs.


You know, every time there's a new iPhone or iPad, you look at what impact this guy made. And I feel the same way about these videos.


Um, so do you remember that we played like a like Connell's nemesis a week ago, this guy.


What's up, Kalid? Yeah. So you're having some problems in Rifle, Colorado, and it is harassment on officer. I hope you get charged for every cop and every video you have for harassing each and every person because it is harassment. Enjoyable day. Ghost maker Peterson, by the way, I love the way you change all the fucking YouTube channels, you fucking pussy.


This guy doesn't like problems with, uh, Connel, you know?


Yeah, my camera crew, you faggot.


You know what their fuck face. This guy made a video confronting Fezziwig and we get to see it here.


It's short, but to see Donald in this light, it's pretty great.


I did see.


I wonder if he knows it. Connel just not with us anymore. Well, he might now. But check this out in your fucking community, man.


That's the fucking guy. What do I want to hear you? Oh, I'd love to, but I'd love to go.


Oh, no. Somebody harassing Connel harasser. Yeah. Wow. That's one of the rare times we get to see Donald in a video where he's not filming.


Oh, wow. Yeah. Look at this. This is serious shit. Look at you, because you ain't gonna do nothing but take a swing. I'll see what I do. So you going to stand here in front of me and fucking tell me that shit? Take your swing, brother swing. Were you fucking fucking pussy fucking pussy? This is awesome. There's the Fed mobile right there, Mia. Dude, this is great. Did you call them out for having a white suburban, so they said he did?


Yeah, he noticed he the white cherry at there. Dude, this is like Terminator versus Predator.


This is so awesome, right? It's pretty rare.


There are two of a kind. Did he know he's driving a chariot? I got it. I got to see it again. I feel like I really got to. I can't pull your fucking community, man.


This is the fucking guy. You want to. I want to hit you. Oh, I'd love to, but I would love to go to your house of.


Look at this. This is serious shit. Look at what you can do because you ain't got nothing, buddy. Take a swing, then I'll show you what I do. So are you going to stand here in front of me and fucking tell me that shit? Take your swing, brother. Swing where your fucking fucking pussy. But don't you fucking pussy.


Oh, don't you feel like they would be best friends, though? Yeah. You should be best friend.


Never had a bag on them, but it'd be like the one, the other one was like, what's up. Yeah.


Here's your homework. You got to find that guy. Like in real life, yeah, you got to contact that guy, we need to know who that guy must. OK, we got to talk to him. All right. We'll try and get him on the horn.


No, we will get him. We will find him when you will contact him and we'll speak to him. Yeah. There is no try. Only do.


Yes. Yes, sir. Mr. Thomas. All right. Get them, babe.


I know. I want to know where. What's the beef? When did it start? It's very hard. Do you have any idea how amazing this would be? I mean, well, because they're they are very similar. There are two of a kind. Yeah. They should be best friend. He would have condemned stories for us.


I know. Like real ones. We've got to get this guy. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


He is the end of his. Yeah. And we do get to see that Connell's holding his camera, which he probably just exposed some fucking federal officers.


Yeah. And I've never seen Connell's body, like, really seen what he looks like. Yeah. Not far. I kind of looked like Ed Asner too.


He looked really good. It was pretty cool, man. Oh, my God. I'm just in heaven right now, man. This is really going to make you laugh. Ready? Yeah.


This funny to you? Fucking fuck. Coming to you like that? Again, we're going to leave sleep. Parade ready? Yeah, OK, watch this screen, I'm ready. OK, we go.


Oh, no. Oh, yeah. That's it, yeah. Is he OK? I don't know. He's fine, and he's in like a third world country. So he's going to die. He's not going to live. You don't want to do that shit like there's a reason you don't go fucking parasailing when you go to Guam or wherever.


Pakistan for your holiday. I don't know. You know, I never I'll never go parasailing in Mexico, no, because we take it the hospital, you're dead. This guy's dead. I feel like. You're really having an episode. You're trans phobic, your dog racist, you're hateful to anyone not living in the US. Oh, hands down. Yeah, I mean all the yeah. All right, let's see what this guys did. They just listen.


This guy's dead on. And he had a cigarette and so everything, let's see. So there's a man on a scooter, but like, it's not quite a motorcycle, right? It's a scooter moped.


Um, it's definitely capable of of going I mean, it's not you know, we're not it's not like a 15 mile an hour kind of instrument. Um, yeah. It's like a street legal, you know, moped.


And he's taking it up a ramp and onto some type of, uh. I don't know, is it to be displayed there or is that transport?


It looks possibly like transport boy, but he doesn't realize that when he's going up the ramp that there's a roof to where he's taking it up. So when he when he goes up the ramp, his head doesn't clear under that roof, he actually smacks it and then falls backward with the moped and it falls on them. And then just you just see him die there on the video.


Um, again, I don't need to see this. We see these little two. Oh, he's he's fine, he's he's not that he is not dead off of that, do you think he is off of that?


Well, I mean, the moped does fall on them. Kind of funny. Yeah. Like if it falls on his neck in a specific way, it could be it could be an ideal for him. He's little to.


He's not. Do you think what do you think happened after this?


Tiny people probably came and try to take it off his neck. Yeah. And he's like, it might have been too late. Come on. You think that.


Here's the thing is that, you know, Zolo had this prepped. Yeah. I was actually on the fence on whether or not we should leave it in because it has he's not making a funny sound. It's just a guy getting hurt. Yeah.


Which is why I had you. And there's no more footage of this. This is where it ends. All we got. Oh, God.


Here's the thing. You've done that before. You know, you've conk your head on like you're getting into the car. You're like, oh, nobody saw that. It was so embarrassing.


He's going really fast up a ramp and essentially does that conc of like he had a cigarette in his mouth, like he was chilling.


This was a great day for him. He's not having a good day. But but alone. Have you had whiplash before? It sucks. It sucks. No, like this day sucks.


This video, he hates watching this video, but I don't I don't think he's severely injured. I don't think he's severely injured from this. Yeah.


Do you really? I don't know. Anything's possible. I don't know. What are you guys. What do you think?


Uh, I don't know. Maybe he it seems like he hit his head pretty hard.


I'm just I mean.


Yeah, I don't know, maybe he'll be maybe he'll be in another a different type of video next to you.


Yeah. He'll he'll be on your next British or touched by the way.


We haven't discussed that you have new hair. Oh yeah. Yeah. So when did you make the decision. Uh, this was a couple of days ago. I think it was three days ago.


Did you see something and it prompted it or you just had the idea I'm going to dye my hair.


Well, actually was my roommate that did it first. And he was like, you want to just try to you want to dye my hair tonight?


And he's like he's like, you want to match, bro. He's a you want to dye my hair tonight?


I said, I don't know how. And he was like, that's fine. Like we could we could just figure it out. Whoa. All right, screw it.


So we did it and then we had a lot of the mix left over because we just we didn't know how much to get. So we got a ton of the bleach in the mix and all that. And then when we were done, we had enough left. He was like, like shit, man. So I guess you're going blonde next. I was like a joke and we kind of laughed. And then it was silent and I was like.


All right, I'm going to sit in that chair. Let's take a look. How was the process? Was it, like, intimidating? Was it easy? Was it, you know, um, simple to do? Yeah, I don't think about it. It was simple.


You just I mean, you mix like two parts of one thing to pass one of the burn put in your hand. It burns a little bit. It's like a relaxer. Yeah. Same thing. But, um, you leave it in for an hour and eventually the burn goes away and then you just wash it with cold water in your natural light.


Why are you enjoying your your new look. I like it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think it's, uh, it's different. It tells me different styles are possible that I didn't realize were possible before. So that's cool.


You just got to go to Odell Beckham junior page and be like, what are you doing this week bro? I feel like he's a trendsetter.


You got you guys fuck with the more you think this is better like this.


I like it. I like it. I think you're always stylish, but I love this. I think it's just fun. Also, you can pull this off. Not everybody can pull it off. You can let me watch like next week we come in and I was like, you guys like my blonde hair look pretty cute, huh?


I want to look good with the fuck. No, I think he would. What color. What color do you think he should go.


Ginger's tough guy. Be careful. Don't go black. Are you thinking of going red hair, blonde. Blonde would work with him or like a Takashi Rainbo type of deal.


Yeah, but like some sort of like something that I like old cost a lot of money to maintain. Yeah.


Yeah. That feels like right now I think you could do different haircuts that would work. But I mean I'm, I've always been like always grows back. Yeah.


And like I'm not losing my hair or anything. I think you can do it back. Yeah. Like I could do. I'll do it. Oh literally do anything. That's what I like my hair. That's what I like to hear. Yeah.


I don't give a shit like when he grows back you should do patterns, shapes, all types of you make him do the monk remember you wanted me to do. The horse, you know, the skull, yes, you want me to do a skull? Yeah, definitely. I think that's good punishment for deleting the video.


I regret saying that pretty pretty quickly. But, yeah, you're right. It's I don't give a shit. Will you do that? I'll do it. I'll do a skull.


I've actually done a skull it in the past for Halloween. Really? Yeah. Because I dressed up as Hunter S. Thompson so I just did a male pattern baldness.


I want you to dress up as Ed Asner and you have the witch version of them, the one that we saw today or him.


And I want to come in. You have the skull and you have those blue sweat shorts, you know, and nothing else.


You do a show like that and we get you the same type of my headphones and everything that that is.


And then I got a jerk off on camera, you know. You know, where's the line here? Where where's the light? At the end of the tunnel.


There's no there's no jerking off. But I would appreciate. That's all. I would appreciate you chat with some folks online.


Let's take baby steps. Let's start with the skull. OK, Skull, first, check this out. This is a pretty awesome interview with the squirrel.


Take one. Yeah, I'm a squirrel. What do I like to do? I see my bushy tailed. Oh, what do I like to do?


I like to climb up on trees and get up in your attic. And I got leads all over me. It ain't about my nuts, ain't about my nuts, and I got cause you can't see him because I need a haircut, but I got clout, you know, and I could scamper and I can leap.


I hate him.


So I hope he gets her a little. Why couldn't this guy slam his head into the wood thing, the shed.


And he was on a mopey a place to store these nuts when it comes to these things. And I come back and eat them like nuts. We get it. Not nuts. I like nuts. I hate him.


Yeah, it's me trapped by that nuisance traffic. Make sure you get exclusion work. It's a commercial for his business.


This is a I hate him.


This is a commercial.


He doesn't mention that he's doing a commercial for his business until the fourth minute of this very minute. Yes.


Yes. For me, he's like, I'm a squirrel. I like nuts. I got this store. And then also he's like, give me a call and I can come and take care of your pest control.


Like, Dude, this is why this is why you have bad videos, you have bad ideas and no one's helping you.


Yeah. This is why everyone assumes they can be in show business. It's actually a skill to make commercials and do stuff.


I hate them so much. I will. I was hoping he's going to get hurt worse than getting hurt.


You opposed the bond market be stingy. Why do you what about it, do you like so much? I'm trying to like what about it? Because it's so perverse, so gross, so disgusting, so.


Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, we're cool. Oh, yeah, oh, that's so much.


Yeah, I thought all guys were like that. I mean, shit income. I didn't know that. That was like just that guy's a real outlier. I thought that's how all people are that do stuff like that.


Oh, it's not normal size. It's, it's not it's not that that big. It's normally the one thing, the one thing that I'm going to tell you is that the first time it's it's going to be quick with me because it's been a long time. That's all right. That's fine. OK, you come.


You come. Let me see. Let me see how much you count. Let me let me see all that. How much how how big a load I'm going to swallow. Yeah.


It's like he's he's at Home Depot and he's like how big that to buy for him. Like he's so matter of fact he's like oh yeah.


I get some lumber for me, I need it right now.


It's the whole package. So we go, I mean right now big fucking belly and he's no shame. You really see this.


OK, give it to me now to me. He really likes to reach under on Mark. Don't touch it.


Well Mark, he's so fat. Yes. I'm going to put this in your mouth and you're going to have to suck it dry. You're going to just suck it dry. Mark, you got that beautiful mouth.


Oh, give it to me, Mark. Yeah, yeah. Oh, I can feel it. Mm. Oh that's good. Oh that's good.


Good. Oh oh. Oh fuck. Oh my God.


Every time you play this I go to a sad dark place. Yeah. And then I have to get myself out of it.


Really. Yeah. Uh and this makes you happy.


This makes me feel sick inside.


Yeah. Oh yeah.


Oh it makes me happy. Uh yeah. Oh yeah. You bet. I'm coming up in May. Yeah. You better believe I'm coming up in me.


Oh he does. The fat guy. You are terrific. I know you're going to be good in bed so I can say yeah.


He put the shorts up above his fat roll. Yeah. Try to conceal it. Oh, that was so horrible, babe, was it? I don't like that, I don't like that as much as you. Was it worth it? No, I don't like this guy either man for a while.


I'd rather watch the other guy all day. Really watch this. I don't like rather watch the guy jerk off in this weird beard. I don't like his fucking dad jeans and his dad's sneakers. All right, let's cleanse the palate before we go. I heard you were looking for me. Really? Yes.


It's Christmas, so I'm having a great mood. Thank you. You really are happy today. Yeah. I'm glad you're happy it was playing tennis.


I'm not only positive, I'm radical self acceptance. And this is why the idea of body positive is that all bodies are beautiful, which is not true. All bodies are valid. And there should not be any emphasis placed on beauty in order for somebody to feel worth saying that all bodies are beautiful, doesn't dismantle beauty. It actually just places more emphasis on beauty itself and makes it sound like you have to be beautiful in order to be worth something which isn't true.


Ugly and beautiful should be like neutral terms. It shouldn't matter what you look like at all. Your worth is not determined by your appearance. Now I am ready to accept it. It's because I accept myself radically. No matter what I look like, it doesn't matter.


OK, God, you do what I think about when I watch this video being being a parent and like this person is like a young, you know, she's young and like I go, if my son was saying this to me, I would be like, OK, let me tell you something.


If you come in here and you say that shit to me one more time, you're not going to a car, you're not going to have clothes in your room. Yeah, this is nonsense. You don't lecture me about anything, anything ever. So take your thoughts. Shut the fuck up and stop posting video. You're making everyone uncomfortable, OK?


Yeah. And don't you think she'd feel differently if she were like a hot chick course. Like hot and skinny. Of course. I mean, you know. Yeah. You develop this type of personality for a reason. Yeah. You're not like.


Yeah, no one's body. That's one. Let's be honest. Yeah, it's true.


If she were like, you're fucking living with the hand you were dealt OK. Yeah.


Manifestoes and like OK, so shaving all your hair off and leaving the bangs and the Jewish curls on the side and painting it green, you think that's going to make you hotter, like you know, saying like you're making things worse.


She's attractive is what I'm trying to say. But she's making herself unattractive. She's got the doorknocker. She's got the green thumb you are on one day.


Let me just skip to the next episode here. Next video is a great one. Oh, my God. That was just babe, that looked like it hurt way more than the motorcycle.


Yeah. Holy shit.


I mean, she barely cleared the wall. She barely cleared the wall for you.


If you're listening, it's a good it's an Ed Asner type build on a woman who's supposed to run and jump off of a little little hill into the water.


Doesn't do either of those.


Well, I mean, she's she's running down the side of the wall. You realize that she's so slow that she doesn't actually leave the wall.


She has on her way down.


When her legs go and she's touching the wall, she you have to jump out.


Right? Right. And she doesn't jump out to clear it. She she goes there she goes.


Oh, well, that close. That close.


No good job, Sheila. That was you see the video looks great.


You jump so far when you see yourself doing something you like. That's what that looked like. Like she's like in my mind I ran and I jumped off.


But I'm just going to post this every time people ask me the same questions, I want to forget. OK, Ms. Farah. I am a trans woman as well as an intersex woman. My pronouns are she, her, they or your grace. My eyes are tattooed. My nose is a piercing. I identify as a threat, a nightmare and a goddess. So please bow down to me. I do not believe in God. I don't worship the devil.


But yes, I am a Satanist, which means I am my own God and I worship myself. Thank you. Have a good day. You like that one.


You know that we should rename this video. We just call it. This is twenty twenty. It's just titled this video.


This is twenty twenty. Uh huh. And keep this, keep this like available at any time you know.


Yeah. It's so crazy. Right. What does it mean honestly. I mean this curiously what does it mean to be an intersection. Female. Like she said, right? Yeah. I'm just going to process every time people ask me the same questions and when I forget my name is Farah, I am a trans woman as well as an intersex woman. Int. What does that mean? What does it mean to be intersex woman?


I should say intersectionality is a theoretical framework for understanding how aspects of a person's social and political identities might combine to create unique modes of discrimination and privilege.


What the fuck does that even mean? I don't know. What if what is what if you put that question, what is it? What is an inner circle done?


Xolo just told me that I Googled the wrong thing. OK, ok. Intersex. Oh, sorry. Is a general term used for a variety situation which a person is born with reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn't fit the boxes of female or male. Sometimes doctors do surgeries on intersex babies and children to make their bodies fit. Binary ideas. OK.


I'm still kind of lost, but she's trans, too, right? I don't know. Come on, move it. And there's so much going on.


All you dumb asses at studios that make kids s term shut up refers to a sexual act. If you include that. It shows like SpongeBob and Thomas. Fuck, you have my stepdad. I know it's a good one, right? That's a really good one. People are pissed. People Shop is a sex addict. I don't think it is. Who's the haling Hail Satan? I don't know. His stepdad. His stepdad is I don't know is no longer with us or.


I don't know. OK, it's a lot as a lot.


I just want to say good bye. You know, there was once I became God and Jesus will suffer. And that's all I care about by now.


No, don't leave. Ticktock. No, don't you hate when they threaten to leave?


Yeah. Just leave. Yeah, bitch. No one cares. Yeah. It's like when bones like don't call me anymore. You have to tell someone just don't fucking pick up their calls dude.


About the all the air cargo e mail. Max, Max, Max darling, stop there. You see.


So he's speaking Korean there is that. I just don't know why they shot him. I love these videos. Were kids just didn't know other. I see myself in his father and I see myself in him.


Yeah. Yeah. About the Aldea cargo e mail. Max, Max, Max, darling, stop there.


You see, I like that kid as I do.


Yeah. Hi everybody is Sir Ezra and welcome back to What's My Toy Bag today. I'm showing you my hood. So this year is a herd of motherhood with a household and it laces up in the back seat so I can get nice and tight. And this is in play for oh, restricting somebody's sensors. Yeah. Or, you know, allowing them to feel dehumanized or humiliated and things like that. It's also a great opportunity for me to remind you to wear your mask.


It's a global panda.


Wow. I wasn't expecting that right turn. Yeah. Depoliticised. Yeah.


Also it's called for Central Park.


I think you'll need to take a chill pill and eat a banana. I feel like I.


Oh, there's a nice tongue thing at the end there. Well that there is a clip on his ear and there's just a little bloodstain on the pillow to make you wonder what the fuck is happening.


It's a lot. And then there's one guy who you talked to, who you talk to right now.


Well, I talked to a phone like that. Come, you talk and he goes at the end.


It's really nice one, babe. Good job.


This is perhaps one of my most requested videos today. We're going to talk about hybrid children. My name is shows. I use them pronouns and I'm a star. Steve Channeler in spirit. We're now hybrid children are a type of star being that consist partly of our DNA and partly of the DNA of other galactic energy. So if you are a seed, you may also consider yourself a hybrid child. But when I talk about hybrid children, I'm talking about the ones that are not.


So I work with hybrid children. Right now. They're living on ships and kind of parallel worlds or realms, and they're actually in schools where they learn about what living on earth is like because they are going to be coming here, of course, is probably sooner than we think.


Oh, so I work with them in my meditations, teaching them things. And I also have a hybrid child myself. Oh, so my child is made up partly of my energetic template. Oh, I personally don't remember the time in which my energetic template was sampled, but some of you may remember these experiences.


Yeah, I do. I remember my senior year so oh are part two. We don't have to get to that. But um I would mark this too as another example of how cool this year is. Really, aren't you a star seat being you're not a child star being really? What are your pronouns? They then shed more last one. Okay.


Is it really just not common knowledge that you don't cleanse to get rid of a spirit or ghost and or entity? Are you really telling me that it's not common knowledge that you do a banishing?


He zoomed in for that and they're really nice.


I like I like his indignation like guy. Just a dumb warlock's don't know that stupid bitch. There's two closing.


So you give me two. Yeah. I mean, they're both bangers you get together with. Oh OK.


Whichever one I don't pick. Make sure you save it though for the next one. Yeah. I really feel like this was such a fun up. It was really fun.


And again, I'll leave you with the parting repetition of the fact that we were doing our first ever your mom's house live and uncensored, uncensored, big deal and world wide, world wide, everywhere you can get tickets.


August 14th is the live show at 5:00 p.m. Pacific, 8:00 Eastern. And again, you can get tickets wherever you live, South America, London or somewhere in Canada. Where is the link going to be for people? Well, the lake's going to be in the description. And I said we'll be all over all social media of this episode. But also the URL is on location live.


You're not saying it, right? Oh, sorry. HTTPS a semicolon, backslash, backslash on location, live dotcom slash your mom's house.


So we're really excited about it. You actually it's like you said said Michael.


Oh I'm sorry. It's a phone book. Just type it in. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe don't type it in.


Maybe just go to the to the link with a description. Okay. Um like I said, no censoring, no Blur's.


We can do whatever we want and top dog and child. Joining us, we have another guest.


Big house. It's a big episode, lots of stuff. Our first time ever doing it.


I hope you'll join us. What else. Oh, the sale and the store. Tom or method dotcom slash Tom Sagara 20 percent off the twenty ninth through August 2nd. A lot of fun.


Jean, you ready to go? I love you. Love you too. This is Delta White Mousepad, uh, Kosher Chow Remix by John Douglas. All right. I see you next time.


Hey, fucking Jew. He's got something in the day.