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I have just signed an executive order to extend my life until this Friday at midnight. It really was a no brainer. It's quite literally the best podcast on the Internet. The ratings are tremendous and is number one across all platforms. Can be a cool guy like Sleepy Joe Dinner watching. You bet. I'm coming up in. I learned very early in my relationship with Tom that when he's about to sneeze and he's doing this whole thing like I can't acknowledge it, I'm not allowed to look at him, which is exactly what you're doing.


You're literally doing what you say you're not looking at.


You are asking you about it. I'm telling the audience that I'm ignoring it right now. I was looking into Darva was not talking.


Wait a minute. Is that up to you? You're like, hey, if if there's one thing I've learned, if he's about to sneeze, I can't address that. He's about to sneeze.


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Good morning. My jeans above eighteen.


He's really been in our house this morning. The king, the king is is really dominating the interweb in our phones and our and our hearts and minds.


Absolutely. How we wake each other up in the morning. And we have some breaking news, big breaking news in the morning. I roll over, I go, good morning, my king above 18. And I start giving you pets like that. Yeah. Yeah. Yep, it's good fun.


It is good for you to wake up, and when I let you know, I don't put your feet on the ground, get you and get you a shower, you can't get you a nice hot breakfast.


And then you, my beautiful queen, and you know how beautiful you are.


And I like that no bra look, you know, and do a little dance, have some fun with it, you know, make the king laugh.


Make me laugh. Oh, that was funny to watch your tits bounce. Like when your tits bounce, huh? I just have fun with it. Oh, boy, yeah. Oh, can I make an announcement? Yes, this week's episode entitled No Scrubs of Where My Mom's at podcast is where we discover Neda's favorite movie is Drumline. So we want to check that out.


That's the original discovery. Yeah, yeah. That's very exciting. Very exciting news here at Why H. Studios, we have a whole new website with all our information, with all the shows, with all the store. It's going to be where we stream live shows where we get to drop new content. It's all that. Why Image Studios Dotcom.


So when you get a chance, if you would head on over there and check it out and try it out and get you a nice hot breakfast and go to Wyoming studios dotcom, and that'll be the home of everything consolidated that comes out of these here studios.


It was a great Thanksgiving week and it was I you know, we canceled our plans because, uh, Governor Newsome told us that we weren't allowed to governor.


And also, you know what? I'm here's one of my things about covid. And, you know, maybe you at home agree soon is the idea to do something with other people brings about any drama.


Oh, no, no, I'm done. I'm out. I'm good. So, like, we were going to have some people over. And as soon as there was, like, pushback from one of the people, I was like, it's fine. That's fine.


I know why you stay back, stay back.


You can stay home. You got a home. We can not do this. Easy, easy. And we were going to be we were going to make a special trip to see my folks, which has its own concerns. But we we had planned out a way to quarantine, stay safe, travel as safely as we could to see them. And then I got a little bit of drama from, you know, some family.


About what how come, you know, we're not doing it done so well. That's how Tom and I roll is looks. And I've decided from the time we went, I think it was when we first got married was it 09?


And we didn't have two pennies to rub together and we went to Hawaii for Thanksgiving.


Do you remember that? Yeah, it's a funny sentence. Well, it's true because we use like our Amex travel points. We have no money. When we got married and I remember that year going, wow, you can do that.


That was the best discovery. You can do that. And here's the thing. Our kids are so young that it sucks to travel with them. As soon as they're of age, we're doing it again. And what you do is you leave on holidays and you tell people, God, I wish I could spend time with you.


But the problem is I'm 5000 miles away.


Oh, I wish I could. Yeah. But also the realization that you don't have to suffer through the holidays. I know you can spend them with whomever you choose.


You may eat whatever. By the way, make those points are the shit. If you if you don't if you're not on the points game, this is not a new discovery, but points can get you airfare. Oh yeah.


I can get you a hotel stay.


They can get you rental cars. You can do a lot with some some credit card reward points.


I know because at the time we were using the credit card to buy airline tickets to work. So we'd accrue all these points.


You know something?


I don't know if I told you this or not, but so now at that time, we used I remember now vividly, we used points for the airfare and for staying there. And the only thing we would really come out of pocket on would be the incidental charges, which is like, you know, your meals and anything. And I had in my mind what it would be. And it was like seven or eight times that amount. Oh, my God, it was Hawaii.


When you go and make everything you like, you order coffee and eggs and got sixty dollars. Like what?




Yeah, but I remember that I had I had that in my mind that I was like oh my God.


And it took me like eight months to, to pay off that bill like I thought I would be paying at the next month and oops.


Yeah. Well you know what's good Tom, is that, um, we're still as responsible now, you know what I mean. Like, yes, you bought a Ferrari, but when we got I'm sorry, Lamborghini. But when McDonald's fired us. Returned it. Returned it.


Yeah. So that's cool. McDonald's says you don't get two point two million. And then I told Lamborghini you don't get four hundred and sixty seven thousand. So, yeah, but we really have made a pact with each other to not make ourselves miserable over the holidays, and I think it's really helped our marriage.


I don't know anything anybody doesn't consider that or like when they invite your family over and you're like, no, no, stay with us. You and I have always been like, no, no, there's a hotel down the street. Like there's a mile away. There's a great Courtyard Marriott. Yep. And then you can rent a car and you can come see us whenever we tell you you can't.


That was that's another one. Good boundaries have to be fortunate enough to do.


But I've done that where you go.


No, I got you something you want and you go, I got you a hotel room. I know what you saw me. And then then they're just not staying with you.


We've got yeah. We've got like a really nice hotel. Once you go somewhere like what's really nice, you know, like I'm a nice guy. You're not. You're just trying to. And by the way, you can use points for that to use.


That's that's what that might be. The best use of points ever is like you have family come to town and you go, I got your hotel. And they're like, what?


Use your points and can I may I compliment my own Thanksgiving dinner? Yeah, I did a really good job. I did a great job. I got the honey baked hand. I got to tell you, I'm an outspoken nonconformist to Thanksgiving food. Yeah. Like I really like I really like what I did as far as. Getting steaks, getting lobster, getting things that are not traditional Thanksgiving, but every once in a while you got to give in and do traditional Thanksgiving meal for the kids.


They have to know what Thanksgiving. We can't be this antisocial on America anyways.


I did it. And I think you did a really, really great. Thank you.


Yeah, thanks. Yeah, I'm proud of myself. Yeah.


All right. Let's open the show. We don't know yet. You ready? I'm ready. Let's get this party here to make sure this is all the way up. Volume gets you a nice hot breakfast. OK, here we go.


So the to talk to my mom, the mom. Remember that Chanel bag I really wanted that you wouldn't buy from me. I let an old man fuck me for it. Fuck you, bitch.


Oh, no. It's so boring. Wow. That's so cool. That's awesome. So we don't support Christina. Yeah. All right. I can't. I'm not supposed to talk, he's going to have a sneezing fit before we started rolling, Tom sneezed, no exaggeration at all, what, 14 times?


Yeah, it was it was quite a bit. It was the most I've ever seen in a row.


And I think these are allergies. I think this is the Wrona. But I learned very early in my relationship with Tom that when he's about to sneeze and he's doing this whole thing, like, I can't acknowledge it, I'm not allowed to look at him, which is exactly what you're doing.


You're literally doing what you say you're not looking at.


You are asking you about it. I'm telling the audience that I'm ignoring it right now.


I was looking into Darva was not Tom. Wait a minute. Is that up to you? Yeah, this is totally just a be conversation. Yeah. And a big conversation and you just kind of butting into it right away.


So I'm not talking to you, though. I was trying to vamp so that you could sneeze.


And I think that, like, the thing that takes me out of it is so demanding.


You're acknowledging that, you know what it is. You're like, hey, if if there's one thing I've learned, if he's about to sneeze, I can't address that. He's about to sneeze.


It went away. You you made the fucking sneeze. Go away.


I can't even talk about it. I thought I mean, I thought you knew this. I thought I was allowed to talk about it with someone else, but I don't ever come up.


When did that ever come up? I well, we've never had this issue before. I've always thought I'm a pro.


I thought you were fucking on board that, you know, when a sneeze is coming and you're like, you know, if there's something I know it's not to talk about the sneeze that he's about to sneeze. I'm like, I'm about to sneeze.


But can I tell you something? In my brain, I genuinely thought I found a loophole because I like it.


It's all about it.


I'm not totally bad at it. I really I really thought I was like, he's not going to get mad at me because I'm not talking to him to give a little.


Huh, huh, huh? Retarded, retarded. Oh, oh, uh, God, that totally ruined it.


So I did have an incredible sneezing fit before, one that I haven't had and probably like at least a year. It was more than a dozen sneezes.


You enjoy them, know that you like your body functions. He said it feels good.


Can I believe you did that? Did you like them? No, I cannot believe you ruined my the one that I was about to do.


OK, so next time when you are on the road, OK, let me let me show me what to do.


Should we sit here in silence until you have them establish a in conversation about something else.


OK, I didn't know I wasn't allowed to talk about the sneeze. Here's the thing. Listen to me.


I really thought I just wasn't allowed to address you during your I thought I wasn't allowed to address you. I didn't know I was allowed to talk about it with another party.


So. All right. All right. Look, I really didn't understand. Fair enough.


I don't know the rules. So next time when you're about to sneeze, I'm supposed to ignore you and say, Nadaf, did you see the Tyson off the Tyson exhibition with Nate Johnson Johnson the other day?


That's my old boss. Public safety.


Yes. Yes, I did. You watch it. It was quite a spectacle. It was cool. I didn't I didn't see the the Nate Robinson fight, but I saw the Tyson and Jones. You didn't see that? I saw the very like I started watching. Right when right when they're like, holy shit, he got knocked out. Well, I will say this.


I actually really started to think about this might sound crazy to people.


I started to think about why inmates live during the fight. No, during the event, because of the fact that I realized, oh, this is. Something to do something like this is I realized that it was it was providing like as I was outrageously different as the two type of things are, I go, oh, this is what this is like. I was now the consumer going, you know what it's like? It's something to do that's kind of exciting, kind of fun taking you out.


I thought they did a great job of like putting on an event like.


Even if you weren't, like, into everything that they're doing or all the musical activity, you know, it's like to put that together, it's it was no small feat, you know, like they had that all constructed, I think, at the Staples Center. They had stages for performances. They had rings for the fights and they had the commentators. Izzy Adesanya did a great job. Snoop did a great job talking that sugar ray. I don't know who the main anchor guy was on that.


I didn't recognize him.


But regardless, I thought they did a good job of putting on a show, like making it something, you know, a spectacle to watch. We should mention that my major life three, you guys were so good to us that there was no reason to take it down. So if you're watching this right now, you still yet have not seen it. You can watch why makes five three at Wyoming's virtual dotcom until Friday at midnight.


That being said. The the fight before the Jake Paul, Nate Robinson fight. Oh, my God, that was that was the heavy segment.


Yeah, I missed that. What was I doing? You might have been with one of the kids. Yeah. So what happened was, you know, Jake, Paul, right, Logan, Paul, Jake, Paul, they're like Internet. Sensations, they have these huge social media. Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, I don't even know. What? I don't know what they did to get famous, I just knew that they were famous, that's something they started off on Vine and then they parlayed once Vine shut down, they parlayed that into YouTube.


And now, yeah. So they were just whiners. Yeah. So they're big. You timber's. I knew that they would do like that. Logan would do blogs and stuff and then he eventually started a podcast and everything. I don't know much about him. I remember him. You know, always getting into some shit like. Whatever things would he would, he was a polarizing guy, you know, would get in shit. I remember the the dead body in the forest, remember?


And that was like a huge. I remember that. That's the guy's name. Yeah. So that's this dude's brother. And then I think Logan, the older one, announced he was going to fight someone first. I mean, I thought it was a publicity stunt. It kind of is. But they took it seriously, like the fighting.


And you could tell if you, like, watch boxing at all, that, you know, Jake was ready to box.


I mean, you could tell that he was he was a, you know, coming into the ring, like establishing a jab, like, you know, just kind of like doing what you do in boxing. And Nate Robinson is a former NBA player. So I didn't realize that Nate called him out and was like, I hope your ass or something like that. And so that's what that's what set this up. But when the nerves of a fight take over.


So he was like charging at Jake, like charging at him, like, I thought he's going to tackle him multiple times.


And he wasn't boxing. He was not boxing. He was running at him. And it was inexperience. It was, you know, never having been in that position, never having really boxed other than trained. And you could see that, like Jake was definitely the more trained boxer. And then he knocked him, by the way. I mean, not to shit on the whole thing, but that ref should have called it after the second time he went down.


The second time he went down, he gave him an extended count. By my count, I was like, oh, that's ten. That's eleven, twelve. And he was like, all right.


And then he told me to like, show me your gloves, like and he had to explain it to him. And you can hear the mike. He's like, you need to put your gloves up here if you're going to go back. And then he was like, yeah, yeah. And you're like, oh he's you should wave this off. Like, this is not going to go well. And then he fucking knocked him out for.


Like a good minute, like he was blacked out, completely knocked out, not when you see, like a knockout and the guy gets up. I do was asleep face down and that kind of shit has lasting damage, you know?


I mean, it can have it can that can fuck you up for that can change things in your brain for for sure. For sure. But anyway, then we watch Tyson Jones. You did watch that one. Was I.


Well, I'm a huge fan of Mike Tyson for obvious reasons, one being that he's a huge fan of you and your your joke about him. And but I mean, he's an amazing fighter, too, so, yeah.


It's like nostalgic to you. It's what we grew up with, like. Oh yeah. Our dad's. Ordering his fights and being like, fuck, yeah, it's over, it's over him, and now the ear biting, was that Tyson? Yeah, I remember that. That was a good one, too. I mean, so many great fights.


But what I loved the great one to bring up, that's just what I remember.


But Tyson is such a beast and his the physicality of this man, he's 53 or 54. Amazing.


Jones did not look as good. He did. He did. No. Like he did show some. Sparks of his old self, where he would do the he had this very like signature thing where he would he would box with his front, like his lead hand down and basically almost taunt you with his face, which is a very dangerous thing to do unless you're super skilled. And he did that a few times. And, you know, it was it was entertaining.


He definitely wasn't in the same physical shape and a couple of times. But I do think that Tyson actually did the thing that no one thought he would do, which is show some restraint. He there was a couple of times where I was like, oh, right here at the end, he'll kill them like the ten second. Yes, I was waiting for it.


And it was at the end of the fight and you could tell that he was like, oh no. Like this went the distance were good. And I was like, oh, he's being like he's all about respectful.


And what's interesting is Tyson, afterwards, they said, well, how do you feel you did? And he goes, I gave them a good show. He kept saying that I gave the audience a good show. And just apropos of what you were saying earlier, like, that's really what that what it was.


And he was always cognizant of that when I said I'll never forget, like I've talked to him a few times now. But the first time that I talked to him at length was when he came to my show in the green room and we talked about putting on a good show. So Mike Tyson and I were talking about I was I was talking about boxing and I was asking him his opinion on this fighter, that fight or all these, you know, and he was super down and very honest.


And he talked to me about how certain fighters who will remain unnamed don't put on great shows and how he's like they're boring.


And he doesn't really he goes, but I was always a showman. Yes. Like, I know people want to see a knockout. So I'm trying that's like part of the reason I'm trying to knock people out is, yes, to win the fight and have it be over. But part of the reason is because I know that all these people are here to see that. Yeah. So he's like trying to put on a show. You know, Jones did say afterwards he was like those body shots hurt like, fuck it.


Yes. Well, could you imagine, you know, gosh, getting hit by Tyson has got to be horrible. And Jones is notably I mean, there are close in in height, but like in weight and build. They're not you know, George Jones Jr. was not a heavyweight. Mike Tyson was a heavyweight. Wow. So when you're fighting a different weight class, it's really different. The power that can be. Can you imagine?


Oh, that's right. They said Tyson lost one hundred pounds for the hundred pounds. Yeah, I heard I heard that too.


And I was like, that can't be I don't think I think that's how I kept he kept on saying he was get in shape for the last year or two and lost a hundred pounds down. I mean, Tyson, when I did see him last, he was like notably overweight, but he looked amazing.


The guys, he looked like he was, what, thirty five years old? Yeah. I mean, my goodness. And he was also super hyped up after the fight, which was actually scary, he said would do shit all the time.


Yeah, I was red like for humanity. And I was like, oh yeah. You know, I mean so he was real. Just what I really enjoyed was the age factor.


It was exciting to see older men doing this. And in fact, I would encourage older boxing. I would like to see 60 70 year olds box. I think it's way more precarious because the whole time you're like, oh, he's going to get really fucked up, you know, you want to see I would love the seniors fight.


I would love elderly boxing and I think we should start to do it.


Look, look, uh, what you want female boxers.


Now there's female may. Let's do geriatric fighting. I think that's really the next move.


Yeah. OK, yeah.


Can we get we can get we could get Larry King and Ed Asner. Oh that's a great. Wouldn't you love that. I don't know that that would be a good show.


I mean it could be. You feel like you want to just see somebody you know die.


Just break. Let's see.


Oh my God. No, I sent you you guys over the weekend. Yeah. How could I forget?


Dude, what did I send to you?


So both of you guys send a whole bunch of links to us over the weekend. And Tom, Tom sent the link to me and Zello and I was like, oh, OK, let's see what this is. And it was someone getting sucked into a machine.


I'm getting all of the skin ripped off of their body and seeing big clouds of blood mist like all in six feet. I'm looking at it.


I like, what the fuck do you want us to do this? Because I don't know. I don't even think we could really show this on a live right now.


But what did I send you? No, no, he's not done yet. Oh, sorry.


And I mean, it just it. It's like it's like a dog loving I've heard Drew talk about Dick Loving's before. Yes. And I thought that only meant like the skin on your arm getting Dick loved. But I've never realized that an entire body could get the glove and then the photos afterwards.


Yeah, just a pile of skin next to the minute. Next to the machine.


This isn't is this the video that you guys can I see it? Yeah, sure.


Let me see if I could read Decrepit Tom. The only reason I bring up what I sent them is just because you and I have different ideas of what's funny and festive.


Yeah, no, I understand that. I'm just saying that he was just, you know, done talking about the video. Yeah. Oh, I know. It was pretty cool. And then he so he goes, where are we supposed to do. I was like, no, I was just sharing it with you.


Yeah. Because I mean you just sent the link, you sent the link in the tweet and it's like, oh OK. Well I imagine well we'll figure out where to what show to filter this into.


I was like, no, no, no, it's not for a show. It's just to show you. Oh my God. Even just seeing it. Oh God. OK, yeah.


So this is this is exactly what you sent that this is I sent them this on Thanksgiving. So can you make that bet and you describe it for the audience? Yes, there's a guy right there and he's like walking up to a piece of machinery and then he reaches over and I think his yeah, right there, like, it catches what he's wearing and it's spinning.


I got a really high rate of speed and he does.


And then all of a sudden it just starts spinning him around. I don't know how. And then like clothes and everything is coming off of him and then eventually, like, his whole body. Wow. Yeah, it's pretty wild. But here's the thing, I found out he's OK. No, he's not.


He's a pile of skin and meat is fine. I found out that he's fine.


I don't even understand how your smile. I. There's so many.


Every time I think I get what makes you laugh with these, it's the game changes almost immediately when I have that, like, I think just last week, you're like, look, I want to tell you to the violence, but I don't want to see people die and then tell you something about this video that that is like it is comical to watch the body fling around like that.


I got take this off the. Like, it's funny to watch that part. Yeah, like the flinging around, you know, like it's it feels like a cartoon on the rag doll with a rag doll.


You like seeing that. But then like it's also here's the thing. It's wide security cam footage. There's not like detailed footage, you know.


Yeah, I disagree. You do. Yeah. I've never seen a video where I saw a cloud of blood mist in the video. And it's you see multiple you see that multiple times in this way, huh.


I think it ruins it for me because I think Tom's right. It looks like a cartoon in the beginning. So I'm not really like, oh, this is fake. But then to see the other workers walk by and go like, oh, my God. And to see them, like, collapse in horror, then you're like, oh, this is real. It's really happening. And I don't like that.


Yeah. Tom, let me ask you. Yeah.


I'm not sure either what Tom, when you watch these videos, like in this point, when's the moment you decided to send this to ruin your day?


Well, yeah, I think you sent this on Thanksgiving. Yeah.


So what happened was I saw that and I go like, what the fuck? And then the guy who sent it to me goes, this is for the IMH life.


No, no, no, no. It's not not to show. This is for making me watch why it makes like, oh, look like he was like, this is payback.


Yeah, well, I think we can show this so we could show it. We could definitely show it.


I don't think so. I don't think no. We could be funny, you know what I'm saying. No, he's saying we could you know what that might be the the closer on the next one starts getting into Snufkin Dark.


Well, I think there's there's laws about now. I know his arc.


His follow up was the images in high definition photos of the aftermath there that now was wild because that had the guy's hand still holding on to the equipment.


Yeah, so. So, anyway, Nadaf, you got the Tyson fight?


Yeah, I just saw all sorts of mayhem. I saw Mike Tyson, you know, still deliver it and still be just as terrifying in the ring. Yeah. And then I got an email that shows Tom could be just as terrifying as ever. Also.


Oh, but why did I send you guys for Thanksgiving? A whole bunch of really fun talks. Right. But I mean, specifically a text, a text ring I sent you guys.


I think it was a special moment for singing, right? Oh, my God.


But that's the difference between you and me, Tom, that you're you're about the mentally deficient.


I like I like that kind of stuff that makes me laugh. And then you like gory stuff.


Do we have like 10 or 12 Benadryl? Something I need to take to take it. I'm serious. Do we have any Benadryl?


I don't think we have any. What are you allergic to?


I don't know. But it's really intense right now. I see that your eyes are all watery like perfume maybe. I don't think so. Do you wear it often? Yeah. You know, I will say that it didn't really start until I walked in and sat across from the DAV. Oh, so you're allergic to Jays now as well? Oh, God, no, no. What is it? What is the take it there. I just mean you specifically.


OK, allergic to. Fans of Drumline, sorry, Tom. I approved. Go ahead, Tom, I'd like to make a formal announcement. Go ahead on this show. I have a huge announcement. If you would, cue the William H.


Sound Board, please. Mm hmm. God, this is what I live with, by the way. This is a William H exclusive well sounds. Yeah, but let's let's backtrack here.


All the morning was the same. Everything was the same. We get here, we sit and we talk to the DAV. All sudden I have an allergic reaction and I know what can what you eat make you do this?


No, I don't think so. It's like maybe it's dusty. I would you did you guys do I do this?


I do have a severe dust allergy. Yeah.


Maybe it's dust mites.


Not any more dust than normal asbestos mesothelioma. Um, that is even they just have commercials for it.


Anyways, I have a huge announcement. I um after fifteen years together with this man next to me, my dear husband, uh, babydaddy. Pamela, I have never had a conversation with him while he's in the shitter taking a dump, I have many times tried to talk to him through the door to get vital pieces of information or anything like that. And you never break. You always pretend like you can't hear me calling your name or I'll be like Tom, knock, knock, knock.


Tom, what time is the kids into the death?


And that's when I hear through the door.


Yeah. And you pretend like the conversation isn't happening. So today, for the first time, I warned.


Yeah, for the first time in 15 years. Tom yelled at me through the door as he was making a brown. About our trip being canceled, and he he announced that, hey, hey, guess what, the hotel gave us our money back or whatever, and I was like, this is it. This is the first time in 15 years that he's talked so excited through the door.


She wasn't excited about the refund. She was excited about that. I was talking to her with the toilet.


With the door. Well, I feel as though we've finally gotten that intimacy in the relationship that I so desperately crave with you. Is it so much to ask to have a conversation while you're taking it down?


I really like my peace and quiet in there. I like it. I like to be able to just, you know. You know what I mean? Just relax.


I do know what you mean. We should stop down. I got to get something. Oh, OK. Yeah, I can't continue.


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We had to take a break. I've never had this um. Like allergies pop on like it. It's so weird. How many Benadryl did you take.


I just took one right now.


Oh well that's not going to be enough for you to do that. We didn't even revisit the opening clip and how amazing that was. Oh, yeah.


So let's to talk to my mom. The mom. Remember that Chanel bag I really wanted that you wouldn't buy for me? I let an old man fuck me for it. Fuck you, bitch. How happy are you?


We have sons. Oh, do you think it was that old man in that movie we watched last week? Which old man? Banker. You know, the one that you made me watch his face.


Oh, I am alive. That's not a movie we watched last week.


I'm taking it like iTunes. I'm like, what movie did we watch last week then? Being an adult film and adult feature film?


That's the kind of guy, by the way. And if you're you know, we always try to encourage smart, business savvy women to get yours.


And we we've endorsed it before on the show. Yeah.


Socks, whatever. But I really got to say, if you're in a position to have an old, sloppy, stinky old man begging you and you get something in exchange, it's worth it.


I think it's a great idea.


Well, and she chose a timeless Chanel bag. Beautiful. That's a gorgeous bag.


She's going to be using that for the rest of her life. By the way, this chick's what, you know, nineteen or something. Yeah, OK. That bag's probably a couple grand to get, like, to take one from an old man. It probably didn't last long. No, he didn't hurt her.


You know, it's not like we don't like he's split in half.


It probably was like and then here's a two thousand dollar bag. How is that a bad deal?


It's totally worth it. I agree, Tom. And also. But do you think the Viagra, if he took Viagra, that makes it last longer? It does.


But here's the thing. Like he hasn't been in a nineteen year old piece of ass in fucking fifty years. So it's like he probably went in. There was like, this is and yeah, it's done. And guys like that, you know, we. We had the cockroach here who budget six times in 12 hours, if it's an old truly an old man like she's saying this one and done that gun and that guy busts a nut every three weeks, you know, so I would say a salute to you.


I wish I could read. Can you read what her handle is?


Real vile. Real Bluey's real. You see it. Real values, I just can't read it. Well, good for you, Ave, Louise. There you go. Louise, good for you, girl. Yeah, well, Louise, you're right. Good for you.


It is an you to mom. It is. You know. Fuck you, Mom. Yeah. Why don't you. But you and you want to buy your kids your house and you want me to fuck old guys and buy me cool shit.


That's what the message that is the threat is like. Either you buy this for me or I'm going to buy the way that I mean, this this may have worked. She may she may go to her mom after mom sees this talk and she goes, I got I want to get these Gucci boots. And Mom's like, no.


And then she goes, I mean, I suck off how well our old landlord lives down the street. He's on dialysis. You mean if I give him a blowjob and she's like, all right, all right, what size are you again? And then she buys you the I mean, it's it's good negotiation.


It is. It is a good extortion tool for kids. It's a good lesson.


That's what the end of the day, this clip is a great, great lesson.


OK, is there anything Holon would you would you have sex with an older woman for any material item?


What would you for a Rolex? I think you would know the marriage.


Oh, you mean like submariner? That's something you like. Yeah, it's a very popular one. I mean, you're talking about when I was in her position. I'm nineteen or talking. Yeah.


Let's say you're not an adult. You have no money. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.


No you're right. Yes, yes. Dame Judi Dench.


You could have gotten me to do all kinds of foul shit when I was 19 or 20 and been like, here's a few thousand dollars. I'll be like, yeah, yeah, yeah.


No, oh no, no, no. I didn't offer you a few details. No, I'm saying a few thousand dollar item. Right.


I offered you the stuff in which that you'd have to hock. There you go. There's Gaim duty. Judi Dench. She got you her.


Yes. Yeah. If I'm 19 or 20 and you're like, do you want this cool sub or do you want, you know, whatever, like a nice jacket or something that I can't afford. And you're like, you have to fuck this old lady. I'd be like, yeah, of course I'll do it. I tell you, I also like, you know, you fucking trip when you're nineteen and your dick gets hard. So it's like it's not like it's a it's not a big thing to work this.


I'm going to share a story with you that I've never shared. Oh, my God. OK. Oh God.


Now I'm embarrassed even I'm so excited. The details. OK, how you tell us without. So one time there was an older man who was interested in me and I mean in his mid for how old I am now, forty four, let's say mid 40s. Yeah. And I was 20, 22 years old.


Smoke show, smoke show, height of my youth. Couldn't be any skinnier. Tits couldn't be any more perfect. I mean, I was cute, right. Twenty two year old Christina. Yeah. Come on. Those are the road rolls days. Cool.


So I have never gone out with an older man in my life, like I'm not interested, I'm not I'm not as OK that was on the challenge, wasn't looking like she's just crazy.


That hasn't stopped. I took the medicine somewhere I'm older than I'm twenty eight there, but ah yeah. Around that time. OK, so anyway Wittels. For some reason, I'm intrigued. He's not American, so maybe I've got this. Thing with him, because he's European. I'm like, all right, I'm going to try this, maybe I'm going to be the girl that goes out with older guys. Yeah, OK, so we go for a walk.


This is in a foreign country. I'm in a foreign country, OK? And I have no money. I have no I'm so poor.


By the way, you said foreign country like, you know that I lived in many foreign countries.


No, no. I don't want to say I don't even if I'm trying I'm trying to give details that I'm giving to you. OK, so any who knows? We're in another country, we're walking around. And I think the reason I'm saying that is because it lends itself to, like, doing things that normally aren't in your.


I got you. You know, you're like, what's the big deal? I'm not this is not me. I'm so-and-so. I'm in a different place. So we go up, we're walking through the city and like, he's buying me stuff, you know, like I see a silly hat with categories.


I'm broke. And he's like, I'll get that for you. And I'm like, cool, like the first items, cool. And then it's like, oh, I want, you know, this other silly thing and. Oh yeah, sure. Here you go. And I. I didn't like him, like as the day wore on, I was kind of like, you know, I don't think this is really me I'm trying this on. This isn't me.


And like, I remember the gross feeling when he wants me back to my hotel of like, oh, but you bought me the stuff, right. What's the exchange now? Yeah. And I, I've got to get hard till I'm ready to come back.


Right. Yeah, and I remember I wanted to give those items back to him immediately and just be like, dude, I'm not like we're not, I can't. And I I've nothing happened with this gentleman.


Oh, nothing like that happening.


No, nothing. Nothing. I swear to God, I swear in our children's eyes, nothing happened. I was not interested in him. But just just that gross feeling of like being a little girl.


Yeah. Having Daddy buy you stuff felt.


So some people really like the rose to me that that the power dynamic is so vast obviously off that he buys something, anything of like substantial value.


I would never do that.


I would never it was just like little trinkets and such bullshit in the street. Yeah. But like, like, you know, twenty dollars when you walk back, was he like, what's up.


Or he, I think he was expecting some, some kind of exchange first for the for the night. Mm.


You know, and I was, I was like I kissed good night goodbye and I wanted to run upstairs immediately and just be like oh like you're, you're so old and beautiful because at the time like when you're young and an old dude.


Yeah. And that's not all you know. Now we're four years to a twenty year old girl. It's revolting.


Yes. I think what's interesting is like. There's a way that this works and like what you were doing was like you were saying, like, can I. Is this me just putting this on? Which makes sense with this girl did. No, no. Which I respect, though. What she did was she was like she had like an icon. She's like, I want this thing. Yes.


And so she went to a guy and was like, will you get me this? And then she probably just implied, like and I'll make it worth it to you. Right. Then the guy weighed and he was like, yeah, OK, it's worth two grand.


Sure. So what you're saying is she's setting goals. She's going after them. She's a go getter.


She I believe that this girl went to whatever man she approached and was like. I want this back. Yeah, you know, what can I get where you get this bag for me? Yeah. And then, yeah, you know, she's a good girl. She's part of the cowgirl club. Oh, she's 100 percent cool.


She's the coolest. Yeah. And then this old guy, I wonder what old is to her.


It could be she was like he was like thirty eight, you know. Wow. That is pretty old because remember when you were 20 or 19, it was the sound three year old is the grossest thing in the world.


My when our five year almost five year old called me old man, I laughed so hard.


He does it after I torture him, like I'll grab him, like pin him down and like start like, you know, tickling his neck. And then he'll be like screaming, let me go, let me go and I'll find let him go. He goes, old man.


I just think that's such a crazy aggressive thing. It's like when he calls you old Moreese. Yeah. Old Moreese. That's my favorite. Yeah. Such an old Maury's all right. He's so.


Hey, big news in the way image community as well. Your colonoscopy. Yeah. Haven't even gotten into the aftermath.


I know it was I was so bummed that post procedure first of all, I didn't realize that I could easily become an addict to anesthesia. Like, I really, really dig it. Yeah. I'm looking forward to my next procedure.


You're going to sign up for one, because I remembered how good the hernia juice was or it was like, see you later. And you didn't seem nervous at all.


You know, this time I was like, go.


And I got in there and they're like, OK. And by the way, the guy looks at my the the anesthesiologist looks at the monitor and he goes, Your heart rate's forty. And I go, yeah, it's it's always like that. And then the the guy goes, Oh, you didn't know.


You're looking at an athletic specimen here.


And I was like, oh my God, you came in so. Oh yeah. Crude. Yeah. Like I go, do I get this from every fucking doctor.


So then I'm on my side and I was like, hey, you know, I usually, I usually sleep with a mouth guard. I just let them let you at you let anaesthesiology because they're going to put you down and I go. So, you know, I don't know about the airway. And he's like, oh, good call. They're like, bite onto this ax. I bite onto a thing. No hesitation. I'm like, well, and they strap it on.


So it keeps your your your airway open. Oh. And I go to tell them this is like thirty seconds and counting and I go and they go so I go just send me bye bye.


OK, that's what I looked up and I told the guy and he goes what. I go bye bye.


And I put my head down and then they're like Do you feel it. And my eyes were fluttering. I go Does it look like I feel it? And then that was it.


Then they were just like, hey. And I was like, it's over. And they're like, Yeah, everything was good.


I'm supposed to get an update today on biopsy's, so maybe, you know. Yeah, but he's like, everything look good. He's a good got an asshole, feel soft and everything, but the worst part was because it covid, you know, so many more restrictions, I come out of it and this is what I was looking forward to the most were the fart's, right?




Farts I heard that you get these awesome farts right when you're done. So I'm laying there and they're like the ladies, like if you need to pass gas. I was like here. And she's like, Honey, we hear it all the time. Don't worry, because it was kind of a group set. I mean, you have like privacy. She's like just. Yeah, just you're fine. And I go, OK. And God, I wished I had my you my phone with me.


It was just like like that, you know, like real cool farts.


Yeah. And it was a sequence of them. Just as soon as you thought you're done you're like, oh, is there something else in the chamber?


And I thought I was just farting for a while.


But then by the time I got in the car with you to head back. The first for basic rights, and I was so upset because because of that, I wasn't allowed to go up with you and I was so looking forward to hearing those are pretty cool. Now, let me ask you one question. You said that you were in a recovery area with different patients. Had all of those people had colonoscopies as well?


That is a good question. I'm not entirely sure. I'm not entirely sure. But I think the majority.


Yes, because it was a specialized unit for GI stuff, because I could imagine the embarrassment or the thrill of being in that curtained, you know, next to to someone who just had a colonoscopy and how funny it would be to be laying there and hear somebody have colonoscopy farts. I think that would be something I was money to experience because I would be pretty funny.


I don't know about paying money, but it was it was pretty it was pretty cool. I got to hear a few of your post colonoscopy farts.


I've never had anything like this. I know you're so it's not sickness, it's it's not it's not the I'm not sick. I'm just like I know what my allergies feel like. I could feel it also in my eyes, you know, my eyes feel irritated. And might it be where we are located, the vent, because there was very Vinda over the weekend, maybe the wind pushes the dust into your face.


I don't want to be, like, insensitive, but I still think it's Nadaf. Yeah. Yeah. OK, so, no, I'm not feeling it well, you browned a lot, but also let's catch the audience up on how you're Brownes, where you took the Maalox or whatever the fuck it mailbox.


What what you know, they send you prescription solution that's like delivered to the house. And they're like, this is going to be near a toilet with the crazy thing is they got you started at four p.m. and then they go and you drink the exact same thing at seven p.m. So like as your body is, you feel like, oh, it's evacuating everything. They're like here, sending a second round the back up team. It was pretty intense. It was pretty intense.


So. It was a lot of water. That's the thing, it sounded like somebody poured a gallon of water into the toilet. Is it brown water or clear water? Well, it's very brown. Very brown. And did they get a little more clear as it goes along?


Did they find any items in your colon, for instance? They look and they go, oh, there's a lot of seeds in here.


You've been eating a lot of, you know, no oranges and watermelons.


I asked them, I go, how was I was a little nervous because even even like an hour before I went in at the place. I sat down on the toilet and water still was coming out of me. This is like right before and I was like, Oh man, I followed the instructions to a T..


I fasted completely the day before. Thank God. I read I read the details on what I was allowed to drink because I bought Juices and Ghader because he's like, you're going to have juice and Gatorade and water. The day before I was like, OK, and I bought a bunch. And then on the instructions right before it was about to start drinking Gatorade, it's like only drink lime Gatorade once, because if you drink red or or purple, it could read as blood to us during the the glass would be bad.


And they're like, then they'll be like, oh, you're bleeding in your bowels.


So so right.


I was like, oh man. I actually bought a few different flowers. Thank God I read this right. But anyways I, I started. Yeah.


I started just I mean I was going through because I was losing so much fluid but right before so I told the nurse I was like a thing is I just went downstairs and you know, I still had stuff coming out. But I was telling her that I, I didn't cheat. Like I follow the instructions. She gets OK, I go, I think. There will still be stuff, though, and she goes, oh, he uses like a suction tube, he'll suck up all the fluid that happens totally fine.


I was like, you're going to just suck up all the fluid, my asshole. And she was like, yeah, there'll be nothing there that is crazy. And when you were done, did you feel lighter?


Did you feel different? Here's the thing.


I went an extra long period without eating or drinking because normally. Initially, I was going to have. Whatever initially you do the fast and you try to go first thing in the morning, but there was an availability, so I ended up going, how long did I go? I went 36 hours.


Oh, my God. For a fast, which is pretty. You know, if you're not used to it, you go like, jeez, even though I did, I think I told you I felt like I felt like mental clarity and I felt thankful that I don't have to fast all the time, you know, which I think is good. Yeah, I did.


I remember you saying that you're like, I'm just so thankful that I can eat whenever I.


Yeah. Yeah. I actually thought about that. Yeah. That like I, I don't have to fast thank goodness. Except for this procedure. But anyways, God I'm not Muslim. Ramadan, they do that for like a long, long time. Hours they fast from sunup to sundown, you get to eat that meal after lunch, break your fast at night. It's terrible. It's very hot, too. I'm serious. That's terrible. I always feel when I was in the Middle East during Ramadan, I felt really bad for them because no liquid and it's the desert and it's summer.


It's like 20 degrees. That's good.


Well, Bert, the thing is, is that there's different cultures and they do things differently.


I know, but I was terrible.


OK, Nihad, I couldn't do it. Check this out. You had to spit on the floor.


You need some help. Yeah, I just told you. I mean, I'm not going to get you before. OK, well, then don't ask if if you can help me. If you're not going to help me, I mean, you're not going to be genuine, then don't don't talk to me at all. If I don't do something work. Sorry, I'm not going to go with your doctor.


OK, well, you're a public servant. I thought it might be reasonable. I mean, you you're the one who asked me if you could help me, though. The idea, OK, if you don't wanna help me, then don't ask. That's fine.


If you're listening. This is a man telling a police officer, an officer of the law, can you go get me a doctor? Because he's like that's what I understood when you said, can I help you?


Well, it's not something I can do for you as a police officer, not as a. Yeah.


Is there a gas station down the road here? I'll give you I'll give you a little extra. You can get yourself a drink, too. Really? Yeah. Grab yourself a drink too. You like you like Dr. Pepper. Yeah, but I don't need him to face it. It's look at me.


Oh no. Don't be trying to give me money on this. I'm going to go pick the doctor, OK?


I mean, this guy is such an asshole. The the guy asking because I feel like that cop is actually extra nice.


I mean, he made it, you know, you could get so. You get the wrong cop and ask that to and have your fucking day, maybe your life ruined. Yeah, like maybe life over. But yeah, there is a point also where he definitely considers he was like, for real.


He's he looked down. He was. Yeah. He was like and then he goes, man too fat already. Like he he had risen through which is great.


But he also was like, you're going to buy me something that's cool. That is kind of I thought about that.


It was almost like the girl getting fucking the old guy for a purse. I kind of all comes home.


Everybody likes the free stuff. Yeah. Everybody likes free. Could you imagine, though, being a cop and you're just like trying to do the right thing?


He was trying to be nice and help you from the get go pick me up or something to drink and then this jackass.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Super how they deal with this stuff, man. You see this shit.


Oh I mean the human arm to. How is that happening? I don't know. Where did you find that cool Instagram? It was sent in and like, yeah, I can't tell if this guy is just double jointed or never had his arm set after he broke it severely.


There's a whole you know, it could go either way with it doesn't seem to cause him pain.


So he's been like this for a while. See, this bothers me more than they should.


Shut the fuck up now. What part about this?


It's just this is they both have spinning stuff and you're like, I prefer the spinning stuff if someone dies.


No, I don't prefer that someone dies. I'm just saying this is harder to watch. Why?


Because you're on here. The other one's dead. How is it funnier? Because it's like comical like a cartoon, like, you know. Yeah.


But the other person died and that's not funny everywhere. That's not.


So what part is funny? Because the whole video is the guy dying.


The visual of it is so like exaggerated. It's so over-the-top, it's so far removed from something you normally see it.


It actually looks like a cartoon and and this one doesn't look like a cartoon. Well, here's the thing that you have. The the security cam footage is not as clear. There's a little more distance. It's not high def. This is like, see, I don't I like being kind of removed from whatever bad things happening. It's like there needs to be a lack of clarity to be able to enjoy it.


Yeah, to enjoy it. He says, yeah, enjoy. I think I think I'm being reasonable. I think you guys are both being jerks. OK, OK.


I think you're being real clear on your Benadryl right now. I'm not going to argue with you getting all hopped up for your sexual pleasure before you take your for your partner.


You masturbate. You want to get extra horny. Yeah, I think you guys are both being unreasonable. I feel like doing this to the right. There I am behind.


Oh oh oh oh. Did you see his arrogance, he's like, yep, there you go. I felt good. Where where is this?


Uh, I think it's somewhere in Latin America that is not how to do that address.


Right. Because now you know how to do it. I could definitely do better. So where did he go wrong? I think is the part where he almost snapped her fucking.


Let me see it again. Holy shit. Yeah.


You definitely don't adjust like that like I got you. That's not how you do it. That's not.


He did the old I'm going to hurt you in a new way, so you forgot how you're old, pain feels that's that's an old trick we learned in chiropractic school.


The spine isn't supposed to be like that. That definitely hurt her. I mean, he may not have hurt her permanently, but he hurt her.


I love how he thinks he did a good job, that he's like God again. Give her a little pat on the back. That's how it is. Just working my magic.


Sometimes you do a needle, you get a needle, you get a shot. You're like, it hurts for a second. But all the good stuff comes after.


So do real well. Yeah. Nadaf, we're going to send you to this guy next month.


Get an adjustment that probably Hillary, you better choose me over this guy. Look, I choose you more over this. I mean, you're not I mean, that was a weird pop. I've never heard a pop like that when I've been adjusting.


Yeah, that's yeah. That's I think he had a disc slipping her back that he just did. But I'm OK between the fact that, you know, that that's not how it's supposed to go. I already feel more comfortable. See, so what's the order between me adjusting you, this guy adjusting you. My normal no factor. You're going into the machine that spins the guy around, throw them. That guy did it.


Which do I prefer. Which which order would you put it in. OK, death. His last. Death his last. And then I think. This guy is second to last and and you're third from last, I'm first. That's the one way to put it. Third from last.


I'm I'm your primary adjuster.


This is horrible. Can chiropractor's chime in on this, please?


Yeah. If you work in a chiropractic office, please let us know. Let us know about this man's technique.


I mean, this is like, well, I've never been to a chiropractor that pulls your neck up and back. No, he almost fucking broke her back.


Yeah, that's really crazy. She's actually lucky that I think that he's not. Like, very strong, because if you did that with great force, forget it. I just can't believe how pleased he is with himself.


I think this is how it's done. This is the this is the gig. Yeah. I signed up for. We saw this video that is very funny of somebody commenting on Giuliani during a press conference. I guess he had he's in the wings. He's done talking and one of the other lawyers is talking. And this is a play by play. That's pretty funny. Yeah. Watch my fans over here.


Yeah. Takes out the handkerchief. Blows, whistle, blows those takes it bugger's side and smears his hands all over it, wipes it into his lips, all his face.


So he's wiping snot all over his face, smearing his. He didn't do that all wrong. Looks like shit bro.


He did it all wrong. I know he did the side that he blew into. He kept out instead of folding it over. And then he did wipe his mouth and his whole face with God.


OK, well, let's OK, let's think this through. Maybe there was no snot in it. Like maybe he just did a white. Oh I gosh. You know, boogies. What is up with Giuliani lately.


And then the hair dye meme that was passed around.


I was real crazy. That was while he it's just not on his game.


Real, real crazy. Yeah. Goodness gracious. He is out of it, I think it's the age maybe, oh, yeah, by the way, about the colonoscopy, we call my dad on the way home and I go, he goes, I go. I said, it's great, you know. Yeah. You know, anything tell you anything? No, not yet. Everything looks all right. So they might they told me that. I won't have my fill up my first bowel movement for a couple of days ago.


Now, that's not true. And I go, well, these people do these all day. And he goes, Tammy. I bet you're going to go tomorrow. I go, he goes, maybe sooner I go, Dad, he just told me this and he goes, but if there's one thing I know about, it's taking a shit.


He did say that I go, I believe you, and then he he was right.


He was right. Yeah, yeah.


And I'll tell you another thing that I didn't tell you this year, as I know how to shit, then I feel like like everything was I felt like back. But do you ever have a day where you feel like. You're shitting just so much, not messy, Brown's normal. I had a day like that, I think it was yesterday or the day before where it was just volume but healthy.


Yeah, it happened. It happened to me when I when I like fast a little bit. That's why I did it.


I mean, you skipped and then I went back to normal and then it was just fucking on. Yeah.


But it's pleasurable, right. Because you're like, oh my God, there's so much there. So wait a minute. You mean to tell me that you ate enough to replenish what was in your intestines in like twenty four hours? Basically you created enough.


Well, here's the truth.


It wasn't now what the when I went early, it wasn't a normal, it was just like slop, but it was like somebody turning the machine back on you. I mean, wow. Yes.


Yeah. I can't wait to hear the results of this whole thing. Oh, my God. We we we were speaking of dad stuff. We were watching the hunt for Red October.


Yes. And we realize that it's totally true.


And that is Dad's jack off. To the hunt for Red October and all Tom Clancy books and movies, what is it about a dad I know? Talk to your dad, be like, Hey, Dad, did you watch the hunt for Red October and watch how your dad goes?


Oh, yeah. And then be like, did you jack off to it? And he'll be like, what? And then later on he'll probably be.


Yeah, I did. I did well.


And I would argue that just like any Cold War stuff. Yes. World War I tell you my theory on this. I love this war theory.


What it's it's too twofold.


One is that they grew up in an era where this was the dominant environmental reality, like the the world you lived in was dominated by this adversarial relationship with, you know, the other side of the country and also war, like anyone who's a boomer like you have if your dad's like.


Between 60 and 80 like in that in that age gap, he either was born at the end of or towards the end of World War two or just after that or during the Korean War, like born. So like you're in like these major, major wars then was definitely a live present or involved in the Vietnam War. Yes. Which was like the last of like the you know, even though we've had Desert Storm in Afghanistan and stuff, the Vietnam War is different, like in the way that it was, in the way that we were engaged in it and the way that it affected the world.


Right. So it's also just like part of their DNA.


Right. And they and those young men were drafted to you. Forget that some. Yeah. You had a a neighbor who would get sent off to war, whereas we some were drafted, some dad signed up like my dad.


They were like, I'll go. So that's why I'm late in life now. Dennis didn't know a bit older. No, no. OK, I thought he was like 20.


You know, he just that's like what guys like that did, though. Like his brother, too. And they were just like, oh yeah, I'll go wild. Yeah.


So, um, so there's that. Right. Like there's that is part of the environment. And then it's that these types of movies are essentially their intellectual action movies.


See men love we love action movies. There's there's remove your brain from thinking action. That's like Die Hard Rambo TOTE's, you know.


So you're just like just. Yeah exactly. Cigale Vandam most shwartz like it's all just like explosion, explosion, fight, fight, shoot, shoot. But the the story is real basic. It's always like, you know, wife's in trouble. My kid, my kid's introspection.


You must just like check your family if you get into a geopolitical storyline with espionage and you know that it's chess moves and deception, it it's an intellectually stimulating, but it still has the payoff of the action because that that movie still has like shooting torpedoes, explosions.


But it's under this storyline of defection and the, you know, the the the Soviets and the U.S. And it gives you this sense that you're you feel more sophisticated watching the movie. Yes. Like, you're basically get to feel like, oh, I'm I'm watching a smart you're smart.


It's like your Sex in the City. It's women. We like the storylines between Big and Aiden and what is she wearing and the shoes. And then you guys are like, let's fucking blow up these Russians in the submarine, but also the hunt for red October.


Listen here, Russki. Yeah, we believe in freedom. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


There's a lot that that that good stuff of America. Yeah. We're fighting for democracy.


We're fighting the reds. Yeah that's true. And shoot them ups and big big crafts. Yeah.


So but dad's men like to talk and present danger. Yeah. Yeah. There's all these Tom Clancy and then.


Oh by the way I got to tell you this sometimes you know, with all these screaming, I feel like I'm somebody who gets very lost into just the Netflix world.


Mm hmm. So like I'm saying, when I turn on my streaming, they you go to Netflix and I can forget that there's the other because there's so many now and they're they're so competitive.


And, yeah, I did get into, like, The Handmaid's Tale for a while. And, you know, I've seen the Mandalorian on Disney, you know, but you'll forget and I by chance, because of that, I was like, you know, I never checked out Jack Ryan, which is the character, the Tom Clancy character on Amazon. I fucking have ripped through this season. That is not only a like a really, really good show, but holy shit, did they spend real money making this?


I mean, I don't know if it's public. I know this public, they pay Kazinsky like two million an episode. I feel like they spent a hundred million dollars making this season.


It's really like it's an impressive production. Yeah, it looks really good.


Every episode is like it's like a follow on the Timothy Treadwell Treadstone. Oh yeah. That's a little that's different. I mean that's it's good. It's, it's different though.


But this Jack Ryan thing was great if I didn't fall asleep so much. So yeah.


So they are doing the season three. What does it say there if you click on that, it's really good. I bet that. I mean that's probably a COVA delay, right? That's got to be and this is a smart one too.


You feel like it's the same character genre. Yeah, it's the same character. Which reminds me to what's to say. In the article, um, yeah, it's delayed, yeah, it's got to come out twenty twenty one. Yeah, it's so good.


This one's great. I love John. No but I'll tell you this, if you're if you like that sort of thing and you haven't gone on prime to watch this, it's it's really good. Yeah. Great story. He's great in the part and.


It's a it's a it's really good characters, right in the like I said, the production, they there's things like when you watch TV shows and there's.


There's like, you know, the shootout senior, the chase or the explosion, there's the TV version of it where you're like, Oh yeah, that's what that is. But in your your brain tells you this is basically the version they could make with their budget. And then you watch a feature and you're like, holy shit, you know, this thing doesn't they don't go short. Yeah. It's every episode, some fucking movie. It's really, really good.


Um, you know, what I was thinking is, did your dad ever have, um, dad toilet books that were war oriented? Like, my dad had the house on Garibaldi Street, Holon in the shitter, and like a 500 page book about the Holocaust, like the Third Reich.


It would be like he loved to read about communist KGB, CIA, same shit, Holocaust.


Same thing, right? Yeah.


Your dad had the toilet books, also toilet books. It's also a thing. Or like you walk. You see, my used to visit the house more when I was younger. You know, like every holiday you go to and there's a certain point where you're walking in the living room, you're like, don't you feel like. You understand Hitler now, look, I think we are we. Have you seen enough Hitler stuff they love and he's like, no.


Now, that's bad. Well, and then and then they revisit like this is the battle where and you're like, but I mean, you know all this.


He's like, I like it.


And then he just love their Hitler, I guess there.


And this is when the Germans came in Paris.


The Parisians didn't put up any fight.


You're like, OK, yeah, we're going to have dinner soon. I don't know if you want to. You know, my dad loved to point out he's like, you know, by the way, that these Hitler's nothing, OK? Stalin killed more people than Hitler did. He loves to point out. You bring out the body count. Yeah.


Yeah, I've heard that from dad a lot to talk about. I don't know why you guys always bring up Hitler. Yeah, Stalin is the real star. No one talks about Stalin, lol.


I killed people to kill 20 million. No one's even giving me any credit. That's true.


And is it. I don't know why we don't talk as much, I guess because it's not as horrific. Or maybe we don't have as many images. I think it's probably as horrific. Yeah. Maybe the mechanized death camps stuff. Yeah.


I think they targeted the targeted murder when you're like, yeah, but like what do you believe in. Know, let's kill you. That's true.


Probably the Jews, the gypsies, the mentally retarded were killed in the Holocaust. Yep.


There's the full list. History 101 with Christianity, my my dad always talk about it.


Oh, my house, by the way, it is all it's all World War Two books, Vietnam. He likes World War Two, Vietnam. Those are the I like it, too.


He's doing a book and he's like putting together a PowerPoint thing for Vietnam.


That is cool that he's going to present. No, he's good. I mean, I but every time I hang out with your dad, I love hearing these stories. I love learning about you.


You ask him anything. I mean. He will tell you so and then like every year and, you know, I did it like a bit on stage, but like it really does grow every time I talk to him about what happened, about getting something. Yeah. Yeah.


About the thrill of getting the enemy. Yeah. But tell me we did the right thing.


We could have mowed down villagers like we didn't do that.


We did the right thing. He did the right like he meant they targeted just the Viet Cong and not. Yeah. Not they try not to kill the innocent.


Oh yeah. No that's a big thing. Yes. Oh yes. That's like, you know, that's a big thing where they go, you know, the rules of engagement. And and you know, I think he said something about like rice hoppers you could shoot or something, but we'll have to get him on the phone some time.


He's got a lot of talk. He's got a lot. But yeah, Dad's love, I think. And I think, too, because dads want to relive the trauma of that event, like it's so traumatic war.


And that whole time, like my dad always tell me stories about being ten years old during the revolution and the Russians came through. And this is where I saw a soldier dead. This is what I picked up, a grenade. I was ten years old. I play with a grenade. This is where we picked up machine guns and the snow. And like, they just love to tell you this because it's so I think it's so traumatic.


Mr. Medic. It is traumatic. Of course it is. They let they love to relive the drama. What about you, Israeli dad? Talk about war a lot.


I remember one time, like, not my parents, but I think on my dad's side, like we went to go visit family and they were like, oh, yeah, I'm just going to leave you here for a little bit. And then after we had dinner, she was my my great aunt was like, hey, do you want to see a documentary? I was like, OK.


And she put on a Holocaust documentary of the camp that she was in.


Oh, my God. Oh. And she's pointing out people that she recognized like this one was nice. This one wasn't nice. Like it was like really fucking crazy.


That's really crazy. Yeah. She's so. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


You know, my grandmother I got to ask her questions about stuff when I was a teenager and I was like, so did you know that the Holocaust was going on. Did you know that, that they were killing Jews in these camps? And first of all, she was born in Germany and then they fled whenever they fled from Germany to Hungary during the war.


And she goes, she's like, yeah, of course, everybody. Now we just kind of, uh, you know, we just don't say nothing, you know, like, oh, I remember that day we were making lemonade.


My grandmother and I were making lemonade. And I was like, so wait, you guys knew? And she's like, yes, but, you know, you could smell it in the air. The smell of people burning and what could we do? What could we do? You just you know, I mean, you're like, well, you certainly couldn't be like I'd like to have a word with whoever's in charge.


Who in charge. Yeah. Like a group of Karens are going to go and deal with the how are you guys being a, causing a ruckus in within these walls?


I don't think it's going to. I know, but. Yeah, interesting. It feels kind of flippant, though, really. Well, you're going to do what are you do.


That's kind of what she was like at the time because she'd she'd seen everything.


I mean, I, I get it that somebody goes like if people are murdering people. You you know what you can't be like, well, we have a petition going to stop it, but like, it's just weird for someone to say it is where she was like, yeah, we know.


But, you know, what could we do? I think because also back then they were so harsh like you guys are, you know, back in the day. Yeah. It's a harder culture. They'd already been through World War One. Now, this is World War Two.


They know what the funny thing is. That's not the most fucked up thing you told me about your grandmother. It's by far, by far her bathing suit.


Yeah, that's the most fucked up thing. Yeah. So she used to, uh, my father wouldn't buy Eric an air conditioner in the house. Instead, he would buy it here in Los Angeles and L.A. would go up in the San Fernando Valley is hot as balls.


He would get the swamp cooler, a swamp cooler, which is terrible because all it did essentially was make the carpet damp. It was garbage. Yeah.


So my grandmother used to wear a onesie bathing suit, get in the pool and then she would sit around in a wet bathing suit to stay cool an hour and she'd be sitting at the kitchen table and she would go, Look, I am cool.


You are all hot, I am cool. I'm wearing the wet bathing suit.


So the wet bathing suit was her tactic to stay cool. Yeah.


And get eaten factually. Can you imagine. Yeah. And she knocked her tooth out one time when she was visiting us from Hungary and she krazy glued it back in and she's fine. It works just fine.


You Americans are soft, man, so I'm going to say, well, America is this this is America, OK? Did you know that your car may have remote start on it, operated through the key fob and you didn't even know. For example, let me show you on this Camry. So here's your Toyota life hack. So here's the trick. Camry XIV six. Watch this. You hit lock, lock and then hold down lock. Once they start flashing, watch it, baby, woo woo.


Babo. I like that he's excited for a remote startup that was pretty cool, very exciting. It's been around been around for a minute. I didn't know you could do that. Did you know. Yeah. That you hit it three times and it does that.


Well, I didn't know that that's on the camera EVC model.


But I mean, there's a number of startup jobs.


Yeah, we've own some.


Now, I never let's up the game a little bit. How about another model 19? All new red in the RAF will do it to check it out.


One lock to hold it down. Three hold on. Luck. Don't tell me that's going to work on this one too, Abby. Come on, baby. Oh, it's like nothing. It's like not like the Fourth of July.


Just worked on that one, too. I am the man. Oh yeah. Oh huh. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I'm the man. Oh yeah.


It's embarrassing the dances. Well of course it is. Dances here. And also this guy definitely loves the hunt for Red October. Like there's not a chance in this world this guy does not enjoy acting.


And the real question. The real question, because it directly affects me. Will this system work on a twenty eighteen camera? I know that's yours. That's important to know.


So let's see, we got the we got one issue down, the phone down. Are the lights flashing going to work. Oh I'm starting to flash. They're starting to flash.


Oh oh. Oh yeah. You know, he's the king of the world. His references are so old. How could you like. How could he do? How could you be that impressed by. But it's still happening and wouldn't it be like one time and be like, oh yeah, that works, but I don't even think I'd get that excited.


Over the first time he did a golf swing to celebrate at a baseball swing and he threw a ball, then he caught the ball when he did a Titanic I'm King of the world, which is 90 something.


And this is so embarrassing. Somebody perhaps married to this guy. Just be happy that you're fucking not.


No, no shit. Oh, my gosh. Never.


Never. You don't get that excited. What did you get excited about the other day? That I was really happy. Oh, you got excited for something. And I was like, good to see you happy like that. No, no, no, no, no. Talk about the Holocaust. Find another member of the plastic chair guy.


There was a guy who was so excited about what's going to bring me here. So when I got pregnant mothers, we got my white chocolate.


This dude collects plastic chairs, chairs that make the kind of chair that when you do sit in, you're like, God damn, I wish they had better chairs.


The worse things like these are my favorite chair.


There's an update. Oh, well, hello.


Here's the current state of my plastic chair collection. Oh, wow. 400 items. I like those around here.


I have these structures. Those are good old chairs. I have some rattan cantilever Lego kitchen chairs. I have kids so far. All the chairs you cannot buy anymore. Various kids speak for yourself.


I'm a fan of the little tykes model. Oh, I like I have that rare step. Two kids size folding chair would have some very large chairs. Is it weird though, swivel chair?


Do you think it's weird to have a collection that no one else is excited about?


Like nobody else? It seems like you have that. Everybody's like, why the fuck do you have?


Although you have the rare step to Brown, Children's Chair will step two products for sale or Fisher-Price cherish. By the way, this looks like a home. It looks like he was like, well, we're going to have to get rid of the living room when we get ruined from a chair. Mutters 1984.


Those ones are vintage. That won't mean vintage years. Yeah, I have a lot of various morning walk chairs.


I mean, I would feel more comfortable if somebody was like, here's all my flashlights, here's six 6000 flat. I'd be like, that's more.


You got your shit together more than the chair guy.


This guy is so fucking well, you think about the amount of money he's spending to store all this stuff.


Yeah. I mean, the whole house is full. That looks like a whole floor. And it could be that there's we could be leaving this room. This video is not over by close.


You might have this kid's chair at the tubulars. It's filthy. It's filthy. Some of these are dirty. Why is he whispering? I don't know how.


So I have my girl Fox more Legos. I just want anybody, my girl, my girlfriend. And she was a girl. Filloux moderates, lounge chair. I have the U.S. Leisure World.


And while this is such a big flex in his world where he's taken all the chairs I got, he's whispering like it's like, oh my God.


I mean, we're still going through I'm just skimming through this. This is crazy. I mean, it's just and by the way, 90 percent of these look like the exact chair next to it.


You know, he's he knows the difference is he are still three more out there, but I don't have half rubber. Make sure you don't wanna ruin the bottom. Those are the ones.


Is he helping to sell these?


Is that a lot of all covers, the cherry collection? Well, thanks for your time. Please subscribe or always be comfortable. It's a good tagline. And remember, always be comfortable, no, always be comfortable and remember to take a page real quick. Sure, go ahead.


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All right. And you paid. And when you're done, peon, do you feel like live like three six five.


I live like three six five. Yeah, that's what I do. I live like three six. I've lived like three six five. That's what I say.


Every time I dream I do live like three six five. You know, to just quickly discuss that, your post vasectomy is wonderful. Yeah, I'm really enjoying it. I think it's revitalized our love life pretty good. And also I tried out Leons Bije technique on you sending her a gift this week. Yeah.


You guys want to hear that. It's on where my mom's at. Lee-Anne come on last time and discussed her winning beach technique that she does on Burt and I tried it on Tom and now you guys are like. Big brothers, is that going to be called with nobody mentioned that like BJ Technik Rose?


I guess you can't talk about it with Burt. Sure. Be like, oh, no, I know what you get. I don't know that. I mean, uh. Whatever, you were such a slut. All right, let's do some talks, man. Just crash. I mean, I bet there are some updates, big updates, we can start by letting you know.


Good morning, my queen, above 18. Oh, yeah, it's just time to wake up. Come on. Yes, you are my queen. Oh, my God. What? How did you sleep? I slept good. Did you sleep good? I hope you're rested and be ready for work. All right, my queen, it's time to get up and you have a good day and call me when you can. I love you, my queen, you have a beautiful day, right?


Well, that's a very creative talk. I've been thinking about this one, the Povey for days. I saw this a while ago. And like I think about it at least once a day.


It's the POV shot of him, however shirtless, and then the conversation's terrible.


It's like, by the way, he did act. He he waited for like he was like, what's that? Yeah. Well, how do you sleep? I sleep good. Right. He did a whole like. Right. So that's was real improv. That's what layer two of the creepiness is that that part is the play acting and then that.


I mean, look, the whole thing about the about the king. Look, we get it, you're just he's just trying to get laid and that's a noble yeah thing. But the thing is, guys, there has to be artifice like you.


You have to have.


That's why men pick up guitars and play in bands to attract the girls. You know, you can't just be like, hey, are you over 18?


Show me your tits there.


Well, you can and then you'll get you can and mocked mercilessly on our show for it.


But but you're right. Usually there's, you know, like to be a little layer to it, right?


Some yeah. Just some kind of put on a show and put on the show. And then you're like, why the girl? Why why is the you know why the girl asked to meet me. It's like because you did the thing. You didn't just go nice tits, right? Yeah. You showed her something.


Well, it's why men have built civilizations and become proficient in many different things to entice the woman. Competency is very attractive. Dr. Drew and I have talked about this, a doctor after dark, that women are attracted to skills and that's what this lacks. I think that and I think that's why the king is so freaking fair.


Sure. It's it's still very appealing to some.


So by all means, don't stop doing this, don't you dare stop doing this. This is still good. Yeah, of course it's still good. And you understand that a lot of women find this attractive.


Lot of women, so many women. You're in a relationship I've heard. But other women I've heard are maybe single and available are like I know you're talking about a mopping up my bed right now.


Well, especially because, you know, what I like is that he does provide a surrogate boyfriend experience to all his friends. He's like, how is your midterm? You're going to do fine.


Let's, you know, let's keep going here and let's see if we find any more. Let's see if we get to revisit the king here in a moment.


OK, let's go through some other topics from the lighter part of today, peeled off the sticker. This is like the other guy was very upset about, wow, this is a whole lane of Fox buying, buying a book that misrepresented itself.


That's correct, Tom. It's much like the consumer advocacy show Fight Back with David Horowitz.


Tell you some things like that. That's really interesting. There's a certain type of guy that is figuring out that he's not happy about the bought, but most people just let it go. Just let it go. Yeah. Yeah.


You know, the factory this is a wrap on this thing, but there's certain guys that go. You're not going to take advantage of me. Gotcha, yeah, gotcha. You're not fucking me over, man. That's very cool.


And you got it. He's like, look what I found. Yeah, he's very he's, like, very proud of himself.


Skyler, you've been on hormones for five years. How are you about to have a baby? Well, it's simple. I'm stopping testosterone. And actually, I already have I have enough testosterone for several months now that I'm going to have a baby. But also the misconception is that folks who use testosterone can't get pregnant. That's very incorrect. Testosterone is not a birth control. You can still get pregnant while on testosterone. So what I've done is I've been off of it for several months so that I can have a healthy menstrual cycle and so that I can have the best pregnancy possible.


So now the fat has returned and I don't my dysphoria every month with it. I'm happy to say that I'm ready to start trying to have a baby. And that's a whole nother part. But the fact is, is I got here because I stopped taking testosterone because my body is getting ready with all that hormones moving on.


So let's look at the next one. God damn, it makes me laugh. You know, you like murder.


I like this stuff. Like this stuff makes me really well. Yeah, yeah.


I've read every Wednesday and let me just say what the fuck. Yeah, we're looking at two dogs and one of them is not so natural. What are we looking at.


What the fuck was that. I'd rather listen to Skylar. What the fuck was that? This is this is this is an asshole that dies their dog. Five hundred different colors. Both dogs are like tie dyed. I think it's so ridiculous. Totally.


You does this. That's a dick move. It's such a dick move. This dog does not want to be tie dyed. I hate when people mess with animals. So that really bothered me. I just thought it was silly. I thought everything.


How are you to find out? Are you feeling right now? Hello, guys. Hello. You know, welcome to my God. Hello, guys. Welcome to dinner. This always we're fishways and. You has sent a nicer because this is a venue, very dangerous city and always keep your distance know should be precise.


I read your God that was great. Those. Yeah. The subtitles really did. They're really endearing. There's a sweet look, I don't I'm not making fun of no people trying to speak English. It's just the subtitling was really. It's very funny. It's very funny. That was actually very sweet.


Yeah, they're cool.


Hey Mom, do you know what she their problems are. Think so. They often used by people who identify as temeka. Yeah. Although you don't have to identify as girls since parents don't always equal gender.


Oh that's right. I'm still learning that. Why do you ask about she pronouns.


Well I've actually been considering using cheesey pronouns for myself. Oh wow. That's interesting. Did you just decide that recently?


No, I've been considering them for a while actually. Oh that's funny.


That's actually more surprising to me than you being gay. But there's one thing I don't understand about Xi they pronounce what is it? What a lot of people just take the easy way out and call. You see her.


And that's one of my concerns, is that people just won't use my day then pronouns.


But it would make me a lot happier if they did.


OK, what are you doing? How many of these are we going to watch? Oh, I just wanted you to know in case one of our sons comes to us with this discussion, you'll know what the template is, the correct way to have a discussion with your kids about the pronouns. Do you know how to talk to Ellis about his brother? Is Pronouns or Julian Julians? All two and a half. He's going to decide pretty soon what his gender preferences.


You know, if we talk to them about it every day. Julian, what are you. Are you a boy or girl? I'm pooping. I know fetish. And then tell me your pronouns, stupid. What are you. And then I asked. It takes off and then I have to ask him consent to change his diaper. It's a whole thing, babe. Do you want to be a good parent or not, you have to get on board.


Do you want to be a good parent or not? Yes, I want to be a good parent. Twenty twenty. This is what it takes. You mentioned showing the shit to your dad, huh? Fuck. What, what? How much how how what percentage of the population does this affect? Is there no stat on that? There's a statistic on that.


Like how many non binary kids are there?


Yeah, like what percentage? I mean, it can't be coming up this much and not being substantial, I'm guessing. The study revealed that at least eight point five percent of Americans identify well, that says as transgender or gender nonconforming.


Right. So it's even less than point five percent, right? Well, what about that drop down? What percentage of the population? According to the 35 percent of the nearly twenty eight thousand transgender respondents to the anonymous online survey identified as non binary thirty five percent of twenty eight thousand. But we are about 330 million, so what is that roughly? So the odds are pretty good that both your sons are going to be non binary. So it's time to practice the script, I'm telling you.


Yeah, it's good.


Did you know in Elissa's kindergarten on the applications, they're like, what does gender, male, female or non binary they already ask?


Well, you look, this is I mean, obviously, this is one thing I'm pretty certain of. Is is Ellis, Ellis is definitely. He identifies he identifies as male. Yeah, so is Julian, he's sweeter, though. No, no. But I'm saying like. Ellis is more verbal because he's five and he's just like, that's for girls, like he's real aggressive about him.


OK, so now I'm thinking that he got it from you.


I've never said that. Like, I'm not a fucking chick. Like, OK, I don't I don't I have tried, like, I used to take him to this baby play class and they would encourage gender neutral toys. And I remember they were giving Ellis', Barbies and such and he would be like, what's that thing? And then he would just he wanted nothing to do with it. And no one nobody persuaded him either way. Hello, nonintrusive, guess I'm on my list, long development on how to beat your wife.


Let's imagine you live here. How are you?


I know your life is obviously a boy, but let's imagine that he is the wife and that the father and a child known as the husband beat his wife first.


He must admonish her, in other words, than the initial adviser off.


You find the answer to refrain from them.


Mahu before you start beating is a last resort and beating and acting in Islam. We don't know what the husband must make his wife feel.


His strength, which must be to come.


Why aren't you listening to me? How many times do I have to tell you? How many times do I have to tell you that you must put him in the bin? I tell you not to leave the house on my permission to see how a little bit of rebuke he obviously she started to talk back. I told you not to leave the house. How many times have I told you not to leave the house?


The beating is light, brothers. This is a real it's real. This is a real Islamic lesson, I'm sorry, Islamic lesson for wife beating Koran, verse four, three, four. OK, but did you get the point is that he's not saying, like, really beat the shit out of her.


You have to punish her verbally first and be stupid. Don't be dumb. Yeah. Why did you leave the house without asking?


I got to say this. Honestly, it's pretty cool to watch. That's good advice, and I don't like it kind of changes my view of beating a woman. Well, he's admonishing her verbally. Yeah, that works for her. That's a good thing to do. And you could use one or two of these every once in a while. That's what I'm saying. It's not a big deal. And then also, that's not going to call the cops.


Yeah. Like he says, the beating is light bright. Right. Keep it. Libro, I told you not to leave that. I told you I told you not to leave the house without asking permission. That's no biggie. No, but you're also. You're learning. I could see you're learning because you're learning in your eyes. In 15 seconds, we're going to tell you why we're lonely as shit, why we don't wear face diapers, too.


I will not get the flu shot or the Wrona vaccine. And three, we voted for Big Daddy, Don, which takes away most of our female friends options.


Hielo, very cool thing here. Very cool. Cool girls. Yeah, I like that one.


But boy, these this is wow bruh. What for a boy in Ocala, every single time I come by is always some crazy shit going on.


Oh that's just a group of kids playing on their on the roof. They seem pretty small. Uh huh. Those little kids are under five. They're like four or five. Six year old, huh. Yeah. And there's not an adult.


It was like, you know, they did come git's just your dad. Yeah. What's that? I don't know.


I've never heard it before. I've never I think it's a word for goatees. This is. Wow.


Let's just know. Google it. He did. Oh. Um hmm. Oh, I'm coming back. Did you see that match? This guy is my new favorite. It's pretty good, man. He's got he dresses up fancy and he'll go to like the yarn store and do these silly little things.


He's just he's got strong prince vibe. Yeah. Yes, absolutely. Yeah. Really special. Very cool. Very cool.


Do identify as the dominant. Yes. If you play with my hair while I'm laying on your lap, am I going to go from daddy to baby Robeck also. Yes. Good to know. Remember, when you're burying a body, make sure that you cover it with an endangered plant, so to be illegal for anybody to dig it up.


That's a really good advice. It's a good hot tip. That's really good advice. You just got to learn an endangered plant.


Yeah. Yeah.


No one can touch a shit, man when you're burying a body and bring an endangered plant. Hey, nobody touch my stuff. Oh, my God.


Good morning. My coin's above 18. You got the king here over here at Wal-Mart with the young lady. This was one of my queen. She's 26 years old and she wanted to make a Tick-Tock video. You guys need to jump on my page. And but they're already congratulate her and tell her that she's very beautiful. You guys have a good day. And Joy and I will talk to you soon. Say hi. Hi. She don't have a name.


You guys have a good day. Now get on my page and wish her to the family. She's the queen above 18. You guys have a good day.


This is a great talking with her to the family, as we always like to say. We wish you to the family wishes to the family.


I know there is a lot to unpack in this talk. Number one, it would be like. I think he was like, wow, you know, you're really beautiful, like a Wal-Mart. She was like, Oh, thanks. Like, it always feels good to hear a compliment.




And he's like, the. You ever done the King challenge? Like what? He's like, oh, you don't or you don't take that like. Yeah, I have to take that. You don't recognize me.


She's like, oh he's like I got a pretty big following. And then he probably showed her and she was like, wow. Yeah. Ten thousand, whatever it is. Yeah. He was like, you want to do what I love. He's like she want to make a talk and that this is the talk. Right. People are thinking like, oh is that like a duet thing or going to dance like I've seen. Right.


Exciting would have checked on this. Yeah. And then he was like, just sit here by the bathroom and. I'll get people and then he said, jump on my page, even though people watching this are on his page. Oh, Tom, you're reading too much into this. It's pretty cool. I don't even think she seems thrilled. Can I tell you, I don't even think the king has named his username. I think he's like another one zero zero zero five seven.


Like the auto thing, you need a name, especially if you like. He really took a following.


Like if you are if you're really into it, you should be like, oh, my name is is at the king above are the king above 18 or they can challenge or fucking something.


Anyways, this chick obviously, like you said, doesn't have no idea who he is. She was just shopping and he just sidled up to her because she's she's like what?


It's like being a celebrity video.


Celebrities. She goes, Yeah, who. You don't recognize me? Well, totally, he totally did that, yeah, you're 100 percent right. And she's so like like just like a cute. Yes, it's like I'm just a Wal-Mart.


Yeah. And then this guy started talking to me. Yeah.


He's like, you want to, you know, again, like a thousand followers because like, OK, she doesn't care.


No she does not. She's not it doesn't read like I'm on your time on the Kings thing.


Whatever page high 80s. Some people told me that I should come on here and see if there's any single people that want to date. I live in a New York area, upstate New York. I'm single and I'm looking for somebody special. Now, I do respect Jerry Vaughan, 73 Gmail dot com, because, like he's showing you what he's got, he's got a cool apartment, he's got some pots on the ceiling, he wears his boxer shorts.


He can wear like a tank top.


Like none of your intuition tells you that this is a bad post to find someone. Someone told me to. Maybe meet somebody here. So here I am, I'm in my boxers and undershirt and by my pots pick me up for what? The fuck, it's so bad and the angle is terrible, the lighting, I mean, it's just got all the elements I know like no party goes up a pants on for this one.


I'm trying to I'm trying to date I'll put pants on for my first post about dating. Pants and a shirt. That's what I'll do, just passenger. Just put pants on. That's all you have to do.


You could even get away with the ridiculously tight tank top, but it's just pants.


I think you're right that it's not even a tank top. It's an under. Yeah, it's like it's so tight.


He knows how tight it is because he covered his belly during it. I put my hands over. This feels ridiculous. Single. Anyone want a date? Uh, I'm going to go get pants now.


The fuck, man, I have to.


This guy is not dumb. Hell, no. That's the thing is it is that just shows you how checked out you can be in this world.


Any friend that knows a guy like you is a really bad. Try to get a date. Why you didn't have any pants on, so anybody that would want to date you would be like this guy doesn't have the sense to put on pants. Because I will tell you, he's made follow up talks, I don't know if they're on his back, but he does try to entice the ladies. He's like, look, I can cook.


I make spaghetti. Yeah, he's he's a nice guy. He's sweet. Yeah.


He's not completely unhelpful, if that's a word. Whatever. Hopeless. Yeah. Like he's I he looks like he's gainfully employed, he looks clean, he looks like he's got stuff.


He doesn't live in a van or like no he's not out of the shelter.


No he's not like this bic lighter. Says Brown, now, it's not a pull the rap on white, right, like he should be able to get a date.


He should, but here's how he's the kind of guy who is single because he doesn't know to wear pants when they meet people. That's his.


I know. You know, that's too bad because, like, he's sweet and I was very sweet.


I hope that Jerry Brown, 73, at Gmail dot com gets Pams. That's just Tic-Tac name.


I would do it for you. Oh. Oh. Holy shit. Yeah, there's a whole new lane on tech talk, it's called cartel cartel talks. Yeah, the drug cartels.


Now I put this one because I need you to translate. I'm not quite sure what's happening here, Tom.


Well, Piloto is pilot, right? Um, and he's saying. And this has pirates on the Pacific, so I assume what's happening here is these guys are being chased by either authorities or other cartel people and it looks like they actually made contact.


By the way, the boat that's behind them looked enormous and moving at a crazy rate of speed. Let's watch this again.


They don't know. We don't go down below. Crazy, that's real, that's someone's tick tock, yo, there's a bunch of cartel talks right now, they've really gone up.


And I saw I saw one you saw me there with this dude was cooking coke and he was like, here the coronavirus is right in here and he's cooking cocaine. Yeah, yeah.


That one I sent over the weekend. You probably had a chance to process that one yet. But a cartel is crazy and they're showing like planes landing cooking drugs. And then the prison talks have gone way up right now, too. I saw a bunch of Thanksgiving talk for people like we're celebrating Thanksgiving in prison and then like they have music on them, which is why I can't really we can't play them on the show. But we should.


Yeah, it's, uh, it's so exciting because this is like this song right here could have like six deaths attached to it.


Yeah. Like, this is really insane.


I know. Point above eighteen. OK, I got this young lady that gave me a text saying that she's going to call. Child protective on me. Oh, I have no idea why. But you guys need to go on her page and check her out. Oh, she's right above me.


She's kind of a. Page stocker, I don't know. Nobody's allowed to be on my page under 18 by law. And she said she's very uncomfortable watching my videos, right? I didn't tell her to watch.


That's a good point.


And she's well over 18, so she can move it along. I have no idea why or what her problem is. No idea. Point above 18. I love you. You guys have a good night.


I'd like to take a moment to stand up for the king. King, you are 100 percent correct.


This lady who's uncomfortable, I think is just voicing her opinion that seeing your page makes her physically uncomfortable, but.


You don't need to. Yeah, she can just move it along. She can, yeah, swipe up and go to the next talk and you don't have to change anything about your perfect page. So, yeah, everybody wish her to the family you're doing with your family.


You're not doing anything illegal or wrong. That's right. King.


This one. You're right, but I have to say there some drama in the king's world. Oh, yeah. Good evening, my kings and queens above 18, I am going to withdraw the king challenge what there is a lot of haters out there. That's no little pussies up in our line.


Wait a minute. The king challenged just what? This is no longer exclusive. Yeah, you guys.


So there's been a lot of drama on the King's account lately, and it hasn't been good for him. And he said people have their pussies in a bind. Yes.


And they're acting like a little wine or crybabies. Yeah. If you're are 18, you are allowed on my page, you're on, you're OK if you're 18 and below, you are not allowed on my page within the 18. I don't care. Wait a minute. Ifs and buts about it. If I find you on my page and you're under 18, I'm going to delete you. You might slide by a couple times and tell me you're 18.


But once I find out I'm deleting, you can be right on that I. You guys are the biggest crybabies on the earth. Yeah. I swear to God, my queen is above 18. I love you all.


I love that this also has, like, the narrative of, like, people are trying to get in here and, you know, like a club like and like, look, the line is around the block and we are packed.


You're going to have to wait and I'll tell you who's allowed in and who's not allowed in. He did say that 18 above you're allowed in, but 18 and below you're not allowed in. It's a little contradictory and doesn't seem fair. Not sure. But is it fair to those who are 18 and below? That's true. What about those 18 year olds? Because they're 18.


So, like, I. I messed up. But I will say I do admire that he's really taking this account seriously. Yes. And monitoring these comments. And I think fame is gone to his head a little bit.


Very, very much so. Very much so. And he looks like there's one final. Update here. Oh, my goodness, I don't know if I'm ready to click this one, you're going to be sad. Good evening, my kings and queens above 18. Hello. It ain't that I'm ignoring you. I cannot post anything on my page or answer any of your questions. They said I was violated or something like that. You were violated. I can't post anything.


Oh, dear. Well, I didn't even get a dinner or a thank you to them, and they violated me. Wow. At least I didn't feel it. All right, McWane, you guys have a beautiful Thanksgiving and I will be back probably Wednesday. I love my queens above 18, my kings. You take care of my queens while I'm gone, okay? Don't disrespect them. Thanks. You hold a high honor. You take care of the kingdom while I'm gone.


You guys have a beautiful night. I love my kings and queens above 18.


You know, I do appreciate that. He always includes us. Meaning the men. The kings out there. Yeah, like you. Why is that? What's that about?


Is he soliciting videos from the Kings above eighteen on the down low? He just I think he's trying to not like be like it's just for me.


So he's allowing he's sharing the videos. Yeah. He's letting them in and get involved too. It really makes me makes me feel included and safe.


So I like that. It's very cool huh. Yeah. The POF one is really the capper for me. Like I think yeah. When he is like that one squatting over the squat I mean laying over you. Good morning Renee.


How'd you sleep. I slept good coffee. All right. We got to get ready to work.


The creepier one was when he's like you're going to do fine on your midterm. Oh my God, you're your finals are coming up. You're going to do just fine.


I bet you could offer that girl three Chanel bags and she'd be like, no, I'm not not doing it.


Also, she'd be like, where's my Chanel bag? I got you this T-shirt you put on your boob queen on the back.


I do a little dance for me. God, yeah, what do you think you're seeing? Can you describe what you're seeing right here on the screen?


There's a man in a wheelchair and he's in front of a counter and he's throwing something on the counter. He's pissed. He's wheeling away. Yeah. And he's going to leave the store. No, not until he goes and he gets a basket and he's got a basket. Yep. He's pretty. He's got a few of them. A lot of them grabbing one.


He's throwing throwing it over like a bed, bath and beyond or something like that. He's throwing the baskets over. He's upset like a toddler tantrum. He yells a security by security. Get out of here. This is what we do to our toddlers is this is like you have to take the thing away that they want to throw.


Yeah. And he's still mad. Stop throwing that down the stairs. Stop right out. There's no treats for you, no cartoons. You're not going to watch any more cartoons today. You stop it.


Stop it, stop it. Stop it. Stop it up. And the guy in the wheelchair and they start crying. You're like, all right, I love you. Sorry. Oh, this poor man, he has no legs. Yeah.


Oh, my gosh, dude, he's got good upper body strength. Oh, shit. Yeah. He got back in his chair. He's going to go back in. He still hasn't given up. He's very rich.


He looks really fit. Yeah. Yeah. He just broke that thing. Yeah. Yeah. Fuck dude he's really strong. Get a dog Tamme.


He just went in the parking structure. Oh he broke this too.


Fucking up the parking structure. That dude's tight. Yeah. I kind of liked him. Yeah there should be, he should be a superhero.


Agree. He avenges people. It's pretty dope. Yeah. Yeah. Wheelchair guy. Wheelchair guy.


I would watch that guy all day. Dude, he was feisty and we moved on that thing. He could fly around in that thing.


You know what I'd like to start a petition to do because you made it really you know, there's nothing as important as inclusion. And I feel like there should be some type of petition to get a disabled person to be the next bond or Batman. That's a great idea. I mean, like, why can't great idea. Why can't James Bond or Batman be a disabled trans vet? Why hold on.


Why is that not or not?


I think I'm a little offended because you also ignored women of color. Why can't Batman or a James Bond be a disabled trans black trans Veghte?


Why, that's very ablest of you, Tom. It'd be so cool to see James Bond.


What about an amputee roll up right. And be like. Shaken, not stirred. You can can you, in the Aston Martin with a driver to get me?


Like that right there, that and like, yeah, yeah, it's not quick on the draw, that's for sure.


I don't know why that can't be a thing.


Cultural push. Oh, goody. What does it say? Go back. Oh, to make the next James Bond a disabled. What?


That's not true. What the fuck is this real. No, it's got to be like no is an Onion article, yeah, it's a meme, right? Oh, thank God. What do you mean? It's the same exact thing that we just said. Crazy.


That that does make sense. That makes sense that that's out there to me and to me, holy shit. Wow, I really thought that was in news thing.


But what about Batman?


Disabled Batmen, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, is it so hard, do better, do better. Let me speak for the like for most people, we want to see that. Yeah, course we want to see I want to see Batman need oxygen. I want to see him.


I'd love to see an amputee. Batman. You never seen him. You never see a superhero missing limbs or in a wheelchair. No.


Except for Maggie having like fluid sexuality. You know, you forgot. You always see like these superheroes in like the babe.


Why can't he. That's absolutely right. You know, hook up with somebody else. Absolutely. Big guy. A cool guy. Absolutely right. Yeah, think so. We're excluding so many people.


God damn it. So upsetting. Um, that was really cool. I'm really glad we have that.


What is this say here as the new rules come into force? I wanted to know if people understand what's expected of them. It's good to be back. I said to my friend, I was gonna say City Hall, but how do you think as long as people keep their distance, you keep one of these for you forever for your breaks anymore. As long as people keep their distance and don't get too excited, it'll all be fine. Wow, that's a Welsh accent, oh, wow.


Yeah, very I mean, why can't Batman talk like that? That's true. I mean, that's so, um, what's the word xenophobic of us? Yeah, I.


Oh, what the what the fuck is she said. I don't know. For you. For you. For your brakes, firebreaks, fire breaks. The fuck is she talking. I don't know.


Who was it. Somebody sent an email in and they were like, thank you guys for showing the best and the brightest that Scotland has to offer.


Oh yeah. Really. We we didn't read any of these, did we, read any of these memos here. Go ahead. These are in response to drumline. You know, Nado Drumline is really, really inspired the emails this week.


Another one of those things are more Drummoyne. Oh, every Drumlin except for this one.


OK, um. I mean, people are really upset about the dog loving drumline, Tim and Kristen. I was just watching the news. Why live when the subject of Drumline was brought up as the dog's favorite movie?


I just wanted to let you guys know I was in India mine for six years. And while the movie is based on a historical black college drumline and the hazing is real, the movie is still completely dog shit.


I hope the dog doesn't let his kids watch this movie or they will grow up our word.


Love you, Sam. Take us, um, my genes. I believe that drumline has the exact same storyline as the Queen's Gambit. It's the main character was born with talent and a specific thing. But they have to get past their hubris to be the best Christian. If you like the Queen's Gambit, you should like drama. Tim, I trust you. Keep it high and tight. So watch both and and keep feathering it.


Brother Megan, Megan, not Megan or Megan, because my parents weren't Harward it there and they named me. Well, people are.


Well, Megan, I brought this point up on where my mom said that it's not a news story. This the arrogant young. But by the way, the Queen's Gambit was orphaned.


Genius at chess.


Is it a real story? It's great. The guy from Drumline didn't know that. So it's pretty much the same.


He's not a point. That point counterpoint.


Queen's Gambit is like drumline just with chess instead of drums.


One more here. Hey, Mommy, I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure Drumline has contributed to a cultural phenomenon that has outpaced its humble Drumlin origins. And that's the invention of the mic drop. Of course, in the film, it was a dramatic drop, but the body language of holding it out in front of you and dropping it as punctuation for emphasis definitely originated in drumline. So Klown it. But it's made an indelible mark on culture and will live on forever.


Keep furthering it. Como's OK.


Well, big one for the Darvell. Then really very cool, very cool, let's go out on something, one more video. I think you'll enjoy when we leave here.


You got it. So what gives you the right to just. Yeah, I'm going to fucking record you. What gives you the right to just roll up and take a piss? You're in public. I can tell your passing I was an innocent man. No, you weren't. Where's the bottle then, you fucking dumb and your fucking dumb ass fucking dumb ass. No, I'm not. You are. You all know you are. What? This.


Yeah. Some YouTube channel. No, I'm using it to them so they can have you charged because you're pissing in public, you fucking idiot. You just called me a dumb ass. Well, didn't you, so that I'm going to call you fucking names that you can't even park it right here anyway.


I have to go in here. Good place to park. You go park it around back where the truck parking is. We're not delivering here. So go park and in back. There's no truck parking right here. You're not even parked properly anyway. You're fucked.


There you go. That was the dumbest thing I've ever heard. You are. You are. Well, if you say that's the dumbest fight you ever heard, I raise you another car battery for lying in court hearing that man.


All right, Carrie. And you have a conversation. You don't know how to have a conversation against the property line.


You don't think that's intimidating. You try to be you don't fucking intimidate me, fat man. This is ridiculous. Don't intimidate me, fat man, OK? You don't intimidate me.


I become. By the way, isn't it? This is like when you know, when something is like a new cultural phenomena and then grandparents say it and you're like, wow, I like the fact that Karen took fire to the point where everybody knows it. Mm hmm. It's like when a song like when you're it's like bling bling. Yeah.


Everybody would say it's like playing grandmother is like I'm getting jiggy with it, you know, like, well, we got to listen to that song. And, you know, I mean, it's it's yeah. It's Karen is OK.


Karen has completely, completely gone mainstream. It's really wild. We were talking about repairing the fence.


She's intimidating at all. You don't intimidate me. Bathmat.


Come on, get your ass back in your fucking garage. Pay your ass back in your house. No, nobody wants to go. You know, I didn't have that problem. I don't have a problem. You do get me.


She's, you know, try me, fatso. Yeah, you try me, fatso.


You say that enough times, though. That fat man. I mean, that fat man is going to come over there, fat man. I think she's inviting some fat trouble into her house. Oh yeah, I think so.


Come on, fatso. Yeah. You keep, you keep, you know, you're just poking fat, fat, fat. You know, it's kind of like going to a fat guy. Put your fucking head through a, you know. Yeah. Throw a brick. It's going to eat you.


I mean, he just grabs your head by the side of the house. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, what happened. Yeah.


She goes, oh, I got hungry. I'm sorry. I'm fat. She shouldn't antagonize dudes. I wouldn't do that.


It is a real. That's the thing men when you know. I mean. Yeah. Don't do that. All you need is a little unstable neighbor. Oh yeah. This to go. Oh yeah. And then that's how she died. Oh yeah. Yeah. This bitch had never been hit before. Never been hit. She doesn't have an Islamic husband like me.


That's good.


Oh are you like that's really good.


OK, well it was a lot of fun. My God I'm so glad I got the allergy medicine.


I know that was wild. That was crazy. Allergic to. No, no.


I still think um.


Anyways, we need to close out. We have a song here down to the mountain by what is is it Captain Marcel.


It's by Retter Wrath of the rhetoric. It's a new one. Rhetoric.


Um, thank you for supporting us with the live show. Um, really, really. Like I said, I enjoyed doing it. We will be announcing another event next week. Oh, OK. So next week you'll hear about the next event.


I think it's really exciting and that's that. Jean, I love you, Mommy.


I love you too. Bye, guys.


I just kept them until my sister went down on down to the mountain to see my sister. Tell everybody I'll be back. I need back up and get them to going down. I mean, Becca, can you become, you know. Go down to the. Back up, back up, back up, back up to the. And I just kept them until this thing went down on down to the mouth and say, my sister said, Everybody, I'll be back and back up.


Back up, I go down to the.