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Hello, my jeans above 18, you will notice that today's episode is, in fact a New Year's episode we recorded this weeks ago in advance, actually the day of Tom's accident.


So that's why you're seeing this. We kind of did it in advance and this is before he was injured. So it'll be weird that you'll see this as a New Year's thing. But, yeah. What do you think, Nadaf?


Yeah, you know, we, uh, we decided to just rearrange the order of some of these just to you know, I feel like it'd be weird to see Tom healthy. That's just healthy than healthy than not healthy. This is true. Yeah. So we're giving you a little New Year's treat a couple of weeks ahead, a couple weeks, and you'll get to see what Tommy looks like now next week.


It's pretty wild. All right, enjoy this episode. Bye, guys. When you put your hands on me, I was like, oh, something's about the break. We're supposed to say it because I don't think it was legal.


I think I'm kind of past that now. Because you're broken. Yeah.


I didn't think I needed to see it. I still don't think I need to see it. I was even worse the second time because I knew it was coming. Thank God I've come in here to clean this bitch up a bit.


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Go to Satava Satava Dotcom the shit and get two hundred and twenty five dollars off your mattress purchase. OK, you come.


All right. Have me.


Do you have big hair. Is everybody right here. We're about to take it in to twenty twenty one.


I got to tell you, I'm a little bummed that we couldn't extend twenty twenty because this year has ripped and I wish it never ended up.


Yeah. You know Tom, every time people on the internet will be like oh twenty, eighteen sucks and remember those times. And it would be because like their favorite movie didn't win the Oscar thing and they're like, like this year truly sucks. Donkey Balls is a really cool year. Um, there is such a big way. The funny thing was, I don't know. I mean I'm not like, like a numerologist or super in the numbers, but I always thought, oh, this sounds really like we were coming into this year, which sounds really cool, except twenty twenty.


It sounds, it sounds cool.


And I felt like it was going to be just another year in a zero two. Yeah. I mean twenty twenty. It sounds around. No sounds dope you know.


And then the year started it was cool. Yeah.


I'm sure. February. February was cool. That was a good time.


January you were Nadav came back from China around. Um, Jan, where he ate snakes, where you ate snake bats, and then, um, let's see, early March, I mean, I remember March, I think 7th, I was in Las Vegas, Vegas and did a show at the Mirage, I think. Yeah, Josh Potter and I did it.


And it was really fun, man. It was really fun. I was I had a contract at the Mirage that was to do like a bunch of weekends there. Yeah. And so was the first one. I was like, this is so fun. And Rogan was there. We went out to dinner. We went, saw some UFC fight and then flew back from that. And that weekend and of the following week, I was supposed to do a show at the store and that's when they pulled the plug on, uh, life.


Yeah, yeah. March, March 7th was my last show at the ice house. It was bonkers. It was so much fun. It was the most fun I've had.


And I remember I went to see our doctor, Dr. Dick, and I had a physical and I go, hey, I'm thinking about going to Dallas tomorrow. What do you think of that with this virus? And he goes, That's the stupidest question I've ever heard. I go, What about London? I'm supposed to go to London in a month. What about that? He goes, That's the second dumbest question I've ever.


It's pretty great, right? And that was it.


That was the end of my life. Do you know that yesterday I was actually trying to remember what our lives were like before this.


And I had a hard time remembering was that was the doctor like, did you have a TARDIS? Yeah, basically, yeah.


Pretty much. Yeah, it was well, it's been kind of crazy.


And you know what I go through this year, I cycle through different ways of dealing with it.


I go through alcohol, pot, food, sleep, exercise temporarily.


And then it and then I get it. UJA delite sometimes. What are you doing. No, no.


It's like it's all those emotions. I mean. Yeah, eating, sleeping. I didn't really get in the booze. I definitely gotten into gotten the edibles more. Yeah. Than I had big exercise kicks. Yeah. Then you know. Yeah. It was the roller coaster of not being able to do stand up.


Yeah. That was the worst part. Violence, violence I piracy's.


You know, I wish that I could hurt people and hurt people.


Yeah. And then when they're like, what's your problem.


Like I don't get to do stand up bitch your fucking problem.


Yeah. That's the biggest losses. Definitely stand up. It was horrible. I was uh yeah. I had this whole great tour plan. I was going to follow Barrelhouse. A whole bunch of stuff, man.


All right, here's the thing. I don't want this to be a bummer. We're actually excited to take in the new year.


That's right. We're going to. But fuck the shit out of twenty twenty. There you go.


But fuck it to death and we're going to make their twenty twenty anice prolapsed and we're going to make twenty, twenty one kiss it and then take it over and the next year this been this year is going to fuck so hard you know.


Wish it was twenty, twenty two. And I'll tell you this I, I do want express genuine gratitude though for amazing amazing fans. You guys made this like an incredible community where we look forward to doing these podcasts every week. The live shows completely blew our minds. So much fun.


Well, that is the blessing in the skies, if you will, was that I feel as though we got closer with the Wyoming family. Yeah. I feel as though, you know, when all this stuff first hit the fan, I remember very clearly you and I walking around our neighborhood when the orders came down that we were to be quarantining and staying in our homes. And our first reaction, you and I, was to go, we need to do a show.


Yeah. We need to make a show now and address what's happening in and get together with our community in a in a weird way. And, you know, same Tripoli came on. And who was the actress?


The Alexis Fox. She was excellent and she was amazing.


Excuse me, Dr. Alexis Fox. She was fantastic. And then no, then we yeah, we did that. And also, ah, it was funny because our main concern, we immediately were like, well we can't do stand up. And they're like, it's not going to happen. Yeah. And then the next thing we were just like, how do we keep doing the podcast? Because, uh, at least here they were like you're not going to be able to go anywhere.


So we brought all kinds of equipment to our home.


We were going to have a mobile, so we didn't know what the fuck was going to happen.


But anyway, we're here, we're gay and we're going to live long. So because HIV doesn't kill you anymore.


So now let's play an opening clip to take you in twenty, twenty one with an unstable man in a parking lot, one of the staples of this show.


Here we go.


OK, why you keep putting your black who was all me play me like a was in streets about. Why are you keeping your rapist on me, Mr. KKK? Now you hook your hook was playing a game at the bus stop across the street. She's a nasty hooker, sir. She's in the gang, so why are you keeping your eyes on me? What's up? Right ass all time there.


Happy New Year. Happy Mother's Day.


Well, welcome. Welcome to your mom's house with Tom Secura. And Christina, putschists, welcome to your new. Wow, that guy was pretty cool. What I liked about it, Tom, is there was typically so many moments. It was a big word in there. But I think that he is of the persuasion where he could say it. He had a voice like that. Oh, you think you can. You think you can tell by his voice that he was of what?


He's black. OK. Yeah. Yeah, the guy said speaking. What do you think? Right. Oh yeah. I think so. Yeah. OK, yeah. But it's still I mean it wasn't like cool. Cool. He wasn't like a chill guy. No saying it.


And do you think there really was a hooker. I do think that the white guy looked like uh like he looked like extra cracker.


Yeah. Like he didn't belong wherever he is. Like he he seems out of place.


He he's like and now I don't trust white people as much as I used to. Oh really? What happened? I feel like this year I just I have a bigger distrust of like like crackly white people.


Yeah, I mean, this guy I'm just saying that he just seems like Donald Trump ruined it for me. Really? Yeah. Like, I hate the man a lot more than I used to. Oh, Gavin Newsom. That's why. Because like a watch, that's a real pivot from Donald Trump.


Right. But it's because I was really thinking about Newsom. Oh. How he's telling us on your back in the fall you're back. Well, you're right.


When no, he was he was like tweeting that we should be wearing our masks in between taking bites for Thanksgiving. And then he's a real restaurant endorsee.


I hope that this year haunts his political aspirations. I hope so, too. I do. I really do. I hope that Newsom because it's obvious he wants to be president and will run and I hope it doesn't work out.


I hope that your dream is crushed and for the new year.


And thank you. That's our prediction for twenty twenty one. That's one of the many predictions that we have is what for twenty twenty one that you'll crush his political career.


That I will not like Fox I have. I won't, I'm not doing anything but that you're you're Hoke's your Hecks wish so. Oh yeah. Yeah yeah. Not Hoke's. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Public Enemy number one. He's a piece of shit. Gavin Newsom.


Um yeah.


This guy there in the parking lot. Pretty cool because I think the white guy is just sitting there and like I think it's like not the neighborhood he lives in. Yeah. And that guy is like we do and I maybe he is like I think like waiting for a hooker or something. Yeah.


Um, but it's always cool. Like he's he's definitely he's definitely like ruining whatever moment that guy was going to have, like yeah.


That guy's like I'm going in this neighborhood and then this guy is like videotaping um like, hey Mr. Clansman.


So, uh, well this is kind of I'm a Fed smoker. Move to just Chi Chi Chi. Yeah.


As I said, new smoker and also like to be a white guy in a parked car. And I have a black guy be like Mr. Chi Chi Chi. You're like, uh, can I just can I just be alone right now? You know, he's like, I don't want you to say that any louder.


Well, I would be so offensive to someone said that you wouldn't you? Because you're like, wait a minute. Of course not, guys. Of course there's more man.


Y'all is retarded. And members don't know about to see our problem with a million man. OK, I got KKK started putting his hook on the plane at the damn bus stop. Oh yeah. Putting this nasty Houston fishing hook on me, bro. Sucking on the fight game.


It must be why they are playing a game. So this year that is nothing but a game preview in these movie streets. They are playing a game files. Yeah.


Ho ho ho ho ho chi. Only that the bush about that poor hooker cake.


Leave her alone. She ran a guy out. Yeah.


I mean first of all, he's feeding into this. What an accent. That's a Memphis. It's a Memphis swag on that. But also the um. I realize that the ladies just waiting for the bus.


Oh that's true. I don't think that, you know, I'm beginning to think he's reading into the situation.


I'm beginning to see that he's a little unstable. Yeah.


I mean, you this is not and I don't like his camerawork either. I don't care for it. No, it's not. Good cinematography. Herky jerky.


Yeah, it's.


She's a hooker, sir.


Oh yeah. A beautiful clip to start.


The New York was playing a game at the bus stop across the street. Man y'all is retarded so.


Yeah. Pretty cool. Nice. Um, so let's before we jump into twenty, twenty one, recap some of the most exciting and fun things that happened here on your mom's house this year. We really, really had huge, huge, huge year. Amazing things happened.


Amazing drops and clips.


Of course, one of the most horrific things that happened is that the man that so many look to as an inspiration and as a leader, really one of the flagship people that has come from this show.


How do you get a job here? Fuckface is allegedly dead. Um, you remember that we were all stunned to learn on one. I think it was in February, wasn't it? Like right before this end of February that, uh, Fed smoker episode five thirty eight. It says here, um, and there's the Fed, most of mobile, um, died on the side of the road in Arizona. Uh, I'm not sure if that was the correct date, but I felt like it was before.


Courneya February. Look at that. That's when I came out and at least he died hydrated because he's got that jug of water.


I don't think that's water, but but. The it's not the the theories have continued since his alleged passing, but that he's still out there and that he might be the origin of the virus, that he might have the cure within him.


And the cool thing is, because he started thirty eight YouTube accounts, there's never an end to the amount of footage we have of Colonel E Peterson. And yeah, we will we will honor him.


We will protect him. Piece. We will absolutely keep bringing the best of Connel to you through this show.


Touching my camera to you, faggot. So he's yeah.


He's a special cool guy that, you know, I feel like twenty twenty was also the year of the cool guy. There were so many memorable. Yeah. Cool guys and the fat smoker Lane was a different one.


He was more about confronting police finding was going out there, getting into it and the stamp on your face and keeping communities safe by harassing those who are minding their own business, like he really did it all up.


But the one that really captured my heart. Yeah. And my imagination of all the cool guys was Norman. Pictet Summerton, yeah, I think yeah, I don't think I'd ever I never seen anybody like him.


We've covered a lot of cool guys on this show. We sure. Yeah. Yeah.


But there was nobody quite like him because he was so pure and his love of fetish.


Oh, nobody like him. Nobody would catch. Yeah. No one ever and ever. No one ever said that before. Nobody's saying. Yeah, yeah.


I mean Robert Paul champagne also carries that type of passion. Yeah. But he's into.


But Norm was like a real gift routine. Yeah. And we actually remember well let me see if we poutine makes me smile every time.


Deviants. Yeah. Pick Norman Summerton. You know stickups. Any babies for seven hours. Seven hours.


I mean this guy as many of you discovered was is a real outlier. I mean, this guy, he's so hardcore into this lifestyle that you're drawn. Of course, you see the tats and then you see the tits and the cups. And then he evolved into getting the crazy pig tattoo on his head, which is actually beautiful artwork. We actually had the tattoo artist on the right time.


We did interview him. Yeah, we talked to him and he. And then Norm. Oh, sorry. So the handle on Instagram is designed. Why Derek Young, DIA, NYR, he's the one who did Norm's tattoos. He also then got a cocksucking a pig eating a rooster. Right. Like a pig sucking a cock essentially on the side of his had enormous.


And then Norm would go through these enormous, uh, like spirals.


Right. This cyclical behavior where he would pig out on his deviance and then he would feel shame and go away and go to church.


And it's almost as though he was in his own quarantine year. Yeah. Because I feel that I go through those exact same spiral. Sure. Of overeating over drinking.


And then I sleep too much and then I rein it in and I you know, it's all very relatable except that his is just more you know, it's on display fetish and it well it's more like. Yeah.


In high gear. Is that definitely six gear. Yeah.


He's and also with kids, I can't take them off and have a shark pick a certain. I love him. Yeah.


He's sweet guy man. Oh who. Look at those. I like to see them without the cops.


Like I wonder what I'd like a before shot these days.


Hey look at these.


De de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de song. Hanging onto them out of hand, hanging on to me. Yeah, yeah. I've got a piece of bacon.


He is a rancid and I love that he's self-aware. He knows what he's into. Yeah he's awesome. This is the year two that I learned about tit cups. I never seen them before. I never experienced them.


And then we ordered an entire said we got like well first we got the the cheapest you got the, the Costco cups.


Didn't know. I don't come on Amazon.


It was like and then we were like, let's break out the plastic and get some real fucking well some industrial European titicut.


I had ordered them from Germany. Yeah. And I spent about almost a thousand dollars on those cups.


I did not know that but worth every penny. Well, and it's a write off, you know, it's a business expense. Yeah.


I don't know what accounting will say but yeah. They didn't ask like hey are these for your show or these personal. You're just like oh they like their, their pickups.


But yeah, it was amazing, you know, to have those, those pickups here now for me personally. Yeah. It's no question that my absolute absolute favorite part of this entire year was let me see all I had a feeling finding Leo, Ed Asner and that beautiful.


I mean I so fell in love with this guy. I love these videos. I love the drops.


I love this story.


You know, I mean, the only the lobster only, like, sad part was knowing that he was also no longer with us because I would love to have talked to this guy.


Yeah, but these videos were right before you come. Yeah. I'll follow out if I wanted. I have no problem swallowing.


I just stopped for a minute and I put a big hickey on your inner thigh. Yeah. And just suck on that and make it nice and red. Yeah. Let you remember me after I'm gone man.


I mean I, I would watch these videos at home. I know I would, I would hit up in the semi, the semi that some of the, the video file of this. And then the thing is. Me, what excites me the most is, you know, it's kind of like a ridiculous video, but the clarity of what he's saying and then because I love audio drops and like that, first of all, I saw this. I was like, oh, we just had a gold mine.


I mean, there's just so much, you know, it's like and also to mine.


And I say that at first blush, you know, sometimes these clips take time to breathe. Yeah. Like fine wine, wine. Think the first time we saw Robert Paul champagne, you're like, this is just a weird guy just blown away by it.


You don't get into the little nuances. Right. Makes it great. I mean like an onion and then you peel back layers and layers and layers. Who's Mark. Right.


And when he was caught up in May and then you get like the whole, you know, just the aesthetic craziness of like a guy wearing a headset, you know, who's like in his 60s and shirtless and overweight.


And the way that he sex talks, you know, get hard till I'm ready to come out like he's too explicit. Landmark. Don't be stingy with it. Yeah.


Why would he be stingy with pounds, like back when they're ejaculating?


Had you ever you got a big dick eyelets. It's normal size. OK, and then you see it.


I mean, it's not it's not that that big. It's not that well. And don't forget the great music to come this year, the many songs that.


Well, that's the thing is that this led to one of the real real hits of the year.


See if there's so many who will be stingy by horndog. You listen to this so many times, so many times. And I used to get tagged in so many stories.


And, you know, every time I sing you and he's saying he's got your balls in my mouth, put your balls in my mouth, I you just just come on. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. Yeah, I'll swallow it. I want to swallow if I want to put a big sticky on your inner thigh there. Make it nice dress.


Well it's normal size. It's not that. It's not that bad. So every time I got tagged in a story that somebody be in their car listening to this song and they record it and they always have their girl with them, and they would show the girl who was like, I know, like the girls driving.


She's like, turn this off. Story of my life.


Because you, you know, lie like this is not an exaggeration. You did play that song on a loop in how I got obsessed with the kids around in the car. It was like constant, constant.


Ed Asner, you really were taken with him. Yeah.


And I think what I was taken most by is his literalness and his lack of flowery language. Like he's so literal with so little time that it's like you're buying and all that.


Yeah. Like who says that? Who would ever. I don't know. I mean, and then he also he had the orgasm of the year.


Oh oh oh oh.


Oh that's right. And I love here's the thing, the other element of what I love that this clip upsets people, you know, like I love.


That's the other that somebody is like, I was enjoying things until you did that.


That's always a fun thing to. I know. And it's fun for you. Yeah, it doesn't. I don't get as much joy ruining people's days as you. Yeah. I love doing that.


Yeah. I'm more of a Norm Summerton team or I like to uplift people. I like the gross out stuff. I like to gross people. This could fall into that category.


Now I will say that person Ed Asner orgasm put next to Robert Paul champagnes they get.


Oh all right. Yeah.


Actually Chiaro or whatever he goes Chiaro show was even better. Right.


That's where it spits. Oh yeah.


That is so vile. Well it's not nice.


I'll tell you, it's really not a nice sound but yeah. I mean I could listen to it over and over and over and over. Yeah you did. Yeah. It's really good God.


I was looking for, um, for the one you just mentioned, but I can't find it, I hear what Robert Hill the clock. Oh, but imagine him saying, Yeah. Oh, come here.


I love that one now. OK, I think I know why I like that one so much more. Yeah. Is that he thinks that that's sexy because he.


Oh Robert is sure that it's sexy. Yes, yes. Yes he is. And Ed Asner has no perception that he has no game because you know why Leo here hasn't been sexually active participating hasn't been with people, men in maybe like a decade or more. So his his all his like game. The reason it's so like elementary is because he hasn't engaged.


So he has that's why he's like, I'll massage your asshole come you. That's why he's like, I don't know. Those are the things that you do. Right. Yeah. He's such a military guy about it. Yeah. Yeah. Which makes sense because he was in the military. So that makes sense.


The military militaire attari massage your little massage like it is.


But Robert Paul I just like because he's such an old queen and I feel like I'm familiar with that kind of gay guy. Yeah. Like he was just all in like he's so in.


I'm going to put this in your mouth and you're going to have to suck it dry. You're going to just suck it right. Mark, you got that beautiful mind.


And this one here does remind me of my father in law. So there is that layer that, yeah, this is immagine Topdog talking nasty. Well, he would he would exactly do this. You would exactly this.


First of all, if my mom died tomorrow, my dad the next day would have a headset and would be in the chat room and be like, let me see, let me see those tits.


Yeah, oh, we got nice boobs. I see your bush. Yeah, OK, you want me to do it right here? Yeah, it would be the exact same thing. I agree. I agree. Give it to me, Mark. Yeah.


Yeah. Oh, I can feel it. Oh, that's good. Oh, that's got to be good.


Oh. Oh oh.


Anyway. One of my absolute favorite moments of the year. Thank you.


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What's another incredible one. Um. Wow. This was fantastic. Taylor Tomlinson, who is a great comedian, had her Quarterlife Century special, came out Quarterlife Crisis Court Authority, Quarterlife Crisis, came out early.


I think it was the beginning. I know. Yeah.


Netflix beginning of the year, just absolutely killing. It came on here and we ended the episode, right? Yeah. Came out February Quarterlife Crisis. We ended the episode with that RPG Bangar that I think Bart Simpson. And who who did he collaborate with? Was it Mr. Clavicles? It was just Bart Simpson. It was just for Simpson.


But when they did the video portion, so he did something to the song and then they did a video together. But Taylor, you could tell we like because it's really intense and you forget that that is like normal here, right? Well, we don't often have other ladies.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Taylor was like, oh, a fan song.


And then there's like big black cocks and she's like, uh, like her her Phat Simpson, a.k.a. D.J. Skull Vomit aren't the only fans Bangar. So it's going to take us out. Hope you enjoy it and see you next week.


Taylor is great because life is fun. Yeah. Yeah. I guess you're like my friend.


I ask for a lot of Hezbollah or some time for me to become a face. Thanks for letting me use his phone. Oh what a fuck. As far off the come jumpman right fucking back.


She's like, yeah. And then she was like, cool, is this over. But she was great.


She was great. Um, yeah. It was just funny to see somebody and then it makes you realize you're like, oh yeah.


Like that's not a normal song.


It's not a normal song. That was really good song. No. Yeah. Fucking fart Simpson man.


These there are so talented, all the people that contribute to this. Yeah. And I really had a great year with us. Oh yeah.


Let's do the other part Simpson. I mean if you guys didn't catch the live show, we did a piece on him so you guys get to see his process.


Episode five five eight may have had The Banger of the Year, certainly that that one over so many people. And that was Grass Kingdom.


Oh, come on, man. They're looking for that moment. Let's hope they find that divers looking for you. Find that shit, you fucking. Hurry up and find that shit you fuck you, man, the first time I heard that it was such a release, I was like, Oh man, all my rage is gone.


It was so, so, so funny.


It was perfect because Nadav was Googling in the first time you played it. Yeah. You found the the best mommai.


Fifty eight is the episode five fifteen.


And that was so funny. Yeah. What a great song. Great song. Um. Anything else here you're Googling has not gotten any better, despite that's true through a couple of your favorite tots?


Yeah, so, you know, in the world of which was a whole new lane that came from this came this year, right? Well, well, actually, it was last year.


I was again. Yes. 2013 is when uh we had such great hips as hits as apes.


Grace And do you ever worry that you're retarded and no one was telling you? Well, it's true. It's true. Uh, I mean, so and Captain Marcel came in twenty nineteen this year. We had the king, obviously the king of Queens above 18. We had some Indian weddings. We had some other, you know, some really great ones. But there have been a couple of talks that have really stuck with me. The first one is this gentleman.


I mean, I say this around the house, said all the time, just listen to the verbiage and I just love it. I love this guy.


Imagine being allergic to peanuts if you don't grow the fuck up.


It just makes me laugh perfect. So much. It's such a sentiment I agree with. Yeah. And then the next thing I love, like like there's a choice. Well, no, it's true. It is. What do you mean it's true? I'll tell you why Gen Xers are not allergic to fucking peanuts or anything. You know why we stopped giving kids peanuts and the following generations and we gave the children allergies. It's 100 percent true.


Go ahead and look it up. We created fuckin peanut allergies in children because they were so afraid of kids getting allergies. And how come all of a sudden all these fucking. Yeah, Cry-Baby, there's definitely real peanut allergies now.


There are I'm not saying they're not real. I'm saying that we caused them by not introducing these things to kids. It was Gen Xers ruin stuff for everyone else.


It's OK to say OK, but yes, it is an inferior constitution. These people are weak that have peanut allergies. And so this is exactly how I feel moving along.


OK, this next talker, this one really got me on a few levels. Um, just go ahead and just play it.


I just I like this one. I'm sorry. I like to do this. Please call me. I this know why you're so mad at me. I love you. I apologize. This one this one got me in ticktock, like when you were doing your taxes, I don't know what the fuck. And I saw this one.


I was like, this is actually pretty great. Yeah. See, there's a moment. I mean, Danny Brown expressed this to us. I believe in a private conversation. I think I wasn't so sure about tick the tick tock segments until Captain Marcel came on.


I think I think is he the Soniya told me the same thing. It was Captain Marcel. But no, not he was just like the talks. And then he was like, no, I'm into this now.


You're in it takes you have to find that one that speaks to you personally and then you're in. Yeah. So those are my top two.


This one is amazing because first you're actually first taken by you're like, who the fuck has facial hair like that, right?


Yeah. Like what is that man so much. What hair did the did your Clipper's just break. Like what are you doing. But then what stands out is he's so emotional, he's playing to a woman and it's it, it reads exactly like a direct message, like you would take someone this.


He's like, no, no, this is my public feed.


Yeah. I mean, here's the thing. It checks so many boxes for me. No. One, he's got hair on the top of his nose, which is so peculiar. Yeah. No, to the patheticness of the emotional plea, which makes me so uncomfortable. And number three, an unawareness of how the app works.


But this is a public forum and you should not open the door to a whole new Layna talks, which was just people who don't understand how it works, which is my favorite thing.


Personally, I love that when people who are like, here's my dating, my profile doing this is not a dating site.


Hey guys, I'm thirty six.


I got a job. I'm just looking to meet people.


What. Yeah, that lack of awareness. There's apps for that. You can just open another app.


I know. You know it really makes me happy.


OK, um well we're going to something very fun today, fun and special. We are going to bring in every member of the staff that is here today. And they're going to sit here. We're going to talk to him a little bit about their favorite memories of the year, what they're most looking forward to. And, yeah, it's going to be a good time. So let's take a quick break. Be right back. Wow.


Back first up on the couch is the producer whose voice and laugh and Googling skills you know so well. He not only produces this show, produces other podcasts, he manages all our operations. Here it is, the great and powerful Nadaf.


Hey, thanks for having me. Yeah. Oh, neat. Thanks for being here. Um, can we just say that you've been with us for such a long time now? I think the listeners are aware of when you started, which was right about when we were only twenty after Steve Ellis was born.


You know what that was right? When mostly stories came out. Can I tell you something? When we say twenty sixteen like that feels like not long ago because it was just a few years ago.


But it feels like we've done a lot together since then.


We're almost up on five years of me being with you guys. Oh yeah.


And I feel as though you've really grown up in the time that we've known you. Like when you came to us, you were just some little kid and now you're a grown man in the suit.


Yeah, I remember. I was like, I got to feel this guy. I met you out in public.


Yeah, I remember that dude. You do? I don't.


I remember because I had just gotten laid off at my day job. I was like, oh, let's hit up like podcast that I like that don't have video. And like within five minutes you responded, you're like, I want you meet me for breakfast tomorrow or like at some point soon.


Uh, and I remember like immediately I was like, oh my God, oh my God. This shit's fucking actually like I didn't expect things to be moving this quickly. All right.


And then I remember you guys had just gotten throat Zillah like on the podcast. I remember congratulating you on it.


You're like cool things set up, Rossella.


But, uh, but yeah, I remember being super nervous, but you were super chill and you made sure that I guess it wasn't too crazy to to help on the team. Yeah. Yeah.


Well, you know, because those you see them now, all the messages come in, like I could do this and then you're just always like, well is this person crazy, right. Yeah. Right. Yeah, yeah.


Well and also is this person willing. To go the distance, are you team genes, how team genes are you? And I would argue that this year Nadav has been totally team genes.


Yeah, yeah. Really on board. Really doing. Oh, thanks for the great work.


I bleep done them for you. You do believe deeply Denna.


No, you know you're essential. You are absolutely the you know, the I would never say the brains, I would say the skeletal structure of the software.


Yeah. Put me on me.


Well, I will say, look, he shaved his head for us and then we forgot that we even asked him to. It was kind of great. Um, yeah. I keep offering that to you guys. I've resisted, uh, very much. So the idea that I could adjust you a Addicott with give you a chiropractic adjustment. And then I went to your chiropractor who was like, you're totally qualified.


Right. Which was a little surprising to both of us, I think. I think it was.


Yeah, I think neither I thought he was going to be like, you definitely can't. And he was like, sure can.


But I'll tell you what, Tom, you have a gentleness to you. Thank you. But I never expected. Really? Yeah.


When you put your hands on me, I was like, oh, something's about the brain. And then it didn't.


Yeah, but, you know, it's I should definitely go get adjusted again pretty soon. Yeah. And I'll help you there.


I'll help you out still, but you have to pay for it.


But you didn't get that. The two of you have had a stranger dynamic this year. It's gotten a little adversarial at times. A little frightening for Nadhum. Is that accurate?


A little is an understatement. There were times I was really afraid. Well, I definitely don't mean to do that. I you don't mean to.


I never want to actually, you know, instill true fear in somebody that I work with.


You know, um, now there's more I didn't think you would work here at that point.


I didn't mind if you were scared, but, you know, you got your gambling under control. Yeah, for the most part, I.


I mean, not that I was gambling, I just thought you owe me a lot of goddamn money, your motherfucking show. Extra shots. Wow, I think that's my favorite part of that song, is that it's bubbled up after the body collapses.


There's also a grass kingdom, thank you know.


Yeah, he's a real killer. Yes. So what about for you, though, anything that really stands out for the year?


You know, it's really crazy because like like I've been with you guys for five years, and it used to be that I did everything for four. Why am I, like the staff has just been slowly getting bigger.


And you've overseen a true expansion, like from moving into the space? Well, you've been through multiple moves because we used to be moved from like an office to a home to the other offices, like my seventh studio. And it's going to move again.


Now, that one will be locked in for a hot minute, though.


Let's hope so. I think we said that about this one, too. True. Oh, gosh. We also didn't, you know, foresee, you know, but.


You oversaw the whole all the moves and then this was like our first. Real thing like expanding, right? And I remember coming in here and you're like, what we're going to need like some help.


Yeah, like I can't do everything anymore. We're not just one show anymore. Right?


Like, I remember when we got Chris in here, it's like, oh, my God, that's like and I think he took over when I, like, went to Israel like four years ago or something. So it's like you already kind of knew stuff.


And I mean, the biggest thing is like I used to do all the drops to the point where nothing used to bother me. And now we have Zolo and like I feel like I've started to regain some of my innocence back.


Yeah, like your sensitivity. Right. Like my like like things could haunt my dreams again. Yeah.


And have you seen things this year that haunted you? Yeah, because you have you have this real soft spot for people. Yeah, people getting hurt. Yeah, you don't like it and you don't. That doesn't bother you at all. Passed me over.


Well I mean, but I think that's the craziest thing about this year is that how I realized how inaccurately I could read what you think will funny when I watch like a horrible or like oh this is potential and it's just like at first it's like, OK, it's the funny sounds.


That's what he likes. Yeah. And then as soon as I'm like definitively that's what he likes. You're now hey prep this and it's a muted video of someone getting run over by a car.


It's like, all right, well no, I don't know what the rule is because like there's no sound this but like so yeah, there's that. Like the goalposts just keep changing.


Yeah, that's true.


That's taken me 15 years to figure out what makes Tom right. You go you you're really good. Like I would say like once every few weeks, maybe once a month, she'll be like, hey, hey, hey, you're going to watch this.


And I'm like, well, you know, I'll be doing what? And then I'll watch. I laugh.


She's like, yeah, I need like that will either be something like overtly sexual and inappropriate or aggressive in nature or you love.


Here's what Tom loves. Conflict like like strangers yelling in public at each other and getting really escalated. Someone getting harmed, really hurt, but not necessarily dying.


Not that's now that's different. Yeah. Yeah. Because he does. That's true. I don't like somebody dying.


You just don't mind it. No I do mind somebody dying. What's different. OK, what's different.


Yeah man you need to explain this because I don't get it. Let me I'll explain this because I thought about the guy getting into the machine. Oh my God. Let me explain it, though.


When you watch that video, you never see the man's face. You never have identifiable features.


Just let me let me explain let me explain this rule to change. You know, here's here's why I can tolerate that. And I don't feel like, oh, my God, I'm watching it because it's like a figure that moves. I mean, it's obviously a person and the cartoonish nature of him being thrown around, that's what it is. A funny depiction. I guess it is funny. It's not a depiction that it's it's funny footage of a human being.


Yes, it is. Yes, it is. And everybody agrees.


And I stand by the fact that it's a funny video.


I don't think it's funny that the guy was harmed or died. I don't think that's a funny fact of the video. I'm saying the visuals themselves are funny in nature. That video is pretty thick.


Cloud of blood mist that like is that it's not that clear. Like, you just know there's a red tent right above the machine when you get sucked into it.


So like it's like and here's what's crazy.


I remember the foulest thing that I had ever prepped before Zolo came on. Yeah. Was the septic tank swim. You look like you almost threw it.


I almost threw up. And now it's just like I wish I wish that was the peak. Yeah, that's true. Because I did get a little too heavy I think. Yeah. This was a new lane. We didn't do like crazy heavy stuff before.


I know. No. Yeah, yeah. It all used to be real manageable.


I mean I remember when I had when I had a day job before you guys, like there was like some older person that worked there. That's just like I'm a I was a kid on the Internet. I got some crazy videos, like a gross. Yeah. I was just like, OK, old man, show me what you got. And he showed me cake for I'm like, OK, let me show you this compilation of this guy swimming and shit and then like putting it in his eyes and like in the first two seconds he's like, all right, you win him.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. And it's yeah. This place really changes you, you I would after like a couple of weeks.


It does change you. And I do think it's it takes a special personality to really gel with the studio. Gene's family.


I mean you're definitely definitely the DNA. You we consider this to be a safe space. The opposite of what. A traditional safe spaces. Right. You can say and do whatever the fuck you want. Yeah.


And we do have a great team here. I will say. I really do. And I told you every time, as far as Hyers, I was like, look, my No.


One, no one thought on this is yes, of course they have to be competent to do the job, but they got to be good people, people that we want to work with every day.


You know, I don't want to work anywhere where you walk in. You're like, oh, that like when you're out so many jobs that we've had, you know, where you're like, that guy is a dick or I don't like this person's energy. Like, we don't have that here. Which is the best part of working here.


Yeah. No, everyone here is a killer. I'd grab a beer with anyone that works here, like there's no one there.


It's just like, oh, fuck this person in here, you know, like and we care about everyone if anything happens to any of us, everyone like first thing's first, everyone talks are just like, holy shit, I heard. What are you OK?


Yeah, yeah, yeah. We care about each other now, most importantly. You know, everybody's office down. This is really fascinating, right?


So we discovered this just by having our lunches together in the lobby, that dog can tell who took a shit just by the collateral damage in the toilet. And afterwards you're like, oh, you nailed it.


Yeah, I just take a look. And I could tell because I know who takes dumps in certain ways.


One time we were in the lobby and I was like, oh, I got to go the bathroom. You're like, oh, Chris is in there. He's been in there. He's taking a shit go OK. And you go, yeah, there'll be some streaks on the bottom of the toilet. And I go, what, maybe a couple of streaks like how do you know that? And then I went in there and there were streaks.


Wow. Shilluk dude, that's me. So tell us the break and what do you tell us? I mean, I'll tell you how everyone shoots right now, OK? Sure. So how I know that whoever's been in the bathroom. OK, so I'll start with I'll start with Chris.


OK, you know, it's just it seems like everything's an emergency for him.


Like whenever he needs to go to the bathroom, he's never leisurely walking through it.


Right. He's going running into it with purpose. Right. Which explains the streaks because it's like he goes in fast. It goes out fast. Sure. That's Chris. Yeah.


And also secretive. Chris is quieter than the rest of us. Right. Doesn't share. Yeah. How old is he. Right. That makes sense. Right.


Like he wouldn't tell us that they're streaks of the body.


He would be like I took a shit. Yeah. Like you wouldn't announce it or he doesn't ask our team. Yeah.


Right then I mean I know that it's never any so I know that we know that. Well yeah.


If there's nothing like if there's no evidence of anything happening then and he was there. Right.


Yeah I know when it's Zolo because it's proper use of the popery that we have.


Wow. Yeah. Real considerate of it.


Not smelling and he's the most consistent with that consideration.


That's so true. Yeah I know solos so sweet and I think it's because he has a long term girlfriend and so he's used to having to mask his disgust. Here's what I want to know. Male.


How do you know if Christina's OK? So here's the nitty gritty. OK, Christina, Christina doesn't should hear often. I've done it twice.


You've got to talk like to you emergencies only.


But I know when she's used the bathroom because she misses the toilet. No. Yeah. You explain the toilet pee. No, not with pee. With the wipes.


Like there's been numerous times where I go and it's just there's just like toilet paper right to the left of the bowl.


And Christina is the messiest person in studio. Jean, thank you. That makes sense. I'm like, yeah, of course she's just throwing shit.


She doesn't know words. Thank you.


I live with this person, you know. Yeah, it's yeah. Every every time we wrap a limited recording, I am baffled by the things you're able to, like, just throw on the ground carelessly. Like there's there were times I think your headphones like was in a water cup, like there's open bottles of water that are leaning like this right next to all the electric stuff.


It's like, how do you do this? Not on purpose.


So so I know it's not I know you wouldn't do it on purpose.


My parents hate me. I was like, yeah, my whole life I've been chastised by my parents. Yeah.


Like, it's wild thing. I'm just a sloppy mess.


Never seen it. Person There was one time I think Potter showed me, it's just like, hey, look what I found in the drawer. And it was like an unopened Starbucks egg pack that's just completely green.


Like it's it's just it's fucking crazy. Yeah.


So yeah, I don't see it. So stuff is thrown in places they shouldn't be thrown.


That's why I know Christine has been in there now you and Potter shit very similarly really in the sense that the toilet seat is always wet because you guys have, you guys got a lot of hair there.


So it just traps heat onto the onto the sweaty, see. Right.


It's like it's the only time I've ever gotten there and it's been wet afterwards.


But the way that I know it's you is that you seem to be one of the only people here that gets underneath the toilet seat.


Yeah. Thank you. Which is also interesting because Bert does that too.


Cool. But the way that I know it's Bert is that it's black. Yeah.




He did it after two beers live and it was the wildest color I've ever seen. Black. It was black and under the seat.


Black, by the way, means blood. Yeah, that's what black means in your stool.


What does under the seat mean is means is that good in nature means athletic, athletic and strong leadership is a very powerful, powerful, powerful man.




And I haven't seen Lindsey shoot here, so I can't really tell you. We've got to get Lindsey to shit here. Yeah. You know, we should make him shit today after lunch and well, I could take some notes and hold a gun to his head.


Make it happen. Yep, yep, yep. All right, Nadav, happy New Year.


Happy New Year. Thank you. Everything you do. Thank you. Happy New Year. Very, very happy to have you. Yes, we love it, girl. And we love her suits and we love your energy. Oh, thanks. Danny's for life.


Yeah. And we are back with another member of Studio Genes, the team here, our latest and greatest hire. The newest addition, the great and powerful Lindsay.


Yes. Hi, Lindsay. Well, it was actually, um, one thing we didn't we haven't talked about is how we ended up meeting. And it was because I actually tried to hire a friend of yours.


Yeah, this is you try to hire a very nice. Yeah. Quiet girl who would not have survived a week here.


I didn't realize that. I didn't. You're the one that pointed out to me sometimes we're doing things and Lindsay will go. Do you think she would have done this? I'll be like, Oh, I didn't think about that.


Yeah, no, it's about like karma or what exactly it was, but maybe like two weeks and they have like to quit, but there's no way.


But it was so nice of her to introduce us. Yes, it was, yeah.


And that's because you are a breath of normal air air I would say.


Meaning that like you come from a world where people don't watch a septic tank. Yeah. Swims and I close my eyes through the live shows mostly.




I don't want to, I don't want to be exposed to it but there's definitely there is, there's dark darkness inside. I see it. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. That's why it works. You'll see it. Yeah.


No I have heavily drink together. Yeah. Yeah. There's a sense of it. There's things. Yeah. I can't wait like you know other foreigners. Let's go get on with it. Let's go.


Well he did get to be in the dark man. Yes. Oh my God. So let's talk about OK so we, we bring you in and we're definitely clicking and working together. And one of the main, you know, things we tell you, like we're going to we're doing these live shows and we need to shoot extra content. Right. So the first thing is that well, I guess the first thing is that I gave you a script for one of the Darmanin sketches and you were like, I don't think we can make this.


Yeah. Rewrite this. Yeah.


So the job of a producer, one of the job as a producer is to kind of help the writer get the words on the screen and like the words that you had written probably would have cancelled the studio.


So I'm like you can you do you remember what time? Yeah, sure. Yeah, yeah.


So the script goes that, you know, he is he's upset at his wife for mouthing off and being mean, being mean to him.


And he smashes her head through the windshield and kills her very violently. The very descriptive of how violent it was it was supposed to be.


Smash the head on the dash first, you know. Sorry. Yeah. Yeah, Dash first. Yeah. And we felt that it probably wouldn't read too well on screen. I thought I still would have read great.


But well, because there was discussion. So at first Lindsay goes, I don't think that's a good idea in the current culture, this isn't going to work. And then we tried to make it work. We're like, well, what if I played the wife? It'll soften the blow. And then that was like, even that's kind of harsh.


Yeah, well, I think what we went out to actors. Yeah. With the script pre I think pre rewrite and the casting agent was like, no one's going to do this.


So they're like, OK, Kristina can come in and do it. And then I, we really need to change this.


We were Christina but then we rewrote it, we wrote it and we rewrote the the violence. If you watched why IMH live number two, you saw the sketch.


It was it was the the one of the Darmanin sketches of the final one. And the best part is that we were able to we found. Yeah. Christina, you you found another actress to play the other part. A friend, a friend. Because again, sending a script to somebody we didn't know and then we needed somebody to be a real creeper.


And you're like, I'll do it.


Yeah, I know a guy. Yeah. So that was really fun, man. Yeah. No, that was it was it was really fun so far. Worked out really well.


You were so great as the Creeper because you wore khaki shorts. I remember I come in.


Yes. And you pulled the socks. I talked it in. Those were great. That's not actually normal for me on the weekends. Yeah. That was you were really great in that part. You were so good.


No, I got a lot of compliments. You did. Like you should do your act. Yeah.


I was like, well I can do the creepy part, but if I can do other things when you got too excited to have sex with the body.


Oh yeah. Yes, yes. Perfect. I love that. I was trying to channel a little Will Forte on that, but yeah, that was great. Yeah, that was a lot of fun, I mean, we've had a lot of other great things we've done through the dominatrix was amazing, amazing, amazing.


And that was like an experience because it was just us three, you know, there was no one else because of covid. Yeah. And, well, there was a slave in the living room.


Yeah. She had her, you know, Dom DOMS have slaves. Yeah. So she was like, hey girl, if I can do this.


He was like Starbucks. Yeah. Oh my God. That was pretty weird.


But yeah. Like we and he would like look up front, he would be sitting on the floor and sometimes he'd go. He looked up at me like, you're very lucky. Yeah, but we're like, oh, you're like a little bit of a game plan going in, but just like being in the room and seeing your guys fear. Yeah.


About like what's to come that you didn't really read well or amazing like at one point a camera what you wanted to do, but you got really scared and we're like, no, do it to Lindsay. Yeah. And came in like try to hide behind the camera. Yeah. Like a little kid. You're very, very scared of what's happened.


Yeah. Well, the funny thing is, you know, Burt was like so vocal.


He was like, whatever happens to me was a really good impression. And I was like I was like, yeah, of course. But I was trying to not I was like, no, no, just do it to Burt.


So I like his main fear was what I was trying to do.


He got really mad about the collar being put on. Oh yeah. She was also like, look at me like she's like, you're fucking discuss it. He's like, OK, there's a lot of F bombs being dropped. So I also have an R, but I also edit the thing. A lot of the pre tapes and there's a lot of stuff on the left. Bombs on the and our bombs in the cutting room floor. Yeah. I bet.


Yeah. She went wild with it like 30 because we were like you can insult.


I was like you know cause names and she was like yeah I got it. I was like, like she was like one or two names. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Wow. That's pretty pretty.


So Lindsey, a lot of people have said you said they come to us one way and then after spending time with us, they feel changed. Do you feel change at all from your year at the White Family Studio?


Um, yeah, I guess sort of the corner of my eye. I've seen a lot of things. Um, definitely change, though, eye opening in terms of like character as characters. I've met, um, like I guess just virtually I didn't never meet Robert Champion, but, you know, he wasn't someone in my my world before.


So you learned about a lot of interesting people. Yeah. I mean, I was driving around the other day and this thing happened. I was like, what what are all these people doing?


Like, because in my world before it was like I didn't know that there were these type of people. And I'm like, oh, there's like that guy's a fucking champagne. That guy's probably like, yeah, shit. Yeah.


It makes you, like, really open your eyes to the people around you, that bunch of fucking weirdos out.


Well, let me first say you're welcome. So much really changed my perspective. View the world so true.


I guess we are the collectors of the odd I don't really think of it, but like the other day we drove past the park and I was like, oh, look, there's two people sleeping. Yeah.


Yeah. And now you get to notice that, which just kind of nice. Do you think about it. Yeah, it's a nice touch.


It's a government apartment building. You're like the amount of weird shit that's going on around you. Yeah. Oh my God. You didn't think about it. People are weird man. Yeah. Yeah.


And like we find them and we show them you got them. We celebrate them every week. Yeah. You also so you do like all the IMH originals and you've also been with me for all the car videos, which, by the way, I got hit up by a new one, turned out to be exciting about another partnership.


And I like, you know, that I, I just love cars. And so, like, one of the first things we did was actually the very first, um, stories from the road was in your Tesla. Yes. And this was before we even incorporated the car part. I just like wanted to drive something. I really did. And we've continue to put those out. And we recently put out one in the McLaren seven six five Lety.




So so my mom after AdCenter texted me and was like, you can't work there anymore.


Oh. After you sent her what the how fast you went. Oh really.


Yeah. Great. So we're supposed to say it because I don't think it was legal, but it's definitely not. It's not. Do you think it's legal? It was for sure. Why did you guys do the driving?


Because it was we were we got up early and we went to the South Bay. So there's a couple of stretches on the 110.


We're all straight up straight. But as long as it's a straight like an empty freeway, do you want to know how fast we went?


OK. Hundred and fifty one miles per hour, Tom, for a moment.


And then I was like, this is dangerous, Lindsey.


I slow down. I was driving was really quick though, literally.


You know what I want to do on the next car that comes? I'm going to put pictures of your children on the dashboard and your wife. And then I was crying when their daddy's dead on the highway.


Yeah, my my dad, too. He's a big car guy. Like, that's really irresponsible, fucked up shit.


It was really fun, though. I remember you in the car going, I've never gotten this far. I think I think the first time little over 100 was in the Dodge and we won like 105 to 150 the next day.


I was just like a big joke. That car is crazy. Yeah. And then we and then we were back of my Tesla, which Tesla a fast car and we Felger and sludge. You're going eighty miles per hour. We were like, is this car moving.


Yeah. And guess what, McLaren sending me another one for the final straighter road.


Yeah. One seventy.


Maybe you have life insurance, right. Yeah, it's and Paul Walker ship.


But to go now. Oh God.


They will be in the car too much.


But no, I don't think we have any coverage on that. What did your mom say. She was like, I don't want you working there. I want you like driving with him anymore.


I was like, Mom, I'm thirty three. I'll be your friend.


Oh my God, I did it like this.


I put my hand and keep them safe. You know, I no seatbelt on because I had to do the camera, but no screaming.


Oh my God, I don't like this at all. And then we did the other thing that also pissed you off a motorcycle. I hate motorcycles.


So yeah, we got him on a motorcycle and everyone was like, hey, dad, you're wearing shorts. Everybody's wearing. Well, you get that.


Let me up for what I wore. They let me up. Let me up for you. Put me on the wrong like that's the wrong bike for you to start.


I was like, OK, well, you have a girlfriend or ex-girlfriend that rode my bike like when she was eighteen or something and still has fifteen years later burns on her leg because like, we're just fucking around and we're just like, you know. Yeah. Like with shorts. Yeah.


Well good looking out bro. Thanks. That's great. Yeah.


He said that I laughed at her burning her leg which is true. She's an expert. Yeah. Great. Yeah.


So and then we're doing great things with you too. We great mom videos. Yes we did.


We did my tech talk. So you want to talk and then we have another one coming too. It'll be released already. So those are fun. Yeah. Very fun. So exciting. Yes.


We're really all good things and a lot of good things coming in and we have a lot of exciting things coming up. But I'm so excited. That's great, Ed.. Seriously, you're so much smarter than like all of us, so I'm just glad you're here.


Yeah, I love that.


But, um, no, but we really are happy to have you, man. And I'm excited to be working with you. Yeah.


I'm still going to close my eyes to the live shows, but yeah.


Yeah, yeah. Even know your name. I'll tell you this.


I'll go ahead and tease it out. There's some stuff coming down the pipeline that isn't heavy or hard core that we're going to put out to that.


We're very excited. That's really exciting. Yeah. Yeah. Like no one dies, no one gets shit on you.


Well, I don't know. It's something like I should point some of my shit, their pants, but it's not like, you know.


Yeah, we're doing some exciting things. This is going to be great. Yeah. Yeah, I'm excited. I'm very excited, I think it's like so I came from SNL and like the year of freedom there, but here it's like a whole nother level of, like, creative freedom where you're not, like, beholden to the studio or the network where we can do whatever we want. Yeah, we can think of crazy ideas and do them and like not sweat in trouble about them.


Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah. But yeah, yeah.


And thank you for having me on because it's oh my gosh. It's like a creative world that you don't get everywhere, you know. Yeah.


Because a lot of them think it's so exciting. The Internet is so great and I love it. I love that we have the freedom. Yeah. Thank God. Yeah.


All right. Yeah. Looking forward to twenty, twenty one. Thanks, Lindsay. Unless we die in a car crash next week.


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And we are back with the moral compass of why Image Studios, the only decent person on staff, that's for sure.


He is a gem, a delight to be around.


Very talented, very smart, very sweet. Mr. Chris, how are you, sir?


Hi. How are you guys? Very well. I know you are reluctant to be, but thank you for, you know, giving us a few moments. My pleasure. My pleasure. Got to do what I got to do for this company. Yes.


That's what I like your attitude like that team.


Can you first give me one of these though? Just show me your hair. Oh, my goodness. I think that Maine something's going to happen after this episode, and that is that people are going to go, oh, you mean we can make more than just Josh come?


Because this looks pretty good. Really good. You do have the best hair by far. Oh, I know that. Yes, I know that. You know.


So you came to us it was it through Nadaf. Through your cousin Brian. Through my cousin Brian. Yeah. That's who you remind me of. Yes. Yes. Yeah. I guess we do have a sort of moral compass to share that you don't have a similar demeanor.


Yeah. Did you work with Brian. Yeah, briefly.


Worked around Brian for about like six months on one of his projects or.


No. Yeah, one of his project.


Well, he was working on a project for called that. It was about piles and price of free I think is what was called OK. And then I was working at that same company.


And so I sell him pretty much every day now.


But yeah, but Chris is actually, I think, the most educated of all of us.


What was your degree in? Uh, I double majored in psychology and media studies at UC Berkeley.


No, I think science. Did you. What are you doing here, man? I don't know. Yeah, exactly.


Like there are times on where my mom's at Christmas in the booth and I will forget a word or I will ask a question. And he always knows the answer.


Does crossword puzzles to know no Sudoku before bed. No, Tom. Right. Oh, it's crossword. I did Sudoku when I was younger, but not not interested.


It's boring. Um, I just moved on to other. Yeah, right.


And you're also unique in that you don't use substances or eating to deal with bad feelings the way the rest of us do on stuff.


Yeah. Now I don't, I don't, I don't. I only drink socially and I don't really smoke weed or.


Yeah. Or any other kind of hard substances.


Yeah. Yeah. So what do you do when soda bad feelings come like during this pandemic.


Um I just try to distract myself with TV, heavy clips, all that stuff out of habit. So usually not. That's your job.


I felt so accusatory. Yeah. Gosh. Quick what's your SAT score.


Oh uh twenty fifteen, twenty, twenty two. What is it now when they changed it. Yeah. The scale.


Well my math was pretty high but I think I shit the bet on the writing. Yeah. I could have told you that.


So um has I know that you've bumped up, um some of the things you've seen working here.


Yeah. It's not, it's, it's just it's it's tough sometimes.


Um yeah. Especially during the left shows where I'm all alone in that room and I get to watch it both live on the website and then I get to watch it on the playback. Yeah. So I get to see it twice. Yeah.


Because there's a delay. Yeah. So that's fine. I get to puke twice basically. Are there things that like stand out to you from the year where you're like Oh God.


Um well the worst one for me was when I saw the prolapsed Denis's first time because I've never seen that before.


Many people have not. Yeah. And I didn't think I needed to see it. I still don't think I need to see it.


But yeah, I sort of ruin porn for me in general because now I can't see any anal action without fear of prolapsed.


So were you liking anal before? Um, I wasn't a big fan of it, but now I'm like not really interested in at all.


Yeah. You know, now, you know, like the ingredients to the pie, you know, I mean like you know.


Yeah, I guess so. Yeah. Uh, didn't need to know. Oh great. That's fun. That's kind of a fun one. Yeah. That is the fun one. I do remember the pick. There's a lot of pick themes on this show it seems like. Yeah. Yeah.


The guy in the gimp outfit.


Yeah. Yeah. Oh him too on this one. I like this manure tank thing. You got to love shit if he doesn't feel sick.


This is from episode five. Yeah. I don't understand how you could not puke. Yeah. And get a beer too.


I wouldn't drink that beer. I wouldn't either. Yeah.


Everybody the funny thing is like the best summarized I think you it's that we, we will a lot of times eat together and everybody will chime in with something derogatory, offensive, insensitive, like it'll come to the point.


We're all realize everyone has done that.


But you you will be sitting there just kind of like kind of nodding and eating and sometimes, you know, see, I'll read the emotion on you, but you don't you don't really partake in that stuff. Yeah.


Weirdly enough, I don't like to, uh, use slurs and and foul language in general.


I mean, I'm fine with know fucking shit and your general curse words, but. Yeah. Yeah. Anything a little harder than that is a bit. Yeah. Puts me off I guess.


No, I also don't want to start adopting that because you know, it might leak out into my social life. Is that what you're most concerned with, because you've brought that up a few times, is that you don't want it to leak out?


I mean, it is a concern. I don't want to start dropping in bombs around my mom.


That would be. Wait a minute. We don't realize that implies that that's what you hear. Yeah. To be fair, you guys don't shop and you drop other bombs.


OK, thank you.


As long as that. Well, we replay that last sentence again. Sorry.


Well, what's the most offensive? What's the one you would hate to say amadi else. The most horrible.


Um, I mean the most horrible.


I'm definitely not going to say like words like uh like like faggot or retard around my parents because that would be inappropriate.


I know you really wanted me to say that's why I said it, but I'm not going to.


We told you you weren't here. So we're so happy because we had a lunch like a few weeks ago where Nadav and I gave Chris Nidaa. Why don't you tell the story? Just tell the story. Yeah. So we're here for this one. Yeah.


We were all having lunch and I was demanding that Chris call me a dirty Jew and he was not going to do that. So I even asked Christina, can you threaten to dock? Yeah.


And he still wouldn't do it. And look at him saying all these big words on a hot guy like Chris, you're completely turned around.


But I'm not calling anyone those words. I'm using those words to explain that idea. Yeah. Which is different. I also isolate that for drop's, please.


Of course, I knew that those would be the main front page ones. So my can but OK.


Has this environment growing on you at all. Like do you enjoy coming to work. Of course. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It's definitely the the most exciting job I've had ever since I will ever.


Um you definitely get to see a lot of things you didn't know existed on this show. And I can't say that about any other job I've ever worked. There you go. Yeah. Yeah. And you guys, as as a psychotic, as Tom might seem, he's actually a very great guy to work with and so is Christina.


Christina, thank you. Yeah, I'm a little messed up in the head, but there you guys are generally sweet.


Yeah, we're nice. People are super nice.


You know, I bring you guys treats. Yes, you do. And I try to be nice.


Yeah. Yeah. I always ask you about your hair. You thought.


I think the only time you told me this was something was really funny was when I showed you this clip. You're like, dude didn't say that.


OK, he's fine.


He's not fine. He's not fine. He's not fine. We read the news about it. He's fine, actually.


I think we got another follow up.


Someone you guys have they read the article in the native language. Yeah. And they're like, no, no, he's dead.


The fucking article said he left the hospital with minor bruises and scratches. Oh, I watched that one.


Yeah. Maybe I'm confusing it with the there's just so many people that have near-death experience.


Oh, yeah. Now I understand if you told me that this guy that's the one guy is definitely. That definitely is. Oh I wasn't totally sure. Should we play a new game on the show.


Definitely dead or severely injured.


Oh my God. That guy guy's definitely dead weight. That's the new game. Definitely dead or severely. Like you could have convinced me that he survived because something broke his fall.


But now. Yeah, I'm with you now. I find that that seems like too large of a drop after the break. He's fine.


OK, I don't think that's much of a fall. I disagree. I mean, four stories, but in something like cushions, you know, I wouldn't say cushioned him.


It stopped it from being five stories, right. And made it three and a half, I guess, if you split the difference. Yeah.


And now he's good. Now he's like, oh, man, thank God for that floor. Yeah.


I don't think was thinking, thank God for those pillows I just went through.


How do you feel yourself laughing more now at inappropriate things since you've been with us?


If I'm being honest, I would have to say yes.


Yes, yeah.


I sensed it because I sensed it. I was like, I think slowly Chris is opening up. You know, in the beginning, you were like, I'm not I'm normal. And now it's like we're slowly chipping away.


And I predict in twenty, twenty one thing. But it's a great thing. Twenty, twenty one. You're calling the David you it's going next.


That's my prediction. That's a prediction for twenty twenty one.


Hey it's you know how long it's taken him just to get on the couch and say the words that he did. I mean this is progress as far as I'm concerned.


I'm glad you said the words that he did and not repeat them because I don't like you right now.


Your fan. I know you're a fan. Oh, my God. I don't like it either, so. Like, I've seen it so much that it's not so much upsetting anymore. Yeah, it is.


It is just tragic. Yeah, I feel sad, too. He's fine, too. We learn that totally fine. I don't agree.


Dead or injured. I'm going I'm just going to list or at least I don't think he's dead for sure.


You know, now he's come. I just can't use his legs. I got a job that day.


He just did not jog. He did. He's totally OK. All right, Chris, let's see.


What kind of lady are you looking for? I want to find you a lady this year. Can you make Chris come?


Because listen, to give out your IG, he doesn't have an IG. What can people find you? What if they what if they're seriously watching right now? I would love to meet this guy. There's no where they can go.


I'm not really I mean, I don't really have a public profile. I know, but what about Booker?


Well, what if there are beautiful women, amazingly, who watch this show and who are watching this right now?


Yeah. And who are ridiculously who is this guy whose hair I want to cut off in his sleep and taped to my own head?


I don't want those ladies. Well, you know what I mean. And then they're like and suck his balls through his asshole like. So you definitely want her now.


Can she reach out anywhere?


Um, any platform, I mean. Like I like I do have a profile on Instagram, but I don't use it. I haven't used it in years. What's the profile? I don't know.


You know, I think it's lindsy double. You know what it is called.


I think S.W. underscore Lah's. Yeah, I think that's what it is. That's what I usually use. But yeah, that's OK. Well, let's let's see.


I mean by this, if you find me on there, there's a good chance you will not be able to see it. God damn it.


That's how little I use. OK, can we just email the podcast then. Your mom sounds podcast better. OK, let's try this. Let's try this. This could work. If you go to and so there it is. There it is. What's that shirt? Yeah, that picture's so the nine years old at sea underscore LRC. Those Dems are open. Show them your Boxleitner.


Know what you got? Yeah, there's so many. They're going to have a nice New Year's surprise, my friend. Oh, boy.


This is the year we're going to make Chris come 2020 was Josh.


You made Josh come this year and now you're going on this next year. This year. Yeah. Twenty twenty one would turn.


And what I can't can't I can't wait for is some of the girls who makes both of you come to feel like there's very little over there.


What kind of lady would you be interested in. Seriously, it doesn't sound like you're not a big hookup guy. Let's not let's be honest.


So it gives me anxiety. Yeah, me too. So what is your dream? Let's put it out there in the universe right now.


And a nice a nice girl who likes, I don't know, hanging out, watching TV, maybe going on a hike on the weekend or something. You like to cook. Well, eat my cooking. She doesn't have to cook because I'll probably cook.


She's a great cook. Chris has brought in stuff before, so. Really. Yeah. He's a sweet guy.


You like you like video games. Yes. You like the medieval period.


I mean, I'm, I'm a nerd. Yeah.


If that's what you're getting at I think think comic books geek, whatever you want, that's probably going to fit me to a tee and you'll eat the booty like groceries.




So Chris, it is an absolute pleasure and a joy to have you here. It really is. It really is. It really is fantastic. You work really hard. We we would not be able to get done all the things we could get without you. So, yes. Thank you very much for being a part of everything we do here.


I'm proud to be a part of it and a weird, twisted way. Yes. Yeah.


And we are back with yet another member of the team. You guys know him very well. You, of course, are familiar with the Josh Potter show, formerly the Roach Motel. Give it up for our very own Josh.


Yeah, yeah. We got to cleanse the palate after Christmas in here. Filth Monster. He was speaking just terrible. We're saying terrible things, just representing something gross all the way around, don't you think? Thank God I come in here morally reprehensible. We're deeply, deeply thank God I've come in here to clean this bitch up a bit. You're so festive. I like your color today. Thank you.


Is this a new choice? This is a new outfit. No, this is actually incredibly old. Oh, this looks good on you. It's from American Eagle.


Shout out the spots. Are you American Eagle model? You've struggled with quarantine.


Yeah, as a matter of fact, I remember we've had a number of conversations throughout the year. Yeah. Because we we got to do our the did the biggest stuff easily. The best we can. Not only of my it was I said this when I came home, I'm like that was maybe the best weekend of my life.


So fun. It was wild. And then I was like man this spring is going to be fucking unreal. Yeah. It's going to be the best spring of movie coming back from that.


It was like, how does it get better than this?


Yeah, like we're in Vegas doing these, like the beautiful mirage that the Terry Fator Theater there and the hookers, hookers, fucking girls together we're high five and he's like, now let me get in the middle.


You get in the feeling like we're taking turns.


I mean, what's so great about it? Sounds like you guys were tag team and shakes the way you're talking.


I mean, that was basically the only thing left out from everything, right? It was a wild, wild weekend. I mean, did you cocaine.


Yeah, I was a little shit. Yeah. He had one of those cocaine rooms.


I mean, it was like happened a lot of things that are not going to they taught. They say it stays there. They said. That's right.


So we're not allowed to tell you all the things. We're not going to tell you all of our secrets. Well, yeah, I was eighteen.


It was eighteen, so. Yeah, well, yeah.


No, I mean, it was we got to witness one of the last sporting events that had spectators in it, if you think lots of them.


But we probably were a part of the spread. Yeah.


We spread the virus around that. Yeah that's true.


I mean it was just wild. Yeah. And then the spring happened and. Yeah, no I struggled immensely through quarantine, but thank God I'm, I work here and I've seen also a little spring in your step.


I mean you just you know, I think you're. You mean since when since like the I would say like the the real deep dark period was probably midsummer. Yes. Right.


When you really saw this thing is like not self-correcting, but you got to do some stand up. You did, you know, had some fun and you came in this year.


Yeah. Did. It's weird because there's so many X's in the in the loss column. Do you know what I mean. So many checkmarks in the loss column. But the ones in the in the win column are immense, you know what I mean. They're very strong winds. Yeah. Despite that, so it's like it kind of trying to balance things out, I guess, a little bit. And you gave a lot of ladies a shot, which was nice.


Well, yes, of course, they gave me a shot. So they're really the heroes in this, like so many of the heroes that tried the vaccine prior to its effectiveness. You know, think about all those out there. Same thing.


You know, we had to do some trial runs. Sure. Before we have efficiency.


But on the show, you also had an epic year because you began the year as a proud advocate and member of the sex worker community.


Yes. You were doing shoulder hair and foot porn video. Right. Then that progressed. What what a lot of people were blown away with is that we were so impressed with Norm Summerton stickups that you you were ticked.


Oh, yes, indeed. And it was one of the highlights of my year, frankly. Yeah. And, you know, to experience the Kozko ones.


And then you got the fuckin the German NASSA ones, the ones that are like for space, you wear them on your face, wore them everywhere. Yeah. I didn't put them on my pillow. Yes. I'm sorry I couldn't go that far but yeah, that was one of my you know, you guys have done so much for me to say. A lot is like an understatement. So for me to provide you with Ted Koppel on, you guys texted me from your bed.


You were watching Ted in your bed. Yeah. Crying. Sobbing Yeah. So much fun. So fun.


I think that was definitely one of the highlights of the year for me, was you sitting on this couch.


And I was also enjoying how much Christina was enjoying it. Yeah, I was enjoying it fine. But I could tell that she was so any joy I could provide you guys and you played Factor when you put it on your cheek and I could see your skin.


Yeah, that left a mark for a few days. I wish we had them now. Yeah. Let's pull them out for old time's sake.


And you here's the thing with the bullshit ones, you're like, yeah, you know, it is what it is. But when we got the we got the real ones. You said that the sucking powers and credit would very much hurt.


Yeah, no, it was very intense. I didn't know I was still, you know, when we first got it, I had to learn the apparatus and so I had to learn the buttons and things. And it's very sophisticated and it has all its seals and things like that. And so I was learning the suction to speed ratio and I had put it on the most intense for the show, you know, cause I don't want to short, you know, come up short on it.


So I put it to the most intense. That's why I experienced it. But I think more messing with it, I can find a nice medium. Yeah. Get them sucked in there slow.


Wonder if you could bring over a nice lady and have some fun with them. I don't know.


I've not had any women bring up the tit cups in my escapade. Maybe put them on display. Yeah. Happens no woman has been like, you know, it was a fun time, but I really was upset you didn't have the tickets. But I bet if you brought them up, they'd be like, I wonder if my tits could fill those.


Yeah, yeah. I'd be terrified to put my slobbers in. Could you imagine?


We don't have to imagine. We have to take cups. My big I don't even think my tits have been in the big wheel. Make it big enough.


They come in all shapes man.


Also speaking of putting on display we had a Y image original that was cleaning your place. Oh yeah. How could that possibly possibly the darkest part of quarantine.


Well the darkness was the filth before. Yeah.


But she really did a great job. Oh fantastic. Unbelievable. How is the place of now. It's not as great but it's not as bad as it was to say that it's just, you know, normal.


Yeah. Garbage. Do you still have your TV on your bed on occasion? I do. I just think it's the right move. Like I could mount it where it is.


But that's like, you know, you got fuckin buy the thing it's own so I can just put it there and I can move it and stuff. It's fine. I like it there. And do you sleep with it on there. It doesn't bother me and it doesn't fall over. I have a giant bed and I pay a little boy. It's a queen. I'm a little boy.


OK. Oh so you put the the.


I see so well on the TV big for me I don't I could use the other side is like a fucking shelf.


I don't know right now. I'm so bored. But you have so you put the you put the bed up against the wall. Against the wall here in the corner. Yes. And then you have the TV leaning against the wall is part of it like vision related is that it's also. Yeah. Like putting it across the room is you can't do that. I think it's the TV's. Yeah.


Um, I forget 40 inches. I'm forty five. Maybe something so big.


I mean a big TV on the bed. Yeah I know it is, it's, it's alarming. It's an alarming sort of thing.


It's like having a Jumbotron in your bed that kind of you know. Kind of. Yeah. Yeah. Just being right up in it. I like it.


It's like the wall is my TV and how is Yellow Feather doing. Yellow Feather hasn't come around, it's been cold so he's been doing something else. I don't know what I should ask him next time I see him.


So who don't know. Yellow feathers. The homeless man that sleeps outside your window.


You paid him to walk away one couple of times. A couple of times. I mean, not I paid him in various ways. Cigarettes, booze, cash, once one zero. I don't know if you're allowed to say you gave a I think if you say you gave a hobo booze, they can arrest you or something.


OK, well, you gave him crack. Well, I don't know. There really people that are stingy about that. But yeah, no, I gave them various things to, like, just. Not yell outside my window at all hours of the night, yell out, said someone else's window once in a while, you don't need to do it every day, spread, it's bad.


Now, you also had a cyst operated on by Dr. Drew.


That was a highlight of the year that really what it was like.


Fuck bitches like crazy. Yeah, I have.


We all know that. Have you had the cyst taken care? No. And now it's still not so sure.


Is there a reason you haven't gone to the doctor? Well, I got scammed in health insurance. I've covered that a little bit. And then I just kind of was disenchanted with the process for a while. And then, you know, Dr. Drooly made it. So I stopped thinking about it for a while, too, for a while. But you should think you're going to get back. I'm going to get it. Yeah. No, it has to.


It has to eventually. There I've learned during this quarantine that there is a lot of things I need to fix in my life. And I'm excited about tackling those things once the world allows it.


And one of you will you will address that SESTO. Oh, yeah.


I mean, I want to do that sooner than later, you know. So why was that a painful thing to go through? Yeah, it still is on occasion.


So he was expressive. He was really in there. He went down in it and he thought you were one of his bitches.


I mean, he was really just like fucking me given your rootin. Yeah.


Yeah. And you see like a magic come across his eyes when he's doing medicine stuff, you know, that you don't see. Yeah. Yeah. Where it's like he's really excited and he's scooping shit out and stuff. It's wild. Yeah. Yeah I know it was there's a there's an immense amount of things I'm learning without having comedy to distract me that I need to address. And so slowly but surely I'm a, you know, itemising those things and trying to figure out how to tackle them.


Yeah. So we'll see. Good for you.


You're going to see you're going to you're going to be a pop of a year here in twenty twenty one. Yes. Yeah. I was supposed to last year too. And so we'll see if the you know, God wants it. He does.


I talked to him. He wanted it like that. He wants it. We'll see. Yeah. I think it's going to be a great year. I'm excited for it.


It's going to be an exciting year. It can't be. I say that very cautiously, but it can't be worse.


Right, than what we've just had. I don't think you. Well, we've had I mean, it could be definitely worse.


We had a pandemic. We had race riots. We had an election. It was exhausting.


We had we had meaningful protests, meaningful protests, things, a porn test for meaningful sworn tests like where all those killer bees, the Murder Hornets, murder Hornet.


It was a real list of shit. Oh, you know who else was a bright spot?


White baby, huh? Don't forget. Would would. Yeah. At the very beginning of all this, that man brought us so much through those the big black guy sitting on the edge.


Yeah. No, I'm aware of with this peepee. Yeah. I was like, oh we can't even call that a peep. No, that's just a P because I mean you got to like I think it's a C it's so.


Yeah. Yeah that's true. Yeah. See it's a D most people have pigs and then then you look at that, that's a cock. Yeah yeah.


Yeah that is. Yeah yeah. That seems like too big.


I blood Tevin. I've even too big for Violet. I take big. I like that. I like that is all I like to, I like those points like I don't want it. Yeah. His dick will be too much to handle it seems.


I would imagine. So what about the Lakers. Do you think they would be too much like what's your. I miss the Laker games most of all, just sitting in the box up there and watching them run back and forth and round. Goodness gracious.


Like me and what I wish they would play nude. I would pay extra money to see them.


You know how often dicks would hit faces and skip. Oh my God. I would they do it already. Kind of, yeah.


But if they're dicks were flopping around jumping and with your dick flapping it would always be, you know, some psycho would be like erect the whole time and just be like, put your mouth in like while he's putting it in the hoop and he's like swinging on the hoop.


Oh yeah. Oh be great. He's just face fucking someone.


All that's what they would call Österreich if you were awfully hard that that's what the NBA would call being in the zone. In the zone. Look at him.


He's heating up because everybody would like the way he did it.


The Greeks did for the hard for two full days to do all the sports name. Yeah. And it makes sense because you're like a kid.


If you went crazy, it makes sense because you want to see the athlete's body like they have a better body than yours. I don't know. That's why they put it musculature.


You know, Catholics used to swim naked.


What a Catholic school. My mom used to go to Catholic school in the day and they used to swim naked in gym class more. And then I heard that's happened a lot in olden times.


Nudes, nudes. While I like that, I really like that.


I like that. Well, Josh, you're always, you know, your family here. We're so happy that you're doing Josh Potter. So. What do we do? So, yeah, I mean, we're very excited, very excited, thank you. Yeah, well, that was definitely the other highlight other than coming and the Tin Cups was getting a show in twenty twenty. So that's one of the big wins for sure. Yes. It's just going to get better bro.


Hell yeah.


Um yeah. Happy New Year.


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So Download breastfeeds free today on the Apple App Store or Google Play. That's friends without the are best friends.


One is not enough. We like to have them everywhere. So we brought on the sweetest, youngest, hardest working adult child that we know our own very baby's.


OK, baby Zola.


You just turned 21 this year. You are a kid, it's crazy. I know that's wild, but oddly enough, he has, I would say, one of the most well rounded, developed adult lives of the adults on our right disposition.


Great, hardworking, very smart. Has a girlfriend that he's had for, like, years.


Yeah, sweet in a way, as we like to call you. Better Nadaf now.


OK, well, thank you.


So remind us, how did you how did you come into our world? I, I sent an email to the email. I'd been a fan for a couple of years before I started working here and then I sent an email. I had been like, you know, kind of freelancing in the film industry, just trying to get any experience that I could. And so I built up a little bit of a resume. And then I sent an email to the Waymark email and Nadaf saw it and we went out and had coffee and what he interviewed.


What struck you about his email?


Just that he approached it the exact same way that I did, like attach like a resume that actually like he's like, I want to work here.


Also, here's my resume. And the resume looked pretty good. And I was like, yeah, oh, OK. He's doing this the right way.


It wasn't like, yo, man, I'll do whatever, hook it up. Like I could Google better than you, you dumb fuck. It's like, oh, cool. Yeah, let's hire you.


You did put a lot of white references in there and we did. But just the thought of working out why image makes me want to come in for stromatolite.


Good night. Yeah. Yeah.


So you're definitely it's it's been an absolute pleasure to have you. Thank you. So. Pleasure to be here. And I do acknowledge your extensive back catalogue knowledge of why inmates.


You do know these times we bring stuff up, it will be like, oh, I think I know. And that was yeah. Yeah, I was it was a big mommy for a long time.


And now you're like, I've changed now ever since like you were here when the transformation from like regular women into some of the heavier stuff. Yeah. Some of the heavier stuff we used to run into like once every four or five months. And then we kind of got into a real heavy phase four.


Yeah. Are there some that are memorable to you, Will?


I think Putin was really kind of the start of all of it, Norm. So yeah, we looked at it TYT cups earlier, but then after that that Putin was why Hootin resurfaced and we got our hands on that. And I think that really kind of launched us into that area.


So true. That was the turning point. Yeah. One of my favorite shit on fries and eat them.


My favorite things like when, when it used to just being a dove is he would be like this was really hard to work on.


Men are like, you know, he'd be like, yeah, that, that clip made me throw up or like and then when you when he was like, well this kid is like he's proficient, he's smart, he goes, one of the great things is that I don't have to look at those things and I just give them to Zolo. And then you developed the system where you would put Post-it notes on the monitor. You'd only have to look for a second.


Then you would cover it. Yeah, yeah. I would go based mainly on the audio. I just kind of listen and figure out where to cut from there. Holy shit. Yeah. But I think I'm kind of past that now because you're broken. Yeah.


Yeah. I mean with a lot of the heavy clips we do now, there's no dialogue or anything, so it's all visual. So I do have to look at it.


Um but yeah that was fun. And Putin was right at the start of me really prepping drops I think was pretty early on when you were like so holy shit.




It really kind of formed me.


Some of the some of the ones you flagged were like this one from five foot, you know, maybe the worst for me to tell you something, because this was a really tough one for me, too. I remember seeing this one eyes watering, dry heaving to dissolve and really bad. I can work.


Yeah, but this guy worked with his jizz. Yeah.


Donetta, I thought, OK, well, I think the dog and I were both planning on only kind of down a deep dive on him and then we decided to stay away because it got really gnarly sperm nips.


Yeah, I mean, sperm nips. What if this was the one that I developed that system and I'm like, I can't look at this. There's no way now I'm past it. There's nothing for me now. Real. Yeah. Yeah.


What about oatmeal. That one. This I think. Well a new level. Yeah. This was a draining her vaginal abscess. Yeah. Yeah. For those you know, watching at home we played this in one image like three. And it's pretty gnarly, but again, like maybe my fifth or sixth time watching it. So now you're kind of it's a new level. Yeah, yeah. New level. How about your life? Oh, wow.


Now, this one never really bothered me, even when the when the the prolapsed part happens. This had been sent in a bunch before we prepped it. And I kind of figured like we covered prolapsed and stuff. I feel like. Can I confess to you something.


Yeah. That one hundred percent true. I once the prolapsed started I've never watched this clip in full. Really. Yeah. I didn't want to. You want to do it now. No, no no. Like as, as as isn't funny to you know, horrifying people are getting hurt though. I don't like this.


I don't like this. They get pleasure out of it. No, I don't like the visual of the prolapse anuses and the like. Like I literally when I saw it happen away and I've listened, but I won't watch me.


I won't watch it. I've seen the prolapsed is and I saw them touching. And then I was like, yeah, I don't like I don't like the fisting when it's so aggressive and up their intestines and seeing it, it's so it's medically not OK. Was it OK to watch this for you, this one.


Yeah. I don't mind. I don't like really because I see people pulling a line in our house. Yeah.


For those of you that can't see those because we can't play this on YouTube. Yeah. It's also from why Image Live three. It's an older gentleman. Um he he Brownes on the floor and which takes a dildo up his ass and then he has some socks and socks on it and.




And then he just basically bathes in his own shit and like the pillows.


A kiss at the end of the day has this sign-off has has I mean you've slowly become accustomed to these clubs. What is it done to you personally. Like has it affected your your relationships.


You're not yet I don't think. But it might have some lasting damage, I've been told. Who tells you that? I mean, you know, I see it in the comments and, you know, I'll I'll, you know, bring up some of the stuff I'm working on with friends. And I'm like, that's going to fuck you up in the head. Well, maybe I fucked up a little bit. Yeah, we'll cross that bridge when we get there.


Yeah, well, what's sweet is that this is your formative time in your life, your early 20s. Your brain is still growing. And I'm so happy that we can contribute to these wires and channels being formed. In your mind. Yeah, me too.


Yeah. Yeah. I'm a big fan of it now, you do great work here. Great, so thank you. I'm glad you think so. I hope you're still studying. I am. Yeah, it's wild. Yeah. I'm kind of balancing nobody.


None of your classmates have a similar job.


They don't know. So that's nice to know. Yeah.


You are so ahead of the curve man. I'm always more I'm just amazed at you and how mature you are because like when I was your age, I mean, what were you doing at those age. Twenty one twenty on your deck and. Yeah, I mean doing nothing pretty much.


But at twenty one, I know that was I was a junior, I guess I graduated at twenty two. Yeah, right. Yeah, I think I'll be graduating at 22. I worked at America's Most Wanted. Oh, yeah, that's right. There you go. There you go. Something. Yeah. OK, I use that every day. Every day. Dealing with criminals and degenerates.


Yeah. No, it's, it's nice to have, you know, a good person on staff. It is.


I can tell Tom needs to get that accurate. I kind of got it.


Yeah I can, I can see it too. Like it didn't see you said the fussiness.


He's like, OK, let's wrap this up like he's there was a moment before this segment started where I farted and everybody knew that it was a fart. That means you've got to shit. Yeah. And that's where we're at.


Is it knocking at the door. Yeah. What do you play for. Twenty, twenty ones. Although I'm working with you guys and hopefully you know, being able to focus in on this and all the great talent we're doing, we're doing a lot of stuff we're doing. Yeah. Super exciting.


Yeah. And get you finish up with this college, all this nonsense. I know. Restudying stupid really getting in the way of working on some stuff like this.


Yeah. Like if you didn't have so many damn exams we'd have ten of these clips.


I know right. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Slowing me down. It really is. Well graduate so you can come to us full, full, full time. I'll be there. All right. All right. Go take a shit. Go. Right. I got to go. We are back.


And this is our final member of the staff, our technical director, our know it all. The man who manages all the technical stuff for the live shows, the cameras, the boards. He does it all. The one and only Phaedra Highway.


Any Yeah. Any is any. Thank you very much. And the most fashionable. Without a doubt. Without a doubt.


I mean the switched up this year we started to dress up nicely for show day. You know, solo has like nice style.


He dresses very well too.


You know, Josh does his like I am I do I live outside.


Yeah. Potter and Chris is like, you know, like sage bro.


You got to burn it with it. And then and he was like pow always.


Yes. Cool style. Very cool. I remember you guys said in the beginning you wanted me to try it, Tommy Bahama. So I got like that.


Yes. Oh my God. You can make that's the thing. You can wear shit that like is wack and then it's like yeah. Becomes cool. It's about how you wear, you know, it's like it doesn't really matter what you wear as long as, as long as you feel whatever you're wearing. I mean people are going to feel you. Yeah.


But there's this thing where it's like, like not like if any of the guys were like put on a Tommy Bahama shirt, you just go like oh like you look kind of like a dork, you know? And then if you put it on you like we're in tough times.


I get it.


Well, I think one time you wore a paisley shirt somewhere where we had dinner. Maybe you are a paisley shirt. And I was like, this guy is rocking a pattern. Google Paisley. Are you talking about the when I look like a tourist, I don't know. It's like a crazy pattern that it's a pattern.


Oh, yeah. Yeah, a shirt like that. Right. And I remember being like only Prince and any kid.


Yeah. Yeah. You pull off a lot of stuff. That's, that's a that's a big compliment. Were you always a stylish dude like as a kid. No, no, no.


Uh, I was dressed by my mom until like thirteen years old. I had no sense of style. I remember I thought, uh, I used to dress based on music videos. Yeah. Like any, any dude that I saw on music was like big chains or I dressed like that in school.


I wish I had a few more big chains, I wore big chains, I had like shirts that would go to my knees like the oversized t shirts were in. Yeah. And and passed and yeah that that was just I just copied music videos till I found that oh people don't actually dress like that.


Oh yeah. But you found your own style then. Yeah. Good.


Yeah I think so. I mean. Oh no again it's kind of like. I just if I like it, then I'll wear it. No, I don't have like a like that's the kind of the best philosophy, I think, for fashion. Right.


To wear it. Absolutely. You're so smart. You're so good at what you do that's so blown away and you shine in the live shows that you love the live shows.


Yeah. That's it's so dope to be able to transfer that knowledge because it's something that I gave up in going full time here. It was live shows. Live production. Yeah. That's where I've come from. Done that for years and I thought I was just going to go away. I thought maybe I was just going to be a skill that I couldn't utilize anymore. And here we are. Dude, you're it's notable how amped up you are on live night.


You get Salix, you get juiced up before you're like pacing.


I can tell you you're like thinking and stuff.


But afterwards you're like, what, what, what? You're all fired up. Fired up. Yeah, it's it's, uh. I love it. It's it's a it's my pride.


Yeah. One thing I love about you is that you and I have a mutual admiration of one Tony Jones. Oh, my God. Tony Jones.


He's my favorite.


I feel like if it wasn't worth the best and I feel like I wouldn't be half the man I am if it wasn't for all the all women in my life that I've been. Oh, my God.


I thought, you're going to get one for Tony. You no, fuck.


I know tweaker guys. Oh, yeah, it is. It is that he can do a good Tony job because.


Because I'm telling you, if it wasn't for like I remember we look at people that you would probably be if you didn't mean Christina. Oh yeah. If I didn't meet the women that I met that formed me into who I am, I'd be Tony Jones.


Yeah, I'd be. I feel like I'm basically him just without the DUI.


Yeah, I'm that close. Pretty cool, man. I wonder which guy I guess I'd be like right as a whole would be you OK, you come. Yeah, you'd be Leo.


You were, you were the guy that said, uh oh man. It was like you were the pink shirt. And he's like, you guys are all my whores.


What's up?


You remember that guy you said that was you said that was going to be this guy or the he was on the hot pink shirt and he had like all the all the women around him. I don't remember. Was he old? He was old, yeah. Oh.


Was it the pimp, the guy that ran the Bunny Ranch. Is that him. Oh, that that could have been him. That could have been that could have been him. Bald guy. Yeah.


Oh God. Dennis, stand off that guy.


Boom. That's that's. Yeah.


That's what you said about me. Yeah. All these hoes. Oh my God. I still would have been like I could open a brothel in Nevada, get my fake teeth, like come to my new business.


But the sad thing is about Dennis is that he had an affinity for one of those hos. He really fell in love with one of the blonde.


Yes. And and then she went past her time and then she turned thirty. Yeah. Yeah.


Because there is so old when you think about it. I mean he's thirty one, you're like oh eighty one.


Gross. Yeah. Yeah. Forget it. I'm about to turn thirty. Yes. Oh uh I'm super close and it's, it is a little weird.


Yeah it feels yeah it feels old but thirty felt more of like I don't know why. Like an event. Yeah. Change than forty since I turned thirty.


I remember like all the all throughout twenty years I was like twenty nine and thirty then you're like oh I don't know for me I was like oh I'm thirty like that that is that in a weird way marks official adulthood.


Like you're obviously you're an adult like technically at eighteen but I feel like your twenties, you're figuring stuff out, you turn thirty. It's like there are no excuses. You don't have an excuse if you're thirty and you're like you're whatever, you know. I mean, so it's like it's then you turn forty. You're just like, oh yeah. I've been a grown up for a decade. Exactly. It's like a decade of adulthood and now you're really just an adult at forty.


You're like, I have no hope for being cool anymore. Yeah. I just you know, you can still be cool though. Getting lamer. You can be cool. You have you guys are cool about what you mean.


Well, not the way that you guys are. Like you're cool.


Like you have a house party and you're like I listen to music no one knows about. And I'm like, that's the kind of cool I can't be any more like I can't be like, oh my God, this new band, you know, like super, super lame.


Yeah. You know, you put me on some of those Tick-Tock, you know, to me. Well, you know, I mean play this humble. It's cool in a different way.


Like forties. Cool is like I can buy better sneakers maybe just because I, you know, you're older and you have more resources, but that's it anyway, you know what I'm saying. Forty.


You're fucking an adult, but you made a big a big thing by coming full time here. That was a big deal. Big deal. Yeah I it's only because every other time I went full time there's been some huge, you know, screw over some. I got like traumatized where I went. I went freelance and did. One thing for like six years, and it's like there's been a bunch of companies since then that have asked and it just it wasn't even a consideration.


Of course not like that would never happen because, I mean, anything anything could happen. Now you control that game. But this is the only place where it felt like that's not bad. It's like where that bitch, that special bitch that turn any around. Yeah, that's true. You don't saying like that bitch. There were all these hos and then he met us and he's like, I could hit that shit over and over.


That's my that's exactly how I think about any.


Thank you. Thank you for putting this. Is that how you felt about me?


Yes. Like all these different hoes. Then you met me and you're like, I hate that shit. Yeah. You have to show it again. No, oh, no, no, was I was thinking about hitting it again. Well, let's go. I love this I love this energy. You guys posted that picture a while ago. That's my. Did I forget is I'm pretty sure it was on Instagram. You guys are cute, but thank you.


Thank you. Here's something else is cute. Oh, fucking.


What are you doing. This is one of the ones the moment that. The fact is, everybody has the one that sticks with them. And Tom, thank you.


Oh, oh, she did it again.


Oh, you got to do it again. You just you just ruined it. Laugh Oh, would you stop?


I don't want I want my mom to focus, but with all my heart, you know, she she's you.


Coughing Come on, man. Come on. Come on, Mom.


Stop the driver.


So funny. I went from my mom.


That is not how she said it. That's her. That's her. Yeah. What about my pop? Yeah. I think the problem is how did you hear the sound normal.


Saying it because there was coming her throat. Yeah.


Because somebody had built a special contraption for a just used condom to sling shot it down.


Why don't I ever. I have no memory of this clip.


I think I blocked this one out.


I kind of didn't remember it. And then I was asking the dove, hey, what does any hate? And he was like, he definitely didn't like that clip of the kind of being slingshot into the throat. And he remember seeing that the first time.


Yep. Yeah. That was as close as I've ever got. I actually I just got closer to throwing up really for the second time. It's you would think I don't know how you guys are building this fucking tolerance or whatever. Fuck that. I don't even know. I was even worse the second time because I knew it was coming. I know it's like a like a scary movie. You know, the jump scale is coming. So that's even scarier.


It was just like that. It was scary. That was that was disgusting.


Oh, my mom. Oh. Well, Piper, I can't believe you heard that.


Yeah. It's so hard to understand. You heard. Yeah, of course he I have I have a trained ear for these things.


All the things that no one wants to hear. I'm like I heard it very clearly.


We for twenty twenty one can we not have a girl putting in her windpipe.


Uh, can you want to start a new show or something. No, but you know now what. You want to do it. Well I thought we were going to turn a new leaf in twenty, twenty one like no. OK, never mind. I'm sorry. Sorry I missed her at the meeting. I know. What do you want to do? No, no, sorry, I really thought we were going to dial back. Dial back what?


Just this stuff. No, all right, never mind. Sorry, continue going with you. Forget what I just said. It's so funny. The the when I first came here, everybody would ask me, like, well, how do you like it there? Because I hear all the laughs and stuff like how is it actually working in a studio like that? And every answer was always the same. It's like it's 100 percent genuine. The labs you hear in the back.


Yes, not a track.


It's always funny when people are like, yeah, you got your laugh track. And I'm like, you think you got you mean has a mentor of mine? Yeah. Yeah. Oh, I'm like, oh yeah.


All of them are left but like no that was allowed laugh. But people are like, why do you why I've had people be like why do you have the laugh track. And I'm like, wait, but they're serious.


Yeah. I don't know. No, it's fun, it's a fun and you fit right in, I have to say, I feel like you are. I mean, all of you guys are.


But immediately I was like, yeah, this one's got the shining. You've got the secret sauce. That's true. Well, you made the real wackiness.


You made that really genuine and nice. But what I was going to say was, is it what it used to be my answer. Oh, that used to be all I do all day is laugh.


That's a that's a dream come true. Of course I love my job. Yeah. And then it became every day I get closer and closer to throwing up, you know, going back to therapy.


That's now my answer is I don't really know. I laugh and then I puke. I'm not happy with my job. I don't know.


Maybe you're right. Then maybe we should pull back on it. I don't know, man. That's a good point. I think he's. Yeah, yeah. You go through cycles. You do go through cycles.


I mean, there's jokes that. Yeah. Like hit for a month or two and then they kind of, you know, and maybe the heavy clips are coming to an end. I don't know. I don't think you should put them to an end. I mean, you already kind of did with the with the show.


They're kind of a special treat. There are like a lot of shows. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. The regular show doesn't have like. Oh yeah. Oh this is my favorite here. It is pretty.


You know, I've actually never seen this seriously and I've switched it multiple times. I've seen it. Take a look. This is my favorite one. Can't do it. I'm not I'm not going to do. I'm not going to. I can't do that.


Oh, shit. What's fucked up, man?


I love that norm. How could you possibly like fucking that doesn't make sense.


Well, I like the part with the cheese on her. There's the pool and it's in a dog bowl. So I just think right in there.


Oh he's so sweet about don't. I'm sure he's like I like she like being frankly so good. Oh. Like I described her cottage cheese. Oh no it's rough. Yeah. That ruined a lot of people's day.


And, uh, I know that my parents didn't like it. I don't like it either.


Oh. Do you have any resolutions for twenty, twenty one. I mean like you know anything uh resolutions for twenty, twenty one.


Oh boy. Um you seem to have a pretty good life though. I mean you, you have roommates, you like your friends, like you, you know, you have a good thing going well I got to be you.


Why are you going to get a DUI this year like Tony.


The why should I be. I'm sure everybody wants to know how is your pooping going, let's just give them an update to the you know, I've completely I've started to block people now that that send me that message. They're like, hey, dude, when's the last time? Litoral. It's the only thing that he's talk about online.


Oh, yeah. Yeah. Is your shit in the block. All right. Well, then don't do it. Yeah. I mean, I don't know. The answer is I don't know that I don't pay attention anymore. So you don't even know when you shit last time.


I definitely failed. No. November this year though. She did.


Do you took a dump in the month of November saying what a bummer and pretty weak. Yeah I think I did.


I don't know. Like just now. No. Well now for sure.


But I did, I would guess 90 dumps or something like that, you know, in November. Yeah. At least two a day. Yeah.


At least. No way. He said ninety nine Skippy. Yeah.


So I had even um but I mean certain days three sometimes four times a day but sometimes two. Never less than two. Never the most days three.


I would say I can't, I can't understand it. My even my I expected my doctor to be on the side of like where because Dr. Drew was so kind of like I mean some people take shifts every two weeks.


I was like, OK, so this is going to be normal when I bring it to like a medical environment. My doctor was like, uh, that's the weirdest thing I've ever been told as a doctor. And I'm like, that's not that's not what I wanted to hear. So what do you mean?


Like, what am I what should I do about it? She's like, take Metamucil like shit more. What do you mean. Yeah, shit more so. So will you be following this advice.


No, no. Still not going to shit. I can.


I got it. I just hate about it so. Shit. Here we go.


Now hold on because I don't, if I don't shit for one day, I feel heavy, I feel bloated, I feel it.


That is the part that I only that's the only part I really confused by. Yeah. You know the feeling. No it's uh. Well it might be, there was, it was a clip you guys played when I wasn't here when I was sick that we of a guy saying all you have to do is sit on the toilet, pretend like you said, I remember that hundred percent. Right.


Well, that's exactly what I except I don't go to the toilet.


I could do it right over there, but pretend I feel like you would actually physically and emotionally feel better, like you're unaware. Of the feeling that you would feel because you haven't regularly done it, that you will feel lighter and just healthier and just overall, you know, because most people go every day, I mean, the ignorance is bliss.


You're right. You're right. I don't like it.


I don't I just maybe maybe in your 30s, you'll learn to let it go. Yeah, that's what that's inside of you.


That's the goal of your 30s this next decade to should every day. Yeah. There you go.


I went to my mom and dad. Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba.


Will. Well, you know, it's funny. I never thought about it until you said it or I forget which one you just said it, but that condom was just used. Yeah. I never thought about like they just fucked and there like I have a good idea.




Yeah I know we could do for that guy is is a death like you can tell that he's the type of guy who was like you're going to do this, you know, he like she doesn't look super excited to be doing this.


Like the the visual is that she's like, oh, oh. And the guy is making it happen.


So yeah, he definitely just finished. Mm. Wild. I don't know how you do that.


Well that people are into some things. I got no shame for them. I just, I don't want to watch you. That's what I hear you was to woo this year huh.


Suenos last year. Yeah. Oh yes. Yes it was last year. Yeah. I'm so glad you guys got off it. I'm telling you it would have been to. Yeah, there are some things happening man.


Yeah, I know how you like that. You do.


Anyway, it was one of the most vocal. Oh yeah. People during the super time to be like you got to get serious.




You, you went on stage with a full red suit and to put it on Instagram and said so like what you we do and we're impulsive, you know, that's how that comedy comes from the idea that this will be good, this will be funny. I'm not going to think. And then sometimes you go like, holy shit, that was a home run.


And then sometimes you're like, yeah, that wasn't a good idea for the bad. Yeah.


And Sue, you were the only one I was contacted by other people, even LAPD.


That's right. Yeah, that's right.


Gang division. I heard they said that's not a very good idea. You should stop. Yeah, we don't. Yeah. We make bad decisions.


Yeah. Yeah. No well there's a whole record of them is called your mom's house podcast.


You can go through the library and hear a bunch of bad decisions.




But look, this is the most fun doing this show. We've always said that like, you know, love doing stand up. It is definitely my passion, my identity, identity. I'm him comic.


But doing this podcast has become just I don't know, it's such a part of our life now. Feels like this feels like, you know, it's like getting together with family or whatever.


I know. I think the one blessing of of this whole year, as I said at the top of the show, is that we got deeper into the why in my world. And it really gave us an opportunity to do these live shows and create other content. Had not been for this pandi.


The we may not have gotten Lindsay on board. True. Right. And we got deeper in it with everybody. So that's true. And we're just so happy that all you guys work here and we appreciate you and I'm glad you're part of the team and everybody watching and listening. Thank you, guys. Yes. What a Shipperd year would have been without this podcast.


That's true. Um, and, uh, New Year's, if you're listening when this comes out, New Year's is tomorrow. So you were doing two bears live. Hmm. If you want to watch and party with us, we're going to be getting it.


Oh, my God, I'm late for that. So, yeah, I booked a ride this time. No one has to drive me home.


Yeah, I like the ride more. Um, but yeah, it's a great year. We love you guys. Thank you for watching. Thank you. Everybody here for being a part of it. Thank you for listening Gene. We do again bro.


Another year moodily. Let's go out on one of my favorite songs of the year, feathering it by hand. Dog, this thing fucking slaps. We'll see you guys in the new year.


Did you dumb son of a bitch? You dumb son of a bitch. I'm a third person I've listed here. He just lost your life. Do you get a job here, fuckface? Get a job in your face when your father and I finish.


How do you get a job here, fuckface, to get a job here, face contact on every turn? You know, you're talking to piercings, Donal's piercings on which you're fired and the all put a retired double agent, the clockface go.


You have faggot your brain on fire. You a faggot. You you a faggot.


Yeah. Oh, you know what? You're fired.


But see these wire paper on your face. Do you have one? You just ruined your life. You put you baggage up there. Listen here. You just lost your life. How do you get a job here, fuckface?


How do you get a job here? Fuckface to be scared for the fuck did.


It's just a little bit just a little off.


Let's go.


When your brother and I want to go, that's that's real motherfuckers lighting yourself on fire your brain.


Why don't I feel great. When your brother and I want to you get a job here, fuckface, how do you get a job here, fuckface? What's up there? Listen here. He just lost your life. You get a job here, fuckface.


When you get a job with Buckfast, you. Fucking fucking asshole. What are you doing? Oh, you got to shit soon.