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If you missed Episode one of Winemaker's Live, you can watch it now. They tried to fire us, but we have the material to head to Tom cigaret outcomes, slash rentals and check out the show that was too hot for the web.


Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Welcome to another episode of your mom's house. She's Christina. I'm Tom. And we are going to discuss serious matters only on this special episode of your mom's house. You don't have to tune in to CNN or Fox or MSNBC. You'll get everything you need to know about what's going on in the world right here. And this is a Christian program.


It's Christian. It's filled with important facts only. You're in the no spin zone now.


So first up, let's talk about the probability that this vaccine is going to be ready in the next couple of months.


What do you think, Tom?


Well, I talked to Dr. Vulcanize German guy, and he said he said, and I quote, Bullshit, I won't be ready any time fucking soon. He's a doctor, Doctor fucking Haynes told you that from the doctor fucking Hynde's from Frankfurt. Oh, that's different when I talk to the other one.


That's his cousin. Yeah. And he was all that shit.


Could be good. Could be you could get it at the pharmacy with your flu shot. And I was like, I'm on board now. Let's switch to finance.


Oh fuck. Yeah, everybody's doing well financially and all the markets are up. Let's talk about sports. Oh, that's so good, sports are good and there's a bunch of people winning, some of them lose. All right. So there's so much to go over.


We have a really loaded episode.


We also should remind folks that the your mom's house live. The second one is going to take place on Friday, September 18th, 5:00 p.m. Pacific, 8:00 Eastern, worldwide streaming at why AM virtual dotcom tickets are on sale now.


Don't be stingy.


And we have an incredible lineup, the great Dr. Drew, the great Robert Paul Champagne and the one and only Joey Diaz. We will be interviewing, talking to all three will be playing clips that are so astonishingly disgusting and offensive for portions of the show. We're going to give you a warning. A lot of people talked about how they vomited when they didn't want to, and I didn't know it was happening. So we're going to put that into a segment.


We also have why image originals were shooting multiple sketches, were raising the stakes on the whole thing. Some very controversial sketches.


Tom, you were told to pull back on the content of he once again had a bunch of actors that said, I don't want to be a part of this.


Literally, literally, we submitted to casting and they were like, no, I can't. I can't.


I had a casting director be like, we don't have anybody that would do this. So anyways, we got someone to do it. There's a lot of really, really exciting stuff in the way live.


I think you'll see that a lot of people have asked me about Episode one, which was taken down. It is going to be available maybe by the time you watch this.


I don't want to make episode one. You mean the first one? I think first why image live is what I mean. Yes, correct. And it has been a thing to get it up. It's coming. Maybe by the time you see this, we will have posted on social media and let people know where to find it.


It's just so controversial. All of our focus has been on getting the second one ready to go, but it is going to be available, if you've been asking me, a lot of people have asked me. And the second one, just so you know, if you can't watch live, the thing I get asked them to watch, if I can't watch live, you can watch it for a week. So if you get a ticket, you can watch it all the way until the following Friday.


You can watch it. We learned that from the first one. So it's a week long ticket that lasts. OK, wonderful. And yeah, it's going to be a lot of fun. So maybe we should move on to the opening clip of the show. What do you think, Jean? Ready.


As long as you don't have any opinions on the election coming up? I don't have any opinions also about these. If you're looking and you're like, wow, this looks a lot better than before.


Yeah, we upgraded our cameras. So that's for you guys. That's because we are. Don't be stingy, not stingy.


OK, so here you go. Are you ready.


He would say like a the you go let's open the show he or you go shout out to my main mommy Jean.


Shout out to my main mommy Jean show her congrats on a new job, falcon car wash and keep them high. Enjoy. What the fuck does that string of words mean?


Oh, Randy. Oh, no, no, sir.


OK, well welcome to your mom's house. And Christina, it will go to your mom's house. Oh, that was pretty awesome.


Oh, you know, what I like is a guy with his face painted like that is confused. I know he's like, I don't understand what's like what's happened or what's with this weird shit that I just like.


And I have this intense makeup that I must put on before you appear on camera.


But no, this guy, his cohost, I think, was aware and told him what was going on. No way. Yeah.


From the Thompson Girl podcast. Your mom's house. James, what am I doing here? Well, congratulate, shout out a shout out, congrats on Gene and congratulations on your new job at the car wash. Keep my type. There you go.


Hey, Dad. Thank you. That's Shaggy, right? Yeah, that's Shaggy. Thank you. Thank you to all of the Juggalos and drug addicts and everybody. That little nurse you know, Dr. Drew loves these two guys. Is he friends with them? Yeah. He's always showing me the pictures on his phone that he has with this guy.


He's kind of wild. I mean, I'm just like that guy has two personalities. You know, he's like this really put together, doctor, and he's this fucking animal that's friends with the fucking animal. It's just fucking six days a week. Yeah.


And it's weird because he he'll put on the makeup, too, Dr. Drew. What.


And then but fuck his wife and all the stuff like what are you what are the only fucked in this type of makeup.


This is wild. And could you imagine now like. Yeah. Having to put this on just to do your like your podcast.


But I mean it's also so normal to have now quite fast with it for I'm sure this to him is like give me five minutes. Yeah. Oh that's so true. Yes. He's been doing this for decades. Yeah. So he's probably like you go white and black. Give me a few minutes.


I think Kreayshawn does this one too. And she went to the Juggalo thing too. Yeah.


So does it have to do with that comedian and just like their what they reference to and that's a shot to my main mommy Gene. Yeah. He didn't say mom's house. Yeah, but that's the mom mommy gene, I'm thinking like a pair of mom jeans, you know, high waisted, you know, loosen the hips. Yeah, yeah. Makes you look like a shoe box for an ass. Yeah. All right. By the way, let's be let's be honest here.


Hit Shaggy's reaction is any normal. I like, you know, like it's easy to get lost in this world, be like, how come he doesn't get.


Because that's so true. Because this is an insane person's lexicon. That's why, like, he's reacting completely normal. It's like when Jagi in face makeup is being is reacting exactly as you should react.


And talking car. What the fuck is he talking about?


It's like when Joe Rogan came on, remember, and it's what's with the jeans. His first words were, what's with the jeans? Yeah. We were like, I guess to have that drop.


I forget that. Yeah. We're so used to speaking utter nonsense. That's exactly why I'm glad that he knows the creep. I'm assuming this is a creep because the guy's like, yeah, shout out to the creep.


Good thing. Thanks bro for knowing.


Hilarious. I guess I forgot how insane it is. It's insane. Rob, I did his podcast. I was with Jamie Lynn. It was great pajama. They're so great.


They're such sweethearts. And he's like he's like I have two lives. One before I came, one on my image and one after.


He's like, our comments have never been the same. Oh yeah. It's all in mommy code. It's very supportive, but it's all. Yeah, Mom. They're great man. Yeah, they're great. Such sweethearts.


All right. Third time. OK, so a couple. Yeah. You want to catch up with some real stuff. I mean immolations.


Here's one that I'm really feeling good about. Says, What's up Mommy?


I just want to let Tom know that he can totally perform some chiropractic moves on the dive.


First of all, chiropractors aren't even real medical doctors. True, they are doctors of chiropractic, which is totally made up. Science in the late 1980s are were named Palmer went all around the US, cracking people's Nagshead back and rubbing magnets on them, saying he would cure whatever illness they had. He basically gained cult following and chiropractors still use these methods today. Wow. There's seriously nothing medical or scientific about chiropractic. The guy was a fucking grocery store owner, and anyone who tries to tell you it's a real form of medicine is actually are worded.


Now, you may be wondering my background for making these claims. I must be a physician or something. No, I'm a mechanical engineer, which basically means my medical advice is as good as the chiropractors.


Anyways, please fuck up Nadav on the podcast. That would be so funny. Piss on me and beat me Nick from Chicago.


Well, I got to tell you something. I like Nick.


Well, if it's not science and it's not medicine, it can't hurt somebody. Right? Do no harm is the credo of the medical profession. But you're not a medical professional.


I want to talk about the R word.


So do you want to read one as well? I would, yes. There was a hot debate in the mom world about the difference between, OK, would you rather be with Ed Asner or the city of Fremont who. And I chose the city of Fremont for obvious reasons. Here's here's a support. Gee writes in, I'm listening to you guys debate on who to screw. Let's start with Ed.


He hasn't been fucked in a while. Yeah, he has a lot of pent up aggression. Yeah. That is masquerading as sexual desires. No, right. That's right. Notice how he talks about his grandmother while stroking. If I have learned anything from serial killer podcasts, it's that an obsession to please your mother grandmothers is an indicator for a stab fest later in life. Oh, Ed will blame you for his Ed and you'll end up with a black guy too stingy.


Hope you like being trapped in a cellar. The only people who have ever seen him angry never lived to tell the tale. Oh my. So he's saying that Ed is more on to the city.


I do think that Ed has a lot of aggression. He seemed like he was an aggressive guy. And I think his my whole yeah. His form scares me more because it's it's beneath the surface. He's got that white sort of Midwestern rage. OK, onto the city. This is a quick no strings attached guzzle and go. You could graze his cock of the cotton swab and he would come for twenty minutes straight, use this time to freshen up and get out before he asks you to cuddle.


Sissy wears his frustrations on his dress sleeves and what you see is what you get. Winter Sissy. Thank you. I agree with you. I think Sissy Fremont's a little just out there.


Oh fuck. Yeah. Now here's one in defense of Ed Kristiina. You're my home girl, but I have to agree with Tom on this one. Secy of Fremont has an exponentially higher creepy rating over Ed Asner. Oh, my gosh. I wouldn't be surprised if the next time I'm watching 48 hours hard evidence with Maureen Mayor. I don't know. Her city of Fremont is featured as one of the most prolific killers in Georgia. State is so terrified, just his voice alone makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up like a wounded.


Zebra on the Serengeti, these videos are not a way for him to find a dominant tattooed blond, but a way to reel in an unsuspecting female so he can cannibalise them or dance with their corpse. Ed Asner is just an old dude that knows his jam. His jam is getting off with Mark. This is from retests.


But I you I, you know, I just I, I'm used to the crazies, like the sissy free motherfuckers.


I actually get afraid of white guys that are too normal. I don't like white American cracker.


Come on and give me a hand job.


It'll be fun to be with the sissy voices and stuff. Yeah. I don't think you know what the problem with Ed Asner is. What? No metaphor. There's he's so literal and there's no.


What do you mean it's not going to get hard till I'm ready to come. Right. Like he doesn't use any metaphor.


You must show me that you like me. Show me that you like me.


Is he on the spectrum? I don't know. Why is he so kind of direct? Let me see all that. Yeah.


It's so unsexy. Yeah. It's not a good lay. Oh no. Let me see all that. Come Tom.


Stephen here wrote me a nice message.


Dear Papageno, something truly amazing happened to me the other night. My girlfriend of two years ate my scrum unprompted.


Let me tell you, it was really something I shot long thick ropes and only four strokes. And I can't believe Christine, a self-proclaimed FTT artist, he won't do it for you. I am now convinced she is a false prophet, an invalid thief until she proves us all otherwise.


I mean, you're even drying your balls now. In addition to manscape, what more does this woman want? Keep feather in it. Jumeau Stephen. Right on Stephen.


Every day, another day that I'm disappointed that my scrum is dry, unprompted.


Also that native please bring up my husband's Instagram account. I would like to share with the mommies what I see when he uses my belongings.


Well, there we go. This is here it is. This is OK. So here's my vanity area. And I was coming in to take a pee the other day and I look over and he's sitting in my chair blow drying his nuts with my blow dryer. This is a real photo op. This is not reconstructed. He's sitting nude in my chair. Yeah. Oh, thank you.


Really nice. That's a good looking photo. Yeah. Looks good. Very muscular. And I also have to say people were like, do you have a couch in your bathroom. Yeah.


Yeah, fucker. It's fun. I'll tell you why. Want you want to know why. This is much like my Paretsky effect where I realize I don't like uncomfort ability. So I had a regular IKEA.


What is it, a stool to go back to do my makeup and I am hunched over my back hurts and we have this wonderful gray big couch chair. It's a chair, it's a big chair, comfy chair.


And I said, just fucking put it in front of my vandi so I can relax and enjoy myself.


And you know what? It takes up too much space, but it's fantastic. It's great. And I love it. It's great.


And fuck all y'all haters out there. How are you getting my couch. Yeah.


And I got a coffee machine in the toilet too. What do you think of that? Try it out. Yeah, it's great.


It's really great. Yeah. How about that. Make coffee in the morning when I wake up in my toilet. Yeah it's great.


And I do um I had like some I'm actually making, it's taking me forty one years but I'm going to address something going on.


My boss is taking a long time. What's going on. Well I had like just a couple of bad um digestive days you know, where had this thing and I had bad reaction then I had horrible indigestion. Then I ate something and it made me brown explosively right away. So, um, I'm actually keeping detailed notes of what I'm eating. And I'm basically going to then see an expert on what's going on in my chocolate sauce. Yeah, I'm proud of you.




This is for yeah. This has been years in the making and I don't know if you mammies remember back we were at the old studio. You had an appointment for a colonoscopy. Twice. Twice. Yeah.


And that was how many years ago. Some years. Yeah. Yeah, two years.


So I since I have known you, you have had explosive Brownes, explosive farts and now we're finally getting to the root cause.


And also we should point out that I did just have a physical so I'm not like avoiding doctors or anything like that. I did have a physical, I did have his finger up in there. I did come in his hand.


And, uh, OK, Tom, you come do they make you do A.R.T.?


Yeah, they put the finger up in there and they go you come in my hand. That's so cool. It's cool that you do it in the doctor's like, oh, you're healthy. And then you taste test it and he rubs it on his beard.


It's just like the gays. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think it was creepier because of his unawareness of social etiquette, like, no, you see, the sea is just out there, but he doesn't know that.


You can't be like. This is where Spetz mark now.


But here's the thing, though. Yeah. Ed is doing it as a private video that that his lover uploaded with with permission from Leo after he so he's like, I want to upload this. And the guy said, you can't after I die. And, you know, I'm a die pretty soon. Right. So that was a permission.


Yeah, Cissie. Is putting it out there, he's the one that doesn't recognize how fucking insane his shit is, the ad is like, I'm talking to you directly one on one, and you just share it later.


And it's just funny. What's funny about Ed is that he it's just bad, sexy talk. That's the funniest part. It's like my dad being like, show me your pussy. And like like Jesus, man. Like, that's it's just so on the nose, you know, there's no dressing. There's no flourish. Yeah. And I was like, yeah. So I want to suck your tits like that. It's the equivalent. I don't even think he'd say tits.


I think I want to suck. I'd like to suck your breasts.


Yeah. I mean you can actually tell your what's going on exactly. In the original video and the original video. What's going on is that we're, we're, it's beginning as Mark is jerking off. Right. And so he's like and then he's he's kind of romancing try to talk sectors like you're my only man in my life and you play with your whole and and that guy who we're not seeing, Mark, is he's jerking off.


And then what clearly happens is that Mark, probably because we don't ever hear him go, I'm going to come. And then he goes, oh, yeah, yeah. Show me how big of a float.


Like, it's very it's like a guy who's never had a explicit conversation before, just thinking of explicit words. He's just like, show me your cum. I'm going to swallow it.


Like he's just saying, you know, I mean, there's no yeah. There's there's nothing sophisticated to his explicit.


He's a simpleton in some ways. Yes. Very simple. Yeah. The thing is very basic.


What I don't even what you just said and you don't even realize that it's a one sided jerk sush, like just hearing you be like, oh yeah. Like you forget that Mark. Yeah. Has a part to and I think that's lends to the creepiness for me. Oh. Otherwise it would just be two guys.


Durka with the fact that we only hear the one guy is why it's great because you get to make up the other side, you know.


Right. You forget that Mark exists. I yeah. Yeah. Wow. And then we love you.


I love you see the way inmates live.


Number one you get to see the mark exists because we have video of them sucking and fucking.


And that was I bet you that one of the things that the on location people were like what. Like what?


It was two old guys fucking. What's your problem?


Well, you know, it's interesting you bring that up is that, you know how certain images get burned in your mind. Uh huh. I have been flashing to the two of them fucking for like days and I didn't even consciously register it. Yeah, like I see ad on the bed and then mark behind him, like, in my mind's eye, I get flashes five times a day.


You know, for me it's it's every time I drive by a McDonald's, I, uh, I have that burned into my memory. The lady shitting on her mic nuggets.


Uh, yeah. And eating them. Yeah. Yeah. That kind of ruined my kids for me, which is good. You know, it keeps it off the waistline.


It's nice. I guess what I pay for it if I eat right now. That's really nice.


How's your guess what. I farted coming.


Oh yeah. Yeah. I need to get back into that. I was really enjoying that. It was, it's dicey when you have Brownes. Oh. Will you read this one in relation to Browns and Gissing Brown about this guy has a call.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I saw that one because I wanted to approach you for Mérida loves last night. But you know, this is kind of funny. Your stomach. I didn't see this. A Utah man was arrested for allegedly tossing his wife into a river at a waterside resort in spite of rage over dinner arrangements.


Douglas Green is accused of carrying out the attacks Sunday.


Craig's wife told police the two were arguing over dinner arrangements when her husband reportedly became angry and threatened to drown her in the river. Green then dragged his wife to the water and forced her end. The husband reportedly threatened witnesses who attempted to aid his wife.


Police said the victim had bruises on both arms.


Green was charged with aggravated kidnapping in the course of committing unlawful datin detention to assault. OK, what?


You're laughing at me. I know you laugh at that because it's funny.


I don't think it's funny.


What part's not funny. Yeah, I think it's bad. There he is right there. They've got they've got a mug shot or. No. I think it's funny, but, yeah, I messed up. I have this horrible, violent thing I saw burned into my head. Which one? And you don't want to hear about it even. Pretty bad, that site that I sent you guys, I didn't realize how intense that site was, but we don't even.


Yeah, no. Yeah. I see that image all the time. Are you going to bring it up or not? Well, because, you know, I don't want to I mean, shit, I just got to tell you that it was bad. And you're like, tell me more. All right, doctor, there return, this is an email from who's the retied, the woman he killed? Well, the wife probably.


Oh, um, mommy. I asked my dad if he knew Herkie, a.k.a. kenneled fed smoke or he smiled and acknowledged seemed a bit confused when I said he died and it wasn't in a prison. And then I asked him, got any stories? And he said, yeah, he came into court one day holding a ball of his own shit.


They let him keep it. Cheers.


Didn't let it keep it.


So that's pretty cool.


Course you get a job here, fuckface. Yeah. Yeah. This is the one I is just the one. Yeah. Read this one. I want to I want you to chime in on that, on this OK.


This is something that's eating at you curious. Hey, Rod. Hey, Nina, those are new names. Last night, after putting my fifth dimensional child to sleep, I made sweet marital loves with my hot, tattooed white slut, Trish.


However, I had to make Brown beforehand. I did not act on this impulse. After removing my dress, I followed Protoje and proceeded with insertion and my impulse to Brown disappeared. This has happened on multiple occasions. So I beg the question, does the sex keep the brown in and or does the brown push the white out sincerely? Shame.


No, the brown doesn't push the white out, but the sex definitely keeps it in.


The sex keeps in the brown. Definitely. I agree. I've had that many times. I've had like I've been like, oh I think I have diarrhea. But there's an opportunity for sex right now and then your system will just shut it down.


Yes. You know, I usually make my rounds in the morning and if we make marital loves in the morning, no, Brown comes down. Yeah.


Because it pushes your body will shut it down.


So I, I'm like, oh yeah.


Is it because those muscles are so near where the vagina is like why would it shut the brown down. And you think it unclogged brown.


Yeah. I mean I don't know how the women's system works. I know for guys like doing certain things will shut, you know, other things down.


Right. Like if you, if you when you pee, the Bible doesn't come out.


Sure. But there's yeah. There's a thing about like if you if you have to dump but you put yourself in a high stress situation of any kind, usually your body will shut it down unless it's just such an emergency that it has to evacuate. Right. But but isn't is sexual arousal a high anxiety?


Well, I mean, it's high high stress. And in the sense that, like, your body's focusing, I think, on everything, you know, your nervous system shifts and it goes into like, well, we've got to get this white out, you know?


So you're the male body will shift priority from brown to white. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Why does the priority over Brown.


Yeah, well, I mean, if you if you dictate it. So you know what I mean. Yeah sure. Sure. Going like I want to have sex right now. Right now I think your body just goes all right, we got a hold in the shit you know, and then happens later. Yeah.


Because if I had to make Brown I would think that it would hinder my wanting to have.


Yeah. I mean sometimes you even tell yourself, no, I want to have sex and your body will signal to you this is not a negotiation. It tells you, you know, I mean, like it tells you.


Right. Tells you what you can and it tells you, no, no, no, no, no.


The first you got Brown first. Let me ask you this. What's your refractory period after a brown before you can make white?


Oh, you can do that pretty much immediately. But then you just have the thing of like, am I a mess right now? Am my stinky. And that's what I would, you know. Yeah, I worry about after Brown.


I don't really want to be in there for a while.


I don't mind it as long as I'm clean. I don't want to go from like a dump and like to what? I was upset. No, I want to really clean up, but keep it clean and be clean.


Do you mean you'll let the toto run twice or do you mean you will take a shower with soap. Um. Good question. I think I feel best after a shower, but I feel like a good, bad day washing depending on how this thing.


It depends on how messy your brown is. If you have like a, you know, level seven disaster. Oh then you got your shower. And if you have a nice clean break. Yeah. You're fine. Yeah you're fine. I just spray some cologne on my asshole. I'm fine.


Sure it burns but it smells nice. It's exactly. Yeah.


I mean there's like there's scars and stuff they should make anal cologne that doesn't burn.


Why don't you like that. Yeah that'd be nice. I'm serious for you, especially here. This might make you feel good. Sure. My name is George.


I have a big dick. People think that I am sick and call me a prick, but they're just jealous of my dick.


They're just jealous of my dick. I love it. I get like they're just jealous. My dick. Oh, I love it. Quite a performer. Yes, strong performer, very strong performer. And you know what? I believe them, I believe, but, um, yeah, I think he does have a big one. Yeah. He's got the confidence of a big one. Exactly.


You're going to put that song out there. I think you got it.


Which is so random, by the way, that yesterday Yoshi just out of the blue was like, I just want to wish you a happy Labor Day. His accent. I think you just did. He's just like, hi, Christina. I just want to wish you good Labor Day. And I was like, Thanks, Yoshie.


Hope you're well. He messaged me, too. I didn't know any messages so random. He's so sweet.


He's the only human that wished me a happy Labor Day.


Yeah, I think he does that. Did you reply to him? Of course. Yeah.


I said, Hey, Ochi, I hope you're well, you know, a good hearing from you. It's not.


But the reason it was funny is because it's not really a holiday. Yeah. He goes Happy Labor Day.


I think I didn't realize this day was so meaningful to you. I'm sick.


Right? Look, it's so weird that anybody would wish you a happy life. It's so strange.


It's not like Mother's Day or, you know, Christmas. Just thinking of you on Labor Day.


Like it's such a weird thing. But I appreciate that he thought of us all, OmniPod.


And I don't think you reach out to people. It's Labor Day. Make sure you call your friends. Happy memorial. Wait. Next year we should send out cards like have really nice cards.


That's Labor Day family photos.


Yes, we should do it for all the the holidays that we don't even know what they're for.


Like box favorite holiday of the year.


It's National Doughnut Day. Just whatever the fuck. And what are the big what are the national holidays? I don't know what the National Labor Day or Memorial Day. There was the Fourth of July.


OK, so you've got New Year's as one. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 16th, George Washington's birthday that was down there.


That's where you start. You start sending people should February 20th. You know, it's George Washington's birthday. It's a national holiday. What are you doing? And, you know, here's what the kids benefit.


But you give them the whole report. Like in the letter. Yeah, the Memorial Day.


That's kind of like somber, though, right? Independence Day. Labor Day. I don't even know Labor Day for I really don't.


I don't know. I have no idea what it's for. All I know is people don't work at Columbus Day.


You should send people graphic photos of people dismembered and be like, this is what I did.


That's a crime. Like genocide photos.




Torn to pieces and and dismembered and decapitated and be like, oh, just a reminder, this is what Columbus did, not the people, but have seen people with pictures of your kids.


Yeah. And with like blankets, like he hands out blankets to the natives and stuff I covered and show him, like raping the indigenous people.


Yeah. That's what he did is what he did.


They used to they dismember people for sport. Columbus and his crew. Nice. I heard he was a sweet guy. Yeah, yeah.


Yeah. And then really sociopathic serial killer. Yeah.


But he's Italian, right? Yeah. So why didn't he bring us Italian food when he landed? You know, he should have brought his pasta.


He was repping the spicks you know, so they funded it. Oh. So they left tacos.


Spicks were like take your greasy guinea whup ass across the fucking ocean and you know bring back some gold. And then what are these blacks doing here in the of winter?


You know, that's kind of the story.


We summarize it that how you're going to teach our children history. What's Labor Day all about? What is Labor Day?


It's it's an excuse for your nanny to take a day off and ruin your life. Labor Day is a federal holiday. Scroll to the right. As a federal holiday in the United States, celebrate on the first minute to honor and recognize the American labor movement and the works and contributions of laborers to the development and achievements of the United States, just laborers, just that labor brought peace to work our labor shit.


That's what Labor Day is about. Yeah, me.


I mean, that is absolutely celebrations, parades, barbecues, frequency annual.


I've never known that. I just knew it was like usually when Florida State Miami played to kick off college football for.


But let's make this our holiday. I agree that we need to start celebrating it with more vigor.


Hit that Wikipedia. Let's see. When did it when it actually started. Um, there's ah, they had a Labor Day parade in 1882. That's how long it's been going on, like since the eighteen hundreds. Um, International Workers Day, this sounds like a communist holiday to me, beginning the trade union and the labor movement's God, I mean, does anybody actually honor that day?


Like, does anyone actually go like it's just a free day off? That's how people view it, right? No one's ever like, of course, we've got to really stop and think about the contributions of laborers.


I know. Look, on that May Day, you always moves and I'm reading. Yeah.


And OK, uh, it says on May one, the ancient European holiday of Mayday Mayday was chosen by the International Socialist and Communist Parties to commemorate the Haymarket affair on May four.


It's a communist holiday.


I mean, I don't know, in America we should finish this, you know what I mean? Yeah, I took the holiday off Craster just a day. Whether or not working, I know you know what they should rename Labor Day Lazy Day.


Lazy Day. It's when Americans just go, I'm fucking lazy. I don't feel like working today.


Yeah. Cook something. You know the college today. Yeah. Yeah, it's consecrates and it's Luser Day.


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The best thing to happen in tennis.


Yeah, so a couple of weeks ago, if you I don't know if you were watching the U.S. Open, you may have heard the world's current number one player, Novak Djokovic, was he got broken on a point, I think, and then he did that thing where he just, you know, walking away, hits the ball in the ball, hit Aline's judge in the throat. Here it is. Go ahead. So he's like, God damn, it hits her in the throat and then she's like, oh, you could see on his face like, fuck.


And then that's her. She's like a kid. Like here it goes through an.


And then not only did she grab her throat, then she she falls to the ground.


Well, I look at his face, look at his face, he's like, fuck, I don't know if I'll ever recover. I was like, I didn't do it maliciously, which he did.


You can tell he's just like hitting it.


But he doesn't realize that, um, that where it went. I mean, it's his fault for sure, but I don't think it was malicious, you know.


Well, I think you were really taken by her reaction, how dramatic she was. She did she look at his face?


He's like, oh, right there. He's like, no, no, no. No one sees her goes down. That's when he knows. That's what he knows. Just like you think he's so fucked.


Yeah. It's neat that they got the camera right in her face straight away. Thank God damn it.


Then right now he's like, it's a ball. Are you are you dead or something? Stupid bitch. Yeah.


I tell you, though, I've been playing doubles in high school and my partner served and served the ball right into the side of my head and that one hurt.


But I serve is different than him going out. Now, of course, he's a he's ridiculous, but he wasn't serving it like that.


I know. But even his throwing his throw away for sure doesn't feel like, my God.


I mean, gosh, uh, best wishes sunflowers and, you know, heartfelt messages. These are the lines, Judge, that just ruined a guy's perfect fucking season.


Well, and here's the thing.


He was undefeated this year. I know. Undefeated. She had to go room number one, probably, you know, on his way to possibly winning another major.


And you fucked that up because you're stupid fucking throat. Yeah. Well, also, don't you think, like, when someone hits you, you're so embarrassed. I would be so embarrassed that I'd want to shake it off. Like when I got pegged, I was like, I'm fine. I would have been fine. Like I, I pretend like I'm better than I am.


Of course you pretend to be.


And then I would probably be like, don't disqualifier, don't disqualify the. I don't think he meant to do it. I don't want to ruin a perfect season because I'm not a selfish cunt. Like that 100 percent, what if she lost her ability to speak? Well. I like that, yeah. Don't punish him.


I'll be great. I hope she gets hate mail, so. No, I'm just kidding. I hope she's OK, actually. I know she's OK. All right. Talk to her. I mean, come on. Jesus Christ. What did it dislodge? Something. Her windpipe. Geneva is your fucking esophagus. Did it collapse because you got a tennis ball? I'd be so embarrassed if I were her.


And that camera was like, right in her face. I don't know if I can judge tennis again.


That don't fucking make the job. Oh, God, yeah. Keep your head in the game. Keep your fucking head in the game.


I like this guy, but if we I think we reminded you last week that the, uh, the dog Googling mousepad was removed because nobody would print it.


Who are Yomi policy for that? Just for another comment that it's on there.


I am a fucking Jew. Yeah.


So homeboy also has an Instagram that's active, right? Pretty cool. Instagram. Um, I think I actually have o own folder here don't I.


Or no. Yes.


He's got neat drawings that you. Yeah. So he drew those. Oh wow. He has like a martial arts, uh photo.


He has all these drawings he made of, of like women he admires. Yeah.


Pretty good artists I got to say. Big boobs.


He likes breasts wearing masks very you know, socially aware of what's going on out there. In every photo yamaka there, yep, flexing the yamaka, no, so reminding people that he is indeed a Jay and then, uh, going back in time here, maybe Prima's got to know what's going on. Masks off there. Sure.


But I also noticed that, um, because he obviously has a thing for a lot of these hot, sexy babes. Yeah. If you scroll further down to his drawings, he also has. Oh wow. Because another round of martial arts and sciences, it has some pretty cool photo shops that he that he has created of.


Oh, babes.


Oh look at that happened out there. See her. I do know another hot babe in the middle, hot babe on the right. Oh, wow. So he's, um. Wow. Yeah. Are you.


Are you sure these are Photoshop so that he's not really just a hot stud?


Oh, that's a good question. I think about it. Let me see. Maybe they're real.


Oh fuck. Yeah.


Yeah. This is a really great page. Some of these drawings I really like. He's really, really nice of Harlequin's Spread Eagle like that.


Yeah. Well he drew that's hand drawn. No I know. Yeah. 100 percent hand drawn. It's pretty cool man. Oh people by the way, mask wise are still losing their minds. I know this may you might have seen this one this guy read this might have been the the most.


Someone's lost their mind without it.


Well, just take a look back on the highway to hell and get out of space. You know, I will buy your very blind ignorance. You will have your ability to even come up with your own fucking idea.


Hey, hook them horns, Tom. Uh, that's a Tennessee. Oh, is it?


I took a class on the campus. You're right. Tell me you don't give me what you told you. Find that I can go so far that you have no idea what you thought.


Wow. Yeah.


What's important is that if you exercise, you whistle on keys and stuff like your coat, take away my car. Jesus Christ. You do have to start using my car. Yes. Your service.


Well, you're not. No, we're not refusing your service. We're refusing service to you. Yeah. Yeah. Refusing or refusing to serve you. And what's with what's on his hands?


He's got wacky gloves, fingerless gloves, gloves, matching the pants. I mean, you know, it's all kind of in the style. Yeah.


Yeah, I know. I used to figure out and you can something.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Texas. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. He's all Texas.


Yeah. He reminds me of my four year old when you fight with this is exactly like watching a toddler and an adult. Same thing. Yeah.


Or he's like I told you what I mean. I'm doing this like I want the marshmallow like I know, but we haven't had dinner yet.


OK, one hundred for that.


This is this is this is this is a tantrum.


It's a tantrum called the tyranny of the bird. You got to have done it. I got to have so I this I know this.


No one else's never put my six foot space in time.


And I can tell you because you can't spray the hose over the yard into the neighbor's yard, you can't spray those in the neighborhood. Got to pee in the toilet, buddy. In the toilet. Yeah, in the toilet. Yeah.


I mean it really is like watching. I see a lot of that now, a lot of social and you're like, oh that's the thing is like it really stands out to you when you see an adult acting like a toddler then. Yeah.


Jesus man. Yeah. It's interesting how grown up you're grown up and he's just they explode. So it's just unprocessed stuff so much.


I don't know if I've ever freaked out like this in public. I freaked out on people. Not like that. This is like this is crazy, I know after a while it's so upsetting that I want to, like, get away from them. I mean, it's just like it's it's too he's too much. Let's take it to, like, a little more fun type of dude. Sure.


Yeah. I like fun there. Yes, it's me again. Speedy Gonzales has it the in America. Do you really think you're going to fucking hack a fucking elder motherfucking net God and get away with it. Not when I've got a fucking metadata to prove that you're fucking act my fucking Gmail account to remove the fucking emails in question.


Wow. Well, look around around. Around, around. Fucking around. So it's been a very fucking naughty fucking girl who needs a fucking spanking.


I owe you all I fucking love you. I adore you and I cherish the fucking ground you fucking float across.


Ha ha ha ha ha. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. God, I love you. Oh, I'm just gonna.


What can I say that you like that because you do that to me, you burb, talk me all the time.


Yeah, very cool ending for a very cool video.


So I would I don't know, I would guess here. And of course, I'm not an expert. I'm just like a chiropractor.


I would guess that we're dealing with a manic episode of some kind or some sort of stimulant has sort of dictated that somebody behave in this fashion. Can I see the burp talking?


Dorian and I cherish the fucking ground you fucking float across.


Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. God, I love you. Just got it. You know what, though, what that's called improvisation.


Yeah, where he improv, the whole thing, the whole video. It was very entertaining. I'm saying, though, that he had that burp coming, but he didn't let it ruin the line. I didn't.


But you're right. But the big surprise to him, that's what I'm saying.


Yeah. And rather than oh, I should rerecord this because I belched. He built through it.


Well, use the belt. That's right. And he also thought at that point, I mean, these last few minutes have been gold. I'm not just going to erase all this, the spinning and the non ice bucket. I owe the Gmail.


And here's all so good. I can't waste this.


You know, I wish you loved me enough to make me a love tape like, oh, I'll make one for you like that. Come on. Tell me how much he loves Marley.


I loved me like he loves Marley.


This guy's got some stories that will make you shiver for sure. How did we find this guy? Anybody know it was just sent it on Instagram.


Oh, cool. So he has an account. Yeah, well, we'll do a deeper dive on him. OK, all right. This is this will also just keep it in the fun zone here. You ready to go? All right. Let's have some fun here. All right. And kick the patiño.


You like that, huh? Got around a good one. I like that one because it's voluntary, like, you know, that there's a danger and that happy happening and you just hope it doesn't happen. Yeah, that guy's arm is really bad.


Yeah, that was. And that's probably the pro. He's like, put it right there and this is how you kick. OK, you lower that pad a little bit. I'm going to kick right here.


Let's see. I want to kick things like kick right here. Right here buddy. Right in the oh. Oh shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, dude.


And that's a shin kick, right? Like he kicked them with the shin and I think his foot hit him in the face but.


Oh but like right on the button it maybe. Oh.


Lowers it a little. Oh.


Sounds like there's some Rusedski talk in the background. Yeah. That's why I like the root cause they don't fuck around.


Oh that right. No. It's the goddamn greatest country in the world. Vladimir Putin is the greatest person, Lenin is the greatest person. Josef Stalin is the greatest person. Boris Yeltsin is the greatest person. America is not the greatest country in the world. Russia. Yes, you fucking idiot. Yeah.


Yeah, stupid. I like it. You know what I like. Uh, passion. I like passion, too. The problem is these these kids don't have they don't remember the Cold War. We need to have my dad go over and explain. Yeah. What that stuff was like. I think this kid is I'm thinking, oh, my mom and dad don't think he's Russian and he's not Russian, but he needs to have some some older people talk to him about this shit.




Uh, can I tell you something? That guy that got kicked in the head, I doubt I fuck if there's Russkis in the background. I doubt he fell to the floor, collapsed to the floor and went, oh, my head. Like the tennis player.


Oh, I know the Russians really don't have a fucking pussy got knocked out. Yeah, right. He just laid there. They're probably like, all right, all right. Hey, hey, hey. We didn't know you were gay or whatever. And then.


Oh yeah, yeah. But some water in his face. Yeah. And then they're like, hold the mitts again.


We're going to come on, get back in it. Oh there's no way you got the day off.


Oh, oh. Can somebody be disqualified, got outshout my face. Bitch. Yeah, I kind of agree that you should keep playing. She should have kept refereeing. I hope she referee through her voice box being destroyed.


Just fucking like pussy, huh? Yeah, like that little pussy to pieces because plus he's hurt. That's why she is not.


Can I tell you, we watched this movie last night. Yeah. The Orange Heresy. Burnt Orange Heresy. Yeah. What a fucking title.


But I, I was. So they show a couple that hook up for the first time and they showed him eating her box and I was like first of all, how do you film that.


This is interesting. How does he film, how do you film that. Eating out a girl and just a regular movie.


First of all I got to say really good movie. I have to finish a really good movie.


And it's it's exactly what you want out of a movie in that you don't know where it's going. I don't like that's what I got to tell you this, though, because it brings me back to this. Look at this. No, no. Go back. Mick Jagger's in that. OK, great to watch movies. See that poster? Yeah, it's not a good poster. It doesn't even tell you what's it's what this is. One of the biggest problems in movies is, is posters that like people make decisions off of posters.


I mean, in this in this poster, probably most people are going Mick Jagger is in this Donald Sutherland and this that's it.


But like you don't know, like the movie is better than this poster.


Well, if I saw this poster, I knew nothing. I go, oh, is this a movie about Mount Rushmore or is this about. Yeah. Is this like a political thing or boring?


I don't even and then I talk to the iTunes top movies right now, and there's no way Americans know what the word heresy means. I guarantee you, the fucking population doesn't even know what this word means. Yeah, I mean I mean, it's so pretentious, but the movie was good.


The title is pretentious. I mean, but but listen to me. I want to discuss this. That member, they show them hooking up and he's going down on her. Yeah. And like that first frame. And I was thinking to myself, how do they film eating out scenes like he has to put his head in?


Well, yeah, but he's not really, you know, obviously doing that. But I mean, how embarrassing for an actress that data has covered, though, your co-worker down on your couch, but your couch is covered. Yeah. Yeah. Just like if you're a guy, you're Shillong and stuff is in a sock, you know. Yeah. Yeah. You're not really.


But if that was in the script, OK, did that determine you figure from taking the role and he has to be naked. We saw his stuff.


Yeah we did. Are these top movies. Can you make them bigger.


Uh, having a rough time zooming in on iTunes.


If you were to be nude and do a Fuxin in a movie, would you do it?


Yeah. But you so I'm saying in mainstream movies, you're for like a scene like that, the guy has all his stuff in a pouch, right? And the girl stuff is covered. They put it like.


But would you want people to see her naked? No, of course not.


But I mean, first of all, I would fluff like crazy before, like, if they're like, right. This is the scene where you walk out and your dick's in frame. I'm like, cool, give me a few minutes and like, we're going to reset every time it goes down, I'm going to give it a little girl. Come back up. Where's that image? Oh, boy. So can you click on individual ones or.


No, I just did a screen grab so that we could zoom in. Right.


So these are like. Because where does this one throw down? These are like like especially movies that you don't know, right, like there's there's because some of these like that elf, that irresistable poster is terrible. That's a tear when I watch it based on that artwork.


And I love those two actors.


Yes. Steve Carell and Rose Byrne. And, um, but look at that post also like it looks like an entry level graphic design. Like I was like, is this how you make a graphic?


It's no good. I could have done that on my my old west side should call and it's called irresistable.


So I'm like, OK, what is this about? Right. I have no idea what it's about and go up some go to the top here.


Dark nights. Good. You know what that's about. OK. Yeah. It's a cool poster and it's also in that John Wick good posters.


You know exactly what that's about, right? Black Panthers, same go down. Um, the Martian now that's misleading because that's a story of a man who never masturbates when he's on another planet. That's right.


And the whole time you're wondering what a master second about. See that one down there? Yeah, I don't know, I don't know down. That's the end of the screenshot. OK, by the way, we watched the second bill and Ted's the new one that came out. It was really stupid and entertaining. I highly recommend it if you just want like a fun light watch was really good.


Um, what's this new look at this poster? Um, I just saw this one too, where I was like, good lord, what is this? Um. There's a poster I saw for Made in Italy, look at that, made in Italy, Italy.


I think you're pronouncing it wrong. It like your dad. Yeah, this too. This looks like the first one on the left.


Oh, my. Is this about a gay couple? No, it's about a dad who fucks his son.


No, it's not. Yeah. Are you serious? Yeah. And look at the fucking poster. It's about a dad who fucks his son. Yes, that's what it's about. Look at that, how depressing is that, I don't want to see that. But doesn't the poster like isn't that a weird because the dad is insisting on and see how the sons like I don't want to look hesitant.


You're messing. Look at me. Look at the fucking. But the Marines. Look at that about us. A dad fucking his son.


It's the dad of the son. Go to Italy. It's just something that happens. It's a very common story. What happens is the father is aging and knows that like death is around the corner, wants to be his more youthful self who represents his youthful self, his son. What does he do to take that youth from him? He fucks his son. OK, that's a a tale as old as time. That's what happened. I don't I respectfully disagree, and that's what happened.


It's just like the gays. Yeah. Yeah, I'm your son. Yeah, my dad. Yeah. Oh, it's it is just like the gays. Oh, I see you now. You're making sense.


You can read it right there.


I'd like to read it. Bohemian London artist returns to Italy with his estranged son Jack to make a quick sale of the house they inherited from his late wife.


And then the fuck them all. When they close escrow, they sell them, though it's before then.


I'm telling you, that's what this is about. It is. It is. It really is I can't tell if you're joking, I'm not joking, I'm just saying. But how bad is that poster? Terrible. I don't want to watch the movie. I know. And I also I don't want to watch anything. That's a bummer of any kind.


I'm fucking my son is a bummer. Yeah. Fuck, yeah. I don't want I'm fucking your son. I know. Nobody wants to see that sir. Nobody wants you to do that sir.


Fucking your son. And I'm your dad. You ready for the good stuff now. Yeah. Here we go. I got an update for you. Let me give you the right sound cue.


Oh, OK. It's Tony Jones, my favorite.


You know, it's been bugging me lately. Oh, my fucking neighbor in our keeps on, you know, harassing me, whatever. You know what I'm saying? So long story short, you know, his wife comes home early from work. You know, wife comes home and, you know, she's like, Tony, can I get some help with my groceries? Because I was, you know, working on my car.


Mm hmm. I, I fucked up all of all my passenger, you know, or whatever was working on my car. And she's like, can I have some, you know, help him with the groceries. I was like, all right, I'll give you some groceries. One thing, you know, leads to another. I end up sleeping with my neighbor's wife.


We all finally know it is bad. You shouldn't do that. We are bad.


I have no like that as though we are part of him.


I mean, it's also like he just jumped, you know, as a story. But he's really abbreviated. I mean, he's like one thing led to another. I fucked her. We up out of your body.


And do you think it's wise to brag about it on social media when it's your neighbor's wife? Yeah. Anybody can find out.


I wouldn't brag about it. Yeah, I wouldn't do that either.


This is crazy. And then he he put on screen Muslim Women's Day and then he put he wrote, this is what I love about being a Muslim woman. He put that on there.


I'm not sure what that quotation is. Risky choice there, pal, on so many levels.


Yeah, it's Shia Muslim. Is that what he's in? He's insinuating that. I mean, that's what that implies, that a Muslim woman would do that, which I mean, again, that's a real risky thing to be put.


I mean, you know your own message. Oh, gosh.


Uh, he's the same guy who, you know, I got a DUI, so.


Yeah, this is part of it. I didn't realize that. Help me with my groceries is code for come over and help me. I mean, I didn't know that. Yeah. I thought it was just really help me with the groceries. Yeah. Right. Well from Tony John's you never know. Do we have this.


Um who do we have this white people clip. Do you have that.


Yes. And our guest coming in today is a huge fan of my creations on yeah, we'll be selling a number of them.


We got to stay. We got to save a lot of those for him.


They're all saved. It's a nice folder. Oh, it is. OK, well, this is the only one. This next one was very thought provoking for you want to discuss this? I'd like to. I'm just curious if anyone has any thoughts or feelings.


I have a very serious question for white people. Please do not cancel me. I don't have to follow up for that. And I'm not trying to make my life hard. This is a genuine, genuine question. There is no malice. I'm not here to make fun of nobody. I just have a genuine, genuine question. Yeah. And I guess this is also for like black people who don't live in the south as well. So my entire life I have noticed in black people that I come into contact with have noticed that there is a very distinct smell to white people whenever they're wet.


I can't describe to you what the smell is just because, like, that's what it's called. White people like peaches smell like peaches. Pomegranate smells like pomegranate. White people smell like white people. So my question is for white people, do black people have a specific smell to us whenever we're wet? And then for black people who don't live in the South, do the white people buy you when they're wet? Have a specific smell? I I'm just curious because I've noticed that my entire life I am finally comfortable and have the space to ask a bunch of people this question and get a consensus.


I need to know.


Hmm hmm. So I have a funny question.


Um, yeah.


I mean, listen, it's these are all valid questions. And I will say that I am very proud of this young man for having the courage to ask these types of questions in today's climate, because he's right. He can be canceled for even just asking an innocent question, like, do a wet white people smell?


Do they smell different? Yeah, it's a really interesting question.


I'm not sure, Tom, being a wet white person, I don't know. Well, I'll tell you this. I have heard not I have heard that white people smell like wet dogs.


I've heard that multiple times from different black people. They didn't.


Huh. Didn't say wet white people.


They said white people smell like white people smell like one time. So one time I did this show in Baltimore, at this club, at a club. They told me not to walk too from the area.


You should get a ride there. OK, it's a good thing.


And then I did the show and there was like twenty people, all black.


And they were like it was it was pretty like a pretty good crowd, OK.


And the alarm went off and there was like there was no security and but anyways shows fun. At one point I'm like I don't know, I just, I bring people on stage, OK, like I so I bring this black guy up on stage and I'm like, hey, what do you want, what do you want to say about white people that has never been set because I'm just like working it into bits. It's just fun, it's having fun.


And I see the guy in the booth like this, like what are you doing.


So I go. I go. What you want to say? Do you have anything to say about what or what I go what are white stereotypes that white people never hear? That's what I said to them. I still remember he goes white people smell like wet dogs.


I was like, huh?


He was like. And then when he said it, the audience was all black. They all laughed. Yeah. Like there was a consensus. Yeah.


And I was like, I had no idea. I go I had no idea. I smelled like a wet dog.


I had no idea to. I didn't know black people right in. Let us know.


Is it true you wear because maybe our nose isn't trained because we are dogs now. Like dogs. Yeah. We're were those dogs. We can't smell it. Yeah.


I mean and if also you could describe what wet white person smells like. Oh they're saying it smells like wet dogs. That's what he said.


That's what he's saying. Yeah. But this guy saying he's saying what I meant but he, he's, I'm sure he doesn't want to say it. Wet dog's wet dog.


Yeah that's hilarious. Yeah. Gosh I had no. Have you ever heard that before.


I've never heard that. Yeah. Now do you think that all races have different smells. If we smell like wet dog, what does everyone else smell anyway.


We came in here to contribute to this conversation. Yeah. Let me go grab him.


OK, well I mean this is a very thought provoking question. So does this mean that Asian smell different?


Uh, let me think I'm going to actually go as far as to say that there might be some truth to the hypothesis.


I think you're right and I'm going to go there, too. But also, yeah, it can be mixed in with the fact that different races and people use different products that contribute to us. Bingo. So, you know, different types of hair require different types and different skins. People use different products that might contribute any.


Please. Well, well, very important question. It's a really important question, if you don't mind my company. Hi, thank you for joining us today.


Our panel. Hey, this is a really important question. So this gentleman in this clip was just saying, do you want to just actually hear the clip?


It might be paramount here. Have you heard the clip yet? Oh, this might be important for you.


OK, you go. I have a very serious question for white people. Please do not cancel me. I don't have enough followers for that. And I'm not trying to make my life hard. This is a genuine, genuine question. There was no malice I'm not here to make. And Larry, I just have a genuine, genuine question, and I guess this is also for like black people who don't live in the south as well. So my entire life, I have noticed in black people that I come into contact with have noticed that there is a very distinct smell to white people whenever there when I can't describe to you what the smell is just because, like, that's what it's called.


White people like peaches smell like peaches. Pomegranate smells like pomegranate. Well, like the smell like white people. So my question is for white people, do black people have a specific smell to us whenever we're wet? And then for black people who don't live in the South, do the white people buy you when they're wet? Have a specific smell? I'm just curious because I've noticed that my entire I am finally comfortable and have the space to ask a bunch of questions and get consensus.


I need to know.


So here, here's what I think before you answer. I told you that one thing I have I have heard well before this like in a joking way, but more than once from black guys was was the I guess, the expression or the statement. White people smell like wet dogs.


I've heard that a few times. Sounds familiar. Sounds like it's ringing.


So so like, what's the consensus here?


Is this is this a common thing here with this guy saying, I was I was trying really hard to think of a different smell to describe what I was going to say? It really is. It is wet dog. I mean, if it's wet, though, it's only it's wet only when it's wet. But that's all white people smell. It is. And it smell well, you know what it smells like?


It's like a um like an unkempt beard. You know why people smell like that. Yeah. Yeah.


But like wow. But it's only but it's only when it's wet and I don't know. And the weird thing is that it's not even off-putting in a way do you. So used to it.


But you saying that if I were to get wet I would smell like a dirty beard and only when I get wet.


I don't know about you quite like in the rain or like out of a pool or just like in the rain or snow. Out of a pool for sure. They smell different out of the pool for sure.


And do you smell any other race having a distinct smell or just white people?


But you feel like black people have any distinct smell of oil on it. Is there any smell? Uh, I mean, I'd say other races smell like their food usually.


Yes. Well, here's my Korean Korean. A lot of garlic in the food. So when I was in Korea, people smelled the garlic. Yeah. Yeah, right. Right. Yeah, it seems normal.


Hispanic people smell like some fried just they say some real friend right now. Yeah. Black people, black people would be smelling like all types of it's whatever lotion they use cocoa butter.


So that's what I just said.


So I think because I think like especially if a white person is not around a lot of black people, often when they are close to them for the first time, they're taking in products that they're not used to smelling products.


Yeah, meaning like something in the hair, maybe like the lotion on the skin. It's new to them.


So that's what's distinct, right? Yeah. Because, I mean, you don't really need it. You know, it's like we we literally need to moisturize like 30 times a day just to not have ash all over our skin. So.


Yep. And then hair hair products are different for like different races basically, of course, that those usually come with some type of scent.


So but what gives us the wet dog smell is the product. You know what it is? It's that we have it. Good God had to make one thing bad.


So he was like, I'm just going to do this. One thing I'll put the sprinkler on. Is it because of our kale organic diets?


I don't know what it is. You know what I'll say, honest and what I can say, because I don't think the Yuta would. And the reason why. Thank you. I don't think so. And the reason why is I think a lot of white people are just comfortable, yellow, comfortable. So you don't feel as if it doesn't feel it's necessary to, you know, shower twice a day, maybe moisturize your face. So you're sitting on the skin that all that need to do that, that showing twice that it contributes to the smell.


So, no, I'm saying I feel like you don't. I feel like a lot of white people feel like they don't need to they're comfortable in their skin. So they're just like I could just I can not show.


They can get moily. You're their smellier. He's got a point. They're like, OK, for instance, I have relatives that don't shower every day.


I have a relative that would only wash his hair once a week.


And I'm trying to I'm trying to the deuce here. Are we saying that the people like that do smell more or don't smell?


They smell. He's saying that they're literally dirtier, that they're dirty. You may shower less and put less good smelly things on. Is that what you're saying?


Any, that they might be just smelly or because they don't bathe as much is that I think they feel I think I think that a lot of white people. Yeah. Don't feel the need to shower maybe twice as much.


Right. There's no saying that. You're saying that we know, not you.


So, no, I don't think that you smell like if you came out of the pool, I would expect you to smell like a fucking essential oils and all that shit.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's what I would expect. But what if you. Yeah, if you're just some random Joe on the block. Yeah. Wow.


I had no idea we smelled like wet dog. Yeah. You don't not you know, I mean I must have at some point in my life some dumb country bitch.


Yeah. Yeah that's fine.


Thank you Andy. We appreciate it. Thank you for weighing in on that. I'm going to stay and listen why people take a fucking shower, take a shower, dirt bag, stop.


Smell like a wet dog. Yeah.


You know, I mean, you know, he might be right about that. White people are dirty. Yeah, maybe. When I lived in San Francisco, a lot of these nasty bitches wore patchouli to cover up the smell of the coolest thing.


It was rather just smell like a like a morgue. Same then patchouli. Patchouli is revolting. So revolting. You want to make my dick soft. Yeah.


Put some patchouli on that. I agree. I agree. And white people use that to mask bad smells.


Yeah. And I don't know why it's always got to be the same type of disgusting fucking white person.


The hippie dirty hippie god. They're the worst. I hate I mean I'm not for genocide, but I wouldn't exactly, you know, a fucking object for rounding up the patchouli where's sane and just putting them in a fucking fire burn. Yeah. Yeah.


Like, oh, pouring patchouli on and then lighting the environment on fire and some butane in there. You know what else is gross. And then like a white person thing too is wearing Birkenstocks. Yeah. And then the bottom of the Burke gets darker and black from the dirt on their foot and the sweat and then they're just like this is my filthy stinky Birkenstock that I wear. Oh, this reminds my dirty crocks of the girl on the phone for forty.


Oh my gosh. Yeah, the girl on the phone. This girl we saw a girl in public at a public place and she. She just sat there, it's like in a park, in a small park, OK? And she sat there on the phone. For for over 45 minutes, we had a hole like we sat down for a meal, and so the whole time she sat there with her on a public chair, her legs apart, hanging over the edge with, like her skirt, just barely covering her cooch.


And then she had shorts on, so the shorts were cutting into her couch and but see it and how long? And then I watched her get up, walk, talk.


And it was all not it wasn't like she's on a bit. She was like about like I was like, yeah. As I was about out lot, I was like, yeah, because I could hear like little bits and pieces of it.


And then like, you know, the food comes, we eat, you know, we have our drink, they take the food away, they ask, do you want this? They bring the bill and she's just sitting there and she had her little slut nails, you know, white.


All white. Yeah, yeah.


When a girl has white. Yeah. Finger and toenails, you know, she's like she's a whore.


Just put it in my mouth, you know, like there's no there's no you have to fucking take me out, just walk up to me and put it in my mouth. That's nice Tom. Also that's what these white nails signify.


I think it was an odd choice of place for where she was having this stupid conversation. It wasn't an emergency conversation. Then we got up.


Don't forget, we got up and we go, let's just walk near her here, because at this point, I think it was over forty four.


We were like coming into our ridiculous.


And then she was like we walked by her to and we acted like we were looking at stuff and she was like, yeah, wow, CSR chick, how about that.


And I'm like, I mean your battery's going to fucking die on your phone.


Then we walked away and I go, I think she hung up and she was because she was like this, although she hung up, she's fine. She's just looking at phone. She was like, yeah. So she went right back to it. I mean it was by the time we left, it was an hour and 20 minutes.


Well, and also one has to wonder if it was a performance piece because like for everyone, because, you know, it was like a family place. Everyone's there with their kids. And it's a very odd place.


It's very a packed place to take a personal phone call for 45 minutes.


It's more than 45. I would have if I were her, I would have tucked away somewhere or gone to more of a private.


It was kind of performance. Like when somebody is in public yells on the phone, you're like, you're doing this for everybody here.


Oh, the best isn't you know, I don't take any shit.


Yeah, like, OK, no, because the best is in L.A. where people do their show business calls like that, like, well I told him that I'm the producer on this thing and you're like, we get it. You're in showbiz.


Yeah. It's so dumb. Yeah.


But yeah, I was trying to deduce what was going on in her life. It was a whole lot of nothing. It was. But this thing where these girls wear these, they're wearing the Lululemon now and the crop tops, that's one outfit that we see a lot of in our neighborhood. But then the short shorts where they're pussies are getting cut in half.


They sit like sluts. And you can see, I think, that if a girl drinks enough just that her nails just turn white.


I'm serious every time I see white nails on my ass. A little slut over there. Interesting. Interesting.


I think I feel like it's a very like Miami color, you know, like wearing like you're all super tan with your thong and you got your white nails. Like I fuck. What's up? Well, an ankle bracelet says I fuck her ankle bracelet to toe rings.


I've already said that in your act. That's definitely I thought that's just place your balls over my eyes. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


So and, you know, come to think of it, I think white people do smell like what does this take you to that. Yeah, well, because I was thinking about that relative I mentioned earlier. Yeah. He smells like wet dog and he's kind of a granola. A little crunchy. Mm hmm. And yeah, he he's a little smelly too. I think. I think I think they're on to something. These black people with this theory.


You guys have a good point. Yeah.


All right. Let's take a quick break. All right.


OK, we'll be back to talking about farts and dicks after this quick break.


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And we're so excited to welcome back.


After many years, an absolutely hilarious comedian podcast or the creator of Midnight Gospel on Netflix. You might see him roaming around Anchorage pretty soon. It's Duncan Trussell.


Hey. In Alaska's wild. Yeah, man, I know. But, you know, I've been watching with my kid this incredible Disney dock on Bears, huh? That John C. Reilly house, which is incredible. He's so great, so great. And he really gives voice to the bears. Yeah. You know, because, like, I think a lot of people picture, particularly the Grizzlies in Alaska as being ferocious. But they're not they're they're fun.


They love salmon. Yeah. And they you know, they do get in tussles with each other.


How can you mind can you raise that up a little bit? I'm sorry. Absolutely.


I'm sorry. No, no, no. What is this. Yeah, yeah. Just just the you know, so yeah. I want my kid. I mean, no offense to like city people, but yeah. I want my kid to experience like grizzly breath like that. Feel it. I feel it in his face. Yeah. That, that wild. Yeah. Wow.


And a lot of people would be critical of just hearing that statement and go you want your, your son to be face to face with a bear but you're like yeah, I want to live.


Yeah. And meanwhile, what's your kid face to face with every day. Oh you don't want my kid to be inhaling the breath of wild, exotic, beautiful, might I say somewhat erotic animal. Hey, while you're what's your kid. What's your kid. Breathe in in covid covid small Russian smog, your stress pheromones. You know what I mean. No, I want my kid to like, know what it's like to be in the face of a bear and not just a bear but all the wild animals of Alaska.


Well, and what's neat to is that you get that constant sunlight for months and months, which is really good. And then all your vitamin D in those few months. And then and then you hibernate to write bingo.


Yeah. Whole thing is like you get so much of it, then you're like, you know, I don't want anymore and then you don't get anymore, you know. Yes. Then then like Earth says, we don't put Sun here for a while at it.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Also the whole sun addiction thing. Yeah. That's a real problem. Everyone's like, I got to be in the sun. Oh let me get out in the sun. And I hate that shit man. It's like who doesn't come alive at night. Yeah. You know that's so cool. Yeah.


It's a it's interesting place to be going to do, you know like your your career up there. But I bet you'll come up with some cool shit in the woods hunting for meals probably.


And yeah. Well that's the other thing that's fucked up about a lot of places. And look, I know the laws in Alaska and you know, I guess for the sake of protecting my family, this is a joke. But to me, one of the craziest things right now in the United States is that there are laws that prevent you from having more than one wife.


So stupid, so dumb. Yeah.


And it's just, you know, it takes a village to raise a child.


It's a little to at many times I've said to Tom, I would love a sister, wife or wives, plural. Yes. And I have no problem sharing him. He's very sexually vigorous and full is erections are very powerful, even though he's forty one years old, unmedicated. So I'm all for it.


I admire her actions are not very powerful. I've got low. I do medicate. It doesn't do much bloat.


But I'll tell you, this is again why I want multiple wives because to wake it up to wake it up. There we go. That's it. To wake it up.


And so now is your wife, your current wife open minded enough or is she dumb and not want you to have more lives?


No, my wife is very open minded. We have a I have a couple of great brother husbands and we're like, oh, you're already doing it? Yes. Yes. Are they cool? Like the brother husbands? Yeah, they bully me.


But, you know, sometimes but we get along, you know, like we have we don't agree on everything. I'm not a car guy.


Are you is it like a like a, you know, different days of the week belong to different people? What kind of thing, you know, like it's physical combat sometimes or, you know, wrestling, so I'm not, again, like, you know, I have low right now. And so, like my in the earlier days, you know, I probably would have gotten jealous and really upset about, you know, having to vie for my wife's attention with a couple of, like, you know, 20 year olds, you know.


Well, I don't know about you, but I find it exciting, stimulating even when Tom has a new partner that I've never heard of. Narey, I don't know if you're in the scene like we are polyamory or you polyamorous. I don't know. I don't wanna put labels on the everything's a label.


I don't you know, I don't call it that anymore. I know that's what people used to call it. But I mean, is the when polyamorous. Right. Is Erb's polyamorous because they go to more than one flower.


Wow. Why don't you put it that way? Yeah, that really does make sense. And we're not that different from them, are we, bees? Yeah, no, not at all. Not at all the same. We fly through the gardens of society collecting great ideas.


That's done. Can you really get it? That's not me. That's actually Kirch. That's my brother has been. He says that. He said that. Yeah. That's pretty cool man.


For most people, isn't it just the most amazing feeling when your partner finds a new girlfriend or a new partner and you get to just soak up all that energy and knowing that somebody loves your other half as much as you do and waking up, they're still asleep and seeing their phone going off, knowing that that's their new love is sending the messages and waiting for them to get up in the morning. My husband found himself a girlfriend of our best friend's house.


So incredibly happy I can share this on Facebook. I get to share it here. Because they just can't hold it in. She's so amazing and so great together. I love seeing them holding hands and Mapley people. What's been your favorite thing, huh? I could tell that it resonated with you differently.


I don't feel like that. Yeah, at all. I have not gotten past it. I, you know, I, I actually I feel pretty unhappy every day.


Yeah. Yeah.


With your situation. Well I'm pro-gay rights and all those guys. Yeah. But they, they got the covid they lost their jobs. Yeah.


So I've been you know, it's just a weird thing to know that like and they just go on Amazon and order anything. Yes. Other thing, it's like there's not a conversation anymore and I just. Yeah. I don't know. I don't feel that. Yeah. I don't feel Inari honestly.


I feel you know pretty well I've been sleeping a lot.


Yeah. Yeah. It's um it's pretty intense man. I mean I don't know what it's like to be in that because it sounds like you have like what, three or how many brother husbands you have right now.


I have two brother husbands who. Kirk and Wayne. Okay. And then, um, but then also there seems it seems like my wife has been chatting with somebody online, but I'm excited too I guess because he is a professor. Oh, let me just be a little more of an intellectual. Yeah.


So I'm hoping, you know, maybe but yeah, I think it kind of makes you go, you know, where does Duncan fit in and all of this.


Well, that's where I'm headed to Alaska. Like I like basically the way my wife put it, go up there. You'll be like a pioneer and scope it out for us to open it out and find out where the Grizzlies are.




And go out there near the Grizzlies to, you know, get them comfortable with you. Oh, so you're going to go.


I see. Yeah. Makes sense. Yeah. You're the yeah.


You're the explorer. You know, what's neat about Alaska is that the men outnumber the women significantly. Right. Or is it the other way.


Yeah. That's my wife. Yeah. But yeah. Anyway, look, I'm not, I don't want to look as far as I'm concerned, people live the way you want to live. Right. If you want to be poly amrs, as they called it in the old days, be polyamorous. I would not advise it. Yeah.


As a man, as a husband is, you know, again, it's like the kind of thing where it's like I my own raiser's grossed me out, you know.


But when Kirk has trimmed his pubes. Yeah. And you realize he used your razor for that. Yeah. And then you confront him and he punches you in the chest as a response, you know what I mean?


And then it's just like, OK, so I guess I'm being censored here.


Yeah. Yeah. You know, it kind of breaks my spirit for you. But I mean, you're you're a tough guy. I'll say this. I'm glad that your outlook on some of these sister wives coming up is is more positive, you know.


Right. I mean, as long as they're well, as long as they look a little like her, you know what I'm seeing, like, a little different than me.


Yeah. No, they all have different colored hair, if that's what you're saying. Well, one's brunette. One's a redhead.


You know, I but I prefer I mean, I think what I'm trying to say is I just want them to not I know I get these two young girls or.


Well, the whole thing is like we're trying to make like a few more kids here. So I don't want to be too old, you know? All right. So I want to expand the family.


OK, you know, also, I mean, just think how good it will feel to make love with some, you know, maybe like a lingerie model or some, you know, like, I don't know, like a beautiful high. Yeah. Lingerie model. Right.


You're speaking well. And nothing makes me happier when you say this stuff. I am just little ear to ear.


I'm kissing ass here because Kirks and underwear model, I honestly I don't have any jerseys and leave me alone, you know. Yeah.


Yeah, by the way, one of the things I really wanted to show you, please, I wanted to show you this because, you know, you have such an interesting mind to me in the way you see things.


And you also know a lot of things.


I would say I've had conversation with you or you've enlightened me so many times. There's a man that we found that reminds me of you.


OK, well, he's he's a little bit older, OK? But his insight is what's important, right? He knows so many things. OK, this is how we originally found this video here.


Welcome to Revelation Unravel. This program is a continuation of my series on the Denver International Airport and especially the murals and the art contained there in because they are evil, they are signs of Satanism.


And on this program, I will point out that many of them are phallic symbols.


OK, there's a lot of previous videos I have pointed out. This is actually the figure of a naked woman and the crotch is formed by a burned form. This sign on the penguins cage constitutes a phallic symbol that in fact represents the male genitalia.


So you see how I see you in this, right? Oh, yeah. Thank you so much. And again, you know, I mean, like I am I because of covid, I've had more time to read and I will get to that level. Is that right now?


It's you know, it's so you have to learn, of course, to get there, but you got to read.


And, you know, I you know, I'm working on it, but yeah, I'll get there. I really appreciate that man. Also, he's more groomed than I am. Right.




But again, this is I mean, this is you after years of studying and, you know, I mean, progressing into this, I don't have a guy coming out of the Alaskan wilderness, let's say in twenty five years I was like, oh, look at the new dunking, you know, I mean, like that it takes courage to speak out against an airport like that.


It does. Yeah, it does. Yeah. This is he's putting himself in a great deal to approach the Denver airport by car.


You are immediately struck by this gigantic statue of a blue fiberglass horse.


Many of the shapes on the horse's tail and mane are phallic shapes. And of course, it is a masculine horse.


Yeah, he sees dicks everywhere. Everywhere, because, like I did not see that's the thing is we're all we're all students.


I feel like when I say we, I mean the world. Yeah. You know.


Yeah, that's the thing. Yeah. It's amazing that he's able to expose so many hidden dicks. That's so true. So true.


I mean, next, let's take a look at the layout of the Denver airport. Many other videos on YouTube have shown that this is in the shape of a swastika. But there's one video that also points out that the outdoor baggage handling area is in the shape of a phallus is too.


It's really it's so I like what I like. Here is the combination of anything that combines swastikas and penises is obviously exciting, too.


I think most well, yours and the penis bothers him more than the swastika.


Sounds like it in baggage claim.


Yeah. That was a good impression. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I wasn't, of course, as Christians, we need to understand that the phallic symbol is a powerful symbol in many pagan religions, worship the phallus because it's a symbol of life. But we know there is a more powerful symbol which negates the phallic symbol, and that is the cross.


Oh, I wish you saw buttholes everywhere. Well, the video needs the best thing here, which would make this the ultimate video of all time is if it pan down and he's got a giant dick rock hard like rock hard and again with this year's dick. And he's like, this is on me evil.


Look at these sprouting out of me.


Evil, just conquering shape like a crucifix and what I can and I bit.


And then he just jumped at the camera and was like, this is what I think of you guys out there.


And he just blew a nice trick, just like Christian was a mystical, mystical load.


Those of us who have been washed in the blood of the lamb understand that phallic worship is satanic and evil.


Can you stop saying right? Sorry. So I'm going to have to answer to our Lord for what we have purpose. I'm glad I can prove this monstrosity.


Here's your message. While he is this guy can simultaneously say dicks are bad while talking about being covered in farm animal blood.


Yeah, right. I weird kind of weird is are but yeah.


But the blood of the lamb is like oh wow. Yeah that's right.


Yeah. That is so strange to me.


And then I'll stash you as I imagine a lot of people might, might be thinking, oh it sucks that there's only one video of this guy. No there's not.


There's more.


So here's here's one we discovered last week just to catch you up and then we'll go to the videos is great.


Here's the last one pretty.


This is just a brief commentary on a new Flaig created for this campaign. Now, up here on the left, we have the official logo of the Obama campaign. That's a big old which stands for him. And below that, there are several stripes which indicate the homosexual movement.


In other words, I think Obama's logo, we have two stripes and three stripes, which look much more like streaks of blood. Now, some people don't like this kind of perversion of the American flag because it is very satanic.


So, you know, when he finds out that microphones look like dicks, he's got to be in trouble.


Man, he's pointing it at his mouth, of all places. It's right in front of the devil snuck in Romney's hands. Oh, my God.


Oh, wow, man. That's. You nailed him so hard. He's going to have to make a comeback because we like Duncan Trussell. I saw that you discussed on my flag video that I'm pointing a phallic symbol.


And, of course, as my subscribers know, true stripes over three represent the Antichrist. There you go. So Israel is the number point six six six.


OK, well, I'm glad you're getting educated, Duncan.


This is all new to me and it's changing. I didn't know I was getting red pill today.




What do you suppose the pheasants mean? As a wildlife lover? You are living in Alaska soon. What do you think the symbolism of the birds are in the book?


Well, you know, so I'm going to speak from before getting my mind blowing in my reality, shattered by this man.


I you know, to me, pheasants have always been a sign of, you know, they're erotic, you know, much like the grizzly, you know, that's an erotic bird.


You look back there and you see, you know, it's like being it's erotic dancer nature.


They're basically like strippers. Yeah. Well, you know, I didn't want to say strippers. I don't say that sex workers. But I always think of them as the sex workers of the bird.


Yes, pheasants are the sex workers of the bird.


This is essentially only fans video from birds right now.


Yeah, but again, you know, I think that's another interesting thing in the sense, like, you watch someone like this on one level, you think, OK, I'm looking at some kind of potentially highly repressed paranoid person using a world religion to project his aggression into the world.


But then if you think about it on another level, this could be like an actual like a deep level, a cultist who is because like no one.


Why are you turning me on with the birds? Right. Right. You know what I mean? He knows what he's doing with those sexy legs. I'm saying it's like, OK, I hear what you're saying. But on the other hand, you're holding that phallus. Yeah. With some pretty fuckin I'd say those pheasants are in heat. Yeah.


Well, look at the firm grip on that mike to double double it. Yeah. Practically choke it with real, real big dicks. Yeah. Well you need to have. Yeah.


Kirk never man. Man.


I doubt very much if the designers of this flight really knew what they were doing. I don't think they wanted a satanic flag with satanic imagery, but maybe they consider that perfect for the Obama campaign. Wow.


A lot a lot of shots taken there. And oddly enough, I mean, this obviously has to be a dated video.


I never heard Obama speak back with this man.


So how is that confirm?


There you go. There you go. There you go. A little quiet over in Hawaii. I didn't hear anything.


And by the way, we reached out to Obama's office and guess what? They said, no comment.


Wow. Of course. Of course. Well, we all know what silence is, is now. We have a new video from this gentleman. I can't wait. Oh, boy. I think it's probably give me full of knowledge. Let's get right into it.


This is the logo which the Vatican is promoting to announce the pope's visit to the United States. And at first glance, you might think that this was a family logo promoting a normal marriage between a man and a woman. Yeah. However, there is a hidden agenda in this logo to promote the gay agenda.


Oh, first of all, this is five years old. Is this man with us anymore?


See, he's in heaven. He is. He is still alive still. And so putting out information. Hmm. OK, good.


I can't believe, you know, this is the kind of person they disappear quick. Yeah. This is the kind of person ends up in an Area 51. Yeah. They'll take you down. Yes. So you must know something.


He's got some I mean, this is a five year old video, but it's still obviously it's still very relevant. I mean, here we go.


He's got a killswitch. This image actually shows two men.


Oh, in their relationship is a sexual one and not one of holy matrimony.


Oh, it wow.


Figures are actually in a masculine shape. They are wider at the shoulders, the upper part of the body, and they taper down just like a man.


I have no problem swallowing, just like a not a man sneaky man, like the men that sneak into my mind at night.


And we have a dick videos already. Dicks are everywhere. And then. Too bad bad men, you know, there's a theme going. There's something in his mind that he's constantly thinking about.


Yeah, there is no indication that the figure on the left is a woman, even though it is shorter. And if you look at how ordinary logo's of men and women, for example. Yeah. Outdoor public restrooms, you'll see that the female always wears a dress and has to distinguish the female from the male.


Yeah. Yeah. I mean, how else are you going to do it. Yeah, exactly. Let me see all that.


OK, well notice to where is he. He's standing in a phallus garden.


Do you see those dicks growing out of the glass. Yeah, there are dicks sprouting up everywhere. Dicks and look at all that. Look at all that pubic hair behind him. Yeah.


And the dick is coming out and he's probably up to is wasting a vat of cum that.


And by the way, you see there's sculptures there. You see the sculptures. You sculptures has holes.


What goes into holes, Dick? That's right, Tom. We're getting it in the Vatican local. There is no distinguishing between the male and the female. In fact, they are both male and also the two children and undershot. What are they? Are they boys or girls? God.


So can you imagine getting kidnapped by that guy? Oh, can you imagine? Like, you wake up in a cabin with that guy and like, you got to, like, listen them for a year and you would grab you would submit, you know, someone told me something really creepy would think about like it was a spoof so stoned with a friend of mine.


He was saying, like, you know, if you got kidnapped. At some point, you would just start believing what the kidnappers said, because otherwise you would go crazy. Yeah. So that you would just kind of give up your past. Yeah, I guess this is where I am now. I'm in this cabin.


What's the what's the Stockholm Syndrome, right. Where you you, you, you identify you sympathize with your your kid and your captor.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. You start going like. Yeah no he's right. I guess you're right. I don't know what I was doing.


I mean I but this one would be painful because your mind would be the mind you have right now. But the fuck are you talking about.


But after because he would be relentless when you were like no he'd be like shutting the door lock and again and the next day he'd be like, so let's talk about the symbols of the Christ.


And you be like, yeah, they're fucking everywhere. I know. I'll start teaching your teachings. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


And then but what's annoying with him and his symbolism is that, OK, a shorter being next to the right one. Technically, women are shorter than men and those are traditionally symbols for women, you understand. So he's he's finding other symbols to serve his purposes, guys.


And I, I don't wanna abide by it.


I mean, I looked at that and I thought that on the left it was a woman holding a child holding the baby. Yeah. Even though, like, she doesn't have a dress and big tits. You show me the I drew that conclusion.


That's interesting to me. It looks like a dick. It looks like she's got a big dick. Well, guess what.


What what is that between them? Is that a baby? Well, obviously, no, it can't be a baby. No, that is in fact, a hidden phallic symbol.


There you go. We you gotta tell me when, you know, watch.


And in fact, gay sex.


Oh, is she dead, by the way, since gay sex. Yeah, it's the same way Yellowstone rumbles like all that energy inside.


Oh, inside details. Oh, God. You're going to get hard till I'm ready to come.


Yeah, I just like it's so sad. I mean, look, he didn't mean he's trapped. You know, that sucks, you know, because he's like always just like, you know you know what they say. Opposites stand back to back. Right. If you ever heard that. But no. Yeah. And he's just like right next to heaven. Like as soon as he lets go. Yeah. This thing and just let himself be gay.


Yeah. He's going to be in paradise. Yeah.


The happier he'll be the happiest 85 year old gay man in the world.


In the world. Like I think maybe he is the reason they will weird in the world.


They'll wheel him in to like a blobbing and they'll be like here it is, this is heaven before you depart and he'll just fucking work his way and get over it.


Yeah, but this is not just Fallick.


It is also here is where Satan is hiding himself. Yet as an angel of light, you look at that image and you think it is a family image. It is not. Is a satanic logo promoting gay marriage? Oh gee.


So what's with the Satan stuff? So I know that he's blatantly homosexual, but what how to Satan? What's the obsession tying the two together?


I think just like homosexuality, satanic police say, oh, it's all it's all intertwined.


Yeah, yeah. It's bad. It's bad, it's evil. And it's all because his dick is hard when he a look and go, oh yeah.


That's all. It's all it is. Every time I see a guy my dick is hard and I got it.


I got to rail against those tasty tasty cocks. Yeah.


Was dicks everywhere. His whole world is just picture everywhere. Yeah. That's so crazy.


That's going to be the weird moment when he meets God. Yeah. And God says I made you the gayest man like I made it.


So you get like fuck and suck and enjoy other men's bodies. And the whole time you saw dicks everywhere, I put dicks all around you to lead you to where you want to be. And instead you rejected me. Oh, wow.


He's doing that's really disturbing video. You're totally right. He's doing this type of video instead of this type of video.


Okay, you come. You come. Let me see. Let me see how much you can let me see. Let me see all that stuff. How much how how big a load I'm going to swallow.


You know, it could have been doing this. I need I need it right now.


Why now. OK. Can you see this now? Give it to me now, are you. Tried to show you know what I'm jerking off? Well, I can only stand I can show you later. OK, thank you.


Cool down, Dad. You can see what's going on here is the question. Yeah.


Yeah. OK, I can feel it. Hmm.


Oh that's good.


So looking forward to it. So it's one year with this guy.


You're his hostage, this guy, Ed Asner, for one year with the dick guy.


I'm taking Hasner. I mean, in a week, that's a free being. That's a that's a free you're right there. You're looking at a purely autonomous actualise being. It doesn't necessarily match my version of what enlightenment looks like, you know, like beaten off in your apartment with, like, that weird Tony Robbins headset I put down.


What the fuck? Like, he had to get that to masturbate. Yeah.


Which is. Yeah, yeah. I'm telling you, it's like, you know, I was on the way over here. I was talking to a friend of mine. I'm like, I'm going to your mom's house. I like it. And you know what you're talking about.


He's like, oh, you're going to see some Tic-Tac videos. And I was talking about, oh, I love those Tic-Tac videos. And I was about to say something really judgmental. I was going to say, you know, sometimes what I watch is Tic-Tac videos you put up.


It's like looking at like a level of hell or something like I was going to say something really fucking dark and mean. But before I could say it, he's like, yeah, you know, you see those Tic-Tac videos and there's a part of you that thinks, wow, I wish I could be that free. Yeah.


And it was so smart and philosophical that I felt like, God, I'm such a judgmental. Yes.


I'm like looking at like beings who are like truly who they are. The difference between this guy so true and the Dick Garden preacher is that the Dig Garden preacher doesn't want other people to be the way they are.


You know, that's why he's so evil, right? You're seeing this guy isn't sitting in this guy's, like, celebrating his ability to orgasm. You see a happy guy basis. Yeah. And how's that?


Oh, is that better leave the shirt on.


That's fine. Oh, yeah. No, no, don't take it off the air.


Well, let me take this off from there. Go ahead. I see that's a problem for him.


He thinks about that off camera. Sometimes I don't work out. I get his shirt off without pull that thing off.


I guarantee you that's like I bet he has other friends who do this who are like, hey, I know a better headset or you can get your shirt off.


You said, OK, well, let's put it that way. I'm half cut. Well, because I got cut when I was adult.


I was in the military and the doctor messed it up.


I had a virus.


And that's like I said, I think it's growing in Colorado and now to circumcised me completely so that you wouldn't have the problems.


And that's as far as he got.


Wow, that's wild, man. Yeah. How about that? That happens to us. You know, we're in these bodies and it's like, yeah. You know, you're going to. Isn't that crazy? Yeah, it is. That fucking happens.


It's it's crazy whether you're in the like jerking off on camera or whether you're like saving the world, you're still like our bodies get. So that just happened. Just happens. Bam, you know that not everybody I thought, wow, see, I just pull the skin forward the way it's normally when it's asleep.


He's like the David Attenborough jerking off comes right out.


It's like I can see why you're doing what he's doing. You know what it's for people in the audience. You might be vision impaired, right? Well, you know, there's really not nice people here.


Here's another video, because we have that's him and the guy that he video chat. That's Mark. Mark. Yeah. Now, interestingly enough, Leo's very chatty when he does his sessions with Mark on the phone. He's quiet as a mouse. He's super quiet.


OK, OK, OK, two things. One, I'm going to say and I don't mean to do conspiracy theory here, but I'm not positive. He's like, is he giving him a blowjob?


Mark is. But to me, that reminds me of like in the movies when you get the right angle and it looks like you punched somebody.


Yeah, I think he's doing, you know what I mean? We're questioning if it's really happening. I don't think he's really. I don't know that he's sucking his dick. What do you think's happening, play it, let's see who's first. This is the kind of thing we need to get the deck witness here to look at and break down.


The Guardian's guy needs to be there because, like, he would be like here you see the what?


Now, that's real. I don't know for sure that he's penetrating him. I mean, look how quiet Leo is here. He's barely he's not even saying a damn thing. I'm I'm sorry. I think you've been had like I think shit really. I think that simulated sex. I don't I'm. Wow. I think it could even be a green screen man. Green screen. Yeah.


I think they I think they're like, if you look noticed that green hue behind them. See, I think that's bad compositing. I think that they're using a green screen to make it seem like they're in some kind of like dilapidated apartment with weird walls. But my guess is that they're like in a private palace or some kind of was a common thing for the super elite to do.


By the way, is is to mask like what they're really doing and create like a false basically visual that sex is taking place or just.


Yep, yep. Oh, it's absolutely it's one of the things they do. It's like I don't know why they do it, but yeah, that's more than likely.


What you're looking at is two of the world's elite.


Do you know the people who I know, the people you know, by the way, I wanted to switch speeds here because you were so kind to send me a video a few weeks ago.


I told you we talked about coming on and you're like, oh, check this out. So I, I, I bookmarked it and I have it here. Maybe you could tell us what's going on.


And may I just ask one question, though, before we dive in? I'm so sorry. Sorry. I want to go back a second. I don't know if you can even go back, but it maybe this is a question for your viewers, huh. Do you think?


When you're being penetrated, Tom. That it's OK to not react, it's OK to lay there like that? I don't I don't think that's nice. I think that, like, especially being penetrated anally. Yeah, I mean, vaginally.


You know, you you know, sometimes I mean, I've been with women who are like, why don't we start? And I'm like, it's all the way and stuff like that. Yeah.


You know, I'm talking about older women a long time ago. I mean, I know what you mean. Yeah. Many years ago.


But then, like, I feel like anally you should give a little bit of like, oh well it is it's a different region.


It's Oh hey. Yeah I know. And yeah, it's for him to be stone faced.


And not only that, can we can we look at Leo and Mark again, just the imagery.


You know, it's hard to go back. It's hard to go back. Oh I'm sorry.


Yeah. The point being that you see Leo, who looks to be about nine months pregnant. Right. Big whooshing And as you and I know from me being pregnant twice. Yeah, that's a really hard position.


That is to get into the side me side or a big pillow.


Yeah. Here and do but in the dog or something like that.


Yeah. I just yeah. I think, I don't know that kind of speaks to his elitism.


I think the fact that he was like I lay on my back with my big machine like he's, he's the queen.


He's like I'll just lay back and you do all the work toppin from the bottom.


Right. Right. Yeah. I guess that's the analysis. Yeah. I don't know. I just feel like you could at least like some. Yeah. So he's doing I mean he didn't make a peep. He seemed like he was napping.


Yeah. Oh wow. And not even looking at Mark just like. Yeah. Yeah.


Kind of staring off. You're right. Yeah. This was a simulation.


It's almost like Mark was like can I. He was like fine. Yeah I know.


I like yeah yeah yeah. That was a pity fuck. Like did the the mark pay you to do this or something.


Yeah. Yeah. I didn't feel the excitement. I don't you're saying like I want to feel something. I want to feel your asshole get penetrate. I want to feel that that initial.


Yeah that's right. Yeah exactly. It's like that first taste of a Fresca. Yeah. But this guy's like just, just chugging the whole.




Look man I think relationships take work and if you're going to you know. Yeah. Put a little into it. Put something into.


That's my whole. Yeah. That's where it spits.


OK, so that's him during phone sex or video sex. He's very, very responsive for it. So is that the robotic Duncan. What did you send it.


Oh yeah. Because this is from the Trussel collection. Yes, this is like I think this is one of the ways we've connected. Yes, it is. I started sending you some videos that I found.


Oh, by the way, over the years, Mastrov sent me some alarming, like, really eye opening. Yeah, I only and I get sent a lot of stuff. I know.


And I'm not going to waste your time, so I like I only send you the fine.


Yeah. This I was like whatever like dude this is a whole lane. This is a whole lane. Yeah. This was, this is a whole genre of videos. But and what I, this is what I like about this one is that it's clearly like this is his art because he's calling it Mark Martin manure tank.


Right. Like it's like he wants people to know that this is a even more hunk's might take showers.


So there's a there's a tag line. Yeah. Color.


There's a lot of these out there, which is that, you know, I didn't even know. I like when I if I'm thinking of a manure tank, I'm thinking of, like, it's going to be just filled with, like, solid shit.


Right. But apparently there these tanks out there that have, like, liquified shit in them. And I think one point one of the problems, if you have one of these tanks, is a punk will climb over your fence and bathe in liquefied shit because, you know, some farmer gamarra is like Mother fucking Mark Martin, get the fuck off my phone knows his name.


God damn it, Mark. It's like I didn't get this far, I'm going to be man. Thank you. I didn't know he did that. Let's keep it real.


Holy shit, that's like an escape. Wow, I like that.


Oh, I like the eye contact. I can't I she's got to be a brewski in his home. Oh, he does have a beer.


Yeah. I think I would ask for a beer too if I was shooting the scene.


But can I get a beer while I do this. God damn man.


I like everything about this dog and he you know for sure I would love to know if he's on it and it supplements. Yeah. Because like this could be you. I would love to have that imaginary figure through that.


Like a spring like a like a like a hot spring day in Anchorage. Yeah. And you go for a walk and. Yeah.


Beautiful mountain range and then you see mud spewing out of a fucking tunnel.


I'm just laying and rolling around with all that t that new T raging through you.


I love it. Maybe like a grizzly sees me if they're watching as I my.


Yeah. And then instead of like attacking you he's like this is a he sees you as an equal, you know, like he's like starts going out with you.


Imagine that you're wrestling with a grizzly up there. Holy shit.


Pretty cool. He takes you with him. Oh I wouldn't open my mouth. No houses. He's free. You would get that reborn. Oh, wow. All right. Close your mouth. Close your mouth.


OK, now in the crotch. Oh, I always masturbate. You get this far.


I didn't man. I didn't know I probably should watch whole videos before I send people.


I get so many terrible where you could call the cops, are you? I have to, I think I don't know.


I didn't know, like I think also, you know, he's got to turn up the senior year hamming it up. I think once you've done the shit bathing. Yeah. Following that with some light, it's hard to follow.


Now, let me say, though, I mean, as a curator of the bizarre video, I really like this. I see it as a it's a good aesthetic choice. I like this is ah, this is art.


No, actually, I really I'm enjoying it. I'm drawn to it for some reason. I find it intriguing.


It's he's very charismatic. This guy. I like this from this clip. I'm into it.


I like it even more. This is how you talk about this, finish her. That's wild to me. Like it's you can show someone rolling around and shit that you can't go like that. Yeah. So. Oh, wow. Oh, wow, what a performance. That was a really strong job.


That wasn't something that would give something that was really something I like to people order to me, too.


It adds flair. And the choice of like greyscale is interesting.


We we actually have something in this space a long time ago and a lot of people saw it as our original might make you vomit clip.


It was like it was it was the line for a lot of people. And this is the clip.


Oh, fuck. Oh, yeah. I remember this old class. Yeah. A lot of people.


This is the problem. If you don't look an unruly gimp will get in your septic tank right there. No, for that. Yeah.


Gang, if you're going to this is I'm telling you if you're going to have a gamp. Yeah. And you think they're not sneaky because a lot of people will they will have a gimp and they will get tricked by the gamp into thinking they're slow.


Yeah. That's one of the first things. Yeah. They're not new gamp owners are inevitably like they realize these things are fast as fuck.


They skidder, they get understaff, you know, they're gone and. Yeah. And for sure if you have a septic tank, this is whenever I've gotten messages from people regarding like having lost their gamp, I'm always like, where's your septic tank in the tank? And they're like, yeah, I'm like, go check and then send me an email. I was like, Thank you. That's where he was. Yeah. They just go, Right, do it, man.


Well, what's interesting about this one is that he's wiping his eyes so that he may see did the guy before him, did Mark wipe his eyes?


I think Mark was like a little bit more natural setting. Yeah, this is I think this is higher concentrated who, you know, like.


But I think also that that's part human poo. Yeah. Whereas Mark's doing like how I was that right.


I didn't realize that's an interesting choice. This is a very real serious health hazard in this case.


Yeah. Oh yeah.


I know. I know. It's the worst man. And like I'm telling you, this is just like classic game behavior and it's more of a health hazard because I'll tell you, that's another problem is you're going to have to watch the gimp. How are you going to get it off of him? You got to hose him down. And then because you're hosing him down, he's like getting rewarded because they love that.


Oh, right. Right. So that's going to make him reinforce reinforce the bad behavior. Yeah, exactly.


What do you do? How do you beat again? Like how do you train and hope you can't beat again. Again you reinforce. They love that.


Oh really. You're going in especially right after they've been taking a shit bath.


Maybe like baking a cake or something.


Every time he does, it's just isolation, isolation, isolation.


And do they have a special health insurance like SAG? Are they union?


It is hard to imagine. You get sick, you die. I think, you know, they don't really go see a doctor. Very rare. Yeah, very hardy. Most of the time they'll get sick, but they won't die covered in boils and pox and fleas and pestilence. But yeah, it's I know two people whose gimps have passed away and I was from old age. Wow.


Wow. Wow, it's a spa day here. I don't. Is that hair is old toilet paper. Oh, bit but everything.


Oh my God, that's the worst. I just imagine it's Hershey's syrup. I don't think of it as well.


Here's a I guess this is a new clip. Piglet's plays from the dumb not so you look. Yep, classic game behavior. Oh, you really playing with fire when you have the worst call? You nailed it on the head, Duncan. I thought you might be joking, but you're not. Oh, no. This is what they do, really. And this is what they do.


And I guarantee I would bet I don't know, five thousand dollars that another gamp is driving that really this is someone who's got to Gamse didn't secure the Gamse boom. That's what you get. I have no pity for them either.


OK, it's like no, this is like this, right. You know, the boundaries have broken them.


Yeah. Yeah. Looks like it's another gas again. I didn't realize they were so on. Just so hard to keep. Oh my God. It's like yep. That's one of the worst. It's like one.


Oh God. It's like having a German shepherd that gets out of the yard and they roll around all around.


It's just and they honestly like he thinks he's being so clever. He thinks he's like every gamp has this weird sense of pride and they revel and escape. But yeah, it's just annoying because you're like, hey, I've given you this great life.


You feed you three times a day. You've got the three times a day.


No, no, no. That's you got to keep them pretty hungry, actually, because again, this is an overfed gimp. Yeah. It's got the energy to get out and do that, you know, which like clearly you have to in a caloric deficit basically.


Right. Yeah. Oh yeah.


Caloric deficit. Feed them. You know, you're going to give your gamp like half a glass of piss and some mashed potatoes every day. And then you got to watch because, you know, you want to make sure they're not starving. But look, don't the problem with the popular podcast like you're showing this. Yeah. Is it does the same thing that Beverly Hills Chihuahua did for Chihuahuas before. Gasps Oh, you know what I mean?


They buy them and they want to get up. And now you guys have all these people getting Gambs. Yeah. Not taking care. And it's like we didn't mean for that to happen, but look what we did on accident.


Yeah, man. And your point and you're going to get septic problems all over L.A. could scratch this whole segment.


Yeah. Yeah, I would cut this.


Be very sure. Yeah. My bad. I put a warning up for something. You know. That's a good point. Yeah.


Yeah. Let's not people by the way, if you watch now, don't think that you know just how to handle a game just because you saw a segment on our show.


Yeah. You don't it's it's actually it's some people like it's passed down over family lines. Sure. Generations to really like take care of a game. Yeah.


So you have you know, you're going to live with the Bears. But but what actually prompted you to want to leave L.A.?


Right. Well, you know, I'm I'm I'm not a homeowner. I rent. Yeah. I'm renting a place. It's ridiculously expensive but wonderful. And I just feel like living in a city that's locked down where you can't do stand up. Yeah. And, you know, like if you're going to eat, you're going to be like if you go out to eat your Ellies. Beautiful man. I feel I love this city so much and I like, you know, anybody who's like gotten figured out a way to, like, get a job doing comedy here, podcasting because of this city.


I think it's an eternal kind of debt, you know, because it's like, holy shit, whatever is fucked up is this place isn't as weird as the system is. And all of it. It's like I met y'all. I got to be at the Comedy Store. I got to like, you know, it's crazy that I it's just like it's crazy that I got to become a comic at the Comedy Store when I, you know, when I didn't even want to be a comic, I just end up becoming a talent coordinator.


I look at all the crazy things that happen. I love the city. I guess I understand that because I don't want to sound like I've been out here shitting on the city. But, God, this city is fucked up right now. Yeah, right now it's fucked up. It was always like, this is fucked up right now. And I had a moment of thinking like, well, are you going to like leave a city that why shouldn't you stay and try to, like, be a part of the community?


Or, you know, I had those moments, but I've got a kid, you know, and I just I, I just don't want him, like, I just want to I want to be up in nature. I've also got, like, a conspiracy theory side. I only want to call it that. But I do have a weird sense of like, man, I've never in my whole life living in the United States experienced the weird fucking hell.


It's a weird, but it's a weird vibe.


And it's a I think it's a weirder vibe in L.A.. Yes.


I mean, twenty twenty got one vibe and it's weird. It's weird and it's sad. But I also feel like I kind of feel like that weirdness makes you go if it gets weirder, like you want, like you.


You start to think about where you want to be, and I feel like I this is not a city I want to be in when it gets weirder than this. That makes sense. Absolutely.


So you go like this, if this goes more sideways, this feels like not the place to ride this out.


No, I'm and, you know, man, like my Johnny Pemberton here. Just on your show. Yeah. Great. Holy shit, man. Johnny Pemberton has been posting these mithai videos on Instagram that have been like burning me up because like that looks like an incredible mithai. And I was looking up how to make a meeting like the ingredients you've got, like there you've got to order, like you have to get shipped booze shipped in from like Miami and stuff to make the kind of mithai he's got.


Like, he's this really weird collection of old PNB is doing incredible mithai ingredients. It's the sweetest thing. Came over to my house to really to say goodbye, but under the auspices of making me and my tie. And he made this delicious mithai. It was incredible. It was like a tropical pan made it.


Was this the best fucking thing ever? And and words we're sitting in my we're standing in my pool during the heat wave hundred and twelve or 15 degrees.


And that the the the light is yellow. Yeah.


From the smoke and then it starts snowing ash. Yeah. Yeah. And I'm sitting there thinking I can't have I this is the kind of thing where.


And I don't want to sound cheesy or whatever, but, you know, you listen to the Earth and it's like it's snowing ash.


The sky is yellow and it's hotter than it's. I went to India once. It never got that hot. It's so fucking hot. Like like like hot.


Like this is what you are in an oven hot. And I know other people in other parts of the world are like, shot that fat guy by seven.


Well, it hit 120. Yeah. Parts of the valley. Yeah. But it's pretty pretty.


A world class heat, a gritty world class heat man. And also I'm not a homeowner if I own a home, it's a whole different story because like it's like, you know, you're investing in your in your property and like, stick it out. But I'm I'm renting. Yeah. In a city that I can't do comedy. And how much do you miss doing stand up?


A lot, man.


And I miss it.


I miss it, I.


It's it it's like, I don't know, man, that I feel like I've I've all like you, you know, there's so many great comics at the Comedy Store.


I've always respected your work ethic and like have recognized like, holy shit, man, this is like a mystical activity that you're doing. And that and for me, it was like, I love it, but I don't know if I love it quite as much as y'all do. And I don't have a problem saying that I still love it. It was everything going to the Comedy Store and doing standup, everything. It wasn't just like cathartic. It was like a community, you know what I mean?


You're hanging out with, like, just that thing were comical that you respect. I have to get off stage or punch up a joke and like all those just moments that were happening there. Damn it, man, it was so much to me that I was literally staying in L.A. for it like that was it? I didn't the Midnight Gospel. But in my head, I was always thinking, if the Comedy Store goes away, I don't think I'm going to stay in L.A. anymore.


It meant that much to me. I know.


I know there's a lot of a lot of people feel the same way as, you know. I mean, it's really because when I we talk about moving a lot and to me, that was my first well, my first or second thought was like the Comedy Store, but it's our community. It was where we went when Brody died. And like I remember that, like all of us, that was actually and that was crazy.


I mean, as sad as a circumstance was, that was an awesome experience to be with all of us and everybody that collectively was like really, really special and was I feel the same way, too, like I'm crying, even just thinking about it, because it's sad to see I grew up here and to see the city where it is now.


It's like fucking Mad Max right now.


Yeah, it's crazy. It's horrible. Yeah. And yeah, I don't know what the answer is. I don't know what to do.


But I mean, you know, I just like I like, I like, I just think you have to listen to this is what happened was and again man I really do. I've been doing acid since I was sixteen. So when I get an idea sometimes I really have to give it like two or three or four days to be like.


You sure about that one day? Yeah.


And I'm lucky because I have this wonderful wife who is the opposite when it comes to conspiracy theories and stuff, because I really for a second when this stuff was going down, I was fantasizing that a meteor was going to fly the plane.


The way that you speak sometimes in the way you like, you do bits when when I saw you at that thing, you said, this is my wife. And I was like, OK. And then you you're like, get my baby. I'm like, you're your had a baby, OK? I totally thought here. And I go, shut up. It's not your kid. Like, whose baby is this?


I thought I thought he had made it up because I know you can say that like he was like, no, he's my baby.


I'm like, OK, sure, that's right. I didn't believe you. That's the word.


I took like six people to confirm it. Talking we have baby. Yeah. We're like in like.


I know. I know man. That's the problem of like being like too committed to trolling. So it's great. It's great. I thank you. But yeah. I mean I just, you know, like I thought of me or is going to hit the earth for example, because I go on Reddit conspiracy and I was thinking, oh, it's not really a pandemic. They're locking us all down because they got some data about a meteor or hitting and they want people inside because they know crazy, crazy shit like that.


Like when I said on Rogen and there was this pause and for a second I thought, wow, Erdogan's going to be like, holy shit. In the past, he's like you said, the reason I paused is because that's the dumbest thing I ever heard.


How deflating was that? Because you're like you're like, oh, this feels like it might be something. It's like when you think you have a great joke and you're like, and there was a turd.


I need that we need.


I know you're not far off the dinking. I mean, didn't we confirm the existence of UFOs like a month ago the government did?


Well, yeah. I mean, we there have been a lot those things have been happening. And by the way, that glass.


Yeah, like it it was actually on mainstream news.


Like it was confirmed. Yeah. No one is confirming that these are materials not of this earth. People work well.


So I don't know if you heard what Biden said. You're like, wait a minute. What? Yeah, we're not going to spend more time on this. Right. Not the lead story. Yeah. I interviewed this Jeremy Corbo, who's like does documentaries on UFOs and in his, like, knows the people who wrote the ah, the article because I so like. Yeah. Excited about it and frustrated by that very same thing. And he said he was brilliant, but he's like one of the things he said, we were just you know, I, I again, I want to believe that he is saying things in a way because he knows them, but he can't say I know them.


He's like someone who's been in front of Senate and stuff and like he was one of the people who like this shit has been happening so much in the military that there are people who have gotten radio. Poisoning from being around them and they're not getting disability pay, and so it's like a real issue in the military, not like an issue like it is for hippies like me or like I knew it, it means a galactic consciousness or something like that, but an issue in the sense that, like no one, it's a massive threat to have things that fast that are using like physics that theoretically they kind of understand, but we don't have.


And so that means that if they did have any kind of wreckage or anything like that, the reason because my my what I would've always thought is they don't want us to know that these beings are visiting us, because if we know that it disrupts the power structures of the Earth, because so much of what makes a person a statist or like a like stuck in their lives is that we can't get off the planet. Right. Right. Like, you can't get off this fucking thing.


So everyone has got what's that syndrome you were saying earlier? Like, yeah, it's a system. It'll wreck the whole system.


Exactly what percentage of people would like to part if they were like, you can leave right now? I think everybody in Los Angeles. Yeah, exactly.


That would be that would give I've thought about this like if all of a sudden every single one of us had access to not just the vehicles, but we had a place to go. The funniest thing would be watching all these shitty politicians who have been telling us how to live just be like, see you later. Lindsey Graham to watch him fly away like this motherfucker has been telling us how to be.


Yeah, they would all leave, you know. And so, so much of being human is being stuck in the gravity. Well, planet Earth anyway, these were all my considerations regarding why the disclosure has happened.


And in this conversation with Jeremy, it was I realized, oh, now it's actually more it's way more boring than that, which is if the military has managed to get one of these crafts and the way he put it in the way he said it was, this is just my opinion. I'm not saying this is real. It's my opinion. So I'm just saying that on his behalf. But he he said the problem is the material is it looks like something constructed it by putting atoms together intentionally, like on the atomic like pushing atoms next to each other in such a way that it produces this like like gravity propulsion, which means that.


So the way like, you know, again, man, obviously, clearly not a scientist here. You know, if Kirk was here, he's more into cars. He's he could explain it to you. But the idea is that there might be a way to produce a situation where you it's like you're falling forward. So these devices make it so that suddenly instead of, like, down being there down as anywhere you want it to be. And if you could do that, then you're always in a state of freefall, meaning that you don't have like thrusters or whatever and whatever.


And anyway, the point is, the reason they wouldn't want people to know that this is real or even to think it's real or even to imagine that we have to reveal what we have or what we figured out is because what the fuck are we going to do if China or Russia or anywhere else figures out how to make these things before we do? It's like if you look at that atom bomb, they kept that such a big secret because we wanted to be the first people to split the atom.


And so this is one of the theories is why now?


Why all of a sudden they would be revealing any of the data at all? Why bother is beyond me, why they'd be doing it during a global fucking pandemic when everyone is freaking the fuck out anyway.


Yeah, hold on to that shit unless you need to, right? I mean, yeah.


You know, you just reminded me so, so much of and those of us who have been watching the blood of the lamb understand. Well, in fallick, worship is satanic and evil.


I just got to say this real quick. Yes. That, you know, they're called Tic Tacs. They kind of look like dicks, dick DAX, right? Yeah, the UFOs might be dicks. Oh, yeah, yeah. But I don't know man.


Weird shit is happening. It is happening. Weird shit's happening. And it's and it's and I, you know, did you have a mic.


So I don't know if you experienced that a lot the way that you know that I did for instance.


So you know, it was like March 10 or 11 and I do a show and they're like, you're supposed to show Saturday, do you want to keep it? And I was like, and they were just like, you know, there's this you know, there's this virus. And I was like, just move it to April. Right? So you move your March to April. Yeah.


April, things are taking a turn for the worse. And they're like, I think we're going to put these shows in May. So we have the shows to me, you know, and then it's been like that progression. And then emotionally, it's been a ride, too, of like at first feeling like it's basically permission to take a break kind of from. Yeah. From the whole grind of everything. Yeah. And then it went into, you know, different levels of finding, finding excitement in doing other things and everything from just reading, writing different ways to perform and just doing our live shows and like that was exciting.


Then you still would get to like points of, you know, a type of depression from not doing standup, you know, and also being also somewhat addicted to the nature of being a touring.


Like I realized that I miss even like what's my routing this week?


What's, you know, like, yeah, I'm hittin OK, we're going to go into Houston and then to Dallas and then like like that whole thing is part of an identity and then the identity is gone.


So I kind of like scrambling, like where am I and all this, you know. Yeah.


So all that together. But did you have like a moment where you were like, oh no, we are going to leave, you know, I mean, was it a slow was it a slow decline?


I had well so I had been getting that same thing that was making me think a meteor is going to hit. But with like I just I was getting this, like, hippy like, you know, I don't know why. I feel like I have to call myself a hippie to you guys because I feel like I don't actually I I'm not really a hippie, but I was getting this weird sense of, like, you got to leave.


Like, you can't stay in the city and remember that fucking earthquake we had. And I've been through a lot of earthquakes, as you all have. But that one was like it felt angry. It was like I was like, you know, it was like out of here.


It's a dog with a and also the other problem is like I'm like, you know, having you know, I love Ramdas.


I love like I was going to bring him up with you and I know he passed. He passed. Yeah. And I think about you every time I see something about him. How are you handling.


Oh fine. I mean he really you know, he wrote a book right before he left his body and he was like so he's great. Yeah. I'll cry looking at him. He was so good at getting his I like you know, I think he would think it was funny that people were upset that his body wasn't here any more because so much of what he taught was like, you're not your body.


You're more than your body. You don't have to. And he was very much into, like, sitting with dying people and people who are near death helping them like like go and just a beautiful thing. But, you know, because of that spiritual stuff, I do have this part of me that's always like, look, that's a projection. The earthquake is an anger. You're angry, you know, that that. But sometimes it isn't like that.


Sometimes shit is legitimately bad. Yes. And you need to readjust and get the fuck out. I agree. And but saying that that everyone in that way needs to leave or any of that stuff is equally ridiculous. But I'll tell you the big moment I had the big moment because I was I'd been giving my wife pep talks and it was dishonest because she got the. We have another child on the way. Oh, yeah.


Right. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And she had just gotten the baby room painted.


What are you having? I know gender is a construct, but we have a son. We're having another son.


Oh, there's so much better than look at everything. Everything. Look, I by now we all know that for shock at Dambrot, your life's about to get ten times crazier. I know. I know. And but I loved all that stuff. I love I you know, real quick, let me tell you this real quick.


We had our cousins over my cousins my same age. He has two daughters and they came and they brought they had a food plate and they brought it by my other son. And I saw him look at it and I go, do not grab that, not throw that.


And they both went like they looked at me. Yeah. Oh, do you not tell your girls are like, no. Well, yes, man.


I be like, stop fucking breaking shit.


I yesterday I told my I wanna get your hand out of your ass because he put his hand. That's crazy. Oh, I am really obsessed with my woop, Tom and I are deep into Wub game. It's so amazing.


I'm serious. I love I love this product. I love the fact that it analyzes everything I do physically. And I have so much insight into how what I'm doing affects how my body functions. I love 100 percent seeing the strain, seeing the recovery, seeing how I slept. I'm just obsessed everything.


And you can see how caffeine impacts your sleep. You can see how well you slept, how many disturbances through the night. And you know, what I love most is because I'm trying to lose weight. And after I exercise, I like to look at the calories I burned before I exercise. And then I look right after that. Tennis, Estero.


What was that score there? Sixteen point six. That's my strain on my tennis yesterday. Came home, went after it, and then I had horrible sleep last night. So you didn't recover.


And then the neat thing is we will tell you, hey, you did have great recovery. Therefore, you should do this kind of a workout today.


Relax on the strain a little today, because I'm telling you, if anything, I'm not a huge athlete, but I love knowing what's going on in my body. And it really does help to see what's going on. So try woop. You will love it for our listeners. Whoopers offering 15 percent off with the code. Your mom at checkout go to woop woop dotcom and enter your mom that check out to save fifteen percent.


Get to know yourself on a deeper level. Unlock yourself with woop.


Sorry. Sorry. What were you saying. Don't be man. I think your wife. The pep talk. The talk. But inside I'm getting like Old Testament style message from God feeling of like you should leave now, go leave the city go and like but I'm like it's going to be fine babe.


You know this pandemic, it's going to pass and we've got this beautiful house and we're in a lease. And let's just say we've got a yard for the kid. And, you know, do you really want to move during your second trimester? And, you know, that's going to be and then like literally like Joey Diaz calls my boy and I get on the phone with him, what are you doing right now?


It's the perfect impression. Listen, you got a baby. You got a beautiful wife.


Oh, well, he that's actually he didn't say that because you know why? Because Joey would never I don't think he would encourage like looking around.


He just said he was leaving. Yeah. And it was hearing Joey Diaz say he was leaving L.A. Joey Diaz, who takes acting classes, you know, two to two times a week, Joey Diaz, who fucking like if anybody is dedicated to like going on our date, you're not going on auditions. What are you doing in the fucking city? I got jujitsu. I got one day. You got to. Yeah, yeah.


Can you podcast Tuesday, Tom Tuesdays swim. I don't know. You've got this whole thing.


Extracurricular schedule man. I like that for me was like that's when I realized like I got to stop lying to my wife that I feel OK being here because he basically told you and you're like, oh yes, he's leaving, you know, rogue and leaving.


It's like, well, you know, he's like he's going to as I get it, he wants to get it. And I understand it like but and it did make me think like, damn, that sucks. Jo's leaving. But Joey leaving. Yeah. Uprooting his whole fucking family to get to the city. That was the that was the one where I'm like, OK, I've got to go. There's more people leaving. I know.


I mean, I want to like tell everybody stuff because I don't whaler's but I've talked to now a few more people who have left. We've looked at it, you know, we've looked at it. We've looked at Texas, Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska. Yeah. Breaks my heart. And here's the deal, man.


Having grown up here back in ninety two, we had riots, we had fires. And this shit is new to L.A., OK, we've been done through this shit a few times.


The difference now is that it feels like nobody is helping, that you're on your own. You don't you can't call the police because guess what? They can't take people to jail because of covid. They will just ticket someone for doing some crazy shit, crazy shit.


The homeless are out of fucking control because they can't commit them against their will now because they're allowed to just and we have, like, little mental health care's nothing or health epidemic. Yeah.


So I feel as though the structure that used to hold the state together is just not there. And look at the bad things have always happened in the city and we always we always bounced back. There was a sense of like, that's all right, ma'am, we're Angelenos. We're going to get on top of this. Yeah, but we're going to be fine, bro. Fuck you. There's there's just no hope. It feels really. And it's on a federal level, it feels a little like what's happening and on the state level, state level.


And also you realize that this state went from like being in a real surplus to like shifting into a serious deficit. That's right. And then they're like. The California way of resolving it is like, let's just tax the fuck out of people and let's just pretend money, right? Yeah, the problem.


Well, you know, the whole tax thing. Yeah. If the tax thing was working and we were in some kind of utopia. Yeah. You it would be like, well, you know, I'm paying that tax because I'm in a kind of beautiful utopia. Right. But, you know, to me, it's like if you're going to be progressive. Go all the fucking way, right? Don't say you're being progressive just because you're letting people camp out in the streets.


Thriller it is mental illness. And I think you could say drug addiction is an illness. But if you what to me, what I think is happening is that we have a lot of people, many of many of the homeless and I don't know the statistics. They love drugs.


They love heroin. Many of them are like medicating themselves because of like, you know, underlying mental conditions. Many of them are just habituated to heroin. So they love drugs. They're doing heroin. And so the city has shelters, apparently. But the problem is they won't let them do drugs in the shelters. So because they're not letting these drugs in the shelters, many of them will say, I'm not going to the shelters. Sure, because I'm a heroin addict and I have to shoot up or I get sick.


And so to me, it's like and this is where, you know, the right wing people would be like, great. So now you're going to give them free heroin. And now some it's like, yes, that's exactly what you're going to do. Because the moment that this to me is like one of the it's not the solution because there's obviously a deeper problem with a system, systemic racism and all the stuff, classism and high rents and all that stuff.


But if you want to look at, like, the tourniquet solution, like right now, the problem is these people need to be able to do drugs in their apartments that are tax money is paying for those shelters. Yeah. And if and stop pretending that these people aren't addicted to heroin and then follow the models, the European models, which is they have places where people can shoot up safely and they they have ways for people to get clean but can never happened in the United States.


That's why I'm saying if you're going to be progressive, I know.


Go to one of the complaints, though, like if you're in California, you're like, you know, this is like obviously one of the the highest state income tax in the nation. And it's very taxing state. And you go you kind of go. Is the trade off, though, that it is like a utopia where you see that it's beautiful and that these progressive ideas in reality are just functioning in a way that Mexico will see see that will see what can happen.


But that's not the reality.


You actually go like, wait a minute, like where are peoples?


Where are the 40 million residents tax dollars going? Wow.


I mean, where are they going? It's going because they're getting ripped the fuck off.


Yeah, I know. It's like how how is this being managed?


I mean, we have Silicon Valley and Hollywood, two major fucking industries, and we're broke where I was this evening. I mean, that also brings about it's like it's so insane that people don't know about federal tax rates for corporations.


Like, it's so crazy that we have the headquarters of Facebook.


We have the headquarters of Apple, the most, the most, the highest, the most extreme, you know, cash rich company in the world.


The highest tax rate was a Facebook. You got what what else is your Amazon headquarters or the headquarters in Arkansas? But we have Tesla headquarters, just multibillion dollar corporations. What they pay in taxes last year, zero zero zero dollars. These are companies that deal with trillions of dollars. Trillions.


Yeah, but it's designed the system is designed where it's like you have a trillion dollar corporation. What do you pay? Well, nothing. That's that's my benefit. Yeah.


What it's so dumb that to me the what's what's really shortsighted about the whole situation. And you and I don't understand it because I'm assuming the people who make these corporations, like trillion dollar enterprises, are aware of like history and what happens in history and generally what happens in history. Adle sorry. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. But you're looking at like the problem is the more like I think the idea was not to sound like hyper cynical, but like the idea in America was you had this upper class and the upper class basically hid, they were hidden and you didn't flaunt it too much.


Right. We didn't have the Internet to flaunt it and stuff like that. And so there was this and also there was this. You wouldn't even know about them. Yes, yeah, yeah.


You would know in the presidents were rich, but you wouldn't they wouldn't be flashy. You wouldn't know that. But now the problem is and you know, you've got like people on the right who are like, socialism's coming, communisms coming. And it's like motherfuckers look at history because it's like if you're asking people in the streets to live on minimum wage and feed their fucking kids on minimum wage while simultaneously watching their leaders fucking playing golf richer than shit. And you expect them to believe that they're going to get to that point, right?


They don't believe it. And you have to have hope. Yeah, that was that satanic idea is like you dangle this carrot that keeps people like, I guess a good example and it would happen maybe and now it's like on top all that. It's like, you know, and I am not advocating Marxism because I don't understand it. I tried reading Karl Marx for a second. It's very difficult for me to understand. I don't get it. And any kind of ism, I think is a dangerous thing.


But I do know this. I know fucking Marxists, they're smarter than shit and they're globally organized. And they recognize when stuff starts happening where people recognize the problem and economic disparities and they take advantage of that on purpose. And it's not like it's a hidden conspiracy. You know, I had a cool little Antifa manual. I got in a bookstore in New York in the first paragraph in the beginning was something along the lines of we think it is so funny when people are upset, when we break windows because they don't seem to realize we are trying to overthrow the government of the United States so that there will be Marxism.


And it's like, you know what I'm saying? Like I said to me, it's kind of like sounds fun. Anyway, the point is, is like, look, you've got to have some way to make it so that people have at least a reason not to need a middle class.


We need to have the American dream. Yeah, your house. You want your children, you want a yard, you want some cars. You want to go to college and have a job and retire and have some kind of a fucking life with the American dream. And it's gone. That's right. Now, it's not here.


But I think the the you know, people say, well, that's gone. So then how do we solve it?


And then when people start pushing true socialism, like the social ideas within that can function within our society, then there's like, no, I want, like, real socialism. Right. But the socialist idea, like, for instance, universal health care, people be like, that's that's socialism. Right. That's that's what people will say when someone brings it about. But I think a lot of people just go, no, that's just what a incredibly wealthy capitalistic society should be able to provide some some form of that.


If you can spend, you know, seven hundred billion or missiles, you can spend money on that. That's just one of the things that people bring about. You know, as a talking point for this, it's different than saying the society should be social, like we've seen socialism in nations fail.


Horrific, horrific. So badly.


I mean, you look at Venezuela always comes to mind. It was like such a a just a terrifyingly violent and sad that no human deserved.


Oh, my God. It's a gamp uprising that happened in Portugal. Yeah. Which is the idea with a gimp is the gimp thinks that if they behave at least once a month, you will jerk them off to completion like Lisbon.


That that happened. Yeah. And and if you don't if you don't, that's where they they don't go to the septic tank.


Yeah. That's where they go to the knife cab. My God. You know what I mean. Like got so and this is this so you know.


Yeah. I mean as far as like the you know you hear again and again socialism doesn't work. Socialism doesn't work. And I don't.


I think right now, if you look at what's happening, this isn't working either. This is not working right now. Right now. So, so, so, so that means that.


And also it's I keep that. That could be saved by one and only president, he could save it for us. That's what we need is a is the president to step up and save the world? Yeah, it's going to happen.


That is true. Save our lives. Well, what is it? You always say? You always say it's going to be a man. If if the world is saved, it's going to be a man.


It's going to be a man. That's right. That's right. I'm always saying that you're right. Yeah.


Fucking genius, man. A really smart guy. Yeah. Really, really, really smart guy. Look, this is the hope right now. The world is like you know, it's like here we have the two people who are clearly the choices of the most intelligent. Yeah. People of all of the whole nation.


Clearly the three hundred and twenty eight million people to choose from. We got the two fucking best that we can, the best two best guys.


And that's where I feel dumb saying the system works because at least it worked enough and worked enough.


And presidential candidate, look at these two men, two men who were like physically fit. Yeah. Who are two men who are like as healthy as healthy could be. Yeah.


The definition of health definition of two men who are smart, beyond sharp, razor cogent thinkers and speakers, articulate vocabularies can't even dream up the words that come up with, you know.


Yeah, that's a very bad thing. And you know what that means is day.


But looking at that, things like that, when they summarize complicated topics, you say, what are we going to do about this situation? We're going to take a look. A lot of things could happen, you know, like, holy shit, why?


Very, very good thing.


And, you know, and to me, that is like I think when I think when I sometimes I wonder if maybe what I'm experiencing is not so much the beginning of people waking up to the fact that much like other empires, the United States is about to collapse. But people feeling that kind of anxiety from like, you know, it's like when you go to a restaurant and it's like everything on the menu is good. Yeah. They're like coming up, like, who do you pick?


Do you pick, who do you pick?


And you hear the the hot mic, the Trump hot mic before the interview. No, this is real. This is kind of funny. It's just it's just it's silly but it's just fun.


Then can we do some. Yeah. Yeah of course. I feel like that's going to help. American companies are always make America talk. Here we go.


Yeah. I was. Wow. Oh I got a pen mark.


Anybody have any white. Do you have any white stuff.


I don't know if that's going to get much better. I think white stuff the way to see if you can't see where is it. Wait a minute, Mr. President. I'm ready for my. Can you see it? You don't see it. Which side is it on hand? On the right side.


It's the real hot mike. I mean, I love a hot mike, dude. I just just capturing. Wow.


You hear what is. Okay. And look, this is a thing I'm I'm voting for Biden. I'm voting blue. I don't like him. I don't want to do it. I feel fucking pissed that I'm forced into the situation. I the reason I'm doing it is really basic. And it's just because I Trump was like suggesting people should shoot looters, which to me is like, you know, and honest to God for a second is like, I don't know, man.


Yeah. I don't know how I'm going to vote. I second I'm like, I don't know Biden. I don't know. Suddenly I was like, you motherfucker.


You're like and he's doing like accidental like tweets where he happens to say, like the assassin shit in there and he's doing dog whistles and shit. And it's basically it's like you're going to the main you're going to force me into this shit fucking binary. But that being said, and because no matter what, you get attacked for saying anything, anything these days. But that being said, if you don't think that guy will be fun to do cocaine with Trump.


Yeah, Trump, you're right about that.


Now, that is a positive thing to say about the president.


Would you be a fun party to do blow with and like to just like you and, you know, you would get into like to go to a trial, go to a strip club with him would be kind of fun.


It would be fun, fun, fun.


And then, like, as we left, if he if he was like there should be president, I'd be like, nah, man, that's fucking crazy. Yeah. Like, exactly right. But I want to do this again. Let's go out next. Yeah. Yeah. That's what you hear in that op. Mike is like a person you definitely enjoy to do blow with and the like, you know, like in your parking get arrested with him.


Yeah. How are you pregnant. Right. Yeah.


Do you have any white stuff. Any white. Even Melania I think is kind of cool.


I'd hang out with Mom and she really, really she can't really. She's a cycle. Of course I didn't know. I mean, I figure she just keeps quiet because she's got the language barrier.


People checking on our knowledge of how to play this game. She's she's not as simple as people think for sure, although she's. Oh, yeah, man. I mean, come on. When he when he was elected, never expected to win. They never expected to win the pole.


We got to take a score. Never expected to win. You guys chat.


I'll be right. OK, and you know the reason she stayed back in New York? He moved to D.C. was to renegotiate the prenup. She's not a dime. She had a strong pension. Like you want me to be a first lady now? Got a much bigger settlement.


I'm amazing. She's not stupid. That's incredible. She knows who she married, man.


She you know, this is a third or fourth whatever marriage. Yeah. This is not like, oh, my God, I just fell in love. This is you know, it's an arrangement.


Yeah. She I look, I think every single one of them is like anybody like that's how I thing that bothers me is people like he's an idiot.


You know, one thing that does you do bring about, though, that I often wonder, especially right now when we're leading up to an election, you sit around and you go, all we do is complain about our options. Right? We go like, look who's fucking senator here. Look who's this congressperson. Look who's running for president. And you go and then you have all these voices of like people smarter than us more and more in tune with what's going on.


They know everything.


And you're like, hey, why don't you fucking take care of things? Why don't you write? Like, why are the options just these narcissistic egomaniacs?


And how about one of these really compassionate, ridiculously intelligent, dialed in people who's like a professor or whatever, whatever your background is and you're why don't you fucking run and, you know, I'll just talk about it, but you can actually do something, but none of those people ever do.


They just sit around and they get everybody sucks.


I don't know, man. And like also the other thing I think about is like is I am like getting stoned and bitching about the government. I think to myself, dear God, what a shit job that is like. Yeah, no matter what you do, everyone hates you. No matter what you do, you're going to get people killed no matter what you do, people are going to call you a liar no matter what you do and like.


So I don't I think like I think we you know, that the idea behind it is so beautiful, though, which was the idea was it's like it's like the fucking Olympe. Like, how funny would the Olympics be if we. It wasn't just that, though. Literally some of the least athletic people on Earth suddenly appeared every few years and just sucked it like whatever it was. So instead of seeing these people do like seventy fucking back flips, you know, it's somebody with bad knees who falls off the fucking horse thing, you know, that would be a hilarious Olympics, but it would be really funnier.


Would be is if you said, hey gang, these guys suck at sports and suddenly people on Twitter like you fucking idiot, you don't understand. They're fucking incredible. Yeah. Look and you're looking at like somebody just like kind of like, you know, like doing like bad roles. Yeah. Like, you know, someone's dog paddling through a pool. That's the part that's real to me is like we're looking at these people who are supposed to be the pin ultimate representations of American leadership in the world.


And both of them do. I would not feel comfortable. No offense, Joe Biden, I am voting for you. But to be really honest, I would not feel comfortable with either of them driving my driving.


No, I know, I know. Know like holding the fucking. I'd be holding the thing like God, God, Jesus.


No, you know, some of the like the I mean, I'll vote for him too. But like the the like I've never understood what the the story like I watched him do the in the pool and the kids would come and the Harumi why are you telling the story.


What is this about man. They're really trying to make him not be an entitled white guy which is really fun to watch because they're like no, he's had a lot of tragedy.


He's one of you.


And it's like, yeah, I don't care, you know, I just feel like they're they're really like it's crazy when you think about it because like, if you bring up the Olympics, what you do is you go, I want to be an Olympian and you have to pass all these benchmarks where they go. You're not good enough. You're not good enough, you know, until you finally are just the most elite and then you're in the Olympics.


If you want to run for office, you just go like I want to run for office.


And if people vote, then you're in. Yeah, it's crazy, right? You don't have to jump over any threshold.


You just get to go like I want to do it.


That's the problem with democracy is that the general public votes.


OK, now what do you think about in a comedy context? I'm all about the philosopher King. Aristotle believed we should raise a philosopher king outside of society from their birth so that they were not manipulated by human dramas and wealth and they weren't greedy.


The point being, think about comedians, think about the general public. All right. Those comment cards and comedy clubs, you should come back every year, right? Well, you know, what I think is funny is the hypnotist or Johnny Crocodile, he wears a funny Jagging Gangel. Now, think about the general fucking public.


That's his voting. Yeah. Yeah. I wouldn't even want them voting for the number one comedian in America, let alone the fucking president.


We need an IQ test. If you pass the IQ test then you can vote.


Yeah there is like I mean that or I think just mandatory. I don't I don't again, I like and we need to segregating it like what about. Well, just hear me out and like just every neighborhood has a place to go.


No, no, no. That's so sad. If you are you talking about. You're one of us. It's cool, man.


You stay. Stay. No, that's that's the other thing, man. It's like you got to like shake the fleas off these days, like because people they desperately want to believe, like, you know what I kind of doubt about these two. And I know underneath it all, they're like guys. They have a swastika tattoo somewhere. They really want that because like, you got it. Like, well, yeah.


And then also the big problem I see, like today is that people want everybody wants to know who you are. Like, how can I summarize you? Yeah. And we want to do it off of minimal information, you know.


I mean, like in other words, you say, you know, you're like, I'm pro-choice and everybody goes, I know everything about that, everything like and that's all I need to know and like know. No, no, people are complicated creatures. But yeah. But there's this desire to have to know exactly somebody right away and then just identify them, you know, put them in a space.


Yeah. Like you want to do Twitter bio or something. Yeah. Oh that's a problem. 140 or whatever characters were reduced down to that. Now it's ten second clips and.


Yeah. And we're like a hive of personalities that like yeah. Every you know they emerge out of like the murky lake of your subconscious and that's, that's sometimes you're an asshole, sometimes you're like very generous, sometimes very complicated. None of those complicated man. I just like the best. I heard somebody I can remember who it was. It was like explaining to me why you vote for fucking Biden. And what they said is do the boring vote.


That's what you do. Boring. It's boring. Well, we need boring right now.


You need a cleanser for a lot of people were bored after Obama my and we took we took this fucking crystal meth right to the fucking eyeball. And it's been and I think a lot of people are like, you know what kind of chill out for a second.


Yeah. I just want to cool.


These is like dating like every date. The wild guy, the Tony John, that's like I just need a fucking boring guy. He's going to say how a guy with health insurance. Yeah, well, it's all I want. All I want.


Yeah. Yeah that's it man. And it's just like that guy Biden who the fuck knows about the other way. And again, this is like in the same way like I don't if I don't trust vaccines, but I get my kid vaccinated. And the reason I do that is because I didn't go to fucking medical school. But my pediatrician who I paid a lot of money. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So when he says they work and it's safe, she rather I'm sorry I damn I'm such an asshole by the way.


Just that alone. Just what you're saying right now, which is medically sound normal, straightforward. That is now a polarizing thing.


Well first of all, you gendered somebody that doesn't exist in science isn't real either, as you put on your Instagram, the conspiracy, the heat scam, heat skin.


Oh, that's different. Oh, OK. No, that's different vaccines. We need them and they keep us safe. You got to do it. But as far as like the mainstream media, the liberal mob shifty shift in the shit show corrupt Cassidy, the Weather Channel dude, you don't know about him or gruesome news, right? Or I'm fucking Massee Garcetti. These are people who are legitimately trying to trick people into thinking it was OK. Let me just ask you this.


Yeah. Three days ago, was it hot, I mean, I thought it was yeah, it felt hot. Yeah, yeah, it felt and like when I was in the pool it Johnny it, quote, felt hot.


But guess what? What have you ever been to a hypnotist show? Yes. They will make you feel hot. They will make you feel cold. They will make you feel this. They'll make you feel that to them. My suggestion coming from the MSM regarding the heat is it's not right. It isn't actually high. And the Heat's game is real. And honestly, I feel like we're friends, but I do resent that you are trying to make a comparison between the Heat game, which is a very real thing.


It's interesting to me. I wonder, is writing your checks. Yeah, but it is interesting to me. I wonder where you are. It's not all telling you, not all coming from your science or God of substance.


It's just fake news. It's not real. Shout out to my heat scam. Family scam.


This is another philosopher here. See if this plays.


No, hello. I'm calling for sure. I'm here to talk. You don't know for sure that no matter what society says, it's just as precious, as precious as female virginity. Although to find a woman, you fall in love and you're gonna wish you didn't ever speak to her. You're absolutely right. I think that when you step around and say for anybody else, it is first of all, it is precious. You do not give it away to the woman you love me got to be happier and give something great.


So what did you ever say? God loves you just much more. It is absolutely precious. This is a society, not a slippery slope around. It is not going to make your life better. Trust me, you'll take care your it out. There you go. Who the fuck it again.


OK, so that guy's not running for president. Yeah, exactly. What great ideas fuck is happening. We've got world class intellectuals, world class speakers that I felt like for a second I thought your show me like a JFK video that had been like upraised or something.


That guy's fucking me style. Yes. Yes. That was powerful. Very powerful.


So, yeah. And that's also just a message to a lot of the male listeners out there.


Don't give away your don't hold onto it, Malverde.


Save it for that special person. Male virginities. We're cool time. Are you ready, Gene?


I'm being I've been looking for you. This is my favorite part of Instagram. I can't believe I get to be a person with that coin of Tic TAC, the ultimate curated take whenever you hear stories.


Thank you. My wife and I watch them. They are so good. I can't imagine how much time it takes you to. Oh, it's quite it's quite a bit of time.


I'm there for a lot of like.


Well, I will say that this new real's is competing with the talk and the real's is not as pure as the talk. And I'm having a real struggle right now.


We can get some high, high ranking people from the the grandma on the phone to I mean, I would like that.


I would like to shift the algorithm a little. Get corporate involved, corporate involved. Deol, can you get Instagram on the phone for us? We can get we can get a rep.


Yeah, that's power. Yeah. Well, I will say that Duncan does DME and he's like, wow, that was a good one. Well let's see what is very attractive.


So I'm, I'm so happy you're here. Thanks. Oh my God. It's my favorite.


There's not a lot of talks, but I'm assuming these are quality quality. Here we go. Are these new. Yes, I did.


I'm divorcing Rick. He's out there on his boat like an idiot. He has no idea what's about to happen. And guess what, Rick? We're done. Fucking Rick. Thank you, Rick.


Wow. She just made a divorce declaration and he's right out there on the boat, right out there on his boat. We think that is the one that's her friend.


That's support backing her up the support.


Yes, I did. I'm divorcing Rick. He's out there on his boat like an idiot. He has no idea what's about to happen. And guess what, Rick? We're done. Fucking Rick. Fuck you, Rick. That's a best friend. Yeah, right. A good friend. Her handler is Rick.


Deviled eggs. Yeah, I like deviled eggs. Hath no fury.


Don't get divorced. Right. They're just hammered at the beach.


I don't know. You seem pretty serious about it, but seriously, I don't know man. That's a serious deck kind of boat.


You just got to take. The Christian Jesus is going to take the Christians off the face of the earth in three weeks on the feast of trumpets. And the dumb people that have never invested in God's word are going to be left behind to go to the Great Tribulation. In the Great Tribulation, people in America are going to be killing each other to take their property and their homes. Money will be worth nothing. Donald Trump will not be in the White House because he's a Christian.


All Christians pray for him on a regular basis, if you like. And he said you'd be home watching the Republican National Convention to say this is the best country in the world, the best, most prosperous continent. OK, now, thank God. African-Americans, African-Americans, just like, why do we make them say they're from Africa when they've been over here longer than I have? My great grandfather came in from. Anyway, holy shit, that was a pretty great time.


Wow, that's a dark talk. That was a dark one. How do you fix it? This one, not mental illness. I mean, it's mental illness. But I mean, like, that's the part that's really weird to me. And I don't know if that categorises is like a quote karren video part to me is like they all have a similar kind of like quality to them that makes you feel like they're possessed or like, yeah, why is it the same kind of thing?


You're right. And why are they grab it? They're gravitating towards Trump because I think mental illness, people like Jesus talk. They love going to God and the devil. And then Trump really leans into that, too, like when he's like, you hold the Bible.


That's one of the things I got to say. He taps into that market.


Ain't like leaving policy or anything out of it. The fact that anybody would buy that, he's like, so he served.


I mean, like, there's a there's obviously a place for all of us. And if you're Christian and that's how you live your life, great. But you're trying to tell me you believe that he's like mad because Bible is where I lean on every night when I have these tough decisions to make.


I go to the Bible and I he's not Christian at all. It's so weird. Why would you buy that? How could you how can you buy that? Yeah, it's insane.


It's it's insane, man.


I mean, it's like say that you like him fine.


But don't tell me that you like what he's like me. He's a Christian. What do you kind of actually believe that. Yeah.


But yeah that's that's why you look at Pence because it's like Pence is a Christian.


I buy that. Yeah. Yeah. That's what I'm saying.


Like I believe you. But Christian also like you, like if you're a Christian like pences you really do believe in the Antichrist or the great dragon. Yes. Yes.


And so to watch Pence, he believes the earth is going to open up and bad people will fall into it. But also, I think pense like underneath the thing where he has to act like he likes the president, it's got to be there's a little Jesus who's like, you're standing next to the Antichrist. Yeah, you know what I mean? Imprint's is like that's not a Trump is literally the Antichrist.


But when I say it's like he knows he's with a liar, you know, I mean, like. Right. Like he knows that this guy is full of shit. He knows. Yeah.


Everybody knows with any sense. He sense enough to have been you know, he's a broadcaster. He's he's the governor of us.


Like he's he has enough sense to know, like this guy's full of shit on another level. Yeah.


He's got to be like me. He always has that that look on his face, what he's like when he's it's going to be a good fart. If I could just push a little hard. Yeah, but he's a good politician.


At least Pence knows how to be a he can bullshit.


You know what, though? Because I remember in the eighties, like when I was a little kid, everybody was freaked out about Ronald Reagan. Yeah, I remember not what it was like Reagan versus Mondale. And people really hated Reagan because he was an actor. And he came from a bullshit background, too. And there was like this apocalyptic fear, too.


And Nancy was really conservative. Remember, they're like bird. They're not embalmer's books. Yeah. They were really kind of phony baloney.


Remember when they said Gorbachev was the Antichrist? Because that's fucking birthmark, right? Yeah.


Like that was that was the. Yeah, yeah. For sure. But the Red Scare, that was so that was the eighties. So this is not new by the way.


This feels scary to us because now we're the adults and now we have children and we're like, what are Fargo's kids buying into this right now with Ross Perot was still.


I like straighteners. Yeah, I see their taxes rise. Here's what we're spending. I namaliu.


Yeah, that would be, you know, and also I think that is the other thing is it's like, man, this is a this is the basic thing. I keep going back to you just like God. I'm so dumb because no matter what I get magnetized by the government. I start thinking about the government. And then when you start thinking about the government, no matter what side of the fence you're on, what do you start thinking? You start thinking they're the ones who are going to help us.


And it's so stupid, right? Like there.


But you're raised to believe you're supposed to be conditioned differently, conditioned to believe that, like a couple of things, like, you know, doctors will help, you know, like the medical world will help you, the government protects you and keeps you safe. The you know, like law enforcement will do the right thing. Like these are things that like from it's what you probably teach your kids, right? Like, yeah. It's people that keep you safe.


These people protect you. And, you know, these things are nice because they were put here for you.


Yeah. People that care about you, you know, I got to I'm going to make a very embarrassing admission about an argument my wife and I got in. It's embarrassing because I was completely wrong. Separate water fountains.


I don't know. I don't know where you're going. I don't know where you're going. I don't know where you're going. Honestly, I haven't been listening to a podcast lately as I'm writing where you're going. Look, man, we kind of guessing where you're going. Oh, it's not OK. Sorry. I'm sorry. Sorry, OK, go ahead, go ahead. This is like an embarrassing thing you admit is embarrassing, but like my my wife is like been like making like insta car orders for us.


Right. And so we have milk. And for a second I was like, come on, where's the milk? And I'm like, but then I'm like. I can't it's not like ordering fucking insta car is like a puzzle. I knew we needed milk, I could order milk and I didn't order the fucking milk, but I was like, but but in in that moment and in any of those moments where I, like, realized I have, like, leaned in to somebody else way too much to do a thing that anybody could do.


It's embarrassing. But but I think with our gut, with the government collectively, we're all fucking doing that. We're all looking for the milk. We're all yeah. Yeah. We're all waiting for them to order the fucking milk. We're all waiting for them to solve the problems. We're all waiting for them to come and do this or that. And we're all waiting for them.


It's like it's not going to the milk's not going to arrive. They're not going to get it. You milk.


Yeah, they're not going to do it. They're not going to do it.


And it's like, that's crazy to have this realization as no, seriously, you know, they're knocking on your door and you're like, I can protect you. You're like the the government will always take care of you.


I mean, especially, I think in the United States, like even people around the world, like you live in the United States, like they'll everything will be taken care of. But this makes it feel like.


But they're not. But however, the government can create peace of mind and calm histeria. And right now there's so much hysteria and people have it's fueled rather than quelled.


Their job is just to sit there and go, guys, everything's fine. Right? Got the plan.


We're going to go to the moon and aliens, we're friends and that's not happening. So then that's just not happening. We can't go to be good worker bees and buy into the system.


I will say that we need a guy to just maintain status quo, get us back on both sides of of like the media, left and right media both lean into his stance. Yeah, they both.


Because there's yes, there's eyeballs and there's dollars in getting either side.


Like whether you go like this guy, you know, Trump's end of the world and that's your news agenda, then that's gonna attract eyeballs. And if you go, no, no, no, he's the savior.


And then everything else, like they're both neither side tries to be like your straightforward news.




It's all about heightened entertainment earnings. Yeah. And they have the death count up on CNN that 24/7 like a fucking score. Yeah. Every day and also never goes down.


I think this is a really important thing that people forget is that I mean I had a friend who work for local news and his job was to film pieces. They had been paid for by companies. So like all of a sudden the news would do a story that's like it's hot out there. We've got to stay hydrated. And Gatorade is a fantastic way to say that's a paid commercial on the news, on the news. And we all think that that's not happening.


That's fucking happening. I've ever seen the compilation somebody did of Jay Leno doing commercials like the Wendys girl turned 70 today. And every while people are watching that, not realizing that's product placement. So when you're watching the news, they're not just monetizing for the commercials. They're monetizing by getting paid by like placement of stuff. Like it might not be like products, it might be ideas that they're getting paid to put out there because people forget. It's not like the news is the CDC.


It's a it's an entertainment show right there. Right. Used to not belong.


Used to not be. Right. I mean, like I remember like it wasn't as being a kid. I've always watched the news. Right. And as a kid, my dad's a big news guy. So we watch the news, do news. I, I don't remember anyone's personality.


You know, you would just watch like CNN born to have you. It would just be like you just put another body in the sea and they'd be like, here's what happened today. And they're just straightforward. Then you put on network news. Same thing. Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, straightforward. You know, you did not know the people you'd had you'd have to learn that somebody had a political leaning.


You wouldn't have any idea. That's right.


But now it's completely shifted into personality driven because personality driven is the moneymaker.


Yeah, well, Fox News really helped create that model, of course.


And then the twenty four hour news cycle, there's not enough now there's going on then there's you know, MSNBC s idea is to in combat, you know the the, the Fox News is of it.


Right. You have to have a balance to it. But even CNN can't report one good thing Trump has done. You mean to tell me that he's done all bad? I don't know. I mean, I'm not I don't know. I don't even know what to believe.


Well, that's where you lose credibility and that's where you create a fucking problem because it's like, yeah, this guy is clearly like, look, if I had to bet in Vegas on like, is it he at the very least possessed by demons, I'm going to say, yeah, he's got some demons in them. Hey, I've got demons in me. Yeah. But also like if you look at some of the city's done for prison reform, for example, if you've done look at some of the crazy shit he's done there.


And that is good. It is good. It was it done for a good reason?


Probably not, because he's like. Oh, a super famous person will like me if I do the but still the results are good and it should be reported because the car dash it was. That's what I'm saying. Yeah. That's why I did it. But whatever he did it and some people who shouldn't have been in jail anyway for stupid drug laws are not in jail. That's real. Also, he's still fucking crazy and he's still not a great president.


Of course I can't. They give him credit and even be enthusiastic about it.


They should, because then people maybe he would then might be about that good attention. Yeah. Try to do good things. I maybe just stopped inviting everybody and or maybe time for another time.


Yeah. Damn.


Yeah. And that for this heaviness man to have you got so heavy about chick talk.


Do you understand it. Take your five fucking miss you. Message me a day and shove it up your punk ass worthless American chick talk workers.


I love when they cut off like that. Yeah right. Wait he was scolding. Take it s I mean I'm not sure. Can we. Look I don't give a fuck about chick talk. Do you understand it. Take your five fucking messages. You messaged me a day and shove it up your punk ass worthless American chick talk workers at sea. I think.


I think one of my favorite types of talks is the public outcry that is meant to be like a generalization.


But, you know, is actually meant for one person like this is this is just a message for Kyle.


But he's just like, I'm just going to be like, fuck, fuck everybody and fuck him. I mean, your five messages a day are probably from one guy.


You can get messages on Tic-Tac, I think he's referring to is the actual app being like, hey, Steve, someone liked your talk and he's he's interm.


He's internalizing that and personalizing that versus just like in the spam message, right.


To basically yelling at spammers. You can you can message people. You can say yes and you can direct message.


But my inclination is that he doesn't know how to check the instant message, the direct message. I'm guessing they're just sending him those spam emails and it's aggravating.


He wish he could he wishes he could unsubscribe from time to time unsolicited. Why? He doesn't know how to unsubscribe. It happens a lot. People get upset.


Man, that is. I have a very serious question for white people. Please do not cancel me. I don't have enough followers for that. And I'm not trying to make my life hard. This is a genuine, genuine question. There was no malice. I'm not here to make fun of nobody. I just have a genuine, genuine question. And I guess this is also from like black people who don't live in the south as well. So my entire life I have noticed in black people that I come into contact with have noticed that there is a very distinct smell to white people whenever they're wet.


I can't smell it just because, like, that's what it's called. Wet white people like peaches smell like peaches. Pomegranates was like covering it like like Boston. Is it fair for white people? I know. Do black people have a specific smell to us whenever we're wet? And then for black people who don't live in the South, do the white people buy you when they're wet? Have a specific smell? Wow. I, I'm just curious because I've noticed that by the time I am finally comfortable and have the space to ask a bunch of people this question and get a consensus, I need to know.


And he was very authentic.


Now I believe it is real and I'm very I guess I'm very encouraging and proud of him to just ask a legit question. Yeah.


And what do you think, Duncan? Do we smell when we're wet?


I, I mean, I stink all the time these days. Wet or dry. I don't know.


What's your what's your like daily. You have a daily bathing or scheduled. You shower every day.


Yeah I shall I shower every day unless I'm getting like depressed. But yeah I, I'm going to be honest with you man. I lied, I skipped the day here and yeah that's fine. I fell off the fuck I used to do every day. And then I think the pandemic I start getting depressed. But you know, again, I have a wonderful wife who isn't afraid to be like, you've stank. And then I just go and like, it's good.


You need honesty in your life. But yeah, I don't like man. But then sometimes what was that great for Stevens joke? I sweat in the shower. I'm intense. Yeah. Ted, do you ever have that thing where you. I don't. You probably don't, but you get the shock. I still kind of stink like I, I've had that I sold myself down.


Say I really can't. I was going to try to identify with you guys. I can't.


I have one. I'm like, oh I didn't get in there with soap enough. I must not have because I'm still staying. I must have forgotten.


Yeah. No I look man I couldn't answer his question. I mean it would be impossible. No one like I don't I've never even thought like I smelled different when I'm wet. I've never. It's a brilliant question. Yeah. It's a question that I've heard this a lot.


But we had this discussion before you came.


We brought in any who works here, who's black. And he he said that this is a very you know, I've heard it as well outside of this clip, black Americans saying that, you know, white people smell like wet dogs. Yeah, I've heard that wet dog. I think he's right, I have relatives that Barry Smellie who don't bathe. I think it's I think it's more a thing in communities where maybe they're not exposed to white people as often.


In other words, day to day interactions aren't as frequent.


So when you do encounter somebody that's I mean, like groups that like stay together and then they encounter someone new, you go, oh, my God, it's like you go to like like we were talking about like Korean food. Right.


Has a very distinct we go to Korea, they smell like garlic.


But even if you go to like a Korean restaurant here that's like hardcore in Cape Town and you walk in and you're like, you're the white guy there, then the restaurant smells different. People are like, I think this is more like maybe less interaction. But there's definitely a thing I've heard of white people smelling like the man.


I just keep thinking this study to figure this out, like how you would have to engineer this study.


This is a great I would now I would find this ring. So you get a random sample of black people because, you know, we're talking about one person's subjective, like experience. We don't know what he is. You have to get a lot of people, actually. Yeah. Then you're going to get white people and you have to get them wet. But then you're not just gonna have to get them wet. You're going to have to get them wet at different times of the day, you know, and also have them walk by the black people and be like, what do you smell?


I don't think you could. Yeah, the walk. You could even do the walk. No, because then they might be able to identify from the sound of the walking because you're going to also have to have a mix of wet black people, white people, all ethnicities, and then like see if they can group control. Right. Yeah.


To identify if there is a really wealthy viewer listener right now and you're thinking of putting your money into something worthwhile. I think it's the wet person smell study for sure.


Yeah. This is the other problem was with like these days with science, everybody wants to build a time machine or figure out something. This is just it's. Yeah. Is it useful, you know. But does it add knowledge to humanity? Yes, absolutely. And when you see somebody like that, that's Galileo, you're looking at somebody who is in. Somebody told me it's the question that's important.


Yes. Heidegger. Yeah. Forming of the question. Yeah. Heidegger very important. Exactly. And that that is a brilliant it's a good question. It's really is.


I mean, I would love for this to be studied more. I really would. I hope they do.


I bet they already have. I guarantee there's already some study out there. The way people smell study. Yeah, for sure. Like why people smell study. Yeah. Harvard wet white people.


Zahav mouths that study. Well, look at it now. Yeah, always keep that a guy. Oh, he passed out. Yeah.


That was awesome, get all of those for you. That was great.


You know what that is? That's when you do enough mushrooms to completely dissolve your identity so that you're not freaking out.


And then you come back and say that you have an identity and you freak out because you realize you're human. That was beautiful.


That was awesome. Let's watch it again. Guy communing with the angels. Hey, I've become one with everything. The sheer terror gets me every time, could you imagine being so afraid you pass out and then your parachute open and then you you know that you know what?


When you wake up in the morning and you're like, what day is it?


He doesn't even have that luxury of like, what has it got so fast? Yeah. What time is it to do today?


It's all there isn't that isn't what isn't that, isn't that enlightenment. Isn't that a moment of truth.


Is it just being like you mean when you say that you mean like true being you're just in being like you're not even thinking. Yeah.


You know, that moment when like for real, it dawns on you that like your house that you're in and everything you own is going to be around way longer than you write that real moment where you're like, oh no, no, I am definitely, definitely plunging into the abyss.


And you know what I mean? You know all the stuff you've been doing your whole life to fill the void. Yeah. That thing of like. Oh, no, it really doesn't matter. Oh are you very oh, you had a successful podcast. That's why it doesn't really matter. You're going to be annihilated. Actually, if you have the disease is going to ravage your body before you're annihilated. If you're lucky to get the disease or you're just like one of those people who just dies, like there is a in my my college, actually, one of the teachers she went out to her car with her kid, sat down in the seat, started the car, looked at her kid and said, I don't I don't feel normal and just die like an aneurysm.


But it was literally like like she was just going to go to work. And then in front of her kids, she just died. There's like, I'll send you this video, man of that. Well, no, it's it's actually I think he's Indian giving a speech and he has a massive stroke during the speech. So for one second, he just like talking and giving this great speech. Then his eyes roll back in his head and he's gone.


I mean, that is, you know, ah, you see those fucking horrible videos of that tower shooter back in Texas. He's like, taken people out. That's literally the human experience, right? Only, you know, it's not a person in a tower. It's just the gears of the universe. At some point you just are going to like, just know and you know, you have like it's all about it every day.


Celebrity sometimes will make you like with this Chadwick Boseman dying. Yeah. And like none of us or most people didn't know he was sick. And you're like, what, the dude's forty three. Yeah. And he's had cancer for four years and he made like ten movies in that time and you're like well and then you just go like hell. Yeah. Poof it's gone. Yeah.


He's, he's left earth.


Yeah I know. And ever since I've had children I think about my reality every day and more, more now that I'm in my forties and I have two little boys and I'm like, just let me live until they're 18. God, just give me.


Yeah, let me just raise these children and then you can fucking ravage my body with cancer. But not until then. Right like now. I have some reason to live for the next 20 years.


Yeah. But yeah. No it's so depressing.


Well I mean it is until you surrender to and then it's the most freeing liberating thing because then you get to like, I mean look at the difference between this person and that person. If you really truly accept his smile is great.


Yeah. On the back. Yeah. Because it is like you're not really like the whole like that the being a parent. I know exactly what you mean and I get that. But yeah, the reality of the human like this is one there's a Buddhist teacher who says the great miracle, if you want to look at for a real miracle on the planet, the great miracle is that people don't seem to fully understand they're going to die. Mm. And it is so hilarious because our entire society is based on the most absurd.


Like imagine like you're you don't have a parachute, you're falling for approximately seven years. Seventy years you're falling. And during that time you're like getting Botox and shit. Right. Like you are going to splatter on the ground. You are going to you know what I mean. Everything you know, everything you in your mind, all your everything. You're just dead. And then people forget about you. Yeah. So fast. So fast. That's the other thing.


Unless there's a video of you jerking off with your your ex lovemark and that's what. Yeah. I mean and you can put them on and that's how I remember it.


True immortality.


Yeah. Yeah I get it. This is the answer.


Should to jerk off on by tomorrow by the way.


Oh yeah. The sound of realization.


I don't want you to feel bad about your insta car revelation because my husband. Had a similar one when he was like, uh, there's no Diet Cokes and I was like, you know, there's this app on the phone called In Sick Heart, and you can put the Diet Coke in the insta cart and then next groceries all over that. And he just looked at me like I didn't say anything. And I was like, do you want me to just assume the responsibility of the Diet Coke getting from now on?


He was like, yeah, I actually thought you were going to say when you brought up there's no milk and that like your wife had been ordering it, that you were going to be like and then she realized how dumb she was.


Milk you. You're a misogynist, segregationist, and you did the thing.


We are being affected by Islamic ideas that are not in line with what we believe here in this nation.


Duncan is the one that enlightened me to me. Mean, he showed me the way no Christianity will reign supreme here by side and my love side.


And I live in church. I know, but that dummy got the milk later, I bet, right?


She fucking I said, well, listen, let's watch what I thought.


I thought. This is so great. Wake up, wake up.


See, I really fantasized that I should become I should train to be a skydiving instructor and my whole thing would be to strap people on and just lean in there and be like, I don't think the shoot's going to open when I got to see them and the whole time.


That's a real panic. That'll be fun because you. For a minute. Yeah. This thing's not open and I don't know what the fuck.


There's a video of it. You've already seen that. There's always a video. Have you seen that crazy slingshot thing? Like, you know, it's I think it's like a county fair ride. Yeah. And right before they launch the people, the guy's like, hey, man, your seat belts off and like, launched.


So I the like, you know what I mean. Like a guy just goes flying. Yeah. You no he didn't seatbelt was on you just fucking. Oh just like the guy like losses.


I mean it was like I do.


I mean can you die of fear or is that a man. Yeah. You really can. Yeah. You can get so afraid. You just collapse. You can have a big heart. Your heart will stop. You have a heart.


They say people on airplane crashes die of the terror of the participation.


Now, you know that that sounds like something the publicist for the airline industry says.


Yeah, because they want you to find their bodies in pieces. Little piece.


Yeah, no, right at the fair. You die from burn. Yeah. You die. You get to enjoy like you're just like, well, thank goodness my heart's exploding because I was about to be incinerated. And if not that like just smashed to bits by. But yeah there's a actually a book that is, it's a book of transcripts of the black box recordings of all these er plane crashes. And the creepiest one is the pilot just starts singing nursery rhymes like sleepy things you seem to like go to sleep and goodnight.


And that's how you know you're dead when you hear that come through the intercom.


And how about that guy knowing it too. Yeah. Him being like, Jesus, I'm going to try to soothe them by singing a nursery he has to process. Well, we're definitely going to die right now.


Yeah. Or dead me for sure. Jesus Christ. Yeah.


Oh, one more. One more time. Yeah. Don't fucking do that. No, no, no, you like that, don't you like that?


You know you did.


You're a fucking nuts. You're done with girl or you're a fucking.


Eating a banana.


Why are you just going, oh, you know, what the fuck is wrong with that brother?


You get it.


You don't to do. Oh my God. That's what you got to look forward to, bro. What's your two boys?


Listen, no one is like, who the fuck are you? Oh, he's really going to fuck him up. No problem swallowing.


Yeah, that was pretty funny. I hope our sons are like that. That one's gay. The other one is out of. Yeah.


You two are fucking terrible people. I'm going to say you're a segregationist. You're homophobic. Now I get it. I know what you're doing. This is a classic move of the right wing. You you're making people laugh. You get us all lubed up a little turned on. I'm going to be honest, some of the videos you showed I like did appeal to me on a deep sexual level. Yeah. And then you insert your intro.


Twenty twenty. Yeah. I don't see that flash subliminally on the screen.


If you enjoyed Duncan's appearance, make sure you go to his website.


White America dug out of his podcast and his touring dates coming up in the New Year. Anything else you'd like to add?


Yeah, we are having a huge antifa rally.


It's going to be at the your mom's house studio and I will reveal that location is on my walk line. Yes. Thank you very much.


Yeah, I do. This was a lot of fun, man. Thanks for having me. This is a lot of fun. We're going to miss you. You got to send some Alaskan wildlife photos or you know, I mean, I will.


Yeah, I'm going to send you you know, I already do have like, oh, I may unplug something. Really? Sure. Thanks so much. Cause I have coming out a beautiful calendar of wildlife erotica, not just grizzly bears, raccoons, sparrows, of course, the rabbit and and housecats. But it's not so sexual that you couldn't put it in your house. People most people don't even notice it.


But if you're a fan of wildlife erotica, you are going you are going to love this calendar. It is a big turn on and it's very, very, very hot.


So some really cool plug. Your brothers, your so what do you call them.


Your Oh, Cragg and or. No, my brother. I like your lame brother husbands lame and Kurt and Kurt. Yeah. Yeah. So what do you guys have planned for tonight.


Who's cooking dinner. Probably Duncan.


Wow. Yeah. Sorry you're a great interviewer. Yeah. How would you know that that's true. Yeah.


You said they were bullying so I thought that would make you go.


Yeah, I'm cooking a soufflé tonight for dinner and then I mean Kurt's favorite, Kirk Kirk loves a souffle lane is not a big fan. He is a vegan. It's a meat souffle. And then. Yeah, then after that, I got to get out tonight to my hotel night so I can't stay at the house. But you're turn's coming up, I'm sure, this week. Right.


I didn't draw this week to stay at the house. OK, I'm just fucked up because I'm the only one who draws. Oh, they just stay there. Hmm, who's the father of your second son? Do you plan that? You know, the thing about it is, is like who's any of our fathers is to me, like when I think about that, it's like, where are you going to say? Like, Oh, so you're the father or that's the father.


I mean, the earth is the mother, right? You know what I mean? So am I to assign could be an answer to father or something. Yeah. Yeah. Y'all are kind of like my parents in a way and a lot of people's parents. So in that way, you know, I, I've been I'm, I can't ask the question anymore because he does punch me in the chest when I ask it. So that's got to hurt.


Yeah. It actually yeah. My, my sternum is has ruptured twice now so I didn't ask so.


Yeah. You didn't see me. I said please leave me alone.


I got to tell you, I don't see you a lot but I am going to miss you. It said thanks man.


I miss you. I'll tell you I'm going to be a senior at the store. We'll see each other again. You know, it's OK. This is I think ultimately what's happening will be good for everybody just because centralization is, you know, being in a city that maybe isn't that healthy. Yeah, it's good to go. And maybe maybe L.A. I'll get inspired when it starts realizing that people are splitting to like, fix some of the problems and fix.


Yeah, I, um, I, uh, I was looking at actually doing a date in Anchorage, so maybe I'll run into you, you know, that'll be cool.


Yeah. Come on up. You know, I think it's going to be beautiful. I'm really looking forward to it. And again, it's called Wildlife Wild Year. And if you use Africa, I'm in Africa and I hope that's that's fine. That's fine. If you use Africa at your mom's house, you will get 10 percent off a signed wildlife erotic account.


That's right. Oh, great. They are. Closing song is Ed Asner by Skin-tight and anything else you.


So I'm so happy to see you again and to see you. Best of luck to you in Alaska.


You. Thank you. And you will have a place in Alaska. Thank you so much. Bye guys. We'll see you next week.


I have no problem swallowing. I'd stop for a minute and I would be big on your inner thigh there and suck on that. Just suck on the material. You just going over and play with your cheeks. I would with you. Maybe even my a little. Just play with you and just the you feel just the only man in my life. Well, it's normal size, it's it's not it's not that big of well, the one thing the one thing that I'm going to tell you is that the first time this is going to be quick.


This is a long time ago. Come, let me see. Let me see how much I like to see how big a load of this volatility, how big. And I need it right now. I need it right now. I give it to me now. To me now. Give it to me now. I need it. I need it. I need this. I need that. He didn't give it to me. Give it to me.


Come on, Mark, don't be stingy, though, stingy. Come on, come on, don't be stingy on Marc Lamont Hill, like, show me that you like on. You bet, I'm coming up in May.