SRT Editor

Free SRT editor online to add or edit SRT files for your videos.

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How to create an SRT for an online video?

  1. Open the SRT editor.Click on "Open SRT Editor".
  2. Select the SRT file.Alternatively, you can click on "Start from Scratch".
  3. Edit your SRT.You can edit the SRT subtitles directly on the editor.
  4. Export your subtitles.Download in the subtitle format of your choice (SRT, VTT, STL).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to add SRT to an online video?

    Closed captions are getting more important this year with the rise of social media. Did you know that 70% of video files published on social media were streamed without sound? Adding subtitles to your videos is becoming increasingly important. Using this online tool, you can create SubRip subtitle files that are accepted by most platforms.

  • What is a SRT file?

    The SubRip subtitle file format (.srt) is widely supported. It is a human-readable file format where the subtitles are stored sequentially along with the timing information.

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  • Interactive Subtitling Editor

  • CPS and CPL management

  • Visual Subtitle Timeline

  • Timecode Management

  • Export in SRT, VTT, STL

  • Preview subtitles in real-time