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Hey guys, we're doing something a little different today. There are people that I've wanted to have long form conversations with, you know, just one on one. But it doesn't really feel like it's best for the your mom's house podcast format.


And that's what we're going to be trying to do. So it'll be sometimes, you know, maybe a sports person, business personality, somebody in the arts who you just go, I'd rather just be a conversation than do the your mom's house, you know, clip kind of show. So I'm really hoping you guys enjoy it. I'm really excited to bring today's guest to you. I had a great time talking to him. He's a 17 year NFL vet and, of course, a Hall of Famer.


Really interesting guy. So here's my conversation with Tony Gonzales, who is Randy.


Don't bring anyone love into this book.


All right. Thank you very much for joining us. Says here. Used to play football. What was that like? It was a lot of fun.


Thank you. Have you done interviews like that where like sometimes four for me they'll go. The best is when they go, hey, you know, I'm on the road and they're like, man, you're going to be in, you know, Chicago. There's this there's this radio station they really want to have you on. And you're like, well, you know, we're coming in from Detroit and they're like, they're big fans. And then you're like, OK.


And then you show up and they're like, so how do you get on Netflix?


And you're like, what the fuck? Like, that's your question. How do you get on Netflix? Like, have you had somebody be like the NFL?


That must be hard on. And you're like, oh shit. Yeah. Like I said, I'm for comedian.


Yeah, it's got to suck. Just you come in there and you're like, hey, be funny, it's the war zone.


That's when you know, I see I have a personality that doesn't work with that. So like when when they're like, you're ready to be funny, I shut down and then I'll tank it on purpose. Like, Oh really. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm like, oh, I don't want to be a part of anything you do. So like I've done radio shows where like you're like they go, you arrive, you can like the best ones are when they're engaged, like they they're actually asking, you know, questions that makes sense.


And like shows that they're interested in, like a good interview. Right. And then the ones that are the worst will you'll show up and the guy's like, you know, reading something. Then he's like, hey. And you're like, OK. And then he's like, are we're coming back. And what he would ask you? And you're like, whatever you want to know. What do you mean what I want you. They're like, well, I'll set you up and I'll be like, no.


And then you see them panic because they're like, Hey man, are you going to give me something to say? Because I'm lazy and I don't know what to ask you. And I'll be like, No, just go ahead, man.


And then the other thing starts and they're like, Oh, it says you were born in Cincinnati. And you're like, yeah. And they're like, is that the question that I was where was he born? Sure, man, we could do this.


I mean, I just I don't know for for a radio guy to just be like, be funny to me.


It sets me in. What's the worst like the question to get from like in sports, like when you're doing interviews, what would you roll your eyes at the most?


I don't know.


I think it's just because I think it's different, though.


I don't know if it's different, but there's nothing in there. Like, you got to be funny. Yeah, they do definitely know about what do you think about this game? It's usually what do you think how do you think your chances are for such and such to go the other way this year?


And you're like, OK, well and then but I don't know. That's that's easy. I don't have to be funny.


Yeah, that's true. I mean, there's so many like I somebody I like just, you know, loved football my whole life. And you see things that are, you know, like things that I kind of go of course. Now when you hear that coverage is, hey, there's a game coming up, what are the keys to the game?


And they're like, can't turn the ball over. Yeah. Got that's that insightful then.


That's what we do in our business now. Yeah. That's since I made that transition obviously going to to now in front of the camera and yeah. I want to know, I figured it took me a while to figure it out that people don't know anybody can.


And you could do that. Yeah I could read the scouting report. Well they were uncovered too and they blitz fifty percent of the time and just seems like it's no it's it's what Terry Bradshaw and Howie and Michael working with those guys now, I've seen that it's entertainment. Terry always says we're in the entertainment industry. Yeah. We're not just telling, OK, cover to split. That's true. I have a good time. So, yeah, that's true.


So it's like what you end up getting invested in as the viewer is the chemistry, you know? I mean, that's like, yeah, when I hear these guys talk about football, but I do want to see like some laughs and see that they get I don't want to watch people that don't get along right. No one wants to see, oh, there's real friction between Terry Bradshaw and like, you know, that's not going to be fun to watch.


And you want I like a little bit more like there's levels to the knowledge of the game. And so, like as somebody like, you know, I'm like probably like a lot of fans where I played high school football peewee in high school football. And you go and I've watched football ever since then. I like I like college football. I like the NFL. I love getting like that little bit of extra knowledge where it's like it's just more than, you know, as a regular fan.




It's like, you know, learning about shit that you guys, you know, happens cadences or, you know, all sudden you guys are pull up a thing and you go see how in this formation it's a tell. Like for some reason this linebacker clearly studied tape because he's he's look right before the snap, he's dipping back a few yards and you go like, oh, I never would have put that together, but you guys studied the film or whatever.


Watch it. And now, as a viewer, you feel like you're almost have knowledge that you shouldn't have. You know, it's like extra insight that's entertaining to me. Yeah. You know, it's entertainment. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I love it. That's what I try to do it.


Yeah. I always tell people I just want people to pretend like like the only thing missing is our beer up here. Yeah. When we're on on in front of the camera. Sure. And then given good information really that comes from I think like people when I hear stories too. Yes. Like back when I was in the locker room. Julio Jones, you should have, you know.


Yes. I got like jumped 12 foot ceiling and touched it with two hands.


All do like the freak athletic stories are I think everybody that likes sports wants to hear that, like, hey, man, this guy touched the top of the backboard and there was like witnesses, you know, like shit like that. I mean, that's that's everybody loves to combine times, you know, like those Deon's stories, like he ran them. And I couldn't I don't know. Slippers are scary.


Gets out of the limousine. Yeah. Yeah. But they're in warm up and. Yeah. Kind of backwards around for that. That what's the story about, about him on draft day or something or predraft. And the the Giants give him the plate like their playbook or something. I hear those were here, that one where it was like he's doing, you know, like the pre draft interviews. I mean this is obviously eighty seven or eighty eight, I guess, predraft interview.


And he meets with them and they have some type of binder and they're like, hey, we want to ask you. And he, he hands it back. And they're like, what are you doing? He goes, when you're when your pick and they're like 4th, he's like, I won't be around, just walked out shit like that. I mean, the balls. That's right. That's why he's so good on TV or or anybody who you just can't give a shit.


Yeah. And us as athletes. This is why I think athletes, it's it's hard for most of us to make that transition to television because you being a comedian. But yeah, you get to say whatever the hell you want. Yeah. You can just you can talk about politics. You can talk about race. Sexual people still get mad, by the way.


Yeah, but you don't care. Yeah, that's true.


You guys are the freest people in society. I think you're right. I think. But I think we're the freest people now. Now that you can control your own space and like your own content. But you rewind just before this this current age and comedians would would definitely tow the line more. I mean, like I think so.


I mean, there's always the ones who didn't ever give a fuck. And just like Eddie Murphy, right? Yeah. Like, you know, Roseanne. Like, she was just like saying she doesn't care. But also, I think, you know, you have to weigh that those people are super successful. So they're like, you know, people get mad. That's not going to affect my ability to work. But I think the difference is right now, you have all these comics have their own platforms, their own, you know, channels and and shows.


And they're not relying on a will. Will NBC still consider me for something? Yeah, because if NBC's going to be upset by something, then I should pull. But like, that's starting to erode. Yeah.


You know, I mean, I on as athletes, we are there's only so many jobs out there for for television. Mean you want to do it like like when you were playing. I was prepared for it.


I were I had a show out in Kansas City that Marcus Allen had first. Oh, it is called the Locker Room Show. And it was just for local television.


So when he left, I got there in 97, I played with Marcus. And then which a boy coming from L.A. playing with Marcus out was pretty damn. That's yeah, that's pretty cool.


But so when he left, I took over the show for three years, whatever.


So I kind of got me going. And that's also like in the plans, right.


You're like this is going to end playing and then that's what I'll I don't know if I was really going to do it, but I knew that it was in there. Yeah, I'm like, shit, I better get ready then, just in case. Yeah. If I do want to do it, I want to I don't want to look like like an idiot.


Yeah. Dude, how are you walking around. Let's start with this.


So like, I mean you like all these stories and you know, you see like real sports and they're like, you know this guy played five seasons and now he he looks at a board to spell words that a computer will say for, like, crazy brain damage.


Guys are like my knees on my hips. Yeah. And then, like, you see someone like you, you played seventeen seasons, the NFL.


You're like, hey, what's up, man? Like, how the fuck are you put together. I get I got lucky. Yeah.


I do believe that genetically too. Like some people are just running down the field now. Yeah. And you seem like hawsawi towards ACL.


Nobody even touched him. That's true. So that never happened to me. I think it's luck.


But because there were so many times where I'm blocking and the defense, let's say our offensive lineman threw his player on the ground next to me and my coach is like, shit, don't look at this right here. Right. And I look at it until you're like and it's not it's like a half of a half of a second. He's like, he's off. You didn't lift your foot up. You'd be done for for the year. I've had that happen a bunch of times.


Sure. So it's look right there. But then also when you're like you look at Gronkowski. Yes. The tight a great tight end. His career got shortened because I think his style of play, it's very like Jeremy Shockey. I don't know if you remember it.


I've got New York where he catches the ball and he's like, oh, yeah, I'm going to run your ass over and I'm going to get as many yards as I can like. To me, there's a there's a time and place for that. I would do that. But I also would finesses Knesset.


I'd finished it a lot. And I think that was my basketball background. I it was like, hey, you to use a little finesse here, get your ass that like like Russell Wilson right now. Yeah, I think he's going to be I'll play for a long time where I look at Dak Prescott, where he got hurt. Yeah.


And his foot was sideways and I got that was rough. It was so sad for him. But then at the same time I was like, what do you like. You got to, to get down. But I mean, you've got you've got to live to fight another day like Russell Wilson. I doubt that would happen. And then this freak accident, you never know. Of course you got to I don't know.


I always felt like. But is it like it is like a combination of these things, right? Because like, you know, you like I said, you know, the first there's like the average NFL career thing where it's like three seasons like. So you not only surpassed that like by multiples, but to be healthy. I mean, it's it is pretty. I mean. So you're saying, though, that part of that is. Yes. Your your genetics and your you know, it's lucky, but it's that you were also playing smart.


I was I was trying to play smart. So taken the hit when the guy comes over the men and I see I'm about to take a shot, sometimes I would stop my feet and you probably couldn't even tell, but I would stop running right before he hits me. And then I would jump back as he's hitting me. And so the crowd would go, Oh.


It's a big hit and I'm back, I'm protecting my body, I protect my body, and I'm fine. Yeah, and the guy can get up and celebrate, but I'm fine because you did you tell other players this, like, you know, as you became like also like, hey, man, you're going to fucking die like like, well, take care of yourself.


Well yeah. You tell people but they don't. They don't.


They know because I remember there is another Miami dude. Speaking of Shaq, Brandon Meriweather was a Yes. Merriwether, he was a he was a the defensive back.


Yes, the defensive back. Now people who I used to go. That's what I'm saying though.


But like he would crown crown hit people all the time. Yeah. And like and then, you know, the NFL there was like a period where it became like you're used to seeing that. And then they were like, we're not doing that anymore. Yeah, but he would still do that. Yeah. And you're like you're getting fined. Yeah. You're knocking yourself out and on top of other people. But it's like I guess what I'm saying is it doesn't matter how many people probably told him, like, stop doing that.


It's just like Survivor.


I think I remember playing against him and I before the game even started, I went up to him. Yeah. Because he had hit a couple of guys knees and blew out their knees. And I said, hey, man, relax, don't don't go to my knees, OK? You would actually say that? I would tell him that. Yeah. Before the game. And then he'd back. I don't don't try and run me over then don't don't make me look stupid.


Would take care of each other. And I said yeah. And I said, well if I, if I have you, if you're in front of me and you see me and I see you, I'm going to do what it takes and the same thing. Come knock the shit out of me. Right. Yeah, but if I'm not looking, don't hit me down low. Yeah. Just hit me on top, I promise you. Like I was I'm not saying I'll go down, but I mean just just do that.


Yeah. And he would do that. And now during the game I remember one time he hit me. Yeah. And he comes up and he goes, hey, I could, I could have got you there. I, I got you there Mike. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


OK, how often like how common was that type of conversation. A better one comment at all.


No, but I mean not just about specific about hey him and what in the way he's tackling was like the pre game. Hey dude. Like let me let me holler at you for a second about whatever you like that a comment that did you. I did that. You did do that. I did that.


And I think you could do that when you get older once you establish yourself. Yeah. I wouldn't doing that my first. You know, when you're a rookie.


Hey, man, let me talk to you real quick on a lot of talk about tackle what when you were in, because it is rare, obviously, that you played college basketball, too.


How like how soon you said one time like that. I mean, obviously you knew you were a superior football player, right? Yeah. If you were equal at both, would you have been to basketball?


I would have been basketball. For sure. For sure. For sure. Yeah. I mean, basketball. It's a lot more fun than football. Yeah. She's in it because, you know you're inside.


Yeah. There's no, there's no you know it's no. Zero twenty below. Yeah. And December. Yeah. It's not 100 degrees, 110 degrees out in Atlanta during the summer or Kent City.


That shit is so brutal. It's tough. It's a football's a tough way to make a living. It is tough way. It's the most exciting sport. I mean, yeah, I think I can say I don't know how to say the viewers say that. But yeah, basketball was just it's a smaller group.


It's not as dog eat dog world.


Yeah. Like, like it's a football is a man's sport. It's, it is. You will get bitched. It's so sad.


It's so sad. I mean, like I think one of the things that hits you when you love love football and you play it on an amateur level is that you get around just around the higher level tiers of it and you're like, this is so different. Like this is like the the levels of the athletes, the speed, the power, the hits. You're like this this really is like gladiator shit.


It was guys. It's just that even at the high school level, you have to go into that that other dimension of, OK. Like you said, like like no one's dying, obviously. Yeah, but it's like you got to go there. You can't you can't, like, not take it all the way. You've got to be as aggressive as you possibly like.


And I love about coaches like that. Even there's, you know, like to have like the lingerie football thing. And you think obviously if you're watching that, you're like, come on, man. Like, is there anything else on like I mean, like they're not really. But then you watch this coach who's coaching. Right? He's coaching the girls lingerie stuff. Yeah. And listen to how he like this is exactly how the coaches. I remember.




You're going to let that motherfucker push you down like that and you ain't breaking that bitch face right now. You mean to tell me you don't allow that motherfucker to do what she's done and you didn't come out here to try to break off fucking that you can't find her teammate, break a fucking neck for what? She's done you down now? You mean to tell me you ain't got that kind of evil streak in you? I would be I would I would literally take the ball and push that.


You don't ever let anybody do that.


I love him, but I. I mean. All right, it's a little. You shouldn't break necks. No, but the point is, I can't condone that. You can't condone that.


But you cannot condone the it's the mentality. It's the mentality of like I remember like watching that clip reminds me of a seventh grade football coach who's like, are you going to let these guys just push you guys around like that in the pregame speeches? Yeah, right. And then back in the day. Back in the day, I mean, they wouldn't say break their necks, but they would say if you're not going to hit somebody in the face, why do you even sign up the player you go starts putting in your head when you're young?


Yeah. Yeah. Be the hammer, not the nail. Yeah. You got, you know, bring it every time. Bring the pain. Bring the pain. Yeah.


And it's it's fun. But you know that that that's I think that's going away that right there.


I think it's I don't know that I'm not in, not in women's football. It's not there might be going out of men's football but it's just it's just firing up. The women's league will break their fucking necks. Well they got.


Yeah. I can't condone. Yeah.


Yeah man. I love it so much. Yeah.


I mean I remember dude I remember when I was a I went to Chris Dolmades football camp when I was a kid. I remember Chris Dollman. Yeah. For the Vikings. Right. And Hall of Famer and we were the. You know, they bring those camps, they bring in all the other friends and players, and there was a one I forget his name when there was a packer who came in, he was like a running back. He was like, first of all, you know, I don't even like football that much.


We're like, what? Like you're in the NFL. He's like, I wish I could play basketball. Yes, this shit is brutal.


And then he started his like thing. But like, he started off by telling us that he wished he was not in the NFL.


Football has changed a lot. When I came in in 97, it was that league of just what was the Oklahoma drill.


Yeah, yeah. Bowl and arena type stuff. Yeah. When you go over the middle, I mean the game, they wanted to knock you out of the game. Yeah. Concussion never did. And that word was never used. It was. Got your bell rung. Bell rung. Oh. You OK. Get back in the game. Yeah but the NFL has done such a good job of changing that. Now the game is considerably safer where they've taken the hell out of the game and they've done it like we're talking before.


My my my son who played varsity played football last year.


Yeah, he it's different. They're coaching at that level too. And you see it now, guys are are tackling, you know, between the the knee and the head. That's where you're supposed to hit. Yeah.


And stuff happens once you watch the NFL. It's always going to be of course.


And like I mean people ask me, they go because they'll know I like football and they go, would you let your sons play football? And I go, yeah. And they really even with all this news, I'm like, first of all, like, if there's anything that I do like that I can credibly talk about, it's playing.


And like I played Peewee in high school football and my thought on it is that most of your hits in those those years, most are like its form tackling. You're not playing against Tony Gonzalez every week.


You're playing against other fucking fat sophomores.


So like they're not like they're not impressive. Like like I remember I mean, I had Heath Evans on here because we played high school football games each other.


And I go, I remember that hitting you was different. Like even back then, we would even I can remember being in high school and being like, God, that guy guy's a truck. Right.


And then, of course, you know, we graduate. We watched him go on over and you're like, oh, yeah, that dude was notably different. But I go, you take that game and then all the I go, that's the only game where we're like, this is a problem for this guy.


But everybody else, it's like I go, you know, could could I have been concussed with him? Yeah, I probably was. Yeah, but but like, you know, that one dude versus all those games, I don't know. I don't feel like I have to run away from the sport because there might be, you know, somebody out there who's a fucking, you know, rocket launcher or something, you know?


I mean, like, it's not it's not. I understand the comments of people saying, like, you know, if if you are talking about D1, if you are going to Daewon, like, you're definitely going to feel that impact every play. And you need to be that level athlete to to be able to deal with it and and so on and so forth. But I'm just not as freaked out about that Little League stuff.


Yeah, yeah. Well, my kid, they played and they want to play. Go ahead. Yeah. But I the night is something that that I did. Yeah.


And they bought this house kids. Yeah. You like this food. Like a clothes you wear. Yeah. Yeah. Dad bought it with football. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah. Tell him every day. Smile.


Yeah. Yeah. Take care of yourself to that. Yeah. Yeah.


Now I, I do. I said you're an anomaly and I mean it, I mean you have to be like first of all how many, how many NFL players do you think current or former are on flights, reading books and taking notes about the book.


Like that's what I saw you doing on a flight and you're sitting there reading your book and taking your notes for yourself, I assume? Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.


I mean, what are we up to maybe three, three current or former players that would that would do that.


You'd be surprised, but yeah, it's not a common thing for sure. I don't I don't know. Is it that common for anybody.


Yeah, that's another good point. Yeah. Do people really want to know that's true. Uh, no. I mean you doctors. I know I'm curious.


I'm a book. I did this at my Hall of Fame books book changed my life. I never read when I was a kid. No high school or college. When did you start early. Even required reading. I read the book. I'd get the Cliff Notes. When did you start?


I and I've told the story a bunch. I have my second year in the league. I led the league and dropped passes in the NFL and got really twice. Got booed by the home crowd. Remember that. Oh yeah. It was, I mean I was playing but I got benched twice and I my my stepbrother, my adopted brother Donnie, he sent me a book of quotes by Vince Lombardi. And I was like, I don't know. You know, Vince, everybody knows somebody.


You know, the greatest moment of a man's life is when he lives totally exhausted on the battlefield, glorious and. Yeah, all those quotes, and so after that, I was like I was pretty charged up. I'm like was some good stuff I need in the middle, you know, season was almost over. So I went out and bought his book When Pride Mattered or whatever his thick book. And I read the whole thing in like five or six days because it was just speaking to me like it was a page turner.


And I couldn't I couldn't put it down.


And then I based off of that, I was like, holy shit, I've been I've been doing it the wrong way. I thought I was working hard. I thought I was doing it the right way. I was it wasn't because I was lacking. Like I was out partying and doing a bunch of stuff I shouldn't have been doing. I was I was I thought I was, quote unquote, doing it the right way. But there was another level there in that book taught me that.


And so off of that, I was like, oh, I want some more of this. And I started reading like like about Michael Jordan's routine and start reading about Lou Lou Holtz, books, Pat Riley, Phil Jackson, start going through all these books and then I start getting all these and it just spiraled out of there.


And books is like, this is great. It changed my life. Yeah. And so that's why today I always have a book that I'm reading. Wow.


So it not only like opened you like obviously made you curious and you loved consuming the knowledge, but those books, or at least in specifically some of these ones, helped change how you started to prepare for the game, change everything really well because you start reading about other people, say you you're a comedian and did not know who's the best comedian like Chappelle is about right.


I say like, OK, there's a book on Chappelle on his life and like how he. And it's out there, I'm sure. Right. OK, what what does he do. Like why why Chappelle. Why is he so funny.


Like what's making a movie is. I'm very curious.


He's like, well I smoked two packs of cigarettes a day if that want. I do six hour and you look great.


I'll pick up a six hour set dude he will he like he like not doing them right now but in regular times there's multiple like you can check it with the punch line in San Francisco I'm sure.


And date I know Melrose in the store. He would come in commonly, do three and four hours. But it's not, it's not it's not a three and four hours of like just like like when you watch a special.


Yeah, it's him. That's how he basically writes. Right. So he'll go up there and there.


Everybody's so enamored with him and he's such a master of not just being funny, but being interesting in conversation that he'll go on those long ones, sit there.


What do you want to talk about? Start talking. I've seen him. Yeah.


And then it could be like twenty five minutes of just like just talking. Just talking. And there's no you don't feel like you're at a comedy show but you feel engaged. Yeah.


And then, but also hit like a maybe ten minutes of just rock and just you know, huge laughs and then you know something happens, starts talking about that and all sudden you're two and a half, three hours in, you know.


But he's very, very unique. And I don't know that that I mean, that type of preparation would even translate for more people. But I get I get what you're saying. Like, I'm just saying him specifically very unique in that in just the ability to do that. You know, like you told me, Tom, go tonight. Just go do four hours. I'd be like, no, I don't want to.


I bet you could, though. I bet I probably could have it. Here's the thing.


If you're in in an environment where I think it helps in that kind of thing to be in a small, small space, everybody wants to be there. In other words, they came to see you. Yeah. They're you know, that interested in you.


I can see going long. I could see that going along. I think we're always I was kind of blew my mind was how long I'm like, you've got to be I don't wanna talk to anybody.


Fucking six hours. Yeah. Like, you know, I mean, like I don't talk to my wife, my parents, my for like six hours. Yeah.


No, but like he there's a couple other people that could do like those really long sets, but I think they have like a real stream of consciousness thing that they tap into, I believe all into that stuff too.


Yeah. That like the Beatles and is a great book called Outliers. I'm glad. Yeah. I've read that they read that book. Remember the story. I think that's where the 10000 hours, 10000 hours type thing.


And and there is there's, there's also talent and Yeah.


Genetics and, and the timing and the timing. Timing has to work out. But like with the Beatles. Right. They were yeah. They were working at that place playing eight hours a day. Yes. And that 10000 hours thing applies, I believe. One hundred percent a stand up. Like when I think back on my own career and I you know, some of us talk about this sometimes about like remember those years where you go like, wow, man.


Like I was working a day job and all week was about like getting to Saturday to go to a place that didn't even want me to go on stage. And then and I would do ten or twelve minutes. And the joy of those ten or twelve minutes would carry me through my next week, like I mean, like I so was like high off of that, that I would be like, I don't care about how shitty this job is.


I can't believe I get to do that again next week and then, you know, shit shit gigs and. Bars were like, they don't want to, like, turn the TV off, you're like, how am I supposed to talk to these people? These he's you know, we always have this thing where we'd go.


The worst thing, the worst was the Lakers in the playoffs. Right.


If you if you live in L.A. and you just and you do comedy, like as soon as they made the playoffs, you'd be like, fuck, like shows are going to be fucked this month because, like, people will go to shows less.


And if you try to have a show during a game, they would be like, no, your your show is waiting like the game is the priority, like, you know.


So like those May June shows, you were like, oh God man. Like please either let's just get past this or lose so that we can do shows.


Yeah. Well being a comedian, I'm fascinated with comedians. Yeah. Like I watch all the little specials and there's that one. I don't if you've seen it called Dying of laughter. It's a it's a documentary.


It's amazing. Dying of laughter. Which one is that.


Oh it's amazing. I'm telling you, this is it blew me away the process. And you talked about going out on the road.


It's all about and I have some really good I think Kevin Hart, some some headliners in there talking about it.


Um, I watch it. Oh, you got to see it. You got to see it. You know, you're you're laughing. Is that it? Yeah. Dying. Laughing I'm sorry. I'm laughing. And they talk about their process and how you have to go out on the road like you talk about and you're in in some little town in nowhere.


And and the guy is like he's like, I had to pay him to perform. Oh yeah. And people were like on their lunch break. Yeah.


Not even listening to you. We were talking about how we used to in these early days we would you'd be booked like some would be like OK, your spots over here at this like restaurant or something like OK, and you show up and then right then you'd go do the people at this restaurant know there's a show and they're like, uh, no.


And you're like, wait a minute. So we are we're attacking them like with a with a show while they like.


You mean they just they just want to have dinner with their spouse and we're like, no, no, no, no, you're going to watch standup.


And they're like, I guess I was like, oh my gosh. So that sucks because they're like it's not like they're like I'm not a fan. They're literally like, I'm trying to eat, shut up. And like, I didn't I didn't come to a comedy show.


And you're like, oh, you are now you're at the show now. That's what I'm saying. So fascinating. Yeah. Like I like it's the scariest thing I could ever think of.


Yeah, I get that. I mean, like when I think of like the first spots I ever had there they are some of the most terrifying moments.


How do you and bombing like bombing you because that's what they talk about a lot and they're dying. It's actually I was crying watching that documentary because I'm seeing these comedians, they start crying because they go back to. Yeah, they take us back to when they bombed. Dude, it is it's the worst the worst feeling.


It would be like it would be like if it was like fourth and goal and you got the ball on the one and then instead of crossing to the goal line, you ran to the other end zone and then shit your pants.


And then everybody was like, what happened to that guy? Like I bombed. That's what you're saying. It's the worst feeling.


It's got to be the worst. And it happens a lot. All right. It's not. Well, it does.


It getting at the beginning, it happens definitely more. And it is like what it is is like. It's like an internal panic. It's funny, you could be you could be in it could be 25 degrees outside and if you're balmy, you'll start sweating, you know, like you. It's panic sweats and you just feel like you want to. It's like the feeling of you want the parachute to open. Yeah. You know, you're like man.


And especially if you have time, like like you need to keep going. Like sometimes when you're starting out you're doing ten minute set. So if you're bombing at least it's over in ten minutes, you know, as you're further along, you could start a set, eat shit with your first joke and be like, well, I'm going to try to recover.


And you don't you're like, I have to do this for another half an hour. Or like it's it's rough, man.


What do you weigh if you're been booed off? Yes.


You've been booed off like they were like, please leave. Yeah. A yelling.


And the whole crowd was like, oh, you said, fuck you. Yeah. Like it was.


Yeah. Really intense. Intense. Here's the thing that I just couldn't imagine, you know. What about like that's not the worst. I've been booed, I guess. I guess I have been booed by being booed off stage.


Doesn't feel the worst because it feels unwarranted, like it's it's so, you know, I mean, like if somebody like says like, hey, asshole, you know, the fucks like calls you out in a in a room, you might be like, oh my God.


Like, it's kind of embarrassing, but if everybody was screaming at the top of their lungs, you're like, hey, like this, it feels too much.


I almost feel like the the worse bombs are quiet bombs where you're, like, going for a laugh and you just hear like nothing like somebody like like like cleaning their teeth.


Like you're like, OK, like that feels worse than like like is when when someone's that upset you're like I'm just telling like you're so mad. Yeah. That you're yelling for me to leave it just feel like you know.


But it was surreal. It was surreal. But you guys are like a conductor to at least what I've seen the comedy shows that I've gone to if like when somebody bombs. Yeah. And then the next guy up who even I've had like, hey, I got to get the comedy, I got to get the laughter back in here because you guys this person just just HBO. Oh yeah.


Like people don't realize what you want to follow in comedy is somebody who does really well.


You went on on those shows where it's a lineup of like ten plus comics. Sometimes people will think they're like, well, that guy sucked. So now you'll shine like, no, you want the guy to do well, get the room laughing and feeling good and ride the wave. Yeah, like the waves already there.


If somebody kills in front of you, you can actually jump on and just keep it going. Yeah. If somebody just eats shit or like says something that just ruins the room, you're doing the work. Yeah. To bring them back to being a regular show. Tell me this. How do you deal with the bombing, though, how do you like emotionally, it's actually it's very it's a good question. It's very it is it is an experience.


Like the thing is, when you when you start off, you don't even know how to process that.


You do things like psychological things like tell yourself, you know, it wasn't you, you know, it was them. And then you you start to a lot of times, you know, you record your sets. So you start going back and you go, oh, the phrasing. Or or they didn't get it.


Like you you start to rationalize why you did poorly, you know, like like you would like justifying a mistake or a bad decision.


You know, you start to like make make it make sense to you. Yeah. The simple answer is that the only solution to bombing and having a bad set is having a good set.


So like I remember nights where, like, even know, a year ago or so, I remember doing a set in town at a place and and I did a joke that went fucking sideways.


Like people were like, you should leave.


Like they were upset about it and it still sucked.


I was like, I'm like 18 years in. And I was like, and that sucks. So I just went drove to another place. Did a set. Yeah. With the same joke. Yeah. And it killed.


And then you feel like that the the emotions of it because if you leave after just that bombing set, you take that with you, you take that home.


Can be hard to sleep. You're hard as they say comedians are. Yeah. Yeah. They're not right in the hit. Right.


Right. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah right. Yeah. That's what they say. Yes. But that go past the bombing.


The bombing will. Yeah. I've stab people, I punch the guy's teeth out, I hit a guy with a brick one time. It was fun. Yeah.


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I want to ask you, I want to ask you about something.


So what you for a long time didn't you have dick for meal as a head coach. Yeah. Yeah for five years. How much did he cry.


A lot. Like a lot. Yeah I see.


Like the you know those NFL films coverage things in and it was like, like, it was just like a great win. He's like you guys.


Well that was him like you knew it was coming and it was never never hardly tears though. Oh really. It was choked up. It'd be in the front, especially if you ever talk about Trent Green Green. And he was in yes, he was our quarterback and he had hurt his knee. And so that's when Kurt Warner came in. And Kurt Warner, the rest is history. Yeah, but that was Trent Green starting before the Rams, before they won that Super Bowl.


That's right. And so Trent goes down and he comes over to us. And that's what any time Dick would talk about Trent, you knew it was coming, but it was never tears. It was just like choked up.


And Trent Greek, it's a good boy. It's a guy.


And would guys like it would take it? Well, you get at the beginning, you're like, oh, like your eyes getting wider. Like, well, I care.


But I think like most coaches. Yeah, you you I think great coaches are the ones that are nice and steady, like Bill Belichick is the the greatest and just consistent.


Never too high.


Never too low. Because you get those emotional coaches when you it's great when you're winning.


Yeah. But when you start losing, that's when you start to lose the team. Because if you've only got two wins on the season and your two and ten or two and eight, you're tired of the shit.


Yeah. Hey, I can't have any more. It's not working. It's not. What are you doing.


All this rah rah stuff. It's not working. And you look at someone like Pete Carroll from the Seattle Seahawks. I love him.


I would love to play for the Aztec through Seattle energy positive. It seems like a very positive. In a couple of years ago, they went through that little losing phase. It was starting like there was little rumblings that he's going to get fired and all this stuff. And the guys were getting tired of it because, you know, when you're losing nobody. But I just want to go to work.


Do you as a player ever have the thing when you're when you're a fan at home? Right. And then this is nothing new to you.


But you know that like, you know, fans watch games and they're like, why the fuck are they passing the ball in third and whatever? You know, like, why aren't they running the ball? Third, two. Yeah.


When you're on a team and you're a player, do you guys ever have those same rights?


Why are we for every game, every game, every game in the huddle, I'm complaining. You're like, yeah, well, if it's third and if it's third and four. Yeah, third and fourth. Third and five. Yeah. That's where I'm like, hey, come, come, come, come to the big dog. Come on. I can get this. Yeah. And then we run the ball or something like. Yeah. Or they call player that I know and that's coming.


That's not going to come to me.


I'm like what the hell. You were outside. Like what are you doing. Because I'm the I'm you're all pro like yeah I've showed you, I've caught this a thousand times. I literally why wouldn't you call my number.


Yeah. I don't understand it but you know that's that's coaching. That's playing.


And that's, that's, that's normal. When do you know like is there a is there a moment or is it a transition where you realize you're not just like in the NFL and a and a good player, but you're actually you're like, oh, I'm going to probably be in the hall like is there?


Well, you know, I mean, like it's so Hall of Famers, like you guys are, you're the outliers of the outliers. I mean, like, it's so it's so remarkable to be in that group. Pretty special group.


It's such a special group. I mean, and I think a lot of fans, like if you really follow the, you know, the games and you realize like men, these are the standouts of the state, like the the fraction of the percentage of people that make it to the NFL. And then these are the. A very, very best. Is it like through your career, you're like, oh, I guess this is this is building to that.


I never. Well, you start to hear from people. People start saying, I remember. Kellen Winslow is a tight end in the Hall of Fame. Yeah. Oh, the senior senior year.


I just had a little extracurricular stuff going on. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry, not right now. Yeah.


So anyways, I was doing something at a golf and I'd gone to a couple of problems by then and he comes up and he's like my guy, you know, like, you know, I look up to the tight end and and he comes up to me and he goes, he said something goes, Hey, Hall of Famers over there.


And he was talking to me.


And it was the first time someone ever said that to me. And it's coming from Kellin. Yeah. Or at least the first time I ever heard it. And this is are you like ten years in or.


I'm about five. About seven years. Seven years. Oh wow. To the NFL. So I'd gone about about five probles at this point. OK, and so I was on my way. Yeah. But you know, you still don't the Hall of Fame like that's a whole that's a it's really there's only 200 and when I got it there was only 226.


So now there's I mean 231 players. Yeah. There's there's you know, like six executives and broadcasters. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. But players. That's it. That's really a hundred and one years. That's really small.


Yeah. So it's you don't think at least I didn't listen that people are the kinds of field that you always think you'd be a Hall of fame like you know.


Yeah. I mean it's the crazy thing is that was it hard to because I keep going that one of the things that I appreciate the most, not just in athletics, I mean, in all careers, but. Yeah, especially in athletics is longevity. Right. And, you know, we talked about that. You played smart. You taking care of yourself. Is it hard to motivate yourself for season fifteen?


Yeah, it is. It does. I mean, you go through a little lulls. It was it was harder in the middle of my career. Yeah. Where, you know, I was showing up and it was the same because football. It is it's a bunch of it's routine. Yeah. It's just doing the same thing over and over and over and over again.


There's no real besides the games. Yeah. Week there's no creativity. There's nothing you haven't seen before.


So that got kind of old for me. I have to look for ways to and I'd write like little letters to myself. Yeah. Little ways to keep motivating myself like they say Jordan would do that and make shit up in his head. Yeah. To get himself motivate. And that's what I would do. I'd be like, hey, they're doubting you before doubting you. They think you're old, they think you're overrated. They're saying something that's better in you.


You would write that letter, write it to myself, and then I'd read that before the game. And I bet you're just not going. It's not true. That's awesome.


But towards the end of my career, you started to say I started to savor because the window was over. Like after you get to your 12, you're like, shit, I only got one year left. Yeah. And then I play that. So I would be like, OK, I'm going to put everything I have into it, enjoy it. I really enjoyed myself when I got to Kansas, to Atlanta, my last five years. I was Kansas City.


Twelve years then went to Atlanta for five years and I wasn't going to play two years in Atlanta but I kept coming back. And you're enjoying your teammates? My teammates.


And they're paying me pretty well. Yeah, that helps. That always helps. But I got to the league. It's there was a difference. It wasn't like these half a billion dollar contract. It wasn't like that. I remember my my rookie deal. I signed a six year deal for seven million dollars and I got a three million dollar signing bonus, which is a lot of money. Yeah. OK, I'm not out of touch. Yeah. But comparatively speaking.


Yeah. That's not shit compared to what you're getting now. I remember back then the guys on my team were like Yeah.


Seven which boy. Like that. Oh.


What was the first thing you bought that was like you know of that wasn't cheap, you know.


I mean like did you buy something house about a house. A house for two hundred and seventy thousand dollars in KC in Kansas City.


Wow. To finish deposit 209 was at nine and a half bedroom for 5000 square feet. Wow.


In the suburbs of Kansas. Wow. That's wild. You know, I also look back now like with some age on me, I go I have way more compassion for young guys not knowing how to handle their money. Like, you know, when I was when I was the age of the player, I was like, these fucking why are you spending all your money?


But then as you get older, you're like, oh, yeah, like, who the fuck's ready for? Like, whatever, three million or twenty five million dollars at 22.


Yeah. Like I wouldn't know how to handle that. You know who does. I mean musicians don't know. I don't know kid actors given Justin Bieber. You know that much money. Yeah. Why do you expect them not to go a little crazy, of course. And everybody tells you how great you are and you got millions of dollars to get whatever you want and why.


And then, like, you know, most people probably are like, yeah, this this is always going to happen.


I mean, these checks are going to I'm 22. These are coming all the time.


And then, you know, and then then you start you start if you're a fan of the nightlife. Yes. Which I was a good fan of the night. Yeah. I enjoyed it. You had your time going on, obviously. Ten years, oh, you had a good time. Yeah, I enjoyed myself. What was the best idea to go to for having a good time? Miami and Miami in Vegas. OK, so nothing's changed.


OK, I like Miami in Vegas.


I mean, you can't really do. Yeah. I mean, you can't have a good time in Miami, you know. Yeah.


You got a problem. Yeah. The Latino in you. Oh yeah, of course man.


I mean parties like I've been to Miami where they're like cool will meet up at midnight usually. Wait what. We're going to meet up at midnight. Yeah.


A buddy of mine has a Halloween party out there every year and I've never gone to it because of football. But but on the invite it says from from 9:00 till 10:00 a.m..


Yeah. Nine to 10 a.m. the next day. That's a party. A party. That's a party.


I'm like and if it has that little little Alischa McCoy, he's like, no males allowed anything. We're not looking for men to come on. He has like his circle of friends is like it's just going to be us and ladies.


Like, that's a good party. I'm getting older now. I can't I can't do it like I used to. If I can get the three a.m. to 2:00, 3:00 a.m.. Yeah, that's a real, real good. That's rare for me.


Yeah, I'm I've changed completely. I mean, before we had kids we were just talking about like how I would go to bed regularly, like on a Tuesday night at two thirty in the morning and wake up at 10 to 11 and be like, what am I going to do today. Yeah. And now we are up at six thirty seven every morning.


And by noon I've done ten things like, you know, I mean I've had a workout and I did meetings and it's just a complete change.


And I feel like my alcohol tolerance is I mean I'm like a child.


Yeah. Like I have a couple of drinks and I feel it for three days. I don't that I don't drink that much anymore.


Yes, a little bit little mellow here and there and. And what. Your joints.


Legs. Everything's fine. You're good.


Yeah. I am very cognizant of I'm really into health and biohacking and like so I intermittent fast.


You do. Yeah. And I you know, magnesium supplementation.


OK, oil, sauna, cold showers.


Oh well you're ready thate all that stuff. Wow.


To get your, get your you know mind body and that's going. Do you prepare I imagine without knowing that you would have a real preparation for like leading up to Sunday's going on the air. Yeah. You take care like a whole routine. Got a routine with time. I'm going to go to bed if I'm going to wake up. How early are you there? On a Sunday at five a.m.. Wow. On what's a wake up time wake.


OK, that's a wake up time to get around 445 5am. We're we're on set at 545. No shit. Yeah. Getting ready.


So this is something I wanted to ask you. So I imagine that a lot of people that when you're playing and you know it's game we were playing, the Chiefs were playing the Falcons and then they got back like I got to I got to take care of Gonzalez this week. This is going to suck. Right. But who did you ever say, like, there's going to be some work this week?


I don't I don't know if I ever had that attitude. I was like, no. Or, you know, just like I got to I really, oh, I want to bring it.


Usually it's honest. I don't care about the other play I should answer. So like Rodney Harrison, OK, he's a thumper. Yeah. Back in the day, he probably wouldn't even play that much now because the way his style of play. Yeah. He couldn't do that nowadays of that physicality really. Take your head off. All right. Come on over the middle. I'm a lay you out. I got I got to be careful. I think it kam chancellor the strong safety.


No shit. He's sixteen and I got we had some battles in.


Yeah. And I got him a couple of months time. Yeah.


He got me a couple of times but he was six three, two hundred and thirty pounds playing strong safety. Yeah.


The safety position really grew over the last I mean like all positions but well I've met two, I'm like you play safety dude like so tall, so long.


And he was laying people out putting putting them on. Yeah. Well yeah. And that was just right when the rules were changing. So you can see that style of play. It doesn't that big knock your head off guy over the secondary. It's just it's not there anymore.


And what about like can't you can't do it, it's against the rules because obviously you get you know, you're run around but you're blocking on like is a horrible memories of blocking any one. Well yeah.


I mean it's a mismatch for us. Yeah. It's probably the biggest mismatch in football. It is. It's the biggest mismatch in football. We have it both ways as tight ends. Right. Going at blocking the defensive end were 250 pounds on average or whatever it is. Yeah. And and I was a little bit less than that. And those guys are around 290 pounds. Right. And so it's not fair. You know, they're bench and five hundred pounds, we bench 350 or whatever.


It's just. They're just bigger physically. These are like rhinos, so I sucked back in those guys. Yeah, and you have to be crafty because I can't out. How are you? Yeah.


Like Khalil Mack. Yeah, like I mean, he's a kind of a I guess, hybrid outside. Yeah. Rusher linebacker type.


I would rather block Khelil Mack though because he's a little bit smaller. Yeah. Than the big traditional Reggie White defensive end that that. Yeah.


Or Michael Strahan when he played defensive end or anything like that and his big ol ass like he's 290 pounds. Yeah. Just I'd rather go against the guy who was 260 like Khalil Mack. Sure. Because at least I'm quick, I'm really quick so I can get in front of my opponent but I just got to hold on for three seconds.


Seconds, get the back by. Sure. So that was those. That was always. But then on the opposite, I have the biggest mismatch mismatch in the passing game. Right. Because at least four back then now these linebackers are really getting bigger, faster, stronger. But I'm going to a linebacker that I know him faster than. Sure. And I'm going against a strong safety or a corner who's way smaller than me. So I'm going to I outweigh you by thirty pounds.


So they're either going to throw it up or you're going to throw it out. Even if you guard me, I was guarded so many times I just jump over you and catch it.


Yeah. And you have the basketball hops to like your night. Yeah it sucks man.


I mean yeah I feel like what I mean I watch, I used to watch those like Reggie White highlights of the hunt move, you know, and like the like no tape, no gloves, just like I just woke up and washed my hands.


Here we go. And just throw in people throwing.


The thing about these highlights, like the clips now that I always remind myself of, is that when you see somebody just like getting bodied or burnt, you know, it's like, yeah, but the guy that's getting his ass kicked in that play is a badass, like, you know, I mean, like like we're watching the that play.


I watched it so many times where Dick Metcalf got Budda Baker and I was like, yeah, you know, Budha runs like a fuckin four three forty or something.


Right. Like that was lightning fast. This shit is unbelievable to me man. Yeah. Like and he's starting at least ten, ten yards back, you know, from him.


That's a track right there. And that guy got in front of him. He had to start, he had to restart. I mean, that was incredible. When I saw that I was on my couch, I was jumping up and down. Yeah.


Like all athletes out there got like this. This made us jump out of our. Oh, yeah, yeah. It's just like Patrick Mahomes donor behind the back.


Yes. That was equivalent to that. It's something that'll be on his highlight when he's.


Oh yeah. I mean, I remember seeing that dudes I kind of like peeked into the combine last year.


I wasn't like following me intensely, but they were like, I remember seeing a time and they're like Joes do weighs like two thirty five. And I was like, what? Because he ran a really crazy forty.


Um, but but to me I felt like what would be embarrassing was what was that Khalil Mack thing, because I identified with the offensive linemen, the one on this play where like after the play there's Mack and then the guys and then he just throws them.


I was like, I'm 78, I'm seventy eight. And I'm like, going back. I'm like, did everybody see that? Asking myself, Oh God, is that going to be on SportsCenter.


No. Poor guy. That guy's a rookie too. Yeah, he's a rookie. And then he's like, I'm still pushing and he's like, oh I'll just, I'll just judo judo swing you. Oh my God.


He's like three thirty. And you're getting like like, you know, like he has no memories of that ever happening besides that play.


All right. That's when, you know, like the average guy who sees the football and they're like, oh, I could have done that or whatever. It's like, what if you only knew. Yeah. How big an explosive. Someone like a little Mack or Aaron.


Donald. Oh, my God, man, it's ridiculous.


You know, this podcast with Barry Krischer. And we have like challenges like we challenge each other to to things. Right. Tennis. We can play one on one.


He goes, do you think we could like, block double team, Aaron, Donald, like, guess a thing. And I was like, that happens in the NFL and he wins. What are you talking about. He's like, so should we do I go?


I'll tell you what, I would love to watch you do it. And then I'll ride in the back of the hospital. The ambulance with you. Yeah. Like, no, we can't do that, dude. We'll die.


They had a joke. Pro Pros versus Joe Strand hosted it. Yeah.


Yeah, that was I saw I remember watching what was his name, slash Kordell Stewart.


I remember that specifically that the regular dude was like a regular, like just goofy guy who was like, OK, Cordele, see what you got.


And like the other pros on that episode, like there was a baseball player and a basketball player and they were like, dude, you have no idea. And Corey Stewart laid down like it was a goal line. It was like Oklahoma drill.


It was like put his shoulder down and just trust this problem.


O Kevin Greene was on there too. And I think I remember him just like. Yeah, yeah.


Those guys all had. Sign waivers, wavers die. Yeah, it's on you. And by the way, you might like like I mean nothing better than what I mean. I don't want to see like it happened to some guy who didn't ask for it, but some guy who's like, you know what, Tony Gonzalez, you ain't shit. And I'm going to show you right now, like, OK, let's do it. Let's line up and see how it goes.


Yeah, like, yeah, the separation of athleticism is quite different. Yeah.


Yeah, that's what I love. So I play pickup basketball a lot.


I did that all throughout my career. That was my offseason training. Really. Every day I'd play in the pro leagues I played, I played for the Miami Heat, I played for their summer league team, tried out Pat Pat Riley. Yeah, I was my coach. Yeah. And Captain Spoelstra. Erik Spoelstra. Yeah.


But anyways, so, so but I'm not a pro OK. I'm good. I'm right on that.


Did I maybe could have in pro but I would have never been a starter. Right. But I maybe could have made a roster or whatever and I'd go play pickup basketball with all these guys that think they're really good. Right.


Like I'm in a neighborhood in the neighborhood really good. Like they're good. They're you know, they played probably high school basketball. Yeah. Whatever.


And and I'm just dominating them. And these guys, like, really think they have a shot. Yes. To go play pro. Like pro I could. Yeah. Because you crossed up your friend. You know your buddy. Yeah. Works at the you know the department store.


Yeah. Like it's not the same thing but you people don't understand the levels. Yeah. Of competition as you move up to the professional.


Right. Oh my God. It's night and day. It's night and day.


I've told this story before but like I remember being in high school, you know, being a two way starter and like having Division one fantasy's. Right. Like the natural thing, like I want to play like watch the games or play. And I go with a friend of mine who was recruit, highly recruited and played at D1 level.


I went with him to a Miami game just back in the Obbie Orange Bowl. And we're standing on the sidelines and we're just standing there and they're playing Syracuse. And those guys came out of the tunnel. And I'm looking at like my position players and I'm eye level with their numbers. I'm like I'm seeing here.


And I was like, I'm definitely not going to play Division one club.


Oh, these guys are me. It's just genetics. Is that. Yeah.


I mean, but it was like it was like that's all I needed it. I was like, all right, that's clear.


Like these guys are monsters man. Yeah, yeah. All Jews were like your height or bigger and they were like three fifteen. Yeah.


I was like, oh this is not the athletic too athletic. Yeah. Quick dudes. Good. It was, it was a whole other thing.


It was a whole other thing. Did you talk shit.


Were you trash talking at all. No, no, no. I find when I did that that would take me out of my game. Interesting, but I enjoyed it when somebody else would talk to me. You did. Oh yeah. Yeah. It would fuel you or what. Oh yeah. Like it gave me like that's all I needed.


Like like I'd want you to what kind of what kind of trash would get talk to you. It's like you ain't shit. Yeah. Oh nothing. Yeah. You know that's the normal. You ain't shit. That's probably the big you're you're a bitch. You're making the bowl totally like that.


And I say ok, ok.


And my, my biggest comeback was always especially when because when you go to the Pro Bowl you're playing against the best of the best.


Yeah. And it's so like someone like me and him are going to talk shit to each other. Right.


Normally it's not going to happen because we have that mutual respect for each other. Yeah. It's always the shit talking always comes from the guy that doesn't I don't even know who you are. Right. And I would tell him that on the field.


Yes. That I love. That's the way I would talk to you. That's one of my favorite ones. Yeah.


I was like, yeah, I there's that great clip of what his name was, the running back for the Texans.


He's a few years back in foster care Foster where it's like there's a clip that rotate that it was like kind of viral where someone was like, yeah, yeah man, that's what I'm talking about.


He was like he was talking about what's your name again? I know you are, man. Yeah. Yeah.


It was all about like, you know my name. I don't know your name. Yeah. I love that shit.


I always said that I would pay if the NFL was like, hey, there's a package where you can pay a thousand dollars and this season you can have the field Mike pumped into the broadcast.


I'll be like, how's two thousand sound? That's what I want to hear. Yeah, I would love to hear that I bums me out when they when it's all bleeped and you I'm like, oh no, I want to hear the real shit talking.


Oh you would love it. Yeah. I want, I want the locker room like this. Turkish was soccer coach. How you like when you get when you leave that there's less rules, you know, like this is the kind of stuff I want to see on an NFL broadcast. All right. Halftime. Let's go. What's going on, coach?


Do you see what the shot.


Yeah, I can't be real. That's real. There's no way that's real.


That's a Turkey as a Turkish soccer coach who is like, you guys are fucking embarrassing. Oh, my God. Yeah. It's awesome, right? I wish you were seen near the bull. No, you never seen that documentary?


No, you got to watch. You're the bull. You're the bull. Follows Miami Northwestern High School's football team for a season.


And this is in the early 2000s. Miami, Northwestern has produced. I mean, think about this. This is when the movie came out, which is at least 10 years ago.


Something like 20 NFL players. I mean, like for one high school and then like countless, you know, D1 players and it's like it's in Liberty City, which is the rough part of Miami.


And the coaches are the most aggressive, like I mean, that shit right there, times 10 slapping people.


I've never seen anything like that. Oh, that's amazing. To the opening scene. What's wrong with that guy over the opening scene?


The year the bull is it's halftime and I think at the state championship game and they're in the locker room and this dude, they have helmets on, but is he has a glove on and he's just like Smash, like Smash and Dude's heads in.


And he's just says, why is the defense not working? That's it.


Like 50 type body does not work like that. Every dude's head, everyone's like, fuck me.


Like, they're not not like, hey, let's let's switch to fuck in man coverage. Oh, just why is this not working. I mean it's wild dude. Oh man.


Are you seeing Coach Snoop. Yes. He's got like when they kicked off the plane.


I don't know if I. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. I kicked him out because because he was talking to the kids was shit and they kicked him out.


He's like he's passionate man, you know, he's like, dude, you got kicked off the flight a little half dead.


I think that was his. Yeah. Yeah. Oh my God. Yeah.


Talking, though, that you would think that doesn't exist anymore. Yeah. Dude, it's out of touch. It's out of touch. All right. Now we're going to liberate those tits. We're going to show you like Tenten. I'm just I'm just happy was my manager. I'm just kidding. Mean you got to run though right. You said you got to run.


Yeah. We said when we started I got. Yeah. I got to go. OK. OK, ok. Yeah. First of all I really appreciate you coming by. Thank you very much for this. It's for your fun.


It's a fun to talk to you man. I wish I could talk to you for a long time. Congratulations on all your success. Amazing. Obviously playing career in broadcasting, excited to see what you do next.


So, OK, thanks for coming by. Thanks for having me. Appreciate it. So that was it.


I had a really good time talking to Tony. Let me know if you guys enjoyed this. You know, leave a comment. Um, tell me if you maybe people you want to see more of a one on one conversation with hope. We can do it a lot more and yeah. We'll see you soon. Go rising.


I'll be honest. Great. Saturday night. Great. Great. Saturday night. So don't be so long. Be in a band a in a matter of five to ten times. I kind to do it when I see no pain. When I see when I feel your pain kind of so when I see no pain. So good to me you make me. I want you to and I will. I will be. You M.B.A. de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de open our CEO pay me every day.


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