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And what's it been formerly Wolfgang, do she murdered five women and an infant? Oh, yeah, they called, I think I don't know exactly what oh, in Germany or some foreign. But they called her the pink giant because of her size. Oh, man, woman and man. I'm all sorts of pretzel up with this.


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This episode of your mom's house is brought to you by Satava.


Go to Satava Satava Dotcom the shit and get two hundred and twenty five dollars off your mattress purchase. Good morning. Good afternoon or good evening. Welcome to another fun filled newsworthy episode of your mom's house. She's Christine Todd.


Show me that you like me and show me that you like me working hard for you. I hope you enjoy it. We got a lot of fun things planned for today.


So many fun things. And I have him stuck in my head for saying massage, massage. I don't I don't believe that's correct. To say massage.


Weird massage your little hole. Yeah.


Berte says that he does. It says massage. Well D d g like badge. I don't think that's correct. Definitely not correct.


Massage your little hole. Yeah. Uh, I have no problem swallowing.


OK, can we go to the next creeper. Yeah. Uh oh. How do I say it. You say garage as opposed to garage. Oh you say garage.


Garage. My foreign parents garage should be garage. Should be garage. Garage. Yeah. I'm going to stick to garage say garage whatever feels good but put it in the garage.


Let me see all that. Yeah. Uh garage. Oh the garage. Yeah you're right. You're right. You know, my brother didn't believe me. Oh, really? Does he believe you now? Is he gonna believe how big mistake was? Yeah, yeah.


That's one of those clips that keeps unraveling and giving more, because every now and then I'll think of another part of it and I'll be like, I might become so sensitive, so sensitive.


So I took I took like months. Just me thinking about how he said that. Yeah. And now I'm thinking about how he was jerking off with his brother, like, I think about that part of it for a while. Yeah. And then I think about he's so hard and he has to tell everybody, hey, do you want to see me do this? Because if you want if you're interested, there's a date and time. Yeah. There's like a pay per view special.


I'm going to be doing this.


He said he said in the original that, you know, if you want if you want, if you want, I will send you a link of me doing all this and who's like, oh me, I want to see there's a few guys I want to see for sure.


And it's all guys. It's definitely all guys. It's there's no women.


There's no women who are like, I'd love to see you smoke meth and jerk off of your brother. But now that you guys are like, oh yeah, please tell me that, like, yeah, guys are so fucked up. We're so fucked up. Yeah. But now that I know him, I feel like I would want to say.


Well yeah, well now you're a big fan. Yeah, that's different. Yeah. And with his brother no less. Goodness gracious brother. It's really something um. All right, well look, there's a there's really a lot. So let's let's play the opening clip, start the show and we can break everything down, OK. All right. Here we go.


And look, I want to lick them grow. I yeah. I want love for all the beautiful women. I don't give a damn. Where are you from. Me. Put my tongue in your face.


Oh, he's the best man.


Well, welcome. Welcome to your mom's house with Tom Cipora. And Christina will go to your. You know, I just remembered, you know, I saw a couple weeks ago I was in West Palm Beach and chose Ryan match the match, man, you're kidding. He made that the intro song. He made it.


Thank you, Ryan match. Yes.


He made a bunch of the early anything that was like a bed of music or an audio drop or. Yeah. Like, you know, like an intro, like a 20, 30 second thing like that. He made all those. What I would do is I'd send him. I would send him.


I think he may take detectives. I think so. Yes, he did. Yeah.


All the early stuff. So I would send him, for instance in the in the intro and then I sent him like the clip of the guy.


I said, I want to say this is big time. Don't bring him. His mother just remembers the fucking like who is Randy S.A.M., all those with time codes. And then, you know, and then he had his sister record herself saying, Christina, that's her.


That's amazing. Yeah. Yeah. I remember as so long ago and I remember being like, how do they how does he do that.


Thanks. Match the match man. The match man. Yeah. Gosh. Pretty cool. Not as cool as him though.


And thank you. Yes. I'm mean we have an update on this real quick before I forget to tell you, Tom talks. It's the one on one show. I do conversations with people I want to just talk to, which has been really fun for me because it's really a joyful experience to have these conversations.


It's been on the way. A major channel doesn't really feel like it fits the, you know, whatever the brand or so. So we're going to move it to my YouTube channel. So if you go on YouTube, you go to Tom Cigarroa. That's where the video will live. The audio is, of course, available everywhere. iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, wherever. There's audio for the podcast, it's Tom Talks. Please rate review and subscribe it to it.


Um, the new episode that Will will now, like the ones that are up on the animation, will stay there. The new one comes out Thursday. It's with Deon Sanders primetime. So absolute holy shit bucket list thing where I was like, I cannot believe I'm following this guy and I was a child.


Really. Yeah, did you were you so nervous you didn't ask him the stuff you wanted to? There's a there's a couple of things that I definitely wish I had asked or talked about. I remember that it ended because I was just like, I don't know what to say right now. Like, he would have stayed on. I was like, thanks for coming on.


And then he was like, all right. And then I was like, I should have kept him up.


But I was yeah, I was a little you just so excited. I was excited.


Um, Christine, you're going to be on the road now and you're going to Asheville, Tennessee.


Let me tell you about first of all, thank you to everybody who came out in Houston. Listen, the mommies came in full force. It was bananas. Thank you. So, Nashville, Tennessee, I just added a seventh show because everything else is sold out.


So Thursday, its seventh show and not a day yet.


I'm not adding any more guys. And then down in Des Moines, Iowa, the funny bone in April. And then I go to Lowell and San Antonio, Texas, in July. And I think there's more stuff coming in between Christianity Online, NORCOM. Where am I? I'm on the road here. Yep.


I got a bunch of stuff coming up I'm going to do. Oh, I'm going to do. Oh my God, I'm so stupid. I saw Ontario and I was like, you're going to Canada where I was born.


Boy, I am doing some Spanish shows. I think the Texas April ones are sold out, but there's there are some in June, Ontario, California and Reya.


And those are and it's also it's also in June. So, yeah.


And then hopefully soon I can announce my fall tour and I would say my be on camera and my only fans.


How how quickly did that descend into just Jane, your stuff. Only fans from what I hear.


So it sounds like a cool business model. If I couldn't do stand up anymore 100 percent, I'd be like, Hey guys, I'm Jane, my only family.


I wish you would do it now. Yeah, right now, people. Do you think I mean, so many people with a lot of people would sign up for that. Well, OK, well, just hear me out more more than I, I care to admit.


And it would be the beginning of the end. It would be pretty bad. Hold on though.


I have a better idea. OK, what if you had a live event and you sold tickets just just for them watching you J do you think people would show up. Yep. Like would you have to do an arena show? It would be a lot.


It would be a lot of money. It'd be a lot of people.


And it would be the nice thing would be the gathering of people would be those who are curious, those who are horny, those that want to watch somebody fall apart.


That's my category. That would be too. I mean, if somebody else was doing it, I'd be like, oh, we got to buy tickets for this guy to buy tickets ticket.


I got it. Yes. I thought I thought it would also be people who like I want to jerk off with them. So, like, I started drinking off of them, like I'm going to jerk off.


That's the second part to this is that could you legally have a show where you invite people and you're like, jerk off with me and it's like an arena you met along, a jerk along?


Yeah, you could do like Pink Floyd. You could do like a laser beam show thing where you're not like after you're not like if you haven't, like, sharpened your sword enough, that shell could be real quick. You know, if you don't have complete control, you know, well, that's the closer you have to entertain them.


Yeah. You got to stroke your dick for an hour.


You got to show them like all your different techniques.


You know, you left your right and you see people falling out all the time because they haven't sharpened their sword.


It would be a really gross fucking show.


So it would be like who can last the longest in the crowd? Oh, God. Yeah.


And like the last guy. The last guy jerking. Yeah. It's like last comic standing, but it's like this guy jerking at the church we're doing.


I guess so maybe when you're. Yeah. If your career suddenly takes a turn that's how you're going to feed the family. Uh public jerks. So we have, we have from the opening clip he's back. I mean if you if you forgot who he was.


No. All your beautiful. You remember this. This is a class filming this. Let me eat you one term. Yeah. Yeah. Just let me eat you one time winner. I guarantee you you're going you're going to ask me to stick to your house. Yeah. You go you go to sleep for three days. My baby.


Yeah. So he became so well known for that and then he also booted this one and you get but I'm a put my hand in know.


I mean I don't know how you're not turning down new video.


Hey how are you doing baby. We're good. We're good. Time back. You got that apple. Yeah I yeah. Yeah, yeah he is.


Yeah I'm feeling it. Look here. You'll miss that now, huh. Well, guess what, I'm coming at your age, it doesn't matter if you got a big booty or a flat booty. I'm coming to get that. butI. Well, you know, what's nice about him is that he's inclusive and so many men are like, remember that one guy only take one type of booty? Yeah. And he is like, I accept all types, which is really a very positive message.


It's very clever.


I want to let them grow. I guess he wants to lick my panties out one now for all the beautiful women. I don't give a damn where you're from.


Let me put my tongue in your face and let me play with that. No. Yeah, baby. And I want your feet to. Yeah, okay. It's a new idea. Look, I want to dig in your booty. Hmm.


Oh, that's some good cause I like man, y'all know what's a banana split, huh? Well, we got to use your booty. I'm right here. I got it. I got a brick tonight. Yeah. Yeah. And put some corn chips and chips in the car, I'm telling, and put some pork on some ice cream. Stomach literally cannot go inside you. Oh yeah. I'm gonna you know, I guess what you're going to put me to sleep.


Oh wow.


That was a roller coaster.


That's something, man. I miss that guy. Wow. What do you do you feel? Oh, Tom. Yeah. That he's the internal monologue, the unspoken internal monologue of every red blooded heterosexual male. Kind of. Yeah. Oh, it's just it resonates. There's a reason. It's like it's a version of Good Morning Julia. It's like, you know, you shouldn't say it. You know he does. Right. So good morning, Julia.


He he's that internal dialogue every man has where he's like, professed your love.


But then you're like, don't do that. You like don't do that. Yeah. Because your brain's like, oh no, that'll backfire poorly. And he did it.


Every guy also sees women. He goes like, I'd love to put my tongue in her ass, but you never go like, hey, guess what.


And so but yeah, he's just like, yeah of course you should say.


So you're saying that most people have an override in the brain? Everybody does. Oh, don't do it. Say it out loud. Don't say that out loud.


Yeah. Yeah. Think about it. Think about how much you want to make a banana split in her asshole.


Yeah, but don't tell her the details and all the ingredients of the corn chips and the pecans.


Yeah. What kind of sun is heating that he puts corn chips.


I don't know. I don't know. It's not a sun. It's not a sun. No.


I think you know what he was starting to do. He was starting to make chili and he was making a Frito pie, you know what I mean. Yeah. Forgot what he was cooking. It was a moment. It did seem like he did forget.


Had to make the thing. Yeah.


He goes it turned it started as a sun and then it went into chili. Yeah. I put some some chips on it and some sour cream. I didn't understand what he was making for a second. Yeah, yeah, well, maybe he needs a cooking show next. Yeah. When that be awesome to watch the horny guy cooking show. Oh, yeah.


He would do Sunday. I'm going to eat out. Yes, he was.


Uh, I'm coming at your favorite meal.


Oh my God.


I'm coming to get that booty. Yeah. God yeah. It's pretty cool.


It is cool he he has done he's really done a lot of stuff that I feel like he needs to be credited more for, you know, like what just coming up with these phrases, inspiring women, letting women know that they're still beautiful.


Oh, that's so important these days because, yeah, I that's all I see on social media is like, you're beautiful.


You celebrate, you be you be an individual. And he really does reinforce that message. You're right, Tom. Yeah. You got that app. Yeah. You got that apple. I love you. Yeah, I know. It's a banana split. Yeah.


He really put some thought into that. He didn't just show up today. No. And go like, oh, see what he was like.


Banana split. Yeah. Yeah. He's not riffing. He saves it up and then he lets it go in front of the camera. Yeah.


Oh that's some good cause I want your feet too.


And that was a new addition. He's never mentioned feet before.


I know he's he's got it all that. Nuh. No, no, no, no, no. I mean it's just maybe the quarantine has made him creatively inspired.


Yeah it's been. Yeah. Oh that's true. Maybe all of us have different outlets, you know. Yeah. Um. So from last week, found out many times, many, many hundreds of Brits told us that we misinterpreted waffle. We thought that we thought that they were calling Ian the guy to show a waffle. Right.


Let me see if I can find I don't remember what it was called. I love British slang. My fave was called Gay Man's Dying Wish.


Could you name a file?


That was all those catch on real quickly. That's what the folder's called. I think so. From five nine to. Oh, yeah, you're right.


You're right. We're really molding young minds. Drink enjoy your cigarette, Woelfel. Whatever you're doing, it's just like. Yeah, it's really enjoyable. That's true. But I like work. So someone to check you, man or woman. Hey, you know, I enjoy yourself even drink more. And I would love to die being shocked, but I love it.


You're going to get rich in every position possible. Here we go. Oh my God. Really give me a good cabinet and then I will come inside out on a daily basis.


High school message. So yeah, in the comments there, some of us can't believe I'm sat here at night and listening to this Warfel. So we thought that that meant calling the guy a waffle, which sounds very funny, but look at this fucking waffle.


Yeah, but but what they explained many times I got so was that waffle is slang for like this bullshit, listening to this bullshit, this guy's dribble, like, you know, somebody is talking like, listen, this waffle, it's bullshit.




Yeah. Cool. Yeah. Yeah.


I like and I learned it. Now all you Yankees know, that's how they use it.


I think it's very it's very funny but I like the I still wish they were calling him a waffle. I know. I can see because he's like chunky and yeah.


It's like I don't know, it's a great to make sense. Like a fucking waffle like. Yeah.


It's just like how they use Muppet is very funny. Yeah. He was fucking Muppet. Muppet.


Yeah. Anyways, um. Oh God I wish I was British.


So cool. So under royalty and the crown. Although I have to say I watch the sinner with Jessica Biel. You couldn't handle it. I am so traumatized and I forced myself to finish the first season. Yeah. Like you know when you don't like something and you keep watching it anyways. And now I'm traumatized and I keep thinking about the show and I don't like it. I can't watch these shows. It affects me too much. So I'm out.


I'm out. I'm done with liking murder stuff. Yeah.


It was such a good series though. I think you of all people really enjoy it.


There's a lot of I'll check it out. Women getting hurt.


I watched, uh, behind her eyes, which is a British, um, limited series, six episodes. So it's a drama and then like end it's a six episode limited series at the end of the fourth series to introduce a supernatural element.


And you're like, what? Oh, but it's pretty. It's pretty well done. Is this the one you were watching last night?


Yeah, it was like, mommy, mommy, mommy.


And I'm like, I'm trying to sleep. And I hear like a woman getting murdered and her son is watching or something.


Then I say something to you. Yeah. Are you watching this happening?


Yeah. Yeah, there is some real panic. Yeah.


I'm falling asleep right now.


The first thing I take with me. Yeah. I didn't know what the dialogue was going to be in that scene, you know, but he just thought his mom was dead.


And this doesn't make you upset. You don't you don't worry about him.


You know, like for me, I connected to my own, like, oh my God, I shot at my child crying and I'm dead. Really affect me.


No. Yeah, no, no. Nope, it really affected me, didn't affect me, didn't affect me at all, I should bring it up with my shrink because I'm so like, Oh really?


I get really scared. Yeah, you do things. I don't like them.


Yeah. You panic about that stuff. I do. You also think if you go do the road that the kids are like abandoned. Yep. And then I'm doing irreversible damage them site, believe me, psychiatrically psychology.


Psychologically they're fine because I'm like I'm not with them all the time. No, no, they're fine. I think it's just the mom because you know, they come from us. I know. And I'm different when I'm away from them. I physically ache. You you're like later fuckers. And then, you know, you just go and you have your other families on the road or whatever it is you.


Yeah, but those kids are older, so it's a totally different, you know, like rapport I have with them. Yeah.


I mean Jake sixteen just. Yeah.


Damn. Met the first son. He's uh he's driving now and like I can't remember when we first held him.


Uh, um she's so it's it's uh it's official.


They love the Big Ten. The Animal Challenge. Yeah.


People ask for more and I say why hold on to it.


It's going to make people so happy. Oh good. So let's get into some more if you'd like to submit a big ticket animal challenge, here's the criteria. You casually need to call your significant other a big titted animal and record them. But don't do a bit. We want authentic reactions. Just casually be like, hey, you big talent or what's for dinner? You big headed animal or something like that. Um, here's our first one family stuff, and I think Steffon not sure how he says it.


Here we go.


Did you make me a sandwich? You're big today, animal.


Did you make me a sandwich, big it. We've done a lot of rain down there.


We have customers, they come at me, a big animal like here that I had to process for her for a minute.


Like what? I just, um.


Yeah. And send them in right to your mom's podcast at Gmail dot com, your mom's podcast. No house in the email and put subject line, big titted animal. Um, she didn't stop chewing, which is great too.


She's like she actually took a second though and she was like, what did you actually just call me? Uh, here's the next one from Scott. You know, give me a kiss. You big hit an animal. You don't get a kiss.


That was cool. That was cute. That was said in from Scott. Um, this one is like, what are you calling me, man?


I went to my dinner, going to be down a big titted animal. She didn't like that at all.


No. Well, allow me to go. Was Austin and Britney let me suggest maybe not. You know, when's my dinner going to be like you may want to slide it in in a more loving like, I love you, you big titted animal. Well, yeah, but you don't want you don't want like all those because I'm sorry.


I'm talking to the master right in your ear. Right. Never mind. Yeah. You don't want to take the edge off too much. Can you tell me what's an ideal first. Dropping a big titted animal.


Um because you said it to me the first time. Yeah. I'll never. I remember it was. Come here you big titted animal like you.


That's a good one. You know why it's a good one is if she's out of the room and you're recording, you can have a you can set it up. So it's recording. Then you can say, come here, you big titted animal. And then she'll enter like, what the fuck did you just call me? And that's that's the ideal video. Yeah. Yeah. Where you go.


Because she's either going to come in with a big smile and laughing or upset and we'd like to see both. We like the variety.


All right. Here is Chris and Amanda.


What do you do in your big titted animalistic. Go fuck yourself. So that was great, I'll tell you why that was great, he said. In fact, she ignored him. Let it like let it register like I'm going to I'm not going to pay attention and keep doing my work. And then was like, go fuck yourself. Yeah, that was ideal. Good. It was clear.


The dinner, the big titted animal. Perfect.


That was awesome. Now she got a few different responses.


Thanks for the dinner. The big headed animal. That was crazy like that. That was from Clay. That was good. Here is Doug and Amy. Come to bed, you big tent animal. What do you do? That's right, you're a victim. Why are you doing?


I thought I was crazy. I see that one more time. That was great. She was like, what? Come to bed, you big TV animal. What? What are you doing?


That's why you're big. Why are you doing. That was great.


That was perfect. Yeah. Very cool. Well, from one awesome video to the next, I got somewhere like here.


OK, so your vagina stinks. Not your blood. Did you know that your blood is not stinking, bitch, your menstrual cycle, don't forget, check it out on the blood network. Really, you want to commit suicide already because you're going to blame the blood miscues you. You put it taking a pussy, OK? You don't know what I did, just being wrong and you acting like your blood is what is stinking askew, you don't know if know what blood is, because if a blood clot actually sitting, they would not even transfer blood into people who actually need blood transfusions to.


Stupid, she's right. Is this my doctors, my gynecologist?


Sounds like she got her nails done nicely in a healthy peanut butter and honey. You want your take? To come from the trash, but you don't want your pussy to smell, you want to be so lovable and compassionate. Really? This is quite a philosopher. It's really you want to go crowd of people because you have a stake and you got a fucking disease now, but.


Right, right. Well, what words of wisdom? You want your dick from the trash, but you don't want your pussy to smell. Yeah. Which is another way of saying what you can't. Oh, if you lay down with dogs, you get the fleas. Right. Right. Same shit. Different toilet, Tom. Totally.


Yeah. Your vagina stinks. Not your blood. That's what they teach you in medical school. I remember that your vagina stinks, not your blood.


Yeah, it's totally right that's taking a pussy and it's not. I want to let them grow.


Wow, there's really a cool thing. They go really well together, the two of them, you know. Yeah. Yeah.


Well, what a neat, you know, selected some interesting clips to start the show that time.


Uh, well, you know, it's because I've been gone for 72 hours a little. You're a little backed up. A little backed up. Mm hmm. Yeah. I mean I drain the the DTRs details are coming up. Yeah, that's true. Yeah.


You know, you you mentioned a really interesting I know where you're going.


So I had this moment and in person Saturday Early Show.


My apologies. I actually had to wrap early. I got off stage five minutes earlier than I normally would because, listen, I'd eaten a veggie tray backstage, so it had time to work through me.


Um. And I'm on stage and I'm like, it's at the end, and I start to feel the the girls down there. Yeah, and I thought this is for sure a massive turd. This is a big brown turd.


I'm going to wrap this up because I'm going to explode here. So I go offstage, I go the green room. I sit down. No brown, just wind, and which occurs to me and I go, hey, how does my behold trick me so much? Because it's never tricked me like that, except when I've started when I thought it was just a fart. But then I started. But I've never had it where I thought it was a brown and then it's just a fart.


Have you had that.


Yeah. Yeah. Don't act like it's so commonplace. I've had that you ask me and I've had that. Yeah.


Yeah. But you make it sound like it happens. The I didn't make it sound like that. I said I've had that because you were happening to me. You were convinced it was a brown because. Yes of course. But you're behold can distinguish between brown liquid solids and gas.


It's true usually yes. But I'm not saying that it happens all the time. But that has happened to me where I was like, oh, I thought I was going to take a dump and I just have to fart.


That's happened to me. Yes.


And I'm sure people in the audience right now are listening, going not just what's happened to me, but I was so convinced that I was going to like, no, no, that's the whole thing.


You think you're going to shit? You don't. I mean, I ended a show early just because I was like, I got to shit my pants here.


But you don't have a good like you don't have good feelers down there. I used to. And then after two episiotomies, it's completely different. I guess. So now I this is when I started. I never really started until after I had children. Yeah. It's, it's different down there. So maybe this is just me adjusting to my new body.


Maybe it is post baby body. I can tell a lot when I, when I think, oh that's a fart. And then right away there's little hands in there and they go, oh no, this is liquid you know. Oh yeah. And you're like, oh yeah. But you had accidental shards too. Yes. But not many. But you always had an indication.


Yeah. Pretty good indicator. Yes. How does your asshole know to decipher between liquid gas.


It's hard to explain. How does it. No, no. You just. No, I mean it's funny because even Ellis', our five year old right now, he goes, I'm going to take the biggest poop right now. I was like, really? And then he does. I'm like, that's huge. Yeah.


I told you he knows what's coming. But how does your baby home know? But then that's why I'm so I feel so betrayed by my asshole because it told me different information. And that's really rare for me to have such misinformation. Well, they're human beings. We're a fascinating species.


So I'm glad we were able to address this.


Thank you for bringing that up. Um, you got it. I mean, I just felt betrayed by my asshole for the first time and not the first time that this was kind of exciting to me.


I saw this. A number of people did as well. A Craigslist ad.


We seen this one. Can you read it? Uh, yeah. My my glasses are getting fixed, but I am seeking somebody who will let me chase them. Age and gender doesn't matter.


You can be real old or a lady or black, even as long as you can go real fast. It doesn't matter where it happens inside or outside, but you have to be fun to chase. You can't be on a bike because it's cheating. I want the chasing to last a long time and I want to be sweaty, but I have to catch you in the end. If I don't catch you, then you won't get paid. But you can't let me catch you and be easy about it.


And if you do, you will get paid. And this one's a Shakespeare. Yeah. After the chasing you should say something to me like good running or you're very fast and give me a high five.


One hand high five or both hands high five. Not because I told you to, but because you think it. Afterwards you should post a picture of me on your Facebook and make the picture caption say he caught me. That's really specific.


That is really specific. Is this real? I mean, yeah, I think it's really great. It was, um, it was shown quite I mean, you know, it was retweeted and stuff people.


Wow, this is really funny. I think it's pretty funny. And I think this person really wants to do this, really wants to do this.


Would you chase him? Would I be the person he chases? No, I can't I can't run yet. Oh, that's right. You would be very good.


I mean, I would talk to him like, how do you feel about me being on a scooter, you know, rehabbing right now, my knee mobility scooter. Yeah. Wow. Well, I think he'd just be like, well, I just I can just catch you.


I like how he's like, give me a high five. One hand high five are both hands high. Five is fine.


And also he says he's telling you what he wants and he's like, but do it because you want to do it. Yeah. He's like, yeah, yeah. I feel like this person like stole my dream. Oh.


That's why I was so drawn to it. I was like, this is a dream scenario.


This is interesting dream scenario to chase someone. Oh, I'd like to chase.


You mean specifically a woman, a vulnerable, helpless woman who doesn't know. Yeah, but you know what? If I could give away everything she's says. Oh. Yes. Maybe this is why I'm afraid of shows like the center, because I'm afraid it's going to happen to me. Depends what kind of guy you're scared of, though. What kind of guy are you scared of? Well, no, for real. Really, what scares you? Um, do we really want to put that out there?


OK, I guess not. Good call I so you can start interacting and go through the menu and know I got a tattoo on the arm. How about that? You know, I only have the same thing when I go out to a restaurant, depending on which restaurant you choose us to go to. Look at my crotch. Yeah. I wonder what's hiding under those shorts. But yeah, you know, and even a couple of times I get a little bit there and make a little bit of a giggle and a laugh and I'll touch you on the leg.


I might cut to a couple of times and each time times get a little bit more daring and a little bit more closer to your crotch. You know, the like local guys are fooling myself. No, I'm not going to fucking grab you, and I just. Yeah, well, you know, what do you think about that? No, no, no. Yeah, you're so funny. Bloody hell. The.


That guy scares me. You want to know that guy? Yeah. He's just going to flirt. Have some fun. Would you go out with them? No, no, I think if I were him, I wish I would be like I wish I hadn't posted that video.


Yeah, this is a really cool guy. Heavy episode.


It's very cool episode. I mean, very cool episode.


And my thought on something like that is why slow that shit shower time after all, a glass of eskin diesel jeans, diesel.


Jesus Christ man.


Why does he have to point out the brand diesel jeans? Is it a flex like these are designer jeans.


Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. He's showing you all the stuff he's got going on. He's like, I got Adderall, I got one and I got some fucking nice jeans.


Is he a fan of your mom's house? Next question. Sounds like it could be, but he could be.


He's got some Clinique perfume there on the counter and a card that says he's loved. Yeah, I think you should clean the mirror.


Like, if you're going to make the video tape where the mirror is filthy, you're right.


Clean it up. Oh, my goodness. Yeah. Wow. Diesel jeans. Yeah, that's a cool guy. It's super cool.


Our boy, you've just ruined your life. That never stopped providing the endless 13 YouTube channels that ran and posted on my sorry more seven.


Uh, and the video that he uploaded with coded file names will never cease to exist. There's so many of them.


And today we have a really fun one.


Um, real fun. Real flirty and sexy.


He didn't fall Proteau. But you're done. You raise it. Yeah. Watch this. OK. Oh, yeah. Oh, will you be the best thing out of a man's penis. Me. Right. Hold your hand like that. They're going to do good. I'm gonna come on there and there's Herman.


So if you're listening, what happened was a Fed smoker, it looks like he's that like some type of park and a real nice lady started rubbing his crotch on the outside of his pants and they had a fun little interaction. And then the lady tried to reach into his pants and a guy was like, stop.


And Fred was like, come on, let her do it.


But I have so many thought that that's the funny part today. First of all, it's nice to see the romantic side of Facebook.


Yeah, we never get to see him enjoying much. True. And it's nice to see him romancing a lady. Also, I feel like this could be the trailer for The Old Whore. Yeah, that's true.


She's very much the prototype is the old horse.


She's the old horse. Yeah. Which I got to tell you, makes my dick go inside of your body. The old whore is not exciting.


I was going to say. OK, would you rather, uh, get a handjob by the old horse and just did this exact scenario at an amusement park and she's using a park, it's it's just a city park city.


Right now, the good news is you can get a funnel cake like you always like if it's an amusement park, OK, the old horse jerks you off in a park or you do the last jerk standing comic standing where you invite people to the arena and they watch you masturbate. So I either have an arena show where I masturbate or you get jerked off by the old whore under the old whore.


Yeah, yeah. But you're not going to make as much money.


I don't want to make money. I want it to go away. I want it to be over so I can move all my life and never share that I had the old whore with my own shameful experience. Is she the worst you've had this old bitch? Yeah.


Yeah, for sure. This drug addict that's drifting through a park. Yeah, yes, yes, yeah.


People will see me get jerk off at the park. That's true. Right.


But not a lot. Not in arenas. But I'm asking you, do you want to make money or do you want to do it privately and everyone in the park is going to see you get jerked off.


You're going to get seen either way, this is such a realistic scenario and then TMZ shows up and is like Tom Sagara got jerked off in the park by the old whore and then now you know that's out there.


Mm. Yeah, you've really made me think about it. Sorry. Yeah, would you rather get your up by the old whore or. Watch your dad, jerk. Oh, man. No, you're thinking about it. I think I'd rather watch my dad. What? That's not the right answer. OK, would you rather would you rather I would never watch my dad do that? OK, would you rather make love to Fed smoker? Yeah.


I can't believe you said yeah. Once. But it's a it's a roller coaster. I know it's not going to be normal, it's in the back seat of the car that he has the dogs there the night, the Pepsi, it's all there.


They coughed up. He's hopped up on crystal meth.


You know, he's tweaking. Yeah. And like smoke and he's buying cigarettes and half and shit, OK? And it's going to be aggressive and unpredictable or. Yeah. You watch your parents.


Oh, God, no, no. Just have orgasms, you know, to watch them.


You don't have to watch them. You don't have to watch them make love or anything. You just watch them. No have orgasms. Then I'll take the smoker off.


What. First of all, what's it like to have sex with somebody on meth? You know, you've dated whores.


It's going to be really intense like today. Is he able to have an erection?


He might not, but he might. And he's going to be he's probably going to be aggressive. And he won't even know if he comes and he won't he won't be like a regular guy who's going to ejaculate and be like. Oh, he's going to be like round one bitch and he's going to, like, keep going back. No, you scurvy bad. Yeah, clean my house. He's like, what's that smell?


Smells like your twat. Oh, my gosh.


I think it's your car because it's dog shit and everything. Well, hold on. Both scenarios are going to ruin sex for me. No, because of all I want you to do when you see your parents, it's a tight shot on their face. No. Is just the facial. So you're going to see your dad go, oh, stop.


I know you're going to stop your mom quiver like shake and quiver, stop.


And you just watch it for 30 days. I can't. Thirty days.


Yeah, every day. You just out of that. No, every every day for a for one month you watch the mortgage.


I think that because knowing how I get traumatized psychologically, that's that's more for me. Why what, how is that, how is that a bad experience. Seeing your parents come, you tell me, I'm asking you, what would you want your parents? Why you're not answering them? I'm telling you, my answer is easy. I would rather what do Fed smoker? I was on meth. I would because here's the deal, man, is that once a guy is getting his dong touched, it's like different.


Like they calm down.


He's not going to calm down. You're not a regular guy and you're not a fucking meth addict. What if I would if I lit his hair on fire?


Yeah, that would be something he'd be like, great. Now now let's step it up even more. It'd be all about. Yeah. Escalating the whole thing.


I'd take my chances. I think the trauma from that incident will be far less than seeing my real orgasms every day. Well, what do you what would you I mean, I would choose your parents, of course.


No. Then getting into a vehicle with that lunatic ness and being like, I'm I'm open to a sexual experience with you or.


Yes, I would rather just get that out of the way. You're severely Nadaf.


What do you choose? We have to go, I think Fred smugger see now wrote about Chris Larson, he's the most normal of us, Chris, your Matt, your balanced emotionally.


I think I'd go for Smoketown. Looks like you're the odd man out.


The three of you are fucked beyond belief. I mean, it's all of us. You're the one. No, no, it's so obvious to be like, hey, you want to sit and watch this thing that's not too pleasurable or put yourself in a high risk situation where you might get killed, maimed, injured.


What I think the hell keep me alive because he wants to keep having sex with me and my parents watching that. That would. Yeah.


You know, you should you should just talk it out with him. He's a pretty rational dude. Jesus. So I just have to stab him and then it's over. OK, well, I'll just give you some downers. What if I give him pills?


You could give them pills. Yeah, he's open to pills. He's open to everything, babe. Yeah. Wow. I didn't think you and I would not see I don't think so either so much on this. I'm very curious as to I mean, first of all, you're getting HIV like, you know.


Yeah, right. It's fine. I hope you guys know that, too. Like you're not leaving there for herpes, at least. LASCARIS Herpes. Herpes. You get the moment you sit in the car. Yeah. You sit in the car. You it's not a death sentence. Of course it's not.


It's not. But you're going to leave there with happy HIV. You know, you have a whole new medical regimen because that's one experience, at least hepatitis.


He's definitely got worse, of course.


And you're probably going to leave there bleeding from more than one place. So you're really focused on the physical damage, of course, physical harm here. Yeah. Yes.


Things that I thought you would immediately know. Well, you're going to be physically harmed. Let's see how he behaves with this lady. He is he he's not aggressive. He's in public outside at the park. I said it's in his car, which you've seen before.


You've seen him remove his teeth in his car. You think it is chill shit with ladies in the car? He's for sure accidentally killed somebody before. Oh, for sure, yeah, accidentally, for sure. Yeah, and you guys were like, yeah, I just want to see my parents go. OK. All right. Living with chronic pain is the worst, it's more than a feeling of discomfort. It can affect your whole life. Many of our listeners probably have some type of pain that has prevented them from relaxing, sleeping or stopped them from exercising, perhaps what's going on for a few weeks now or longer.


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All right. So we put we discussed how the goblins in Harry Potter, Gringotts look like anti-Semitic caricatures of Jews and the Jews here agreed to put it out there. Here's one email we got. Yeah, it said, hey, yo, what's up?


I was listening to the recent episode of Why Inmates, where you discuss the Goblin controversy and Harry Potter as someone who has lots of Gringotts employees in my family. I've got to say, I think this argument is pretty torqued, given that the context of this series of books aimed at children excuse me, given that the context of this is a series of books aimed at children and also that it's in a make believe world where magic is real and much more convinced by the voice of reason.


Chris Larson also to look at a little person covered in crazy prosthetic goblin makeup. And your immediate thought is that's what it looks like, in my view, is actually way more offensive than the other argument. If you take your 10 or 12 Benadryl and really think about it in a fictional world and characters names like Albus Dumbledore. It's kind of wild, that one that the one of the only East Asian characters in the entire series is called Cho Chang, is that right?


Tator There are words, Ali. I'm not really sure what Ali is going for here, but I think Ali is making the case for what we said and thinking that they're not like I don't understand. He's saying that when you see those caricatures, if you immediately think that looks like a stereotype, that that's what's wrong.


Oh, OK. So what he's saying is that Jews are anti-Semitic. I don't know that all the Jews I mean, maybe you have the Jaziri anti-Semitic, but like.


And also, he leads with that coming from a person that has a lot of green cards, employees and their family.


Yeah, yeah. So he's saying some Jay-Z married into his family. Yeah. And that gives them the authority to say that this isn't, yeah.


I don't know, wild argument. I don't even understand the argument. I don't understand the case that he's making.


I mean, I think he's like even if you see them as j.s, you're the one that's the problem. Right, by your abstaining.


But it's like no, we're seeing the stereotypes of gays like that exist are stereotypes that really looks like in the 30s.


The problem, the drug being drawn up. Germany. Yeah. Literally like they're like, yeah.


You know, they look like Goblin's. And then they're like the money here.


Yes. Yeah. They're counting coins all day. It's like, what do you think that that's a caricature of men. Yeah.


And look, we're not the first people to point out like we're not I'm not seeing penises in Denver Airport all day. Do you know what I'm saying? Like, I'm not the first person to be like, that's fucking racist or that's this sexist and that we're not those people.


But that one was like, whoa, dude, that one look totally Jay. It did like a stereotypical like Shylock, E.J.. Whoa, no, no, like the Shylock, E.J..


No, I heard you are not a good J like you guys.


So just keep. All right, here's another one, it says, Watching the episode discuss Gringotts claims, Your Honor, I would like to submit Wato from Star Wars, The Phantom Menace. It said, My friends and I affectionately refer to him as Jew Fly. Look up a picture for reference. One of his lines in the movie is Mind Tricks Don't Work on me. Only money. Oh, I don't know.


Oh. Oh, my God. I remember that. Oh, this, this. But that's definitely like the the Gringotts goblins are way they're way worse.


Yeah. This guy is more just Middle Eastern, you know, uh, Middle Eastern and interesting remarks today.


Jesus, he's like an Israeli guy.


Like, what's he like? I think he's from the region, you know. Yeah. Like, come on, buddy. But, you know, she said so let me tell you this.


Normally, I would never I would always say these songs for opening or closings, but when the song comes in straight up, he you gotta fucking drop it during the show. Oh, wow.


So this is a collab between Grass Kingdoms and Phat Simpson. Two powerful entities in the world, we should mute the mikes in here in a second when I play them. So they he he sent me this over the weekend.


I listened to it like 20 times. Oh, my God. It's really good. It's it's called I got a DUI, baby. Oh, my.


It's Grass Kingdoms. It's Phat Simpson.


It's it's it's really something.


Why do you why baby.


So without further ado, I got a DUI, a baby grass, Kino's and Bart Simpson. Let's just jam out to it and we'll. Yeah, it's just going to be during the show because it's too good. You ready? It's your. Here we go.


Bart Simpson and Grass Kingdom. You keep you up. I gotta see you. Love you, baby. See you, baby. You gotta see you, baby. John, John, John, John. I'm going to be a girl so we can figure the score for more work. Work work schedules are a ways away.


Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Know your baby is young, but you don't deserve this baby. Show me a little more focus on the place for my people. My baby is putting on a little baby every birthday. Oh, my God. Do you love baby? Do you love baby, you, my God. Do you love you, baby? The you baby. You go to the next. Those are yours, baby.


You can see why I play the real banger. I mean, two powerful flavors that went great together. Yes.


Do you think Tony John even knows that he is a fucking hit song about himself?


I was just wondering that if he knew how famous he really was when he walked into, like a club or a bar in Salt Lake City or wherever he lives and just they start playing that he was like, oh, shit, that's a song about me, baby.


I didn't think anything a bad thing. Yeah. He's like, Oh yeah, it's a song for me, you know, I'm saying I love hearing how stupid he is all in one big compilation.


It's so good, you know, like that song.


So yeah, they really mean it's such a fun song. I mean, like it's so upbeat. It's really a party jam.


And that's what brings joy to my heart.


That's a joyful song. It's so fun. It's really good. You can't you can't help but laugh and smile when Tony Jones is around in a song like that, a fire broke.


That's fire shot out grass kingdoms. Oh, Bart Simpson. Really, really, really well done. It's so good. I also want to duck because I forgot that, uh, Demi Moore.




We saw like that article that showed her, like, face changing. Yeah. And then after that we talked about it. We're like, don't do this to your face. And then we found out that that was just a makeup job. She's not she doesn't look like that.


See, OK, as somebody that you know, I do makeup and I have pictures taken and I think they someone had to fuck up her shadowing so bad.




And but I think it might have been intentional, though, like his, you know, fashion shows, they'll do crazy shit, right?


Oh, I mean, they'll wear crazy clothes and yeah. It's a good she's she doesn't actually look. Yeah, she's gorgeous. But anyway she didn't completely ruin her face like it looked like in that thing. And I just felt like we should point it out because we were like, why are you doing this to yourself.


God, you know guys, Demi Moore spaces ok, she's ok guys. You can still live.


She said, go on. You can go do you want baby, I know, so fucking good. Can we can we address a topic here? Yeah, that makes me laugh so hard. Nadav, will you please tell the audience what you enlightened us to before the show today? Just that I'm really lucky that it sounds like I'm going to be able to get a vaccine pretty soon because I am technically severely obese and I was going to lose some weight.


But now I think I'm going to hold that off for a bit until I could get healthy again.


Oh, you're really like that. We that, though. So you're not you're severely obese.


I'm actually right on the cusp. Like it's because I lied a little bit on my driver's license saying I'm five ten. So if I plug in that number, I'm not severely obese.


But if I plug in five nine, my real height, I'm like like point one percent away from severely obese.


I'm so proud of you. Congratulations. What an achievement.


Just trying to be healthy. I Christine. So what is just because I'm a you but do you have to prove your BMI? Like how does that work.


It's a very good question because I just looked up, I just saw that on March 15th, severely obese people can now get at any age range.


And then I looked up what is severely obese.


Right. And that's a BMI of forty point zero shit.


Yeah. And so I was just like this. Just plug things in. Let's see where I stand.


Stand really close to 40 is intense. Yeah. I mean, thank God I hold it well but. Oh now.


But being obese isn't that hard. Right. Like the first year of very, very easy. Right. So what's considered obese, like 30.


Thirty, the BMI of 30 or higher. I mean, because we've all been obese in this studio, with the exception of 25 to 29 now that's overweight, that's just overweight. A BMI of 30 is 30 is considered obese. Yeah.


Mm hmm. And of over 40 inches for men at thirty five inches for women. Yeah.


So you should just go there and like fucking sweatpants and drag one foot.


But oh I know exactly what outfit I'm going to wear. Oh you do. Yeah. I have a very unflattering.


Can you can you put a couple of stains on it. I feel like that might help me, you know, I mean like put some mustard in coffee and just kind of rub it in. Yeah.


Like, like I need the vaccine and they're like, oh God, let's get this guy out of here.


I'm just going to I'm just gonna have a plastic bag of doughnut hole. Yeah. Yeah. And all lot the people.


Yeah. But yeah. Put the donut holes in like the bag they give you to put your stuff in, you know, like a Rite Aid and like is it OK if I put donut holes in here immediately.


That's my first question. And there is I take them out of my pocket.


Oh my. Oh yeah.


That's severely obese. Now do you think Burt qualifies for the vaccine? Is he considered severely obese or just obese?


I think he's on the cusp because I think he is a little taller than me. Yeah, he's a little taller. Yeah. But he's also. He's pretty round. Yeah. He's he's I'd say he's just as dense.


He's not losing is he. So it's actually it's only because of like drinking at night. Yeah. And and food actually. Oh gosh. Oh that's so funny. I don't know why that makes me laugh so hard that you're severely obese because I like you. I don't, I don't see you as severely.


Well yeah. I'm a really dense guy. You're a big guy. Yeah. It's like you I look big but like when you look at me like severely obese, that's what I say. Just very obese, you know. Yeah.


As somebody who's adjusted you professionally in a chiropractor's office, I would say, you know, it's distributed well. Yeah.


It's like you're adjusting someone who's just overweight, right? Yeah.


He's got a severely obese. When have you ever been skinny? Have you ever had a thin face? You've always been a heavier guy. Yeah, I've always been a little chunky, maybe around third grade. When all that started.


Oh, really great. I was really cute before then. Yeah. Yeah.


OK, um, hey, check this out. This might make you laugh. I don't know, severely obese. Really made my guess kingdom's song.


Watch this. Yeah I really Simpson. Nora. Well, guess what, she's fine now. No, she's not. Is that so?


Let me see it again. We see again do that. With fourth no, there's no way she's OK. Definitely not. No way like she got up after that. But then it was one of those things where it took a second, I think. Because she's going to feel that tomorrow, tomorrow. I mean, that was a full break, I didn't know cows could even kick like that. Did you know that? Oh my gosh, I never seen a cow do anything.


No, I've never seen that before. And that was loud.


That was that was really the sound was good. Yeah. I think that was her cranium cracking. Yeah.


I thought you said you don't like seeing videos where it looks like where you could see the people getting hurt real bad and. Yeah.


But that was I mean that was pretty. Those on the line, you know, so you so you did like this one or you didn't like it? That's the thing is I don't know how I feel about it, OK?


I think this one's actually funny. I was hoping this was a Hungarian. I could be not only here. No, I think it's Portuguese.


We know the know the senora, the maybe Italian. I don't know I don't know what the what that language is. It's, um, it's pretty wild. This will make you feel better. I'm sorry, that was kind of alarming. Let's do something that's a little more chill. Ready? Sure. Just like more logic based. OK, quickly.


So I got this. Are we saying that two plus two, if you say it's four, that's racist. I mean, that sounds like we may be mischaracterizing it. What if you can quickly. No, no. That's not just characterizing it at all. It's that math is basically racist under this ideology because it says there is no such thing as an objective reality. So there might not be the right number two plus two might actually equal five. You go to something to take home with you and feel better about the world you live in, math is racist.


I thought that math was the one universal language. It usually is music. And yeah, math and music has usually been the universally described as universal languages, but not anymore.


I learned that they are, um, colonial, uh, like in racist white veganism, guys.


Mm hmm. Check your privilege point of personal privilege. Tom, did you know that Mr. Potato Head is no more?


I heard about this. I heard that Mr. Potato Head is now Potato Head. Correct. Can you look that up? Is that what that that's a new thing. Potato head, and this is for the kids. Because if you do it like that, if you say Mr. Potato Head is a mister and that's why he's got a mustache, be gender neutral.


And then the missus has lipstick, the kids will think that only men have mustaches or that only women wear lipstick, which is not true because in this studio alone, everybody, all men wear lipstick.


That's true.


So, yeah, dropping the horrific Mr. Rififi from the honorific O renaming the shapeshifting plastic spud to the gender neutral potato head. OK, that's a notable change from one of the world's largest toy makers to untether one of its most famous products from a binary gender identity, something that was far less controversial in 1952.


Hasbro is making sure all feel welcome in the potato head world by officially dropping the mister from Mr. Potato Head brand, blah, blah, blah. The rebranded toy launches this fall. But hold on.


The packaging still identifies that as a male. He still has his mustache on. So how is that truly a gender neutral?


It's the old this is the old packaging. Still says Mr on it.


It does. No, it says potato head. Oh, but it says Mr. Potato Head underneath.


All right, do it bitch. If you scroll down some. More news of a name change emerged Thursday, they later tweeted about it aren't going anywhere. This character names will still appear on the boxes under the bridge.


OK, so that is the packaging.


Yeah, ok. OK, OK. So very important. It's just the all important formally known as yea or nay, but they're still calling him Mr. Potato.


That's kind of funny at a bar. It's at the bottom of the package now. It's still there. Just smaller font.


Do you feel better? We got you. Don't do math. It's racist. All right.


This racist. Wow. Half is racist.


Now, I thought it was just veganism, white veganism that was racist. These are all these are all new developments, you guys. Yeah. There's you know, there's all types of different pronouns like check this out.


Oh, God, I don't want to be rude in any way. Do you have like you go by any type of pronouns or something much? I go by day. They them. Yeah. You know, a you open door. So I go by new pronouns, I go by Nick like the name Nick or like gay like. Yeah, yeah. So I was there of you or to you as they them and if you refer to me it would be like yeah.


So a lot of people, a lot of people actually forgive my pronouns. So I have this exercise that I do. We basically repeat our pronoun.


So I for you I go they them, they them, they them.


And then you for me you'd go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.


Oh you got it.


I mean this is just trolling the shit out of this chick, right. That's what's happening here. Yeah. I thought it was pretty funny. It's funny. Yeah. It's funny. He definitely got her to ruin her life.


Oh yeah.


That's true. Because she is just trying to be earnest. Definitely trying to be nice. She's like, oh what do you want me to call you. Uh, man, I liked it. That's funny. It's definitely funny. Jesus Christ. Oh, God. Um, will you describe what you're seeing right here?


OK, I'm afraid go ahead and describe for this, because there's no audio. You got to tell the audience.


OK, can I shave his eyebrow? The other one's gone already. You shaving with a cheap razor too. That's like a big. Yeah, not very good.


It's a 7-Eleven or. Yeah, it sucks.


But now guess what.


It looks great now, you look great, it looks perfect. You guys actually does look, I use pencil man with a black eye.


Oh, that looks real good pencil. Oh, and that looks like a Chowilla brow. He's doing the thing looks red.


I mean, it looks nice.


Yeah. I actually like him without eyebrows.


Is that. No, I mean, some I never imagined I would like it. It's alarming what no eyebrows does, just like somebody. You got to do that next. Well, the head's all the way down, but try your eyebrows.


Oh, by the way, I didn't tell you why I did this, why my rebirth was so. So I had the hair transplant. Right. Right. And then I grew it out. Then I cut it down and I realized I didn't do the rebirth. So those of us in the transplant community, what you like to do when you're starting over with a new like you have hair finally is you take it all the way down like I did, and then you watch it grow from the beginning.


And that's called a rebirth. So you see your new hair from when it's born.


And that's what I'm doing. That's exciting, Tom. Yeah, it's pretty exciting. Wow. Good for you. So, like, pretty soon you'll you know, I mean, like because I know it's a lot for people be like, who is this guy?


You know, it's it's a it's a metamorphosis. It's like a I like that. You know, they used to do this in the 60s. They would have people do rebirth things as a way of, uh, washing away prior trauma.


But also I get to see if they did a good job. Right. So I haven't really seen if they really did a good job and I want to see it from the beginning. I mean, 42 grand, that's quite a chunk of change.


Yeah, I don't want to be like because I can call them up and be like, hey, what the fuck. Yeah, like that. I stayed it all the way down and then now it's gone. Right. And then I don't know if I get a refund or anything. I don't think you can, I don't know.


I might blast I might really blast them, you know.


Oh you know, Saqba, mommy's on them maybe. Oh, I wouldn't do that. We'll see what. Dr. Moore.


Oh, Lucy. So sorry. You're going to be right now. Yeah. OK, happier. All right.


Go pee. So laughing at severely obese. Yeah. I didn't know there were many distinctions to levels of obesity, but. Oh there are. Yeah, makes sense.


I've lived in a number of them severely.


You've never been severely obese.


Yeah, technically I have never been as fat as Nadaf. Nice. Sure, I'm sure he loved hearing that, have you? I mean, I don't know, but. I mean, close enough. The fattest I've ever been was Jesus like that. I love working here.


I was probably, um, twenty fifteen, the fattest I've ever been.


That's the year I had our first son. Yeah. So we but we both gained pregnancy weight. Yeah. I gained some pregnancy weight and then we ate a lot that year. And then I started to, I started to diet. Forget if it was right before he was born. Right after I was like, oh my God, I saw the scale. I was like, what in the fuck? Like I knew, I knew it was like it was too much.


That's the I've never been close to that since then. Yeah, gotten within 25 pounds of it, I think. But never. Yeah, never that much.


Because in time you lose weight pretty quickly, though, when you decide to move fast.


Yeah. I'm kind of like like I have like Bert's body when it comes to that. If I like actually stick to something I could lose. I know I could probably get out of severe obesity within a couple of weeks. You could definitely get out of that. No. Yeah.


Yeah, definitely. But I guess go get your vaccine and then do it. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. It's this is just you know, it's just my vaccine.


Wait, I think we were going to put a put out a message to the public, to the audience. It's that get super fat right now and get that vaccine and then go on a diet.


Yeah. March 15th after you get your vaccine. That's when you could go back on. Exactly. Exactly. This is not a medical show, it's not intended to give medical advice. Tom is not a medical doctor.


I'm not, but I read a lot. What do you see in here? Oh, no.


What do you think? I don't want to see what is it? I see a gay bear and he's got a he's got to check in and he's he's moving up the check in. I know where this is going. I don't like it. Just keep talking.


He's massaging the chicken with cream. Oh, no.


It's like bathing.


And he's chewing gum, chewing gum loudly to get to nipple rings, petting Michigan, which is wearing cut off jean shorts, totally straight heterosexual behavior.


Yeah, he's nuzzling the chicken, petting and chewing gum. What are you showing me? This just to see if I can go anywhere. I just thought it would upset you maybe.


Oh, yeah. It's upsetting. I don't like it. I'm not a fan of this. That's why we played it. Yeah, thanks. But you know what, though? I think, um, because I lived in San Francisco. Yeah. I'm so used to gay male behavior. Sure. Like absurdly gay male. Yep. This is like that is gay like the chicken. I know I'll be for the live show. Yeah.


We can't play that on the regular show. And if you're wondering about live shows they're coming back, they will come soon enough.


Yeah. Um, this will definitely. I'm sorry for calling.


You found a job. I love you. Oh that's all right, Christine.


I know it comes from a good place and now I feel bad and I love him so much.


It does not my favorite, um, get me my conditioning and everything where it needs to be. You know, Retiro Ricardo was his last name.


Who is Ricardo Revenge?


Lisa. He definitely said that on purpose.


Derek Lewis definitely said that on purpose.


Retiro is here's why.


It's the perfect thing to drop. Because you can go like. Nah, I meant to say, Ricardo, like, it's a perfect there's respect. That's great. Well, it's also it's just rascally.


He's just smiling. There's a twinkle in his eye. I know he did. He knows he did. Right before he said it, he was like, I must say, retard. Oh yeah. Yeah. He's very pleased with. Exactly.


And then he pretended to like, what's the last name, retard. Oh yeah. It's the you know.


Yeah. Retarded. This is another one that people were all talking about was Doris Burke. She's an NBA sideline reporter and she was covering this game and trying to know when to come.


This comes from behind and gets a piece of it. Like it's just went like this is just what it's pretty good, right?


Wow. Yeah, it's. Now, I like female people in sports. Yeah, I used to feel they were traitors to the gender.


Of course, it's not just one. It's not just when you come.


So now I'm interested. I'm listening. Now you're listening. Yeah.


Get those dogs out that you watch on your sports shows and put like a bunch of good looking ladies talking about stuff and saying things like that would be pretty cool, right?


Yeah. Um, do you want to talk? Because there's been obviously there was a lot of people were pretty excited. When you entertain the idea of going to see the king and you're taking them up on the offer to go on a date, maybe Olive Garden somewhere nice. Yeah. Of his choosing. I'm going to go to him so you can go to him. And you said he would treat you with nothing but respect like the queen that you are.


And I guess he put out a new this was just this morning on Tick Talk this morning, this morning, fresh off the presses, you guys. All right, let's see my kings and queens above 18.


Time to go to bed. I might try to get a little bit of sleep and wake up and enjoy my day. All right. My anybody in the Fort Worth area of Texas, you want to come over and cuddle or watch a movie or get a pizza? You let me know. Oh, there won't be no pizza, but we can cuddle and watch a movie. You guys have a beautiful day. I will talk to you tomorrow. I love my queens and kings above 18.


Mm hmm.


Oh, man. There's a few distinctions here. It's very interesting is that he's on the road first. He's on the road, which I understand. Sometimes I want to cuddle, too, you know.


Well, it's totally a legitimate thing. Like you're above 18. Yeah, great. Do you want to cuddle? Mm hmm. But it's to the kings and queens. So is he now announcing that he's Paulene by or is he fluid like orientation fluid?


Yeah, like what's happening.


And this is also new. The invitation to cuddle. That is a new thing.


Some people can might describe it as a slick move. You go on to college, come and come play with me. Yeah, sort of like the precursor to just the tip. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


It's what we call. Now, why do you think he excluded pizza from the.


I don't know, because it was like, do you want to watch them? Do you want to cuddle, get a pizza. At that point people are like, all right. And then he goes, but there'll be no pizza. Yeah. I'm what you're whiteway. I wonder why would you put pizza out there then?


Why is there. No, maybe he's saying like get a pizza and then he goes, you know what? I don't have any pizza here. So if you were to come over right now, just so you know, there's no pizza.


Yeah. Go get the pizza.


But because I bet you he's fun to have pizza with. Oh yeah. This is the guy you want to have pizza with. No, no, I see it. He's fun now.


Order like the right. He knows where to get pizza. Yeah. Hmm hmm hmm. Nadav they really get pizza.


Yeah. What I was saying, you know, to like I don't like pizza. Why would you say that? I meant that you got to get the vaccine.


So, like, I mean, pizzas in my diet right now because I'm trying to get healthy, but I'm trying to get healthy to qualify as severely obese for the vaccine. It makes sense.


It makes all kinds of sense. Would you so you would get a pizza with the king? Of course. Look, what about Cuttle? I'm married, you tell me, you tell me, am I allowed, you tell me, look, you can't force somebody now. Some people, it's not cheating. Look, am I allowed to have phone sex with other people in my office? Do webcam girls? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Or boys or whatever other webcam guys.


I imagine so. OK, um, you tell me what the boundaries are when I go meet him, there's I mean, not that many.


There's nothing now. Am I allowed to cuddle with him and to get that booty? Can I cuddle with him when he's shirtless or is that. Yeah, of course, of course. Are you do you are you at all protective of me?


You know, what's a banana split?


He'd do a banana split with you if you want. My God, babe, get some corn chips, pecans, ice cream and put it in your booty. You know, you're not worried that he'll steal my heart. He might. He might. I am worried about that. I don't want that to happen. But if it did, you know, I know what it's like with that. Nuh nuh.


Nuh nuh. Uh, I'm going to hook you up with the old whore finder from Fed smokers' video. She's definitely dead.


There's not a chance, though. Not a chance. Oh, man, pretty good, though, that is, I will say the king looks good here, though I like his glasses. He looks he looks handsome with that. I like it. You looking good, King? Mm hmm. He looks he looks healthy. And you're looking forward to your date.


Yeah, of course. You know what? I am actually curious about who he is, what he what his interests are, what his life is like, aren't you. Yeah, I actually do.


I want to know. Yeah. I want to know who he is, where he's from. You know what I just realized he's on the road yet. Maybe not. Maybe you can do the meet up on the road somewhere. It's not a bad idea. Like where are you going, you know, where are you going to be on this date, that kind of thing. Maybe go all the way to Ohio. He's in Fort Worth, Texas, right now.


Yeah, but I kind of want to go to his hometown so he can really show you want to see the kingdom.


Yeah, exactly. Exactly, Thyer. Yeah, Your Majesty, I want to know his habit. I want to see him in his natural habitat. Mm hmm. That's what I want. Like, where does he go?


Meet some of the jesters and whatnot? Yeah, a hundred percent.


I want to see that in my world. Habitat. Yeah, it's nothing. Why don't we take a quick break and we'll be right back. And we are back and it's everyone's favorite topic, the return of the roach himself, Josh Potter, back on duty.


How do you do? Good to see you guys. How have you been?


You know, it's just too much going on. Have you had some crying ladies in your place recently?


Nope. No, none of none have come around. What about the crying homeless guy? He doesn't cry to screams the N-word, does he, really? Oh, yeah, a lot. I'm still out, so I can't smoke outside my apartment now. Do you know that because of you and me? No, just in general, just a coincidence. And I was I lost my mind and I said, oh, you're going to let this guy scream the N-word and sleep 10 feet from me, but I can't smoke out here.


This is bullshit. And what can you smoke? I said I don't some rule now. I don't know. What do you do? Well, they just changed the rule.


But it's a rule of the building. Yeah. Yeah. Strange, right?


How far how far do you have to go.


I have to go 20 feet from my building now and he could scream the N-word within any distance.


Were you were you everywhere. Piss on the ground. Doesn't matter.


Were you notified in an interesting way or. No, I was notified by getting yelled at by my landlord. Nigga. Yeah. Oh, you didn't say that. Right. But it's funny you can say it. Yeah, he's and he says that on my show all the time. You come on, come on. Check it out on Tuesdays. Yeah. See any say the N-word to anyone.


Not OK. So is that the guy from outside.


Yeah. No he's white by the way. This so you're not allowed to smoke then so you have to go twenty feet now do you do that. Are you know I don't I look forward. No I smoke. I'll smoke right on my porch for Christ's sake. Now I'm like I'm going to smoke.


Were you notified. Sorry. Via like an email by a confrontation like the landlord.


In your case you can't be smoking out here. I'm posting signs tomorrow. And I was like, I didn't hear anything about that. And then he was like, well, I'm letting you know now. And I was like, OK, that's pretty aggressive way to do it.


Yeah, of course. So I've become aggressive in my defense now and I'm just going to keep smoking until they kick me out.


I guess Jesus fucking cares. Well, you have some you did some real fun research for today.


Oh, yeah. No, I'm here because well, it's the start of March and we ended Black History Month and we started Women's History Month. It's the start of women's history because you can't you can't talk about black people without women going. What about us, too? You know what I mean? So, yeah, they have their own government follows right after it's longer. Of course, 31 days. You got most of the twenty eight. So I thought we could insincere.


I don't know. Did you discuss your murder thing? You're not you're no longer. I was disappointed to hear that, but it's really disappointing.


Well, because I've, I've decided we could reflect on female serial killer.


Well, that's, that's cool. I, I actually would love a show based on female murderers. Then I think I'd be less afraid because I'm so.


Oh, murder.


That's for macho men who are generally killing women. So I'm afraid that it's going to happen to me. You understand.


Yes. It's always when you've got on your murder kick, is it like other women who get on theirs, meaning like they flip their beans to it and everything, they're all about it.


These women, uh, wait, do I masturbate to murder shows? No, because it's like, oh, no, no, I don't. I get scared. I get I get traumatized. I think about the show a lot, and that's why. But I liked it for a minute. Yeah. In the beginning it was titillating.


You were only into it for like two weeks. Yeah. But it was titillating in the beginning. Definitely. Well maybe it'll go back, it will get you can do it back into it. So we can't have this topic of conversation without discussing Eileen Warren.


Oh I know her. I love her. She's monster. No, I love her. She's great. Let's go for one. I know her. I love her. I mean, she's great.


She says. Yeah. What do you like about her?


Well, I like how Shirley Stirling plays her and Monster. She's like, oh, you fucking bitch.


Like, she flips on a dime, which is funny.


And, you know, it's really fucked me up that movie. Like, I can't look at Charlize Theron and be like, that's an attractive woman anymore because she played I mean. Yeah, because my introduction to her was monster.


That's how you I still see her. Yeah. As the monster. She I don't know.


Charlize looks amazing. No of course. But I still see Monster. Yeah but look at her in twenty twenty like this particular type in the year you know it just puts my brain in a pretzel because she's all like I'm a former nightclub.


Do you think that she took a role from an ugly person there. For sure. That's called beauty privilege. Yes. Point of personal privilege.


So Joe can't play a tranny but she can play an ugly person.


Yeah, I don't like it. There she is.


Yeah, well right. Could she put on like forty pounds now of makeup or. No, no, no.


That she gained weight. Everything and what I liked about she's also a tremendous actress and what I like about Eileen Warra Wuornos is that she went after men who victimized women. She went after Wright. Right.


She was well shot. According to her, she was the judge, jury and executioner of. These men's fates, so I guess you'd have to decide, you know, is she a worthwhile person to make such judgment calls on these types of men? But yeah, they she did claim self-defense on on most of them are on at least one of them. And I think it's stuck on one of them because she only got charged for six of the seven people she murdered.


How did she kill?


She did all the right things. I think she stabbed a couple of people to call, but she died.


She was executed, of course, in Florida state of Florida. Yeah. When did she get executed? I don't remember year, but it was I think she wasn't the first.


That would be our next contest.


Oh, are we playing Pioneer?


And the next Bachelorette for time is this is Judith's a.k.a. Judi Bueno Anyo. Oh, who by the way, that last name, they're her.


She the guy she murdered was she murdered a bunch of people, her husband, her son, her boyfriend here. The subsequent boyfriend. Oh dear. So she kept getting boyfriends somehow.


I don't know who this is.


Well, she got her Judy Goodyear was her name when she murdered her husband and she changed her name to Bueno Anyo, which I don't even think translates properly.


Right. Am I wrong? I mean, it's a bastardized way to translate it.


Yeah, it's, um. Yeah, it would in Spanish. You would. It would you would reverse it, you'd say on your buonanno I think. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like there's no such thing as went on.


Yeah. So stupid dummy bitch. Yeah. Well she did that and her name was Judy Goodyear. Yeah.


And she's like you know there's a real stink to that name.


I mean she doesn't change it up. How did she murder the husbands.


Well and this is why she's a true pioneer. Not only was she the first person murdered in the state of Florida, the first female, I should say, executed in the state of Florida, but she really kind of did the whole arsenic thing before everybody else swears poisoning.


They're a real pioneer. Yes, a true I mean, how many copycats have come?


And that's how most of these people died. The husband of all these people, they all became terminally and severely ill.


It was later found out that they all had arsenic in their system after the last one where they were like, this is weird. All these people are getting really sick around this lady. We can't figure it out. Her son, she she poisoned to the point of he was paralyzed and she was like this arsenic is not working. So she took him on a canoe ride and then was like warps and tipped it over. And then he sunk to the bottom because, you know, he's paralyzed.


Yeah. So and he had braces.


And it sucks when your mom does that to you. Yeah.


But there's one person you can go on a canoe ride with paralyzed. It's your mom's bike. Yeah.


So, look, I got to tell you, it looks like a nice lady here. She does she look she's got a little smile. Yeah. She looks like the the lunch lady. Oh yeah.


She's the she was it ever revealed like why she was murdering everybody like this.


She, she didn't have the motives weren't because it came later in life and she never she still denied it and then she was convicted of it. No one really also in Florida. Yeah.


She was the first executed in Florida to be safe to it's probably safe to say her wires are crossed. Yeah, that's it's something like that. Because she kept murdering her boyfriends, she would get another boyfriend, which is your shot. You go like, oh, you were you were married. That's what happened. Yeah.


You know, and then he died. We voted my son and my other ex boyfriend. She had to murder one of the boyfriends because he started picking up the discrepancies.


So arsenic is a slow a slow grind. Yeah.


You put it in the little bit in the food a little bit. It starts to poison you.


She she didn't even do it. That, like, more people started doing it later, you know, like different ways, like they put it in their soup or whatever. She did it. Instead, she gave special pills so she didn't even cloak it that much.


Give me your special pills.


What does this do? Make your decision? I know it's yeah. It's because you're sick.


These are my special pills.


So they'll fall for that shit, which is why I would kill you slowly like that too. But not with arsenic, because it's detectable in an autopsy that.


Well, now we've learned because of the duty here. Oh, great. Thank you.


How would you know I you I'd use some kind of a chemical undetectable by the autopsy.


OK, and you have anything in mind are you going to do. No, I don't have anything in mind. You will. It would not. Yes. What chemical can I get that's undetectable. I don't know. But I don't worry. Christine, I'll help you. Yeah. Thank you.


Eight years later when he gets the results.


But what's interesting about the difference between Judy and Eileen is that Judy would I mean, is the physical stuff of like, I'm going to come up to a man and shoot him and say, well, yes, it's the violent difference and the motives, because, like you said, Eileen had a bit of a righteous motive in terms of like, these are bad men, these are John's, but these are men that are paying you for a service. You're going to kill them, of course.


So rude. It is so rude.


You want to see a violent one. You've got this next lady. Yeah. Who's also of Latino descent, a Latina, Juana Barraza, who was a Mexican wrestler. She looks like she's not fucking around. No, she was extraordinarily violent.


And perhaps you can translate this bit of Spanish for me.


They called her Marta hit us. It's Matya Vye Gita's. Which I understand to be translated to little old lady killer. Yeah, I mean, sort of those are these are just what they've referred to her as because she murdered about 24 to 49 some. God damn old ladies. Oh, no.


That means that translates to kills old ladies, OK. Kills old ladies. Oh, wow. Well, that's what they just called her, the little old lady killer in America.


So now did she do it for financial gain? She stole their possessions. But after a while, I mean, it was just for this.


Well, she's doing it down there in Mexico. Yes. And she was convicted and everything in Mexico.


Now they don't execute. Do they know she has seven hundred and fifty nine years in prison so she could get out and get back on the streets.


Now, do these women sexually assault their victims? A lot of men primarily sexually assault or not?


This one, it doesn't seem there was no evidence that she did that she strangled them and beat them to death. She did. Yeah. Fucking a strangled and beaten like.


No, that's very violent extremists, ordinarily violent and lots of them.


And then just steal their shit. Yeah. This is 24 to 48 people.


Twenty four to forty nine somewhere. That is no super savage. But you definitely don't see this normally with women.


No, no. But she was a wrestler and she was. But it does make sense.


It's like if you had to pick a victim, the elderly kind of a perfect target.


No. Yeah. I mean they're on their way. They can't fight back.


Very low effort. Yeah. They're like you said, they're on their way. I mean, how much do you really have to beat an old lady?


It's really it's what animals do in the wild. They look for the old and the sick and there's, you know, that's what they target.


That's true. When you when you see a cheetah, a lion that's like perfectly healthy and hunting, they don't go after the like the big water buffalo. They go to the one with the limp. Fucked this guy up.


Yeah, that makes sense. So she's just a predator out there. Good selection, you know. Hundred years in prison. Yeah.


Seven fifty nine. Seven hundred fifty nine. So that's big. Seven hundred and sixty fourth year. Can't wait baby. See you in fuckin two hundred and seventy.


Yeah. She just got, she just wanted a twenty six so she's got about oh two hundred and forty four years.


Seven hundred, forty four years left.


OK, so I think we could see it again sometime this year. So this last one I want to pull her. I love this segment.


Josh, this is really finally women are getting the recognition they deserve. Oh yeah. Oh oh.


And just like when, when you have women get the recognition you have to include newly transitioned women as well. Yeah. You know, they always want to steal our thunder, you know.


Let's see, this is where it's going to become a sticky wicket for women because this is beat I think is how you pronounce it. Formerly dead name Wolfgang, OK, is when he committed or she committed this crime. Well, this is where my brain gets in a pretzel. If you transition and you have a dead name, that person Wolfgang committed the crimes. That person's dead right. Beat into shit. All right. Oh, interesting. Interesting legal world.




So I'm pretty good at it. I mean, how do you don't you think you mean wait. Let out of did that. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Exactly. And it's, it's a legal defense.


I bet you it's been used. And what did beat formally Wolfgang do.


She murdered five women in an infant. Oh yeah. Yeah. They called I think I don't know exactly what Oh. In Germany or some foreign but they called her the pink giant because of her size. Oh man, woman and man. I'm all sorts of pretzel up with this. Yeah. Yeah. Same here.


But often would wear pink lingerie when committing their crimes in the way that beat here was caught. Wasn't for them. Could have very well gotten away with the murders but was caught publicly masturbating with a pink bra on and that's where things started, started connecting the dots you see after they were in custody.


What happens while I always say be careful where you go because it could lead to you're going to masturbate if you're going to masturbate in public, don't have skeletons in your closet.


Wow. So she was killing women and children. Just five women and one just just just five.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. So very just and we do I'm sorry. Transitioned in prison by the in prison.


Oh do we know, do you know the mode of sorry. Was it to steal. I don't I think it was to steal their what they didn't say in the things I could see real quick but I think it was just pure you know, it happens sport together.


I can kind of roll with these stories, um, you know, when someone's killing women, killing men. As soon as I hear that they killed an infant in me, I go, knucklehead, you know? Yeah.


Well, you know, it need to be real doofus. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Real rascal. Yeah. But yeah, I had to include beat here and I might even go as far to say the goofball. Yeah.


Well and also I imagine transitioning in prison. Not easy. You don't have access to good makeup or medicine or hormones. So I don't know.


That makeup job looks pretty good. It's not. That's like Kool-Aid on her lips. Right. Like that's how they do it in prison. I mean. Stylist would help and they don't let you have them. Right, I mean, Caitlyn Jenner had the best of the best working on her. Yeah. And even that you're like you could price, but I will say beat here.


Lightest sentence o light sentence, lightest of them all by a myopathy 15 years in a 15 years.


Oh. So she was really kooky shoes. She was really far gone. OK, well, you know what, that's good. She needs help so.


Yeah, that's it. Oh wow. So lesson lesson out there if you're going to serial killer. Maybe take the beetroot, take the beetroot, change your your you mean transition afterwards?


Yeah, I think it's just a smart way to go about it and go into the psych ward is definitely a that. Yeah, yeah. I would do just about anything if I got convicted of a crime to go to the psych ward. Absolutely. That's true.


So that's not a bad idea. So when I kill a bunch of women and children, then I'm like, I'm a guy.


And then they have to put in maybe just like I said, maybe because Wolfgang the dead name did this. Maybe now we can get a new trial for being right, that maybe that's what gets you in the psych ward.


Like, I didn't do this. My old persona. Exactly, you know, and I wasn't my fully formed self, but we wouldn't be being who we want to be if we didn't wrap this up by once again pointing out Happy Women's History Month, Women's History Month.


That's the message behind that is the message of today. Oh, boy.


Really, really. Does this mean we honor we get our period all month long together? You know, you all synched up at once.


We all sync up around the world on the 11th and you're your bloody pussies. I don't march in the streets waving.


You're like, I really I'm really good. I don't think I need a month. Yeah. I think these Instagram holidays are just, you know, when everybody's like today is National Secretary Day, like, no, it's not.


Yeah, no vagina stinks. Yeah. Oh, we got to do more of a women's month thing. Yeah. Yeah. It's like I don't need it gone or you're the kind.


I heard you mentioned, by the way, math is racist, did you know being an environmentalist as racist as well? Now the environmental movement, climate change, if you support it.


Well, we know that veganism. Yeah. Is racist.


Why is? Because the movement for climate change is a lot of white people owe climate change is a racial justice problem.


God darn it. Yeah. OK, so fuck the world. Yeah. Earth. Yeah. I don't want to see us fix it because the white man said to fix it. That's true. That's very true.


Because word is no stinking bitch that I love this sound drop guy.


He's right on the note. I think it's a woman that's all in my sorry about them.


She says I'm doing that really I am really real problematic person. I don't do it out of anything.


Other dudes profile some of these super cool chicks on a Drash Potter show. Oh, yeah.


I mean, we're we're looking for all kinds of cool chicks and we talk about murder all the time because the ladies love it. Sorry, Christina, you're in the. Yeah, you're in.


No, you you know, I just did a sketch about this. Oh, that's right.


Girls stay home and they love watching a murder show. And it's true. Why women do we love it.


I'm glad you don't raise your hand and murder. Murder. You don't do it though.


I don't. I got to talk about it with my shrink. I don't know. It scares me. It'd be really nice to have you on board. I tried you guys. The center really messed me up. The sinner.


That's not even that's not a hardcore show. I know. So to me, it was really hard. That just shows that because you're in fucking you're in fucking kindergarten right now with that. You know, I don't I don't like kid gloves.


Are you serious? Yeah, because OK. Like Silence of the Lambs, that movie. I've seen that one a lot. And that one still messes me up. You mean like the Lion King of serial killer stuff?


That's like it's all right. Yeah. It's like yeah.


It's like is Disney is it gets fucking serial killer Shaley. Yeah. She grew up. That was the funniest movie ever.


Great big fat person. Rebecca Bimal. It's a great movie that it's so good. It's fantastic. I'm seriously wasted.


What should I watch. OK then give me, give me a watch list, get me back on board. I'll come up with some stuff. Yeah. Let me know. Where should I go. I mean your husband has a great curated Netflix I'm sure. A few.


It's true. Who am I talking to. You. I like the monster. The Monster is good is a great movie. That's a woman probably you saw you even you said in the beginning that I do. You saw justice in her actions. I like it.


I like the idea that she's murdering. Yeah. Johns is cool.


She's got a girlfriend and a best life. Big deal. She's trying to do good. Trying to do gooder.


OK, well great review and subscribe to the Josh Potter show and of course, watch his show, the video of his show on this very channel. It drops on Tuesdays. That's right. Tuesdays at 6:00 a.m. Pacific Time, 9:00 Eastern. You can watch them all here. You can listen everywhere you download podcast. Thank you for coming in, Josh.


No problem. Can I have a show as well? Absolutely. Yes, yes. March 21st, West Palm Beach Improv.


Please come. They're doing a great job. The club was a lot of fun men because they're open. Yeah, that's got to be wonderful. All right. Awesome.


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Well that was a real learning experience.


It was. And I think it it's replenished my interests and murder shows. I'm going to go back to it. Yeah. But under your tutelage I need you to show me the way.


Oh, I've got the way. I'll show you. I have a full path to something now. I'm still afraid from the Night Stalker. I give it time. I see that one come up on Netflix. I get scared.


That's the kind of thing like that should scare people that's made that that should instill fear because it's truly terrifying to to, like, get informed of the the full scope of what he did.


It is it should be scary to. Yeah. Because it was real. Yeah.


OK, I was just thinking that that was a great segment from Josh and that I've never I've never had sex with Josh, even though we've been really all over the world together.


That's weird. And you just realize that now, never mind.


I can't wait to talk to him about doing some stuff that doesn't make us gay. But, you know, I mean.


Right, because just because you have sex with other men, it doesn't mean that you orient as all the time.




It's just easier to have sex with guys because they're down to have sex. Exactly. It's just access.


It's access. And it's honestly it's um. It's what, it's what you should be doing. Yeah. If you're a guy you should be.


Well and also Tom, just because you have sex with some guys doesn't mean that we can't stay married. Absolutely.


If you're listen, if you're a guy and you're married to a woman and you're having sex with a bunch of other guys, that woman should have your back.


Yeah, you know, definitely. Yeah. That's the way I see.


Well, society really stigmatizes men for having homosexual thoughts or inclinations, whereas I want to chicest.


I can't wait to read this book. Do you have it? Suck it dry. That's what it's called.


Oh, that's the new book. That's the name of the book. The book you're going to write. Yep. That's what I'm going to pitch.


It's every time I did the wrong one already. Yeah. I heard you were looking for me.


All right. I'm excited. I've said this before.


I want to say it again every day. Your stories on Instagram. It's a ride. Thank you.


I appreciate because I actually I'll forget that it's you curating it because it's like turning on a show.


Yeah. I feel like I want to fix right now. Like I need this distraction. I go to your Instagram, I hate your stories and it's just a roller coaster of what you found. It's different than these, you know, usually mix it up.


Well, there are two different areas. Yeah. Different audiences, different audiences. The stories I tend to go I'll mix it up with, like a puppy singing or, you know, a cute animal.


I can't wait to see what you got. Yeah, sure. Let's see. Let's go. OK, here we go.


I'd give my deepest condolences to the family that doesn't like me who aren't saved by the bell. Dustin Diamond at the age of forty four today I'll stage four cancer and I give my loving condolences to the family.


So this was the formal announcement from Dustin's publicist when he passed away of cancer recently. I can't believe that anyone thinks I'm the dark one, you know? Or that I'm fucked up. I just think it's funny that, like, he's the spokesperson for the Diamond family. No one thought that he was the spokesperson. Why are you making the announcement? And he's not even framed up properly. Let's see the next one. OK, here we go.


If I see a guy hit a woman. Or trying to rape them. He's going to get the hurt real bad and possibly die by my hand. No, no, it's pretty cool, pretty close. What oh, what I don't know, but that's a really I think that guy stands up for women. That's pretty cool. All right.


Next one, more men need to stand up against violence towards women. And this is what we're learning. Women's History Month Women's. Is that Women's History Month or just women's? I know all things you know. You know what I feel like.


Who cares? I know I could get it wrong for the whole month. I don't care. Yeah. Is it natural?


Please use responsibly. So I said I wouldn't do it, but I'm going to do it. This technique involves seduction of all things. You want to make it happen. You want to make it easier. So what you're going to want to do is when you get to that place, you don't want to really get yourself going. I mean, really be vivid with it. And it's going to start to show in your eyes. It's going to show in your little facial expressions and there's subconsciously going to pick up on it.


And it's going to start to affect them, too. So basically, just think of her or him. I don't know, going down or whatever and just stare him dead in the eyes, be completely present. It's going to start to transfer that over to them. Why does this work? Well, using the brilliant science of mirror neurons and before I guess you fucking idiots in my comment saying, oh, it doesn't work, try it. And if you don't think it works, don't use it.


I don't care because I know it does. One more time. Please use responsibly.


Use this on someone that doesn't want to go there.


OK, what what is he teaching though. OK, you first of all, use it responsibly if you want to seduce a lady or OK or a man in your case, another man.


Well, it's not going to stop it. I know, stop judging yourself. I know you want to look them in the eye and picture them. Think about them going down on you. It'll it's through science. It transfers the feelings and then you'll transfer the feeling.


Is it OK if I look at the person and picture going down on you?


OK. Wow, I felt that did you feel it? Mm hmm. That's what I'm supposed to do in exchange for sexual vibes. And then you're supposed to be like, oh yeah.


And then that's how you seduce a person. Wow. You responsible guys. Otherwise, people will be blowing you left and right. Yeah. Yeah. Don't listen to this, Warfel.


I always want to know, how do I know if it's a red flag first rule, if you're Googling your partner's behavior, that's a red flag. Does my husband watch too many murder shows, right? That's a red flag. I don't know if I've ever Googled, have you Googled one of my behaviors? No. Have you Google my behaviors? No. And we're good. I don't know about that, but I just thought this was interesting.


It makes sense, though.


I mean, yeah, if you if you are wondering, is this behavior normal, that's a red flag. Yeah, right.


Well, I have with you. Yeah. When you're like when we first started dating and you be like, I'm going to smash your fucking head in and kill you and rip your eyes out. I like you so much. I was like, that's definitely a red flag, but that probably was a red flag.


Yeah, but I stuck with you. I pushed past those flags.


Hello. Money don't you show are pretty girl. I want to tell you that you sure got a good looking little body on your own how old you are. But I ain't going to impose upon your age. I'm out and about.


That's good. That's a good way to get involved in things sir. He's got windchimes.


Yeah, it's a man. And now I kind of feel bad for women. Why? It just means that this is out there. Yeah.


Just that you have to be like, you know, I mean, like, I'm glad I don't have daughters. Oh, I would go crazy just because of this guy.


This guy alone would make me go. Can we make it a boy?


Yeah, well, it's aggressive because women aren't aggressive like this. And when they are, it's definitely notable. You're like, whoa, I do.


But do you think there's a woman out there that's turned on by this? I guess there is, right. There's got to be somebody that this works kind of cool.


I love the outdoors. And he reminds me of my my uncle, my Uncle Popcorn, who lives outside.


Yeah. Why is he lives in the Appalachian Mountains? Oh, it turns me on. My Uncle Popcorn.


Oh, you know, I'm this way, I have three kids, what, you know, my husband don't like me because I was fat. Kazmi didn't.


There you go and tell me. And this was a confession. It was like she was like, well, I was. Oh, yeah. I want to see where this is one of my favorite lane of Tick-Tock, which is this is not how it's meant to be used.


You're not doing it right. It's one of my favorite meteo, like, let me tell you about my day, what she's telling you about her life. Well, you know, I mean, my husband, he left when I gained weight.


And what the only thing that is totally true, that's my favorite.


Listen to that. Whether addressing one person and they don't understand that the entire world sees they're talking like, Damian, you got to come for dinner tomorrow night.


We're going to have brisket and it's going to everybody I know.


Right. Wait, hold up. I got a date right now. She's all right. I'll call you after.


Hello. Nice to meet you. Oh, you got something in your nose, actually. Now the other nostril. You can leave it, man. I wouldn't have done my hair if I knew you weren't going to do makeup. Oh, you did?


Oh, looks natural. I knew my keys. Tesla. Yeah, I got some trophies back there. Let's cut to the chase. I'm not a Bangu.


So this is the guy.


He's a pickup artist and this is how he's teaching men how to face time, face time, date.


A lot of negative energy right now. Make her insecure. Yeah. Love it. Yeah.


Oh, who works like who does this work on. I mean, somebody for sure. For sure. On somebody. It's a young, insecure girl.


I mean, if some guy did that shit to me, I like that one. Who are you.


You're so, it's so hard to even be around this type of it's he's like just a he's such a douche bag.


Like he's a stereotypical douchebag. He's like the dojo teacher at Kobrick High. Yeah. He's just a douche bag. And I watched this one a few times because I was like, is this real?


Like to someone right up, I'm ready to back. So are all his talks like this?


I mean, yeah, that's his lane that he's teaching guys how to be a douchebag and how to, like, pick up artist himmat dude.


OK, now there's so many I know why that you're going to be talking to. Didn't hang out on Valentine's Day. He would talk. Apparently, she spent the day with her boyfriend. Oh, no, I mean, I never had the whole talk about how far what they said and if this monogamous, I think so.


I can't be mad. And of course, as a guy, I swallowed, I swore to protect all the heart clashes with it. So I'm like, okay, come back anytime.


But it's still a shot in the face. But we didn't have the conversation. Can't get mad because I assumed it was more than it was. That's true. He's very mature about it. He is very mature. I wish he would clean his lens.


But it's very I mean, that was sad. That was sad. And he shirtless, like, I wish you would have put on a shirt for this discussion.


Um, and also, like, when do you have the talk with somebody? It really brings up an interesting question. Yeah. When do you bring up exclusivity? I mean, I think he was just probably had like a rapport with somebody and that person maybe didn't because he's like she's been with her boyfriend. So he know he found out she had a boyfriend that way.


But it's heartbreaking. It's heartbreaking, especially for Valentine's Day. Yeah, yeah.


I mean, I wonder how what kind of conversations they were having, whether it was like super casual.


And he was just like, oh, yeah, you're right. Would you get for lunch? Yeah.


And then he's like, I thought we were doing what you think he read.


Told us he may have like she. That's a tough spot to be in by the way. Yeah. The not sure and and especially, you know, when you get this, these vibes get complicated. The most I think is like if you go to an office, oh.


And you have a good rapport with someone and you're like, oh I think we like we clicked. And then you're like talking, laughing. Maybe you're in the break room or you go, you have work, lunch or something and you think you have a great thing building. That person's like, yeah, no, I'm just talking to you because we work. That's right.


But see, I have a feeling he's the guy that thinks the Hooters waitress is into him. Yeah.


He's the reason that franchise survives like. Oh yeah.


He comes by there's there's new openings all the time. Yes.


They're like, what is this we got? They're a sweet guy. He's no, he's totally sweet and he's totally vulnerable. And I feel bad for him. I really do. But he needs to wise up. Kid, you got to you got to make bold moves, right, guys?


I mean, he's learning, but he also was like he even said something very self-aware, which was he's like, I made the assumption section.


Well, look, he's no spring chicken. He needs to learn.


He's learning and he's learning. Let's let's give him a pass at a glacial pace.


OK, here's how you might want to react if you walk in on your child at an inopportune moment.


Oh, sorry for interrupting. So what an amazing display. Thank you. It says that member would have thought to do that myself.


Well, it's like it's like what to do walking on your child when they're masturbating. Oh, I didn't realize I was in. Sorry for interrupting interrupting your masturbate. And don't try not to shame them or make it more embarrassing. So don't be like, what are you doing.


Well, duh. But do you think to even be like sorry for interrupting. That's embarrassing enough.


Especially that your kids are about to come. You think you're going to say so what would you do.


You'd be like just let them come. Well yeah I'd like you do.


I'd be like, oh man, I'm sorry I screwed up your load earlier. Yeah.


You know, you don't coming. Got to take a shower but at least wash your hands.


Yeah. Well actually I'd feel like kind of a jerk for walking in on it.


If they're doing it in the bedroom. Their bedroom. Yeah.


It's you're you're the one. Yeah.


She didn't even wait to hear me knock it open and then, you know, you kissed Jack and his dick.


I mean, I'm sure it happens all the time. Of course it does get walked it on, not by my parents, but definitely by every sibling. Oh God. It's rough, right?


It's the it's the coolest feeling in the world because now everyone gets to see what makes me go, oh, my.


Oh, my God. Oh my God. You watch porn on and stuff. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm not one of those psychos that uses memories or thoughts to jerk off to you.


And so did they say anything to you when they caught you? Um, I think one of my sisters is like, are you watching porn like one of those. Yeah. But I mean, my brother was like. All right, I'll be right back. Something like that. Yeah, it's a he knew what to do. Well, yeah, I mean, he's like I do the same thing. Let's we watch the same thing. Oh, yeah.


We both of you know, things like oh six on me that link dude. Yeah.


I mean that is a tough one when you walk in on. I walked in on my parents having sex not with each other but with other people and usually my dad would scream at me, get out. And then nearly. All right. I think I did walk in on my dad JND one time.


I think I did. Yeah, I think I did. Means you did. Yeah. Yeah. Your brain, your brain's trying to block it.


It's really trying, but the excitement of it is pushing through.


So you got to see that again. I didn't see the face, but I know he was doing something because it was like the middle of the day and he was napping. And then I open the door and I was like, get out. I was like, um, I think you're jacking it.


Yeah, yeah. I didn't see his hand because he turned towards me. He turned towards the wall, man. Yeah.


Did you ever see your dad in his, you know, never saw that. Never walked in on the time they told me that I walked in on sex. I was so young that I actually don't have a memory of it. I was the first time I spent the night I went to Brian's house and I was I want to go home. I went home and I guess I saw them, but I was super young, low. So I don't I don't have a memory of it.


I luckily didn't get.


Like, I didn't get caught, Jack, in which I did plenty of I was going to say that I didn't get caught Jack in it, but well, I guess I've jack off in the shower and then, you know, someone opens the bathroom door, but they don't see you jacking off. Yeah.


And bedroom for sure. Like somebody came in when I was doing that. But by the time they came in, you know, I was covered in, like, you know, covering for you.


Oh, I quiver when I see you, baby.


So maybe the idea is once your kid is that jacking age to allow them to have a lock on their door?


Yeah, I think that maybe not a lot, but just also just don't knock and walk in. Just be like, are you jacking it right now? Like get clearance, you know, can I come in or you could done coming.


I don't think so, but I think that's too much. So Jack in your deck. So Jack in your deck. You know, I don't want to ask me.


No one wants to hear their mom say, oh, that's so gross because they're going to start paying their dues eventually.


Oh yeah. Oh yeah they will. And then you have that for years they're going to start jacking.


And then it's just Jack said here is why so many crusty things in the house. Socks and shorts and shirts and towels.


OK, that's good. But that's not going to be OK. Why is everything Chris. Because there's come on everything but. Oh my God.


What can you have a talk with them. Like can they just come in like tissues or something and then throw the tissues in the trash or burn them.


Like why do you have to come on everything. You know what's going on here? I mean.


Well, I'll have to talk. I'll be like, you need some stop of on all our stuff.


Yeah. Don't don't come on everything. Just come on tissues like a civilized person.


I'll give him a talk tonight. Tonight or two and five. It'll register, you know. Does one tell you about something that's coming around the corner pretty soon. No.


How soon does it start being protected. I have to be quiet. My husband is upstairs. He was at the bar earlier and he made a new friend. So he's up there having fun. I can't wait to hear all about it.


This is an ordinary guys. So back in the polyamorous. Well, what's in them? I forgot. Were you Google it?


Oh, shit. I forgot. Um. Ian? Mm hmm. Ethical, non monogamy. Oh, so movement. Well, this is Polly, Amerie.


I guess the question is it's OK. It's, uh.


Well anyway, she can't wait to hear all about it. Yeah, well, I can't wait to hear all about your encounters with dudes.


Yeah. Are you going to tell me about them or are you going to keep it a secret. Doctor, the doctor I talked to said the key is just, you know, open relationship and communication.


Yeah, you know, it's what's so fascinating about these poly relationships is that they're always about that. They're like it takes constant, constant.


You have to check in. Yeah, well, that's the person.


That's because the other person is so full of rage and anger and like, be so upset that you're doing this.


So, yeah. Yeah. That's that's so upsetting to do this. So unnaturally weird.


Some of the ways that women emasculate men, withholding sex, questioning them, not letting them lead, controlling them, withdrawal, being critical, being ungrateful, punishing them with harsh words or verbal attacks, dominating them, demeaning them, not respecting them, blaming them and comparing them to.


Oh no. Boy, oh boy. Did I used to do this to me in the past. Now, all of those things above are the realm of what I call the false feminine, the maid in the princess. But I'm going to talk to you about them in a totally different video.


Stay tuned to that. We disempower men as if it's a zero sum game. Now, what that means is we believe that if we give our true feminine more time and energy, that we'll lose something, be less successful, less powerful, less safe or less effective. It is the beliefs that uphold that. That is why we.


Did you feel emasculated? I mean, I first I was like, oh, she's pretty cool. She's telling you all the things not to do.


I don't know. BackTalk. Yeah. Get down. Don't put out. Don't dominate. Don't like. It's like. Yeah, she's smart. I get it. Yeah.


And then she kind of goes on and on.


It's like, you know the other thing we don't like when you're fucking yackety Happy Women's Month. OK, it's twenty twenty one, can we stop with comments like this, like, you don't need to tell me that I have value in a patriarchal society because of my physical appearance. It has been hammered into me since birth. Gee, I would think a chick like that just feels flattered to be told she's pretty. Yeah, I know. Yeah, I would think you'd be like, oh, cool.


So compliments for those just listening. It's as high off topic, but you're so pretty. And that was hers.


That was her response to someone being like you are so pretty. Fuck you. It was her response to that. Let's cool. I mean, they're not that's kind of the different I guess you guys get told that more often it's annoying. It does get annoying when you're just like, why do I have no value? And is it only how I. So I guess I get that she's not getting that. That's my point.


Yeah, that's my point. You're not hearing that all the time.


OK, let's fucking let's be real here.


Yeah. She should appreciate a compliment. Yeah. Yeah. If you're a fucking for the new you take you take the fucking compliment when you get it. Yeah. She looks like Aileen Wuornos.


Are you going to cry.


Piss your pants. Maybe, maybe shit and come. I don't know, I just found that I think Tiger was pretty good. You found the best Tick-Tock ever. Yeah, I don't know what it is, but I like it.


That was it. Yeah, just like that. Are you going to cry, piss your pants, maybe. Maybe shit and come.


Those are all the things you want to do. Yeah. A great day, I cried, pissed my pants and shit and come, Jesus, you said you are a high value girl.


I believe I am. And that means your femininity would be number one, right? That goes the opposite to aggression, appetite of aggression, yes, OK, aggression is masculine. So maybe I should turn off my sales when I'm dating, I'm just telling you what I value me and what is not aggressive females. They want feminine women. You may be successful in your career, but your education, your income does not increase your value to me. OK.


I did a broadcast on that two or three days ago. Yeah, listen to me and value your femininity, your beauty, your fitness, your submissiveness, the cooperation, your.


I like it, I like it a lot, so this guy is Kevin Samuels, he's been floating around. Ticktock. And he loves to break it down to women, why they're not at market value.


So he'll be like, how much do you weigh? OK, you want to take a break?


But. OK, back, God, Happy Women's Month. Which Kevin would jump in right now and tell you to knock that shit off so all these women are like, I think I'm a 10, and he's like, no, you're not. What's your dress size and the like? I don't know.


I love them. I'm like a size 12. We like to fight like hell, break women down so much. We think they're awesome. And he's like he's like, first of all, you got two kids, two different men. Nobody wants to buy you your values, like at a four right now, like value. You're like, oh shit, I like it.


I don't find that highly entertaining. I think that's awesome. Yeah, maybe it's a little bit over the top, but there's a lot of honesty in that too. Like when he was when he was listing what men value, I would say he was pretty accurate.


What submission. That's where it gets like, OK. I mean, I don't I don't that's more old school to be like I like submissive. But the other stuff he was saying, like he said, your femininity or your beauty, like those are things that men value, that men generally don't value your income or, you know, don't care.


They don't go like, oh, that you have a PhD. Most guys are like, oh you do you have a PhD. Wow. Like that. That is attractive.


They don't care, but they do like intelligent, good education though. You like intelligence. Yeah. Good men like a woman who's not is the damn pioneer of dating.


He's so fucking poor. Yeah. Yeah. But the problem too is a lot of these girls that Kevin talks to are delusional about their work, the marketplace, so to speak. And that's why he's like, you know, like, yeah. You think you're too fucking. Yeah.


And I don't think to be realistic, I don't think that most men value I don't think most men value submissiveness.


I think they do want I mean, everyone values compatibility, but who you are compatible with varies from person to person. You know, some people I guess, need that. I mean. You know, I guess I think I'll tell you, I mean, look, my my thinking is. And everybody wants to be cared for, right, to you and your spouse, yes, your man, your whatever, I take care of you and I see that as a form of submission, whatever you might like.


I don't see that as submission, though, you know well.


Caring for somebody? Well, I mean, if I were like an alpha at home, I wouldn't be like that. Maybe why would I be like, fuck you, I'm not cooking for you.


I'm not I work for a living, you know, like some women wouldn't switch at home and be you know, I'm told that the other Clivia, if you weren't just.


Yeah. Doing just let's go to one. Yeah, let's get back to reality now, I'm in reality, and I know you're not reality, I'm sorry you're not a reality. If you live here today, we can end this because that's not reality. You're not a supermodel.


But what are you what do you take it out of to check and see this whole.


Let me just go ahead and create this bullshit, this one around black women, they call yourself a teen. Never say anything. That is some of the most destructive psychobabble going around. OK, that's a little aggressive, I know, it's great. Yeah, so also like I've gone down the lane a black tick tock and it's pretty fucking amazing. So this is one of the things that's happening in the black ticktock world. And people are making fun of Kevin Samuels, too, and parodying.


And it's great. It's great.


I mean, he I don't know, like what he said about this is a problem in the black community, but she's not a 10. She's not a 10. Most women that call themselves tens, not tens.


Yeah, I agree to be considered 10. Look, regardless of what race, of course, means your model.


Yeah. You're like you said, you're a supermodel. That's what you're supposed to supposed to imply. I'm like flawless.


Who's that actress that's getting all the money on on only fat Bella Thorne. Bella Thorne, arguably a 10, would you say?


Yeah, she's like a nine and a half. I'd say the only fans brings her down a little racy to me. She's gorgeous.


Look, I don't know, like I don't recognize her from I'm saying from the image.


I think she's really pretty well, whatever the point is, that's the girl who I don't even see I would even be Beyonce is a 10. Sure. But also you're these people are so famous that you go like you're a you.


I mean, she could be a growing went to high school at this time. Yeah. Like she's attractive, though. She's attractive, definitely. Also. But also if she was like, I'm a teenager like now you're not.


Well, it's gross, gross, I think it's Maton. Yeah, it's gross to tell people usually. Here's the thing. People who say that they're at 10:00 are usually they're trying to tell themselves like I'm a 10. Yeah, I guess with what's happening with this lady. And she's like, no, I. I'm great. Therefore, I'm I'm the highest mark you can be. And you were going to go like, well, no.


Well, because that's arrogance and it's also like, yeah, it's not. And if you were smoking hot and you Hammerton then you're just an ass or gross. Yeah. Yeah. That's so true.


So either way, calling yourself a 10, it's gross. It's it's just not attractive.


Yeah. What you want is you want someone who's more down to earth like this guy.


I like to talk. It's just stark warning for a lot of the ladies on here. Oh good. I've been on it for a while and there are a lot of extremists, Muslim extremists, not looking for ladies to grow. So be aware.


I got to tell you, I've been down every dark corridor of Tick-Tock haven't found that lane of talk yet.


The Muslims, when he started his warning, I thought I was going to be way different. Say I thought I was going to be like, I'm going to fucking find one of you bitches and tear you apart.


Like he's he's warning you about the Muslims, right?


Yeah. I mean, I've seen some Muslims extremist stuff on tech talk, but I haven't seen the grooming videos. I'd like to come across them, if I may. Yes. Interesting. Send them in.


I think it'd be interesting.


And checking. He has a blade, you can't do this. It's not going to work, you can't do this. The object is you have to keep your hands further away from you. What what, baby? Someone's trying to stab you with a knife. This is what you got to do. This is.


This is what you do and what you got to do is you're checking your yard when the police coming in to check it, check, check it, and in return you can époque if you want, but the object is lowering your defense first time check so you don't get stabbed or slashed.


There's a whole chain on defense. Well.


What you don't think the guy's dojo in his apartment is, I mean, it's framed beautifully, especially for a lesson like this. I really enjoyed that. I like his face is cut off. Yeah. The Bruce Lee posters, the the demo.


It was really good.


OK, this is how you found the guy with the blade. It's probably the stupidest thing you can do, right? I mean, I don't know how to fight a guy with a blade, but I'm pretty sure the guy motherfuckers attacking me.


So that's what he is. What do you want to chop, bitch? Why do you want you want to kill the rich fat ass, just fucking violent assaults. You got to follow me. By the house. I said, all right. You lost your bet. You lost, you know, let me fuck your mother in America.


I know that smoker lives. Aren't you glad you fly in first class?


Um, I mean, I don't know if this has anything to do with that, but you have to see this. This is chaos.


I don't know. That would really freak me out if that was happening behind me, to be honest. Like, oh, yeah, get this guy off. I would stand up and just be like, I want to keep my eye on this guy, if you don't mind. It seems like he's on that definitely he's on something. Yeah, maybe in America, I think they're on their way to the Caribbean.


You know, uh, I guess she's she's like, meet me back where I'm from.


They're definitely traveling out of the country. Yeah, yeah. I mean, I always think, like, oh, I don't know, I guess his his brain is so addled by drugs, like what prompts people. This is real crazy craziness. Fired up, real crazy man.


Like on a plane. You're so subdued. Yeah. It's just quiet.


You're like, I don't want I don't know how you chill. Like how the people like two rows in front are felmingham. I would not be like that at all.


Oh hell no. Just sitting there like uh no I would not take a camera.


No, no. I got a show. I told you I don't think you should. I am positive. You know, I. I yeah. All right, let's see the next one. One, according to Akorn, three, ACORN for ACORN five, ACORN six, ACORN seven, corn eight, ACORN nine, ACORN Zolta ACORN Untaken tune ACORN three. Licorne political. That was cool, both both were cool, both the Teka guy and the too much to drink lady.


Yeah, I just didn't know of you ever seen. Yep. Next one. All right. Here we go.


Congratulations from the Orange County clerk's office. We wish you the best in all your future endeavors. And we appreciate the good job that you have done for the state of Indiana. Goodbye, Connie.


That was just for real. Yeah, but that was just meant for Connie. I know. Yeah. Like, why is it on ticktock.


Yeah. Yeah. Maybe they're like, honey, open, you talk today, we did one for you like an idiot. OK, one more. Sure. I love these. You know, I could do this all day.


Thank you. My sister, Angel Motherfucker told me, like, you're mine. Oh, I'm. I don't play them, mother. She don't care about your mother. Forget when you got down. So you there. So I shoot you.


Here you go. Thank you, Sister Angel. My father says I'm the best. Ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay.


We got it. I think it's funny that he's calling them sister. It's a setup. It's hilarious setup. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, for sure. He told them I call you sister and they get mad. Yeah.


I'm sorry. Your dog has only a month to live. That's not long I've been there. With three other dogs, they all had cancer and all that stuff. You ran a dog with cancer. So this lady is new on tech talk and she's learning how to talk works, this lady. Yeah, and so people have been asking for shout outs and stuff and she'll be like, guys, don't send me this many shout outs. I can only do one at a time.


Like she really is adjusting to life, doing it correctly through all the crap out of the hat until they are low. When we lay out telling you how well I know Kissel's, I know Kissel's. They do. So I know I know a little bird. I know a bird bird Yosses film crew.


They sit by the time you get off of this plane. Yeah. Promise you you'll never get on another one. Yeah I was clear. Take home. I don't want to get all the way to my little room. Yeah. No special treat me like this. Hopefully you will. Oh did you guys. This is all yours sir. If you see my swag here y'all want to go. Hollis, I had to say yo yo yo in a sense, I mean we in a city.


But he your partner, he has his match. Yeah. Yeah. You know what. He ain't the leader. He's somebody's got somebody's got to stand by. Right. Oh man. Know about Amy. OK, one more. One more. Oh ok. OK. OK. How about how hot it is. Yeah that's perfect. Perfect. We have about four. I don't believe it is real, though, because of the way it's filmed, like how could you get that close?


Like now no one who's acting like that, you can go like this to them. What if it was a tomboy, though?


But, like, still, it's like it's it's too theatrical and it's like I in their position. I mean, that's my thought on it. I don't know. What do you think. Yeah.


Like there's like some perfect over the shoulder shots. Yeah. Yeah. Everyone's just like they have that other one was like, you know everyone's staying quiet.


Yeah. Yeah.


Oh I think you know, I think this this guy wants this type of video out about him because he kind of looks like, you know, like he's like a badass was like telling people like I'm the leader in this shit, oh, fucking weirdo mask.


And then at the end he's like, OK, but the mascot which usually has to stick to your guns. All right, that was insane. When more men want women who are fit.


But yet in our community, 80 percent of the women are overweight or obese.


No one holds women accountable for their weight or who's holding women accountable. Kevin Samuels.


OK, but who is going to get liposuction? Who's. No, no, no, no. What? The French toast. Liposuction is called push away from the table, drink water, eat vegetables and exercise like a life.


I don't know. It's called exercise. It is called exercise. That is a nice way to end the tick tock that I got telling women on Women's History Month, if I can push away from the table, eat more vegetables and drink water, stop being so fat, bitch.


Yeah, you dumb bitch. Only because it's so good. We're going to actually play that song again to close.


Oh, the Grass Kingdom's Bart Simpson song.


I got a DUI, baby. We're going to close. OK? All right. Thank you guys for listening and watching. Go to store that way. My studio's dot com. Check out some of the new merch and we will be back next week. Go see Jean on the road. Yeah. Dogs and um. Yeah, that's it. Here we go. Thanks for listening and watching. I love you.


Bart Simpson and Grass Kingdom would be. Do you like BP, you love I see you, love you, baby. Do you love baby? You gonna be you, baby John. John. I'm going to be a girl so we can figure the score. Very good word for word. For word.


Security is a ways away. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Your baby is good, but you don't deserve this baby. Show me a little more focus on my feet. My my baby. But day to day basis, a budding. Oh, my God. Do you love baby? Do you baby, you gotta do you, do you baby you baby do you go on to the next girl? Oreo's baby.