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That was horrible, as horrible.


Welcome to your mom's house live number three, top this house, these live shows, it's 100 percent on center pay per view. They are showing the most fucked up videos I have ever seen in my life. It is your map that was covered in to get your budget deficit back. Go from. Do you think that will be as disgusted with each other's bodies because our both our bodies will be disgusting, like I don't I don't look at you and go because I'm just like, well, we aged quite a compliment.


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Good morning, my kings and queens above a team. Say my jeans above you sure can.


You can say whatever you want. There's no right or wrong way to say that word is no right or wrong way to be a queen above eighteen.


As long as you're above eighteen, you can participate and have all the fun that we like to have here.


So, um, then there's, there's really so much to get into the why. M.H. Live was a platinum certified hit and we want to thank you for that. Will go into all the details about that. Before I forget, if you haven't yet seen my mates live, number three, go to IMH Virtual Dotcom. It is available through Thanksgiving weekend. You can watch it up until eleven fifty nine pm on Sunday night the 29th. So I still have time to get it together for your family.


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May I just interject one moment please. Honor, is that a lot of people say, is it just a gross? OUTFEST Well, I just vomit buckets and buckets. No, no, we had OMG, Maria, we had Danny Brown. Rob Ilar. Yeah. Original music by Mark Rabieh.


I mean we get why a major originals. Nadaf and I went to the chiropractor. Yeah. There's all kinds of stuff in there.


There's so many other great things. So it's not just a gross fest, it is gross and you will get sick. But it's not just that. It's so much more. Also, it's always big. Every year people ask about a sale. Black Friday, are we participating? The answer is yes. The new store. Every year we've tried to let people know store that major studios dotcom.


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So here it is. Let's start the show. And so much to do today.


You got any kids who are over eighteen by now? I'm looking for a new girlfriend.


Wild's to a cop. Oh, my God, no.


Oh, well, go to your mom's house with Tom. Christina putzes, it's your. It's fun. James. You're doing your job under your. Do you like my song? Boom. I'm so I'm a little nervous for you. I know you're fasting for your colonoscopy tomorrow.


I have a colonoscopy tomorrow. Today I can only have clear liquids and I have to take a drink later, a laxative drink to evacuate my system.


Can I tell you the truth, I'm a little afraid of your mood because when the bear wakes up like you eat right away. Otherwise, the bear gets super angers and crackers. And you've been in a delightful mood today and I don't know what to make of it. And I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, the other gene to drop.


Well I, I planned I, I calorie loaded yesterday and I ate very late because I knew I would be able to eat today. So I'm not hungry yet. That's, that's amazing. Yeah. I mean like I could eat right now is one of the things you're like if you have food I would eat but I'm not like in a bad place. It's 11 a.m. I'm fine.


I feel like you're going to get into a far worse place in the next 24 hours. Yeah, of course I am. Of course, it's going to be worse. I'm not going to enjoy not eating. I know, but it's fine. It's what you have to do. I'm OK with it. I know the co-dependent in me is bracing. Yeah, it's OK. I'll be fine. I know. I mean, there's, um. So basically, if you don't know, I fast all day today, just clear liquids.


I can have water, I can have Gatorade, tea. And then beginning at 4:00 p.m. local time I take this laxative drink they said is going to just completely empty me out. And then the best part is at seven p.m. I take another one.


Oh, and then they said, like, completely empty yourself. And then after midnight, I'm not allowed to have anything, not even watered down. So I will show up just completely empty to this procedure. And then he said, as soon as it's done, you can eat great. So I'm excited. I'm excited to plan for what I'm going to eat. That's what I'm talking about. So what's the plan, Stan?


What are we doing? Um, well, I was thinking about that that place that makes the amazing chrysanths definitely chocolate.


Krizelman, I think even plain and or chocolate. I'm going to get you both. Yeah, those are awesome. But I also will probably want something more substantial, you know. Yeah. Like I want like a brekky thing. I want like, uh, no, I want like either a burger or like, you know, eggs and bacon, like I want that. You want brekky. I like brekky. I know that's your favorite. But then you have to wait until we get home.


How soon after he wakes up do you think he'll be able to eat native.


Oh, it's immediately afterwards.


So I could put the Christians in your mouth basically when you wake up and then drive you home and then make you brekky. Yeah, that's perfect.


So I'll I'll make sure to have a feast for you to be great when we get home and when I'm really excited about. And I think what you're most excited about is farting.


Yeah. They said you're going to have some epic farts. I mean they didn't use that language, but I'm really excited to fart big and I'm going to ask the nurse to videotape.


Do you think she would. I don't know. Maybe. I don't know. Maybe I'll be like I don't know if you know me, but I'm I'm the fart guy and the fart comic.


Yeah, you're kidding me. She goes, Oh, you're a fart guy. Yeah.


Well, you record regarding far and far and well, you said that you could record your own farts, but I think you're going to be so out of it because those videos they show you of people waking up right out of colonoscopy for it's usually a family member, right.


Or a nurse. That's true. Yeah.


Well, I just don't want I just don't want to miss out on any of those prime farts. I know A.R.T.. I know.


Well, Christiane, they're going to let you in pretty immediately because you're the significant other such as the second you see Tom just already be rolling.


Yeah, OK. And then will you be live tweeting from the toilet tonight as you empty yourself? I think so. I think I will be doing a couple igy lives. And, you know, I definitely if I'm going to get a few videos of what's coming out of me because it's supposed to be really substantial.


What do you think you will see? Um.


Let's see, what will I see? Do you think it's going to be solid? Is it going to be mostly liquid? I think it'll start out like a little mushy, yeah. And then pretty soon it'll be all liquid. I mean, you have to understand, I've already taken a significant dump today. Serious, like my normal dump system is working and I'll probably take another, like, semi substantial shit. But this is really just going to empty me.


I know, but don't you wish you had a toilet that could way the Browns that you'd be doing in the next year?


I mean, I can just weigh myself before and after. That's a great idea. Yeah. Yeah. My God, that's such a good idea.


I wish we would have weighed you before your first as to know. OK, yeah.


Weigh yourself before and then after you're gone. How much do you think you're going to lose. Like ten pounds.


Yeah. I mean at the end of this because this gonna be so much water, so much water is going to come out, it's going to be, it's going to be like ten plus pounds. That's so rad.


Well kind of but not totally rad.


I think I'm going to have to sleep in another room tonight because I have a feeling you're going to be getting up to shit a lot in the night. I mean, I've heard it, you know, I could sleep I could sleep really well if somebody maybe put their mouth on my penis.


Why is that so crazy while you're Browning?


Not while I'm Browning at the end of Brown. Yeah, I. I'm done Browning. I rinse off. I'm clean now.


How do you know you're done? Browning Because it'll be done. It'll be over. Yeah but don't you take so many laxative like you're going to be browning. Will you tell her what's up.


How long. How do you know when he's done Browning.


Because look, think of it this way. If you're taking the first wave at four and you're taking the second wave at seven, Wavves lost about three hours.


So after 10 p.m., I think it's safer for beaches, but there's going to be so many brown remnants down there because I'm going take a shower.


It's not like there's shit all over my leg, but not like that. But don't look after you, Brown. You just feel gross. That's why I take a shower. Are you think you can't think you're going to want a beach?


Yes, I think listen, I'm going to be hungry and and like, miserable and I'm going to be trying to go to sleep and it's going to be tough. And it'd be nice to have a mouth on you.


Yeah. Like, so I'll think about it. But think about it. Why you commit to probably want to fall asleep by the time you're done emptying your brown. I know. Just wake you up and put it in your mouth.


Oh gross. Come on. Help me out man. Help me out. I don't know babe. I love. How is that like how is. This is not a big ass.


Can't I just make you breakfast the next day after your colonoscopy. Yeah that's part. But you're browning the whole time so it's you like that you know you you'll dump and then be like let's fuck like right away.


Like it doesn't end the opposite. I'm like I just brown I need a minute to recover from that. Yeah. The muscles down they're still contracting.


Great. I'll just jam my own day I guess.


You after Brown.


Of course you're not going to he's not going to want to do you after being you're going to exhaust yourself pooping. It's going to be exhausting.


Is going to be hard to go to sleep. Yeah. I've taken your body will want to feel good in some way. You haven't felt good all day so I'll want to. Yeah.


Because I've taken I've taken the Chinese dieters in, in college one time and it was fucking intense and painful and it lasted so long and that was just a teabag. That's not like medical grade laxatives.


It was a pharmacy ship. This. Yeah. Yeah. So I can only imagine what you're about to go through. It's going to be intense. I remember that was a long time ago and I still remember it twenty years ago and I still think about that.


Well hopefully um. I'm sorry. I really. I don't envy you. I know.


And it could be cool if you put your mouth on my stuff and help me out. All right. That's. The world just heard you say, all right. All right, now, I kind of like that this is what's called a are you going to give me a bradie blowjob?


That's conversation. That is like I don't want to. Well, I'll do this, but then you've got to let me watch whatever show I want to watch on the wall like that.


I got Braddy, B.J., and it's so dumb. Let's talk about this. So the live show, I. I want to tell you something and I mean this sincerely. I have not been that happy doing something. Then in the last like nine months, I agree. I got to tell you, I want to say thank you not for the commercial success of it. It's for the fun. Like getting the laugh that hard is because you guys support that.


I don't know how to articulate the thrill that putting together these things is for us. Like for me personally, I get as charged up as I do touring and doing like a big theater show, doing that live show, the whole the whole buildup and like the week of and the day of. And it's such an intense operation here for us where everybody's involved. And I mean, everybody is working extra to make those come together. And I know it's easy to be like, you know, they're silly and gross, but there's actually a ton of work put into it.


And we all get this like adrenaline rush from doing it. And when we're done, we're like, it's this amazing thing. And seeing it was trending up to number two at one point. So great on Friday night, like it was like it was it was above like WWE and and like a special that aired about Briona Taylor, which is, you know, obviously sad and terrible.


But you're like, this is what people are. You guys tweeted so much about it that it was, you know, I mean and it really felt like we were part of something special. And it's like this. It's our own thing.


That's that's what I really dialed into, is that it felt like it was our own thing. Like I felt like this one really gelled together. We gelled as a crew. We gelled in the content department. Like I said, we yes, that's gross shit. But there was also these fun, great sketches that we all did together.


We we were discussing, too. What is this about? Would gross clip's here's the thing. There's a what's when you see a gross clip, if you're the type of person that sees a growth clip and you sent it to your friend, what's the whole point? It's like you want to see your friends reaction, right? Yeah. And like, by finding the crazy heavy clips, playing them together, it's so fun. We end up being like it's like you're sitting with your friends watching that clip.


And that's why I love getting tagged in those stories. When people tag me and they're videotaping people in their living room watching it. Yeah, it's it is a I don't know. I mean, it really is such a fun, fun event. And they've all been like that, like the live shows, the one I did with Burt, something about knowing this is live and special and we're going to keep going. We're going to keep going with them.


You know, we have yeah. We have a we'll announce the next thing we're doing and they're all not going to be why image lives and to bear. There will be a variation coming up soon. But we're going to keep doing like that premium content thing because it allows us to do something different and it feels like people are enjoying it, too. So I think you have like email reactions and feedback.


And also I want to point out that this was ironically our our Thanksgiving special, too. Yeah. My IMH live three. It was jam packed with heartfelt messages. And look, a lot of us can't be with our physical families this time around. So we wanted it to have some kind of heart to it as well. Yeah, you guys are family.


So, uh, here's some fan feedback. This one is titled Why I'm Just Ruining My Life.


After I finished the new live show, my wife and I had a serious conversation about the content I watch and how it affects my daily life.


She is concerned that all I consume is comedy podcasts, especially from where major studios and that it is tainting my brain. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything you do. And if all the haters.


Deyn Hey, Jane, that's exactly the type of message my wife talks to me about when I watch murder shows. I now I'll read this one.


I have a strong constitution. The last time I live, I breezed through without a peukan sight. But that God damn Maggette foot and pussy sis nearly had me.


I managed to hold it in, but it took strength. I actually didn't expect the bar to be raised this high this quickly. I look forward to needing a bucket and a psychiatrist for the show.


Keep in mind tight piss on me. Beat me. Four strokes to you all. Nathan from the UK.


Merry go also. Hey, my name is Kirsten and just watched the live show and I have to give Tim props. The heavy section almost took me out. I literally choked on my own vomit. But hey, the price I pay for being a top mom ten to twelve Benadryl really does make you come.


Wow, that's awesome.


And another one here. Hey Jeans. I'm a huge fan of the show. I have to say, I'm shaking in utter horror in the best way possible at those heavy clips.


I can't seem to get my jaw off the ground. So I'm a teacher's assistant and was. Talking about how much I love you guys to my colleagues, they've seen specials and know of you both, so I mentioned to them the new live show. Needless to say, what started as a way for me to add more to the white image. Pham has now got me afraid to walk into the building on Monday morning. I think they will all see me a little differently.


Any advice do I mention of what we all witnessed?


Also, I don't think I can ever drink milk or eat chocolate ever again. Thanks for the laughs and for fun for the whole family. Happy Thanksgiving. Vincent C..


Vince, you got to act like it's totally normal.


Always just be like, wasn't that a great show? Yeah. Um, they played some of my favorite stuff. Those two are always just joking around and having a good time.


Yeah. I like you.


Just watch church and be like, yeah, we can let them say it's like, hey, you know, we can watch it and watch they let us watch it through the weekend. So you guys, when I come over, we can screen it again.


That's what I would do. Yeah. Uh, do we want to get into the startling revelation we had about one of us? What revelation? Well, it came from where my mom's at the episode will air next week, and I was so thrown by this piece of information about one of our staff here that I had to share it on the live show. Yeah.


And it really sparked up so much controversy that I feel is that we should bring it into the regular.


Why H world here. Why don't I just set. Go ahead. This first occurred on one of my moms that you were doing. Here's how it works.


One way or next week. Yeah. Before we got rolling today, I casually for some reason, I was just like, what? You know, what's your favorite movie? A dog? Because I'm just curious. I don't think I've ever asked you that question. And what did you say?


I said drumline.


Mm hmm. Go ahead and Google this for me, because I've never heard of this movie Drumline. Oh, you're missing out.


I, I know. And you've became very passionate that this is, in fact, your favorite movie. Can you. Yeah. Can you describe the plot. This takes me back.


What does it take you back to. So what year is better times.


It's well was a favorite movie. This was like early 2000s I think.


OK, well, because you asked me like, what's your favorite movie?


I'm like I feel like I never just have something like, you know, in the chamber ready to go for it. Don't hate.


So we we ended up talking over on the live episode, the one that Friday, this was revealed and we played clips from Drumline because we can on the live shows.


And it really began quite a conversation about films.


And some of the teams that have come are epic that are that you guys are generating.


But it really made us think about like this isn't the DOBs not like me, a movie you enjoyed. Right? What is your favorite movie of all time? And for an adult, it is drama. And he sticks to it. You know, he really he really likes drama for those listening for the first time.


Can you please give a brief sense? There's a description. Do it from that website or let's watch where my mom's out.


I'd like to see Nadav explain to us the plot, what is going on in this movie. What is it that you're drawn to?


Like, what is the story about Nick Cannon? So the story is about Nick Cannon, who is a dumb piece of shit. He's really just our word, but he's so good at drums. He's like he's an idiot savant when it comes to drums, OK? And so you guys like a full on scholarship to this really good drum school, OK? Or the school that has a really like a notable marching band, OK?


And so he's like, oh yeah, I'm going to have it easy because I got a full drum scholarship. All right. And then he gets a real life lesson handed to him when he realizes he still needs to work for what he likes to do. So, um, anyways, the like the the inter webs really ran with this, I realized, so that that's a lot to you. Doesn't feel like kind of like overdone. And, you know, I mean, look, maybe today.


Sure. Back in 2002, you were like this kind out. I'm like, yeah, you know, 9/11 had just happened. Like we needed something to kind of pick up our spirits.


Right. There was only it appeared like. One white actor in Drumline, I am not convinced he's what he's no native, what's going on, dude?


It's a boy, GQ from Drumline Man. Yeah, it's been a minute. It's been a minute since we shot that. But you know what? I heard people clown on you for liking the movie, man. Only a clown would clown on one of the greatest classics of the past two decades.


I mean, hey, thanks for the support. Thanks for the love over the years. I'm just hollering at you. Let you know that Drew Champagne is coming up in May. I actually I just woke up this morning and I intuited a message from Drew Champagne, and it's. Holler and native, a native now I'm coming up in May. Coming up in May, not mean that's true. I'm just saying what up and thanks for the love on a drum line to cheer peace.


Yeah, this is pretty rad, dude, that was right, that was a great cameo. I don't know how much I needed that when I was sent into me. I was pretty good, huh?


Shot GQ is the shit is he's the shit. Does he do the eyebrow like like does he trim a Drumlin? You slitted that shit up, dude. He did.


And that's new. That didn't happen. You didn't have those in drumline. That's what I was thinking.


You pull him up from Drummoyne like what's he done already? See, that's the thing.


It doesn't show me what he looked like in Drumlin. Because, um. Now, he was cute. There he is with a hat. Yeah, there he is.


Yeah, he's got the lingo down here, you know, saying, you know, I'm saying, well, but the thing is, he's the only known person of non color in this film. I don't know what he what his ethnicity.


He's part German. Part Pakistani. Oh, OK.


I'm not totally white.


Yep. So he's allowed to talk like that. Right. OK, let's move it along. So, so but this this movie is akin to, you know, stomp the Yard and. Yeah. Another one of my favorites. Right. I mean, your your filmmaking like and then what is your opinion of like the movies that most like that are generally in conversation, like when people say, you know, Goodfellas and The Godfather of Pulp Fiction was Zola's favorite.




I mean, fugitive like these like, you know, movies that kind of really leave a mark pop culture wise. Yeah. Like, look, they're good movies, right? But they're not drama. That's how you really feel. It's not just me that feels that way, Tom.


OK, OK. Rotten Tomatoes. Well, we'll show that that is also the case.


This is the tomato meter here. No way. You got no fucking way. Eighty two percent fresh.




And that's from a I believe, 84 critics in the audience, over 300000 users has a 70 percent approval, which I'll say that that strikes me as like, oh, this must be a decent movie.


Yeah. Still pretty fresh. Yeah. But these are listen, don't use the audience to rate anything. They're the ones half this country voted for Trump.


Well, look, that's not that's not the rating that I give weight to. It is the critics rating.


Yeah. I think you lost me on that on that analysis. Let's see other big films here. Casino.


Oh, look at that. That's like two percent lower. What do you mean?


Look at the tomato.


He's trying to say the meter is 90 percent. 80 percent. Eighty two there. That's my job. And there is no way drumline can even be mentioned in the same conversation as Casino.


Yeah, I agree. Yeah, of course, because Drumline is now gonna get out of here. Look, man, Internet disagrees with you. Oh, my God. Coming to America is one of the greatest movies of all time.




Yeah, but all the audience meters are higher. Right.


But like those are just like dumb dumbs that are like have access to rotten tomatoes. You know, we need people that are credentialed like what's their opinion. This was Enys favorite film. Which is also an interesting choice, dogshit devil's advocate. Wow. You see that big, big fan of Revenge of the Nerds Love Revenge of the Nerds is one of the greatest movies of all time.


It's like maybe like, I don't know, fiftieth, greatest. It's that after, you know.


Wow. And then you also love The Tenenbaums, 89 percent audience. Don't know. You're looking at the wrong. You're looking at the wrong rating. What are you talking. You said the tomato meter, babe. Whatever. So 80 percent, right? Yeah. Well, it's still it's a Wes Anderson classic.


It's a great one.


And I'm fine. You can have you stand by this.


And a great film, though, the. Yeah. One of the greats. One of the greats.


Look, I will say Nick Cannon is adorable. He does a really good job. Orlando Jones. Great job. They all kill it.


GQ it's just it's just a little bit of it's a similar formula to like Stomp the Yard and all the other also. Great. OK, but what do you relate to?


Like what's the emotional frenzy to feel like? Nick, are you Nick Cannon?


Look, it's it's the it's the life lesson that they teach, which is I mean, it's an overarching theme. I mean, I just watched it again this weekend.


Oh, man. Guess what, just as good as I remember. And what it does is it teaches you the it's a cautionary tale.


This is our studio. Say it again. It's a cautionary tale about hubris and how you always need to check yourself, because if you just come in being like I'm the shit, you're going to get checked pretty hard.


And this is a lesson you feel resonates with you. Is this a problem of yours? Not anymore. Not since I saw Drumline.


I got to get out drumline. So let's go to something that I really got to. I found this. So which was. Oh, yeah.


Big, big deal here. OK, I made this call and nobody believed me and Nadav would admit to this.


You watch this clip, right?


And I go, he is fine. And everything was shaking his head like, no, he's not.


Do you remember that. Yeah. Yeah. Referenced in email. OK, a man luckily survived after a lamp post fell from a crane, landed on him in southern China. The terrifying video filmed in the city of Charleston in the Guangdong province on October 22nd shows the lamppost suddenly fall down from a crane, knocking over a man walking past under it. Nearby, people helped him get to his feet. The man was sent to hospital for treatment. Fortunately, he only suffered minor scratches and has been discharged from the hospital.


The video was provided by local media with permission. More here. The oh, the prank call that Bart Simpson did featured, you know, this this Irish guy here, right?


Yeah. Yeah, I'm doing that right now. Yeah, yeah, of course. I mean, it's great, isn't it? Great.


And so he Bart Simpson used this man's, um, speaking to make a prank phone call, which is epic. And we played it on the last episode. Um, and you can also see it on his Instagram page. Um, and there was some debate as to whether or not there was Gaelic and also the but so the email says, hey, guys, I'm from Ireland. Just to clear up the old guy from the Bart Simpson. Frankel is from Killarney, way in the southwest of Ireland, a small, picturesque town which gets or did get many tourists.


Sham, the old guy isn't speaking any Gaelic Irish, as we call it.


It's just English in about the most rural country accent you can imagine.


So it's all English. He is speaking Keep It Inside Ireland from Dublin. Also got an email here about Tom Talks. It says, Hey, Tim, it's not. Hey, Tim, longtime listener of the other cast you do with Krista and wanted to say thanks for all you do, so far I've been enjoying the Tom talk. Is there a nice break from all the silliness that comes with winemaker's to Bears', et cetera? I enjoy that things are a little more intimate and grounded from time to time in this dumpster fire of a world.


It's nice to watch these interviews, not just to get to understand your side of things, but also perspectives of others and possible insight growth along the way. I really enjoyed the Andrew Yanchep keep my entire daddy jeans, David. Thanks, David. I've enjoyed doing them, added Tony Gonzalez and Ryang. We already recorded the one that drops next week and we have a couple more. There are a couple of guests that you are not going to believe are actually coming on that somebody pointed out during the live show.


I think it was when one of the heavy clips played there, like you just interviewed Andrew Yang this week, the former candidate for president, and now you're playing someone shitting in someone's mouth.


So, yeah, it's true.


I get to do both. And thank you for watching them in keeping with the theme of, like, what's right and what's wrong and getting answers. Check this out.


I work on the corporate communications team at the Hershey Company. The Reese's brand is named after H.P. Reese, who invented the products. He's from Hershey, Pennsylvania. Milton Hershey, who is the founder of the Reishi company, knew him, bought the brand, and now it's part of the Hershey Company family. And to settle it once and for all, its Reese's peanut butter has not received Retha. No. All mind equals blood, but then he says e-mail came in, right, the email came in fuck.


Um, and. I don't know if I can even read that from here, it says, thank you for contacting us about reseize Candy, just as there's no wrong way to eat a reseize, there's no wrong way to pronounce it. Well, this is from Hershey. If you have not visited Hershey Dotcom, we encourage you to check out you can learn all about our new products and fun stuff, useful information, seasonal recipes. We hope you have a sweet day.


And that's from Keesha, a customer representative there. So. The debate goes on, this is this is inconclusive. I mean, the actual correspondence from the company is telling us one thing and then a video tells us the other, this is terrible.


Yeah, Nadaf believes that this is this is now fake news. Well, yeah, this is fucked up. There's no there's no way.


I mean, it's on corporate letterhead.


Well, I mean, the other the video that you just played was corporate video. That's true. That's true. But I mean, they're not they're not agreeing resus.


Reeses PR team needs to figure this shit out.


Yeah, they do. Maybe we can get someone on the phone. Could you guys pursue that? Mm hmm. Yeah.


Yeah. What do you think it is. Reseize is reseize. Yeah. Reese's Pieces. Reese's Pieces. Yeah, resus, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Reese's penises. That's it, man, Reese's Pieces, Reese's Pieces. But then I like Reese's Pieces and then I say Resee Cup though. Yeah, because resee cups kind of white trash, you know. Mm hmm.


Big topic in this divided world we live in. Yeah. This is the reason. This is from Australia and northern suburbs.


Dentist has been jailed for dressing dozens of patients instead of being in quarantine. An Italian man was charged with eight cunt's counts and the Emergency Management Act.


That's always fun.


And Cunt's eight cunt's. You can't be charged with that Aitken's.


Wow, that's good fun.


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I was going through the the prep this morning. Look at this video.


Oh, holy fuck, dude. Oh, what is he doing? You know how much that fucking hurts. Assange has not had to trim your beard.


He's got fires and he's just ripping chunks of hair out. Fucking that's guy so bad.


God damn. That has started. Yeah. Oh my God. That's got to be taken skin.


I mean like and like what where where where's the why is it pressing, you know. I mean like what he had you can't be like yeah I can, I can wait till we get scissors.


I don't know. No, no, no.


Give me the pliers. I got to rip it out of it. I don't know. And it's yeah you're right. Like why not take scissors first.


A beard. You know how hard it hurts, right. When someone pulls your. Yeah. On your face like our kids have both when they're really young. Pulled my beard hair out of my face. Yeah. It hurts. So so, so much is it equivalent to pubic hair when you pull your pubes through, this makes my eyes water and somebody pulls your beard hair out. This this has got to hurt like you cannot even believe. Where is this fool?


He's in Brazil, I think. Yeah.


What a fucking speaking of guessing correctly, like crazy on things like I did about the crane falling on the guy. God. Do you remember that we saw this Saudi customer got mad?


Yes. I want a cashier's check and he shit it. If I give all my fucking car, I'm going to be his ass when I fucking see him. I got his poster, his address, all of that.


So here it is. That's the guy I was correct. If you go to the episode, I go, this is in Florida. Current location, Fort Lauderdale, dad, that's the guy she had his birthday. She said she had it, so she said his name, Khaleel, and that's him. I guess that is probation felony.


Yeah, this is the guy. Yikes. He's five 11, one 50.


Stood on our car and shit on her windshield down Khaleel Shepherd. He's skinny. Yeah, I knew those were Florida roads and I thought that was Broward County.


I'm telling you, you felt those. I just felt it. Yeah. He's got people that Ozzy had on his throat said oriels tat. Hmm. Looks like it. It's casual.


It looks like an Orioles casual fan of the road, but it's not. Oh, the. Oh, there you go. To the right. Baltimore.


Interesting. Yeah. So that's maybe where he's from. Fuck goddammed is really love the fucking Orioles. Well, anyways, that's him, wow, they got a mystery solved, stop shitting on people's windshield, that's a really aggressive move.


Yeah, um, there is something that I wanted to show you that we didn't get a chance to really get into the other day. OK, yeah. Hold on here. Uh, felony probation. Oh, fucking shit. See this guy? Yeah, yeah.


How old do you think he is going to go? Seventy six. But too old for her, right?




So right now, there's a 76 year old man banging a chick Doggystyle, she's 50 years younger than him and they're on the the living room floor and there's a vacuum cleaner.


Right next door and now this is a good position there on the couch. She's got her sneakers on.


Yeah. And he's he's holding her head and, like, praying to himself.


I know what he's doing with that face. It's it's really slim.


Oh, there you go. That's it. You're looking up at a lot I want to see. Why are you doing this? I don't want to hold on.


Oh, no, I.


I guess it wasn't there when I was looking for something, but it wasn't there, so we just have to move on.


You were looking for his car?


No, I just I was I thought there was a different clip in this. I was so gross. You just wanted to show that to me again. Yeah. I guess that's what I was laughing about yesterday.


When you go, what are you laughing at on the couch?


I'm like, I thought you were laughing and I was laughing about this.


Yeah. We were with our kids. I know. We just like the four of us.


It was a really sweet moment when I started tickling the toddlers. And then you were like. You do that thing, and then because I started to imagine your disdain for this video, yeah. And I felt like it was hard to really dial into during the live show, like to get you to really, really watch this video and like to really see that that guy going like, oh, and like he's so old.


And I knew you would be turned off by a chorus because he's my dad's just picture like your dad, fucking somebody who's so much younger.


And also I think about like how much suffering, like how she's like has to blow and fuck this guy 50 years older than her and how gross that is.


And that made me laugh because, like, the poor girl is like a beautiful 20 something year old girl, you know.


I know it's so gross. But I think as it grows her to have sex an old man or to have sex with an old woman, for some reason, it does seem grosser to have sex with an old woman.


Yeah. You know, because like like they actually, you know, and they can't even perform. Right. Like like Carnie aren't even sexually viable for the for the act today, Lou.


But I always laugh at like like your reaction to like for the girl that like that she's with such a gross guy. Thank you. Because he's so gross.


Let's look at it. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Because I'm glad this brings you joy. Well, the the thing is that, like in the old guy fucking thing, there's there's a particular I think it's the face he makes. No.


Oh, look at. Just like that face. So up there, because sometimes, like sometimes we'll see an old guy at a restaurant, I'll be like, how much would you need to fuck that guy? Or I'll say, like, would you rather that guy?


We're like, I'll pick another guy. Yeah. Or that guy, you know.


Yeah. That's a fun game to play. That is a fun game to play. If you pick the two grossest people in a public place and you go, Who are you?


We do that all the time. Yeah, that's a fun.


OK, would you rather. You fucked that guy. Well, you never do it, guys. Yeah, no, you see what a woman is to do it with who you're sexually like, you know, OK, Judi Dench. Or or, um, what's her name from the Golden Girls, the masculine one.


All right, so she did Bea Arthur, she's dead.


Sure, but before she died. Well, Judi Dench or Bea Arthur.


And I really want you to walk me through what you're going to experience. I don't think it's that. Like, there's not much to consider there. Why? Because they're both, like, kind of the same. Yeah, they're just two old broads.


I know. So you're like, so who would you rather I mean, I'd guess I'd rather hear a British accent.


So I'm going to go with Judi Dench because I'm saying physically, it's not like you go, well, this is that and that. Like, they're they're like almost the same. Right? That's true. So I would go Judi Dench just because I'd be like, just say cheese with your accent. Interesting.


Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, although I don't think it would be a good experience for either of us. No, I don't think she would like it at all.


No, and I know I wouldn't be into it to your post as your post just gets super dry when you're that.


Sure. Sure. Yeah. Hmm. But then all people sort of lub old people still do it and live it up and throw some butter in there. You still going to do it. But coconut oil works.


Are we going to f for that old. I don't know. It's pretty old. Your parents f. They're in their 70s and they have, you know, old folks homes have a lot of STDs. Yeah. So people have a lot of sex. They're going to get older. I don't know. And there's a lot of fights about it, like people are having affairs at the retirement home. I know, you know, and they're spreading disease fog and they're all old and shit.


Do you think that will be as disgusted with each other's bodies? Because our both our bodies will be disgusting. Like right now we're not as cute as we were when we started fucking back in our 20s. Like, I don't I don't look at you and go because I'm just like, well, we age quite a compliment, you know what I mean?


Yeah, because it's like you're we're both aged and you're like, I have empathy for your horrible body.


Yeah. Mine's gotten worse. I'm disgusting too.


Like, well, I think I think that yeah. As you age you probably your mind set adjust with it like it's going to be worse in our 50s and worse than our 60s. I think by the time we're 80, we'll probably just be like, yeah, you know, you're gross. I'm gross too.


I don't know why old people like looking at young people, right? Well, for sure, yeah. Oh, God, that's what's going on there. He's old as fuck.


Please stop it. And he's like Europeans.


That's what I want you to. I don't want it leave with the same with God damn it, that image someone find oddly mocking. Yeah. Find Judi Dench.


Fucking Judi Dench is not fucking on camera. Get out of here. If you had to fuck one old lady, who would you fuck? None.


Here you have to pick one. Who's your celebrity old lady that you'd fuck?


I can't think of an old lady that I'd fuck. It just doesn't just pop in my head.


I would have fucked Sean Connery. No Jack Nicholson. I'd fuck Jack Jack Nicholson.


And he's as old as he's eighty something right now. Eighty one. And he still fucks. He still fucks. But it's a different model than what it used to be for sure.


Yeah. And he's. Oh my God.


Girl there you go. Oh my God. Hey guys.


Single moms need anonymous.


Oh hello little. Jesus. Oh, my God, that is this is a nightmare. What's wrong with her? She just snorted, but like, dude, she looks terrible. She looks like a short fat lady like sells till I get this on the street or something like a sweet abuelita.


Yeah. She's like, you wanted to chicken, but she's lost it. I don't think she knows she's being recorded. Don't you get that feeling? Yeah. She just close the blinds like is nobody looking. Oh, my God. Jesus Christ, why can't I look away? It looks like it hurts her. Oh, no, she's not enjoying it. Oh, she's like, oh oh. This is one of the worst things I've seen. Yeah, it doesn't look pleasurable.


Oh, my God. She gonna throw up. Oh no.


She doesn't want to make noise because she's in like a fucking. It looks like she's in like a patient room or something. Yeah. Obviously people around. Oh. That was terrible, terrible, so upset, ripped this for the next live show. So this is an incredible clip, OK? Yeah, somebody actually did this and it's amazing.


We really need to pay the pay so much attention to what you're about to see on the screen right here. OK. What's up, Mommy? I spent my whole weekend hacking this stupid cube, so little work to do, but I have loaded it now with content that's a little more relevant to our community, so. Do this guy. So we'll start with our inspiration's. If you're feeling a little bit stingy, you can go to Liow for a little bit of inspiration.


Importunity. More and more recently, he went into if you need a kick in the pants, we can go to our good friend, Dan Panya. I give you the guy, green flag and everyone, you snap your tongue up, everybody you go, that little patriotic pride, if you're running low on that kind, will help you out.


This is America, you dumb son of a bitch, OK?


He put he loaded the thing up. He did it. Sometimes inspiration comes in the form of thought provoking questions. Such as? It is a great and important question. Do you ever worry that your return, you know, is telling you what? It's true, this guy, I mean, he goes by audio bridge, Matt on Reddit, he posted this to the William H. Sub Reddit. I mean, oh my God, this is so good.


I mean, there's a daily inspiration's another category on the cube. Are affirmations something that you can wake up to start your day if you're positive about this?


Good morning, Julia. Major, I've just wanted to say hi. Wish you a great day.


Great way to wake up in the morning. Oh, my God. Next, a classic image clip. Good. Highway on this great Saturday. I've been looking at your pictures so long. And they met and they magnified my eyes way. Oh, God, I've turned into a telescope. When I see your play, it just so many men.


It's just like it's it's so great. Finally to stay with the religious theme of Joel Osteen. Inspiration. Q Yes, I'm going to go with the I can't remember this maniac's name, but you'll remember him from recent episode. Of course, as Christians, we need to understand that the phallic symbol is a powerful symbol and many pagan religions worship of Fallon because it's a symbol of this thing is like we know there is a more power packed.


Breaux had fully hacked this symbol, and that is the cross and those of us who have been watching this. So look what else he did.


He didn't just stop doing an evil satanic, satanic evil.


So those are our daily affirmation to the last thing this Cuba offers is these insane sermons that are like half an hour long sermons on this cube that you can listen to.


So I wipe them all out and replace them with a Y made music playlist. I had to upgrade the cube to do one thing, but I'll show you right now and I'll show you what I did. Amazing what he did. So the cube will actually play this song for ten straight hours.


It's going to be happy about that and a lot of other people who have signed a petition online.


Ten thousand plus changelog, a never ending loop. Ten hours that you can repeat on and on. I had to actually upgrade the cube stores in order to hold the song, but it works well worth it.


So that's what I've done.


I want to continue to fill this thing up with you. I'm content 100 years of it out there. So I need help kind of compiling clips and finding ones that would be good for this. And then I'd love to send this to the main mommy so they can have in the studio. Oh, my gosh. Enjoy.


Incredible. Thank you so much, Matt. Oh, my God. That is. That is unbelievable. Unbelievable.


And when I reached Matt. Thank you, Matt. What I really love is the attention to detail and the hours spent doing nonsense. That's just so rad. It is. It's you love it. Yeah.


Of course. Because it's it's for fun. It's for laughs. And it's like so good. This just brought so many people, joy, you know, that was really rad.


You want to see a fun master of accents, of course, may make up your mind. He's talking about how he's talking to me, OK.


I he should have just stuck it, but he's got his head stuck in the back and.


Yeah, it's in Glasgow yet in Scotland it's amazing that is stuck in the bed that that accent's incredibly love.


And he's talking about woman still the baby mama. He's talking to one woman.


Oh my God.


I'm getting the fuck off.


That's that's amazing. What do you think happened? He's just drunk. Um, yeah. Probably saw something. Wanted to check out what's in there. Maybe he finds treasure sometimes, you know, and so drunk guy treasures. Drunk guy that is wild. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. Um, the level of talent in our wired community, I mean, I'm so blown away by the cube and these videos people find for us, it's incredible.


It is incredible. The mommies are just so resourceful and funny.


You ever see just poetry in a video. It's like sometimes these moments happen in real life.


Like I've told the story before, I was at the the one ten ten one oh one junction meets downtown L.A.. Right. So you can be the one on one. You can take that and you can go to the ten or you can go to the one ten. It is it can get wild there seven times a day. One time I was coming from I was I was on the the ten heading up towards this junction and getting into the downtown traffic and a car just abruptly cut me off.


But at such a rate that, like, I had to slam on my brakes. Right. It was like a real dick way that he cut me off. And as that happened, lights came up behind and a cop pulled that guy over. And you're like, you know, that thing that happens once every hundred times? Yeah. Someone does that and you're like, wow, that's that's kind of amazing. Check check this out right here.


This is video in the car. It's looking out and this truck comes up and I don't know what happened before, but this driver is giving her the finger. Right. And he is smiling, giving her the finger, who knows? But it looks he's in a big ass pickup truck and then fuck.


Once you get the video schadenfreude, you fucking piece of shit.


That's just poetry, man. That's amazing. It's perfect. God, I'm so lucky. I agree.


There's so many moments I wish I had like that.


Of course, I never fucking happens every time to let you off just to see them. He fucking dumb spin out and end up in an accident.


So great. Hope he's dead. What a dick.


This one's not the same, but it's still pretty good. You know that parkour stuff. Yeah. Yeah.


You know, he tried to do the front flip off of, you know, an elevated platform over like an awning of some type and just a shit man.


Thanks, guys.


Oh, fuck, dude. He's fine, he's he's fine, it's good, perfectly fine, he's definitely good idea. He's telling and people still doing that parkour shit. Yeah, oh, pretty cool, right? Yeah, yeah. It's a good time this, by the way.


So sometimes I watch the prep folder, sometimes I see the still image and I'm like, oh, boy.


And I don't watch it. No, this guy I was like, this is a. He said it's a self-help guy and I saw the image and I go, this is trouble, OK? Like this is going to be a problem. Oh, boy.


Let's live life. Three, six, five. It's all about nutrition, like green tea. Uh huh. I just feel like it's going to get weird. Yeah. Hobbies like gardening get out in fresh air, doing something every day, every day, every week. Live Life 365. Vegetable, vegetable, soy, broccoli, you name it. Live like three, six, five and relax with a good book is really into the branding, right?


Or just reading for fun, just for fun life, it's something different every day. Oh, boy.


He's really trying to make it look like three, six, five. I don't have a choice. You know what it feels like? Life three, six, five.


It feels like he saw a really successful person that does that. Like you saw Tony Robbins. And he was like, you know, all he's doing is branding and doing positive things. Right. By the way, he he referenced vegetables while holding frozen vegetables, which is now I don't think most nutritionists would be like, if you're gonna talk about vegetables, grab them frozen.


Yeah, right. Yeah. So I'm waiting for the punch line. I keep waiting for you to drop the bomb on me.


I'm waiting for it to. That's the thing is when I saw his image, I was like, he's going to say Tanneke or he's going to be funny videos.


Funny videos. It'll make you laugh. Like what?


Balancing the checkbook, figuring out your finances. Investing life comes at you all different ways to live. Like three, six, five can help you. Oh, so he's seems like three six five.


Here we go, Hobbit's. I get tired. What about work, asshole? Yeah, as this guy makes runs like apples. Sometimes just chilling out, meditating. It has very has porno vibes. Yeah, waiting for his dick to come out. Yeah, me too. And also, production wise, it has like like early 90's porno vibe, you know, where it's just like this is the best camera. It's an old camera.


Yeah, exactly. It's not a phone. No, it's an old camera. I mean, the fact that the chair takes up most of this frame here, you know, like, oh boy, it's like three six oh oh oh.


Here we go. Here we go. Healthy lifestyle. OK, like exercise. That is Jim.


Does he shave his chest like that now and whole grain think it's natural and good healthy stuff that's look like hands and he's got cans again.


Play hard, relax. But it's a little this goof windchimes. How fun. OK, live.


Well that's it. That's it. That's all this guy has. But he doesn't mention stuff like how work make a living is like balance a checkbook, eat out of cans.


You know, it's live life. Three, six, five.


No shit. Oh, no. Oh, Tom, I don't want to have to say goodbye.


I'm like, no. Well, there's the man who launched an enormous snot rocket into a thirty two ounce Gatorade, and then he switched it around and drank it back. Live life.


Three, six, five. Enjoy your life.


Yeah. Yeah, right. Yeah. Hydrate.


Fuck, man, this is terrible. Tom, you know, this is another lane of that of like I think I can be inspirational.


Yeah. With the holidays coming up very soon, this guy in a couple of weeks and Christmas very soon after that. Yeah. We know we're all in the giving mode. OK, and as beautiful as giving is right, it's also very important to receive, you know, often times where quick to give advice, spit it out of love. Yeah. He's talking way too slow for me to care to give.


When are we going to open up our hearts and yours to see?


When are we going to let our guard down hate his fucking necklace? When are we going to let those walls collapse? All right. And when are we going to receive the love and the compassion? Shut up. It's all around us. We just need to have a receiving more. How does this guy get really started?


But, Tom, can I ask you a question and be real? How does a heterosexual guy get like that? Like, I don't know, I mean, this guy seems like he has brain damage the way he speaks to and then when you because I mean, that's a very elementary thought, but you also have to be willing to receive it's like, OK, I got it. This is something that, like a child says the kindergarten should be like.


It's also important to receive.


And he says a real low is not his eyes aren't really because I'm thinking in my head that he's attractive.


And if I were like single, I'd be like, OK, I kind of like what what's his name? William. He seems cool. And then he starts talking.


I'm like, yeah, exactly full of shit. Well, yes, that's exactly right. You'd be like good looking guy. And then he would talk and you go, right, I'll fuckin but I'm not going to date this guy. Yeah. Yeah. And I don't like the necklace too.


Was a rock necklace and maybe like black onyx that beads. Yeah. That's terrible. Yeah. I mean he's just saying sweet though. I'm sure he's a sweet kid. Yeah. He's sweet but he might I guess.


I think he's got brain damage. Yeah. And he's fun. You thought you find him very handsome.


I mean for um for a cool guy like we usually don't have handsome guys on these videos. I think the standard is so low.


And you also don't say that that's not true.


You also showed me like an old disgusting man having sex with a woman. You showed me a guy blowing snot rockets and a Gatorade bottle.


This guy is just a breath of fresh air on the show. I'm not used to seeing attractive people. And your mom's house, we trying to say this guy's not fucking hot.


Oh, it's nice. Oh, I fuck that hurt. Oh, you're doing me a cup of sage. Yeah, it's pretty cool, right?




Three, six, five three six five three six five. That's how it goes. Work hard, play hard, play hard.


I hate that thing so much. He really thought he was like he came up with it work hard play or that's.


I think what bothers me about that guy is that he thinks he branded like a company. The slogan might being like work hard, play hard, live like three, six, five, live three, six, five, live, laugh.


Love, love, love, love. Yeah, yeah. Live, laugh love you guys gotta live, laugh.


Little laugh.


Reminds me we still haven't uh changed our clocks.


Yeah it's been, it's been a while. It's been a while. It's been when the daylight savings begin sometime in October.


It's now November. It's almost December.


It's something different every day.


There you go. It's something different every day. Yeah. Pretty cool, right. Yeah. He's really got it figured out. That's something different. Every day. Life keeps happening.


We also brought up, uh, Nancy Pelosi's tits. Yes. And let me see this here. Somebody sent them this great Photoshop watch.


That's not her, but it could be. Yeah, but it also reminded somebody that episode three ninety eight of your mom's house, Topdog weighed in on what you rather dad.


You work in a bar as a server topless or you're married to Nancy Pelosi for you.


I'll take the gay gay bar thing. I'm not sure I can handle the Nancy Pelosi politics for year.


For a year. No, I can't imagine myself having sex. She does have a nice set of lungs. OK, yeah, I'm not sick.


Yeah, nice lungs, my set of lungs. I've never heard him say that before. Yeah. Lungs. Yeah. Lungs, lumps, lungs. Right. You say lungs. No. Yeah. That's where it's I think lumps.


Oh let me see what a lung.


Why did this happen. Subtle lumps, sort of lokes lumps. I want to see, because this was really funny yesterday, so yesterday, I kind of want to see if she'll answer. Um, yesterday I talked to my mom and she was like, I heard the live show she did was she's like, I heard it went great.


She's an automated bridge. This time she's the worst. Let's see if she'll answer. Um, Nancy Pelosi's tits now, uh, live left Lumis. So do this. I know, hey, mom, can I call you on the other line? Yeah, OK, I'll call you right back.


OK. Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message, and she fully fucking thought. She didn't sound like she was home. Yeah, but I mean, your call has been. Along, yeah, Hatami. I'm doing fine, Tony. I'm being very fine reporter the totality of shows we don't yet. How was your show without the disgusting things going? Well, that's the thing.


You said you wanted to see the show, and I wanted to know if you want me to send you a link. You want to see this.


You didn't even need even to tell me. You, me, it's not for you. And I believe that you decide to elaborate. Well, and the extreme grotesque amount of reality that in my ninety hundred years of life never even existed. Like we can believe that human beings and a guy from this into a guidebook and then he eats poop and masturbate in a good OK, that's supposed to be a joke within his penis. The real. And he asked me if I know what it is, yeah.


Do you think this is funny? Don't don't try to be honest with me, because you will be disgusting for me if you think it's funny. OK, yes. Right now there's another.


Do you know what a prank. Do you know what a praying mantis is? They were a praying mantis. A praying mantis. Yeah, and, you know, it's an insect, if I said anything. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And they have like a pretty aggressive nature for an insect. One lady puts one on her nipple so that it chews up her nipples. Hi.


Hi. What is wrong with you? I don't even know how to get this. I don't know. This can't be possible. You are making out like Superman. No. No. Yes. There's even a character making out.


There's even a lady that fills up her her bottle with milk and then she shoots it out into the cereal and then she eats the cereal.




Does anybody watch you when you talk like this? Yeah. There's people watching right now.


Yeah, I love, yeah, I love. I've been praying for you, but I have two possibilities to let you be doing stuff like that. And I told you I can they can become a good campaign manager and the whole family, because then my mom proposed that Jane become a prostitute.


OK, why is that? She thinks that she can make good money, but it's not a bad idea.


Jane's very beautiful that I'm here. Hi, Christina.


Yeah, hi. I talked to Tommy Jefferson when he said that. I can't even mention this. I think that I didn't have nightmares last night. But he says you should change the tone that's fitting and that's giving the education to your grandchildren. So. Well, if that's the case, then let's make them become a prostitute and they give for the future if we don't know which way we use. What do you think of that? I'm not sure I understand the argument, she's saying that because I said that what I do pays for my kids education.


Sure, she's saying that she's encouraging her own youngest daughter to become a prostitute.


Well, I think that that's a great idea because a piece of shit inflation. I was just trying to confirm with you that you can do this stuff maybe.


I think it's a great argument. I think it's a great argument. And I think she should be a prostitute. I think Jane is very beautiful.


She can make good money, make a lot of money with that face. And she's got a great figure.


The thing is, I know that girl emotionally. It's very difficult. And they get physically, you know, like you see the scars after a while, you know, thank God.


Thank God. My daughter has a lot of decency. Yeah. And when I said to domestic joke, when I mentioned that she said stuff not being funny.


Mom. Can I ask you a question? Can I ask you a question? They make a lot of money. Those between Asian piss fountain's milk puss ball stomping or draining a vaginal abscess.


Which would you like to watch? Putting milk red Asian pink fountains is a bit I like the Asian piss felt OK, that was a good one. That was fun. OK, ok, ok.


Between Asian peers, fountains, milk, but cereal ball stomping or draining a vaginal abscess, which would you like to watch? Material, whatever. Something with the intent, OK? All right. The serial one may see if I can bookmark this. Yeah, we can save this MP for it's basically a lady puts, like I said, milk in her bottle and then she shoots it into a bowl of cereal and she eats the cereal.


I know it's not fun, but it's it's her, but it's her own book.


She can't get sick her.


But because you guys, if somebody is pooping and they as they are pooping, they good. You will love it.


Yeah, we played that too. We had a lady we had a lady go pupal onto a man's face. I don't think you do that.


I just I. Did you hear what Dad said?


They just observing in the Senate.


Yeah, in the bars. See, we're multicultural. And if he's seen it on a show. Yes, I have this. She doesn't react to all the stories because I see them or maybe he has money it to. No, it never did. Well, I'm just trying to write other adventures with them, maybe if anyone I'm going to go do I about everything.


How about Syria?


Is it morning or good afternoon for breakfast?


Yes. All right.


I got to go. I love you guys. I'll call you later, OK? I love you. OK. OK, bye. Bye.


Man is it morning or evening? Yeah. It's one of our buddies here, right? Yeah. All right, let's let's have him come in here and we'll. Yeah. We'll do a quick break. All right.


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And we're back with one of our absolute favorites. You can see his podcast or listen to it. It drops every Tuesday at six a.m. on the Your Mom's House podcast YouTube channel. It's the Josh Potter show with Josh Potter. Hi, Josh.


Hey. Hey. How are you? Hey, hey, hey.


Same girl crying Hey. You looking good? You think so? Still even.


I know I say a couple of days ago, I thought after a couple of days at home, I went back down to nothing.


No, you're showing off your chest fur and the arm.


Well, that always happens. It's tough not to show off. Sometimes it pokes through. You look happy. You look good. Thank you. I got to do some shows that helped that makes you feel this way. I better start again. Yeah, but the big thing is that you not only got to see some show, do some shows, and it obviously makes you feel better and it has a real effect. I felt the same way where I go like I'm a different guy now.


Yeah, but you had kept to yourself that there may have been a breakthrough in quarantine that we just learned of. And I'm like, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Wow.


Can you elaborate more because. I think well, yeah, I mean, first of all, I'm sorry I'm doing you a huge disservice because this is like there should be more.


Yeah, this is a blog exclusive. Yeah. I mean, you kind of drop this. You dropped it casually, casually, and I guess I did.


We haven't seen you, you know, like really in a little bit. Yeah. And then you go, oh I, I sort of forgot to mention something. Yeah. And I don't even know if this necessarily counts and maybe this will be up for debate or something like that. But hold on to your seats everybody.


Just if you're driving right now, maybe pull over, make sure you have your seatbelt on. Go ahead. Go ahead.


Yeah, I and I do want to preface this by saying this is very much like the vaccine. This is only a very small percentage of efficiency.


And we need to push forward with our research before we can really conclusively say anything. But yes, I think I came with without without any aid or anything into a mouth.


Wow. Thank you. You came in my house.


And to be to be clear. Yeah. What you're actually saying is that normally you would be doing you normally would take over time that I do it.


Yes, I have to take over and I have to blast that then on the face. On the tit. But you're the one working. Whatever they ask essentially. Yes.


I have to crank it out now. Hold on. I'm sorry. I just to be clear, do you ask them in advance? May I finish on your face.


They usually have a request where they would like to go, whether it be down the old hatch, perhaps.


I can't even imagine what your hatch tastes like.


It tastes according to some pretty good. I don't know if that means it's a surprise that it's good. Like, you know how when you go to eat something that looks gross or. Yeah. You know, people try to like go like, oh, have this gross thing going to go. You hype it up so much in your head, how gross it's going to be. And then you go, I wasn't so bad.


Yeah. So you feel like your semen tastes okay.


Like people look at me and they set a low bar for what it tastes like. Yeah.


You sea urchin because yeah. I would think that your semen, your diet is very poor. I don't think I mean Red Bull, you smoke cigarettes.


What do you you don't really eat. I don't think my diet that poor that's not eat that much food.


Exactly. So it is Red Bull and cigarettes that are supplying most of the cum flavoring. That is that could be that's if you'd like to taste the notes.




That would be like I got a real OK.


Red Bull in here. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. I sense a camel blue or twelve. Yeah. You know, that kind of thing. Yeah.


I can't imagine that that would make your semen taste good. You know, I'm just saying I mean well I've had glowing reviews thus far.


OK, that's fair. That's fair. So and I don't even I mean people look I mean I'm telling you folks I am is shocked at all. This is you are OK. This is not this is not something where I go like, yeah, this is what happens to me. I realize this is insane. So please, I'm on.


So for the guys out there that are like, how the fuck is exactly. Yeah. What do you tell those guys? I don't know. No, I mean, I don't know. I will say, you know what I will say what people what they have been shocked about is that they go, you're nice. Yeah. And that's odd. An odd thing to say. I would say they don't expect that me.


Yeah. They tell you that like they were basically they're basically surprised that you're as nice as you are.


Yeah, exactly. Which is weird. I don't know what that.


Well I'll tell you, OK, I'm putting myself in a woman's place. Pretend I'm a woman. Yes.


Now I look at you and I would be like, first of all, he's attractive, you're cute. And then like you've got kind of a cool different style because you're from the East Coast.


You don't dress like people do in L.A. So you've got like East Coast vibes and then you're sweet like you pretend to listen. I don't know if you really do, but you seem like the kind of guy that would listen to a woman.


And I listen to some things. Yeah. Yeah, it's attractive. Yeah. I mean, you know, I could just give that thousand yards stare. They think you're paying attention almost to them. And I am a lot of the time I'm not going I but sometimes I'm not. Sometimes I'm like well so on Mars or something.


Well let's but let's try to figure something out. Yeah. So the story is that you didn't have to finish yourself, which is weird, but here's where it gets a little dicey, perhaps a little gray. A little muddy. I was cranking it prior to so there was how much prior to I don't know, I wasn't I didn't have a stopwatch on. No, no.


But I'm saying you can go crank open your mouth like. That's right. No, and it wasn't immediate like that. That's why I think it's different than the normal times you're cranking on, Your Honor. Let's back this up, because there was a few moments of in the mouth before it happened.


Back it all up. I want to hear everything. So your is it intercourse first?


Like, there is a lot. Christina, it would take about a few hours to describe all the different things that I just and this one is leading up to.


I mean, yeah, it's is your intercourse.


It was penis and vagina. Yes. Everything occurred that would occur in a relation between a man and a woman. And then it got to the point. And this is where this is why it came up, by the way, because last week we brought up. Have you ever you said to me, have you ever sat on a girl's face aggressively? Hmm.


That's what jogged this memory, was because the position that ended up making the incidents occur was one of those, you know, dangle the head off the side. Like just, you know, girls do that where they're just like I'm a dead body. And they lay their head off and they're like, fuck my face, you know, that kind of thing. And I had put my head in the face and was doing that for a while. That was fun.


And then I put the balls on the mouth, OK? And then she put the mouth on the other. So I was basically just like squaddie potted over top, you know what I'm saying? And how was that? That was I think that was part of the money was the moneymaker, the scrum being eaten? Oh, yeah.


That's what I'm talking about. It was that I was I unclear. Yeah. Sorry you weren't picking up what I was putting that. No, I thought you knew immediately where I was at.


I was hovering over like I was about to like, you know, go in the woods, kind of that scrum.


You were squatted over her face like you were taking a brown and she licked your teeth. Yeah. She was like off the bed, you know, like, dude, this chick is marriage material upside down. You got to marry this broad.


I mean, the sex was all you needed to marry a person. I would put a ring on it by this point for that one. OK, so.


Yeah. So she's licking your scrotum. She's you're looking for peeing and then you then you put your hand on while the scrum is going on. I was peeing Jan Dean.


OK, and then and then I went back into the, into the mouth, you know, OK, so it was free from its other duties and then, you know, lo and behold. And how how long did it take before.


Maybe like thirty seconds. Forty five. So you did a little did it. Yeah I think so, yeah. I own the key.


I disagree on it. I don't think this counts as an unassisted. You didn't come with me with what I'm saying like but he still had to go in the V.


Yeah. The whole Ellerson when you and I do it right you just put your D in my V and you don't need to use your hand to finish yourself off.


I know, but but but the point is that he didn't need to finish himself off that. That's what he was saying.


I did. I did my Cheney like a mouse elsewhere.


Right. But then and he didn't he didn't go up to the point of here it is.


Oh, he went back in her mouth and then like but what he did, I will contend and I'm not trying to ruin my own parade here or rain on my own party, but I. I mean, I was doing my D to like, was I getting myself higher up to a certain point, you know what I'm saying? Right. It wasn't completely unassisted. That's what I'm saying. It's still slightly assisted, slightly. There was an assist.


But, you know, I really think so. Needed Pippen, you know?


I mean, I don't think so. I don't think it's an assist. It's not it's not counting businesses because an assist is like first of all, if anyone's doing that to your bum, then just Jane, it just keep that's not going.


Yeah. You know, that's just what else do you do? Of course, I guess she could have. And like, if you told me and then I, I made it and then right before I put it in her mouth, that's what I thought. Right.


That's not what that's not that's not what happened. So you're saying that her mouth is what gave you.


Yeah. The Bogucz. Yes, because there were a couple of occasions with the same lady in this instance where I got in the mouth, but I did the right before thing and I put it and this is was an accident. I've you know, because she wanted to she said, taste it. Oh, my God. But what I did was I put her head on it too far to the point where she just swallowed it.


And she's like, I didn't even get to taste it. I didn't get to write. I didn't get my chest made it. So I went straight and I was like, oh, my God, I'm sorry. I didn't.


I'm sorry. Too aggressive. I want to apologize. I did. I apologized like I'm so I should have given I didn't realize how aggressive I was out there. I deprive you of Dr. Joshes Dick and Dr..


You found himself a real savage man. It's the kind of animal that you would only read about in French romance novels.


Yeah, you know, what's that movie?


This is this is like a prime position in your memory bank now. Oh, for certain. And, you know, I'm not saying that all I don't know what else would require there was I'll say this to be gay about it. There was a connectivity, you know that in a comfortability with this person. So that's probably why those things could have helped. But, you know, also, you know, the scrum meeting definitely accelerates things.


So that's a good question now, because it seems like the scrum eating was the linchpin to your Bugarach. How could you have really is the best thing in the world.


That's why I'll preach it up and down. I'm sorry.


It really had you had it before with another. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've heard that story aplenty at the scrummaging and it just it didn't do it for you the way.


Oh it did. But I mean I just didn't this one was particularly artistic with her abilities.


OK, can you break that down a little more like. Sure. What, what was, what was so like different.


I mean you can't how do you describe a rainbow? Do you know what I'm saying? Yeah, it's you can't it's just the thing. You just go like, wow, you're good at that. Yeah. Do you know what I mean.


Why are you keeping in contact with this angel or how.


Because yeah. I mean I don't I mean, I don't foresee anything beyond a few more maybe of these types of incidents, but you never know. But you know what it is. Here's the thing. I don't want to dissuade people out there because just because we are in operation warp speed does not mean that we have reached all ninety one hundred percent efficiency, yet we have not reached that. So is there such thing as a bad more impairments will be.


Is there such thing as a bad scrum eating. Is there such. I haven't come across one. I mean if they do it I think, I think the A for effort all, all the time. Yeah. I don't know how you could be bad at it other than just being maybe too timid or just it's so it's just like don't even bother you know.


Right. Right. Yeah. That's how I feel. And don't even bother, don't even bother if you're not going to commit to the if you're not going to really do it, why.


So how many milligrams. What. I mean just do ten and you'll forget about it. Take a Zarni and just be like I don't even remember doing that. When you wake up you have a little chocolate stash and then you're like, what happened last night?


His browns are just so gnarly, though. Today's probably not the best day it could be tomorrow, but that is the best day here. Can I tell you why?


I know it's the best day for me. You know what it is the best day. I don't need often, like you mentioned. Yeah. So if I know this might occur, I don't need do it for the day. And I haven't eaten since yesterday and I make sure I go really in there. I get right up in there, clean it all out. You know, that's when a washcloth comes in handy. You want to poo poo your washcloth, call them for poor people.


Yes. It's for preparing your behold the get right. That's what a washcloth is for. And then you throw it in the trash because it's a little piece of cloth. And who gives a shit? You don't want to wash that. It's be on it, throw it in the garbage and get another one. So you really scrub your ass all those days, though, if you know God. Yeah. Yes. Get you get a Brillo pad in there.


OK, where did you get up inside. The thing is though, is that what was different about this woman that you think you felt comfortable enough to use the sexual connection for that for that time? Yeah.


You think so? You think it was all sexual or was there an emotional component where you trusted her? I mean, sure, I trust that once a girl is like step one, I'm going to eat your ass. You know, all the cards are on the table, right?


You don't really have much to live up to once. Did you know that was going to happen?


I mean, yes, I mean, I did and I didn't you know, girls say things, but she wasn't going to be like you said you were going to you have a kind of a contract, but these text messages where you said she had mentioned that she was going to do it.


Yes. Oh, wow. And then did it. And then, you know, once that happens, it's almost like you can let your guard down in every other capacity. It's like you just enjoyed eating my ass. Therefore, I can't really disappoint you. And so interaction that we have together.


So it's as if she was really into consuming everything you had to offer. And even her thing of like that is one way to I want to taste your cum.


Do you think that it, like you and me, seem like she wanted to consume you so completely that maybe you felt so comfortable with her like she wants? Yes.


Know for sure she wants to make Josh she really that that's the cycle I 100 percent. That's everything about it. You're feeling my brain a boner because you like your dicks.


So great parabolic compliment. Complimentary.


Complimentary. Yeah. I did that for you guys. Got it so upsetting, but yes, I know those things go a long way. I don't like the ones that are like your dicks, tiny and shit like that. You know, they kind of like nagu by being like your fucking balls or they're like that dominatrix you guys want to go see on two bears live like.


Yeah, the first second she was like she like hit me and then called me like a bitch or whatever. I would have maybe punched her. I would have like some.


Yeah. I think I don't like those things. They're not you're not supposed to do that. I don't think you're right for that. No, that's not my speech.


Which where you call me first time, like you hit me with that paddle again and we're going to have more than words. Yeah. Yeah. Because I think the move there is like the people I don't really like the um. I'm not into the degrading either. No, no. But I understood the the environment, but I think the guys that really like that really like, like, they want her to be like you're a fucking loser. Yeah.


No, I'm not talking shaming.


I just that's not my speed. I don't relate to that. I liked this instance where it was like very flowery and nice, but also savage as fuck. Do you know what I'm saying? Yeah. Yeah. It was a real yin and yang. Mm hmm. Yeah. Interesting, because you've had savagery before. It's not as though. Yeah.


Just sometimes you come across the real unicorn. Oh yeah. Like she made you feel so accepted. Maybe that maybe that allowed you to be free.


You think with the key. I mean the key is that a savage who's also like you said, because she was complimentary to you. Yeah. That's what you need. You need so that and this is going to be the key to making Yuji's everywhere. I think that is the key.


Yeah. And then more reps. So, yeah, more keep keep. We have to keep experimental experiments.


Not over for sure. I mean we have not we don't want to go back into lockdown where there's no come and we just have no come. We want to keep it, keep progressing. So you'll come. Yeah.


So this is huge now. Yeah.


If you're already out there and you have the opportunity to be with Mr. Josh Potter, you need that. You need to know be an animal.


Lots of compliments. Yes.


Tell the crazy with the compliments either by the way, because they do me I go shut up. All right. Like that's all I know about it. Show me that you.


But you believed her that she wanted to taste your machine like.


Well, yes, she proved to. She showed me she wasn't. Yeah, she did show you where she likes you. Spetz Yeah. She showed me where it's best not to say that's great.


I do all the things back to I did this Grumbach. So you might like that. Oh, you scrubbed it back. Halyard and what she had performative when you did that, what do you mean by that?


Like, oh you know. Oh yes. Very flowery language in that department. Loud vocal. Wow. Yeah. Good for you man.


No, it's fun. I can't imagine like I just I didn't know that was the you don't have to imagine I could lay on my back and that my will show you I'm trying to say was an odd one.


Just stand. I was standing. That's right. I mean like a naked standing Josh Potter, like next to a tree, like I was about to be like, all right.


You know, like leaning up against a tree kind of thing, like where you're about to shit in a hole in the woods and you're squatting over her face. Yeah, that is so.


So when you're out, are you you're when you're squatting football, are your is your dick, are you facing so that your balls are on her nose or like on her chin. What do you mean when, when you're squatting over her mouth. Yeah. My balls are like on her neck this way because it's like she's dangling over the bed so our head is back. Right. OK, okay.


So your balls are up. So that's a common position. Yeah. What is that like the snake eater. Like what is it when they cry. Yeah.


Oh no I want to, I want you to see it in my throat, that kind of shit. And you're watching football as it happens.


Yeah I did. I watch football. It was pretty cool. Suck it dry.


You never did that spot that all the time. Yeah. Well then there you go.


You're right there. They were right there. You're right there. It's right there. Your nose is already there. What do you think.


I mean, it's you're it's like you're saying I don't want to go to Jerusalem, but you're going to fucking Israel and it's like you can just stand and you know what I'm saying on that note, I think going to Palestine, I feel sad.


I know you can explain it better.


You go watch the Josh Potter show, listen to it rate review and subscribe. It drops on our YouTube channel every Tuesday at six a.m.. Thank you, Josh. Thanks.


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Well, I couldn't be happier for Josh. I mean, that is just great. Sounds like somebody actually made him come. Yes.


Wow, what a neat story. And just in time for the holidays. Just over the holidays. And I think it gives a lot of people out there hope not just that they can come, but that they can make Josh come if they have, you know.


Well, 20/20 has called the secret to the formula. Yeah. Such a depressing year. It's good to know that there's some bright light at the end of this tunnel. Hey, uplifting video.


Yeah. Happy comes giving. Yeah. And it is beautiful.


And hopefully it's a story you can share with your family at the table this year.


I know a guy and this year was really tough for him and you can end it on this beautiful note and you know that you need to it. Isn't that funny that the scrum eating is what tied it all together?


Yeah. I didn't hear that. All I know is that it sounded to me just like a nice lady that he had an emotional connection with. Not so much the scrum because he's had his scrum eaten by other ladies through in single emotion involved.


No correlation between Scrum and Bugarach. Thank you.


OK, let's see what's in the curation folder. Oh, I'm so excited. You know, since the election, the talks have just been so different in nature. Some of them lighter, funnier, freer. Yeah, weirder. There's so much good shit right now.


Good morning. My co-anchor, Jane, I got a little problem with the Web page, so if you need to order any items or any merchandise. You can go right to my kings and queens above 18 Web page. And as Andy. No spaces and let me know what you need, what size and how many the shirts are twenty five plus shipping and handling. The cups are 20 plus shipping and handling. And I had turned 20 plus shipping and handling.


And go to my Venmo account and use the money, and I won't help it out to my guy. You will receive it 14 days after payment, 14 days and my cash. Send me your cash tap information and I will request the money from you. You guys have a beautiful day. My point above, I love you.


Oh, that's it's a really good commercial, too, like for your product. The sound was great.


Truck, the truck and driving while you're doing it is also a big, big plus. Yeah. He's always having some kind of problem. It's the website. It's his health. Uh, people are talking about him.


You know, there's always something in the king's world to go on. So I like to keep you guys abreast, letting you know what's up with his website right now. That's good. It's a really nice shirt. That's the shirt, huh?


Good morning. Queens above 18, huh?


Really nice. I think we tried to purchase this. And the way the way that it works is like you email him your credit card info.


I think like it's like a really sketchy way to.


OK, we tried to support your business. Everybody's all like Joe Biden is now our president man, Joe Biden and our president, yeah, we got a lawsuit. Yeah, Trump's got a lawsuit. Everybody's like Trump, 20, 20 bucks that trump for life.


OK, why does he have so little emotion? I don't know. And why is his beard so thin at the bottom? He said, fuck that. Yeah, well. And his beard hair. Don't you notice that? It's like it is. What is it coming in? Well, yeah, it's very sparse at the end. You should trim it. I'm going to give you that right. To trim his beard. Yeah. And I don't know.


The emotionless is like whatever. Yeah, that's. Yeah, I suppose if I talk like this and I move to Australia, nobody would recognize it. I'm. Don't really talk like this. Hmm hmm hmm. It's fucking trippy, really good post. Thank you. Yeah, I just like that. I really like the angle on this one. And it's a very interesting question and, you know. Yeah, yeah.




Oh, you silly dog, holy cow. Yeah, that's the guy trimming his his dogs nails. I'm like, if my dog did that I wouldn't from my dog's name.


That was pretty scary. That's for the groomer. And then he pulled away and was like, I'll try my own nails. So he did that. Yeah. Yeah. Was like, I'm just kidding. It's just jokes.


I mean, your dog should not be growling at you like that. You've got a serious fuckin problem with that.


Like those Clipper's, the dog swoop. We've been hurt before. Fuck, yeah.


I think I need to snuggle with a little bit of a fuck. I think I need to snuggle. Fuck. Is that the thing.


Yeah. These are the horny lady talks. Yeah. Would you fuck her. Yeah. She's not that bad. She's not that that bad.


Not that she's not that I give her what she's asking for.


Yeah. Well snuggle. Oh Jesus.


Oh. What does that description say.


It says if you go down fucking my with my step grandma both orgasms. Oh God. Oh. What was she saying. Yeah. Well she said. Pull that back by. Well, you like on the. I can't make it out. The tomalis of Ray. You a chicken or pork, the. Hi, yes, I would love to do a video using the pronouns for those of you who want to use them, and then this is also a great video for everyone to watch, because not a lot of us have heard people use neo pronouns in a text.


So this is just a good one to hear what it sounds like. So there are like millions of options for new pronouns. A lot of people even like make up their own ones. I'm just going to do some of the popular ones with it. Hello.


It would really like a vanilla cone with chocolate sprinkles and it would really like it in a bowl. If you can do that with a spoon, it's just massively. All right.


We appreciate it. So another one I wanted to do was Hugh. It's Hugh Hughes humor. And it kind of short for human, which I really like because I just identify as a human. I don't really have a gender identity right now, but it would sound something like this would like a vanilla cone. I'll get it to him. Thank you. So did you know that you can go to the DMV and. Declare your gender as an ex now, like the DMV honor.


So maybe I don't know if you're allowed to now change it to Huehue.


I think the real issue with you is it sounds like you're saying you. So if you said she would like some ice cream, it sounds like saying you would like ice cream and the person would be like, no, no, what do you want?


You know, Hugh would like oh, his name is Hugh, right.


Who's Hugh? Yeah, I'm Hugh. I mean, you know, it's fine. It seems like you're creating more trouble for yourself.


It's a lot. It's a lot. You know, and I it just seems that these these younger people are trying to differentiate themselves in the world. You know, I think it's similar to being Goth, you know, when you're like, um, like if someone had given me the opportunity at 16 to to change my identity to vampire, I would have.


Yeah, of course. I would have been like undead immortal. Absolutely. Yeah.


You know, I mean, she seems like I'm sorry. Hugh seems like a very nice person. Sweet. Yeah, very sweet. And the you know, trying to. To give an example that people can understand, which I get that what what they're saying with that, yeah, I have not heard anybody say here, it's no one there like it would like it.


I mean, that sounds demeaning to me.


Yeah, I agree. It sounds with it like low self-esteem. It is. It sounds like you're not talking about a person. Yeah but but yeah.


No, keep doing this to the mainstream media just to clear the projected winner and now the store signs are going off. Oh, I hope you all are happy. The world is now officially ending.


That's pretty cool. There is. He is really. Yeah. That's right. Yeah. Yeah, it yeah. There is a lot of blowback on Biden winning a lot of those talks. Yeah. Mm hmm. I thought those are pretty funny. Those are pretty.


That was pretty grayslake. Now fucking the storms are coming. Yeah. It's apocalyptic.


Husband Aaron say hi. Hello to your boyfriend. So. Right Ryan. These are my babies. I know that's good. I know. How is this worse than the heavy stuff?


It's a really rather watch heavy clip, see, and I would rather watch these, which are emotionally challenging because, like, I like to think about why it bothers me, like, why was I so annoyed?


Like, why is it so annoying?


I think it's just it's like nanny nanny poo poo.


Yeah, it's annoying because it is my husband and my Bovon like I don't care. Yeah. Because no one.


It's not important. No, no. She's gross. Yeah.


And they're gross. I think that's what it is to kind of gross 20 bucks.


They're really sweaty. Whoa, yeah, so that girl just sold her sweaty socks to a dude for 20 dollars on the on side of the street.


Yeah. And tick tock, it's a thing now, so that's a rolling stock where guys are buying.


I know sweaty socks. Yeah, cool. Yeah. All right. Yeah, uh, we encourage you to do it. Make your money.


Go get your scratch, girls. Go for it. I will say this, though.


There is a part where she goes watch like it's like a question, 20 bucks right there.


They're really sweaty, but that's all you're going to give it to me. You've got to get the you've got to get the money you money first.


Yeah. So she gave over the good the bad idea. Some scratch without you know. Yeah. Hookers always take money first. Right. And then right there and she's giving away the candy. Yeah. I could drive.


Exactly. I think I thought we were about to see. Oh she goes twenty bucks like you agree. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And then handed over. You need to be like let me see that.


She's just a good girl. It's her first time.


Wow. She's inexperienced. Well keep on selling them. Keep making that money.


She's my I think I'd like to start using gender neutral pronouns I should say. Do you mean like gender, not binary. Yeah, I think so. That was so brave of you to tell me. How do you feel about being non binary.


I don't know cuz I'm really nervous is what my friends are thinking. I don't want anyone to believe me.


You know, you don't have to tell other people right away. You can wait until you already know.


I want to tell them in my school. I'd like them to stay them Fortnum's. You know, that could get really confusing. Have you thought about using something like C. No, I like them for sure. Them it just feels right. OK, sweetie, but it might take me a while to get it right. You've been in play as long as I've known you. That's OK. I understand. I have had a pronoun like a swear jar.


You mean you put in a coin every time you mess up?


Exactly. So these are videos made by this mother and son, and they explain to you how you should should have dialogues about their pronouns with your children, like this is an ideal conversation that we should be having with our kids if they come.


You know, weird how jarring it is for me to go for my dick being a hard, sweaty socks until this woman or child could not do that to me.


Yeah, so OK.


I mean, how complicated is it to be a kid these days? It seems like a lot, wasn't it? You know, I have a question for you. Sure.


How are you going to handle one of your children saying. Like this to you 100, OK, here's I'm going to do because I actually I think about it if you actually I think this is like a real thing for you. It's it is a trigger in a way.


It's it's interesting to me. It's interesting because I wonder if it's what it is. What is this? Because I've never encountered this before. It's something entirely new for me.


What is this? And is it real or is this just like are these kids that are just going to end?


Are some of them genuinely are transgendered? Some of them are maybe just gay and they're figuring out like, oh, maybe I'm non binary first and then I'll transition to being fully gay later. I don't know what it is. So I'm really perplexed. But to answer your question, if one of my kids decides to do this pronoun stuff, I'll be like, Yeah, dude. I mean, look, I just know that. If you're going to come out as Zim's, there's.


You got to explain that shit to your grandparents on Thanksgiving. And if you're bold enough to explain that shit to your granddad and your grandma and your aunts and uncles, then like, yeah, you can be Zim's or you can be Neoh, they'll explain it. I think they would explain it.


Right. I mean, it's just the way you said it, like you said it, like if you're daring enough.


That's what I'm saying. Like, I think that they would, though, right. Like the grandparents just going to be like, why? But they'll still tell.


They would tell them that you think, yeah, but I'm saying like this because, like, I'm afraid of being bullied, like, well, you can't expect the world to conform to what you're doing. So if you're going to be that, just be prepared to take the fucking heat for it, OK? You know what I mean? Like, if you're going to make other people call you by pronouns and who he and XYZ uses, those I like just know that it's going to come with some static.


I got you right. Yeah. What do you think. Well, I mean, if one of our kids told me that they want to be they them I'd be like, OK, OK, sure. And I think the main thing is that if it were if it's a kid that's acting out, doing it for a teacher and you agree to say that then and then it ends real quickly because they'll go like, oh, you didn't make a thing of it.


Yeah. So you'll find out if it's genuine or a ploy for attention. And if it's genuine, then you kind of just have to like. Right. You just coach.


Yeah. Whatever you because you want. I believe there are kids that know really early like yeah dude I am I am not a woman, I'm a I'm a girl, I'm a boy and I'm him.


Her I don't know, I just this stuff does trigger me because I think I think when it triggers me is when it gets enacted into laws like for instance, being able to go to DMV and be like, I'm a I'm X now, like, OK, now that's a legal status. And now like there could be lawsuits that come about because you didn't respect my X status or medical things like. So when that person goes to a doctor, they have to disclose that they were born female.


You know what I'm saying? Because it impacts your medical. Yes.


Stuff, but that's a biological thing. That's not gender identity. Right. But if you're saying, like, I'm, um, I was born a male and now I'm a woman or whatever. Yeah. Like you're but you're born biologically something even though you might feel a different way. Right. So like, if you're saying there's there's all kinds of legalities and questions that come from this stuff, it's not as easy as just saying I'm this new thing.


Why not?


Right, exactly. Well, why not? Hi, I'm a little. Nice to meet you. I like to use pacifiers, I like to color and I also like to watch TV shows and also things that pertain to being a child. These are littles, this guy follow, and he likes to put a posse in his beard and mouth and act like a little kid from time to time.


OK, so that's how I get mad, because Trump lost. Oh, really? That was the same thing in twenty sixteen, remember? Yeah, there's that famous one of the person, the girl screaming and crying. Yeah, it's the same. And so it's always going to go back and forth. What do want to go to you want to watch me go poop? Yeah, why? Because no one. No mom. Yeah. You don't want to see me poop.


I do. I just felt like this is a scene out of our home that is, yeah, kids want us all the time. They do. Oh, fuck. Oh, my God. That's a cop, right? What the fuck? I don't know what's going on there, but there is a girl in a car and she's just chillin and this guy is taking a full bat to the window. And I'm like, I don't know what to that.


I have a uniform on my wrong. I don't know. And I throw people behind him, like, gathered around.


Scrub backwards who? Let's the. Like that, I know that it's like maybe it's like a football, it's like a football jersey, like a soccer game.


Are they doing like a, um, what's it called, you know, like a display or something?


Yeah. Like like check out this new bulletproof glass, something like look at those people over his shoulder, just like.


Mm hmm. And she said, what is the emblem on the window?


Does that match his shirt? That could. So, yeah, oh, maybe so this is a demonstration demo, yeah, that's way cooler. Yeah. P five max. Yeah it is. Yeah. OK. Oh yeah. Because I persons' like taking photos. She said I'm fine, she's like la la la.


She's way too cool for that to be happening.


Yeah that's right. This is ten weeks. It has everything. It is all it has to do is get bigger. Yeah. Breakfast. Lunch. I don't believe you really feel this way about what you saying. I believe that I just want to example value human life because you know, God create.


So this woman is protesting, you know, an abortion protester and this girl is looking at these little fetus models going breakfast, lunch and dinner. She's fucking with her, which is so funny.


It is. It is a funny thing. It funny when. For them, this is a death talking business. Oh, wow. It's high over the rainbow.


This isn't your dad. Why are we watching this one?


Why would they do this so much? The water? I've been sending him a death tax, but there's a whole einen ticktock now. People dying on ticktock.


Pretty wild. Thanks. Yeah.


You guys think I'm the psycho. I thought it was kind of cool that.


OK, so I'm getting a lot of questions. If all of these elements stay in the casket, once the service is done, the answer is yes. So what are they actually going to do and show you today is actually how I close up a casket after the service is complete. Every funeral home does it this way. Not every funeral director does it this way.


I just like doing it this way. It's her way doing it. The apron keeps the linen that covers the underside of the casket. Why is it this way? I couldn't tell you. It's just the way things are nowadays, especially here in the South. So I fold up my apron.


OK, do they use it for the next person? Oh no. I keep it in the lap of the person.


She's like to cover his boner because everybody died.


So yeah, this is this is the funeral homes. Tick tock. That's the kind of that's kind of interesting. It is interesting.


I don't think the death bed hungry person was interesting, but I think a funeral home is interesting.


I just wanted to say that it was so sad that poor old lady staring off the fuck is wrong with you.


It's called payback for making me watch the old guy fuck that young of marriage tip from a divorce attorney. Do not start speaking to your ex boyfriend or girlfriend on social media behind your spouse's back, because usually that leads to an affair, which leads to a divorce. Great tip.


I just thought I'd share that one, too. It's kind of nice. You kind of just drop that one in there just for us. Do you have you are you laughing, don't fucking laugh at me, you've just never crashed into. Wow. Yeah, I thought you like that because it's confrontation. I like confrontations, yeah. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. That's it, yeah, the war, the that's how the talk rolls, my man, I mean, that was pretty crazy, right?


That was amazing. Yeah, you can watch it again. Yes.


Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. But I don't understand, there's so many different voices, like I think that's audio that's been looped over that it's audio that goes to something else. And they perhaps which is is that they do it a lot on tick talk. It's a thing that they repurpose audio. But that audio doesn't match that.


No. For a frame. It does at one point it does. Yeah. Like the the second round of like audio, it sounds like you hear wind and it sounds like it's that guy.


I think the original audio was still in this. Right.


It just added that people added it and then like a woman screaming, it doesn't really add up, but that's cool. And if you can tell us more about this, we'd love to hear it and I'd love to see the full video.


Oh, my woman is at our peak. Twenty four. Twenty five. That's when she's her hottest man. Like a marketplace value doesn't peak until he's about thirty five. It's really important concept for you because it lets you know you're just getting started. She may be in her party years riding Carousel Monkey Branch and having a good time, but as soon as she hits her wall and she's on her way down, that's when you're on your way.


Oh kind of wish I knew that one of my prime was twenty five. I'm forty my sexiest man.


I just thought he was a super cool guy. He's very cool and he reminds me of the but guy. He does. He has his vibes. Yeah.


Just was an aisle lady had kind of a flat and nice tits and then he's like I'm going to go yeah.


He's got that similar energy to him. Yes. Um and I would argue that a woman's value I'd say peaks at twenty eight and then goes down 24, 25 is a bit high. I mean low.


Sorry, I would say 28 is like and man and then it goes down is I would say financially forty is a good number, not physically physically 30s.


Thirty, thirty five is the male peak I believe he says that he's like forty, I'm, I'm hot shit.


Is he a male athlete, you know, in like the very physically demanding, you know, sports. It's considered the male athlete peaks at 28 29. Oh, wow. Yeah. Yeah, I guess all humans is that I a good number twenty when you can be like at your fittest, strongest, quickest, like all that recover still recover. Yeah. Like the demands of those things and then usually goes downhill from there. Yeah. Late 20s.


Yeah. Yeah. But these guys are the sexiest now and he's 40s at his sexiest.


It's very cool. I'm starting to get hungry. I'm not going to lie. I'm sorry. I only have a full day to go. I know. All right.


Well let's see. Do we have a closing song. I think we do. This is coming up in May.


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And of course, the great Peerce Paris. Oh my goodness.


With a Thanksgiving themed butthole trick.


It was was really masterful. Yes.


So that's that. We love you. We'll see you next week. And let's wrap it up.


I like to give a shout out to all my six so I should be able to speak maybe just about it is just I just waiting to be like this. It is just like this is just like you said, it is just like this is just like this is just like this. It's just like this guy is just like a..


Is like. It's just like.