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Nazis and SS soldiers. Bunch of knuckleheads. Yeah, I hear everybody, you know, yeah, shitting on America's politics, I'm like, have you read about these Germans?


Apparently we haven't heard about them because you guys are clowns, I think is the best way to try acting like a bunch of clowns, these guys. And I didn't. I got to tell you something. I shook my head through that whole movie.


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We're back on that shit.


Nothing feels better than reading your dates. Oh God this feels so good.


We haven't done this over here. Yeah, it's very exciting. Oh my God. I hope you're not going to say the names correctly. I might. OK, um, go ahead. If you want to do your dates, go ahead.


I would love to. Thank you. So my show sold out in Addison. We're adding a late show on Thursday night. That's, uh, February 4th through 7th. Addison Improv, February 25th through twenty seventh, Houston, Houston. I get it at the Post and improv can't wait. Uh, March 11th through 13th Gatesville, Nashville, Tennessee, Nashville at Zaneis.


Tickets at Christina P online. Get them now because these rooms are smaller capacity.


Christina online. Online icon. That's right. And also check out where my mom is at.


If you haven't already, Jean, I will be in West Palm Beach, Florida, February 16th through the 19th Breast Falls, two shows a night. That's in West Palm in March. I'm going to the I think maybe once or twice rescheduled now Phoenix dates.


I was going to do Phoenix the day after I broke my arm and life and they told me, you can't go. So we rescheduled. That is March 18, 19 and 20. The following week, I believe I'm in Omaha April. I go back to do some Spanish shows and I'm also going to go to Lexington 15, 16 and 17 May Lexington. I have Dayton, Ohio, six, seven and eight, and Berea, California, again, as the Spanish shows get closer, I'll get I'll get into more specifics about those very excited to be back doing stand up.


And later this year, I get to announce a big world tour.


So exciting months from now, but I'm super excited to announce it.


Get fucking vaccinated. It's tough fucking around. OK, we want to get back on the road.


So what about. Come on, come on. Home for Omaha. Come on. Too far.


Uh, I don't think so. Oh, another big, big, big announcement. I cannot believe this is actually happening.


February seven, you may or may not know, is the final game of the NFL season. Uh, they have a trademarked name that we're not supposed to repeat.


It rhymes with pooper, lol.


So we call it the big game, you know, the final championship game of the NFL season.


We're going to live stream a companion show for the duration like it will be before the game starts all the way through the game. We're going to be a companion show. It's a ticketed event that will have also prepackage shot things. It's going to be Bert Krischer, myself and Hall of Famer Warren Sapp. So we finally got this. To come together, saps flying out, Burt and I will be in here, will be watching the game, like I said, we have a lot of things planned for it.


If you go to Live Stream, that's why Image Studios dot com, you can get tickets. If you use the previous URL, it's fine. It'll just kick you over to to that live stream. That's why I studios dot com, we're very excited for it. We have a whole new hosting service website, everything that we're very excited about. So no tech issues. Um, of course. Oh yeah. Tom Fox is back recording another one this week.


We have other ones on the books, review and subscribe.


Tom Fox has got its own RSS feed now the Josh Potter show as well as its own. It's on iTunes. You can look for the videos on our YouTube page, but they each have their own RSS feed. So we're very excited about those shows and about the live stream. OK, there's a lot to get into. I think we should go ahead and open the show properly. Let's start the show.


I want to thank all of you that are in my inbox and that saying that you're going to pray for me. I appreciate it. I need prayer. I need all of that. I need some other stuff. But I to ask you about that and and but I want you to know this. If your prayers include me to stop drinking, stop smoking and stop having fun and stop watching these little bitches pop days, if your prayers include any of those things, they're not going to work because of rejecting them all.


And I will be continuing in my saying we could add more for your ways, I guess. Is that the way you want to put it?


Oh, is Randy. Yes. Don't bring in what is good for you, sir. Well, welcome.


Welcome to your mom's house with Tom Sugawara and Christina. Well, go to your mom's house. Matt. I mean. Now, look at your finger, work on your guitar this much better and stronger together, it's coming together.


The nerve is healing. Oh, that's so exciting. You really are progressing nicely. I'm progressing nicely. I keep losing weight. Oh, my God. It's so great. Yeah, I'm down. Uh, I'll tell you exactly what. I'm down.


I am down 24 pounds, but I did the injury lessen this tragedy. Shit has been nothing but a victory for the cigarettes. It I don't you let me tell you covid diet. I'm down to like eight pounds. I still really can't taste shit. It's good for you. It's been great. I haven't drank alcohol. I haven't been abusing myself. Doing what this guy doing.


Yeah. Look at this little bitch is working a lot. Yeah. It's been good. Yeah, it has been good, I'm very. I love his prayer. I love his Cauldwell. Don't you think it's condescending when anybody says I'll pray for you? Oh, yeah. Like, go fuck yourself. Go pray for yourself.


And I got a story about me. The only people that do that are Christians. Arkansas. Oh, yeah, yeah. Christian Cunt's. Yeah, yeah. Nobody else does that.


The Jews never deejay's don't pray for each other do they. Not. We don't we don't believe in that.


And nobody ever I've never met a jaivin like I'm going to pray for, you know what. But not all that.


We've had a Christian person tell you that a C has done that to me after we've like, wrapped up on a production. I mean, it's just like, is there anything I can pray for you? Oh, I just like Michael Moore gigs.


I don't know how to answer this bit out of here. I'll preach. I will tell you this. Speaking of DJs, we watched it.


This is not the Segway. Yeah, it is. We watch the secrets. We keep the other.


Oh, my God, it has a Jay storyline. And I got to tell you something that I put together watching this movie just because I, you know, I wasn't a history major, but. Did like I realized something watching this movie that Nazis and SS soldiers. Bunch of knuckleheads. Yeah, bad guys, real knuckleheads, yeah, I didn't know that was going there.




And what made you finally what made you realize that just watching the movie, I was like, look at these knuckleheads just being real rapee, real menacing shooty and just and honestly, like, hey, yeah, shoulders back and let's start acting like a little nicer.


Yeah. That's what I took from the movie.


Well yeah. Because we didn't think they were that mean. I mean they were super mean. Gosh. And not nice at all. Not nice at all. No.


And what I did like is that I learned the German word for Gypsy and it's very similar to the Hungarian word. Which is what. Well it's again in Hungarian and I think in Germany it was like to Gonta. Oh yeah. To God, it was very similar.


So that was nice to learn a new racial slur, too. Yeah.


And the movie kind of plays with your emotions because you're like, you know. Yeah. You shouldn't, you know, like commit genocide.


But then when the girls like I was you know, I'm a Roma gypsy, you're like, oh, you know, like, how can I tell you when things happen?


I will tell you that my racist family hates the Tzigane so much that it's true when she's like I a Roma, I was like, well, that, you know, what do you expect to kind of that's what happened.


I mean, what do you want? You know what I mean? You want everyone to embrace your style.


But when you when you met Hitler did Tom, he was, by the way, another knucklehead. I was I was reading about him. I was reading about him. Not a nice guy. Not nice at all.


Did you know that not only did he take in J.s. Yeah. He took in the mentally retarded. I knew that. And the two guys.


And when they conducted experiments, I'm learning all this stuff and I'm like, nothing about this regime was good.


I am serious. I hear everybody, you know.


Yeah. Shitting on America's politics. I'm like, have you read about these Germans?


Apparently we haven't heard about because you guys are real assholes.


Yeah. Jerks. Yeah, real. I know we should be talking more about it, but we don't. Clowns I think is the best way to try acting like a bunch of clowns these guys. And I didn't I got to tell you something. I shook my head through that whole movie.


Every time one of those soldiers was doing something, I was going like this bad news, you know? And I could I felt like they needed a real finger wagging.


Don't do that, you know. Anyways, very good movie.


So we keep we saw that and we. Yeah, we saw that one. And then thank you so much for convincing me to watch, which I never do. Your night.


We never watch. But we watched the Night Stalker docu series on Netflix, and I got to tell you, I was not expecting you to join.


Yeah, I told you, you know, I heard this is really good. And you go, oh, you know what? I'll watch that one with you.


Well, you know, volunteered. I'll tell you why. Because this guy ruined my summer of 1985. This fucking scum fuck.


Because you're, what, 18? You're ready to go in college?


I'm doing blood. No, but you are killers. I'm a child.


And this asshole just terrorized the city of Los Angeles for months and think that summer I could not sleep with my window open because I was terrified he was going to crawl through because he was abducting children. He was killing old people. He was doing stuff to everybody, man.


And he ruined AC DC, if I may say so myself.


Another knucklehead, another. I think when you watch the series, you'll be like, this guy's a real knucklehead. I wish you were on 60 Minutes, like at the end when that old guy would be like, what's the deal with watches?


Yeah, some of these serial killers can be knuckleheads.


Yeah. Um, here's the thing. I, I was his name and I knew the moniker, you know, and I knew the general story. The docu series is they do an amazing job of telling the story and having the two detectives kind of narrate the entire story of the crimes and the capture. Right. They kind of picked we're going to go over this period of time like eighty four through eighty five and the capture and the trial.


And I didn't realize the extent of the terror he caused, you know, because I just you kind of when I came to like, learn who he was, you kind of you learn the name, you know, killed people and you're like, OK.


And then when you follow the story man, I mean, he murdered more than a dozen people. He had.


Are you touching your penis, as you're saying, that he attacked, scratching myself. He attacked getting erect like 40 people or something. He attacked and let go and let go.


And he also thought he had killed people that he didn't kill. He was attacking, abusing children.


I mean, that the guy was such a menace, such a horrible menace.


Yeah. And Richard the Menace, what was really.


That's his nature. The menace. Richard, can I tell you something? Yeah. That would have been a funnier moniker if they had shamed him, cause instead of the Night Stalker, which is what he wanted, he and he wasn't using because they called him the Valley Intruder and the walk in killer.


And he was like on the nightstand. And then the Herald Examiner called him the Night Stalker. He was like, that's what's up. But if they would have called him Richard the Menace, yeah, he'd be like, come on, man, what do I got to do?


I have to do, yeah, I would have been so many people's eyes that I had Jizan everywhere vomiting on stuff.


I mean, he was I mean, it really terrorized the city here.


So I'm telling you, as a kid, you don't know everything. Yeah, but his stupid face was on television every night. And because he was indiscriminate in who he targeted and what neighborhoods, one night he'd be in Arcadia, one night he'd be like in Rosemead or where like he would just or East Los Angeles. So you didn't know if he was going to be in Whittier and.


Yeah, yeah, he knows the valley. So I was in the valley. So remember Nadhum. Do you remember the night soccer, that fucking asshole. I think I'm a little too young for that. Oh, for God sakes. But let me tell you the best part, obviously, of watching them just punch myself in the face of my the best part of this documentary is we're watching it at night before bed. I'm all excited because I'm fucking this is pretty good.


I'm so scared. And we're watching the documentary and I don't normally watch crying because I can't stand watching children getting abused. It doesn't get me hard like it does you. I don't.


And but I'm sitting there. And he's like Richard Ramirez, murdered a woman in Arcadia, murdered a woman in Northridge, Woodland Hills was unlike I've lived in like all these places I grew up. I have a friend right now that lives in Arcadia, so it's very close to home.


But the one thing I did love about this fucking asshole, the one thing that gave me great pride to be an Angelino is how he was caught. Yeah, it was pretty cool. It was the fucking best thing ever.


This asshole made the mistake because they figured out who he was. They blast him all on the net, figure out who he was.


It gets confirmed. They put it on the front page. And, you know, there's no Internet, obviously, but it's on every newspaper and on the news television that round the clock. And he goes he's in like a he's on a bus to L.A. neighborhood. He walks into a liquor store and sees his picture on the front paper. He's like, fuck, he jumps on a city bus and people on the bus have the paper. So they start looking at, yeah, they're like, Hey, fool.


Yeah, you fucking Richard Ramirez only because he was it. He's lost so much Americanos. I took him.


Well, he gets off the bus because he sees he sees somebody recognize him jump off and hit a payphone. So Richard jumps off and runs across like eight lanes of freeways. Right. And then jumps into and starts running through it like an East L.A. neighborhood going up and down these streets. People are, you know, pointing this direction. He tries to carjack a lady. Oh, me.


And a guy comes with like a metal rod and hits them. And then people start putting putting together who he is and the neighborhood jumps them. And I get em. Yeah, they pin him down and then they hold him.


And I think it's actually perfect that it was like a Latin neighborhood.


That's when I got love it because he was from east. Yeah. Now he's from El Paso. But but, you know, he's living in East Los Angeles. He was living and he had a brother that lived there.


He was he was you know, obviously that that would be his community and his community best part fucked him up. And then they got so fired up that the cops were like, they're going to kill him. Like, we got to get out of here.


So I wouldn't fucking shed a tear for that guy.


My favorite part of the whole thing is that finished the doc and Christina's like, OK, Tom, you watch all these shows, like, why did this happen? So I give her my, you know, amateur. Why does it happen?


Well, you know, I'm just like, you know, usually there's some genetic but environmental issues and the combination of the two, there's usually neglect, abuse, some type of trauma in childhood. Other factors play into it. But you can almost always count on if you watch the amount of the stories that I've watched, that that happens in some killers, uh, you know, childhood.


And she's like, OK. And then I start thinking about it. I'm like, well, I you know, I wonder what happened. Yeah.


So she's like drifting off to sleep. And then I come back, I get in bed and I start reading about his childhood and I and I go, hey, hey. She was like, why did I go?


So when he was a kid, I started reading her all his trauma. She's like, I'm about to drift off to sleep and literally drifting off to sleep.


And you tell me about my grandma was like, Yeah, because you said you wanted to know. You're like, not now.


Tell me in the morning, because then I have bad dreams all night and I'm dream about the Night Stalker and getting murdered and raped and beaten and killed. Yeah. Real knucklehead do you. Real bad guy. Do you think that with all the stuff that you've watched, all these murder shows, do you think at this point you could become like a forensic detective or a murder detective homicide? I think I could be. I think I could be trained more to.


Yes. Like, I think at this point you have a thorough education. I could be.


I think. I think so. I am a I enjoy the the game of trying to find the bad guy. Detective Lacey. Lacey. Yeah. I enjoy the game. God bless the the policeman that found this.


And those guys were great. You know what I love? What's the guy who he was.


He's from Wazzani from East Los Angeles as well. The detective that found Richard Ramirez. He grew up in a gang neighborhood. He went into the army. He went to college, gets married, has kids, and then like becomes one of the the best youngest detectives in LAPD. I just thought that was so inspiring and so great. I just love people like that who. Yeah, but worked so hard. The two detectives who I forgot their names.


But yeah, they basically tell the story, they tell the story that the docu series follows.


I would cut between, you know, the footage from that time and then them telling the story.


Now it's a it's a it's really good. I just can't watch that much violence. I was like, not that bad.


He actually is not that bad of a guy, so. Well, hold on, man. I said this is a perfect segue way now and I normally don't listen to these stuff, listen to this kind of stuff. But I got into the Bill Cosby podcast, which he's doing from prison. He's like, here's what I'm did.


They give me Jello every day. It's like, you guys are not good doing bad. Thanks so much. Say so myself.


Oh. So this psycho, it's called Chasing Cosby and the L.A. Times reporter, I believe, is the one who's the writer of these articles and who's the host of the show, and it follows some of the accusers, the victims.


And now I mean that he is just demonic knucklehead number three.


You listen to these accounts, I'll give you a there. The stories are all very similar. OK, here's just here's just the recipe. First of all, Cosby would befriend not only the women, so a lot of people think you get raped by strangers, I'm sure this does happen mostly to guy, the guy in the in hiding in the bushes, drunk right out and pinned you down. Well, what they were saying in this podcast is that it's most of the time it's men, you know, and sometimes for years.


So Cosby would rape people, women that he'd known for seven years. In some instances, not only would he be friend, the women, he would befriend the family. He finds some young girl at a casting call or something for his show psychosis.


He would befriend that call the mom and dad. Hey, I'm you know, I'm looking out for your daughter. I'm treating her like my own child. I'm going to hook her up in Hollywood. Can she come to a show of mine in Vegas? Yeah, of course. Mr. Cosby.


Cosby, thank you for this. You're doing so much for us.


Oh, yeah. And then he flies them out. He does a show in front of them. He kills go after the after the show in the hotel room. And it's here to have this drink. They take two steps, they pass out, they wake up bleeding, usually because he anally raped them, blood everywhere. And then the women would like get up if they can and leave. And then he would like call them the next day, like, hey, why did you leave?


That's the craziest part. Why did you leave? Send them like he sent one woman a tree with a note, said something to the extent of like, hey, take care of yourself. You got to look out for yourself. And, you know, you're the only one that can that can watch out for you and blah, blah, blah.


Like it's real. It's real. Like, oh, you want to get your mind blown.


It's real shameless behavior and it's also like a separation. So tell me what's going on. What's going on in his head? Tom, he's he's an ultra narcissist. He is a textbook psychopath, not a sociopath. A psychopath. What's so what's the difference? Tell people?


Well, I always forget two psychopaths are usually more cunning, higher intelligence, that people mistakenly think that psychopath denotes violence like actual murder and stuff has nothing to do with that. Zero sense of remorse, zero sense of guilt. Sociopaths usually live on the fringes of society. So you see like this. So what CEO Seo is.


Yes, like a psychopath. A psychopath. Yeah.


So, you know, the the guy that, like, steals a car and drives it into like a convenience store out on the sticks and is like, fuck it. And like, you know, shotgun blasts and does crazy shit like that. A lot of people like like a lot of psychology did not call that person a sociopath. Right. They both have no sense of remorse or guilt. But the psychopath is usually thought of to be more cunning or intelligent, methodical, zero sense of remorse, sodic, zero sense of guilt.


And and Cosby has the. The added detail of being in such a position of power and using that power to commit the acts he wants to commit without accountability and is so deep into his own story and how he conducts himself that he might he might not actually believe he has done something wrong. He doesn't, you know, so he doesn't even like when he says like, why did you leave? In his mind, the story's already spun in his mind that like.


I flew you out, you saw the show, you came up to the room, you had a drink. We had a good time. I'm just checking on you. How are you doing? Do you see how well he's inside of Cosby's head? That was scary. Like that would take me years to even get to. He was like, I get it. I didn't say I get it. You have to get your thoughts on it.


But yes, you're right. There's a sense of like and what's interesting is he would still treat these women like children and say, you got to protect, you got to look out.


Why are you drinking and why are you doing that? There is this bad.


There's a famous wow. There's a famous police officer who raped. Women in God, I think it was in Lafayette, Louisiana, OK, this is years ago, and he would break in and rape them on the job. Right, sometimes, and one of his victims was like, yeah, he told me, like, you got to keep your windows closed. I mean, something bad could really happen to you, you know, something bad. Yeah.


He's like, there's a lot of bad people out there. What are you doing? But why? Why is your window unlocked?


So he's like doing you a favor because he's not the bad guy. Yeah. This is so far off. Well, he's the good guy. Police officer raped Lafayette.


OK, but this little girl and she's asking for you. Hurry up and find that shit.


God is looking for this guy. I hope he finds that better looking for you, Eric. Find that shit, you fucking do it, got it. Not everybody. What is that from you, what year? Two thousand four now, so let me let me give you a Google search to see if I can do it remotely. Ready, really? Louisiana. Police officer. Rapist. Do you want to put Lafayette in there? I don't know, because maybe the city is wrong.


That's why I think Louisiana. Try that. That's too recent, this is an older case, so how much older, I think this case has to be between 15 and 20 years old, so maybe do. 19 Trie 1980s. 80S, plural. How about that one? Who's that? Ernest Randle Kumo hit that, that sounds like it. Do you have an image of him? No, not on this one. So back up once. And then.


Yeah, grab his name. Oh, my God. Tell me if we can find I'll tell you exactly if that's him or not. Oh, looks like a rapist is one of those supposed to be him, all of them look like rapists, they look like all different people. Yeah, I bet you it's that white guy with the beard, I'm going white guy with the beard. It's definitely a white guy. Yeah, but that's not him.


Back up again.


I think I kind of know who you're talking to. Is there footage of him like crying in court? I've never seen him cry in court. I've seen his like his official police officer. You know, shot, whatever it's called, I don't think that's him. Hmm. Well, anyway, anyway, so, so sorry he would he would basically be like, you shouldn't leave your what would he tell the victims that after he was done assaulting them?


Who's that?


This cop. So, yeah. So the cop would break in and he'd come in, he would rape them. And then he'd be like. You know, your windows open, there's a lot of dangerous people out there.


And they tell them that, you know, one of the things that they made the police off, like the investigators think that it might be a police officer that was committing these crimes and telling that he was one of the victims.


Remember that he held his flashlight like this? Oh, like that. Yes. That's how cops do this, flashing the light. And he was like she was like he held it like this. And they're like, hmm. Because most lay people hold it like that.


Right. That's a cop thing. Very cop thing to hold it up like that. Wow. Yes.


Causby too. Didn't he. Felt that's him there. Yeah I know. What's his name.


Uh Randy Kamaran got him. I got a couple of good tips from Zolo over here to find it. Uh what did they tell you.


Oh, boy, how did he tell you to find out? He's just like, hey, I found it, typed this.


That's him. That's the guy. Yeah, yes. He was on Forensic Files. Yeah. Yeah, right. Because they they don't associate themselves with the bad guys.


They write. Is that right. That guy is not the bad guy.


That guy was like it's like it's very similar to the Cosby that you commit the crime that you compartmentalize. That's what he's doing. Like Cosby too. He's like he's doing this thing here, but he's able to separate it completely from like he's like I'm just Gelo Putin pops, you know? And yeah.


And that guy is like, I'm a police officer. I have a police officer duties.


This thing that I'm doing doesn't exist. It doesn't mean that I'm a bad police.


I'm still looking out for myself because Cosby in depositions, admitted to drugging and like but in his mind, we had a few drinks, we did some Quaaludes and we had sex. It wasn't rape. Right. I just we just did some fun drugs together and then, you know. Did you talk about it? Yeah. It's like you told her we'd be doing this. Well, I mean, why don't you come up for the drink?


So he in his mind, that was consent.


If the girl was in his I mean, I'm sure it's something like that. Like she knew it was going to happen upstairs. You know, it's so dark. You guys really it's such a good listen, I don't really like like I said, crime podcast, but the fact that it's a comedian, my goodness, I notice we're missing our general, our usual switcher, uh, today.


Any, yes. Mm hmm. Where is he? Well, you know, it's it's a couple of days, it's a couple kind of special days for him, it's his birthday, OK, or it any I only hope you have a good birthday.


Happy birthday.


And and it's MLK Day. And he wanted off for both reasons. Well, makes sense. Is that OK? It sure is now. I mean, after this past year, what am I going to say? And I'm sorry, that's right, you can't can't do it anymore. That's right. Yeah. You know, get off your JD might as well might want to box out the NBA finals week and be like, hey, you got the whole week off to any joy that.


So, uh, do you take you don't take off your J holidays to you and stuff?


Well, no, but I don't respect any of those types of holidays. Yeah.


Jesus, Rosh Hashanah. You don't do that. Yeah. Fuck all that shit. Wow. Wow. That is you know, I made homemade matzo balls the other day and I sent him a picture. I said, I'm making lots of soup. He was like, fuck you, fuck your soup.


He really hates anything she was really excited about.


She was like more in touch with my Jewish side getting my. Yeah, she's I love being Jewish with all this.


I never said, fuck you, Christina. Fuck you, fuck you fucking stupid. I said, fuck j food and fuck soup.


Fuck soup. OK, super, super, super stupid then, uh, super stupid.


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Thought this was just like a hungry guy. Yeah, yeah, you're like I think he just left a hungry guy that has become. So hard to watch. Yeah, and then you had the was also like I also think that that's what's going on and so low. And I I mean, I was the first one to say this is definitely a hard dick. Sure. It about to rip through his pants.


And then that solo was like, well, I think so too.


Um, anyways, that's what what we got an expert ticket thing going on here. OK, thank God.


What's up ChipMOS. I'm just tuning in to get my expert opinion here, having sold my shoes, my socks, content, control content, all that good stuff, I wanted to confirm Todd's ideas about the guy eating on subway. He's definitely acting out his kinks here. What I suspect is happening is he has a mistress and she said, you're going to eat my dirty shoe today, probably somewhere public. How about the subway? And also, you're not going to touch yourself the whole time because you're in public, idiot.


You don't get to touch yourself until I tell you you're going to get home. And then I'll tell you now you come as a little extra bonus for him. A stranger, it looks like, started to film him and that probably made him even harder. So I just want to say it all in a negative, totally talked. And Tommy is on point here. I hope that's helpful. You bet.


Coming up in May, I love her and I want to interview her further. Don't you want to? She's fantastic. She said we can give it out.


Is at Mars, I believe. Cohler or Kellar. It's MERS Kohler.


So thank you so much, Mary. Hear more. Mary, you got to come on, let's discuss your Pandi now. Hold on then. We have another email. Oh right. Hey, how are you Hitlers. I don't think any of y'all are. Hey did you see I said y'all for the first time in Texas, you're a Texan.


Y'all are fully correct on the intentions of the bootlickers fetish. To me that seem to be more in the line of voyeurism. I don't partake myself, although I do enjoy the videos of a queen above eighteen using one of those wireless vibrators and he has referenced before.


I could easily see this talked guys dumb. There you go. Instructing him to go out in public and lick my boots. Are you jerking off? Part would come later and so would he piss on maybe callin. Yeah. Yeah. So hey, hey. Experts write in.


Thank you guys. And what's the other one. There's the other one that you read earlier that you were really excited about remember. Oh this one went pantie.


Yeah. Yeah. Same lane because every time now I take my underwear off at the end of the day I'm like there's thirty bucks. Yeah. Yeah.


Just throwing money in the trash at this point in the hamper.


Yeah. Yeah, it's wonderful. OK. This one's great to high. I'm a paramedic, but I sell panties on the side. Specifically, unprotected sex is a plus. Also not Weiping is definitely a thing and is very tricky. Hope this helps. Love from Nashville.


Candy, Candy, this I want more.


I want to say, Candy, also, I just can't help but think about I was in the back of an ambulance recently.


I wonder what that would have been like if I had been like, oh, my are my knees are fucked. And then the paramedics like, you know, I've been wearing these panties all day and I'm like, what?


What? They're my stinky. I've been farting and sweating.


And I'm like, oh, well, my arm hurts. She's like, do you have a wallet? I'm like, Yeah, I've got a wallet.


You have thirty dollars. Oh. Do you I'm going to give you some fentanyl, but do you want my panties to make you feel better? OK, OK, just get the money. Just please fix my arm. It's a perfect situation. It would be funny if she were to avoid like this subtlely, like when you're in severe pain, like I know I might make you feel better, you know, the better than nothing if I'm holding my arm so much pain and she stands up, take her pants off.


Mike, what are you doing? And she takes her panties off, puts her pants back on them, and then she just goes smothered. And I'm like, what the fuck? Now don't you feel better?


It's slut penicillin.


I farted all day and I, I also had unprotected sex. Yeah. Mhm. Oh well this person does say that the not wiping thing is very tricky. Yes. I agree. That can lend itself to many medical problems for women. You got to wipe your stuff front to back you.


You know, it's funny that you say that. Yeah. So I think a lot of women could probably learn a thing or two from this person. This video seems pretty cool.


This is the way you could eliminate that. Don't let your wife work. Well, there you go, guys. Close. Let's break. All right, that's how you could eliminate that and much of adultery that takes place and marriage is when a woman is working out in the world. That happens all the time. Why? Because women are weak. Yes. I'm not downplaying them. I'm not degrading them. No, it's a fact.


It's in the Bible. Yes, they are the weaker vessel.


You know what I love about this guy, though, that he's so confident gets he's not he's not, like, trying to figure it out now.


He's had this happen to him. That's why my daughter will never work, ever. I mean, she'll work at the house, but she's never going to work a second job over my dead body. Wow. What I ever allow my daughter to work a second job. That is a cool dad. Why?


Because my daughter is going to be weak. She's a woman. She's weak. He's very cool, so hold on. But what about online? You know, a lot of people I don't see online. I think he's cool with that. She's going to be beautiful. So is going to be guys who are going after my daughter. I'm not going to. No way. No stinking way. Note here, this is my father in law, Tommy.


Take your daughters on dates to your daughters one day. Take your daughters on dates, compliment them, compliment them to the to the cows. Come home. Because if you're getting that from their own father, they're not going to be looking for it for someone else.


You're basically fulfilling that need that they have. Uh, is this like Jessica Simpson? Remember, she had an engagement ring from her dad?


Uh, it was a promise ring.


You remember that? It's true. Jessica Simpson had a promise ring from her dad so that she would save her S.A.T. score.


You would be required to make that call.


Oh. Oh, God, yeah. Her virginity ring. See, look, Jessica Simpson's you guys. Do you remember the shit? Two thousand five. I can't read that shit, bro. I'm forty four fucking half dead.


OK, I know that. I've read about just the creepy dad before. Here we go. Jessica Simpson's father, Joe, made the singer promise to stay a virgin until she married during a ceremony when she was 12.


Oh, my God.


Simpson, who doubles as Jessica's manager, handed the 24 year old a promise ring and vowed to be the only man in her life until she married.


He explains, I'm going to tell you how beautiful you are every day. That's the same thing. It's the same fucking thing. When you make a mistake, you are someone special.


And I'm going to be that person until the day you find a man to do that in my place. Um, what the fuck it says in the actual article? Um, yeah.


You know, I don't know. I got two boys so this ain't my the same my problem either.


Honestly though, having a dismissive dad made me want a nice guy. So I actually think the opposite is better. Like my dad let me work from the time I was thirteen.


This guy's daughter is going to have problems that you know what's going to happen supercops.


Let me tell you, this is the princess shit. Yeah. She's never going to find someone that loves her as much as your daddy. Here's the thing.


The princess, though, actually, I think usually comes from a real sweet guy who's kind of oblivious, like to to ground. But in reality, this is not that. This is this is more in the abuse lane, super strict, like super, super strict and religious. And he's going to fuck her up big time. Big time. Yeah. Yeah. This guy's a real jerk.


Now, you know who else is a knucklehead?


We learned Armie Hammer, all actor. Christ, these came in.


Have you not heard about this yet? This is one of the most Nito stories out there.


This is the hot gas segment. This guy is a very talented actor, very popular, too. I've never heard of him before. This awesomes. You've seen him, though. You've seen things familiar. Yeah, he's he works a lot. He works a lot.


Is in demand. Actor until recently, married kids, but. Since then, he has leaked Ms. And here's the thing, I don't like to think shame, so I don't want to you know what I mean?


I understand. I like to I think it's fun.


I think it's it's rude. And you should let people get off on whatever they get off on shore and not shame them.


But sometimes these kinks are you can't help it. There are more eye opening there, stranger, than you're used to. Yes. You know, you hear some of these things like panty sniffing and bootlicking and you're like it's, you know, harmless.


It's in it's in the circle that you're used to seeing.


Well, here's why I like those two, is that it's a victimless crime. Sure. Pantie sniffs You got two willing people participating saying that you did your part in this or not, because I don't want it if you did.


And it's just fun. It's silly. It is. I do like to make fun of it. Yeah. No, no, I get it. And maybe shame a little because it's fun. It makes me feel better about me. But Arnie has a real unique kink. Yeah. He likes is it Ami. Ami.


Oh it's Ami Arnie. Like Arnold. Is it short for like Armondo. Ami Armie Hammer. My big department short for Ami Almond is he.


And pull up, pull up his imdb real quick so that Marvin because I know I've seen him and I feel like in a dozen things but I, I really am struggling to pull out exactly what they are. Armie Hammer. You're cute almond. Yeah. He's a good looking guy. Right. He's born in L.A., homey. All right. Scroll down so I can actually see it.


Call me by your name. The man from Uncle the loan. That's where I summon the man from Uncle.


He's in a bunch of stuff and he's got, like, I don't know, eight things in production right now. Very busy actor. Um. Does a lot of stuff here see wounds in the face on the basis of sex hotel Mumbai. Sorry to bother you.


Yeah, so, yeah, he's in the Facebook movie, yeah, I think he plays play those rolling. Yes. Brothers. Yes. Oh, that's where he's from. Yeah. Use cue.


Yeah. Damn. So anyway, this is what happened.


Um, somehow I don't know how the story actually broke, but they leaked demos that he had and they are revealing his his kink dos fetish, so to speak, revolves around cannibalism.


So shit is while homeliness. See here, I've never even heard of this one. And we we've covered a lot on this show. A lot.


He says, I want to see I want to see everything. I want to see your brain, your blood, your organs, every part of you. I would definitely bite one hundred percent or try to fuck it. Not sure which. Probably both. If I fucked you in a vegetative state, I'd keep you, feed you, wash you and keep fucking you till you are so sore and broken.


But if I fucked you into a vegetative state. But she's bleeding. OK, sorry. I'm just making sure I understand that's up to you now.


Yeah, ok. This psychopath is a serial killer. No, not necessarily is what Richard Ramirez liked. Then I don't think Richard would explain this to you. Now he writes, We're not seeing the other side of this conversation, though, because clearly he's responding to something here. He says, oh, my God, that made me so hard. And it makes me confused as to why is that even possible so hard thinking of holding your heart in my hand and controlling when it beats.


I am 100 percent a cannibal. I want to eat you fuck that. Scary to admit. I have never admitted that before. I've cut the heart out of a living animal before and eaten while still warm. And here's the thing, he's fine. He's a normal guy. Um, yeah, so yeah, I know I do kind of feel bad for him because he shared these feelings and someone just outed him.


You know, I don't like when people do this to celebrities or to other people voicemails and stuff, especially because, look, is this a fantasy that he's playing out with? That's what that's what I think it is. And that's private.


I think it's a fantasy. I don't think he's actually a cannibal, but I think that whole blood and guts thing gets him off for whatever reason. I don't know why, which is so strange.


Weird. I love it and I want to know more.


I bet you his the Ms. Well I think he's probably off took his account is done, but when he comes back there's going to be a bunch of scum hungry.


So you tease her like you can cut me up. This is going to work in his favor ultimately. Definitely.


Well, this is a tricky one to oblige this fetish, right? Because you're essentially going to kill the person that you're.


Yeah. I mean, I think that most people or women that are reading this are probably going he's not actually going to kill me, you know? Well, they're like, if you're that scared of them, you're not going to engage.


But I think most people I remember do you remember a few years ago there was a story about this German man who put an ad on Craigslist asking for somebody to eat? Yes. He goes, I want to take a slice of you, of your leg, of your penis. And people volunteered to have this man eat.


Peace is the only way that you're really allowed, I think, to because you can't, like, consume someone.


They have to. What a shame. They have to like, uh, consciously give a piece of themselves to you. You don't I mean, consciously, like they have to be, uh, with it, you know, and go like, OK, here's a piece of my leg and give it to you in order to not be prosecuted. Pretty wild stuff, I mean, there's more you want to read more. Of course, of course. It's great.


Uh, you said it made me realize I'm not just saying it. A deer I shot it, ran up, pulled out the knife, cut out the heart and ate it, totally raw, still warm. And eat your heart if it wasn't stuck without you after. Oh, see, that's sweet. I think actually a sweet thing to say to someone I didn't throw up. A friend of mine tried to take a bite. He threw up immediately.


I took multiple bites. But he's like, this is edited, right? Because we're not seeing any of the back and forth, which I think is not fair, you know.


Yeah. Imagine what this person did smartly was just delete all of their messages.


So it's just it's just his probably. That's really. You know, I'm going to come thinking of breaking your bones. You said stuff to me like that. Talk to me, text me. Text me about breaking your bones. Well. Oh, OK. She's, uh. I'll send you the voice note while I come after reading. She's yeah. My cock is in my hand. See, he's having a good time.


He is having a good time. And he says, my cock is in my hand and I'm thinking about breaking your ribs.


The nice guy. Let's see here cutting you into pieces, working the pieces. Can you send me pictures? I want to bite you again thinking of eating you. Uh. Yeah, I think he's really just. Just fantasize you didn't read the last bit. Tom, what does it say? What do you need to walk for? You just lay on a pile on the floor and I'll fuck you whenever I walk past you with that.


And that is like. It's other level, the other level, what like is, is he does he have the mind of a killer is when I'm one? No, but but that's what these murders all do. This is a fantasy. This guy, they kill people.


They sometimes have sex with the body, the dead bodies, the dead. It's all a fantasy.


But is he he's he is Holon. But that's what murderers do. They fantasize about it, right? They do. Then they do it.


But he says several steps removed from doing it. Really, he's dealing with somebody about it. That's very, very, very far from doing something like that.


OK, I think he's exercising his fantasy with someone who's engaging him and you're losing something by not seeing their back and forth. You're just seeing one side of this.


Well, hopefully it ends at the just the fantasy.


I mean, look, that's most useful here. But I am a little concerned. I agree.


I'm a little concerned about the deer. I killed the deer. I it's hard out and it a little acting out. It starts with animals. Does it not kill.


But also did that actually happen. I don't know why. No, but I, I would bet you that the story is probably a big embellishment. Yeah, I think it's showing off. Of course. It's like. Oh, dear. Yeah, it is Aflex, and she's I shot it, ran up on it, got hit it immediately and ate it. I mean, it's just it's hard to believe.


Think he's lying. It's improbable. It's possible, but. Was to say here. Oh, God, I don't know. Read it, no, thanks. So as I stood you up after I come, because I won't let you guys think you're a waste of a perfect slave, tell me the fantasy. Can you imagine all the warm blood all over my cock? OK, drinking it while I fuck you. Yeah, it's just it's a it's a murder, uh, cannibal fantasy.


I don't I don't buy that. This is like really what's going to happen to you. Do it.


I just I think I like I've, I've never heard of it. I'm still shocked by it. And, um, I'm just having a very visceral, normal reaction, you know.


Yeah. I think you're being kind of a square. Um, here's a image that was on his Instagram before I took his Instagram down.


Uh oh. So he took a picture of a license plate that said I'd rather be eating human flesh. And then he army wrote, I wonder what he's going to be grilling for Memorial Day, so he clearly likes that kind of thing. I think it's a kink. Surely is. Sure. Yeah. Oh, yeah, OK. Poor guy, poor guy. Well, speaking of actors, you're looking at one.


I am. In a new movie, it's called Flinch, It is out beginning the 21st, you can rent it is playing at some Drive-In theater is apparently was at, I think, 50 or so over the weekend. So we had a little chat with the writer, director and producer of this movie that I'm in. Cameron, I joined us and here is our conversation with him. It is now my pleasure to welcome a very special guest, the writer, director, producer of the new film Flinch, which has yours truly in it.


Mr. Cameron Varno, thank you very much for joining us today. Cam, thank you for asking me to be in your movie.


I really appreciate it. Thank you for putting in it. No, it was it was quite an experience. Here's what, dude, this is what I love about you. First of all, it I realize after some time here that it is a miracle to get a movie made like all you hear about when you first. I've been out here almost 20 years. And from the moment you get here, you know, you meet countless people that are like, I'ma make a movie, I want to make a movie, I'm making a movie, all this shit.


And basically none of them do.


And then you are the rare, rare breed of person who I mean, you're a true hustler like people.


People like they give up because it's hard, it's hard to get these things done and made, and here you are.


Faced with the impossible task of getting a film made on your own and you did it, it's amazing. Yeah, thank you. I mean, how how are you so capable of getting this done? You know, I think this is my sixth film at this point. Oh, wow.


She's the first time I've written and directed one.


Everything I've done up until now have produced and every movie continued to get bigger from producing. Right.


Like my first film, I made it for such a small budget and the next one was a little bigger and they all got a little bigger, a little better until I did the movie before this tragedy Girls, which got really good reviews, we got them on sale. We went to a big festival and cast the whole deal. And then I was like, ah, it's time for me to direct and I don't, you know, I think I'm able to do it and get movies made because I.


Don't give up and. I don't know why, really, I don't know. I don't give up and I care about it. I mean, it's all I think about. No, no, I see everything you're saying now comes through with you. I believe that you don't give up. I believe that you deeply care about it. I believe that there's almost like a you have to have some level of obsession with getting your vision made.


It's just it is increasingly rare.


I mean, I want you to do a master class because, you know, like when Martin Scorsese does one and he's like, here's how you make movies like you, fuckhead, you probably just go like, hey, it's me, Marty. I want to make a movie. Like, I want to see somebody who, like, actually really has to hustle because I remember getting the call about this, like, you know, here's the movie. And it was an offer and just.


I mean, I feel like you were you had your your crew and just relentless in getting this thing made, you know, which is that I think that's what you have to do for anybody out there who's like. I want to make a movie, you got to be obsessed and relentless. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Don't give up. And it certainly is a marathon. It's like this long patient marathon pushing. Yeah, man.


I mean, we shot I don't remember when we shot this shot. Like end of twenty eighteen. Oh my goodness.


And we're in twenty twenty one. Yeah. Well may I ask you a question? Most importantly, before we started this interview, I noticed you're very fit, but you're eating a hot dog. And Tom and I were debating what kind of hot dog was it?


A bratwurst. Was it a breakfast sausage? It was a kielbasa.


It was very nice. It's a sausage. Yeah. Take off.


It'll go ahead. Don't let us stop it. Don't make it stop your breakfast, OK?


Is that is that the Cameron Benoy key to fitness. Just one breakfast sausage today and then that carries you through the day.


Oh sometimes it's like I eat a lot of meat. You do live off of meat sometimes. OK. I mean, look, hey, you have a nice figure, so it's clearly working. Thank you. So what can you, like, talk about this movie, what the movie's about? And then, yeah, then I have a follow up for you, OK? Yeah, the film is called French. It's about a young man who lives with his mother, who falls in love with a girl who witnesses him kill somebody.


So he becomes very conflicted about what to do with her. He should dispose of her immediately. Bring himself to do it. So he takes back home and keeps her in his bedroom until he can sort things out.


And that's really where a lot of the conflict and fun comes into the film. Yep. And we actually this weekend on Friday, we released it in 50 theaters across the country.


Wow. And and drive ins and theaters. And we kind of crushed it.


Right. Congratulations.


I was like, I'm getting the numbers in this morning. And I knew that in L.A. we crushed. I went. I went. It was packed. Really. That's awesome. Packed the brand.


And like, I maybe had like a few friends, maybe like four cars with people that showed up that were there for support or whatever. And everyone else was just random people there watching the movie. And they all seemed like. So I went back again last night and it was like pretty packed again with just all people there to watch.


Where is it showing in L.A. showing this drive in theater called the violence, which is the drive in in L.A. It's just a little bit out. It's in city of industry, but it's this giant giant has been around forever. And I've never gone to a drive in before. And like the picture, quality ain't great and the sound is coming through your radio to realize it's you know, it's that vibe, but it's so fun. And after the movie, like, everyone honks their horns like flashes, they're like, oh yeah, no, I've been to those stand up.


You know, it's not fun doing standup because now let me while you're here, I'm going to play the trailer. Yeah, I play the trailer to your movie, Flinch. Check it out if you're watching the podcast right now or you're listening, you should be able to rent it right on any of the platforms you're on.


Well, I don't know when the announcement is first. OK, beginning the 21st.


All right. Here's the trailer of French. What do you think today is going to be a good one? Something for you to do, and he doesn't run away real fast. Oh, that's funny. Look, it was just a quick take them off, are you trying to tell me that girl and there was a witness. Anybody see, Joe, are you going to take care of this? Take care right now. No, we need to find this girl.


We said, why is she still alive? Didn't flinch, Will. Flipped in theaters now. Yes. Very impressive, you did it, you made the movie. Here's the big follow up for you, though, Cameron. Why did I get cast in this? How when did Russell Crowe pass and look down?


How did this happen?


Russell Crowe, actually, he's what you can top. You and Russell will probably fight for roles I could see. Oh, yes.


All the time. I'm always like, did you get this one? So how did it happen? How did I get this part?


I was you know, you cast in a movie and, you know, I had to figure out the lead guy first and the lead girl and the mom, you know, and which, by the way, you got Kathy Moriarty now.


Yeah, she's amazing. She's fantastic. Fantastic.


And then I knew I wanted that guy buddy duress. He's like a wild card. Yes. Him. And it shouts out to Rikers Island. Go ahead.


I think it's a security prison now.


Oh, OK. Well, good buddy.


But and then, you know, I needed the role of Ed and we hadn't cast we started shooting and I was with my casting director and I said, you know what, let's get a community role, just get lucky.


And I was like, that's what we should do for this role. And she was the one who said, Tom cigarette. And I was like.


And then I didn't really think it was going to happen, you know? And then she came back to me like a day later she goes, he likes it. He's and I was like, what? My girlfriend was also like, what? And it was just amazing. And here's a cool story.


Actually, the crew would during lunch because we were shooting nights, you know, they would always go into like when we were in the house filming, they go into the garage and put up a screen and just watch something together as a crew during lunch, you know?


And I think it was like literally the day before you came on, they were watching one of your standards.


Oh, wow. And then I you know, then the news, like, moved like he's actually going to be in the movie and everyone loved it. Oh, that's awesome.


Yeah, it was a fun, fun experience because I got to play a really the part is really fun. I also got to do some extremely violent things and I won't give away everything because I don't want to get I don't want to spoil anything for anybody who's going to watch the film. But you let you you wrote some extremely violent stuff that I got to be a part of, which was really the thrill of a lifetime.


So I want to thank you for that.


It was really a joy. And I actually I have a clip here that doesn't give away too much, but that you sent that we can play of my part a little clip. So I'm going to go ahead and play that right now. I don't give a shit where you guys are. Fine, let's come back Friday. Yeah, I'll be there the. Well. Your mother.


Yeah, yeah. I'll give a little good job casting, I just have to say you guys nailed it. I got to tell you, here's a little little tidbit for people who watch this. You had great, great cast and crew. And so I'm working with the stunt coordinator for that little teaser scene we just showed in the bathroom. And there was a scene. There's a part where I shoved him against a bathroom stall door.


So I go, all right, I'm a how should I show you?


He was like shoved me, like, really shoved me and I got shoved the fucking shit out of you men. And he goes, go for it.


And then the stunt coordinator, the guy like who's kind of, you know, explaining how to do things, he's like, oh, OK. He's like, give them give him a good, you know, grab by the shirt collar, give him a good shove. And I was like, great, I'm going to fucking light you up. He weighs like one hundred pounds less than me.


So I was like, OK, so it's like action.


I grab him and I shove them through the door, I throw them through the door all up over the toilet against the wall.


And they're like, cut it. And then he's then Daniels like he's like he's like, he's like, damn, he's like the stunt guys.


Like, why are you shoving him so hard? We just fucking talked about it like we just talked about it. I said I was going to show him how are you. He goes, not that hard.


Fuck are you doing through even through the lock like you guys broke through the, through the like that method acting.


Is that what they call. And then as our fight progressed another time, Daniel was like, just go ahead and like I'll be laying here just like, you know, shoved me real hard, like, like I'm upset like on the floor. And I'm like, well, you know, should we put like a pad there? He's like now like, OK. And then he fucking throws his head against the floor. I was like, what are you doing?


What are you doing, man?


He's a hospital that night. Yeah, he was a hospital because he threw he threw himself back. Oh OK. Yeah. It wasn't me. I kept going like did I hurt you. I was like no, I did it to myself, ok.


I was like, yeah I was.


That only happens with an actor in his 20s, by the way, are like there's no fucking fifty year old actor is going to be like, oh, I'll go ahead and throw my head back real hard.


No, no that's for sure. Yeah. He was, he was really, really fantastic in that though. Um well look man, this is just like I said, I think it's an incredible just I think it's an incredible feat to just get a film made.


I really do like every time. You know, now, having worked on a few, I just go, these are basically impossible puzzles to put together. And you you did one when you wrote it, you directed it, you produced it. So congratulations. Flinches available for rental starting on the 21st. I hope you watch it. I hope you guys check it out. I had a blast doing my part and like I said, getting to be real, mean and violent and like kind of taking out my natural feelings, but in a healthy environment that's productive and conducive to emotional well-being.


But I'm proud of you, man. I really am. I think it's amazing that you did this.


Well, thank you so much. Thank you for being a part of it. You call it such a great role, and I really loved working with you. And thanks for having me on.


Absolutely. And let's talk soon. We've got other things to talk about. We'll talk soon. All right. Sounds good. All right, Cameron, take care of Man by Cameron.


Nice to meet you. Finish that sausage. You look delicious. Thank you.


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There you go. There you go. Movie. Right. You know what's interesting is your casting is really violent, asshole. That's your line. You're good at playing an asshole and you're good at being violent.


Pretty exciting. I a lot of fun doing that.


I can't believe it was that long ago. I know God. But yeah. Cameron man, he is one of those guys that he gets it done. It's awesome. Can't say no. Um, another one of our favorite stories of the year has been about Hilaria Baldwin. Holy shit.


And this thing I like that one very few ingredients man to don't we have. Cucumber, cucumbers. We have the best, right, red pepper, so people are so obsessed with this story and I can't blame them because it's the best and they've dug up.


I guess she's been on podcasts and they pulled these pulled a couple of clips from of audio only. But the story, if you don't know, is that Alec Baldwin's wife now his name is Laria, birth name is Hillary. And she was born and raised in Massachusetts. Her parents retired to Majorca, Spain. She spent some time there, you know, on trips as a kid. But apparently she's been.


Like acting like she's from Spain, it's a victimless crime, as we were talking about it is before, it is a story that just like selling panties as a paramedic is a victimless crime. It is. It makes me laugh so much because it's something I totally I kind of I relate to it like, don't you want you wanted to be someone else at some point in your life?


Very few people actually go do it. And she you know, she's inventing a sliding under the radar with this story because no one really cared.


And then somebody dug it up and they're like, oh, you're not a Spaniard, because she actually does speak really, really good Spanish and speaks it with a Castillian accent and changed her name from Hillary. Theileria, named her five kids, all Spanish names and, you know, had like a Spanish themed wet, like all these things. And then someone was like, oh, but you're not. And then she went on to say, like, no, there's, you know, miscommunication on this thing.


I never said I was this.


I never said I was like, well, I think the explanation well, Narvo Godalming, Gabriela, Eduardo, Palookas, Lucas Romell, Alejandro, David, Rafael, those kids names, because I follow her on Instagram and I hear her saying those shit all time.


Rafa, I forgot what I was going to say.


Now when you say my mom. I forgot what I was going to say. You said you're on IG, she's on IG all the time for that. Oh, well, that she has kept this thing going, but flying under the radar, no one really knew. And the story is really that she was like people were putting this together piece by piece. At first they're like, what do you mean? Like you hear the cucumber clip and you're like, what is the English word for cucumber?


And then the accent would come and go.


People put together. I was going to say, I think what made it more would added insult to injury is that, yeah, it's not even a crime.


It's the explanation videos that really buried her because it was like seven minutes of just nonsense. And like, you know, I spent a lot of time in Spain and then I spent some time in Boston. And like, I really I just I love being bilingual. And if you don't respect my culture, it was like, oh, boy, just family.


They're my parents.


Let's just come out and say it like, you know what I kind of I want. Yeah, I just I think Spanish is cool. It's always better. I grew up like an idiot. Yeah. I think I may have embellished.


I mean, I know that's the way you go. I fucked up. Yeah.


I was just trying to man so yeah. I thought it was cool. Yeah. And like for a while and pretending to be Spanish I think I got caught up in it.


I got because I'm one of those people I'm speaking Spanish. I fuck up English. What.


Yeah. What are you talking about. Which is a half admission. Yeah. Is admitting to putting on kind of an affect. It's a great either way.


It's a here's a great it's a fascinating story. It's my favorite thing to have.


Here is some audio that was pulled from a podcast. You did. Yeah. That they've, you know, since dug up about this.


So you say Hilaria E Laria to people call you Hilary sometimes. And, you know, it's the same name. So it's it's vitamines. Happy, right. But I found out that you are not from Brazil.


I'm not. So I have this young jazelle we're on the beach to get that. Sounds really good. Can I have a radio. No, my family lives in Spain, ok.


And I have moved to New York when I was 19 years old.


So I went to English is like in both English and Spanish. OK, so. So yes.


And my children's parents are Spanish. My, my family is mixed a bunch different things, but yes, they all live there.


This is a it's a really interesting answer because nothing is a direct lie.


That's a lie by omission. Yeah.


Like from the very beginning of that clip it was like. So your name is Elad. Is that like Hillary. Like that's the same as Hillary.


She's like, well you could be like, my birth name's Hillary. Hillary and I just go by Lodhia now.


Then it was like, your English is so good. And she's like, well, I'm American. I was I was born in Boston. I was raised there. But she's like, well, I grew up speaking both English and Spanish instead of saying, Yeah, yeah, of course I speak good English because I'm from here. Yeah. And then I moved to you from Spain. I moved here when I was 19, not move from Boston.


The correct answer is no, I'm not from Spain. Right. Right. The correct. But you're both your parents are Spanish.


They live there now. Yeah.


So every time you're not so mission. But it's interesting because like we said, I kind of understand. That in your head, you just like it's just way cooler to be spent. It's way cooler for her than the best part. She goes, I moved to New York when I was 19 and I never looked back like, OK, well, theoretically that's true. If she came to college or something from she moved from Boston, though, to new.


Right. So I moved to L.A. when I was 22. Right. From Peru. From Peru. Lima.


Yeah, I was 22. I moved here and I never looked back to my country.


Oh, it's so good.


Yeah. It's the way that she artfully dances. It is very artful and clever. It's clever. Yeah.


And none of those things you could accuse her of being of, she's not like you're like you did make a false statement. You just danced around the truth.


Yeah. The best. So your parents are. Well, my my family's from many different places. It's like watching CNN when they interview some politician, they never know.


Oh yeah. That's it. Directly.


They're like, would you vote to impeach? I think that everybody has a process and you're like, oh, so you just won't answer.


Yeah, you don't answer the question. Got it. Um, this is another one of hers that's also it's just it's cute.


No, it is a Spanish brand. And so I've known about it since for very, very, very long time before I was in this country. Now, that one that was so funny about the Zahraa brand before I was in this industry. That's funny because I learned about Tsara Tsara in 2000 when I studied abroad in Madrid. That's where I learned about it. That's all I would say. Yeah.


When I studied, I did I did learn about it before I was in this country, when I was out of this country, before I returned to this country.


Yeah, I learned about it in Hungary for the first time. I went there in Budapest. I'm like, oh, this is cool. Yeah. And then it's here. But but I wouldn't say like, oh, when I came to this country I was always like this before I paid off.


I say, how do you say robust fashion and pujas is what is an empire and push and push to push someone come, etc.. Oh, there you go. They didn't give me photography.


I don't mind perilla. I notice in this Bialosky I want her to return to Instagram.


Igloria, come back. We love you. We miss you.


No one's just so we'll all be fair. We still love you. Yeah, we love you. You've been really bragging about your posture.


Not right now. Come slouched over you get out of the car you're like check out my posture. I have a really freaked out right now.


Look what I have really good posture when I choose to have noticed because I forget the politeness that gave me really good posture.


I just wanted you to acknowledge because I feel as though I do a lot of really cool things around the house or just in life, and I don't get the acknowledgement I deserve. I let out a really big fight this morning. Nothing from you. Silence. Very silent. You could have fuckin made thirty bucks.


I don't know how you're not on your igy being like you want these 30 by just party. Oh, do you really want me to start that business?


Do I want you to. It's not that I want you to. I thought that that was what your destiny was.


My destiny. Yeah. Huh. Yeah. That those short panties out.


Do you travel panties would be the best. Those are the gnarly just sitting and it's still in on that airplane for hours. Oh gross. So.


OK, horrible or hilarious, ready, ready. What do you think of this one? Oh, boy. Well, he's pretty good. Well, like where it's going, I didn't laugh, so I'm just going to go. Horrible. I think it's on the line. You liked it, but I didn't know. I didn't know.


Well, yeah, no one died. I fucking love this one. OK, great. OK, um, here's another one. It's guys like these always go wrong. Yeah, that bad idea, swinging, swinging off the road. Oh, you're going to go swing off the road. Oh, it's going to be a second one, right? Bang. Uh oh, no. Three times.


No, that's it, buddy. There's one more I can do it. Watch. Bang. Oh. Oh, by the way.


He's OK. Yeah, yeah, he's like, are you all right? And he went, Oh, that's OK.


If he'd be like panic too. I like he like that the. That being ballet. That's how a Spaniard would do this, a Mexican oh, that being way, yeah, yeah. Um, I would go another horrible or hilarious Richard Ramirez.


Oh, shit. Oh, I think I know this. I like this. This is not where I work.


She's never dance next to an open window or in the open window. Stupid bitch is going to die.


Oh, I don't like that at all.


How far did she fall? All the way down, buddy. Well, how far up is she? Uh, it looks like at least two or three stories.


Yeah, but that didn't seem like real panic from the person recording there. Like, let's go look out the window.


We put it in our own music because they were dancing to something else. Right. Was she screaming?


Uh, I don't know. She you know, she seemed pretty.


I don't think this was the first time she's fallen and is our verdict that she's fine. I'd like to think so. OK, ok.


Oh, speaking of. Fine. A couple follow ups here, the famous helicopter video that I got wrong. Remember the one where I thought everything fine? Yeah, OK, here's the email. Hey, guys, as a licensed helicopter mechanic, I figured I put my two cents in on the guy getting hit by the helicopter rotor blade. When the helicopter comes in to land, you can see that it's going uphill. Being that a helicopter rotor is basically a giant gyroscope.


It does not slant with the Hill, but instead wants to stay at the original path. This means the path was closer to the ground, on the nose and further away from the ground in the rear.


Helicopter blades are basically invisible at night and during the daytime it is still hard to judge where they are. There are super easy ways to avoid these kinds of accidents.


Do not be underneath a running helicopter unless you absolutely need to listen to the pilot because he can tilt the rotor blade up so that this thing doesn't happen, never approach a helicopter from uphill, etc.. I hope this helps to answer some questions, Dave. So thanks, Dave. Confirming that you shouldn't approach a running helicopter, I believe, last week.


Was it last week that we had the elevator, I think it was right. Yeah, I'll just pull that real quick here. That was a crazy why was it considered a horrible or hilarious? I think it was right. Yeah. Here it is. Guy gets on the elevator. Drunk guys, these guys are fucked up and then they just fall through the elevator door, M-2 looking faded, bro. Yeah, and then you just see kind of a jump cut to them being pulled out.


But they went through the exterior elevator doors into an elevator shaft. Really strange. But they both we can definitely say they're fine, you guys are OK. All right. Right? Yeah, yeah.


So here's is the message. Call me. Hey, I wanted to follow up on the elevator video. I'm actually an elevator technician. I've seen many videos like this. It's actually not too surprising. The doors you see in the video have plastic pieces at the bottom holding them in the threshold on the floor here in the United States.


We have metal pieces in addition to these called fire stops to keep things like this from happening.


But elsewhere in the world, let's just say elevator laws aren't as strict.


The guys basically had enough force to snap some plastic and fall through the doors. It looks like this is the bottom most floor. So they fell into the elevator pit, which is typically four to eight feet below the floor, although it's not bad. If it's a bigger building, it can be more most like they got some good bruises and maybe broke a bone. Love the show by Hitler's Tom.


Look at the diverse crowd. We have paramedics who sell panties, sex workers, elevator technicians, a lot, this sort of thing.


Yeah. Um, let's see if this is. Oh, this is another. Oh yeah.


This is one from from last week to the problem saying no, this shit. Yeah. I like what's going on.


And the clock is on a crane that there got back up and that thing, that thing got fucked up on me.


So we got an email. Just wanted to confirm to the mom is that no one got hurt when that crane dropped the clock on those people in the lift. That happened a couple of years back in twenty eighteen at Purdue University while I was a student there, I heard that shit crash to the ground from about five hundred yards away while walking to class.


So he's fine. Slick stuff. Keep the clips coming together. Ticktock, Stan, he said.


I heard that shit fall. Yeah. When I was in college. Yeah. You know, I heard that shit. Well, yeah, um.


I heard that, I heard that shit fall. He should say a word. I said, follow me. I thought you might appreciate this.


I'd like you to pay attention, Kypros, if you don't mind. Oh, now, is it a scrum? Liq No, it's not. This is just a woman. Women are fucking stupid. You said it. This is a woman who is married to an NFL player. OK, ready?


I'm ready because I highly requested NFL wife, not routine. I start by drawing my husband a bath and then getting him comfy cozy for the evening, making sure he stays warm and his muscles are great, tucking him in there. And then he requested chocolate chip brownies. Him knows the healthiest ones that I can find. Those are not healthy. And then I made him a latte with whipped cream, which he loves to have every single night as he's watching TV.


And then I started to wrap his Christmas presents. He said he didn't want to do presents this year, but I got him a few just in case.


Yeah, I guys family what it's like to be an NFL wife. First thing's first. I get up at 6:00 a.m. and make some eggs for my husband. This is my life. And then I had a lot of sugar in the eggs because he actually loves sugar and syrup in his eggs and then he's gonna go ahead and eat without me. Does I have to make the bed really quick? And there you go. Then I give him his jacket and his iron clothes for the day.


I got eyelash extensions, Charlotte pleasing to him, and then I cleaned his shower. That way he can take a shower later. And then he left his clothes on the floor for me to vote.


So, yeah, it seems like a real even kind of leveled relationship, right?


Well, if he's making all the money, women should clean up, unprompted, prompted my call.


It never gets declined because of overdraft protection visas. I would say the first half of this is what I do for you, where I'm going to feel like, don't I take you?


I may clean you. I bathe you, I milk your D. I make sure you're relaxed before, but I lotion you up, I bake you sweet treats and feed you.


Then I do. Great deal yesterday with bacon ramp's. You did great. I love you. I take so much care of you.


Yeah. Where's my latte at night though. And also, why are you eating with me when the beds unmade?


He eats like LTH though he's got syrup in his eggs, but also she was just like, I do this and like, I'm picking this stuff up. And he was like his face was like, well, he's in the NFL.


He's got to conserve his energy. A lot of running and stuff to do, it's a lot. OK, so you're actually there. All right. I thought you might.


Can I tell you something? But here's that's their arrangement. It is the arrangement is that she cooks and cleans up unprompted. Yeah. And he makes the ducats. So that's how it goes.


And she's like, I got my heat. And then that's why I look clezio. That's that's what he wanted us to do. So that's what she wanted. Check this out right there. Let me see this. You made me laugh so hard.


Unprompted, he tried to ignore me.


But I tell you that I to me, the reason that this really tickles me is that this is one that is one of the first things that made me laugh when I was in the hospital, like when I was in the hospital.


And I'm talking about like early on, like maybe I don't remember if it was pre or probably post surgery, but I'm like, fucked up, right? Like, everything hurts.


Are you thinking about your pain all day? And, you know, I would go on social media, but, you know, you'd be unmotivated, you read something and I hadn't really laughed.


And I saw this dude doing a ridiculous, purposefully over-the-top walk.


And and then he captured that.


He tried to ignore me because there's a guy next to him who was like, not. Yeah, he's he has to, like, pretending to have a severe disability. Right.


But it's because he looks like he has cerebral palsy.


Yeah, but the guy next to him, he try not like that. That's fucking amazing. I laughed.


So at the end he's like, what if he made me laugh so hard? May I just point out this healing, cleansing power of ticktock. Yes. This is a tick tock. This is why this is the best thing that's happened. I agree. I agree. You can love tick tock. There's um. Yeah it's it's real. I just love it. Yeah.


It's, it's pretty good trying to ignore me. It's all about the captioning too.


There's um. Where is this here.


He's trying, he's trying to ignore me. There's a McConaughey updates.


I didn't know we were good. Oh well he's out promoting his new book and so so Greenlights is his new book.


Um I guess he's been putting a lot of messages out there to see oh twenty twenty you year of what is Kutas and Limbaugh's of the. Maybe so yes.


You made us look you in the eye and recognize. I love. And now as we stabilize, organize and get on the ready to respond, we have to reveal and revive so we can testify.


Song you. It's on me. Greenlights, baby, let's go. What? I don't know. I have lower OK? I don't know.


But I got to tell you, I like it. I like it. She don't want it is good motherfucking avy.


I don't know, I just I you know what I'm I like and I like that he is who he is. You know, I got to check in with him and he is just doing his thing and stuff like that. Look at that.


Look so intense, super intense. He really is that you need like the intense actor guy, but he's more he's part of the ecosystem, you know.


Yeah, he is like, you're weird. And you say shit like green lights from you right now.


Everyone, the fuck are you talking about?


But this is not an act now. He is who he is, who he is. And you know what? God love him for embracing that, because as I'm learning in my middle age, we were talking about this yesterday. Right. I'm forty four. I am half way dead. And you said, no, Christina, you're halfway alive. And that really resonated with me because I only have a few more years left right to die. Yeah.


Yeah. You may as well just start letting it go. Could just be wild. You may as well just go wild. I think you should embrace.


Like, you should embrace those voices of it being weird, yeah, saying a weird thing.


Yeah, who gives a shit trying things. Yeah.


I mean like surfing and whatever shit you want to try, but you should definitely do it. This is the time to do it.


What's your middle age crisis going to be? Um. I don't know, you're older than me, I haven't really. I only wait three years. Yeah, it's like feels like 50. Well, are you going to have affairs? I mean, probably more cars, more cars. Um, but, you know, cars probably. I like cars. Like cars more than affairs.


Yeah. Oh, God.


I mean I am down twenty three pounds. Are you going to go now out in the world. I'm probably gonna lose like 20 more and then just kind of, you know, sweet. See what's up. Stop it.


Uh, I'm going to follow Barrelhouse again.


Oh yeah. What do you say we forget the marching bands and pep rallies for a minute? Just set aside Alliston centuries. Just rein it in.


It's final sanctuary, shall we? The fuck, that's a Lincoln ad, no, no, no, no, that's a Lincoln ad, it's not. It's really his post. I hear you and now I see my own mom starting to sound more like myself than I actually think I do, this seems to be true somehow. So keep these impersonations and impressions coming in because, one, you're making me live longer by the laughter. So thank you for that.


Consider my my funnybone officially tickled, I'll be sure and tag me at officially the kind of hate and hashtag greenlights. But in the meantime, small times just keep living. Come on Wayne.


What's that. He's threatening to elbow you. I'll fuckin get you. Yeah. Like, uh. Yeah I like it. I like it.


Like I'm telling you, it's going to be our new neighbor, bro. I'm down. What up? Matthew McConaughey. Come over cigarettes. Invite you over. Let's get weird. Do let's fucking wild out. Let's have some barbecue. Huh. And Elon Musk. Let's hang out bro. Could you imagine a dinner with Matthew McConaughey and Elon Musk? How wild would that be? You talk about some wild shit, you could definitely talk about some wild shit.


Do you talk about this? You describe what we're seeing here. OK, go ahead.


The guys going into it looks like a locked door, maybe a hotel, maybe a bank. Oh, what? He just dropped a loaf.


He pulled his pants down, dropped a loaf of shit, pulled his pants right up. Now to go. That was a really efficient dump.


And see if I saw that guy, like walking through the lobby, I'd be like, that's not the guy that took a shit, but no fucking way.


I mean, he's got. I mean, he's murdered out, but he's you know, he's wearing good putting stuff together, right. Could you shed that fast? I don't think so. I don't think I could shit that fast. I don't think. Nataša. I couldn't keep my composure the way he is, bro. That was solid work. That was a lot like the timing on that shit.


And one more problem. I'm so sorry she hit on the car. I'm going to clean it up. I got gotta call the cops on me. Why?


Because you shit on their car, dipshit. You taking a shit right here once you go in the store, are you sure? Oh, then there's there's like the ultimate level.


If you really want to go for it. Oh, that's what happened to me at the Austin airport. Why would she record that? I wonder? How did she have the forethought? She knew she had something special in her. If I could record my dumb in Austin.


That's what it looked like. Water. Oh, I mean, it ricocheted and then but she intentionally set herself up to do that. And then she put on the.


Where did you guys find it? She claimed that it was an accident, an accident. Like I think that she was bending over to pick up pants and then that happened. But I don't know.


Did this person message us directly? No, it was it was something.


Oh, my God. That's solid. That is incredible amount of shit. But she. How did the guy survive?


Oh, my God. I'm going to feel I'm about to get sick, but you should be proud of her. Good job, sis. Oh, my God, I love when the ladies outdo the guys in gross shit. Is that the kind of thing you want to kind of it's kind of awesome.


Hi, how are you? It's been a while.


I like tanning in California and having sex as usual for me because I'm a cool, cool guy.




Last night I was in Manhattan at a bikini bar. That's kind of my life. Did cocaine off a girl's titty, went to the bathroom with her after that, proceeded to have sex with her three times, three times throughout the night, obviously, because I first round I'm like 12 minutes. Second round was forty third round was fifty five minutes. And my dick is probably over average for a white male at the height of five 10. The cool guy, Cliff.


This guy is so full of shit, nobody, not I look good. As you can see, and she's the best. Oh, what's that brand I want? Cuchi.


Oh, he's got everything. Not at all. Wow. Yeah, he's got he's really got a style. There's a cool guy. Why are you so Gelis? Because I'm jealous, you're so jealous because this guy's got it all. He's tanning in California. Yeah, bikini bar doing coke sex three times, first time, 12 minutes, then 40 minutes, then 55 minutes got gushing. He's fucking living doing cocaine. He's banging chicks. I mean, come on.


I don't feel so good about myself anymore. Gosh, man, he's the best. Really cool. He really is a cool guy. Very rare.


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Did you wipe. I wipe front to back. You should have left it in your panties.


I keep throwing money in the trash.


Oh man. I'm so fired up for this. OK, I think. Mine is probably the most boring, so I can tell you my first one. Well, sure. All right. We'll start with you.


That dental update is that I had a cleaning set for the fourth of January. Yeah. And I was just like you. I don't know, I can be in a car that long to drive there and back. And they were like, oh, OK. Cause when you want to reschedule, OK, as my dad loved.


And have you called to reschedule. No, it's too much for you right now. You got a lot going on. I'll do it in a month. I would do the other day before we go to Austin so that if you have any issues, you can resolve them before you go.


I would suggest now, as you remember, last time I went for my dental cleaning and I thought I was doing well with flossing and brushing, apparently I heard them say some fours. I got to talk a little bit of a talking to you won't like ones and twos right on the go. Yeah, yeah. So I was ashamed and this woman, the cleaner, gave me this dental sticks and I she philosophers, I floss now. I went back.


She couldn't stop raving about how clean and perfect my teeth were.


Wow. Thank you.


And I owe it to her and I use the toothbrush and I get in there.


But it's those, those sticks that I use that fly maarse, high marks, high marks. And so I'm really proud that I rubbed it in her face. That stupid bitch last time. She would complain about that, you know, flossing. Right? She gave me a fucking lecture. Fuck you. Now I'm back on top. So also, Nadav has a very exciting day. This is exciting. Let's hear it.


Oh, shit. Yeah. So after being on the couch at the end of the year, pretty much the biggest thing I heard is, holy shit, what the fuck is up with the mouth?


And that really had me look inwards. I was like, what is up with my mouth? And I've decided. To make an appointment for not only a full teeth cleaning, but a full whitening session in the same session. Wow.


Wow. Now, first of all, you're right, your teeth are fucked up and they're so happy for you that you're taking this step.


No cavities, though, because of my active saliva. Are you sure about this? I mean, I see. Yeah. I mean, also, we can make some wagers. I am a betting man.


OK, hold on. You said you were doing the whitening and the cleaning in the same sesh. Yeah. And the dentist advised against this as as would I. But I told her I don't know what that pain feels like, know.


So I'm going to go ahead and just experience it on the day and then decide after that to never do it again.


Should we have Lindsay go follow that? That's going to be ridiculously painful. We can't get any it. OK, listen, you're going to want to separate that, like giving me looks like I'm making a huge, huge, huge.


First of all, when's the last time you had a dental cleaning? I'm guessing never.


OK, no, that's how many how many years.


And I want to say probably close to two years added to Bud.


But before that, like probably upwards of five years time.


It's time. It is really time for you to have your cleaning. So here's the deal, man. Even with my stellar marks, there are just some areas you can't get with the toothbrush. They're going to have to scrape and get a little bit like behind the back teeth. It hurts like you leave there.


Kind of you're sensitive. They put straight bleach on your teeth and that bleach does leak to your gums. It's not on pain. You feel burned for a little bit, but you'll burn.


I do tell them that I'm a puss, though. So they do inject me with Novocain before you go, then do the good that you're fine.


It's going to suck. You're just going to have like a shitty day.


And then I'll come right here and work with you guys.


I can't wait to see your chompers. You're going to feel good. It's going to feel so good. I can't wait. You're going to look ten years younger. Yeah. Seriously whitening your teeth. It's a secret showbusiness secret. You whiten those teeth, you're going to look ten years younger. Oh, Mama, you're going to look so good. So good. Thanks. You look healthy. I'm so proud of you.


Congratulations. I'm so happy you guys are happy. It's going to be so it's going to hurt so much.


Great. Yeah, you're going to cry. But Elsworth, you're going to be so good.


I'm so excited for him. Me, too. It's it's a really big step. We also, by the way, I wanted to mention we watched Star Wars, the original new hope episode for the first. So confusing. I know. But we watched it.


And you had a realization, which is that you now we're like, oh, I think I'm attracted to Han Solo.


But when I was a little girl, I love Luke Skywalker. And I told you it's because Luke is for girls. Solo is for women. Yes, that's what happened. You went for a girl to a woman.


Luke, this is basically Luke Buckley, my man.


And then this is Han Solo. Yeah. Come on, Dad.


It's so true because look how cute like, OK, Luke Skywalker is like the tween pre-adolescent girls wet dream. He's got blue eyes, blond hair. He's small in stature. He's a virgin.


He's always like, we got to help. Yeah. Where's Leo? He's a pussy. Yeah.


He's not going to he's not going to choke you and, you know, shove it in whatever. He's just going to be sweet to you and hold your hand now, hon.


He wants a real man. Fuck you. He's been through it, he's grumpy, you know, he's like, I don't know, kid the fuck out of here with that shit.


Come on, Chuy, light this thing up. Let's go. We got to fucking go. Yes. My dick's all heart has been feeling a lot like he's saying crazy.


I know he's essentially you because I figured out that I like Grumpy. Yeah, like grumpy is a turn on to me. Grumpy. Masculine. Yeah. There he is. He's all grumpy and shit. I like grumpy. If you put a beard on him he basically is you. That's why I like it.


There you go. Yeah. Yeah. Like yeah he's all grumpy. And what's her name. Princess Leia. Her buns are all sticky icky for him.


You know, years later she admitted that she had an affair with Harrison Ford during the filming of this.


Shut up. She's so great too. They had a three month fling, you know, on the first movie. Yes. On this movie.


I bet that I would have done it to only three months, huh?


Well, probably the duration of the filming.


And you know, what I noticed, too, is that she has like a British accent in there. Yeah. The first half of the movie when she's like, help me, Obi Wan, you're my only hope. Like she she does toge talking to Dath.


She's like Lord Vader. You are completely out of line. Yeah.


And then like the the last one she did she's like well we just got to fight for this shit.


She's all middle aged and broken. Yeah. Yeah she's rad. And you know what I like to. That movie was made in 1977 and they made the princess character. She's not helpless.


She picks up a gun and she shoots and she's really it was the shit. She was the shit.


And which was so progressive for the time. And it's so funny because one of those nerds called the Star Fighters, you know, you nerds, no other course. Now, the fighters on the good team.


Oh, and the pilot. The rebel fighters. Yeah.


They're all fat as shit. Have you noticed that? They're all super attached.


They look terrible. Yeah. But I think that was endearing to all the nerds that. Yeah.


Love this movie. They're like yeah. Looks like me. I know. Because this is like nerd porn. It is. No, there's like fat pilots and like yeah.


It's just look like regular dudes. They should have had more ladies in the movie as the genre.


As the series progressed though it got more. Yeah. Like I know now there's a Lady Jedi which is dope like I so want to go to Jedi Training School. Yeah. Yeah. After I finished my Jason Bourne school you go to Jedi as fuck. Yeah. Dude, I'll be the ultimate. I wanted to tell you because you're about to have your mid-life crisis.


One of the things you can look forward to getting back on the dating scene.


Oh, no, I'm getting messages like this to you. Hey, Natalia, it's Elliot, so I finally get my video, see you up and running, I couldn't help myself. I wanted to shoot this video to invite you to carry out this Wednesday at seven p.m. we could do six or eight depending on the schedule. But my sales are pretty tight and I'm not bartending. I'm shooting videos like this outreach to the Debtors', get them on the phone, selling them, taking care of their ads, all that stuff.


So look, man curio Austins, born German village, you've obviously heard of it before. It is literally the best hidden kept gem in the city. I mean, you got to go just for your own self education of what's awesome in Columbus, you know what I'm sayin?


Oh, say run, eat a clock, eat fifteen.


Whoof. So you and I this Wednesday, 7:00 p.m.. Look, obviously I'm attracted to you. You're attracted to me. You're obviously a smart girl. You're about to be a dentist. You know, I'm a recovering attorney with an MBA who's about to be a millionaire in the next 18 months building a digital marketing agency. Well, bartending, this was bad.


This is bad fog. This is what's going on.


It's Charles who's making that look like Kendall. Charles was not. We are obviously two catches that have actually come together. And I think we should definitely hang out. Man, let's not let let's not let ourselves get busy, because I know I'll probably get super busy. You'll probably get super busy and then life will just take us to our next course. I don't want that to happen without us at least sitting down having a little chat. Because while beauty is very common, beauty and brains is not, and that's what always has intrigued me and and sure enough, that's what intrigued me about you.


So, yeah, man, let's chill. Let's hang out, let's have a conversation, get some cocktails, chill, be good time. See, then text me back if you're interested by. Obviously, I'm attracted to you, you're attracted to me, I think you just made her attracted to you. Just decided, OK, do we have to go through it all, like, let's show them we don't have to. I feel like there's so.


Oh, my God, it's so painful. This one's really bad. It's so hard. I feel so bad for him. Yeah.


You actually you look real bothered because it's so like, OK, I'll tell you what that. Back in the day when I was single. I got propositioned by many a gentleman, you know, guys, and I give them so much props because it's really hard to go up to a girl. It's really hard and it takes a lot of courage. And I always respected the men who would come up to me.


But this is othera level embarrassing and don't ever make a video like everything video. I go back to the Charles thing, you know, who's like our buddy now.


But like when you watch it, you're like just just text. Just the text. He should have been like, uh, I really wish I could take you to this place. I mean, I think to the fake background, the remote, is that a green screen? It sure seems like it.


And then this and then like the hard sell and it's like, I'm going to be rich. That's where you really fuck up. Oh, God, I felt like trying to go on a date and you're like, I'm going to be rich.


Like, if I felt like bartending. Yeah, he did say Wellstead bartender.


Yeah, that was pretentious. I just felt my vagina seal up.


It was bartending because actually at first I was like, I kind of feel bad for him at first when he was just like, hey, I want to go on a date.


And then he started going to like the resumé and I was like, oh boy. Like when he started being like, I'm awesome, I'm going to be rich. You're pretty smart.


What does he do? He said he used to be a bartender building a fucking marketing thing.


I don't fucking so you and I this Wednesday, 7:00 p.m.. Look, obviously, I'm attracted to you. You're attracted to me. You're obviously a smart girl. You're about to be a dentist. You know, I'm a recovering attorney with an MBA who's about to be a millionaire in the next 18 months, building a digital marketing agency was bartending was part.


So I'm a bartender. Which there's nothing wrong. Nothing wrong with that. But when you dress it up, this is like when you meet people and they're like. I'm in a band and you're like, you're in a band, like, yeah, I sing in a band and you're like, what restaurant do you work at?


Yeah, that's called the L.A. Syndrome.


I'm a writer, producer, director, choreographer. And I also wait tables at Chili's.


So you're an actor and you're a writer and you're producer. Yeah. So you pay your rent? No. So let's let's land on Earth for a second, OK? Oh, God, it's so painful.


The hard sell.


And the thing too is that he's attractive and he's also nervous. He's nervous. You know why he likes her. His big mistake is making a video.


Yeah. Making the video. He doesn't need to hard sell her. He's attractive. He's educated.


And when he said, you're attracted to me and to me, informs me that he actually knows like that she has expressed, uh, attraction, in other words, and let it go.


Exactly. You don't have to say it because she she already told you like you're cute or whatever. So you don't have to be like you like me to. She already said it.


So he's asking for this is the video to ask for the date. But why is he begging for that. Don't know. Why are you sending a video. And he's like, if you like this, text me back. No, you text. You send the texts. Yeah. Why are you saying, oh, God? And then he did the thing, the classic mistake that unfortunately our beloved we love you, Charles Charles did, which was like eight, 15.


I'm very pretty busy. I believe that he did the thing where it's seven o'clock. I could do I don't want to go to like this.


Wanted to do a video instead of a text or a phone call. Oh no. But just to the text of the phone call. Text, no. How about with a lady? But here's the deal. A lady likes a phone call to ask for a date. A text date.


I think a text is like a stat like. Short stuff catching up on stuff different, right? But if you're asking someone out, I mean, I don't know, I feel like I might make the phone call.


That's what he did to me.


You made a phone call? Yeah, back in the day we were texting, still texting. And but to ask me on a date, you did it properly proper.


Like you you ask a lady this is like, yeah.


You know, you just add them on the ground. Yeah. And because, you know, she showed this to everybody.


That's why it ended up here. Yeah. Yeah. She got the and she was like. And it probably she was like, oh, I want to go with that guy.


I got the video and she was like this too, because it's, it's, it shows a lack of awareness of what is cool can play more.


I want to see it again a little.


You won't see it again, just the opening. Because I was so mortified that I blacked out. I, um, I was so embarrassed for him that I like I couldn't take it all in.


Um, OK, let me just see the opening again cause hair looks bad too.


Hey Natalia, it's Elliot. So I finally get my video. See you up and running. I couldn't help myself. I wanted to shoot this video to invite you to carry this Wednesday at seven p.m..


So it makes sense though. He's got a studio. I finally got my thing I could help myself. Please remember, Charles was excited. He admitted he was excited to show you his new office. Yeah, the like. So the office was an upgrade.


So it's like a little flex and it's like I'm in my office. He has the same inclination where he has little studio space and he can't help himself but to show it because, you know, you're thinking she's going to get this video and be like, holy shit, yeah, this looks really good. You know, then you realize that it's also just it's forensic evidence. Yeah. Fuckin tool.


Yeah. Yeah. The tool police video. God, yeah, man. OK, more. He did do a great job with the uh with the green screen. Yeah he did. And then the whole like it's a fuckin PowerPoint.


We could do six or eight depending on the schedule but my sales are pretty tight and I'm not bacik pretty big videos like this outreach to the Debtors' get on the phone, selling them, taking care of their ads, all that stuff. So look man, Austin's fine German village, you've obviously heard of it before. It is literally the best hidden kept gem in the city. I mean, you got to go just for your own self of what's awesome in Columbus, you know what I'm saying?


Oh, it doesn't scare you. Yeah. And then he's like, I hope you've heard of it. If you haven't heard of it, you're a dipshit. Yeah. Like you've obviously heard of it, you dumb bitch.


Yeah, I don't like that at all. But that tone and he's like, what? I'm not doing these videos and sending them out and getting people to put money on. It's like, oh, and let's not let's not get too busy with our lives.


You know, we are obviously two catches that have actually come together and I think we should definitely hang out. Man, let's not let me let ourselves get busy because I know we'll probably get super busy. You'll probably get super busy and get busy. It'll just take us to our next course. I don't want that to happen without us at least sitting down, having a little chat, have a little chat.


Oh, this is all going in so many directions. And I think it I think at the root of it, it's that he's nervous. Yes.


So that's why it's like I'm talking about my career, but I got your busy beauty and brains and going to come together, man. You know, I'm saying dog like.


Yeah, I mean, it's all a little nervous. Stop are all that should tell you. Like, this is what happened to me. I would record, let's say, the same video. Yeah. And then I'd be like, I'm just going to text and I watch this back and be like, I'm not fucking signing this. No.


Because in the beginning of courtship, less is more. Yeah, less. Right. You want to you don't profess your love.


Not in the beginning. You want to have some mystery. Some mystery. Yeah. Like you don't want to answer right away when someone text you that's gross. You don't want to be too eager like this. It's gross.


It's or burn off to available to available. Yeah. That's why this doesn't work. Guys, I know you think that you're impressing a lady by my studio. Look, I'm so busy. Like she'll know that when she gets to know you.


You don't have to profess. You have to tell her. Right. Right, right. She'll know if you're successful, just how you are or if you're going to be even. You never told me when we were both broke ass. I'm going to be a millionaire producer. Director career. I said no. I just knew the guy carried himself. I knew you always carried yourself a certain way and you had integrity and morals and a good work ethic.


You were going to be successful no matter what. Thank you.


Gosh. I heard you were looking for me. I got my favorite sound of the episode, I got to tell you.


Yeah. You really have a gift. Thank you. I'll forget, I'll forget, you know, I mean, forget about your feet and then I'll I'll go to your page and I'll go through your stories. And it's just a home run after home. Thanks, buddy.


It's really special. Means a lot coming from you because you're the king above 18 who likes tragedy and horror that I don't know if I can impress you. I feel like I've done it.


God. I think I think that just encapsulates the last year and change, I think that's just everyone's feeling at some point this year and I just liked it for that reason. Yeah. Congratulations, Uncle Terry, for surviving your fourth stroke. That's it. Do you think Uncle Terry is on ticktock? I don't I don't know.


I don't think Uncle Terry's on ticktock. But again, a great use of the platform, someone who does not understand that this is not a private messaging service.


Congratulations, Uncle Terry, on surviving your fourth stroke.


How is it in the first stroke? Yeah, yeah, I don't know what that guy I don't know, I just liked his stuff. It's original, it's fresh. He's got a new take on things, a new take.


All right. I haven't seen anybody like him on the talk. God, right. Uh, good morning, my kings and queens above 18. Time to wake up. OK, I'm up. I let you sleep in for the last couple of days. You guys are looking very beautiful today. Slack put their feet on the ground and take off. Run. OK, you enjoy your day and you have fun. Give me permission. You all right?


OK, I'm getting ready to go to work. OK, guys, have fun. Enjoy. You remember the king loved my queens and kings above 18. Tonight. I have got a brand new shirt that I'm going to put on my web on my wall. You guys are going to like it. It also goes to you guys, the Kings and the Queen. Oh, so keep watching my videos tonight and I will put it on either tonight or tomorrow.


You guys are going to like it. I love my kings and queens above 18. You guys have a good day.


You know, he really set a lot of nothing in that post. It's like he's the gift. He has the gift of rambling. Yeah.


Put your feet on the ground. And I just been a couple of days, like, what are you talking about?


I also like I got news for coming out and you're going to fucking like it.


OK, and how do we get that? Sure. You're going to like it and you're going to message me and then you're going to Venmo me. And if you're lucky, I'll fucking ship it to you. He's getting a little punchy. I like it, I like it. So what I've stumbled across. How did you find that? What I've been stumbling across are people whose first it's their first time making a tick talk. For some reason I got into that lane and it's people who are just absolutely clueless about what it is, what is what they're doing, and also male foot fetish.


There's been a lot of male foot fetish lane that I've been getting into, but those are harder to share.


Oh, God, what is wrong with you? So what is wrong with me? You didn't take me, you crazy fucking cunt. I just thought you would enjoy that. I did. I love a good confrontation.


None of these people are wearing masks. The thing is, the thing about this kind of fight that I enjoy, too, is like no one's really hurt me. I mean, they're both on the ground.


There's some, like, DVDs scattered like you, bitch. They're fine. What happened here?


Well. I don't know, she's in her pajama bottoms and flip flops. Thankfully, there's some talks. Hello, I'm at the Garden and intentional community where anyone is welcome at 89, Galera, Lafayette, Tennessee. I'm going to take a tour of it in the next upcoming videos. OK, let's go on to the next video. You know, what I hate, by the way, is that anyone is welcome. Like there's a book that our son got and it's like everybody's allowed to come to this club that I made.


It's not how you should run your life. You should be a little discriminating. Not anybody can come into your house, be your friend, because some people suck and are not good people.


You know what I'm saying? Yeah.


Do you care to describe some of those some shit fox? Yeah, scumbags, people that cheat knuckleheads, knuckleheads. Richard Ramirez, Nazi, Nazi soldiers, serial killers.


Yeah, I think we have a different list. Let's go to the next one. Good morning, Julia. Wake up my queen. Yeah, somebody made him do. Come on. Time to get up, baby. Yeah, the shades.


It is five thirty in the morning. Jesus, why are you up?


I don't know where you have to go today, but get up. Take a shower and have a good breakfast. Oh yeah. You guys need to jump on my page and wish Julia a happy day. Today is her day. She is the queen. Wake up my queen. All right. You guys have a beautiful day.


And I know you. And he does put your feet on the ground and take off running.


We got it. Thank you. I love you, my queen. You have a good day. I would love Julia. The king. And acquaints. I love you. Okeydoke, I would argue that some of his spark is gone. Oh, he seems to be a little resigned to the task of making these videos as opposed to joining the thrill of creating the very interesting.


Now that somebody is actually in show business, they realize it's a big show.


God damn it, it's late show Friday. Monkey drama. Yeah. Damn it. See, that's what everybody thinks. Everybody wants to be the big tick tock star until you realize it's actual work making content and being consistent and doing the job. God and his mother suit and tie. I like this one a lot, too. I wear this one all day too. If you notice, this one ties all black on this one. So I did notice that this gentleman, he just shows you what time he's wearing during the day, even the doves shaking his head at this one.


What do you think he's talked or is he just lets go to the next video.


Hello, everybody. I just want to let everybody know that I've gone purple. If you look at my head, as you can see, my hair has been dyed purple.


I wait and then it just comes off anyway.


And I like that when you get a lot from the older talks is they don't know when it's stopped. Yeah. And also a little known fact on Tecktonik. You may make your videos 15 seconds, 30 seconds or like 45 a minute. You can change the increments so you can.


But they don't get people just talking, you hear, and he cuts off. I like that. If you gave her some D and she didn't fall right to sleep, you, my friend, are nonessential worker.


This lady is a fuckin animal. Yeah, and I love her. Yeah, that is. Just one, yeah. Yeah, she's great. She makes good ones. You gave her some day and she didn't fall right to sleep. You, my friend, are nonessential worker.


Now, I have a feeling now that's a filter, and that's what I think. She's got to fall asleep, huh? Yeah. And I fall asleep. I didn't know she falls asleep.


Well, this is one of those Internet jokes that gets remade and. Yeah, but I liked her rendition. That's great. Because she really delivered it like she meant it. Yeah. So that was kind of cool. I know you're having a bad day, but I hope this. Cheers you up, here's a Fleck's for you. I hope you enjoy. So I have a feeling one of ours wrote to this guy and said, dude, my friend Christina, he needs a shout out.


She's having a rough day. Jean.


And then he flagged for me, Are you Jelly's, don't worry, I'm not going to run away with them. Hi, my name is Clancy. I see a lot of beautiful girls on here. And I don't give a fuck. And I can't think of nothing else. There you go. 15 seconds. It's all right. It's a good one. I see these beautiful girls, I don't give a fuck cut off, what a nice welcome to the platform.


Yeah, stupid. Can you watch other tech talks to get a gist of what they look and sound like? Like why aren't you watching other people?


I think you're asking way too many questions. Well, I'm got to tell you guys a little secret, OK? Oh, how to stay married, OK? I've been married. I've been married for 46 years. And I'll tell you how to do that. When the argument starts. Keep your mouth shut. Go to the grudged going Yangon win anyhow. Have a nice day. It's a real fucking dad answered to. Well, I hate that shit, I like when old guys are like, wow.


Thing is, it's got to let her win.


Yeah. Happy wife, happy life. Yeah, you dumb broads. Always remember when you're at a thrift store and you're finding a cool item like this Nemo statue, look at it closely. You see that one of the coral pieces is broken. It's 299. It might still be sellable, but I passed.


That's a great update. Thank you for that. Yeah, always remember, always. OK, sometimes I see some of these requests and I'm like, I'm kind of curious, look at this big, beautiful person. It's like the size of my balls. All right, let's go. So I love her. Sam is her name, she's a she's a comedian on the tick tock. This is what she does. Yeah.


And so she just has a naturally large mouth. And so she just runs with it and is very charismatic. It's like when you know what's weird about you and you just run with it. So she'll just put huge stuff in her mouth. And it's really funny. Yeah, I really like her great personality.


Chris Christensen, like, you know, donuts and different foods and stuff, that's an interesting yeah, it's just briefly. So if you're listening, there's a man on the subway with a pet rat and he takes his mask off and kisses the rat before putting it on his leg, and there's passengers. That are around that are as upset as they should be here on the subway media, on the subway wires, latex guy.


Oh, he's back. Good showing you what he's into. Yeah. Like the sound, there's a shirt and suspenders.


This is fun alone, though, I feel like, you know. Don't you need, like, your buddy someone to help, you know, to enjoy it with you, I guess? Right, that would make sense. Yeah, well, the Pansy's made it hard for everyone. The Pandi, the pandemic. Yeah, it's true.


Pandemic's, um, those are a great, great batch of talks. Got it. Really appreciate that.


Um. That's it. Yeah. It's like it just feels so good to go through them all, you know. Yeah. Just time flies when you're talking. There's some good ones in there, some really upsetting ones, but some good to have found, there's a lot of like weird alone guy action right now on my feet there.


There's a lot of that, a lot of wags as a reminder to everybody before we leave here.


Don't forget, Christy P and I are going on the road again. So there are shows coming up.


Make sure you go to Tom. Cigarette outcome tour for mine, Christina P online dotcom slash tour for hers.


And of course, we are doing a live streaming special event February 7th, the day of the big game. The NFL's last game live streamed. Why Image Studios dot com for tickets. Bert, Krischer, myself and the great Warren Sapp will be out here. We will watch the game together. We have some prepackaged stuff that will play throughout the show.


We have a new home, a new website server hosting everything is new to avoid any technical problems. So I hope you'll join us. We're really excited about it. There's new merch in the store if you want to go to store that. Why? Image Studios, Dotcom.


There's a whole bunch of stuff in there and I think that's itchin that's in my jeans above. Eighteen are closing song, if you would like to know is, uh, Miley Tom by Rick G.


Oh, so here we go.


Tom Jemele. Don't call me Millie. Told me to Millie told me I'd be popping up in ten million. The bank got to play. Out of habit, you just got to carry 10 million today, 10 in the night time. I'm feeling kind of high, but I got it going right. So I don't know. I'm chillin with Bush, hoping to still be making the money. Got to spend it for a plan. I'll be trying to raise a family.


I'm just trying to be the man. Now it's time to go to work. Time to go to work and do it for the jeans. Now, I'm trying to build a certain militar tired and I don't know if you've seen it, but into special to be popping, committed, militant and committed militant. I'll be popping up in. Committed nearly 10 million in the bank and declaring I just got this note with cameras, Daryn, and generally in the way I was inside, I'll be right in most stores now.


I'm on a flight feeling kind of thrilled. Little white girl choros with a crazy bill. Disgraceful, completely normal. This bitch about how now I'm feeling form what I have been committing. Militant, I have been committed militant I popping popping up in committed militant and committed militant and committed militant. I'll be popping up in.