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At Happy Scribe, you will become part of a worldwide community of transcribers while working from home. Our transcription software enhances the speed at which you transcribe. That's why our transcriptionists finish their jobs 4x times faster, being able to take more jobs and earn more money!

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How to apply for a freelance transcription job?

  1. Sign up.Select the language of your choice. We are looking for transcribers for the following languages: English, French, Spanish, and German.
  2. Tell us about you.Let us know more about you by answering the form.
  3. Skill Check.For us to assess your transcription skills, you will have to proofread the subtitles of a sample video. The transcription guidelines are your friend! Make sure to follow them. You will be allowed to check them during the test.
  4. We review your application.If you are a good fit, we will reach out by email.

Hear From Our Transcribers

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  • Transcribe faster

    Our transcription software is powered by the web. Our keyboard shortcuts will allow you to get proofread even quicker.

  • Take more jobs

    Claim as many jobs as you want, no limit to how much you can work!

  • Anytime, anywhere.

    With Happy Scribe, you decide when and how much you want to work.

  • Join an international community

    Need advice from other transcribers? Having problems with the platform? Our transcribers have created a fantastic online community to answer questions, help when you need it and, of course, share some great music!

  • Earn more

    On average, our transcribers earn $450 per month. The best transcribers earn up to $2,000 monthly.

  • Stay busy

    Our stream of projects is steady and grows every day, you'll never run out of jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I work from anywhere?

    Yes! This is a 100% remote, freelance position. All you need is a wifi connection and you're good to go!

  • How much will I get paid on average?

    Depending on the quality of your transcription and the number of jobs you will take, the best transcribers earn more than $2,000 per month.

  • How will I get paid?

    Through Wise (formerly known as TransferWise). We will make a payment to you every two weeks.

  • What kind of topics will I work with?

    You will have the opportunity to work on diverse subjects across many different industries. From academic studies to YouTube videos, there are always new topics to work on.

How to work as a freelance transcriber at Happy Scribe?

  1. Get notified.Go to the dashboard of transcription jobs.
  2. Check available jobs.Choose your job based on its pay rate, the file length, and the file preview.
  3. Claim the job.Start proofreading the transcription generated by our automatic transcription software.
  4. Completion.Mark it as completed. The payment will be added to your wallet, and we will send a payment to you every two weeks.
  5. Peer review.Receive a review from one of our experienced transcribers to get valuable feedback.
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Our customers save 4 hours on average every week. That’s why we have this amazing rating! Trustpilot Logo
  • Trustpilot Five Stars Review Bob H. Really unique service and definitely fills a need. I do a lot of audio/video interviews and then need to write articles from those interviews. Happy Scribe will save me a lot of time (and pain) in turning the audio to text. Accuracy was about 95% which is excellent!
  • Trustpilot Five Stars Review Ekaterina M. This is the most amazing software you can find online for transcribing your audio/video into text. The price is amazing. Worth every euro I paid for it. The service is super useful. I am very happy I found this. Many many thanks!
  • Trustpilot Five Stars Review Isabelle R. Great service and easy to contact for help with questions. I used this service for my dissertation study and it saved me a lot of time. I’d recommend this service to anyone in need of quick transcription service.
  • Trustpilot Five Stars Review K. Bartley Excellent transcription software. Highlights anything it feels it might have got wrong but corrections are easily made as the audio is available to play along with the transcript without having to hook up drives etc. Very impressed.
  • Trustpilot Five Stars Review Sean R. I found it very simple to understand and follow. It generated exactly what I wanted and what I expected. The results were very close to near perfect, word for word.
  • Trustpilot Five Stars Review Yessica K. Happy Scribe saves me so much time. As a journalist, my dream was to have an intern to transcribe my interviews to me - but Happy Scribe answered my prayers instead! And for a reasonable price too. Super happy with it.