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Good afternoon. Good evening. Whatever time of day you are listening or watching your mom's house news network for Christina palmtop cigarette's 63 degrees outside Trump. Twenty twenty four guys. Twenty.


Yep, the re-election campaign.


Here we go. Yeah, I don't know about you but I am hung over from all the election talk. I'm exhausted.


It is exhausting. It is exhausting. And the last four years have been exhausting.


I kind of you know, I told someone the other day, I feel like for four years Game of Thrones has been on 24/7 and now some of us are like, can we watch C-SPAN for a while? Can we watch something?


Can I just watch the House floor debate a bill about, you know, Windmill's? I know.


I just want to watch an episode of, like, the Kardashians. I just want to be brainless.


Here's what I am excited about. And like, you know, it's over, OK? The elections, I mean, there's a there's no time.


They're suing. They're recounting fraud. All right. There's those people are fun, but. You know, here in the real world where it's over, I am excited and kind of nervous about the next 70 days of like what Trump might do. He's so untraditional.


Like he's that's a nice voting it and tradition. He's so not like anybody else. And he's so pissed off that you might wake up one morning and they'll go, hey, you know, there was an earthquake in Nevada last night, pretty significant. And then 90 minutes later, they're like, no, no, Trump test a nuke.


You dropped him. He dropped a hydrogen bomb. And we'll be like, what the fuck?


And by the way, as crazy as that sounds, if that really happened, you'd be like.


I could see that. I could see it happening.


He might fire his whole cabinet and staff it with North Koreans and he'll be like, fuck it, I like the guy. So he sent over some of his cousins.


You think you think he could do that much damage in the next step? He might. It's not that even. Yes. But also it's like it's it might not even be lasting damage. I think it's a big like. Yeah, it's a big fuck you. He's going to burn.


It's like there's going to be some crazy shit. It's like when you get fired and I am here for it. I just want to make that clear.


I am here for whatever he does.


It's like when you get fired from a job, you can either leave quietly or you can burn the building down on your way out. Yeah, I'm guessing he's going to do the latter.


You know, he's not going to be like, you know what, I want what's best. So here. No way.


Do you think he's going to throw a party like a huge party and trash the White House before he leaves?


And he might do he might be like, you know, um. So there's a hundred guys on death row in Florida.


I just let them out. I'm going to release fucking on the Democrats.


Yeah, he might do some crazy shit. And how soon before Melania files for divorce? Is that happening now? That's a good question.


She, you know, just chill. Chill. It's part of the agreement.


The agreements probably like you got to ride it out until the bitter end. But she got a bump when he got elected. Oh, I bet. Is that true? Do you really know what?


Yes. That's why she didn't go to these. If you remember, back in 2016, they're like she's still in New York and she was renegotiating the prenup. That's hilarious. Yeah.


So she's got but I'm sure a provision of that is like, you can't split these right away, you know.


Yeah, I bet. But she's counting these 70 days down. She's probably like, we're out of beer now. We're back in New York where she wanted this.


She did you ever hear there's a great audio. She was one of her close confidante, has recorded the call.


And she goes, she's because I had a Christmas. I fucking hate Christmas.


I kind of like it.


I like her, too, because if I was the first lady, I'd be like, I fucking hate decorating the way. Well, she said they always everybody's criticizing me. She's right. Yeah, they're throwing her.


She's like, look, I'm just a hot whore. Yeah. I'm the fucking from Eastern Europe. Yeah. I came here to suck and fuck an old rich guy. Yeah. And now I got to decorate this house.


I don't want to do this shit, but I will give credit to Americans because they don't shit on her there. For some reason she's become exempt. And I think it's because we sympathize. Everybody sympathizes with Melania.


I don't know that I agree with you. Really. I feel no, I don't think that people make it easy on her.


No, I don't think so. You think they should honor her heart? Yeah, I don't. I don't get that. Yeah. Yeah, they do. They definitely do.


Maybe it's in my mind I don't shit on her hard. Yeah. I think they're just projecting that onto the American. Yeah.


People do and I don't think they should. And by the way, I love horse. I don't think that like people are thinking that I'm trying to be disrespectful. I think horses are great.


I think courts are great too. And I'll tell you why. Even that Anna Nicole Smith, everybody trashed her back in the day. But let me tell you something. You make an old man's life happy for the last year or two of his life. It's an exchange. You better pay that whore. Yeah, you better pay that.


Now, she was going for way more than she should have to get to get something go. Yeah. Yeah. Like, if you come in and I'm 90 and I've got millions of dollars, it's not like, yeah, it's cool that I ride the wave of, you know, joy on your tits on the way out.


You're not entitled to all of it. Like you should get a little little piece.


Well, she's shooting for the moon to get the stars, right? Well, she yeah. But she was she was line. She was out of line. Yeah. But you should pay HOHs for such a 90 year old bean bags.


Yeah. And looking you know. Yeah.


But can he even have sex at that age. You're just sitting on his lap and jiggling your tits in his face which is crazy.


Makes me so happy. So happy. Yeah. She was great too. She was hot there.


There's the love of her life right there.


She's twelve years old. Yeah. Yeah. I mean it's like oh you're so hot. I love you so much. And that guy's like my man.


I mean he didn't know what room he was in. Sort of like the new president.


All right.


So how scary was it to watch Biden run down that that. Project Runway. What do they call it, the runway? Yeah, I was like, he's going to break his hip, don't let him run. I was so scared for him running.


You know, people are just like, just can you make it to January 12th? Are you going to hold on for these fucking 70 days, please?


Yeah, but you know, what they finally figured out is that somebody finally gave Bidi a spray tan because next to Trumpy, he looked so piccard and pale. And finally Hollywood got a hold of him and made his skin tone look a little nicer on camera. Yeah, he looked a lot better when he gave his victory speech. Yes. Unofficial victory speech or no. No, what they call calling.


Well, look, there's a lot to talk about here. Let's just get ready to open the show. I'm ready. And let's fuckin make sure that for you the fucking.


Here we go.


The media saying, ha ha ha. The media said Joe Biden was president. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Well. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.


Who is Randi bringing in, Mother?


No bomb in Afghanistan. Well, welcome to your house with Tom Seglora and Christina. Pretty cool video, right? Yeah, I think Rudy Giuliani did a version of that, too, or he was like, oh, he was like the media networks. Oh, did you hear that?


Said what the media said.


And did you hear the Four Seasons foible that it looked like if you can't appreciate how funny this is, because it is obvious what happened.


And I only wish we had cameras in the White House to break this down.


So just so you know, President Trump. Announces after the election has been called, he's like, we're going to do a press conference at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia, a little while later he deletes that tweet and he goes, it's going to be at four seasons, total landscaping. And everybody's like, wait, where's that?


Well, it's like outside the city.


It's a completely random place.


And they held a press conference that his lawyers were at and Giuliani held. Meantime, Four Seasons, the hotel branch goes, hey, just to be clear, this is not taking place at our location. He's going to be at Four Seasons total landscaping.


What's hilarious about it is, you know, Trump and or somebody was like booked the Four Seasons to a lower level person to hold this press conference, you know, that happened.


And then somebody realized they had booked Four Seasons, total landscaping, and then it was too late and they were just like, we just got to go with it. That's the best part.


They were just like I, I thought it was that I booked it.


And they're like, just hold the press conference there, hold the press conference. It's next to an adult bookstore and across the street from like a baby.


And the president's personal lawyer is like, here we are, four seasons, total landscaping. The best thing is that Four Seasons, total landscaping put out a statement being like like explaining the whole we're so happy we would have held this not a partisan thing with any anybody who wants to hold a press conference here. We're happy to do it.


And at the end, all that and they go and March will be available on Monday because it's like, how far is the best total landscape? I want Four Seasons, Total Landscaping, March two.


Now, I think that's amazing. So. Oh, God, that was that is just like, oh, what a what a weird time we live in.


And then the best part is they Fizer announced that the vaccine.


I know it's you know, I am not a conspiracy theorist at all, but for the election to be called and then like two days later. Yeah. The one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, like, guess what, I think the vaccines ready to go like. Okay, look, we found we just found this vaccine like really the vaccines ready.


Ha ha. We found the secret ingredient, it's Trump tears. Mm hmm, put it in here. Good Lord, it was oh, my God, yeah, so it's been a wild, wild couple of days, I have friends all over the world that people are this is like you have no idea. I mean, every shop, restaurant, diner, basically across the world has been glued to the TV to watch this thing.


They're just like, what's going to happen, you know? Oh, I know.


I my friend in Canada, Shane, was like, hey, yeah, good. Congratulations. I mean, the world to know global issue.


Well, yeah. I mean, it's you know, some people are thrilled. Some people are not. I feel like in the end America spoke and America says he didn't fall Proteau.


But you're done. That's what they said.


I wish Fred spoke or were part of the like you're fired.


But they let them know, you know what?


They need to give him an hour on CNN and he can tell us his feelings and thoughts. President Trump, from America to you talk to other retarded.


So now I realize, though, it is a divided country and I don't think it's, you know, all jokes aside, like, I hope that we can move forward in a better way. You know, it's been it's been a really intensely brewing, boiling, bubbling pot of emotions for the last four years. And now we're here and you're like, well, I hope that that this guy can just cool everybody's jets a little bit. I think speak up.


Ruffy, especially this year has been rough.


I hope so.


I mean, look, politics aside, I think Trump was just his personality was so hard to deal with.


That's what a lot of people bumped up against. Yeah. Like, I don't whatever, you know, like I here's the thing. Policies aside, just just just stop tweeting, asshole.


The tweets. Yeah. He's not pushing and pushing foreign diplomats aside and getting like that. Just the nuttiness I don't want anymore.


It's so easy to to bump up against, you know, that guy's entire existence and also, you know, wondering what he'll do. It's not like he's going to go like, well, I'm happy to retire now. Like, it's not in his personality, you know? So he's going to be everyone talking about Trump TV.


What are we I think would be great. It's great for him. Fantastic. And I think he'd be really great at that. He's a great entertainer. Yeah.


I mean, to get an audience, I wonder if he did that, if the news outlets will be disciplined enough to not cover everything he does after he leaves.


Because I actually think that fuels a lot of the anger and the and the hatred is definitely it's like we all we do is cover everything that this one individual says and does. And that definitely contributes to people being upset about it and people defending him. It's like if he's an ex-president at this point, you don't have to cover everything.


And I will say, too, like we never at least I never heard about the good things he did do while in office. If I don't know, I just don't know, because CNN well, I actually I am embarrassed that I had no idea while I was expressing that I was not a supporter, a fan of his. I mean, I, I understood he held the office. I didn't dispute that, but I just wasn't into I didn't know he was a fan of art real.


I did not know this. And then it was sent to me that. President Trump was actually a big William AMH fan. Oh, my God. Here's the here's the thing. I feel so bad now. Good good genes.


Very good genes. OK, if you believe in genes, some do. Some don't. Good genes. We believe in genes. Right. Where do we believe in the gene thing?


I mean, I do a lot of it's about the genes, isn't it? Don't you believe me about genes. That's great. Because you have good genes, good genes. You have good genes. You have very good genes. Just remember the president, you have great genes with genes you believe in. God has got good genes, have great genes, genes are great women, great men and frankly, great genes. Those two young men have the greatest genes, any with the best genes I've ever seen.


Thank you. Genes in the family.


Don't you got to go with those genes? You can't get any better. Gene, this is a man of great genes. His name is Gene. He has good genes. You know, he's got good genes, right? I tell you, she's got good genes that I can tell you good genes for everything.


The young man is born with a great gene, a man with really fantastic genes got to have, like, the best use of the world.


Thank you. Although you had an excavator here that had very good genes, too. We have good stuff. We have great genes in this room, good genes. You have good genes, you have good genes. You know that.


I mean. Wow, wow. Did you play did you salute him?


Well, I mean, I felt bad. You know, I was like, well, he was actually a big fan. I know. I wasn't aware I would have invited him on the show. Yeah, maybe he'll come on now.


Maybe he'll come on now. He's got some free time. Uh, my favorite, um, Trump moment. The last four years for sure.


If you got a cough, please leave. Yeah. And that's still stand.


I still say that to you. Yeah. I like that one. If you're going to cool off, go outside.


Let's do that over. He's coughing. Do that again. Coughing I love that.


Yeah. I do respect that sentiment. I share that sentiment very. See, we're not all divided. We're not. Although I like some things Trump so did.


Let's move forward.


How long you got to get the recount. Me.


So, um, Dick's day count recount moving on. Oh. How long will Bidi live. I know that people are excited, um to uh to place their bets, um, really make it to January 20th.


Will he make it to March. He's um.


I don't think he lives for years.


I don't think so either. I think Kamala is going to be the president very soon. And I think spring here's what the here's the deal.


Do you know how much a presidency ages people? Do I know that. I know it's don't look at any of them. And you're like everyone, like even Obama who started a young man. Oh, yeah, an old guy. Here's what I predict. Winter's going to be tough with the Flooz and the covid. We're going to get through this, I predict, one year and then he dies. One year of stress on that, on his heart, on his body.


And then look at those know before and after presidency stuff. They you know. Yeah, they always age way harder.


I mean, they're so stressed, you know, they're so stressed. After Obama was done being president, didn't he go on a year long vacation, like there's always pictures of him on a jet ski for like the next three years? Sure. Yeah. Trump, I don't know. I don't see. I mean, he does have the spray on a lot.


And don't try to be you know, Trump started older. I will say that they eased up on the raccoon I spray tan. Somebody did advise him, uh, that the whites under that he looks a little better now at the end, it's not so white around the eyes and then orange.


Do you really think that was like a campaign week thing there? Like, we haven't told you this for four years. You look insane with this spray shit on your face. Like really like your fucking orange dude. Take it off. He's like, oh, why didn't anyone say anything good? Because we're terrified of you.


You dial it back orange. Okay.


Yeah, they know this stuff didn't look good, ok. Oh.


So here's what I was going to orange. I was surprised you didn't hear the No this term. And maybe I wanted the guys. You know what a dick broom is.


A dick broom. Yeah. Yeah.


Uh, I have never I've never heard of that. Larssen you know what a dick broom is. I have never heard of that. Yeah, and Zouliou either. No. Really just you, Tom, just hidden stuff with you. I mean, no, I just thought that this was like I mean, I think I feel like I first learned this in middle school.


Well, I got lost on us on the West Coast here, OK?


That must have been a Midwest thing. Well, a mustache is a dick broom. And it still doesn't make sense to me, oh, is your brooming as you're blowing it? Yeah, you're sucking on a D. that's through in the top or the bottom. Depends on which position you're at, you know.


And so was this was this like your first gay term?


Like we were like you said, you got a dick brome know, somebody was just like, oh, like guys got a nice dick room on them, like saying nice mustache, meaning it's a gay looking mustache or just like that's what it's used for.


It's used to broom the top of dicks when you're sucking on them. Right. You have an exceptional dick broom. But they always had very bushy full body hair like those dicks clean, you know.




Now that's an interesting question. Do you think it does? It must tickle penises. If you're a gay man blowing another man, your dick brome would really be, I think, hurting. And that's always been, by the way, a more popular dick or gay look. Is the mustache right? Mustache was like big in the 70s and 80s.


And it was like I just always like mustache. So do you think they were like, we are dicks are so dirty and we need to clean them for each other?


Could be. Could be.


Now, we had a gay gentleman over last night for dinner and we were talking about how gay men super look gay, you know what I'm saying? Like when they work out, they work out. It looks different than a straight fit man.


Again, a gay fat man like they go for like real.


It's really sculptured. Right. And I'm saying, like, gay fit is a different level than straight guy fit.


Yeah. Gay guys remake themselves like the optimal male appearance.


Yeah. Like veins and everything. And then I asked him, I go, I asked them, I said, well what do you guys find attractive. Like what's sexy. It's not lingerie, you know. And he goes jockstraps, we like jockstraps. And I thought, oh, that that does make sense. Makes sense because I like what I imagine he likes those sluts and you know, like that. You smell it. Is that what it is?


A dirty and stinky shower.


And I think I'd also like to go that is and that's like gay lingerie is a jockstrap.


I'm still confused how many gay guys like this. I don't see it.


What part? Hmm, why did so I guess I could see a gay guy like in this ad and I mean, is this what you wore for football, Tom?


They didn't look white quite like that. They didn't look quite like that. And when you're in little league, they put a little cup in there, nice, which is smart, protect your your twig and berries. OK, I think we got it now. I think we got it. Yeah. Thank you. Oh, he's got a hole in the front. Yeah, is that floppy?


Uh, that's one way you poke your dick, your dingleberry you down. Is that a hole? Yeah, that's a hole in the front. Yeah. That's what it looks like to me to dig.


I can't see from here. It looks like it's a red dot or something. No, it's a dick hole.


It's to put your dick that there's never they've never made them like that for mass consumption.


So say we got a we got a hole at the front of the jockstrap dispensary jockstrap for scrotal testicle. Would you please click on that native so I can get a better look?


What suspense, suspense or jockstrap for scrotal testicles support, cotton mesh jockstrap and Diaz, where I mean, the whole I'm not a revolutionary dispensary underwear multipack of two is perfect for supporting the testicles after scrotal surgery, such as a vasectomy.


We could have got a placement. Wow. Well, it's a little late.


Oh, you don't want me to order one for you. I'm good at it. Do it does look awfully good. Maybe for my calendar that I'm shooting that calendar next month. So we're shooting a calendar.


Yeah. Just to keep the guys interested, you know.


No, it is as if now that I see a jockstrap, it is as though it's designed by gay men for games and it is clearly men's lingerie.


That's what it is. It's the equivalent who is who invented the jockstrap.


It must have been a gay guy because he's like, no, because you needed to keep your dick and balls like you got Kether.


But then how come the seductive straps just around the Hynie, why not just make it a full back, a full flavor, full flavor, like a cotton panny with a thing in the front. Hmm. Why, why the scrappiness to it.


I mean, the scrappiness makes sense to me. It's seductive. I don't think it's seductive and seductive. If you want to make it seductive, it's functional. You've got to keep everything support. It makes sense to have strap's. Oh OK. Yeah. That's more supportive than a fullback. I think so. Yeah. Yeah I think so.


OK, well good to know now that we got that out of the way.


We were also discussing um the first time. So you watch pornography and the first time you saw a man sit on a woman's face. It wasn't the first time I saw pornography.


It was I. I had why it was watching porn way too young.


And, you know, I feel like you're like doing this taboo thing. And these I remember that this guy had a ponytail and he was like a distinctly not attractive dude. And you're like, wow, this guy is doing this to this chick and she's blowing them.


And they're like, you know, it's like pre sex. And then he stands up and he squats over her face.


And I was like, OK, he squats and he puts his asshole on her mouth. And she was like, oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Just what I do. And so and then he started, like Jane, his own ideas, like making her do that.


And I was like, oh, I was like, what? And I didn't I was too young. I was like, he's making her like is an asshole.


You know, even as you're describing that, I don't think I've seen that important. Yeah, I was like, how do you even seen that? Oh, I've seen it a lot now.


But wait, but which way was he facing? Was he his back to her body were on a bed and she was on her knees and he stood up and just put his sat down on her mouth.


But was he facing away from her? OK, like reverse cowgirl. No meaning no. But he stood up and just squatted and put his ass on her mouth. Right. So this is this is his deck. Hold on. Is how is this thing? How is what I'm saying?


Not like that or anything like that. OK, see how that was it like that or reverse count like the other way around where you know I'm saying no, no, I don't know what you're saying and I don't know how.


You don't know what I'm saying. Was he sitting like, oh, wait, let me start again, because it's so upsetting that I wasn't like that or was like that.


Nope. I made it so clear. I don't know how. It's not clear. I have a hard life.


Close it. God. I like your mad, I know, it's like it's so obvious what I'm saying, I'm trying not to be.


OK, just listen though, if you're just listening, I'm DROs draw it out for me.


But it's obvious I'm not good at visualizing. So why can't you understand my limitations and draw drawing a diagram drawing.


I'm not drawing it. If you don't understand this you know you need help.


I'm admitting my limitations. OK then just fucking listen. We know what people are like when people are like I remodel my bathroom, I go, what do you do? I put the toilet over here and then on this side I put this tile and I'm like, I can't see what you're saying. I don't my brain doesn't go.


I'm going to try again. OK, go ahead and take it slowly. Do slow, but go ahead. They're doing they're all fun, OK? It doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. The positions just wait. Then the woman is on her knees, her knees, yeah, like so her body is upright. Yes, she's on her knees. Yes, the man is standing on the bed, OK? Standing on the bed. Standing on the bed.


She's on her knees on the bed. So as he's standing on the bed, he has his ppy in her mouth. Got it right. Yep. And he's doing a standard. B.J. Got it. Got it. So far.


I mean, there I'm seeing it. You're saying keep your eyes on his eye. All right. Keep your eyes closed.


Yeah. Now she's still slobbered on his knob. Gotcha. And she's kneeling on the bed and he's standing on the bed.


So it's like he doesn't have to he's at the perfect height and he's ugly. What does he look like? He's kind of got like. Like brownish red hair and he's got a ponytail and that kind of clarity, no, but he's not like in shape.


He's just kind of black. He's just kind of like bland, like, wow is very all right.


And you're white. You're like, I'm watching a blowjob. That's exciting. He takes his pee out of her mouth, OK? Turns around, he turns around OK, and just puts his asshole on her mouth. Oh my God. And like, forces it on there.


And then he kind of he gets he's he kind of gets on his tippy toes so that he can sit down on her mouth. That is revolt. And then he starts Jane is the and he reaches his hand back and holds her head there like you do that you eat that. And then he's like, all right, now I'm ready. And then he started and I was like, OK, now do you picture it?


I fully see it. Thank you. Thank you for walking me through that. Do you want to do that with me course, oh, oh, oh, stop.


Can we show my Halloween costume, please? Is it in here or in there? I don't know. Do you have it native? I'm so proud of this, you guys. And we didn't share it last week.


But I was really looking for inspiration, who I was going to be for Halloween. There's so many people to choose from this year. There it is. And I chose my genes. Now, if that doesn't look like a dead ringer for my husband, it was pretty awesome.


You got on a shirt of mine. You got fake chest hair thing you put on. Yeah, one of my bomber jackets that I always wear. You got a fake beard you can put on an FSU hat. And that day I happy wearing FSU shirt I was for you guys was pretty.


And then you came in. You're like a chicks are fucking dumb which is your impression of me.


Well that shit is shit on chicks. Anyways, I thought this was the chest hair is really good and that that was a piece I purchased on Amazon. Yeah, I'm real proud of it.


Yeah, it was good. It was really, really made me laugh. You really made me laugh. Thanks. You came in. I was just laying there and you're like, what's up, everybody? Hey, my favorite part is that that's your impression of me.


Hey, Don, my rights are fucking stupid. Why you take a shit. Are you fucking stupid bitches food. Oh, OK. All right.


I think Biden will live one year. What do you think. Um, oh. You want to do your impression of me. What's your impression of me? As a woman. Hi, guys. I'm a mom, we're. That's pretty good, actually. Yeah, but I don't go. You kind of do ask the audience, I don't. I go, you go, you know. Ladies, I do not do that, I don't. I do do my mouth does shape like that.


I do side talk inside talk, but I don't go where I go, hey, I give it a lick.


Yeah. Have you been trying out your flick. Oh yeah. That all week. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And I got so many numbers. Show me like me. Chicks dig it. You know, I'll take it to guys who knows what, like a guy who knows what's up, like this guy right here.


I just want to get some gas at the Chevron. Big change here. Big surprise. Come on, Cash. You're behind the counter. She was this old broad and I don't know, maybe she was 65 or 70, but she had a nice set of tits. I could tell Disbrow when she was younger, she was probably very, very good looking, very hot, very attractive. I wish I could have asked her, hey, can I get a picture of you?


You know, back in like the 40s when you were like twenty five years old, when you were super hot.


So first of all, I don't think that math is right. This is the ass review guy. It's always about ass's. Yeah. And I was thrown. For a loop that also lays great tits, I thought you this guy I know because it does, Tom, what it does do is it thwarts his expertise in.


But, you know, and now I don't believe that he's an expert in. But's because he's moving to Texas.


OK. OK, well, before I go on, I have to make this clear. We have been told and I'm going to express it up until then, that if you plan on doing the next live show, which is going to be fucking crazy, it's November 20th, it's at Wyomingites Virtual Dotcom, as the other shows have been, and it features Danny Brown, my sister Maria and Music by Mark Rabieh. And of course, a crazy heavy segment.


If you're going to do it, get tickets ahead of time. It's the only reason I'm saying this is because most a lot of people wait until the last 24 hours. And that's what happens when people are like, oh, why is it a you know, I'm being held up on the site. It's because so many people are going all at once. So even if you get it the day before, two days before you're doing yourself, you won't have to deal with any of the chaos you can do whenever you want.


I recommend doing it. If you plan on being there, do it now. We're also leaving it up through Thanksgiving weekend. Normally, it's a one week thing because I figured a lot of people be with their families. Once you get a ticket, if you can't watch live, you can watch all week from November 20th through November 29th, which is Sunday at midnight after Thanksgiving. So thank you. And of course, it is available worldwide. You don't have to join live.


You can do it any time after. But thank you. And it's going to be, I think, our best show yet. Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving. That's right. My I'm very excited for the.


Then you're right. Listen, give yourself time for the technology to work. Meaning if you buy them early, then you can work out any possible glitches. Right. And smart. What do you mean what are you telling them to buy it early. Smart idea. Yeah, there's no glitches.


I'm just saying that just so that you avoid any kind of hassle.


Yeah. You just don't have to deal with the day of the day. You have your ticket. Just do it now.


I totally would sleep with her. And you know, there's always like an unwritten rule between a dude and his homeboys. Like, you know, most guys will fuck anything that moves. Like, we don't really care anything with a warm hole. We don't give a shit. We're putting our dick right in there. But there are certain women that you just don't bring around your friends because you're fugly, you know what I mean? You're embarrassed that you even had sex with them this time.


I got to be with this broad at the things that I did was so you don't bring this broad around your friends goes right is this guy is hideous. He's trash garbage disposal skank.


I know here. Well, that is the shirt no, he does. He's the coolest of cool guys.


Let me keep going here. Well, abroad, she was good looking to a point where you would almost bring her to your friends, but not as like a trophy. But, you know, like, hey, guys, like, she's not bad for, you know, one hundred and seven I beat. And I don't think any of my homeboys would even trip if I brought her to the Super Bowl game on Sunday Super Bowl party. Yeah, like the old those those teardrop boobs, she's pretty hot.


I didn't see her back. Yeah, I didn't want to see that. I was kind of worried maybe she was wearing the pans or or something. I don't want to start feeling bad for her because, you know, once I start feeling bad for people that I stop being able to fantasize about them.


This really is like all he's about.


I know it's kind of cool that, you know, like we met him with the the reviewing ass is right.


He's like, I got to tell you, he was like a different eye. Right.


And he was like, you know, there's you know, this is so I just see that this girl's ass in the other aisle.


But like, then you you're watching this and you're like, oh, this is all he does. Oh, it's for real. It's all day. Every day. He doesn't he doesn't do anything else. No, he's into it. He's really into sex.


Yeah. So this broad she was good looking to a point where you would almost bring her to your friend. Yeah. I don't know who this guy is, but that chick over there mean I'm telling you for four hundred and twelve. I tell you I would definitely take her out on a date to Bob Evans for sure. Oh wow. Nice liver and onions.


I thought, wow, he's so sincere and he's so dedicated to the cause and he's pretty articulate. Yeah. He really means it. I mean the interesting thing is that he makes these videos. You never see who he's talking about. So this is just a guy who's like, hey, I just saw someone, here's what their tits and ass are all about.


And you're like, OK, we know what I like to do in parts of this clip. Um, he says boobs. And then he corrects himself and calls them tits. Oh. So he almost doesn't want to give off an air of having any sort of feeling human feelings.


And then he even says, oh, gosh, you know, I don't want to I don't want to see the depends because I don't want to feel bad for her because then I can't justify. Yeah, yeah.


So even like she can't he he really is objectifying people to the max, you know.


I think what a warm hole. Yeah. Yeah.


But I mean how many we've known guys like this right there. Coolest of guys.


This brought us hideous. She's trash. Garbage. She's still Schaik.


Yeah, dude, you saw that and drop that on you. It's pretty cool, man. It is cool, but this reminds me of guys you meet in your 20s. Like, usually you grow out of this stuff. Yes.


This usually is when you're kind of realizing that you're sexually viable and like you kind of are mature enough, you're mature, mature enough to be meaning like you're old enough to engage women and you know, you have like a car and a job and you're like you're you're like it's your main focus.


And then you get to, you know, a little older and you kind of just doesn't become the only focus. But his is your water bottle. It's like it's about to tip over. Oh, how did that happen?


Oh yeah. Yeah. He hasn't matured in least. Yeah.


Like he's, he's probably, I don't know, 40 years or something and he's still it's pretty weird acting like he's a 20 year old dude.


I got something for you though. Oh. What you got. This is very what you guys are going to be.


Yeah. We were all hooked up. Oh, cool stuff. On to fucking fast motherfucker. Yeah. Right this way you save all your money. He paid twenty, twenty bucks. Well you can just do it yourself, huh. We'll see how good that looks. Oh, no, don't tilt the ball. Oh, man, oh, boy, oh, boy. Keep the line. Oh, yeah.


Oh, perfect, perfect. That's really good. And I will say no more and I'll take off the toys. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah. Say no more.


And then right now, all you haters out there, haters ahead, had few. But today I had very, very extreme amount of compliments.


OK, I'm calling this the Lancelot haircut. Oh yeah. OK, I'm going to call that thing.


When you do a fucking postmark thing, whatever you do, you know, you put a stamp on your. That's cool. I'm going to show you what you do on Friday night. Okay. So I know what I'm gonna go.


Hey, what are you going to do, sir?


You know, I got a fresh cut. All you need that.


I don't need this. Don't need that. I want to just walk around with mobocracy.


Oh, look, we got some floristry oh, we got a beautiful brush, I love this very simple, very thick berry.


This is amazing. Oh, I hate your fucking book.


Pepper spray. That's bug spray. No.


Yes, that's beautiful. It kind of looks good, though. Yeah. He put some right. And that is a toilet brush. He looks good, so brush. Do me actually, he looks great, I know. Oh, fuck that motherfucker. Check that out, OK.


Then when you finish, because he got more spray on it, like.


No bloody for done as well, Danny, perfect, beautiful formal said, fuck the hairdresser.


Come on, man, he's right. Dude, this guy is my hero. And I tell you something, I would marry.


I would marry him in a minute over tits and ass guy. I'm I love him.


And I would like to see you guys together if I had to choose between the ask. I do go ahead. And him all day, every day. Now, he would be more fun. But you know what? I think there are some signs that what?


That he's Froogle. He knows how to cut his own hair. He's got an adorable accent. He's got a nice house. Yeah, I'm in the all and yeah, I'd have to get his teeth fixed, but. The teeth is a thing I think he would push back on it. I think, you know, I like him and I like his hair, it looks good.


We got a dad boner, love those in the lane that I've never how much to get Nadav to cut his hair like that, to do that haircut on the dog on the live show. You do the bull. And we can use bug spray and a toilet brush, uh, if it's a clean brush. No. On the bug spray. No on the bug spray.


All right, fair enough. Compromise, compromise. OK. It'll grow back. You guys saw how quickly. That's right. What's going through your skull? It you guys pretty much do whatever you want in my head.


That's pretty cool. Thanks, man. You're welcome. Uh, check this out.


So going to bring our man cave and look at his chairs. So we got our mouths.


We got my white chocolate, strawberry, pewter, blue and green manufacturers come up here. You got a major.


He has a green card your ass. Oh, my God. I spend most of my time in that chair. Oh, so we have a lot of cool chairs, lacson, like Nobu.


Come on, here we have. Wow, arched lobach or high vacuously Assuras.


Yes, it's good. We got a slot at a low back high back here. We have a surge here.


This is a much more cultural marvel share here or other going. Come here. You got your capasso, the low back and high back.


You know, the kids are sure, like Tim was like 30 years old. Yeah, it's pretty cool. You got to keep it, though.


There are some who are here about a. Oh, I like that blue one deluxe.


In fact, it looks like it looks sure to watch all your essential chairs. I don't ever want.


Yeah. I mean that's really cool, man. And the interesting thing is that now it opens up your game to another guy.


There's three guys now today you got the bowl cut, bug spray guy.


You got that old lady has nice tits and then you got the chair collector.


Well, I will say I like the chair collectors attention to detail. Yeah.


And his stick it to him it's probably the least would have nice threatening. We don't know.


We haven't seen as we don't know. But I'm telling you, I feel like you could definitely get yourself out of a sticky situation here by being like, hey, you want to go buy some chairs?


Know, I do think it's odd that as much as he prizes his chair collection that he just keeps them in his bedroom.


I will.


He just want them to get out like I mean, our our kids do the same thing that we want to use my room.


All right, man. That's true. I need to see what this guy looks like. I just so I'm still with the Australian guy with the the haircut, and I just I like how he talks. I love his accent. Yeah.


And I like his stick it to the man I like. I like I fuck fuck that dress. I might do with the accent. You're the master. Yeah. All right. And then you put and I don't like it.


Yeah. Fuck fuck. Yeah. Addresses that. Yeah. I like that Australian you know DIY like they're so big. It is he. Yeah. Yeah. I like their, their whole attitude is like they keep it real. Yeah. I really dig that they're not posh at all this chick.


I think it's a chick giving my mom a run for her money. Oh ready. That's wild, that's so. Listen, I just sent that in. Mm hmm. I don't believe the audio.


I think you need to recount. This is I'm suing because this is not official fart audio. I don't believe this audio, yanno.


If you look if you look at the lady's face while it's happening, it lines up. It lines up with one. She's with what we're here.


And is it is the source material? Is that a link? Is it an actual embedded video? Well, how did it arrive? There was a link. It was a link. And where is this posted? YouTube Lively's where as opposed to YouTube. Wow. Yeah.


May I see it again? You know, that is that is a woman, right? Looks like a woman's foot and leg.


That's a little hard for me to decipher.


I thought I thought it was a male fart. No, the fart sounds male. Yeah, but the these look female to me. Yes. And also, I think what's happening is there's a baby there. I think this is a new mother and I think that's her mother. Oh, interesting.


I thought that's I think that's lesbians. Well, that could be partners. I thought that's the this is a young mother that we're looking at like that whose legs we're looking at. And that's her mother looking because that's the way your mom would look at you.


If you're doing that, you know, you're keeping an eye on the baby.


The disdain, the disgust start at the beginning here and tell me if you think that's a woman's foot or a man's foot. Because I think. I think it looks female. Oh, yeah, that's good. Yeah. And that's why she didn't jump, like if it's her daughter. That's what I'm saying, you know, if it's like your daughter, you know, she didn't jump initially, which is like she ignored it. She ignored it. She ignored.


I think that falls in line with mom, though. I think friend, spouse, somebody like that jumps. I think your parent just goes like that because she's so used to it.


The parent is so used to it. Now, with you, every time you repass, I look immediately and I give you disgust immediately. You're right. It's that's a quicker response. Yeah.


I would jump out to if it was yours, you know, like. Yeah.


With one of the kids I just be like now I will say that this is a dangerous position to fart in it. You are really taunting the guards here because I wouldn't do that also. I mean, I'm I'm convinced this is a woman farting and those are real guy fart vibes.


Well, Tom, as we've learned on Wyoming, sometimes the ladies are the ones with the biggest fart. That's definitely what we as is evidenced when we did have the fart mic up, there was a Twitter account that kept a tally and I was winning the fart mic. Yeah, Talli. Which leads me to believe that's why it disappeared one day because I was in the lead. Yeah. Hello. Yeah I remember. I remember.


Client, you know, Nina is getting to know him and the dog trusts you this way, baby. Puppy Love Grows the love that's seven, I love you, too. Thanks for watching my video of, uh, my well yeah. We now need your help. Uh, uh, uh, he's clearly single.


I mean, I want to kiss his mouth after that because you remember the Wolf lady. Yeah, of course. I can't live like my mad look at her today. No.


One, welcome to Animal Watch. And today I'm getting up close with one of the top, um, most fearsome apex predators in the USA. She's got a jock strap on her tits. The alligator. Oh, she is not.


The American alligator is considered to be the most dangerous non-venomous animal in the USA. However, attacks on humans are rare.


If an attack does happen, it is usually because of mistaken identity or humans doing shit like alligators demesne without due diligence and caution.


She's so dumb already and I like it. I fucked that. But that Big Ten fuck that shit. What are you doing, dog? Don't. Why are you doing. Oh, my God. What the fuck that reaction was know on the surface, yeah, oh, he can be very fast.


Mm hmm. So what we're seeing right now is a feeding response that is moving towards being given food. That's not a predatory response. If it was a predatory where he's thinking that the prey might try to get away, he would move at least triple that speed.


What the hell is wrong with people after learning all about the alligator's physiology and behavior? I decided that it was time to bite the bullet and go down into the water.


Why would I survive long enough to get some epic underwater shots and film? Clearly, time would tell.


Oh, my God. Nope, and don't go in its habitat, you stupid bitch. That's how you die. There's something quite strange about an alligator being pushed towards your face and for you to dive down underneath him before his teeth reaches your head. But I was gay. And apart from the freezing temperatures, I was really enjoying sharing this experience with my new scaly pal. I'd say it's about Gaiters, I think it's the same with Crocs is it's not difficult to hold their mouths closed.


But it's impossible to pry his mouth open. That's right, so you can hold it TAPERT like, relatively easy, but man, if they are chomping down on something that's over, you're fucked. Yeah. You can't you cannot pried open.


Those teeth are serious.


And, you know, they're all that grip and, you know, they'll just break them out to you when they were growing back. Yeah. They don't give a shit. I give a fuck about you know, I should also do the animals kill people.


Remember Steve Irwin? He got killed by a fucking dumb stingray like they kill you. Yeah, the dumpster. Are you messing with animals, bro? Stabbed him. Fuck with anybody and stabbed them.


Fuck, I'm afraid of Bitsie. Sometimes I wouldn't even mess with her.


Yeah, just those little bits. Teeth. Yeah, they're. Yeah.


The animals will fuck you all bro. Um this chick so silly.


What is wrong with her. I don't know, man, I think it's so stupid to do this stuff. You know, I hate it. I hate when people mess with animals. It's just. Why do you have to mess with them? They're scary, they're bigger than you, they're stronger than you thought you saw this, but I know. Just leave me alone. Oh, yeah.


This is another thing for. Yes, for those of you that don't know. So you don't know that. My sister, who is returning for the live show, used to be a staple of this show like years ago, and then she got certain jobs.


She was like, I cannot come on your show as well as the show grew in popularity to we didn't.


Yeah, we had to get a normal life in all kinds of shit, but. Well, when were your real plays? Was that in college or after college?


I was definitely after a show like New York. Yeah. Oh my God. Yeah.


My Yorkie is an easy city to be like a real surgeon.


It's a I mean, it's a total blur of who and how many is a blur.


I mean, God, yeah, I mean, I had dated, but in between, you go out with somebody and usually I mean, so she's basically saying she doesn't know how many people she's been.


Yeah. Yeah. What is your age range?


When you started having jobs and middle school, I was like 11, 12.


Well, really, you guys are doing that in middle school.


Yeah. I mean, we wouldn't know beforehand that I'm handsome, like play with a penis. I mean, I had no idea how to properly give a handjob. I'll learned that later on in life, obviously slowing down and dating people. So I get shitty jobs in like sixth grade, but sixth grade.


Now, was it because you were with in school with a bunch of, like, promiscuous?


Yes. Everyone in my school was like a complete fly. What she go a private school? No, that wasn't. No, I thought Portmans when a guy had like a like a long metal tubing shot. Oh my God. Oh, my God. That is penis. I just don't get it. The pain thing, that that thing I definitely don't get. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Well so is eating stool and like shitting on each other.


Yeah. Nobody. There's something seriously wrong with these people. Yes. I totally agree and I want to know what goes through their head that they think like this is normal. I'm definitely gonna find a great woman that wants to do this with me. She's quality material.


She used to like just get us. She was a get.


So fire coming at you is either a semen or something. Something else seaman would be from three days ago. Usually when we have sex, it still looks out of me for like a few days after because apparently I have a very Mukasey cervix. Is that unusual? Oh, really? No. Apparently with his strong swimmers and my super Mukasey cervix just hangs out in there for like five days later. It's just leaking out. Whoa. That's my camera thongs.


Usually, you know, I had to wear underwear with, like, something there for, like the week after. Or I can have a massage, like because it's happened once before where I was having like a massage and it was like it was a gross like a snail trail. After I got from the oh my God casting. I know just about everywhere.


And then she became shameless. It was the most crazy.


And all the old school listeners remember that she had insane coffee orders, you know, like literally the stuff that you see, like marked well, like.


So now hold hold on, Yana, let's be fair. The cigarette family has a thing with getting their coffee right. If you will forget, Topdog, McDonald's has the best coffee.


Everyone has a coffee thing, but her ordering through the drive through like anyone else and it had to be hot.


And then somebody needs venti. Yeah. Yeah. Coffee, extra ice.


No, we have a preference. But I'm saying the level of her preference, she's it's not comparable.


She's the one saying I would like extra ice and a splash of milk is not at all like this with my sister or she has three beverages that she can order based on season from Starbucks morning, the morning before noon.


It is a single bad venti with three and awake with three inches of steam and from three washers. And then you add in the milk powder. What I do was, hey, that's that's one great.


Come on. No, I don't even understand that drink. No, of course not.


After noon tomorrow that I do it, that is decaf. Testori sugar free and easy with to not wake up.


And then fall afternoon, and if it's afternoon and fall or winter and I do a single bad computer top with three a.m. listening to the same story and and then topped off, at least one doesn't been up powder that.


Are you crazy? It's of sweetener by the. Oh, dude, I've she's I've had a sip of her three Splenda because I've been with her before. I'm like, well you really like coffee mentioned.


Like I love it. I love it. Like I thought I like coffee and then she doesn't drink coffee.


No, this is nonsense. Your voice dropped since these recordings. Your voice got deeper, didn't it? Some of it, though, is the quality of the recording.


Yeah, I like that sound. We got better equipment. It's very nostalgic for me. Those early mikes say the TV mikes. Yeah, I like the way before. I know. I like the I like this audio quality it's bringing back. Yeah. It's very nostalgic for me.


All right. That's interesting. Yeah.


So so yeah that maniac is coming back. So for the first time in years and it's been a it's been a while.


She's had two children. She's had a whole new life.


She wants to do one of the earlier live shows. And then she's like, I got I got all the blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. For work. She was like a ba ba ba ba ba for hobbies all the while floor.


And then all of a sudden like a month later she's like, guess what, I could do the live show now. So I was like, you're on dude.


So I guess work isn't I don't know, for some reason she was just like I thought, well let's talk about cocks.


What about like you know, what I love about LMG, Maria, is that she's always fired up.


There's always something in her world that is. Yeah. You know, she never calls without a story. There's always something going.


That intro. The the Maria intro. Oh, my God.


Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Seriously, seriously, seriously, seriously. Oh, my God. You take your fucking sister. Oh, my God. You're pudgy fucking monkey man. Seriously at the back of an asshole on it for the goddamn bottle. Oh, my God. Seriously?


No, that was from her being upset at the Starbucks employee. They couldn't figure out how to put the syrup in. Yeah. They couldn't open the thing that they need help open. Get your fucking.


Because, you know, she's very active, too. Maria does. By the time we wake up around eight or nine a.m., she's like 6am. And then I went on a run around the same hours and then I swam and I did like ten miles there. I thought we played tennis for like two hours.


Yeah, she does what she does. It all mean vacations with her. She's like laying out activities where you're like, what about the rest part? You're going to rest on this thing. Like is about a hike that I read that I left it and I had breakfast and then I played tennis. And I swear that they have they have kayaks at the kayaks that we got back. And I'm going on a hike and you're like, this is a vacation.


All right. Like that's her way of shelling out.


I know. For she, um, when she was about to give birth to her second kid, she called me and she goes, oh, God. Oh, I thought the doctor, uh, the doctor says, I have to stop weightlifting because I prolapsed my uterus. Yeah.


Which means that she was about to give up. She was like weeks away from delivery and she was lifting weights so much that her uterus was coming out of her vagina. It was so heavy and so strained, like, you need to stop.


And she still did like the it's like I could still run, though.


Still run still. She did like eight miles a day.


First I was like, OK, so anyway, uh, I thought, you like this Reese's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, my favorite.


You know, when you get a fresh one right away. Yeah. It's got that wonderful chocolate scent when you open it up. Yeah. And it's shiny and not discolored on the top. Yeah. You pull off that bottom wrapper and nothing sticks to it. And when you take a bite, oh man, that peanut butter is so smooth and moist and sugary and sweet. But you also know how disappointing it is when you get a stale one. Oh you take a bite and it tastes kind of like cardboard.


OK, uh, Hershey's, the company that makes the peanut butter cup, used to have a system where the expiration date was invented in code on the back of the package. It was not very consumer friendly. They have a much better system now with a Best Buy date, clearly on the back of the package. That's as good as far as it goes, though, but it doesn't really tell you how fresh the Reese's peanut butter cups are. It just tells you when the last possible moment is that they're still good.


Mm, huge distinction. The big deal for this guy, this guy is really into reseize. We contacted Hershey's to ask exactly what the time period was for when their dish is the best by date, they would not disclose that information. Very tight lipped about it. Cancel it was up to us to figure it. So we went from store to store candy out the candy aisle on a search to find the freshest peanut butter cups available, of course, lots of taste testing was required.


We focus primarily on the miniatures, the two cut package, the four cut package and the big caprices. We saw that in most cases, the freshest we could find had a Best Buy date of 10 to 11 months into the future. That made us suspect that the time frame from the manufacture date to the Best Buy date was one year. It took more hunting, but we did finally strike gold when we found a 12 pack with a Best Buy date exactly one year away from the current date.


This was at a Wal-Mart and it was on sale just a dollar fifty for twelve cups. And the cups on that one with a Best Buy date a year away were the freshest we found. Oh, wow.


Thank goodness, man, you've really done some research for people. I was on tenterhooks. You know, Bertrand Russell once said the famous philosopher, the time we enjoy wasting is not wasting time.


Yeah. So when I feel judgmentally like, the fuck are you doing? Yeah, you're like, you know what the sky is really? And it was resee cups and I respect that. I'm really into easy cups. Yeah. Like, I would I would argue this is the top of my Halloween candy list. This is it. Yeah. This is dope. I love these fucking things. But is it reseize or Reeses. I've been saying Reeses not reseize.


Reeses Tom. It's reseize.


Bullshit. Reseize. Yeah.


Now she's she had a nice set of tits. It's Reeses.


No Chris Larsen. Go ahead. I usually say Reeses, yeah, that's Norm Reseize, as Nam Reseize is made by Reise and it's Reese's Peanut Butter Cups now Reese's Pieces, Pieces of Reese's Pieces, only a fucking Meggan would call it Reseize Reese's Pieces, Magon.


So Reese's Pieces, Reese's Pieces, Pieces and Pieces.


But you could say Resee Cups. I say Risi you can't. Yeah. No you can't. Yeah well you say what people call them greasy cups, you know.


Shittier to say it that way.


Reese's cups. Yeah. Recently they say Reese's peanut. You say recycle. Do not. Yeah. You see cups reseize. Mm hmm. Which subsidises pieces but it's a cup.


Everyone calls it a rasika.


I've never heard anyone call it a receipt cup. Well that's because you're to L.A. about it. The rest of America calls this a recycle. Yeah. Man 71 million votes, fuckheads fuckface.


I read the bag. Read the fucking back, stupid.


Nadaf fuckheads.


Yeah, it is a risk cop. All right. Let's take a quick break and we'll be back with a guest in a moment.


I don't know if you know this. I am a sauce connoisseur and I find that food is basically just a vehicle for sauce. I mean, what wood buffalo wings be without the buffalo? What would a French fry be without the catsup? That's why I love Trev. It's spelled t r u f f. It comes in such fancy packaging. It arrived at our house and I thought, oh my gosh, what is this luxury item? Well, it's sauce.


It's hot sauce mixed with truffle. So it is so beautiful. It's got a a bright chili kick, a rich undercurrent of savory truffle balance with a dash of sweetness from agave nectar. It is heaven. The packaging is marvelous and it will enhance any meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner. I put the money eggs in the trough. I put on eggs, I put Trev on fries. Now I put it on mac and cheese. I love it.


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You simply set up the pick up from the mail carrier. It really couldn't be simpler. I don't know why anybody is bothering with the post office. Great.


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You can rate review and subscribe to it on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts. Please welcome Josh Potter.




Hey, American Ufuk. That's right, baby.


And Eric, proud to be an American, stood by your side and free and we go to go after our country.


Then we can go back down to Guatemala. Fucked up the government, too. Oh, yeah.


We were talking right before we started rolling. How I've converted to pot.


I love it. I've been trying to get everyone on board. I'm two mg Tina. Yeah, I push. Two and a half, and she's like two, she's like, yo, I felt that shit. Are you kidding? Yes. It knocked me out. I am like that makes me feel like Diaz at home.


I'm like, You got only angles, too. What are you, a fucking kid slipper at 10?


And she she's like up outer space. Me in the hospital. But two, two and a half. Sorry, I sleep like an angel.


What it is. Listen, I'm, I'm a dilatant.


I'm a newbie. I'm not good at it. That is just enough to chill me out. And I have the Rattus dreams. I like sort stuff out. I talk to my dead mom in my dreams. I'm having sex with ex-boyfriend.


This reminds me of when I was like twenty two and smoking weed or whatever, like I would rip one bowl like a hit and then I'd be like I'm good for like a week and then you know it grows. Eventually your tolerance.


I took 20 and I and I was hallucinating. Where with me or.


No on the road. Yeah. And I was just up for hours like religious spin when we were together. No, because they you had received some sort of gifts of edibles.


We were together and you took one. I took all of them. I took all of them had that right. I did one fifty like that night.


We played video games in one hundred and fifty milligrams.


Yeah. I felt great. You were.


Oh how high we find. I don't know. I mean that's fine dude. I, I'll do to the my problem with it right now is that they put the gummies in like ten milligrams each or whatever, so to eat like 250 like twenty gummies.


Yeah. Just give a strong dosage.


Well you can't because like the legal like there are places where it's like we're a church, we're not a dispensary and then there you can go get a gummy. That's strictly two hundred milligrams. But they've regulated it now.


But I don't know, I've been in the in the legit dispensaries.


Yeah. That have strong stuff. Yeah. Really. Yeah. Because they've told me they're like all we have to get them and they have to increment them and I hate that shit so that they're like a ten thirty guys.


I hate candy.


So it's like to ingest. Yeah I remember that. You don't like sweets. Oh my God. So I get like sick to my stomach.


If I want to get 200 milligrams in me I have to like it. So what does the Death Star Homy.


That's what. Well that's what I'd love. I'd love you can't get that shit. But let me ask you this. What if you take two hundred? What are you like on two hundred the same. I don't know.


What do you mean. I just feel like outer space but I can, I can function.


But your high is fucked up. Yeah, of course. That's what I that's a goal.


But no, you're making it sound like that. Does anything do that to you. So it is to.


I have to go, I have to go like in the hundreds to make that happen.


One hundred though you're high as fuck. Also I'll be like normal high. I probably I'll still rip.


I mean like I think when we were in Vegas the night we were in Vegas, you gave me what, fifty milligrams. And then we also smoked like a blunt and then we were drinking and you were like, you don't feel it at all. I'm like, not really.


We were doing all this stuff too. I don't know. It's like, Jesus, man, I'm dead inside my body.


I don't know how that happens. I don't have any feelings at all.


I mean, I do like I have a lot of feelings, but it's not like I like need it to take me someplace, like, you know what I'm saying? Like, get me out of my own head. I want to be so far out of my own head. I'm on Mars, you know. I mean, yeah, yeah.


You're normal. I wish I mean, I wish for you that it could happen at a lower dosage.


Oh, my God. Me too. But after time when you try to see the devil as many times like I remember when I used to do shows with Joey Diaz, like back in the day, I don't know, twenty thirteen or something like twenty feet. And he'd have those stars man they were fun. Those were the shit. And I think that's why he like kept me like work in a couple days on the road because I was like not a little bitch almost jumping in on him.


Yeah. Yeah. He gave me a corner of one once corner and I had to pull over and get a ride home.


There have been times I've gone through deep and edibles where I'm like sweating profusely and I have to like, lay down those profusely.


Profusely. Yes. And then I have to say yeah. Then I have to like lay down and like, let the air conditioning bring me back to life for a second. Yeah, but that's like that that's going too deep for you.


I mean that's Yeah. That's happening at what like four or five hundred milligrams.


I mean, I mean honest to God it depends on also like what you've eaten and stuff like that, like if you have an empty stomach and you do too unfamiliar.


Like I used to have this, I used to have this like underground sort of dispensary near my house that I would walk home from open mikes to like an on the way home. I would pass it and I would always buy a two hundred milligram gummy for the walk home just so I could float home. And it would I would become a race like if I get home before the gummi kills me kind of thing, and sometimes I wouldn't make it like I'd be almost home.


It'd be a really hot day. And by the end of it, I'm crawling up to my porch, you know what I'm saying? Like, I would be fucked up, but it was worth the fun, you know.


So you would. So you do go too deep, though, sometimes.


Oh, yeah. That's the goal. Yeah, I know.


But I felt like it was impossible maybe with, you know, I mean, it becomes as you try to get that way more and more, it becomes more. You can't do two hundred milligrams a day and. Then like trying to function, you know, things, so, yeah, the more and more you go, I mean, like when we were hanging out, I was able to play video games and shit like that, like in the arcade or whatever.


So, yeah, you know, I could do those things and not like I'm not like, oh man. I got to like I don't know, I got to like I don't know what would happen to you if you took 150 mg. I'd freak the fuck out pretty hard. Yeah.


I don't get freaked out by drugs because I like the drugs. I would just be like beside myself, you know, I even do do mushrooms and shit, you know, fuck.


That's when you're really out of your mind though, like acid and mushrooms and stuff.


I mean, sort of. But also you could be like if you've done enough LSD, like where you're really I've never done acid. That's the one thing I've done so many shrooms. And I've always been of the persuasion.


And this is just a theory I have because I'm through talking to some people. If you've done acid first, you don't like mushrooms and if you've done mushrooms first, you don't like acid.


So it's always made me a little when I did the, um, the late the last days dosing, you know, I was hallucinating.


What would you what were you hallucinating. What do you mean. Like, what were the hallucinations.


I mean I was like floating above myself and like really I would kill my mother to feel that you can acid you could do that on LSD, take a stab or why don't you just take you get a thousand milligrams, just eat that non to acid.


It's so many. Go on. No, no.


Just get like we can track down.


OK, I mean, I will I don't think I would feel what you feel though. I would just like go to sleep. I would like pass out.


No man I don't know.


I get tired of everyone was talking about salvia salvias so scary. You feel like the walls are melting.


You'll see bunny rabbits the last time in seconds. Yeah. But like you were supposedly I was reading things.


People are like you live a whole lifetime in seven minutes like a boy. And I was like, I want to know what that feels like. That sounds scary and I want to know what that's like.


And I did it and I really all it was was like smoking weed for me.




I think you should try LSD because that should last for like oh if you take a lot of it high from last, your whole day though the whole day and there's speed in it so you can't just fall.


You know, I know somebody that it broke. Right. Well that's the thing that scares me about it. Yes, I know that it broke a guy who I who I know and who's who was a smart like I get the flashbacks and all that. He just a complete personality shift had to drop out of school.


And like is not it's like it's like when you hear about somebody saying that, you know, like a vaccine affected them or something and they're like something shifted. This guy had a notable break in a shift and he was on a flight and went into the cockpit. This is before 9/11, which Drew always says that a commercial flight was like, what's up, guys?


And they're like, what are you doing?


Do you remember that when you were a little kid, they'd let you do that? Yeah. You could say hi to them. Yeah. Yeah. They used to like this open. Yeah. You just go up there and take a look at me like how he told them to fly towards the sun.


My little boy like you go back to your seat, he's like, go there, dude.


If that was ninel after 9/11, Marshall would have like put a bullet in the back.


Oh yeah. He's been a dead body in the fucking galley.


Bush Sorry, folks. We're going to be diverting to Richmond. So most importantly, have you ever sat on a woman's face and demanded that she eat your.


But we were just talking about the first time I saw that in a porn. It is a gold mine.


I would like to do that. I don't want to I don't know if I demand it.


So this is a scenario, OK, I'm too young and probably fifth grade and I've been watching porn for a minute, which is, you know, it's too young for your developing mind, but I'm like, this is so awesome, right? Jerking off, watching this stuff and I'm seeing blowjobs and sex. This guy standing on a bed, woman's on her knees and she's blowing him. And I'm like, all right. And I remember that the guy was like like a real dirtbag.


And he just he's getting blown.


And then he just turns around and just squats on her mouth and starts chain himself and holds her head back there. And I was like, he's putting his asshole in her mouth.


Like, I couldn't register it when I was seeing. And that was the first time. And I was like, that's that's maybe why I'm so fixated on it.


I think I would really I don't really like demanding things like that. I would prefer they are like they're like that. I might you know what I'm saying? They tell you to do it.


So you've had nice ladies do it. I have a couple. I cannot believe it. I am blessed with.


Wait, wait. You find a nice ladies who let you sit on their faces. Well, no, no, no, not I mean, I'm not necessarily sitting on them, but they have still gotten their mouth to the destination, if you know what I'm saying here.


They have to request neither time did they put you in the baby.


I the first lady did put me like she was changing my diet. I up in the air legs and.


And then she was like, no warning, why don't you flip over? And I was like, all right then she really got in there. Wow. No warning, no warning.


So she did say something to a welcome place. Well, she did say something to me.


I'll tell you this. This I don't talk about it on stage or anything like that, but there was an aspect of it where she did throw it out there and you thought she's just talking tales out of school or whatever, you know, talking shit.


But I did do a little extra cleanliness.


Oh, you just in case you sense that it was coming.


Well, no, I never had a woman throw that out before. I, I would never throw it out.


And I thought likely let's maybe shoot. Have you had a threesome? No. And it's my fucking white whale.


I'm donnison here. Are you guys out there? Do you want to make Josh come? Dude, I've it's gotten bad because we can't do it.


One I started like in recent sex experiences, I've started fantasizing about another woman was there. Oh wow. Isn't that terrible. Like just so I could get myself.


Can I tell you a theory I had about you not being able to come? What's that. You know that Alex Trebek just died. I have a theory that when you were a child, you were masturbating and the Jeopardy theme song came on and that's why you can't come. This is like done on and on. And that is a tension you make. Josh come down and I won't be done.


And I'd be like, oh, it's like you lose my recipes, Alex Trebek.


All right. All right, all right. Yeah. No, he was great. He was great. And I don't mean to associate him with such a horrific subject, but are you good at Jeopardy?


No, we should. I mean, wouldn't it be an honor if we did like a Wiremu Jeopardy? Yes, that's a really great idea.


Like fan trivia. Cool guys. Category two of Benadryl guy.


Yeah, it's like this gentleman, a 10 to 12 Benadryl. And now the question is. Yeah.


How many of these what is what is a Benadryl? Right. So you have to be like what is 10 to 12 Benadryl. Yeah.


Once you stupid even formulative like I'm dumb. I'm I swear how many times you watch that show, could you maybe answer one or two of those questions? Tom, there was a couple of categories.


I would I mean, you'd have to luck out on Cat for Natural. I mean, we're talking like they would have like a 16th century French furniture.


Yeah, that's the subject. You're funny. You got those shares.


That's all I know. There was an open mic I used to go to where you'd have to get there early to sign up and I would get there, you know, early to sign up. And I'd watch Jeopardy every time because it would be on the TV at the bar. So I would like see how many I can get, you know, in my brain. And I would be all right. Not I wouldn't win, but I would be like, I wonder how much money you have.


I have to say this.


Even though you're the roach, you're actually are pretty well-informed guy, like, you know, a lot of things like we'll be talking.


I don't like to put that out there. Well, because I'm going to be something I'm not well informed about and they'll love to tell me about it.


Well, but that's saying that, like, yeah. You're not informed on everything. What I'm saying is I've talked I've had, you know, countless dinners with you and, you know, we toured together. So we're just bringing up everything. And they'll be just like, you know, random books that you've read, subject matters, topics that you're pretty well informed on. Yeah, it's amazing what you can do. And you don't have a life.




You know, that's what I was getting to know. I was going to say, you fucking loser, I like to overpromise or under promise and over deliver.


There you go.


Information and I could see you maybe maybe on a dose or maybe not doing what the guy does in this video, which makes me really happy.


Sweet guy. Like you're just irritated with this song. I get that, like Animal House.


Yeah, that was a form tackle.


I would dream about doing that in a bar. I would be telling like if we were at a bar together, I'd be like, I want to go up there in fucking bad guys all over.


So what song, what song would make you do that. Like for me it's brown eyed girl Darren aren't there for me.


I'll be like, fuck, why don't you like songs about a girl's asshole.


That or red red wine which we know historically is love. Red Red Wine, the worst song but not the worst song. But you know what I really hate is like the fake reggae red, red, white.


Make a feel so fine, but keep me talking all the time.


I don't even know that song. I mean, I know now it I know it from Morgan.


I know from the hook but I don't know, I've never listened to reggae like it's not reggae, it's fake or whatever.


It's fake. It's gay guys. It's a gay game.


Yeah it is nice. It's true. So fake. Oh I'm trying to think of a good of a song that just I mean, that one's pretty bad. The one that the guy got annoyed about. Sweet Caroline. Like if you're a cover band like come on. Yeah that's OK.


Journey's Don't Stop Believing makes me. That would make you see. Yeah that's that one. Alex I love some journey songs but that one is like come on, you had to put that on and then every girl in the bar is like dance to that.


And then you know, you know what song makes me crazy that girls go crazy for I will survive. Oh.


Dating yourself a little bit there. I don't know. Well like but yeah.


What is a wedding jam though. Yeah. And I like I was in college or something. Now come on girls, just go.


That's my song.


Oh my God. You're right because I've been to weddings where they're like and then they all like do the thing. Yeah. Yeah. In the circle and shit.


Yeah. Yeah. There's some bad ones. Wedding songs, pretty much wedding songs from like nineteen ninety to twenty five.


Like if you went to a wedding in that period you heard all the dog shit like cha cha slide the fucking including who let the dogs out.


Electric slide guys ready to party start who let the dog and then. Dads like dads like I know this is a rap song, was it that way with, like, Woop? There it is. Yeah, I was too young for woop. There it is. But I remember it was like everywhere is like chocolate shot. It's like there's like congressmen that are like, oh I like it.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I was like Bill Clinton, you know. And something. What was the the Korean one. Um Gangnam Style.


Yeah that. Well yeah that was made to be a joke and then everyone it was but then it was like when your grandmother get like she's like oh Gangnam Style. Oh this is really. But that's the thing about this.


Now I feel like dumb songs are made to be completely dumb and they become popular ironically. Yeah. Yeah. You know what I mean.


Like do you remember when music I was thinking about this. Do you remember when music used to be scary. Like now I feel like the world is so scary.


I don't think music is like now if you heard like Marilyn Manson you'd be no one's going to be like, oh my God, that's the problem. That's why all that music has gone by. Everything was music.


We're just like told like, you know, the devil lives in this house. They're telling you, Ozzy Osborne, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper and Ben Manson. And everything was just like the Satan is here writing these lyrics.


That was fun. But if you listen to them now and like if you if they create new music that way, nothing would like make these children go like, oh, my God, that's scary. Do you know what I mean? I don't know.


Yeah. Billy Eilish can be scary sometimes if you seen that last album.


I mean, goodness. What's scary, though? What does she say? She just look at her imagery.


You know, I say you on that crowd, that video's really scary one by one back.


But like even rap, like even radical you right now. What's your song that you would kill a band?


Oh, come on. What song just makes you see Red when you hear it? YMCA, I remember watching karaoke with you one time and it wasn't karaoke, it was like live band karaoke, like in a bar attached to a comedy club. Yeah. And we were watching it and I felt like every song made you feel.


Yeah. I hate. Oh I hate. We built this city. That's a bad one.


Yeah. By Starship Enterprise River.


Star Starship. I don't like watching Colored Man Shit at all.


Cover bands make me annoyed. Yeah. Why are you using anything and why are you doing that. Like you don't.


I mean I used to be like what if I just went up there. I was like I'm Richard Pryor and they're all like fucking Richard Pryor jokes like, are you kidding me?


Like, it's annoying that they can just get paid to play other people's music. It's like, oh, you learn that guy's music by heart. Cool.


That's true, because even like my very favorite bands, I wouldn't want to see a cover band. I want to see the real thing. Right. Yeah. Superguy it's okay. Okay.


Here, watch this guy on the because there's a guy who I know is a black guy, OK, and you can't see him but I know he's a black guy.


This is turbulence on a flight. OK, tell me if you can hear the. Oh, wow. Oh, what is going on? There he is. Oh, my God. Oh, oh. Oh, that's terrifying. No one's telling these people what's up? Listen, what is going on? Nearly five one five oh oh oh.


First, the idea that you could be like like he's casually like, what's going on?


And then when it gets real crazy, he goes, what is going on? Like, they're going to be like, I'm going to tell you. He's like, put this on the ground right now.


If you are sitting near him, would you be more scared of the turbulence? Like, I would be laughing. So, yeah, it's like being at a movie theater. Turbulence doesn't freak me out at all. It's scary. I don't I mean, I'm usually too drugged up to be affected by turbulence.


Yeah. Like, I had a one a flight to Phoenix one time where a bird collided into the windshield of the plane and broke the windshield.


I didn't know this until we landed, but it hit the plane.


We dropped to the point of the drink cart, hit the ceiling. And I was like this in the seat like and there was a woman of the same persuasion next to me.


And she goes. Like, she freaked out and I and I was like, it's going to be OK. Like, I that's all I did. And then I'm sitting there and I go, we almost could have died.


I didn't even think about it till afterwards. Yeah, scary. I don't like it. Yeah, I would have been so Zani Zani out of my head. I would have been in Zanardi land that I would have you fly like that all the time.


Long flights. Yeah. Yeah. How much do you take on a long flight. A bar. Dude.


One time I think we were doing shows at Mugabes. I accidentally and I was scheduling my own travel and I scheduled myself to fly into DC instead of Baltimore thinking it was the same. I don't know why I thought DC was like attached to Baltimore, you know what I mean?


Yes. And it turns out it's a half hour drive. So I took an Uber from the airport to the hotel. And so I get off the plane. I'm still Zanda dude out of my head. The flight was like an hour from Buffalo to D.C., you know, nothing big. I don't even know why I did that. And I get in the Uber and I pass out and the guy, like, wakes me up. He's like, we're at your hotel.


Like, I felt like instantaneously. So then on the way back, I go, Oh, yeah, I don't remember how long I was in that Uber for. And then I looked at it turns out it's like a fucking half hour ride and I and I missed my flight for sure on the way back. So I thought it was like instant. I'm like, oh, it's like a ten minute drive to the airport.


Could have fingered you and stuff. He could have really fingered me. Do you think he may have. That's the beauty of being a man, is that I can get Xana dude in a fucking Uber. Yeah. And not get my Eugena thing.


You don't know there. I mean and if I did I'd be like five stars bro. Thank you.


You know, a little extra service or extra service.


OK, tell me what you think. Do you think this is a man or a woman based on the feet and the legs.


OK, OK, right there. How is that even possible? No, I don't know if that's a woman I'm going to be upset is that looks like a woman's legs and stuff, right? I guess so. Yeah. They're very hairless. It could just be.


But I would like this audio to be analyzed by our why image staff because I don't buy its authenticity.


Can I tell you one thing? If it is a woman, like I said, bad, but I've heard women. I mean, Rip's like she's really in a position where her legs are. Yeah. That's a good place to fart. And who knows if she's one of these workout people who's doing the proteins and the grease. She's been brewing that one up for a while. Yeah, just the way the intestines are are. And my show, we have listeners submitting quiffs.


You just did it. You're going to be on the episode that comes out the date today. Yeah. Yeah.


Quiffs are different. Yeah, we are different. But a couple of submissions of the quiffs, they showed video of how they make themselves queef and the one woman in it accidentally farted a couple of times too. So and they were fuckin I had to make sure I had to go through the audio, be like, is that a fart or queef to verify? And it was fucking meaty like that. Meaty farts. Yeah. Healthy girls can fart like now that.


Now, Jan, I might put this is some evidence that might enlighten you. So I see a little infant there. I'm assuming the woman who farted just had a baby there. Yeah. So you know, holes are loosened up, things aren't as tight for another year or two after you give birth. So that might explain the meatiness of said fart.


Well, just a theory now when you're talking about the sound of a fart, you're discussing the looseness of it. Wouldn't that be more of a no?


Yanno, that is incorrect. What happens sometimes is you can't hold a fart after you have children. Um, yeah, they can be beefier, meatier. It's not not like that. Like it would be.


I'm saying this, though, when you have a sister be whole, it should.


Sure it would slap but it would be more of like a home like that kind of thing as opposed to like, like fuck when it's tight and it's like, yeah, it's good.


You know what I'm saying. It's a really good point that you're making.


I would really like to do some studies on asshole diameters, so I'd say so, and all I know is that, like, I got a pretty tight asshole and my sounds are the full range.


Right? You can do all of them. I can do that. Your cheeks, cheeks, OK.


And position of cheeks and like where how you're sitting, right, Taino? So Tom, we're talking about sound here, sound design, sound engineering.


But that's what I'm saying. My sounds are all all across the board. Yeah. But again, you have to think of the circuit. You're not always farting in the same circumstance, you know, material of pants, same position, same maybe seat that is.


And also what's creating that gas. There's certain things you eat. I traveled yesterday. I flew back and I had chicken paprika for dinner.


And then this morning your farts were very hot. I'm talking about when I got back last night. And you had chicken paprika for.


No, I'm talking about when I got back last night. He's talking prior to chicken paprika.


So, yeah, it was like just throwing that on the travel day and I just farted. Fucking crazy man. Yeah. It was really wild. It wasn't, it wasn't a result of what I ate last night. It was like. What I eaten out of town and now here's a theory, you guys you guys are frequent flyers, as I used to be. Do you think it has something to do with the altitude that that it holds the fired up and then you come down like, do you think the coming up and down affects your thoughts?


What's that shit in diving? What's that? Right above the bench? Yeah, it's like you get the bends in the air.


Yeah. Do you think that affects your forehead? That's interesting.


Is that a theory? Oh, man. Oh, no.


Oh, I mean, or, you know, Joe, my dog, Major, having such a dog in the White House, he's got to I love it.


I don't trust people who don't have dogs, family people.


And, you know, his dog's names are like Major and champ. Like exactly what you would picture Joe Biden naming is I believe his kid's name isn't Major Champ Taunter, isn't it?


Yeah. Which is the same. Yeah. Yeah.


Interchangeable OMON when Sarah Palin dude, I could totally see you doing his his crack smoking video.


I'd love to be I'd love to party with Hunter Biden. That's the thing. It's like it's so dope because like Trump's kids never did blow. I mean, come on, give me a break.


Cause he's he's and he's looking at the camera like he set it up and he's like, oh, and she's giving him a foot job. And then you're like, all right, are you going to come? And then also and he's like a crack pipe.


Wait, is this video out?


Did you watch this video? Yeah. This video exists. Yeah, I did not know that I saw you tweeting about it, but I was like, he's making a joke. This is real video.


It's a real video. Oh, wow. You can't wait. We can't fucking Google.


Now, here's the worst part, though. It was leaked with a blur of his his feet, you know, of his dick, even though you still see, like, it's not a deep blur. It's slightly blurred.


And his dick kind of, but he's got a nice piece on him.


It's kind of like I'm falling out of like six to.


Yeah, it's a nice piece on him, but you're like, so that means whoever leaked it blurred it upon leak because all the sites have it blurred.


Yeah. You were trying to find the uncensored. Yeah, I'd like to see that.


That speaks to the to the leaker. Well, the leaker might not have blurred it. Whoever they sold it to might have blurred it. And that's the source. File them because why are the leaker Lin Wood now?


Are you selling the blurred version? You're not selling the book. I'm saying that they sold it to one person for a lump sum of money. That person blurred it. The other people picked up that video. I got the original. He wouldn't sell that to multiple. It would ruin his deal. So that's why there's no blurb. There's no non blurred one because he's the only one at that with that version. Version. Yeah, yeah. I'm interested.


He's stroking his dick a lot.


I'd like to see the dick. It really bothers me when I can't see genitals. What's the point?


You know, I really I agree. I just want to get a good idea of what kind of peace. Yeah.


Army press have. The big argument that I've heard is that everybody's like crack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack. And then some people jump in and go, it's a meth pipe.


Well, Christina, what do you have to say? I would think meth over crack. I think it's more of a meth move. But everyone was saying they used to crack.


What would you want to get a a foot job on? Would you be hornier with crack or with meth? I probably go.


I've never understood the foot thing. Why? I've just never been on board with it. I felt like at one point in my life that you turn a certain age and that's when the foot switch goes off, or maybe certain people are willing to let their freak flag fly more in a later age.


But I always associated with like older douchebag men like like Feedstuff, you know what I mean? Golfers and shit golfers. Yeah, dad. To go golfing, they're like, oh, man, look at those. You know what I'm saying?


Yeah, I'd sure like that. Yeah. I just never heard like a cool person go like oh man, look at the feet on her. But now nowadays it's all blurred. But I'm saying like back in the day, you know, when I was coming up, I just never hurt anyone my age. Talk about feet sexually and then I'd always hear like dads and shit be like, oh, look at those feet.


You hear the dad fucking it's like, are you that starred in your marriage that you're looking at a foot and like, jerking off to it, like, what the fuck really?


Yeah. And you never I mean, you heard, friend, that my dad my dad thinks it's gay to like he thinks it's gay. Yeah. Like sexual or lame. Yeah. Oh no, no. Like a lot of he thinks a lot of things that aren't homosexual are which is funny. He's like that's gay as fuck if you like that. Yeah. Yeah.


It's like it's so wild dude.


Like old old foreign men. Oh yeah.


They don't really like everything's gay you know to my dad would always be bothered by the gay pride parade. You know that. Come on, you can be gay but they don't have to flaunting this shit in public. Oh my God.


I just started watching The Sopranos. Yeah. It just started for the first time, you know, the whole fucking twenty years later. And I just saw the episode where Uncle Junior, like, is his girl, is like bragging about how good he eats pussy and he's like, don't let that should get out there. And it's like because they're think it's gay to eat pussy. That's yeah.


Yeah. I thought that was so funny to me.


Well I thought that because that was the thing. And like rap music in the eighties, like they had like people being like shit smells like fish. And then like, no, I don't, I don't do that.


The whole episode is, oh, like all of us as like young teens would be like, oh, I guess you don't do that. That's yeah. That's lame. You don't want to eat a girl out because that's what lame guys. You know, so we adopt. Yeah, like, you know, I never I mean, I'm thankful that I grew up in a time that was more progressive and didn't consider eating pussy.


I just thought and then I and then I'm like looking at like listening all these like fucking like Italians like, oh, what a joke or whatever the fuck. You know what I'm saying? They're like talking and I'm like, look at that. Like, how dare you look at you, you know. Yeah. Why are you so afraid of pussy. Yeah. Like get over it. Put your through like this. Have you heard of Dick Broom.


What's that. Is that a mustache. Yeah. Now no that would be Pussy Broom like because you're sweeping it you know.


But I don't feel your pussy broom when you put your mouth on my stuff. I don't know. It doesn't work that way. Yeah well makes sense. But if you don't feel it not because I've had like stubble, you know, that you feel in the legs.


That's why this is like softer. I don't like eating pussy with a beard because you don't really get a sense all of it.


You're like have a guard on you did one of my one of my friends, you know, at at a rehearsal dinner for a wedding.


So I was fucking blackout drunk and announced that he he liked his ladies feet in front of everybody. And he was like, he's like it makes me so like I get I really want to fuck when I look at your feet and everything. And this is in front of a rehearsal dinner that's so hot.


Yeah, right.


So I bet everyone was like I had a tear in there are down the slippery slope. Are they still together. OK, yes. Well there you go. Worked out. I just never got the feet thing. Wouldn't make my dick. Like don't you use your hands like a human being.


But what are you doing? It just it just it's your wiring. What's your wire? What do you like? That's weird. I like all the goods, the regular stuff feed to you. That's right. Yeah. What's good about it.


What do you mean. Like the way they look like, you know, women are very few are very sexual. They're shaped beautifully.


What do you do with a woman's face. Such a dick. Sure. They touch your dick.


I feel like I need a hand. I need a hand to grab it.


I a foot two feet touch. I feel like I'm having sex with you. Make that a little like the little handicapped person's handling you.


Well they're not good enough. I think he's foot phobic.


I'm not foot phobic. You are. Are you sitting on a very important community. Can I cancel and ask you this question.


Yeah. What if Tom wore socks and better you like what the fuck are you doing? Are you one of those psychopaths like that matter? Yeah. It doesn't matter. It's not it's not my how he likes to sleep is his business.


I've, you know, just through the hustle and bustle of sex, you know, like you take your clothes off I don't think to take my socks off all the time.


I've had complaints. Yeah. I've heard of I've heard women keeping your socks on and I'm like, oh, I guess I'll take.


Oh you mean during the Lovemaking Marital Love Act. Yeah, that's that's lame as fuck. If I guys the socks on it's just nasty. It's like you're wearing sneakers to bed weirdo. Take it off. Yeah.


We are noticing it. I don't know how you notice it.


Why do I know it. I see it. It's aesthetic.


Why do you notice a girl though. Like not really. I don't have her and it's not for you so but like if a girl had like it might as well be your elbow.


That's what I'm saying. It's like you're like if you're like oh man, you were going to elbow job. I'm like, yeah I guess. No, no, I'm saying rubbing my dick is cool.


I'm saying if she had banged up feet doesn't bother, you know, I don't even pay attention like wow. But I don't want like I get nervous about mine. Not like nervous like so self-conscious but like I'll be like oh man I didn't like clip my toenails completely. Oh yeah. You know, I'm saying like one socks just be safer.


No it's unattractive. It's so gross. Like I think you just little weirdo. You look like a dork. You look like a prisoner, you know, a door.


I don't think you look like anything because your faces are here unless you're like fucking flipped around and shit or whatever. Like who's looking at your feet. I don't know. I just don't even know how people notice it. Like if a girl had socks on, I wouldn't even I'd be like, oh yeah, that's because you're a boy boy.


Don't care about much. Yeah, you're right girls.


Oh yeah. I see. Those are pretty feeder, very beautiful. If they're, if they're nice they're really pretty.


There's a lot of things that are the sunset is beautiful but I'm not jerking my dick to. You're not going to jack your dick to that.


Now how do you cut feet to not to feel like tits.


I don't know what those are. Perfect. Look at those. Those are perfect. It's like you don't jerk off to Niagara Falls.


That is not that strange. It's not that it's strange.


I love it, but I'm just comparing it. You said it's beautiful and I agree. They are beautiful, but it's not sexual to me. Not so I get that. It's just not your thing. It's not your kink. Yeah. I never I never use your brain. There's theories on it, you know, that, that they said that the in your wiring in your brain, that the general pathway neurons are are like crossing with, with the foot thing.


And so it's like your brain misfiring, telling you that that's a theory fetish. Yeah. Yeah.


There's just I'm noticing a lot of things that don't make my dick hard lately.


What else doesn't make your dick hard.


About. I don't know. I can't even put it on specifics, but I've been like. Certain types of women have been doing it lately where I'm just like, I can't even have sex with this person even though I want to. Really? Yeah, like what? Just like space cadets lately. You know, I was like all about it.


I'm like, I don't care how dumb this lady is when she's real dumb, you get like turned off. Yeah. Like when you're just like not connecting on any they're just dead behind the eyes, you know. Yeah. I was so wired that way from a young age.


I would be I was like 16 when you should be like I don't care about anything. I'll be like, this bitch is fucking stupid. I couldn't do it.


Really. Yeah. Even when they're stupid, I picture you going like this stupid bitch. I can't wait to destroy her.


That's what I know.


I just I would I remember being aggravated like like an old person. Right.


Like rolling my eyes or talking to somebody when I was that young just like you.


But you were very mature when I met you at 23. You already like a 40 year old man. Well, yeah. I mean, you're smart. You had nice feet.


It was like, you know, all the get on you're you're always put together nicely. But I did get I did get irritable at a young age. Yeah. Oh, you did.


So did I mean me. I was of thousand. Thank God for weed making me less irritable.


What about armpit hair on a woman. Yeah.


Doesn't affect me like unless it's crazy. I mean like if you know, like I've, I've been with a few like hippie type ladies and they may be like miss a day or two you know, or one of those things or they don't care. But it's not really a big deal. I'm not like it's another thing guys like lick armpits and shit like, OK, I'll meet you there, I'll meet you there.


No, no. I'm saying when you say about like I don't get it.


Yeah. See I don't get, I get feet, I don't get armpit. If someone being like I love looking up but some people do.


Yeah some people do. And as time goes on that's not going to an art, it's going to be just like faeth someday. This is an article. Why are we grossed out by women with armpit hair.


That but that woman's pretty with hers actually. You know, I think leg hair out more than me.


Armpit leg hair do that. You hate like hair, right? Yeah. Tom would be livid if I had dark leg hair. And I'm lucky I'm blonde.


I don't like like it. I also don't like armpit hair, though, on a woman. Yeah.


No, uh, that doesn't look good. How about a mustache. Mustache. That's what I like.


I like a thick mustache on a woman. Oh my God.


Yeah. I mean, like if it was egregious where you're like, what did you just get off the boat? You know what I would do if like if somebody if a girl has long leg hair, I immediately treat her like a refugee. I'm like, you know, do you need help? Do you need food, water somewhere to stay? That's the thing about the army. No resources.


That's the thing about the armpit hair thing. Like if it was unbelievably long, where they're like making a statement, I'm like, were you stranded on a deserted island for like two years? Why?


What are you doing?


You know, but if it's like stubble or missed a couple of days, you don't mind that you've been with different women and all types. Have you ever had the big bush, like with the girls got like.


Oh, yes, really? And what how did that affect you? Um, varying degrees of effectiveness through different times. Like, some of them didn't bother me. Like, I remember, like my you know, like when you're super young and you have your, like, first girlfriend or whatever, like they don't know how to shave.


Like, I don't know how early you started shaving your body. I knew immediately because I grew up in a city and I read Cosmo magazine and I had girlfriends. So like, right when it started growing, you were like, oh, no. My mother taught me the minute I had armpit hair. And she's like, now it's time to shave. And I started when I was like nine or ten. I shaved my armpits.


And she's like, once you start, you have to do it for your life. And I'm like, Yeah, great, I don't want this shit.


Yeah. And then your box, you learn when you have a boyfriend, you're like, I don't want like a crazy Harry. Oh no, sorry. Bathing suits. Could you get pubes and then you want your bathing suit and stuff. So you guys start shaving for that.


That's interesting. Yeah.


I mean I remember like, you know, high school type stuff, early high school hooking up type stuff. I'd remember there would be like that never bothered me. And then the first time you see like a bald one, you're like, oh, wow, that's something.


Now, what about you, though? Are you shaving your. I'm not sure on percent. I mean, I keep it.


That's pretty tidy. I think that's a fair exchange. That guy should tie it up.


I run I run the ol manscape lawnmower beyond the nuts on the team.


I mean, yeah, it doesn't scrape shit. So I go, that's an invitation. That's an invitation. Just in case they want to get a little.


Yeah. You got a red carpet, you got to pave the tarmac, you know, on a down to down to the runway there, there's some, there's some other orders at the end of this thing. You want to try it out. Yeah.


But I don't shave my pubes all the way to nothing because I know that's on me, you know.


So I was thinking about getting you a gift and normally I would surprise, but I wanted to get your take on it first. So you kind of want it.


In today's uncertain times, life can feel overwhelming and leave you struggling for answers, but you can overcome life's challenges. Wake up every morning, inspired and looking for. Forward to each day introducing the inspiration to be easy to use portable audio system filled with life changing messages of hope, guidance and strength from Joel Osteen, one of the world's most inspiring spiritual leaders.


You may feel today like you're trapped. That is not how your story ends. Some dreams are waking up. Hope is waking up abundances, waking up with the simple push of a button. Remove those negative thoughts with a new message to inspire your day.


God is saying to you, you have struggled long enough. Unexpected blessings are coming your way. Is this the only guy in the fucking thing or what his greatest inspirations ever? Assume it's his. Yes. Oh my God. You're listening to.


It's all positive. It's not negative or positive.


He's completely start each day with just a touch and sit back for a powerful message of hope, guidance and inspiration. The forces that are for you are greater than the forces that are against you.


That makes you really. That was his job as God is in control of your life.


And boy, have I seen blessings that put the hope in my heart, refuse the negative thoughts that prevent you from reaching that goal and take back control.


You can't think negative thoughts and live a positive life. You get your mind going in the right direction. Your life will go in the right.


He said, please turn it off. I don't want to hear any more because life can feel Oh my God will leave you the inspiration cuz I can't stop. You know why this made me from Missouri triggered for the ultimate collection of the most powerful daily.


Go ahead. I am upset. This is like my mom would love this fucking cube. Really. Oh my. Like my mom has like quotes like that like on her walls are like in the kitchen.


That's a, that's a type of covers and that's a personality. That stuff too.


What is that. Empty words just make you go on. How does that happen. You need I just want to sell our own cube. I think that's a girl.


You press the button. It's just like, what's up there, Jamal? Just right away, you know, good morning.


You're like and then you go, there's no positivity. It's all negative. Yeah, like the opposite of the Joel Osteen cube. You know, he just lost your life.


It's just like you're fucked. You fucked up, you know. Oh, my God, Brian.


OK, you didn't follow protocol. What kind of empty-headed fuck. Here's just a stupid generic words and goes, thank you.


So many people, so many people, many people.


And you can't just stop negative thoughts by hearing a positive one.


It doesn't. And here's another thing. You know what makes me think more negative thoughts? Like I want to murder the person who said the positive cause I don't.


I hate those things, too. Everybody's too addicted to their phone. So you could actually put the app on your phone.


And as soon as you touch your phone, you my camera to you, if it's like, you know, it's really why image for me.


Yeah, it's all fed smokers stuff. So it's a good idea. It's just fucking like that with anything except me.


Where ten to twelve Benadryl. Yeah.


I like fuck partners. Well and this Joel Osteen has so much money already. Have you seen the stadium. Oh my God.


They just showed one there. That was so far. How many people are in that venue. That's Garth level no higher.


Some fucking writers then you just ruined your life. I think there's 20000 plus people there.


I mean, and he's OK. He's worth more than fifty million dollars. Jesus, I mean, are you kidding? And he's definitely had work done on his face too. He looks crazy. Looks insane. Yeah.


You see our boy, you take money from people and you're certain it is isn't isn't the whole point of Christ to be in those eight hundred.


So no Lorina Christ gave him all that money so you can spread his word. It makes me sick.


These guys, they're just leeching money from poor people who believe in them. So sad. This inspiration cube is fucking you need one you need.


How much is it. How much is the inspiration. I will throw it. We're going to buy it for everybody. Everybody gets one for Christmas here with me.


I'll throw it off a fucking building. Let's can we get one Zolo.


We you order us an inspiration cube. We can play one during the show if things only negative. It's only thirty nine ninety nine little done delivers nothing.


Makes me more upset than little. Fuck you. A couple of things where it's like I'm expressing a problem to you and then you're like you just have to look at the cup half full. How about you fucking kill yourself.


I swear to God dude I get like way and you know what's so great about the like? That's advice. You know what's so great about this cost your life?


Is that his audience, his demo is so old that he could have just made an app that they could download on their phones, but nobody would know how to do that. So he's like, here's a cube. Just push is a good point.


Actually, this is completely to jump. The app experience is building up and they're like, your fans are not going to just, uh.


And also they're so ticktock that he could just put any garbage into that cube. Oh, yeah.


And it's all like even the ones that they displayed up there. It's like if you're not positive, you're negative.


And you could ask your. Q Questions. Q What do I do about my New Mexican neighbors against them? Oh yeah. I mean, yeah, if you help, you know, it's helpful to you.


This is terrible. And do you think he's got a button there that's like donate money to Jill O'Shea. Sure. There's something in there.


Yeah. It's like if you don't give and you can't get you've got to give before you can get who is just laying in bed for crippling depression.


And then they're like inspiration. Cuba, it's like be positive today, you know.


Thank God. All right.


I can go about my life or by the way, I make you a pig with kids. You know, that actually helped me get that would definitely I'd go, oh, do imagine that. And then I get out of bed. Yeah, that is funny.


Haeg with tits. Think about that, huh? Let me take a shower in the shower.


Yeah. Yeah.


God, what else. Cube. Dr. Drew is like fuck bitches like crazy. Yeah. Oh cool. I know that bitch is like crazy. Yeah. But I make my bed. Yep.


Now I do like positive affirmations though.


Like what. OK, so Louise hey she's dead but she used to have these cards. You just buy cards like positive sayings. It's just a way to like if you do feel like shit you could be like OK, that things are going to get better but it doesn't erase your bad feelings, just like I'm getting angry, thinking about there's so against and I really just I'm not against everything positive.


I hate the idea of like these words on a piece of paper or a thing said to me on a cube are going to affect me. Well, like they don't change my life in any way or my mindset. There are just fuckin a sentence that someone put together and they're clichés.


They're cliches, they're cliches. It's there.


It's almost more like they are dismissive of your feelings with cliches than they are trying to help you. Maybe just don't believe in the Lord. Well, that's for sure.


Is a fucking Jew.


That's a good that's a good one. Forty dollars for that horse shit man. That guy. Forty dollars for that nonsense.


God, I can't even handle it. He's ripping these poor people off course.


It's like a fucking I want to see like the engineering on it. Do you know what I mean? To see if it's nicely made or just a piece of shit and it's made in fucking sing.


I know you think just Google affirmations. You don't need one if you. Yeah, they're called names like somebody who listen to our show accidentally program one to fuck with people.


So that one arrives at some old lady's house and she pressed the button and it's like, so I have a funny question to ask because if I say that and where do you put it this, we just say, God forbid, if we could sabotage those stupid fucking cuz that would be the best.


Oh God, I would love that elec reviews. I highly recommend the the Joel Kub. You can read that over there. Yeah, it told me terrible things, it made me covet my neighbor's wife. On the bright side, it did tell me when impending storms were coming so I could lock my doors. What guys? You know what to do. You go in and leave your reviews.


It seems like people are already thinking people are already fucking with it.


It's it dry. Yeah. Mm hmm. There's the cube. There's a cube. Your inspiration cube, huh? Pretty cool, man.


And a fucking cunt. Charge an old people for an inspiration cube. My mother has words, live, laugh, love.


I hate that one above her bed. Oh, my God. Laughs No, that one's everywhere.


That is that's an everywhere phrase. I just couldn't imagine hanging it on my wall and then going, like, there we go, centering it.


Have you been to a girl's apartment where she has lived life of. I've been to a plenty of women's apartments who have words on thing.


And I go, oh, I know what kind of gather intelligence I'm dealing with at this point. Yeah.


How are they as lovers when they are like they can they can vary or they run the fucking gamut, you know. But yeah, that's the turn.


We had one stupid sign. It was meant to be stupid. Remember that one? Like some people eat to live. I live to eat. Yeah. Like one of those corny.


We had a few corny ones that we bought on the road.


But I can't I could not, in all seriousness, put live life love anywhere on my finance so I can put it is a shit if it's in a fucking meme.


I mean like these empty words that are just supposed to apply, I should say silly to people is live, laugh, jump off a building.


Yeah. Thankful. Oh, that's another way this shit makes me crazy.


Yeah. Yeah. I got this for the house and every time I see it a reminded dude that I have a lot in my life. This is my mom's website right here at home.


Yeah. I just feel it does feel so right is my happy place right here.


And every time I see it's a reminder y'all that God has given me so much and I just need to stop and be thankful for it.


I'll position it in a way like this to make me sound less angry about it. And like I'm the one in the right, maybe I'm the one in the wrong. And maybe I just like I'm so broken that these words don't affect me. But I would give my fucking left ball to be so simple to just see, like, live, laugh, love it.


Just going to like thank you. Go about what makes sense.


We go up one more native. I want to see the House rules. There you go. House rules. Let's see. No fussin, no cousin. And what does it say. No back. Talk it. No back.


Oh we got to get that one for the for the kitchen.


Yeah. It's like who's fucking buying that. Yeah.


Well that's somebody who Olema or their papa. The people have some. Oh no, no.


These are my favorite ones. Word of the day. Focus fuck off because you're stupid. Like when they're aggressive.


Those are the ones that make fun of those things. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They're fine I suppose.


How about you hang your glove?


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Watch this one. Your fucking tax free. What are you fucking asshole? Oh, fuck. Oh, shit. Come here. Come here. Your chicken ass chicken shit bastard. I'm putting this in. Up. Oh, oh. All this Scolinos knows what's up? Yeah, if I didn't hear the accents, I would have thought that was outside my apartment.


They love to party and drink coke. A fucking finger. Boston. Of you think he's drunk, you're good enough to get tons of Propofol. I want your to pay. They're like, oh, yeah, that's Phil, I'm I'm more concerned he wasn't wearing a mask. Yeah, that's the real worry. That's why they arrested him.


After all, he had a fire hose on him. Was that what that was? Yeah. Like I mean, a fire or whatever extinguisher.


But that was wild. I mean, that's got to be cold. Yeah. I mean, I've had some drunk hobos walking by my apartment that sound like that in the middle of the night. And I don't I just let them keep going. I don't really have to throw things at them and stuff. You don't really want to rile someone up that's walking by like that, you know? I don't think so. So they know where you live now, all right?


Yeah. Yes, that's. And they tend to like, remember those things. Yeah. You could you have to stay there. They they get to leave and come back perhaps. Yeah. I have a blind homeless man that lives outside my apartment really like ten feet from my actual bed. Like it's wild how close that we actually sleep if you do the measurements and it's like so he's blind.


So it's scary because it's like, is this me in the future coming to talk to me because he sleeps there every day that close to you. Like it's like my bed is here, there's a wall obviously and then there's like some grass that goes about, you know, ten yards and then there's a fence and then the sidewalk and he sleeps on the sidewalk right there, like parallel with me.


I go, I hear him snoring in the night. Oh, my God. Oh yeah. Do you ever talk to him?


I have. His name is Yellow Feather and he doesn't have much to say other than, like, conspiracy's and nonsocial. He does. Oh yeah. I don't even really follow. I can't follow it. So I couldn't like, regurgitate it.


But then he has a little I don't know where he gets it, but he every now and then he has an AM radio that he's listening to outside my apartment. You ever give him a beer or something or. I've given him a couple of cigarettes. You know, I actually paid him to go sleep somewhere else a couple of times. No, you did. I swear to God. Tell me that story.


I just was like, hey, man. Like, he'll get drunk and just scream and shit.


Like, he was like, huh? Like he's trying not to puke in like the middle of the night, ten yards from where I sleep.


So I am like, hey man, if I give you 20 bucks, would you like take a walk, go sleep, you know, a couple of yards away at least, or something like that.


And he has and I told him, I'm like, how much for you to, like, stay away for a week? You asked him this?


Yeah. And he's like, oh, and so I gave him twenty bucks to get on like and then he didn't come back.


But it's been getting cold. So he's been outside lately. Yeah.


I call you. Here's 20 bucks to take a walk. Yeah. Can you give him a blanket. No I haven't. Barely any blankets for my fucking self. I'm going to give him a blanket to give yellow feather. Fuck. Yeah. Give it for me to have. All right, I'll give you I'll give you two blankets. It's OK.


I'll hook yellow feather up. He's fine.


He sleeps outside. So do everyone right now. So cold. What's the difference between him and me. Ten yards on a wall.


I know it's I mean really in a mattress. Yeah. Let me ask you this. If you were to switch spaces, how do you think that would make you feel? And do you think maybe you'd be more thankful for this situation? You're in live life, love, Josh.


I would think if I was yellow feather, I would be like, look at this fucking loser paying over a G to sleep right there. And I'm right here. Yeah, yeah.


We're the we're sleeping in the same place, essentially. That's crazy. Dude, listen, we don't know if I'm not that person someday anyway, so yeah, I am thankful, but I don't know that that's not in my cards to be homeless.


Yeah. Who knows. I would kill myself before I was homeless. But you would.


Yeah. You're not going to be homeless, George. You're not it's not going to happen. We're not going to let you be because like I don't you ever put there's so many around right now that you have to think about like, gosh. So I always go, like what? I put a tent up here on the corner of Vermont and Sunset or would I just jump off the 101? There's a guy who's who's living on the bridge of the one.


What do we do it?


There's a guy now, you know, one of the bridges over the one on one. Yeah. In Tarzana. And he just puts a lawn chair there. And now he lives there on the bridge and he sits over the freeway and he just watches cars.


It doesn't sound fruitful to me.


I bet you would jump off the overpass onto the one on one and live and live and I would visit you.


And I really like. He's your friend. What happened? Well, we amputated three or four limbs. He's still got his left leg, torso.


Like, I just like I blow into my thing and I like nothing. And I think he's going to kill him.


And they spent so much money to save you people.


That's just in my I'm trying to, like, blink with my eyes, like top smother me with like just like just so desperate. Just can't express it in any way. I have a pen.


I'm like, yeah. Like I can't even write it. Put it in your mouth.


OK, I think that's a k kiss him.


He wants kisses all. He wants to kiss the poor fella.


You're going to get through this body president of my own body and they're like you when they go.


I think he had an accident and he fell and you're like, I jumped.


Oh, I want to die. I think you would be a prostitute before you became homeless. I would.


I'd be a prostitute right fucking now if there was a demand for such a thing, who's out there going? I'm trying to get him to do it for fucking fun, let alone anything.


Do you think you probably have more male clients and female clients? Oh, yeah, that's true. That'll be rough. I don't think. I mean, I'm not a homophobe or anything like that. I just can't I couldn't fake it enough for them to be satisfied. That's true.


Like, you know. Yeah, no, I know. But yeah, I don't understand the whole like I wish you'd be.


I'll put my tent right here outside this Rite Aid.


Oh my God. Right. AIDS are so dicey in L.A.. No, I haven't been all the CBS. Right. I always have like like a hang.


At least some mental illness happened outside of it where it's just like where's the fucking yelling? And she was crazy.


Ma'am, can you put your mask on? She's like, oh, yuck. It's like she barely has her pants on, let alone the.


Yeah, it's fucking wild out there right now. So bad.


One time, like there was a crazy old lady outside CBS and she was like, oh my God.


I was like, all right, all right, right, right. And I reached my pocket and I just gave her twenty bucks and she was like, oh, and she tried to hug me.


I was like, get the fuck out of here. Look, don't don't put your hands on me.


She was, like, so emotional about it, babe. Yeah, babe. Well, that's what made me worried about Yellow Feather, was that he started coming back because I was incentivizing him. Oh, right. Oh, that's right.


Yeah. You fed the stray cat. Yeah. And then I then they're honest to God. You got to start bringing other people to sleep. They're like they were having a little like hobo parties.


And I thought it was because I gave them and I'm like, I'm not doing all these fucking so I just like hole up inside.


I guess they're going out to be like, hey, I put a little Easter egg on the corner of Normandy and I just have them like, look for every like one hundred bucks over there, but it's three and a half miles away. You got to get over there.


Oh, I am impressed with all the tents.


Placebo. Oh I'm sorry. It's when like you're when you're constipated and you have trouble pooping in public places, but you have to really go to the bathroom. So you to go into a gas station and you sit down and you pretend to poop or you go through the motions at least, and then you, you know, you get up and go on your way and there's something about it that just works so well. What works?


You can last maybe three days, minimum, five max off of that before you eat, before you lose control. But hey, if you need a quick fix and you know you're not willing to go to the bathroom, just pretend to go to the bathroom and your body will the motions will, you know, that's how it works.


I'm not sure what the utility is. This is kind of like the any school or in the bathroom. So he's like, I pretend to go.


He's like satisfies if you if you really need to take a shit but you don't want to. He's saying just sit down on the toilet. Your body will think that it's doing it and then you can last longer.


You could last a minimum of three days max.


I have the reverse happen. I don't even have to shit. And I'll just go like I got to go kill some time. Like no one had an office job.


I would just go to the take it pretend to take a shit like all the time. I would sit in there for twenty minutes at a time looking at my phone and sometimes even when I didn't have to I'd be sitting there I go, huh. I'm taking a shit right now. Yeah. You know, just come on. I can and I can motivate myself to shit, too, if I just feel like a little fart. I can share right now, but it wasn't even the motivation, it was just through me sitting on the toilet.


My butt was like, hey, we're here. We might as well dump some shit out of our.


You know, that's a neat story. Yeah, it was this fucking like I don't know.


I don't like this guy's whole thing. It's not for me. He's he's very I'm into shitting. I like to show you both, I think both covered. We lost a great a great man a week or so ago, Sean Connery. And you both discussed on your respective shows the famous interview with Barbara Walters. Yes.


We played it on your mom's house like eight years ago. I it's so old, but it's kind of cool to remind people and I will somebody die.


I want to put this on my wall. For the record, this is an inspirational quote that I'll put on my back behind my back. Yep.


You did an interview in which you said the worst thing to slap a woman now and then, as I remember, you said you don't do it with a clenched fist. It's better to do it with an open hand. Yeah, I remember that. Yeah. Yeah.


And I would love that. I haven't changed my opinion.


I haven't. No. You think it's good to slap a woman. No, I don't think it's good. It's bad. I don't think it's that bad. I think that it depends entirely on the circumstances and if it merits it, what would merit it.


Well, if you have tried everything else and women are pretty good at it, they can't leave it alone. You know what? They want to have the last word and you give them the last word. But they're not happy with the last one. They want to say it again. Yep. And and get into really provocative situation then.


I think it's absolutely right. That's what's up. Whether you agree with him, I do, I do, I do agree with him. You guys just. And slapped hands. Yeah, yeah. I think he's making a great point. And I think that some people don't know when to like, you know, button it up. Yeah. And sometimes you give them a little reminder.


I mean, I 100 percent agree. I mean, you said you said reminders on your phone, right. You got alarmed. Yeah. This is just a real life alarm. It's an open hand.


Mm hmm. So, um, I think my dad shares this philosophy, too. Yeah. Yeah.


Sometimes you gotta hit the woman. Mean I mean, what if she's, like, talking, talking. I think so.


I don't think he ever really did. But he would he would like this clip.


I actually took that quote and made an inspirational Instagram thing. Nadav, it's on my Instagram if you want to. Oh.


So, um, but yeah I know I man he's just I loved all the Hollywood people being like, what a great like, you know, the same people who, like, you know, would bemoan somebody who did much lesser things in the day and said lesser things in the past. Like you gain getting rid of my ladybugs.


Yeah, but that's a different one. That one you can put above two. But why am I Lindsey Graham one he won.


So he's got that's why he's like me, my ladybug still here. We're still going to be making the room. Yeah. It's not one shot. There it is.


Right. Yeah. Yeah. It's not the worst thing to slap a woman now and then, that's all. Sean Connery, very nice. Thank you. Yeah, that's pretty good. Everybody did, by the way, honor him and oh, my God, what an amazing man in the era of he.


And he is literally the personification of misogyny.


Yeah, well, Moneypenny, I mean, he was bond.


I mean, everything like all the things. Do you know what I mean? Well, here's a deal, man. And I, we talked I talked about this on where my mom's out is that first of all, this fall was almost 100 years old. I was born and was in 1930. Oh, no, I am on your side. So. Yeah, but everyone's like toxic masculinity. The problem is, it's kind of fucking hot.


You can I'm saying, like, he got laid. He was a strong male character.


It's fucking high chick, a bang that I am on your team 100 percent know when he hits me, I get it.


I didn't see anybody where people literally out like where people actually like when he died being outraged because I saw the opposite.


I saw the one the Loki's being like, what a great man, blah, blah, blah. But, you know, at the same time, it just made it sound hypocritical compared to can I tell you what I think is really going on in this clip, though?


Yeah, that's right. That's what I told Christine. I think it's because this is a very relatable when somebody they were just they're coming out of a laugh like a good moment and then she pivots. It's like kind of like a what journalists interviewers are, you know, to put you on the spot about one of your fuck, one of your fuckups.


And everybody's been in that position where, like, someone calls you out and you're like, yeah, you know, like she wants him to she wants to shame him. Right. So he's very aware of that. And in the moment, it's a very it's a very in the moment decision. Remember we saying that? And he was like, yeah. And you know what? Because he knows what she's doing, he's like and you know, I still believe that.


And it's like he might not really he probably doesn't, but he probably slapped a woman and. Yeah, yeah. It's probably been like at least a month or two.


I mean, and he's like, you know what, you're trying to embarrass me, so fuck you that.


No, sure. Because she she did the typical the way that it was laughing, it's like let's disarm him completely and then bam, it's like a thing where you're caught off guard and you say something that perhaps like the Mike Tyson interview in in Toronto when the guy's like, oh, you're here with your show.


That's cool. Now, you spent time with the mayor and of course, you're a convicted rapist. And then Tyson was like, what?


You can't do that with Mike Tyson. You're not playing with the same kind of deck of cards. Right.


So you can't really try to like goes you're a piece of shit. And they were on morning TV. He's like, fuck you. Yeah. What are you going to do about it? Yeah, bitch. And then that guy's like, I think everyone will help me here. Everyone was like, we're not going to help you.


I will murder you. You know what I mean? Like Mike Tyson will fucking. Yeah. When it begins with that. Go on.


I would love to go on morning TV like like hey, what the fuck's up, you know what I mean.


Just like start swearing so they kick you off like right away and like get it out. It would go viral in a second. Maybe I'll do that if I go, you know, in this clip, if Sean Connery had ended the bit with like, yeah, I had a woman and I'll fucking hit you too, bitch. Or if you just literally fighting her.




So great actor was like, oh, he's like, that'll teach you to be rude. In an interview right there, I gave you my time and you're being rude.


I quite like to do that. I do think he really hit women. Did any women come out with that like Sean Connery hit me. No, no, no.


I think it's more like you said. It's just like the guy from nineteen thirty. That means he was fifteen in 1945 when World War Two was ending.


Yeah. And his dad was probably like, if you take a dame out and she really yaps back at you just give her a pop in the mouth. Yeah.


That was like values back then. Yeah. Yeah. And it's like his mom probably said that too. She you know, you get these women get too mouthy these days. You need a good slap open hand. Don't knock your teeth out, OK?


Have you ever been asked during sex to slap. Oh the woman.


He beats the shit out of me every time you get slapped across the face. Holy shit.


I got these big fake teeth in the front tongue. Like to get my dog. Really. Oh he is brutal.


Savage I, I used to. How do you not bruise.


But you should see what. That's why I wear these sweatshirts.


I used to think that I couldn't do it you know. Yeah. But I think that too. I think I could do it. But it's your wife. That's fine. I mean I could do the choking slapping thing. Yeah, we do it all the time but no we don't. But we can start.


I can think of you as someone who would stand for a slap across the face. There are girls were like, oh yeah. And it is scary. Yeah.


You got to be careful with that. You've been asked that. You can answer that. Yeah. Slap me across my face. What do you do. And you say no. Well I did it really softly. It felt like what was that like. You know what I'm like oh you. Oh like I'm not going to fucking do it.


And they're like, why not you bitch. Yeah, they basically get upset with you, but I'm not going. I'd rather that than them go like officer, you know what I mean. Like you know. Oh yeah.


I feel like, I feel if I was on the market today. I ran into one of those I'd probably fuck up, you know, somebody was like, slap me. I would be like, I've been working on punches for a while. Yeah.


You know, the invitation might be a little too old. And then you're just like, go a little too full bore.


I go for slap, she's out. I come and I'm like, what do I do now? Like, there's evidence.


You can see this girl is like this one guy was like fucking beat me like that. Like and I'm like, I'm never going to be able to do that. No, don't do it.


Here's a thousand MG powder right here.


I see the fucking one killer. Oh, shit. Oh, my God. Dude, that is so fun. Oh damn.


I'd be panicking pretty hard. I'd be pretty as long as I didn't fall off the first time.


Holy shit, that's terrifying. This is a fucking guy on a, I don't know, 70 foot tree and he just dropped off the top of it. And then the tree just swinging wildly because of the loss of the weight, you know, of the head of it.


Yeah, the head chopped off. Jesus Christ, they do this around L.A., I've learned. Yeah. With the really tall trees because I always wonder that those things fall off and they could kill palm fronds.


Oh yeah. When there is like Venus very windy outside, those palm fronds can kill people.


That's great. That's like a West Coast icicle. You want to see if you want to see Christina on ten milligrams of weed. Oh, my God. Even just ten milligrams. You did ten.


Don't look, bro, bro.


Oh yeah. That's where I get to talk bro.


You are paid. It's. Yeah. You just do that word paper, Crossfade Hos, Barbados is that time, homie? He is he's shot up at work.


That's all you need is she's trying to get gas. I need to in the paper.


Fuck this guy. He'll get through it, let them work it out. And that's what you do. Well, he's working it out all right.


He's funny.


She needs gas. And I want toilet paper. He cannot work the register, guys, he's in a fight right now, he's just got to get through it, all right? He's battling. How does he stay standing? He's battling. I'm telling you, he's just got to get the knot out. He's got to lay down.


He'll be all right. You know how mad the owner is, like the owner of the gas station.


He's like, how do you do heroin?


I give you a job. You do the heroin in my store. All right.


Before we get to your, um, these talks real quick, I got some talks about how much we got him doing heroin.


Oh, that's Doan's. I'm not going to do it till I'm in the grave, but I'm going to do it. Some don't risk it. Not till I'm well in the like. If I'm once I lose facilities of my ass. Like where you can't wipe your ass. Yeah. Like when you get that old, you know, and you can't wipe your ass anymore.


Here's the deal man, is that I think doing heroin just very involved because the problem is you have to keep doing heroin. You're always on the hunt and the grind of like getting the money to get the smack and finding, you know, if I'm an old man who's got Social Security, nothing else going on.


Yeah, why not? No, I know orgasms. That's true. You just have to have a runner get your drugs for you.


I guess you want to tell people, though, the about the Roach motel, just real quick. Oh.


About the show. The Yeah. Just the show itself. Well it's it's a it's my show and we cover all kinds of topics ranging from news stories to sports stories, nothing that is actually serious. So you don't have to worry about that.


We're not talking hard hitting facts like that, salary cap things.


And on the news side, we're not talking about fucking poles and shit, but I'm having fun doing it. And it seems like people are enjoying watching it. And you were just on the latest episode that came out today. Yep. And thank you for doing that, by the way. I hope you had fun and I did. It was a good time. Yeah. So, yeah, we'll have a guest in the Roach motel every now and again.


I will have the vacancy, no vacancy sign on. But for the most part, it's just going to be me rocking out, doing my thing, you know. Yeah.


I'm excited seeing you play quips. We have Queef for the week like we've got, so we've got to get some more Roach motel out. Why image podcast dotcom, please submit your quiffs because Zanjeer keeps the important stuff.


And I'm and I have to emphasize this point. Please stop sending porn star quiffs.


We want natural, real, real content. If you're a man, you got to get it from your mother, your wife, your sister, whatever. You know, that's how you quiffs above 18.


Quiffs above eighteen, of course. Yes, of course. Yeah. My my above eighteen queef before I get to talk to did you see this president will do it if I don't.


I over here the fuck off.


I've seen a lot of those over over there. Yeah, yeah, I've seen a few of those over the course of years where he talks.


So the reporter told him to fuck you. Did he know he was on the air? I don't think he was on the air. Yeah, he probably didn't, because he probably would have said that.


Yeah, but how great is it now that toll on Erica? I'm going to tell him to take off because that he's on the air, maybe.


Oh, yeah. Yeah, he does. I know. I said buzzer.


Oh, he said buzz off. Now that I hear it again, I heard buzz off, not fuck off without looking for her.


We're doing is look, I don't know. Yeah, he does say both buzz off the top, back off, but I wish I were. It's buzz, buzz, buzz off. Oh, but you know what's been great since Trump got since Biden won is that now Anderson Cooper's letting loose already on.


CNN is letting loose and saying crazy shit like they pulled him, just pulled on an obese turtle upside down, flailing in the lake.


That was pretty wild.


They've been holding this shit for four years. It's great. A lot of reporters cursing on the air. That was my favorite thing it said is the best. And then they have to address an issue, an apology. The fucking children.


Yeah, my child heard the reporter say and then they say, fuck in their minivan or fucking to suck. Of course.


Hi. They're very halman here. Still sick, but I want to break. It was brought to my attention that a Christian ID Todd was which I overdosed on pills. I wish you luck. Thank you.


That's Kyle Donegan's new character everywhere.


So it's become quite Medda now in that our listeners are getting responses from our favorite tech talkers.


Yeah, Rick Santorum and Barry Helman and Tucker, is it like Camiel where you can send a request thing? You no, they just write the comments in the column.


So much so that you would think Garthe would acknowledge us at some point.


But you know, that one is crazy.


This guy probably has like one comment that blows his load. He's like, holy shit, somebody's gonna have to talk about this for a week. Yeah. Barry Hohmann, do I believe in God?


No, she broke her. I found that one. I was going to say I don't remember that one. That's good, Tom. Hey, I'm proud of you. Thanks. You came in the dark side of the force. Welcome a dark tux. Your feet is looking pure.


My biotin Tic-Tac says I'm single, but my Facebook relationship status says I'm taken. I am not joking. I really am taken. Sigh Sorry, Josh.


Well, her eyebrow status is saying single as well because there's one. There's only one good one but three in it.


My name is Paula, not Karen. You fucking bullies fucking eat shit and die you fucking bullies. All the people that are dead from suicide from people like you, you fucking piece of shit.


I wonder how many Koreans did kill themselves, you know, like how many are like they called me a coward.


I bet you none, none of there's my point above eighteen.


Here he is. I'm over here and menor delivering a load. It was four thirty when I woke up and started driving. That was too early to give you beautiful women a call. So it's time to wake up. It's eight a.m. on a Friday morning. Everything looking beautiful. I know men are Ohio, men are all you guys have a wonderful day. My queens above eighteen. I love you all. You guys have a wonderful day. I can now.


Oh, come on, my queens. Let's do the King challenge. I'm waiting for the videos. Send me a video. Let me know when you do them and I'll lock them up or send them to my private messages. I would love to see them. I love my queen above eighteen. You guys have a beautiful day and I will talk to you tonight and I'll do a fun video.


What's the what's the King challenge. The King channel. Why do you break it down.


So you have to be above 80. Of course. Yeah. And you put on a white t shirt, just have fun with it and spray yourself down with water and then send that.


Everybody has fun doing it. Everybody has fun. Oh I mean I, it sounds like fun.


I might go do it for the king. I don't know if you fit the queen that he's looking for though. Not those kind of you have the latest one that he posted.


No, I literally just dropped. We don't have that prepped yet. I would have thought this guy was it from the source like. Yeah, yeah.


Can I may I send it to you? Yeah, email it to me. I was sure this isn't just Dan was Aryan's like brothers could call, you know what those headphones and everything. I mean looks like he's really flozell native. I'm sending to you.


I don't want a one man menor Ohio.


Well, I do. You know what I do like the change of shirt. I think that green is definitely a nice color on when you're that size.


You want a real electric color. Let people know. Yeah, really. So you can't get missed. Yeah.


You know, I'm in your neighbor. Go on doing the same. No don't kill me. Oh oh oh. That's just.


Oh what the fuck is this. What is this.


It's called just. One with the I like this watermelon head filter. So that's what I'm saying, fun with filtered analysis. That would be fun if you got a real watermelon. This is the most recent recent talk talkradio over here.


Sorry, but yeah, here we go of 18. I just had a young lady show me the video. Of your mom's house, and I didn't catch it the first time that Christine what she said, but I caught it the second time.


Christine, how can you call me a pedophile rapist when you don't even know me?


Yeah. Mean you don't know how I am.


You don't know anything about me, but you want to. Label me as a pedophile rapist by name, giving women encouragement and telling them how beautiful they are and you want to call me a pedophile rape.


That's true. That is very self-centered. I don't want you to wear my stuff on your show. I retract that video.


You have a good day. How dare you take my queen?


So you called him that. You said this those horrible words about him. Listen, I have two kings next to me. Do you think what what he's doing is a little creepy?


It's not a pedophile. He emphasized plus 18. I don't know if you heard that. I think he is.


And you know what? I will give him that. That is definitely factually inaccurate, that he he cannot be a pedophile because he is above 18. He says above 18. So below that. I apologize, King.


You're absolutely right about that. However, it's still creepy. It's a little it's a little Kouhei.


I don't know how it's creepy. I don't know what she's talking about. King, I got your back. I'm jealous.


I didn't come up with it, frankly, that I think you're just what you're doing is you're putting out this positive energy to all these women out there who are like, I don't feel so good about myself. You're telling them that they're beautiful and they can have fun by doing the King challenge and getting a white T-shirt, not wearing a bra, maybe wetting themselves down.


He's totally going on video. Yes, true. Yeah. And I think it's really cool that you're doing it.


And I hope you don't let her negativity get you down. And I don't think you're a rapist.


I mean, maybe I need to do the challenge. And yeah, that would really I think that would make it up to the king. That would make fun of him quite a bit. And I think. Your olive branch should be pouring water. What have you did?


Like you're like a white T-shirt and you said to him and he just wrote back, like, seen better, but, hey, he ranks them like those chicks on only fence.


You know, the only fans you could pay five dollars, ten dollars, whatever, to a woman to rate your penis. That's like the only thing I do. I would do your favorite porn star to rate your penis.


How does she rate it? I don't know. I don't really I've actually wondered that myself, but I've never wondered enough to try.


Well, you're what you're asking is like a food critic. How do they rate five star meals? I mean, you're talking to a dick connoisseur.


What do you mean? And they're in flux with dick pics all the time, sending their porn stars their dicks. So this is a way for them to monetize. Smart, sort of. That's smart.


And I bet they tell them they're all going to go around your business. I was thinking, I'm not sure if I was making my point, but, hey, you know what? You're making your playing like my business card, your ass. I was like I turning in a plane now. I just thought you would like the confrontation, super confrontation, that guy, how is he even maneuvering like that inside of a you know, he's really passive really fast.


Jesus Christ. I thought we were about to see someone's heads get bashed in.


Which one? Which I thought the guy.


Because the guy walking up there that was just to down I thought he was coming over to straighten this dude out. What the fuck she is eating plaster, this is from the Ukraine.


This is a Ukrainian tick tock. She's pretty hot. I know it's weird that she's eating plaster. Plaster. Yeah. Look what she likes. I mean, that's just the videos.


She's eating solid thing of plaster.


I know. I know. Don't think she wouldn't be too afraid to eat after eating that. You know what I'm saying?


The fact that you have to like, give her, you know, credibility on anything after you see her doing it. Like if that's your girl and she's like, you know, I think we should do, you know, with the city ordinance, like you shut the fuck up about everything or just like a musician eating the walls, just like parts of your relationship.


She's like eating on the drywall. And she's like, I just think we have to communicate more. And you're like, you're fucking you're so Cathy. You're such a daffy.


I mean, this is wild. I mean, maybe she has that. Disorder where people like to eat bizarro things like dirt, inanimate objects, I forget what it's called natural. What makes less sense to you, this or feet?


No. You have to think on that, like maybe she's just displaying the strength of her teeth, though, she's eating plaster strong teeth, really my teeth would fall right out doing that right things veneers.


So maybe it's a show off, like a flex, like a Russian flag.


Like, look how strong my teeth are. Yeah. Can I get your number? I don't care if you're hot. I love you.


That was for you. What? I imagine that's the lesson that happens to you all the time.


Seven one six. What do you do?


If some hope said that to you, what would you say? Just like him. I am married. She's like, I don't care, you're hot, I'll be like, I don't have a lot of time, hurry up, run over here and say, Hey, you want quick, quick pay?


That was a test. Why don't we pull over to this Wal-Mart and you can see what's up in the.


Excuse me. I don't think that I, like, jumped up.


I was so scared I was a little fucking awkward back in the 20s that saw the train coming out the picture and it moved, you know, the fucking movie.


I first freaked out about wildness.


That was awesome. Yes. Oh, yeah.


This is a good talk. What did not see that coming in and Anthony Skrull attack. Is it is quite all right. Yeah. Jumped out.


Those things can jump. He said some in and out. He was full of nutrition and nutrition is strong as fuck ever.


But I just want to remind you that you are the main character and you get to decide what happens next in your story. So make it something exciting for you. I love you.


This is Joel Osteen, KUB. God, I get so embarrassed for people. Yeah, this is like Inception too. I want to see that guy's feed. Yeah. The guy in the thing that's looking into the camera, his tick tock must be insane. Really crazy. Jesus Christ.


So he was giving inspirational wisdom in the middle of a Wal-Mart, like shouting it. But what's the difference between this guy? And like for instance, when we were out to dinner the other night, I was like having a cigarette.


Take it easy. Fuck it. And I saw a girl walking in in Beverly Hills, like, doing this kind of like talking into the camera like that.


Well, difference is, she's not screaming her message to it's still weird and telling people it's weird as fuck. Yeah. But like, these people are just trying to go about their day at Wal-Mart. They don't need your inspiration. You know, it's kind of a do you think that's humane?


Do you think that's what people think they want a video Birte when he's in Wal-Mart and he's like, hey, guys, it's not like he's doing this because he's loud or he doesn't he's not screaming camera crazy. He films everything good at it, too. Like he doesn't like almost like in a way where he's not bothered by doing it. Yeah. And I'm always like admiring of that because I'm I'm always like, I got to go hide in this corner to do my Instagram video or something.


Yeah. I'm like you. I'm not I'm not as comfortable as he is. He's just he's all right. I'll do it shirtless in the middle of a restaurant. Yeah I yeah.


Yeah. I couldn't even take my photo. Don't look at her son.


You know, the differences between male and female serial killer females typically kill for sexual gratification, whether that's psychological or physical. And their victim's identity matters less. They typically kill strangers. In contrast, 90 percent of female serial killers know they're victims and they tend to kill for practical or justifiable reasons, at least in their minds, with the most common motivation being financial gain.


See, this dumb twat doesn't realize sexual gratification is a practical reason that first of all.


She's not Adams, what I really enjoy her talks. I'm with you sexual gratification, that's the most practical, super practical.


I'm supposed to do not come. Yeah. So, yeah.


What's her what's her idea of a practical reason? Oh, they wronged me. Yeah.


Can I tell you something? Of all the talkers I follow, I really like hers because they're all random information like this. Like she'll tell you how to survive a plane crash or an elevator falling. She's pretty darn it.


How does she say to survive an elevator falling, I forget. Jump up, jump up before it hits the ground on this. No, forget it. I don't think she's cool.


Isn't that neat that women kill for money and men killed for sex and it's not news and men are indiscriminate killers. So you guys are like anybody, any, anybody will do.


I would venture to say that's more heartful than the women who kill people. They know that it's very heartless. How could you kill someone that you've spent time with intimately? Because then you really, really mean it.


You're like, I'm a fucking kill this moment. Yeah, I think that's worse than really.


Oh, indiscriminate is way worser because you're just like, I don't care, I'll kill this person. You did nothing to me, dude.


I think the way to do it, you wait at the fucking Greyhound, you just see someone walk off and you grab them. Yeah. Or you just like, that's so unfair.


Yeah, I know. That's that's fucking like spoiled. You walk by a guy sleeping in garbage and you just no one's going to miss that.


But so I'm saying where's the big crime there. It's like the guy sleeping like yellow feather.


He'll be like think yeah. Maybe like me after I jump off the wall, no one will be like, oh, thank you.


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Let's go get your tickets.


Josh Potter and closing song is Why Image Tune by Beats by Manolo with a chick flick.


Come on, come on.


Come on, come on. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh no. I'm on record for this place. Clockface Dixon. I'm doing great. And I'll see you tomorrow. Fuck you fucking losers.


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